413 Simple Lawn Care Business Names Ideas

Do you dream of owning your own lawn care business? Well, if so, you’re in luck. We’ve got a huge collection of great lawn care business name ideas to spark your creativity and help you come up with a name for your new business.

Lawn care is a booming industry. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were nearly 2 million lawn care workers employed in 2021. That number is expected to grow by another 1.7% by 2022.

As a result, many people are looking to enter this lucrative field. But how do you know which type of lawn care business is right for you? And how do you decide on a name for your new venture?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. This post contains a massive collection of creative lawn care business name ideas that will help you come up with the perfect name for your new business!

Let’s start off with the basics. What exactly is a lawn care business?

A lawn care business is basically a service that provides services related to lawn maintenance. These include mowing, trimming, fertilizing, seeding, edging, aeration, and more.

In addition to these basic services, you may offer additional ones, such as pest control, weed control, and landscape design. However, the main focus of your business should be lawn maintenance.

Short and Simple Lawn Care Business Names

  1. A New Skyline
  2. Eden Green
  3. Mo Mow 4Less
  4. Fruits and Leaves
  5. Budget Landscaping
  6. Cloverdale Mowing
  7. Backyard Inspiration
  8. Cut in Up
  9. Fairytale Landscapes
  10. Grass Works Lawn Care
  11. LawnStarter
  12. Lawn Designers
  13. Extravagance Landscaping
  14. All-Star Care
  15. Crystal Green
  16. Evergreen Lawn
  17. Greenskeeper Landscape
  18. Spring Lawn Company
  19. Fine Grass
  20. Blossom Landscapers
  21. Keep It Clean
  22. Simple Turf
  23. Forest Lawns
  24. Nature Land Services
  25. Grasscape
  26. Best Turf
  27. Patriotic Mowmaster
  28. Garner Growth
  29. YardCut
  30. Star Landscape Design
  31. Family Homes Landscaping
  32. Four Seasons Lawn Care
  33. Turf Pros
  34. Easy Lawn
  35. Superior Lawn Care
  36. Grass Barber
  37. Lawnster
  38. Fairway Estates Landscaping
  39. Argon Lawn Care
  40. Lucky Lawn Service
  41. Rough Turf
  42. 0800 Yard Care
  43. Sun City Lawn Care
  44. Excellent Edges
  45. Grass King
  46. Flourishing Fields
  47. Avalon Lawn Mower
  48. AC Yard Services
  49. All Season’s Lawn
  50. Blooms Inc
  51. Fairy Yardmother
  52. Garden City Maintenance
  53. Duke City Lawn Care
  54. A Blue Horizon
  55. The Grounds Guys
  56. Green Dreams Landscaping
  57. A Woman’s Truth Mowing
  58. EcoGrass
  59. A Little Patch of Heaven
  60. Countryside Landscapers
  61. The Grass is Greener
  62. OnTarget Lawn care
  63. Smart Lawn
  64. All Care Lawn Services
  65. King’s Gardening Services
  66. Seed Land
  67. Daycare Lawns
  68. Go Green Ideas
  69. GoldStar Lawn care
  70. Naturf
  71. Deft Scape
  72. Outback Landscape
  73. First-class Green Cut
  74. Top Lawns
  75. Fairway Lawns
  76. Hybrid Lawns
  77. Cut N Up
  78. Advanced Lawn
  79. New Star Landscaping
  80. Green World Grass
  81. Western Suburbs

Catchy Lawn Care Company Names

  1. Lawn Patrol
  2. Lawncarer
  3. EdgeScaper
  4. Top Choice Lawn Care
  5. Lawn And Snow
  6. Prime Cuts
  7. Landscape Therapy
  8. Love Jones Landscaping
  9. Endless Vistas
  10. Impress my Lawn
  11. OMC Landscape
  12. The Seed Island
  13. Yard Guys Now
  14. Landscape & Maintenance
  15. Complete Lawn Care Pros
  16. District Green
  17. Turf Manicured
  18. Deluxe Lawns
  19. District Landscapes
  20. Joys Of Beautiful Landscaping
  21. Veteran Led Landscaping
  22. All-City Lawn
  23. Advantage Mowing
  24. Buddy Lawn Care
  25. Blue Collar Scholars
  26. Denton Lawn Care
  27. Courtyard Living
  28. Princely Lawn Care
  29. Above All Lawn Care
  30. Accurate Lawn Leveling
  31. Top Seed Lawn Care
  32. Mills Tree Service
  33. Nature’s Friends Landscaping
  34. Just Right Lawns
  35. Lawn Perfection
  36. All-Pro Mowing
  37. Green Acres Lawn Care
  38. Lawns of Texas
  39. Jeffrey Tree & Landscape2
  40. Imagine Life Landscaping
  41. Green My Grass
  42. Lifeline Yard care
  43. Seasonal Impact
  44. Bright View Landscapes
  45. Victory Lawn Care
  46. Low Cut
  47. Green Harvest Lawn Care
  48. Keep It Green Landscaping
  49. First Cut Lawn
  50. Gracious Garden
  51. Custer’s Lawn Care
  52. Sundial Gardening
  53. Lawn Bloomers
  54. Ratliff Lawn Care
  55. Lawn Greeners
  56. Green Image
  57. Fine Cuts
  58. Snow Blowing & Lawncare
  59. Cutting Edge Lawn Care
  60. Tulip Land
  61. Cuts and Edges
  62. Total Lawn Care
  63. Backyard Dreams
  64. CleanMe Lawn
  65. Highland Lawn Care
  66. Grass Cutts
  67. Lil Love Cleaning
  68. Above All Lawn Best Turf
  69. Natural Terrains
  70. A-1 Grassroots
  71. Scott’s Lawn Service
  72. Agape Mowing
  73. Barefoot in the Grass
  74. Blissful Lands Landscaping
  75. Lawn Mechanics
  76. Ninja Lawns
  77. House to House Lawn Care
  78. Oasis Lawn Care

Creative Lawn Mowing Business Names

  1. EZ Green Corp
  2. Elite Lawn Care
  3. Custom Edges
  4. Perfecting Lawns
  5. Backyard Kitchen
  6. Forever Green
  7. Lawn World Inc.
  8. Grateful Growers
  9. Prime Landscape Design
  10. Sunshine Lawn Care
  11. Lawn Kings
  12. Build My Lawn
  13. Smart Grass
  14. Landscaping End
  15. Forever Fields
  16. Plowing Company
  17. Lawn Knights
  18. Lawn Shaving
  19. Straight Line Lawn Care
  20. Navlan’s Landscape
  21. Yard Master
  22. All Mowing Services
  23. Big Touch
  24. Level Lawns
  25. Ace Lawns
  26. Turfer
  27. Cedar Lawn Care
  28. The Lawn Guys
  29. Hero Snow Removal
  30. Forevergreen
  31. Southern Shore Lawn
  32. Grass Bandits
  33. Organic Lawn Care
  34. Lawn Genies
  35. Buggy Green
  36. Elite Lawn Specialists
  37. Premium Lawn-Scape
  38. Decadent Decor Landscaping
  39. Infinity and Green
  40. Keep Growing
  41. Curb Appeal
  42. Picture Perfect Lawn Care
  43. Agape Lawn Care
  44. The Yard Butler
  45. A Private Escape
  46. SouthSide Lawn Care
  47. Dirt & Turf
  48. Liberty Landscaping
  49. High Life Landscapes
  50. Garden Greatness
  51. Clean Air Lawn Care
  52. Total Lawn Care Solutions
  53. Island Lawn and Landscaping
  54. Push Lawn Care
  55. Home Rangers Lawn Care
  56. All American Pro Lawns
  57. Lawn Magic
  58. Solid Ground
  59. Restoring Roots
  60. Spring-Green Lawn Care
  61. OB Lawn Care
  62. Perfect Lawncare
  63. Fiesta Lawn Care
  64. Always Keep It Green
  65. Edge Lawn Care
  66. Palm Area
  67. Emerald Green Fresh Landscape
  68. Eases And Relaxes Landscaping
  69. Business Landscapers
  70. Right Lawn Care
  71. Grass is Greener
  72. Millstone Lawn & Garden
  73. Flower Garden
  74. Tru Green
  75. Go Green Lawns
  76. J N King Lawn Care
  77. House with a View
  78. Down Right Landscaping
  79. Budget Mowing
  80. The Cutting Edge
  81. Garden Insiders
  82. Prestige Lawn Care

Unique Lawn Care Business Names

  1. Limitless Snow Removal
  2. Growing Concern
  3. Perfect Cuts
  4. King of the Lawn
  5. Season Lawns
  6. Smith Landscape
  7. SeedPlow
  8. Lawn Care Collective
  9. Green Acres
  10. Summer Green Lawncare
  11. Absolute Lawns
  12. Shady-Greens
  13. Greener Grass
  14. Apex Lawn and Pest
  15. Bright View Landscape
  16. Ground Maker
  17. Horticulture Unlimited
  18. Forest Green Lawn
  19. The Lawn Rangers
  20. Champion Lawn Care
  21. Handy Randy Lawn Care
  22. Lawnia
  23. Speedy Lawns
  24. Lawn & Turf Contracting
  25. Lawn City Care
  26. Top Team Lawn Care
  27. New Concept Garden
  28. Plawn
  29. New Eco Landscapes
  30. First Cut Garden
  31. Green Action Lawn Service
  32. Lawn Solutions
  33. Gro Masters
  34. Lawn Man Service
  35. Green Cut
  36. Green my Lawns
  37. All in the Family Lawn
  38. Sharp Lawn Inc.
  39. Garden Ninja
  40. Mown my Grass
  41. Backyard Landscaping
  42. Majestic Lawn Care
  43. Greengate Turf Management
  44. Fertile Fields
  45. Central Yard care
  46. Aces Mowing
  47. Lucas Lawn
  48. Dream Yards
  49. Great Lawns
  50. Opulence Landscaping
  51. Ace Lawn Care
  52. Nose Neighbors Landscaping
  53. Early Risers
  54. JV Lawn and Garden
  55. Dexterity Landscape
  56. Central Yard Maintenance
  57. Turf Mowers
  58. Best Lawns
  59. Greencare Tree Service
  60. Green Prospects
  61. The Other Side Lawn Care
  62. Lawn Team
  63. Clear My Snow
  64. DC Lawn & Landscape
  65. Maintaining Masters
  66. Emerald Green
  67. Alamo Lawns
  68. Turf Care Products
  69. Local CityScapes
  70. Neighborly Lawns
  71. A Slice of Grass
  72. Lawn Stars
  73. Mowed Today
  74. Hunter Green
  75. Prestige My Lawn
  76. Grass Master
  77. Lovely Lands
  78. Lawn Veterans
  79. Green Machines
  80. Valdez Lawn Care
  81. Fine Lines

Cool Grass Cutting Service Names

  1. Steve’s Landscaping
  2. Above & Beyond
  3. Lawn Laying Company
  4. Landscaping and Snowplowing
  5. Yard Masters
  6. New Views Landscaping
  7. Customized Landscapes
  8. Grass-Hoppers Landscaping
  9. Lawn Masters
  10. Garden Culture NYC
  11. Eagle Lawn Services
  12. Artisan Mowing
  13. All American Yards
  14. Trimmed Today
  15. Croper
  16. Healthy Lawn Specialist
  17. Universal Lawn Care
  18. Nimble Landscaping
  19. Jr Lawn & Tree Services
  20. Turf Terminators
  21. Lawn Pest Exterminators
  22. Greeeen Cuts
  23. Ground Works
  24. Wise Grass
  25. Green Thumb Lawn Care
  26. Luxury Landscaping
  27. LA Lawn Care
  28. Yard Scapers
  29. Grass Masters
  30. Level My Lawn
  31. CityCenter Lawns
  32. Oscar Landscaping
  33. Low Maintenance Yard Care
  34. Nature’s Care Lawn
  35. A Cut Above
  36. Luscious Landscapes
  37. Plush Lawns
  38. Hybrid Yards
  39. Garden Expert
  40. Dependable Lawn Care
  41. Cityscapes Lawn Mowing
  42. Innovate Landscape
  43. American Lawn Experts
  44. Yard Veteran
  45. Orange Landscaping
  46. Forest Green Lawn and Landscaping
  47. Supreme Lawns
  48. Lawn Art
  49. Lawn Starter Lawn
  50. ViewPoint Lawns
  51. Blades of Grass
  52. Advanced Lawn Maintenance
  53. Waterwise Landscape and Turf
  54. Green Op
  55. On the Spot Lawn Care
  56. Elite Lawn Maintainers
  57. Blades And Roots
  58. Guardian Lawn Care
  59. All Seasons Yard Care
  60. All American Landscape
  61. Grizzly Turf
  62. Artisan Lawn Care
  63. Natural Land Cut
  64. Clean Cut Lawns
  65. Cozy Lawns
  66. Green Valley
  67. Southern Style Lawns
  68. Opaque Lands
  69. Teed and Brown
  70. Ultra-Green
  71. Ageless Landscape
  72. Apex Lawns
  73. Freedom Grass Cutters
  74. All-Star Lawn Service
  75. Advantage Mow
  76. Wiles Outdoors
  77. A Good Turf
  78. Calling All Landscapers
  79. Envirocuts
  80. Dirty Gloves Landscaping

Professional Lawn Care Service Names

  1. Love Your Lawns
  2. Big Rock Landscaping
  3. Brothers Lawn Care
  4. Greenstar Yards
  5. Green Thumbs
  6. Michael’s Services
  7. Simplified Mowing
  8. Muddy Lawn
  9. House Scapes
  10. Backyard Parks
  11. YardMother
  12. Lawn Mentors
  13. High Hedges Landscaping
  14. Unique Lawn n Landscaping
  15. FreshLawns
  16. Turfyard
  17. Lawn Cutter Landscaping
  18. Top Quality Turf
  19. Greenways
  20. Advanced Lawn Bio Sketch
  21. Susan Pollock Designs
  22. FloraScape
  23. A+ Lawn Care
  24. Natural Lawn Doctor
  25. Nourished Nature Lands
  26. Lawn N’ Go
  27. Enhanced Landscaping
  28. Lazy Sundays Landscaping
  29. Lawn Maintainers
  30. Elegant Lawn Services

Lawn Care Business Name Generator

  1. Off Shoots
  2. Lovelace Lawn Care
  3. New Leaf
  4. Yard Rangers
  5. Crewcut Lawn Mowing
  6. Mown Me
  7. Kingdom Lawn care
  8. Go Green Gardeners
  9. Budget Lawn Mowing
  10. Fun Add Landscapes
  11. Clean Cut
  12. Cutting Edge
  13. Lawn Rangers
  14. All Areas Care
  15. Ultimate Lawn Care
  16. Yard Pros
  17. Looks Great Services
  18. Between the Edges
  19. Lawnmower Service
  20. Lawn Life
  21. Garden Of Dreams
  22. Let Us Give You a Hand
  23. Sunny Days Landscaping
  24. Green Scape
  25. Flower Fields
  26. Grassroots Lawn Care
  27. First Rate Lawn Services
  28. Green Concept

Lawn Care Business Names

A Guide to Help Decide the Best Suitable Name for Your Lawn Care Business

Got a knack for taking care of plants, knowing all their types, all little tips and tricks, and a general business license? If yes, then opening a lawn care business is the right option for you. If you’re here then chances are that you’ve already decided on it and are here to find a name. A name is one of the formative and cementing factors of any new business as it helps to seal the deal.

A catchy and memorable name helps in setting apart a business from its counterparts and tells the customers about what a company has to offer that is different from already present businesses. It will describe the main aims, goals and your services. Deciding on a name for your business is not an easy process. This task requires patience and a lot of creative thinking. So, prepare yourself for a lot of brainstorming and creative thinking for a month (or more).

How To Name Your Lawn Care Business

Opting for a catchy and fitting name for your lawn care business or any other business for that matter requires some little tips and techniques and we’ve compiled it all for you. This article will help you in the best way possible for selecting a name for your lawn care business.

Assess How You Want Your Business To Be Viewed

Before beginning to find a name for your lawn care business evaluate how you want your business to be perceived by the customers. The name of your business helps in setting the right expectations and perceptions for your business and the kind of experience the customers will have with you. What is going to be the main focus of your lawn care business? What is going to be the niche of your business that you will be focusing on the most? Listed below are some super-specific areas from a lawn care business that can be used in any way to set the tone for the name of your business:

  • Hydro Seeding
  • Mowing
  • Fertilizer
  • Pest Control
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Lawn Maintenance

These are some of the few basic types of niches lawn care business. You can use a super-specific niche in the name of your lawn care business. Using words like “lawn care” or “lawn care services” in the name of a business has gotten old and boring now. You want your lawn care business to stand and for that, you need a specific and unique name that stands out. “Fertilize My Lawn”, “Landscaping Pros”, “The Mow Crew” and “Bees B Gone” are some of the few examples of names available online that highlight the specific niche of their business and help them in standing out.

Begin Brainstorming!

Now that you’ve got a clear head on the idea and specific niche of your lawn care business you can start brainstorming. Make a catalog of words related to lawn care and gardening like “Shrubs”, “Weeds”, “Nursery”, “Orchard”, “Patio” etc. Listed below are some of the brainstorming techniques to give you fresh ideas.

  1. Keywords or Adjectives: Write down keywords or adjectives that come to your mind when you visualize your business. Make a list of 150-200 keywords and highlight your favorite adjectives as you go. Come back a few days later, evaluate these keywords again and think of ways you can include them in a name.
  2. Thesaurus Surfing: Once you are complete with your list, you can proceed ahead by thesaurus surfing. There are various thesaurus websites available online that show fancy and unique synonyms for simple and basic words. You can expand your list of keywords by adding these unique synonyms there.
  3. Alliterations: Another fun way to name your lawn care business is to take the help of alliterations. Alliterative names are easy to memorize due to their creative wordplay and pronunciation. This works in any line of business. Many famous businesses from different niches have used alliterations in their name and have proven to be memorable and successful.

The Name Should Be Short, Unique, and Easy To Pronounce

Stop! Before you finalize a name for your lawn care business you need to remember the three basic requirements for it; short, catchy, and easy to pronounce. A short and trendy name is easy for customers to remember. After you satisfy the customers with your impressive services you, of course, want them to remember you again. How will they remember your business if they can’t seem to remember its name? Along with that, monotonous and difficult to pronounce names also lose their memorability. When loping for a unique and different sounding name make sure it is not an obscure and weird sounding one. While an obscure name will catch the attention of potential visitors, it won’t exactly be memorable. Stay away from these off-putting and negative ways. Go for the safe and preferable options to help your business stand out.

Associate a Name With It

Several studies and observations have shown that associating a personal figment or factor with the name helps in establishing a slight sense of comfort within the customers. Giving a personal touch to your business won’t do any harm if thought out properly. If not yours, you can also use the name of your loved one in the title.

Put Your Location To Use

If you’ve got an interesting location for your venue then you can incorporate it into the title. “Lakeside Lawn Maintainers” or “Boston Weed Patrol” sound satisfactory don’t they? It is always good to use your location in yours. It can prove to be the deal-breaker in finding a fitting name if done properly.

And we are done! We hope that this article helps you in the best way possible to finalize a name for a lawn care business. Remember, consistency and patience are key. It will take a while for you but eventually you will find the best name for your business. Good luck!