700 Inspiring Mayan Names for Your Characters

Welcome to our blog article on the fascinating topic of “700 Mayan Names.” In this extensive compilation, we have curated a diverse collection of creative and captivating Mayan names that are sure to inspire and captivate your imagination. As the renowned playwright William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Indeed, names hold immense power and can evoke a sense of history, culture, and individuality.

With my expertise as a Naming Specialist, honed through three years of experience in the field, I have delved deep into the realm of Mayan culture to uncover these remarkable names. Having a knack for creating names for fantasy characters, I have utilized my skills to curate a list that combines authenticity, meaning, and a touch of creativity. Each name has been carefully selected to reflect the richness and uniqueness of the Mayan civilization.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within the pages of this article, you will discover a plethora of distinctive and captivating names that will set you apart. Whether you seek a powerful warrior name, an ancient Mayan name rooted in history, or a cool and unique moniker, we have meticulously compiled a list that caters to your naming desires. So, join us on this linguistic journey through the enchanting world of Mayan names, and find the perfect name that resonates with your spirit and aspirations.

Mayan Names

Mayan Names

  • K’aak’pakal
  • Ixchilum
  • B’alamik
  • Nenek
  • K’iché
  • Ahkul
  • Chaanil
  • Xulchén
  • Zotzal
  • Sacbe
  • Kukulhan
  • Bolontun
  • Ekbal
  • Tzikin
  • K’itam
  • Uxul
  • Ahkmo
  • Kimpech
  • Chichén
  • Uayab
  • Pixan
  • Chamak
  • Zacal
  • Ixkatun
  • Ekbol
  • Zuhu
  • Chunté
  • Xikin
  • Yaxmul
  • Ixkanab
  • Chelten
  • Xupuc
  • Ahkuh
  • K’utzil
  • Ixim
  • Pitzil
  • K’icheb
  • Kuchib
  • Chaktumal
  • Yaxchik
  • Bolonkan
  • Tzutuhil
  • Chikab
  • Umutz
  • K’iche’
  • Xunil
  • Chuchoch
  • Xoy
  • Yalain
  • Pachak
  • Ixtun
  • B’alamya
  • Kajab
  • K’inik
  • Uayaban
  • Tuzik
  • Ahchaab
  • Xupik
  • Tzubaal
  • Balumik
  • Ixmil
  • Cuxtic
  • Yalunil
  • Ekik
  • Tzutuhi
  • K’ib
  • Ahucan
  • K’ixan
  • Xamanil
  • Pitzkan
  • Zucul
  • K’ubul
  • Ixbul
  • Chupit
  • Ekchan
  • Zacchil
  • Xobal
  • K’atzun
  • Chacté
  • Ekchuah

20 Mayan Names With Meanings

Mayan Names

  1. Hixamal – Harmonious Soul, symbolizing inner balance and peace.
  2. Ahaukan – Solar Serpent, representing the majestic power of the sun.
  3. Ixquic – Lunar Enchantress, embodying the mystical allure of the moon.
  4. Tzununet – Graceful Hummingbird, symbolizing beauty, agility, and resilience.
  5. Balamka – Fierce Panther, signifying strength, courage, and fierce determination.
  6. K’inichab – Radiant Dawn, evoking the vibrant energy of a new day.
  7. Itzamnay – Celestial Wisdom, representing profound knowledge and spiritual insight.
  8. Xamaniq – Guiding North Star, leading the way with unwavering guidance.
  9. Ixtabay – Colorful Parrot, symbolizing vibrancy, eloquence, and free-spiritedness.
  10. Ahmikai – Guardian Spirit, offering protection, guidance, and watchful care.
  11. Kinilam – Shining Moonbeam, representing gentle illumination and serene presence.
  12. Ekchakal – Warrior of Fire, embodying passion, strength, and relentless determination.
  13. Ahcimay – Healing Touch, bringing comfort, restoration, and soothing energy.
  14. Tzucanet – Swift Eagle, symbolizing keen vision, gracefulness, and soaring aspirations.
  15. Nalulha – Whispering Wind, carrying messages, secrets, and the unseen wisdom.
  16. Yalunka – Nighttime Serenity, evoking tranquility, introspection, and peacefulness.
  17. Ahkabal – Mystic Darkness, holding the mystery, secrets, and hidden realms.
  18. Kuxulha – Sacred Earth, representing fertility, grounding, and nurturing energy.
  19. Ixchablaj – Rainbow Maiden, embodying beauty, diversity, and enchanting charm.
  20. Chacnah – Rainy Blessing, symbolizing abundance, growth, and life-giving rains.

Mayan Warrior Names

Mayan Names

  • Kukulkan – Feathered Serpent
  • Xibalba – Place of Fear
  • Itzamna – Lizard House
  • Ahau Kan – Solar Serpent
  • Chac – Rain God
  • Ek Chuah – God of War
  • Balam – Jaguar
  • Ixchel – Rainbow Lady
  • Nohoch Mul – Big Hill
  • Ah Puch – Death God
  • Hunahpu – One Blowgunner
  • Ix Tab – Goddess of Suicide
  • Chilam Balam – Jaguar Priest
  • K’inich Ahau – Sun God
  • Sac Nicté – White Flower
  • Ixtabai – Mistress of Ropes
  • Xaman Ek – North Star
  • Ah Cacao – God of Chocolate
  • Chacmool – Red Jaguar
  • Ixpiyacoc – First Man
  • Kinich Kakmo – Macaw with Fire Eyes
  • Kisin – God of Earthquakes
  • Ah Mun – Maize God
  • Ek Ahau – Black Jaguar
  • Ixquic – Blood Moon
  • Xquic – Corn Maiden
  • Chaac Uayab – God of the Four Winds
  • Balam Quitze – Jaguar with a Sweet Smile
  • Ixchup – Rainbow Bird
  • Cenote – Sacred Well

Ancient Mayan Names


  • Yaxha – Blue-Green Water
  • Iximche – Maize Tree
  • Uxmal – Three Times Built
  • Tikal – Place of Voices
  • Copan – Twin Hills
  • Palenque – Place of the Serpents
  • Bonampak – Painted Walls
  • Chichen Itza – At the Mouth of the Well of the Itza
  • Quirigua – Place of the Frog
  • Tulum – Wall
  • Coba – Waters Stirred by Wind
  • El Mirador – The Lookout
  • Calakmul – Nearby Mounds
  • Dzibilchaltun – Place Where There is Writing on the Stones
  • Izapa – Place of the Izapans
  • Xunantunich – Stone Woman
  • Dos Pilas – Two Piles
  • Yaxchilan – First Stones
  • Kabah – Place of the Powerful Hand
  • Sayil – Place of the Ants
  • Akrotiri – Fertile Earth
  • Xlapak – Old Wall
  • Oxkintok – Three Sunyokes
  • Uaxactun – Eight Stones
  • Becan – Pathway of the Serpent
  • Dzibanche – Writing on Wood
  • Tonina – Place of the Stonework
  • Nakbe – Big Wall
  • Lubaantun – Place of the Fallen Stones
  • Edzna – House of the Itzas

Badass Mayan Names

  • Xibal – Dark Realm
  • Xul – End or Destroy
  • Balamku – Jaguar Temple
  • Hunhau – Lord of the Underworld
  • Nal – Abyss
  • Zotz – Bat
  • Ixtab – Goddess of the Noose
  • Kanek – Black Snake
  • Cizin – God of Death
  • Kauil – Fire
  • Ahulane – War Chief
  • Tzucan – Eagle Claw
  • Balun – Fierce Jaguar
  • Tohil – God of Fire
  • Xpiyacoc – Fire Drill
  • Zaclatun – Spear Thrower
  • Ixpiyakok – Knife Thrower
  • Kan Balam – Strong Jaguar
  • Uayeb – Dangerous
  • Zotzilaha – Bat Witch
  • Chak Uayab Xoc – Dark Windstorm
  • Ah-Kin – Sun God
  • Xaman-Ek – Blue Star
  • Hun-Batz – Howler Monkey God
  • Ah-Peku – Ruler of Darkness
  • Ah-Utul – Lord of Evil
  • Ah-Cimih – Lord of Death
  • Bolon-Tzacab – Nine Wounds
  • Nohochacyum – Great Sovereign
  • Hun-Ahau – Only Lord

Cool Mayan Names

  • K’inich – Sun Face
  • Ahau – Lord
  • Itzel – Rainbow
  • Ixchel – Goddess of the Moon
  • Ahmose – He Who Is Born of the Moon
  • Tlaloc – God of Rain
  • Ahmik – Guardian Spirit
  • Ikal – Spirit Wind
  • Zamná – Lord of Time
  • Yaluk – Night Jaguar
  • Xulai – Divine Light
  • Ixamal – Divine Water
  • Chichen – Mouth of the Well
  • Uzam – Sacred Tree
  • Itza – Enchanter
  • Ek Chuah – Black Sky
  • Ah Puch – Night Sun
  • Balam – Mighty Jaguar
  • Ah Kukul – Celestial Serpent
  • Ixtab – Goddess of the Hangman’s Rope
  • Kuk – Quetzal
  • Ixik – Goddess of Femininity
  • K’in – Sun
  • Huyab – Wind
  • Ahmaki – Moon Spirit
  • Noh – Big
  • Ah Tabai – Healer
  • Bolon – Nine
  • Muluc – Offering
  • Hix – Blood

Funny Mayan Names

Ah Choo – God of Sneezes

Quetzalcoatl – Feathered Chicken

Tlatoltoani – Overlord of Tacos

Cacaojaguar – Chocolate-Covered Cat

Ah Puch – The Smelly One

Xibalba – Place of Bad Puns

Itzamna – Lizard Whisperer

Chac – The Rainmaker

Ek Chuah – The Awkward Warrior

Balam – The Feline Comedian

Hunahpu – The Noisy Blowgunner

Ix Tab – The Rope Expert

Chilam Balam – The Jaguar Gossip

K’inich Ahau – The Sunny God

Sac Nicté – The Floral Diva

Ixtabai – The Hangman’s BFF

Xaman Ek – The Star Seeker

Ah Cacao – The Chocolate Guru

Chacmool – The Lazy Jaguar

Ixpiyacoc – The First Human

Kinich Kakmo – The Fiery Macaw

Kisin – The Earthquake Tickler

Ah Mun – The Corn Maestro

Ek Ahau – The Stylish Jaguar

Ixquic – The Lunar Prankster

Xquic – The Corny Maiden

Chaac Uayab – The Wind Whisperer

Balam Quitze – The Charming Cat

Ixchup – The Rainbow Birdie

Cenote – The Mystical Well

Unique Mayan Names

Ahauan – Rising Sun

Bolontik – Nine Stars

Kaban – Earth

Citlali – Star

Sacal – White Deer

Ixtab – Noose

Ixmucane – Mother of All People

Ajbit – Wasp

Cuxul – Earthquake

Ahmaki – Spirit of the Moon

Huh – Sun

Tz’unun – Hummingbird

Matal – Lightning

Zazil – White Flower

Tepal – Warrior

Puk – Fire

Ahul – Healer

Ucuc – Falling Star

Hix – Blood

Tanub – Sky

Kij – Wind

Ceh – Deer

Ixcheel – Rainbow Lady

Itza – Enchanted

Ahmose – Moon Child

Yal – Night

Bolon – Nine

Sac – White

Cen – Ancient

Uinic – Noble

Good Mayan Names

Kukulkan – Serpent Deity

Ixchel – Moon Goddess

Ahau – Ruler

Yaxha – Green Water

Kinich – Sun Face

Balam – Jaguar

Chac – Rain God

Ah Puch – Death God

Ixtab – Goddess of Suicide

Itzel – Rainbow

Ahmik – Guardian Spirit

Ek Chuah – God of War

K’inich Ahau – Sun God

Ixquic – Blood Moon

Xaman Ek – North Star

Ixchup – Rainbow Bird

Ah Tabai – Healer

Ixamal – Divine Water

Nohoch Mul – Big Hill

Sac Nicté – White Flower

Uxmal – Three Times Built

Tikal – Place of Voices

Palenque – Serpent Temple

Chichen Itza – Mouth of the Well

Bonampak – Painted Walls

Quirigua – Place of the Frog

Tulum – Wall

Coba – Waters Stirred by Wind

Izapa – Place of the Izapans

Edzna – House of the Itzas

Famous Mayan Names

Pakal – Shield Jaguar

K’inich Janaab Pakal – Pacal the Great

Lady Xoc – Queen and Wife of Pakal

K’abel – Supreme Warrior

Yohl Ik’nal – First Mayan Queen

Siyaj K’ak’ – Spear-thrower

Itzamnaaj B’alam II – Ruler of Tikal

Shield Jaguar II – Ruler of Yaxchilan

Smoke Jaguar – Ruler of Quirigua

Sky Witness – Ruler of Palenque

K’ak’ Tiliw Chan Yopaat – Ruler of Copan

Bird Jaguar IV – Ruler of Tikal

Jaguar Paw – Ruler of Dos Pilas

Sihyaj K’ahk’ – Ruler of Calakmul

K’ahk’ Tiliw – Ruler of Seibal

Yik’in Chan K’awiil – Ruler of Tikal

Kan Balam I – Ruler of Palenque

K’inich K’an Joy Chitam II – Ruler of Chichen Itza

Chac Xib Chac – Ruler of Tulum

Hunac Ceel – Ruler of Mayapan

Itzamnaaj K’awiil – Ruler of Tikal

Nuun Ujol Chaak – Ruler of Uxmal

Bird Jaguar IV – Ruler of Yaxchilan

Bahlam Ajaw – Ruler of Coba

Ixtutz – Ruler of Iximche

Waxaklahun Ubah Kan – Ruler of Copan

Jasaw Chan K’awiil I – Ruler of Tikal

K’ak’ Tiliw Chan Yopaat – Ruler of Copan

Smoke Imix – Ruler of Tikal

K’inich Kan B’alam – Ruler of Palenque

Mayan Last Names

Xiu – Feather

Cocom – Cloud

Tutul – Rabbit

Pech – Stingray

Uitzil – Hummingbird

Chan – Snake

Ek – Star

Poot – Spider

Canul – Jaguar

Bacab – Guardian

Tzuc – Eagle

Chi – Tree

Yam – Water

Be – Road

Cet – Deer

Che – Rainbow

Coll – Serpent

Tamay – Moon

Hau – Wind

Kauil – Fire

Ekab – Black

Cupul – Bowl

Dzul – Jaguar

Canche – Sunrise

Ek – Dark

Cal – House

Moo – Owl

Uc – Small

Ix – Woman

Caamal – Crocodile

Mayan Names

How To Choose A Good Mayan Name

Introduction Mayan names carry deep significance and offer a gateway to connect with the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan civilization. Choosing a Mayan name for yourself or a loved one goes beyond mere labels; it is a way to honor the traditions, values, and spirituality of this ancient culture. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good Mayan name and delve into the various considerations and inspirations that can guide you in this journey.

Understanding Mayan Naming Conventions

Mayan names have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other naming conventions. They often possess profound meanings and symbolism, reflecting the Mayan worldview and spirituality. While some names are gender-specific, others can be used for both males and females. Understanding the uniqueness of Mayan names and their historical and cultural context is essential for making an informed choice.

Researching Mayan Heritage

To choose a meaningful Mayan name, it is crucial to delve into the rich heritage of the Mayan civilization. This involves exploring Mayan mythology, studying the linguistic aspects of the Mayan language, and consulting historical texts and references. By immersing yourself in the fascinating world of Mayan culture, you can gain valuable insights that will inform your naming decision.

Considerations for Choosing a Mayan Name

When selecting a Mayan name, it is important to consider personal values, beliefs, and aspirations. Reflect on the meanings and symbolism associated with different names, as they can have a profound impact on identity and character. Additionally, pay attention to phonetics and pronunciation to ensure that the name rolls off the tongue smoothly and accurately. Mayan names offer a plethora of options for both genders, so explore the vast array of possibilities before making your decision.

Finding Inspiration in Mayan History and Culture

Mayan history and culture provide a rich tapestry of inspiration for choosing a name. Consider naming after Mayan cities, landmarks, or historical figures. For a touch of mythological allure, draw inspiration from Mayan deities and legendary characters. You can also incorporate elements of nature, such as animals, plants, or natural phenomena, into the name to add a unique and meaningful dimension.

Balancing Authenticity and Modernity

While honoring the authenticity of Mayan names is important, it is also essential to strike a balance with modern sensibilities. Adapt traditional names to suit contemporary contexts, or create unique combinations and variations that retain the essence of Mayan culture while embracing the present. By weaving together tradition and modernity, you can find a Mayan name that resonates with your individuality.

Ensuring Cultural Sensitivity

As you embark on the journey of choosing a Mayan name, it is crucial to approach it with cultural sensitivity and respect. Avoid appropriating or misrepresenting Mayan culture; instead, seek to appreciate and honor it. Engage with Mayan communities, seek guidance, and welcome their feedback to ensure that your choice of name is respectful and well-received.


In conclusion, we hope that this extensive collection of 700 Mayan names has provided you with a wealth of inspiration and insight into the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Mayan civilization. From powerful warrior names to serene and mystical monikers, there is a name to suit every taste and purpose. By exploring the depths of Mayan history and mythology, we have curated a list that captures the essence of this remarkable civilization.

Remember, a name is more than just a label; it carries with it a sense of identity, history, and significance. Whether you are a writer seeking the perfect name for your characters, a parent looking for a unique name for your child, or simply a lover of language and culture, these Mayan names offer a treasure trove of possibilities.

As you embark on your naming journey, we encourage you to delve deeper into the meanings and symbolism behind these names. Immerse yourself in the world of the Mayans, and let the echoes of their ancient civilization guide you towards a name that truly resonates with your spirit and aspirations.


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