700 Maze Runner Names That Will Leave You Intrigued

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through the maze of creativity? In this article, we’ve curated a collection of 700 Maze Runner names that are sure to ignite your imagination and transport you to the thrilling world of the beloved book series. As James Dashner once said, “Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. It’s something that truly exists in all of us.” Get ready to unleash your own greatness as we dive into this compilation of captivating names!

Having spent three years immersed in the art of naming, I have developed a passion for the intricate process of crafting fantasy character names. As a naming specialist, I have had the privilege of exploring various realms, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, and breathing life into characters through the power of words. My experience in this field has allowed me to understand the importance of finding the perfect name that captures the essence and personality of a character.

In this article, you can expect to uncover a treasure trove of unique names that will ignite your creativity and set your imagination ablaze. Whether you’re seeking a name for a new story you’re writing or simply looking for inspiration for your own characters, we guarantee you’ll find a name that resonates with your vision. So, buckle up and prepare to immerse yourself in a world where every name has a story to tell and where the possibilities are as vast as the maze itself. Get ready to discover your next unforgettable character name!

Maze Runner Names

  • Thomas
  • Teresa
  • Minho
  • Newt
  • Alby
  • Gally
  • Chuck
  • Brenda
  • Ava
  • Sonya
  • Winston
  • Frypan
  • Aris
  • Jorge
  • Harriet
  • Mary
  • Rachel
  • Jeff
  • Ben
  • Zart
  • Clint
  • Jack
  • Violet
  • Teresa
  • George
  • Baxter
  • Clint
  • Vince
  • Lawrence
  • Diane
  • Lana
  • Mark
  • Gary
  • Helen
  • Lisa
  • Elliot
  • Frank
  • Henry
  • Isaac
  • Julius
  • Kelly
  • Leo
  • Max
  • Neil
  • Olivia
  • Peter
  • Quinn
  • Rachel
  • Sarah
  • Toby
  • Ursula
  • Victor
  • Wendy
  • Xavier
  • Yara
  • Zachary
  • Abel
  • Blair
  • Colin
  • Dylan
  • Erica
  • Felix
  • Grace
  • Harper
  • Ian
  • Jade
  • Kyle
  • Lily
  • Mason
  • Nora
  • Oscar
  • Penny
  • Quinn
  • Rory
  • Sadie
  • Tucker
  • Vanessa
  • Wesley
  • Xander
  • Yvonne

20 Maze Runner Names With Meanings

Thomas: Resilient leader, willing to fight for freedom.

Teresa: Intuitive ally, possessing hidden knowledge.

Minho: Agile runner, skilled in navigating the maze.

Newt: Loyal friend, providing unwavering support.

Alby: Fearless pioneer, forging the path ahead.

Gally: Unyielding defender, fiercely protective of the Glade.

Chuck: Endearing companion, offering hope amidst darkness.

Brenda: Resourceful survivor, adapting to any situation.

Ava: Enigmatic figure, harboring secrets of the maze.

Sonya: Determined fighter, challenging the status quo.

Winston: Wise counselor, offering guidance to the Gladers.

Frypan: Masterful cook, nourishing the community’s spirit.

Aris: Mysterious newcomer, adding a new dynamic.

Jorge: Tenacious rebel, leading with unwavering resolve.

Harriet: Fearless warrior, proving her strength in battle.

Mary: Compassionate healer, tending to the wounded.

Rachel: Steadfast observer, keenly aware of her surroundings.

Jeff: Curious explorer, always seeking new discoveries.

Ben: Troubled soul, grappling with inner demons.

Zart: Grizzled veteran, sharing his wisdom with the young Gladers.

Gally Maze Runner Names

Gally: Tenacious Guardian, protecting the Glade.

Gage: Fierce Fighter, skilled in combat.

Garret: Strategic Planner, devising survival strategies.

Gavin: Loyal Enforcer, enforcing order within the community.

Gideon: Fearless Sentry, ever watchful for danger.

Grady: Stoic Protector, shielding others from harm.

Griffin: Relentless Challenger, testing limits and boundaries.

Gunnar: Unyielding Disciplinarian, maintaining order with strict rules.

Grant: Resolute Leader, guiding the Gladers with determination.

Galen: Resilient Warrior, overcoming obstacles with bravery.

Gregor: Vigilant Sentinel, guarding the Glade’s perimeter.

Greyson: Strong-willed Guardian, defending the community with unwavering resolve.

Gabriel: Dedicated Watchman, keeping a close eye on the maze.

Garth: Fearless Soldier, committed to the Glade’s protection.

Griffith: Determined Sentry, ever vigilant in safeguarding the Gladers.

Garrick: Resourceful Strategist, devising plans for survival.

Gavriel: Valiant Defender, valuing the safety of others above all else.

Garwin: Stalwart Guardian, committed to the Glade’s well-being.

Gilmore: Uncompromising Protector, unwavering in his duties.

Gideon: Relentless Enforcer, ensuring order is maintained.

Gentry: Observant Sentinel, alert to any signs of danger.

Gerard: Steadfast Guardian, dependable in times of crisis.

Gallagher: Indomitable Warrior, fierce and unwavering in battle.

Glenn: Discerning Watchman, perceptive and sharp-minded.

Gresham: Steely Protector, resolute in defending the Gladers.

Gustav: Dedicated Sentinel, committed to the safety of all.

Granger: Diligent Guardian, attentive and watchful at all times.

Geary: Unflinching Enforcer, enforcing rules with unwavering determination.

Godfrey: Resilient Warrior, unyielding in the face of adversity.

Gifford: Committed Defender, fiercely loyal to the Glade’s cause.

Chuck Maze Runner Names

Chuck: Endearing Hope Bringer, spreading positivity.

Chase: Curious Explorer, eager for adventure.

Cody: Loyal Friend, always by your side.

Caleb: Compassionate Listener, offering support and understanding.

Clark: Energetic Comedian, bringing laughter to the Glade.

Cole: Fearless Dreamer, envisioning a brighter future.

Carson: Helpful Assistant, lending a hand to others.

Corey: Creative Storyteller, weaving tales of imagination.

Casey: Observant Apprentice, eager to learn and grow.

Carter: Kind-hearted Peacemaker, promoting harmony among the Gladers.

Cooper: Resourceful Problem Solver, finding solutions in difficult situations.

Cyrus: Calm Mediator, resolving conflicts with diplomacy.

Cameron: Inquisitive Scholar, seeking knowledge and understanding.

Charlie: Gentle Optimist, spreading positivity and optimism.

Caden: Adventurous Explorer, eager to uncover mysteries.

Clay: Supportive Confidant, offering a shoulder to lean on.

Colton: Enthusiastic Volunteer, always ready to help others.

Curtis: Dedicated Caretaker, ensuring the well-being of the Gladers.

Coby: Charismatic Entertainer, bringing joy and entertainment to the community.

Colin: Brave Trailblazer, leading with courage and determination.

Cesar: Wise Mentor, sharing wisdom and guidance.

Casey: Trustworthy Ally, reliable and dependable in times of need.

Cody: Free-spirited Explorer, venturing into the unknown fearlessly.

Chance: Inspiring Motivator, uplifting others with his words.

Cruz: Compassionate Healer, providing comfort and healing to the Gladers.

Calvin: Thoughtful Listener, lending an ear and offering support.

Curtis: Reliable Team Player, contributing to the community’s success.

Cedric: Charismatic Speaker, inspiring others with his words.

Clark: Adaptable Problem Solver, finding innovative solutions.

Chance: Resilient Survivor, overcoming challenges with determination.

Alby Maze Runner Names

Alby: Fearless Protector, safeguarding the Glade.

Aaron: Wise Advisor, offering valuable guidance.

Axel: Strong-willed Leader, commanding respect and loyalty.

Asher: Resilient Guardian, steadfast in his duty.

Alden: Trustworthy Mentor, guiding the Gladers.

Abbott: Disciplined Enforcer, maintaining order and discipline.

Archer: Skilled Archer, mastering the art of precision.

Ashwin: Tenacious Fighter, never backing down.

Ambrose: Steadfast Sentinel, watchful and vigilant.

Atlas: Unyielding Strength, supporting others through challenges.

August: Inspiring Role Model, leading by example.

Amos: Reliable Guide, showing the way forward.

Aiden: Fearless Trailblazer, exploring uncharted territories.

Anders: Strategic Thinker, devising calculated plans.

Arden: Observant Observer, keenly aware of surroundings.

Apollo: Charismatic Leader, inspiring others with confidence.

Archer: Dexterous Marksman, hitting targets with precision.

Asher: Resolute Guardian, committed to the Gladers’ safety.

Avery: Resourceful Problem Solver, finding creative solutions.

Aldric: Steady Hand, keeping things steady amidst chaos.

Ansel: Courageous Adventurer, eager to face challenges head-on.

Atticus: Resolute Defender, protecting the Glade at all costs.

Alvin: Diligent Worker, contributing to the Glade’s prosperity.

Adrian: Observant Scout, scouting for potential dangers.

Arlo: Fearless Survivor, defying odds with determination.

Angus: Loyal Companion, standing by friends unconditionally.

Apollo: Inspiring Orator, moving hearts with his words.

Abram: Analytical Thinker, unraveling complex problems.

Amias: Compassionate Listener, offering comfort and understanding.

Abel: Trustworthy Ally, providing unwavering support.

Fantasy Maze Runner Names

Zephyr: Agile Wind Walker, swift and nimble.

Seraphina: Radiant Guardian, a beacon of light.

Orion: Fearless Stargazer, navigating the unknown.

Lyra: Melodic Enchantress, captivating with her voice.

Ashryn: Mysterious Spellcaster, weaving arcane magic.

Draven: Shadow Hunter, tracking unseen foes.

Astrid: Wise Seer, glimpsing the future.

Ragnar: Fierce Warrior, undefeated in battle.

Selene: Lunar Sorceress, harnessing moonlight energy.

Azrael: Divine Avenger, meting out celestial justice.

Rowan: Nature’s Champion, protector of the forest.

Sylph: Air Elemental, dancing on breezy currents.

Kieran: Cursed Wanderer, bound to eternal restlessness.

Morrigan: Dark Temptress, manipulating shadows to her advantage.

Ember: Fiery Guardian, a blazing force of protection.

Avalon: Mystical Enclave, a realm of magic.

Griffin: Majestic Protector, fierce and regal.

Nyx: Nightshade Sorceress, channeling darkness as power.

Kaelen: Iceborne Guardian, wielding frigid might.

Calypso: Enigmatic Siren, drawing adventurers to their fate.

Asher: Phoenix Knight, rising from the ashes.

Eldritch: Eldritch Conjurer, summoning ancient and forbidden entities.

Sorrel: Earthbound Druid, connected to nature’s energies.

Zara: Shapeshifting Trickster, delighting in mischief.

Malachi: Cursed Hexblade, bound to a malevolent weapon.

Astraea: Celestial Luminary, guiding lost souls home.

Thorne: Thorned Guardian, protecting with prickly defenses.

Seraphel: Angelic Sentinel, shielding the innocent from harm.

Maven: Illusionary Mage, bending reality to their will.

Zephyra: Stormcaller Sorceress, commanding the fury of the elements

Unique Maze Runner Names

Vex: Unpredictable Trickster, keeping others on their toes.

Embera: Fiery Spirit, burning with passion.

Solis: Radiant Luminary, bringing light and hope.

Dusk: Shadowy Wanderer, embracing the night.

Aeon: Timeless Seeker, forever searching for answers.

Rune: Mystic Conjurer, harnessing ancient symbols.

Haven: Safe Refuge, offering sanctuary and protection.

Nova: Explosive Force, unleashing powerful energy.

Cipher: Enigmatic Riddler, shrouded in mystery.

Elysia: Serene Dreamer, dwelling in peaceful realms.

Zephyrus: Gentle Breeze, calming troubled hearts.

Sentinel: Watchful Guardian, ever-vigilant in their duty.

Astra: Celestial Voyager, journeying among the stars.

Mirage: Illusionary Mirage, deceiving with ethereal images.

Vanguard: Brave Vanguard, leading the charge.

Lumina: Illuminating Guide, shedding light on paths.

Eon: Eternal Voyager, traversing endless realms.

Nexus: Converging Point, connecting divergent paths.

Echo: Resonating Echo, leaving a lasting impact.

Specter: Haunting Presence, evoking fear and awe.

Ardent: Fervent Protector, fiercely defending the weak.

Zarael: Angelic Herald, delivering messages of hope.

Phoenix: Reborn Hero, rising from ashes of despair.

Kaleidos: Kaleidoscopic Visionary, seeing infinite possibilities.

Avalon: Enchanted Realm, a realm of magic and wonder.

Astralyn: Ethereal Enchantress, bewitching with celestial charm.

Sentinel: Guardian Watchman, ever-watchful and dutiful.

Eclipse: Darkened Obscurity, veiling secrets in shadows.

Althea: Healing Light, bringing solace and restoration.

Nexus: Interconnecting Nexus, bridging gaps and forging unity.

Common Maze Runner Names

Alex: Defender of Mankind.

Emily: Industrious and Ambitious.

Jack: God is Gracious.

Lily: Pure and Innocent.

Ethan: Strong and Steadfast.

Ava: Life and Breath.

Mason: Skilled Stone Worker.

Olivia: Peaceful and Olive Branch.

Noah: Rest and Comfort.

Sophia: Wisdom and Knowledge.

Lucas: Bringer of Light.

Mia: Beloved and Mine.

Benjamin: Son of the Right Hand.

Amelia: Industrious and Hardworking.

Jacob: Supplanter and Deceiver.

Grace: Divine Favor and Blessing.

William: Strong-Willed Warrior.

Charlotte: Free and Independent.

James: Supplanter and Follower.

Harper: Harp Player and Joyful.

Samuel: Heard by God.

Abigail: Father’s Joy and Source of Joy.

Henry: Ruler of the Home.

Elizabeth: God is My Oath.

Matthew: Gift of God.

Victoria: Victory and Conqueror.

David: Beloved and Friend.

Chloe: Verdant and Blooming.

Christopher: Christ-Bearer and Follower.

Emma: Universal and Whole.

Best Maze Runner Names

Phoenix: Rebirth and Resilience.

Orion: Hunter of the Sky.

Astrid: Divine Beauty and Strength.

Asher: Blessed and Fortunate.

Seraphina: Fiery Angel of Light.

Maverick: Independent and Unconventional.

Aurora: Dawn and New Beginnings.

Blaze: Intense and Passionate Fire.

Lyra: Musical and Harmonious.

Titan: Mighty and Powerful Being.

Nova: Brilliant and Explosive Energy.

Ember: Glowing and Radiant Flame.

Talon: Sharp and Agile Hunter.

Zephyr: Gentle and Breezy Spirit.

Valor: Courage and Bravery.

Luna: Moon and Serenity.

Griffin: Majestic and Fearless Guardian.

Nyx: Mysterious and Nighttime Goddess.

Phoenix: Resurrected and Everlasting Soul.

Raine: Refreshing and Cleansing Rain.

Atlas: Enduring and Strong Support.

Avalon: Enchanted and Magical Realm.

Indigo: Mystical and Deep Blue.

Solstice: Turning Point and Balance.

Ashlyn: Ash Tree and Noble.

Zenith: Highest Point and Peak.

Sable: Dark and Elegant Beauty.

Rune: Ancient and Mystical Symbol.

Kairos: Opportune and Divine Moment.

Onyx: Mysterious and Imposing Stone.

Good Maze Runner Names

Aria: Melodic Voice and Harmony.

Griffin: Majestic and Protective Guardian.

Jaxon: God has been Gracious.

Nova: Bright and Supernova Energy.

Evangeline: Messenger of Good News.

Asher: Happy and Blessed Soul.

Zara: Princess and Radiant Blossom.

Phoenix: Resilient and Reborn Spirit.

Caleb: Faithful and Devoted Companion.

Serena: Serene and Peaceful Nature.

Archer: Skilled and Precise Marksman.

Aurora: Dawn and New Beginnings.

Jasper: Precious and Exquisite Gemstone.

Willow: Graceful and Resilient Tree.

Blaze: Fiery and Passionate Determination.

Luna: Radiant and Enchanting Moon.

Xavier: Bright and Splendid Savior.

Astrid: Divine Strength and Beauty.

Orion: Hunter of the Sky.

Freya: Noble and Powerful Lady.

Phoenix: Rising from Ashes Victorious.

Griffin: Valiant and Protective Beast.

Lyra: Musical and Harmonious Soul.

Ashlyn: Ash Tree and Noble.

Zephyr: Gentle and Refreshing Breeze.

Avalon: Magical and Enchanted Realm.

Titan: Mighty and Indomitable Force.

Ember: Sparkling and Radiant Flame.

Evander: Brave and Courageous Warrior.

Seraphina: Angelic and Heavenly Being.

Amazing Maze Runner Names

Everly: Always Brave and Strong.

Orion: Hunter of the Stars.

Phoenix: Resurrected with Fiery Spirit.

Ember: Glowing Flame of Passion.

Zephyr: Gentle Breeze of Freedom.

Nova: Radiant and Explosive Energy.

Seraph: Angelic and Serene Presence.

Everest: Towering Peak of Greatness.

Lyric: Melodic Voice of Harmony.

Asher: Blessed and Fortunate Soul.

Avalon: Enchanted Realm of Legends.

Luna: Illuminating Moonlight Serenity.

Griffin: Majestic and Protective Guardian.

Aurora: Dawn of New Beginnings.

Orion: Celestial Hunter of Night.

Seraphina: Heavenly Fire and Grace.

Phoenix: Rising from Ashes Triumphantly.

Titan: Mighty and Invincible Force.

Emberlyn: Sparkling Flame of Strength.

Zara: Princess of Radiant Light.

Everard: Brave and Fearless Protector.

Evangeline: Bearer of Good News.

Blaze: Intense and Passionate Fire.

Lyra: Harmonious and Ethereal Melody.

Orion: Guiding Star of Destiny.

Avalynn: Graceful and Magical Being.

Everest: Peak of Limitless Possibilities.

Seraphim: Divine and Heavenly Essence.

Ashlyn: Noble and Resilient Spirit.

Zephyra: Whispering Winds of Wisdom.

How To Name Your Maze Runner Character

In the vast realm of storytelling, naming your Maze Runner character is a task of immense significance. Just as a name carries weight and meaning in the real world, it sets the stage for your character’s journey within the Maze Runner universe. To craft a name that resonates with readers and captures the essence of your character, careful consideration and thoughtfulness are essential.

Understanding Your Character

To begin the naming process, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of your Maze Runner character. Dive into their personality, motivations, and backstory. Are they brave and resourceful or cautious and analytical? Understanding these traits will help you select a name that aligns with their identity, creating a connection between the character and the reader.

Researching Names

Research is an integral part of finding the perfect name. Delve into cultural and historical references that match the setting and time period of your Maze Runner story. Explore names associated with courage, resilience, and adventure. Additionally, consider the symbolic meanings behind names, as they can add layers of depth to your character’s identity.

Generating Name Ideas

Once armed with knowledge, it’s time to let your creativity soar. Experiment with wordplay, combining sounds and elements to create unique names that reflect your character’s attributes. Consider the phonetics and rhythm of the name, as well as its visual appeal. Strive for a name that not only sounds great but also looks captivating on the page.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

With a pool of name ideas at hand, it’s time to narrow down your options. Consider the specific requirements and nuances of the Maze Runner universe. Does the name fit within the dystopian setting? Is it distinct yet believable? Seek feedback from trusted peers or fellow writers to gain insights and perspectives that can help you make an informed decision.

Finalizing the Name

As you approach the final stages of the naming process, assess each contender against your character’s personality and traits. Does the name encapsulate their essence? Does it evoke the desired emotional response? Embrace the name that best captures your character’s identity and resonates with you as the creator.


In the Maze Runner universe, a well-chosen name has the power to ignite the imagination and set a character on an exciting path. By understanding your character deeply, researching names with cultural significance, and engaging in creative brainstorming, you can create a name that breathes life into your Maze Runner character. Embrace this opportunity to craft a name that will leave a lasting impression on readers and immerse them in the thrilling world you have created.


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