700 Legendary Meteor Names to Light Up Your Imagination

Welcome to our fascinating world of celestial creativity! In this blog article, we’ve curated an extraordinary list of 700 meteor names that will spark your imagination and transport you to distant realms of wonder. As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” And indeed, what better way to connect with the cosmos than through the enchanting names of meteors that grace our skies?

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved into the art of naming, honing my skills in crafting captivating monikers for various entities, from products to fantasy characters. Meteor naming, in particular, has been an awe-inspiring journey, where I’ve explored the rich history of celestial observations and mythologies to unearth the most evocative and fitting names for these cosmic visitors. I believe that every meteor deserves a name that encapsulates its essence and leaves a lasting impression on stargazers and dreamers alike.

In the following paragraphs, get ready to embark on a celestial quest, as we present you with a treasure trove of meteor names that are as unique as the stars themselves. Whether you seek names that echo ancient legends, whimsical titles that evoke fantasies, or simply something that resonates with your heart, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect name that will ignite your imagination and add a touch of wonder to your cosmic adventures. So, prepare to be inspired, and get ready to welcome a new meteor into the night sky with a name that is truly one-of-a-kind. Let’s journey beyond the stars together!

Meteor Names

Meteor Names

  • Celestia Comet
  • Ignis Meteorite
  • Nebulon Spark
  • Astrafire Bolt
  • Lumina Glide
  • Zenith Meteor
  • Enigma Trail
  • Eudora Burst
  • Ethereal Flare
  • Nebula Nova
  • Aurora Flicker
  • Astraflare Serenade
  • Stellaris Haze
  • Luminous Zephyr
  • Harmonix Whirl
  • Celestara Blaze
  • Lunar Cascade
  • Cometara Swirl
  • Astrallus Flurry
  • Stellarix Glimpse
  • Nebulus Dance
  • Enchantara Blaze
  • Ethereon Gleam
  • Celestrix Glint
  • Lumire Mystique
  • Orion Ember
  • Aurora Luna
  • Eudaimia Streak
  • Nova Nebula
  • Meteoros Lumos
  • Nebuflare Aurora
  • Ethelix Seraphim
  • Zenofall Stardust
  • Astralia Meteor
  • Stellarix Fizz
  • Lumiglow Nebula
  • Ethereon Whispers
  • Celestrix Twilight
  • Enigma Glaze
  • Lunarflare Cascade
  • Astraquinox Lumina
  • Ignitora Comet
  • Nebuluna Serenade
  • Auroralea Stellaris
  • Eudaimia Zephyr
  • Luminara Cascade
  • Novaflame Nebula
  • Harmonix Meteor
  • Etherealuna Swirl
  • Celestara Zephyr
  • Lumitonix Twinkle
  • Astraxia Spark
  • Orionix Gleam
  • Auroraflame Haze
  • Nebuflare Luster
  • Ethereon Ember
  • Lumina Dance
  • Zenith Comet
  • Enigma Sparkle
  • Celestrum Radiance
  • Eudaimia Trail
  • Stellarix Flare
  • Lunar Blitz
  • Astradance Cascade
  • Nebuflicker Haze
  • Aurorix Comet
  • Ignitara Luminous
  • Lumireon Blaze
  • Zenoflare Twirl
  • Enchanta Glimpse
  • Etherealight Meteor
  • Celestera Serenade
  • Ignifix Spark
  • Auroraflare Comet
  • Nebula Luminara
  • Zeniquin Trail
  • Lunara Swirl
  • Stardancer Flare
  • Ethelux Radiance
  • Celestonix Glimmer

20 Meteor Names With Meanings

Meteor Names

  1. Astral Ember – Celestial fiery brilliance.
  2. Lumosia Cascade – Luminous cosmic shower.
  3. Celestius Nebula – Heavenly cosmic mist.
  4. Stellar Radiance – Radiant cosmic glow.
  5. Etheria Meteor – Ethereal cosmic phenomenon.
  6. Nebula Zephyr – Cosmic breeze of clouds.
  7. Aurora Luster – Radiant celestial shine.
  8. Eudaimon Comet – Flourishing cosmic entity.
  9. Zenith Mirage – Highest point illusion.
  10. Seraphic Blaze – Angelic cosmic fire.
  11. Enigma Stardust – Mysterious cosmic particles.
  12. Ethereal Dreamfall – Otherworldly celestial descent.
  13. Nebulae Serenade – Cosmic melodic performance.
  14. Harmonic Nova – Melodic cosmic explosion.
  15. Astral Halo – Celestial ring of light.
  16. Stellar Zephyr – Radiant cosmic breeze.
  17. Aetheria Gleam – Ethereal cosmic brilliance.
  18. Celestus Resplendence – Heavenly radiant splendor.
  19. Luminora Waltz – Luminous cosmic dance.
  20. Transcendent Glimmer – Beyond cosmic shine.

Meteor Shower Names

Meteor Names

  • Astral Cascade – Celestial display
  • Nebula Deluge – Cosmic downpour
  • Stellar Showers – Radiant meteor display
  • Galactic Meteorium – Extraterrestrial spectacle
  • Comet Cascade – Shooting stars extravaganza
  • Lunar Meteorade – Moonlit meteor shower
  • Supernova Surge – Explosive meteor event
  • Zodiac Meteoric – Celestial sign shower
  • Aurora Meteoralis – Northern lights meteor display
  • Cosmos Cometarium – Universe’s meteor spectacle
  • Nova Flurry – Intense meteor storm
  • Andromeda Rainfall – Extragalactic meteor shower
  • Orion’s Meteor Belt – Starry meteor display
  • Perseid Phantasm – Mesmerizing meteor phenomenon
  • Meteor Mirage – Illusory meteor shower
  • Sirius Meteorion – Brilliant meteor event
  • Galactic Dustfall – Celestial particles shower
  • Celestial Drizzle – Light meteor precipitation
  • Lyrid Luminance – Radiant meteor showcase
  • Zodiacal Meteor Trail – Star-sign inspired meteor shower
  • Taurid Meteor Cascade – Bull-themed meteor spectacle
  • Pulsar Meteor Delight – Stellar pulsations and meteors
  • Milky Way Meteor Ballet – Graceful meteor display
  • Leo’s Meteor Roar – Lion-inspired meteor shower
  • Aquarius Aquatic Meteor – Water-themed meteor event
  • Sagittarius Stellar Show – Archer’s meteor showcase
  • Draco’s Meteor Flight – Dragon-themed meteor display
  • Gemini Meteor Duets – Twin meteor dance
  • Virgo’s Meteor Harvest – Harvest-inspired meteor shower
  • Scorpio’s Cosmic Sting – Scorpion-themed meteor event

Cool Meteor Names

  • Astral Frostbite – Celestial chill
  • Comet Chillwave – Cool cosmic vibes
  • Arctic Meteor Swirl – Icy meteor wonder
  • Celestial Glacier – Frosty celestial beauty
  • Nebula Chillout – Cosmic relaxation
  • Frozen Starburst – Iced meteor phenomenon
  • Stellar Glacier Dance – Cool meteor performance
  • Arctic Sparkler – Icy cosmic splendor
  • Polar Meteor Glint – Cold meteor shimmer
  • Comet Frosted Glow – Cool celestial radiance
  • Arctic Meteor Mirage – Chilled meteor illusion
  • Icicle Meteorade – Frozen meteor spectacle
  • Frost Nova Flare – Icy cosmic burst
  • Cool Galactic Drizzle – Refreshing meteor shower
  • Frozen Stardust – Chilled cosmic particles
  • Icy Meteor Whispers – Cool celestial secrets
  • Polar Meteor Breeze – Chilling meteor wind
  • Arctic Starfall – Iced meteor rain
  • Celestial Snowfall – Cool cosmic precipitation
  • Comet Crystal Shine – Frozen meteor brilliance
  • Frozen Meteor Waltz – Icy celestial dance
  • Nebula Winter Glow – Cosmic winter wonder
  • Arctic Meteor Ember – Chilled cosmic fire
  • Icy Meteoric Drift – Cool celestial movement
  • Comet Glacial Veil – Iced meteor cover
  • Celestial Arctic Hush – Cool cosmic silence
  • Frozen Meteor Fusion – Icy celestial merging
  • Frosty Meteor Cascade – Cool meteor shower
  • Arctic Meteor Bloom – Iced celestial blossoms
  • Nebula Arctic Serenade – Cosmic cold melody

Famous Meteors Names

  • Halley’s Comet – Iconic periodic comet
  • Chelyabinsk Meteor – Notable Russian meteor
  • Tunguska Meteor – Historic Siberian meteor
  • Leonid Meteor Shower – Renowned meteor shower
  • Geminid Meteor Shower – Famous meteor spectacle
  • Perseid Meteor Shower – Celebrated meteor display
  • Orion’s Meteor Belt – Stellar meteor grouping
  • Hale-Bopp Comet – Prominent long-period comet
  • Swift-Tuttle Comet – Noteworthy comet
  • Encke’s Comet – Well-known short-period comet
  • Hyakutake Comet – Famous comet of 1996
  • Shoemaker-Levy 9 – Notable comet that collided with Jupiter
  • Donati’s Comet – Memorable 19th-century comet
  • McNaught Comet – Brilliant Southern Hemisphere comet
  • Kohoutek Comet – Highly anticipated comet of the 1970s
  • Lovejoy Comet – Dazzling periodic comet
  • Ikeya-Seki Comet – Great Comet of 1965
  • Tempel 1 – Target of Deep Impact mission
  • Wild 2 Comet – Stardust mission target
  • Elenin Comet – Notable periodic comet
  • Hartley 2 Comet – Explored by Deep Impact mission
  • Giacobini-Zinner – Comet studied by Rosetta spacecraft
  • Grigg-Skjellerup Comet – Comet of Halley-type
  • Tempel-Tuttle Comet – Parent comet of the Leonids
  • Schwassmann-Wachmann – Comet with multiple fragments
  • Tuttle Comet – Discovered independently by multiple astronomers
  • Lexell’s Comet – Close encounter with Jupiter
  • Alcinda Comet – Notable periodic comet
  • Siding Spring Comet – Comet that passed near Mars
  • Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova – Comet with an interesting name

Fantasy Meteors Names

  • Draconis Stardust – Dragon-inspired cosmic particles
  • Elara’s Comet – Enchanted celestial wanderer
  • Seraphic Meteor Veil – Angelic meteor phenomenon
  • Valerian Starfall – Magical meteor rain
  • Oberon’s Cosmic Glint – Faerie king’s celestial gleam
  • Enigma Meteor Trail – Mysterious meteor path
  • Sylvan Comet Cascade – Woodland-themed meteor shower
  • Meridian Meteor Dance – Magical meteor performance
  • Arcane Meteor Mirage – Mystic meteor illusion
  • Celestia’s Dreamfall – Divine meteor spectacle
  • Elven Stardust Whispers – Elvish cosmic secrets
  • Luna’s Meteor Serenade – Moon-inspired meteor melody
  • Merlin’s Meteor Conjuring – Wizardry-infused meteor event
  • Feywild Meteor Dance – Otherworldly meteor waltz
  • Celestial Enchantment – Cosmic charm
  • Aether Meteor Swirl – Etheric cosmic wonder
  • Sorcerer’s Comet Burst – Magical cosmic explosion
  • Amara’s Meteor Bloom – Enchantress’s celestial blossoms
  • Celestial Portal – Cosmic doorway
  • Nexus Meteor Drift – Interdimensional cosmic movement
  • Ethereal Meteor Waltz – Sublime meteor dance
  • Astral Incantation – Celestial spell
  • Elysian Meteor Fusion – Paradise-inspired cosmic merging
  • Wyvern’s Meteor Blaze – Mythical creature-themed meteor fire
  • Sylphic Meteor Breeze – Airy meteor wind
  • Grimoire Meteor Shower – Magical meteor display
  • Faustus Cometarium – Comet-inspired sorcerer’s realm
  • Astraea’s Meteor Gleam – Star-maiden’s cosmic shine
  • Phoenix Meteor Flame – Rebirth-themed meteor event
  • Arcadia Meteor Symphony – Utop

 Funny Meteors Names

Meteor Chuckles – Cosmic laughter

Comet Clown Car – Hilarious cosmic vehicle

Belly Flop Comet – Awkward cosmic dive

Meteor Fiasco – Comical cosmic blunder

Comet Capers – Playful cosmic adventures

Laughing Stardust – Amusing cosmic particles

Meteor Pranks – Cosmic practical jokes

Comet Giggles – Cosmic amusement

Wacky Meteor Ballet – Silly cosmic dance

Meteor Mishaps – Cosmic misadventures

Comet Clown Parade – Cosmic circus fun

Funny Stardust Shower – Amusing cosmic rain

Meteor Mischief – Cosmic tricks and pranks

Comet Comedy Show – Hilarious cosmic performance

Giggle Meteor Flurry – Cosmic laughter storm

Meteor Guffaws – Cosmic belly laughs

Comet Jester – Cosmic clown character

Chuckling Stardust Swirl – Amusing cosmic wonder

Meteor Razzle-Dazzle – Cosmic show-off

Quirky Comet Cascade – Unconventional cosmic shower

Belly Laugh Meteor – Hilarious cosmic outburst

Cosmic Gag Reel – Meteor blooper compilation

Comet Caprice – Whimsical cosmic impulse

Chuckle Meteor Drizzle – Cosmic laughter precipitation

Silly Stardust Sparkle – Amusing cosmic glimmer

Meteor Farce – Comedic cosmic show

Comet Comic Relief – Cosmic humor booster

Laugh Riot Meteor Shower – Hysterical cosmic event

Meteor Clown Fiesta – Cosmic merriment celebration

Comet Jest Fest – Amusing cosmic gathering

Unique Meteors Names

Astraflame – Celestial fire

Luminoir – Luminous cosmic object

Nebuloria – Cosmic mist phenomenon

Astrafrost – Celestial frost

Ignitora – Cosmic ignition source

Stellaria – Star-themed celestial entity

Astralia – Cosmic realm of stars

Veluminous – Radiant cosmic glow

Ecliptria – Cosmic eclipse phenomenon

Solarian – Sun-related cosmic object

Astrafall – Celestial descent

Caelumflare – Skyward cosmic eruption

Zephyra – Celestial breeze

Nebulastra – Cosmic gas cloud entity

Selenalia – Moonlit celestial beauty

Ignitra – Fiery cosmic essence

Stellaris – Starry cosmic presence

Astrallure – Celestial attraction

Aurorastra – Cosmic polar lights entity

Meteornox – Celestial night phenomenon

Celesta – Heavenly cosmic being

Etherion – Ethereal cosmic substance

Astrapulse – Celestial energy wave

Ignivox – Cosmic fire sound

Stellavox – Star-inspired cosmic sound

Luminora – Luminous cosmic wonder

Astrorift – Celestial crack or fissure

Nebulara – Cosmic cloud-like entity

Quasara – Highly energetic cosmic object

Zodistra – Celestial sign or omen

Good Meteors Names

Celestial Harmony – Cosmic balance

Luminary Sparkle – Radiant cosmic glimmer

Nebula Blessing – Cosmic divine favor

Stellar Serenity – Tranquil cosmic peace

Euphoric Meteor Dance – Joyful cosmic performance

Celestial Grace – Cosmic elegance

Luna’s Luminescence – Moon’s radiant glow

Zenith Zephyr – Highest point cosmic breeze

Celestial Utopia – Perfect cosmic world

Radiant Starfall – Luminous cosmic rain

Astral Awakening – Cosmic enlightenment

Nebulous Delight – Joyful cosmic mist

Stellar Jubilation – Celestial celebration

Serendipitous Meteor – Fortuitous cosmic event

Elysian Stardust – Heavenly cosmic particles

Tranquil Meteor Cascade – Calm cosmic shower

Celestial Wonderment – Cosmic amazement

Blissful Stardust Swirl – Joyful cosmic wonder

Meteor of Serenity – Peaceful cosmic phenomenon

Ethereal Bliss – Otherworldly cosmic joy

Angelic Meteor Glide – Divine cosmic movement

Celestial Luminary – Cosmic guiding light

Eunoia Meteor Shower – Beautiful cosmic display

Stellar Gratitude – Thankful cosmic appreciation

Eudaimonia Comet – Flourishing cosmic well-being

Celestial Radiance – Cosmic brilliance

Nebula of Hope – Cosmic source of optimism

Harmonious Meteor Harmony – Cosmic melodic convergence

Felicity Stardust – Blissful cosmic particles

Zephyr of Good Fortune – Breezy cosmic luck

Best Meteors Names

Luminescent Extravaganza – Dazzling cosmic display

Eclipsara – Extraordinary cosmic eclipse

Astral Luminary – Celestial guiding light

Stellar Crescendo – Radiant cosmic culmination

Nebular Marvel – Astonishing cosmic wonder

Celestial Euphoria – Cosmic bliss

Zenith Radiance – Highest point cosmic glow

Enchanted Meteoria – Magical cosmic enchantment

Seraphic Stardust – Angelic cosmic particles

Elysian Comet Cascade – Heavenly cosmic shower

Astral Nexus – Celestial connection

Nebula Brilliance – Cosmic splendor

Stellar Epiphany – Radiant cosmic revelation

Divine Meteor Symphony – Godly cosmic harmony

Ethereal Luminosity – Otherworldly cosmic brightness

Celestial Opulence – Cosmic abundance

Aurora Stellaris – Luminous cosmic beauty

Aetherial Meteor Fusion – Ethereal cosmic merging

Transcendent Stardust – Beyond cosmic particles

Harmonic Meteor Dance – Melodic cosmic performance

Celestial Empyrean – Cosmic heavenly realm

Celestial Zenith – Cosmic pinnacle

Nebula Resplendence – Cosmic brilliance

Stellar Ascendance – Radiant cosmic rise

Eudaimonic Meteor Bliss – Flourishing cosmic happiness

Celestial Apex – Cosmic peak

Luminary Triumph – Radiant cosmic victory

Ethereal Nebula Trail – Otherworldly cosmic path

Celestial Euphony – Cosmic harmony of sounds

Zenith Zephyr – Highest point cosmic breeze


How To Choose A Good Meteor Names

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, meteors streak across the night sky, leaving trails of celestial magic in their wake. In this article, we embark on a celestial journey to explore the art of choosing a good meteor name, a name that encapsulates the wonder and awe of these cosmic phenomena. From the cosmic origins of meteor names to unraveling the symbolism hidden within, the process of meteor naming becomes an extraordinary tribute to the celestial wonders that grace our universe.

Exploring the Cosmic Origins of Meteor Names:

Meteor names find their inspiration in the cosmic beauty of meteor showers and celestial events. The influence of astronomy and mythology intertwines with the naming process, adding an enchanting layer of significance to each chosen name. From shooting stars to magnificent comets, meteor names become stellar tributes to the celestial spectacles that captivate the human imagination.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Meteor Name:

Selecting a meteor name involves capturing the essence of the meteor’s appearance and characteristics. Each name becomes a homage to the celestial phenomena it represents, paying tribute to their brilliance and uniqueness. Striking a balance between elegance and scientific relevance ensures that the chosen name resonates with astronomers, stargazers, and celestial enthusiasts alike.

Unraveling the Symbolism of Meteor Names:

Beyond their astronomical significance, meteor names carry cosmic connections and interstellar themes. Some names draw inspiration from the elements that form the celestial bodies, evoking the elemental forces that shape the cosmos. The melodic sounds and phonetics of meteor names add an ethereal quality, enhancing their allure and adding to their celestial mystique.

Researching Meteor Names and Meanings:

The quest for the perfect meteor name leads us to delve into meteorological records and archives, uncovering a treasure trove of naming inspiration. Seeking wisdom from renowned astronomers and experts provides valuable insights into the meanings and symbolism behind each name, bestowing upon them a deeper layer of astronomical significance. Discovering naming patterns and celestial traditions adds depth and authenticity to the meteor naming process.

Navigating the Ethical and Cultural Aspects of Meteor Naming:

With the wonders of the cosmos come ethical considerations in meteor naming. Respecting astronomical traditions and contributors ensures that the names pay tribute to the work and dedication of astronomers and celestial researchers. Careful consideration is essential to avoid controversial or insensitive choices, preserving the reverence and wonder that meteors inspire.

Finalizing the Perfect Meteor Name:

Beyond the act of selection, choosing a good meteor name becomes a celestial experience, infusing the name with the astral significance it deserves. Each name becomes a launching pad for the meteor’s cosmic journey, embracing the marvel of celestial naming and celebrating the celestial wonders that continue to inspire awe and fascination in our universe.


In conclusion, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos, exploring the realm of meteor names and discovering a treasure trove of 700 celestial monikers. From ancient mythologies to whimsical fantasies, each name carries a unique essence that adds a touch of wonder to the night sky. As we gazed into the heavens, we were reminded of Albert Einstein’s profound words, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better,” as these names connect us with the beauty and mystery of the universe.

As a Naming Specialist with years of experience, delving into the art of meteor naming has been an awe-inspiring quest. The vast tapestry of human history and the wonders of nature have intertwined to create names that evoke emotions, tell stories, and kindle imagination. We’ve learned that naming a meteor goes beyond mere labeling; it is an invitation to wonder, a celebration of human curiosity, and a tribute to the vastness of the cosmos.

We hope this collection of meteor names has sparked your imagination and inspired you to see the night sky with new eyes. As you stargaze and marvel at these cosmic visitors, remember that each meteor has its own identity and story, waiting to be discovered through its name. So, whether you’re a dreamer, a storyteller, or simply someone in love with the mysteries of the universe, embrace the magic of meteor names and let your imagination soar among the stars. The cosmos awaits, and with these 700 names in your celestial arsenal, your journey into the realms of wonder has just begun. Happy naming and happy stargazing!


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