502 Unique Microblading Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Have you always wanted to give yourself a full head of hair? Have you been considering getting microblading done to make your hair look fuller and darker? If you’re thinking about getting microblading done, you’re not alone.

Microblading is a popular, modern alternative to hair transplants, which involves the application of short, natural-looking hairs.

Although the microblading process is not permanent, the end results are long-lasting. Because of this, people usually look forward to having the procedure done each year.

If you want to get microblading done but aren’t sure which type of provider is best for your skin tone, hair type, and hair color, then we have great news for you.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of microblading companies near you. So, if you are ready to get microblading done and want to choose the best microblading service provider, we have a listing for you.

We have compiled a list of companies that specialize in microblading services, and have included their phone numbers. So, no matter where you are in the United States, you can find the nearest provider for your microblading needs.

If you are looking for a good microblading service provider, take a few minutes to check out our list. And if you know of any other companies in your area that perform microblading, be sure to share them with us. We will add them to our list.

Microblading Business Names

If you’re a makeup artist with a passion for artistry, then microblading may be for you. Microblading is a process where small dots of color are added to the skin using tiny needles.

Microblading is a relatively new trend in the beauty industry, but there are already lots of people doing it across the world. Why should you join the craze? The microblading technique is much more affordable than traditional full-body makeup. And best of all, it lasts forever.

  • Microblading Beauty Lounge
  • Hollywood Eyeliner
  • Alive Looks
  • Eyelash Edu
  • Prime Looks
  • My Microblade Boudoir
  • The Microblading Jar
  • The Lash Lounge
  • Lets Microblading By Lissette
  • The Eye Outlaw
  • Y’lonn Lash Studio
  • Elite Microblading Salon
  • Blade Microblading Studio
  • Perfect Stroke
  • Bronze Brows
  • Stunning Eyes Inc
  • Brow Couture
  • The Brow Zone Microblading
  • Creative Touch Microblading
  • Blades Galore
  • Kambie’s Microblading
  • Microblading League City
  • Sharp Looks
  • Strings Eyebrows Microblading
  • Urban Butterfly Lash Studio
  • Ink Machine
  • She Said Brow Bar
  • Microbrasseria
  • But I’m Lovable!
  • The Art Of Microblading
  • Expressions Microblading
  • Deluxe Lash And Brow Studio
  • The Lash Zone
  • On Fleek
  • Simply Brows
  • Lovewinq
  • Micro Blading Guru
  • Better In Beauty
  • Au Naturale Microblading
  • Beautiful Browz
  • Artful Artist
  • The Brow Technicians
  • Lasting Beauty
  • The ‘Eyebrow Solution’
  • Ageless Looks
  • Brow Confidence
  • Microblading Beauty & Brow Artistry
  • Eyebrow Friend
  • Ink Nook
  • Delightful Doodles Microblading
  • Microblading With Heart
  • Mesmerizing Looks
  • Glamour Microblading
  • Long-Lasting Beauty
  • Arch Angels
  • Master Brow Artist
  • Blend Studio
  • Beautiful Brow Boutique
  • Bare Eyebrow Biz
  • Best Lash
  • Contour Beauty Microblading
  • Eyebrow Beauty Salon
  • Queen Microblading Studio
  • Epic Brow Society
  • Eyebrow Tattoos
  • The Pretty Eye Marker
  • Atomic Brow Microblading
  • Perfect Line
  • Wyme Microblading
  • Microblading Xtreme
  • The Lovely Eyebrow Co.
  • Allure Brows
  • Flawless Brow & Lash
  • Beautiful Brows And Lashes
  • Trend Microblading
  • Ultra Pixels
  • Boomerang Microblading
  • Unicorn Pro Microblading
  • Tinted Brow Barbershops And Salons
  • Brow Beauty
  • Kohl Chic
  • The Art Of Blading
  • Eyebrow Wiz
  • Splendid Microblading
  • Beautiful Brows Or Beautiful Brows Oozing Charm
  • Framed Brows
  • I’m A Microblading Artist!
  • Thru Microblading We Are
  • Flirty Brows
  • Endless Brows
  • Microshading Lounge
  • Little Piggy Microblading
  • Lovely Brows Please
  • Cute Touch
  • Perfect Gaze
  • Brow Basics
  • Bioblading Sydney
  • Zealous Microblading
  • Brow Masterpieces
  • Draw Me A Brow
  • Fabulous Brows
  • Sweet Lash Queen
  • Brows Defined
  • Eyebrow Wows
  • Lovely Lashes
  • Inspidenta Microblading
  • Doll Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Ink Me Cosmetics
  • Browmazing

Top 10 Rare Microblading Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Perfect Brows

Perfect Brows has a reputation for creating very beautiful and attractive eyebrows. Thus, if you have a beauty salon and want to open a microblading business, then this name is for you. As you may know, microblading is a technique of tattooing.

Thus, when someone asks about how their eyebrows look, the first thing they say is “I got my eyebrows done by Perfect Brows.” So, you need to consider this name when starting your new business.

You should choose a short and simple name for this business because you want it to be catchy and memorable. Therefore, you need to choose a short name that will attract your target audience.

Perfect Brows

2.    Perfect Line

This name is perfect for any type of microblading business. It is simple and easy to remember. You have to be creative when naming your business. Don’t use the same names as other companies. Be creative and unique in order to stand out from the crowd.

This name is great because it has many meanings. If you want to start a microblading business then this is the perfect name for you.

Perfect Line

3.    Ink On Skin

Ink on Skin Microblading Business names is a great idea for you because you can easily grow your business using this name. This business name can be used as a website, business card, and many other things.

You just have to use it properly to give your business a perfect image.

Microblading is one of the latest trends in the field of hair removal. So, if you want to enter into this lucrative and high-paying industry then use the name Ink on Skin Microblading Business.

Ink On Skin

4.    Body Art

A Microblading business is one that provides a service that enhances or covers up old tattoos, or makes new ones. It is also used as a technique to get eyebrows plucked in an alternative method to the conventional process. The service is expensive and may take years to complete.

Body Art

5.    Hollywood Eyeliner

If you are looking for a business name that will help your business grow, then Hollywood Eyeliner Microblading Business names list is what you need. Your target audience will be women who are interested in microblading.

You need a business name that will help you in reaching out to your targeted audience and convert them into customers. So, if you are looking for a great business name, then Hollywood Eyeliner Microblading Business names list is what you need.

Hollywood Eyeliner

6.    Sharp Looks

With this name, you can add a little bit of humor to your business. For example, instead of saying sharp looks microblading, you can say something like “sharp looks fake lashes” or “fake eyelashes and microblading”.

Another advantage is that with this name, you are making a point that you want to look sharp and well-groomed while you are doing your job. This is an important element for your brand, so why not take advantage of it?

Sharp Looks

7.    Natural Beauty

This name is suitable for any type of business that deals with beauty products. If you want to have a business dealing with cosmetics, this is a great opportunity to start a business because there is no competitor in the market.

This name can also attract people to visit your website because you will be able to provide them with the quality service that they need.

Natural Beauty

8.    Brow Addict

Brow Addict Microblading Business Names is a perfect business name because it is both short and easy to remember. If you want your company to be remembered, then you need a name that can do it.

And, the best thing about the name is that it is catchy and fun to read as well. So, it will attract a lot of customers who are looking for such services.

Brow Addict

9.    Eyebrow Science

Microblading is the process of painting a pattern on an area of the skin. This process is used to create eyelash-like patterns on eyebrows. Eyebrow science microblading business names should include the words “microblading” and “eyebrows” in the beginning.

The keywords help people search for this kind of business on Google. Also, you can use the terms “eyebrow tinting”, “eyebrow art”, or “eyebrow shaping” to get more traffic to your site.

Eyebrow Science

10.    Natural Body

Your business should be a natural body microblading business name because you want to make your clients happy and comfortable with your service. That is why you must ensure that the name you choose is friendly and friendly to your clients.

So, if you really want to make your clients feel comfortable when they use your service, you must choose a name that is neither too funny nor very serious. It must be something in between and that is why you should choose this name.

Natural Body

Microblading Studio Names

Microblading is a beauty treatment that can be done in your home or by a professional at an affordable price. The goal of microblading is to create a natural, defined eyebrow arch, which looks like it was always there.

The procedure is relatively painless and simple. It does require a certain amount of patience and practice before getting it right, but once you do, you will know that your eyebrows will be perfect.

In this article, we will take a closer look at microblading and explain what it entails. This will also give you an idea of the benefits of getting it done and why it’s such a big hit in the beauty industry.

  • Luv Microblading
  • Fairy Tale Magic
  • Gorgeous Glamor
  • Dainty Brows
  • Microblading Game
  • Nice Brows
  • Wink Brow Bar
  • Fair Brows
  • Brows By The Sea
  • Good Vibes Only Ink
  • Eyebraws
  • Eyebrows By Lilah
  • Microblading Morphsuits
  • Fine Lines
  • The Line Makers
  • Browsonic
  • Brow Boss
  • Brow Addict
  • Infinite Brows
  • Hello Browz
  • Art Of Ink Tattoo Studio
  • Fake Your Natural Beauty
  • Endless Beautiful Eyebrows
  • Love Your Lines
  • Highness
  • Amazing Gaze
  • Boldly Beautiful
  • Eyelash Factory
  • Euphoria Gaze
  • Jewel Lashes
  • 9 To 5 Brows​​​​​
  • Blading Me Up
  • Glitter Eyebrows
  • Venus Beauty Studio
  • Hello Wonderful Day
  • Brow Babe
  • Pretty Tresses
  • Shined Microblading
  • Forward Lash Studio
  • Etched In Stone
  • Silk On Blading
  • Professional Eyes Studio
  • Brow Makeover
  • Oh, My Brows!
  • Beauty Microblading
  • Stay Pretty
  • Be Gorgeous
  • Glamourink Microblading
  • Brows For Me
  • Aveda Beauty Lounge
  • The Brow Shed
  • American Beauty
  • Royal Brows
  • Magic Eyebrowlet
  • Rose Brow Lounge
  • Art Brow
  • Microblading Today
  • Eyebrowiana
  • Shady Lady Tattoo
  • Hello Cushion
  • Brow Do
  • Prized Assets Brows
  • Brow & Co
  • Eyebrow Masters
  • Your Beautiful Face
  • Lash Eyeland
  • Classic Touch
  • The Finished Look
  • Knitted Brows
  • Feathering Beauties
  • Coquette Brows
  • Fur Baby’s
  • Microblading 101
  • Eyebrow Makeover
  • The Brow Glam
  • Can’t Stop Looking At My Eyebrows
  • Little Patch Of Beauty
  • Brilliance Browz
  • Brows Plus
  • Brightly Bladed
  • I’m In Love With My Eyebrows
  • Beauty Salon
  • Brow Innovation
  • Eyenvy
  • Luxe Microblading
  • Perfection Microblading
  • Pixi Brows
  • Elation Looks
  • Unique New You
  • The Pure Microblading Clinic
  • 3d Microblading
  • The Sweet Lashes
  • You’re Eyes Only Brow Studio
  • Superficial Looks
  • Black Swan Tattoo Studios
  • Made Pretty Ink
  • Just Brows Baby
  • Brow Lipsticks And Liners Cosmetics Store
  • Brows Of Fame
  • Drive-Thru Microblading
  • Beautifully Browsed
  • Pretty In Brows
  • Quick Brows
  • Feather Brow Couture

Unique Names For Microblading Business

If you’re planning to open a microblading beauty business, there are many names you can consider for your business. Some ideas include “Beautiful Brows”, “Microblading” or “Microblading Studio”.

There are other names that may not quite catch on as well. But just by changing a few words around, you can turn a dull name into a catchy one. You could also try something more creative like “My Own Stylist”, or “The Last Stylist”.

  • Artistic Beauty
  • Ink Brow Studio
  • Lasting Impressions Aesthetics
  • Essential Beauty & Microblading
  • My Eyebrow
  • Microblading 2u
  • Funfair Brows
  • Micro Expressions
  • Sugar Me Zen
  • Browlogic
  • Skin Deep In Ink
  • Eyebrows Galore
  • Doodles
  • Better Brows & Beauty
  • Microblading Artist
  • Classic Essence
  • Browsing With Confidence
  • The Microbladery
  • Ink’d Face
  • Fascinating Looks
  • Beautiful Eyes Microblading
  • Microblading Planet
  • Microblading Brows
  • Perfectful Brow
  • Great Lengths
  • Pure Eyebrows
  • Newcastle Eyebrow Experts
  • Hd Brows Microblading
  • Breathe Microblading
  • Microblading-Lash
  • Fascinating Brows
  • Inked Eyebrows
  • Extreme Eyebrows
  • Esthetics On Wheels
  • Liquid Luck
  • Solo Microblading
  • Microblading London
  • Naturally Perfect Looks
  • Eye Time Studios
  • Extreme Microblading
  • Complete Brows
  • Black Lotus Tattoo Studios
  • Eyebrows On Fleek
  • Eyes On The Prize
  • Beauty Buffet
  • Brows Beautiful
  • Permanent Perfection Microblading
  • Curves And Lashes
  • Pawfection
  • Curved Brow Co.
  • Gathered Brows
  • Glam Lash Options
  • Don’t Mask It
  • Precision Beauty Centre
  • Brow-Nique
  • How To Brow
  • Twin Brow Studio
  • Mystic Microblading
  • Vine Tattooing
  • Ink Defined
  • Plucky Eyebrows
  • Pure Brow
  • Brows Zone
  • Joy’s Beauty Microblading
  • Microblading Trust
  • Eye Design Office
  • Fleeky Brows
  • Pretty Feather Hair
  • Brow Potion
  • Always Elegant
  • Brows On Fleek
  • Bloom Blossom Microblading
  • Fashion Forward
  • Kiss Permanent Makeup
  • Pretty Eyez With Me Microblading
  • Meow Brows
  • The Brow Technique
  • Browistry
  • Black Odyssey Tattoo Studio
  • Makeup Experts
  • Sticky Lashz
  • Brow Aesthetics
  • The Brow Space
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Iwow
  • Brows Around Town
  • Just Fabulous Brows
  • Totally Microbladed
  • Idyllic Eyes
  • Fine Line Microblading
  • Las Cimas
  • A New Image
  • Browstique
  • Limelight Microblading
  • Beauty On Rose

Catchy Microblading Business Names

A microblading business can be profitable. A successful microblading business needs to focus on creating a high-quality service for its customers and make sure they are always satisfied with their experience.

You will want to have a well-designed website, and your clients should be able to find it easily. The next step is to have a great name that will encourage people to visit your site and find out more about your services.

In this article, we will share with you some of the best catchy microblading business name ideas that will inspire you to start your own microblading business.

  • Brows And Beyond
  • Delicate Lash
  • Almond Eyeliner
  • Brows Just Got Better
  • Brow Arch Avenue
  • Foxy Brow Microblading
  • Bump It Up Permanent Makeup
  • Lilac Microblading
  • New You Tattoo
  • Lash Room
  • Hanftacular Ink
  • Eyebrow Science
  • The Furrowed Brow
  • Fantastic Fiction
  • Stylist
  • Blading By Yoni
  • Give ‘Em Brows!
  • Eyebrows 4 Ever
  • Game Of Brows
  • Flawless Look
  • Brows For Life
  • Eyebrow Experience
  • Pamper Your Brows
  • Euphoric Looks
  • Electric Brows
  • Sonic Ink
  • Eyebrow Obsession
  • Lashes De Bella
  • Microblading Loyalty
  • Eyemazing Artistr
  • Skin Deep Beauty Salon & Boutique
  • Master Lashes
  • Ink Me Spots And Dots
  • The Brow House
  • Eyebrow Empire
  • Luxury Microblading
  • Eyebrow Heaven
  • Artful Microblading
  • Color Me Perfect Cosmetics
  • The Ink Spot
  • Brow Art Studio
  • Affectionate Looks
  • Gorgeous Brows Etc
  • The Lash Life
  • Beautiful Microblading Boutique
  • Flawless Lashes &
  • Microblatholic
  • Brows By Jodi
  • The Browrista
  • Hype Microblading
  • Ultra Lines
  • One Hour Microblading
  • Framed Faces
  • Microblading Sugaring And Waxing Boutiques
  • Beauty In The Details
  • Browstress
  • For A Love Of Beauty
  • Waxing With A Twist
  • My Microblading Studio
  • Halo Blading
  • Shape All Brows
  • Tied With A Brow
  • Cosmetic Microblading
  • Sassy Browz
  • Brows R Us
  • Bladiators
  • Ink Me Tinted Beauty Gallery
  • Graceful Beauty
  • A+ Arches
  • Watercolor And Feathers Microblading Studio
  • Goddess Brows
  • Eyebrow Guru
  • Phabulous Phingers
  • Visual Effects Permanent
  • Brow Beat
  • Get Your Ink On
  • Forever Eyebrows
  • Microblading Artists
  • Lovity Brows Artistry
  • Eyebrow Whiz Techniques
  • Lash Up!
  • Eyebrows 4utx
  • Inky Dinky Do’s​​​​​
  • Microblading Inc.
  • Black Work Skin Art
  • 3d Hair Painting
  • Luscious Brows Studio
  • Luscious Microblading
  • Wax Me Bab

Creative Names For Microblading Business

Have you ever heard of the ‘microblading’ technique? This is a permanent makeup procedure that involves applying tiny lines of color to the skin using fine needles. This method can bring life to your complexion.

You can use this technique to add definition and depth to the appearance of your eyebrows and other facial features. You can also use it to improve the appearance of scars and tattoos on the body.

  • Bonafide Brows
  • Eyestarr
  • Faces Beauty Bar
  • Go To Town Brows
  • Radical Eye Candy
  • Perfect Brows
  • Dollfacedesigns
  • Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Microblader
  • Highness – For Microblading High Profile Clients
  • Brow Behavior
  • Sensitive Looks
  • Pampered Eyes
  • Glamour Groomers
  • 24/7 Microblading
  • Ample Beauty
  • Brow Girl
  • Skinny Eyebrow
  • Bella Microblading
  • Sugar Me Magic
  • Wildflower Tattoo And Microblading
  • Line Em Up
  • Fancy
  • Prettyology
  • Eyeliner Bathroom
  • Brow Ink
  • Brow And Beauty Lounge
  • Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Eskimo Lash
  • Heart-Shaped Eyebrows
  • Alluring Eyebrows
  • High Brow
  • Lash Island
  • Brow Goals
  • 3d Brow Master
  • Posh Microblading
  • Blades Of Beauty
  • Cool Eyebrow
  • Sweet As Mic
  • Brow Techniques
  • Brow Appeal
  • Solid As A Rock Tattoo Studio
  • Microblade Specialists
  • Totally Tint Studios
  • Ink Me Beautify
  • I See You Eyebrow
  • Microblading Laser Center
  • Brows And Lashes
  • Microbrights
  • The Microblader
  • Lasting Touch Nyc Microblading
  • Eyebrow Designs
  • Micro Brows
  • Glamour Brows
  • Fancy Faces
  • Any Kind Of Blading
  • Eye Apeel Brows
  • The Brows Boutique
  • Safe Futuristic Microblading
  • Browy Wowy
  • Klassy Knits
  • Nancy Microblading
  • Orient Microblading
  • Brow Treatments
  • Microblading Ink Styling
  • Vixen Microblading
  • Perma-Brow, Inc
  • European Brow Studio

Unique Names For Microblading Business

Have you ever thought about starting a microblading business? This is an interesting concept that allows women to create the perfect eyebrows at their own home, and with a lot less pain than in a professional salon.

If you’re considering starting a microblading business, then you should know that there are many unique names for microblading businesses to choose from.

You can come up with a name that makes you feel proud of your work. If you like, you can use our unique names for the microblading businesses list to help you choose.

  • Micro Prolution
  • Blading Art
  • Instant Beautification Solutions
  • Changing Faces Microblading
  • Ink Rush Microblading
  • Beauty Unveiled
  • Brow Squad
  • Brow Job
  • Needle Art
  • Brow Habit
  • Lash And Brow Paradise
  • Browtastic
  • Microblading Beauty
  • A Brow Lady
  • Instax Beauty
  • Beauty For You
  • Enchanting Eyebrows Microblading
  • Sunsational Brow
  • Microblading Time
  • Boom Boom Brow Bar
  • Exceeding Brows
  • Game On Brows
  • Microblading
  • Body Art
  • Beautiful Browz
  • Bona Fide Brows
  • Blush And Brow
  • Beautiful Eyebrows
  • Cosmetic Tattooing
  • Brow Waxers
  • Ripped Brow Ink
  • Celebration Gaze
  • Diamonds & Needles Tattoo Studio
  • Prized Eyes
  • Body Blitz Tattoo
  • Free Spirit Ink
  • Makeup For Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Tattooing
  • The Brow Experts
  • Love Your Brows
  • Baby Blading Boutique
  • Microblading Now
  • Brow Boutique
  • The Beauty Crafter

Microblading Business Name Generator

Microblading is an exciting, affordable, and fast way to get a fresh, full, and flawless eyebrow. As a microblading artist, you will need to know how to create flawless eyebrows for yourself and others.

So, before you start looking at names, here’s a generator that will generate great names for your business. Generate great names for your microblading business in seconds.

  • Truly Blue Microblading
  • Blushing Blondes Microblading
  • Delphine Eyebrow Couture
  • Shiny Brow Bar
  • Blink And Miss Tattoo Studio
  • True Love Studios
  • Beautiful Bladings
  • Permanent Make-Up
  • Micro Chic
  • Koko Lashes&Brows
  • Quick & Easy Eyebrows
  • The Perfect Eyebrow
  • The Tattooed Brow
  • Ink Masterpiece
  • Get Microblading
  • Brown Licious
  • The Arch Stylist
  • Perfect Microblading
  • Cactus Microblading
  • Specko
  • Glamorous Groom
  • Purple Eyebrows
  • Get Carried Away
  • Rise Up Microblading
  • Kiss Me Microblading
  • I Make Myself Md
  • Un-Furrowed Brows
  • One-Stop Microblading Shop
  • Eternal Boutique
  • Glam Brows
  • Artistic Designs
  • Amazing Lash Studio
  • The Eye Artistry Studio
  • Abracadabra Microblading
  • Pink Lady Lash
  • My Microblading Man
  • Eye Buds
  • I Heart Microblading
  • Fluffy Microblading
  • Sunflower Microblading
  • Selfie Brow
  • Microblading Perfect Brows
  • Defined Cuts
  • Microblading Addict
  • Beautiful Brows & Lashes
  • Inking Rhymez

Microblading Business Names

How to Name Your Microblading Business

Microblading is one of the popular hair transplant techniques in the world today and the demand for microblading artists is on the rise. For those who are interested in learning the art of microblading, there are a few things you need to know before starting the journey.

How Does Microblading Work?

The process of microblading works by using tiny dots to add volume and length to the eyebrow hairs and also to fill the sparse areas between the eyebrows.

The artist uses a fine needle dipped in a special pigment to make small dots to cover the area. This gives a natural-looking result, which can last for as long as 5 to 6 years.

When Should I Do My First Microblading?

It is recommended to do your first microblading at around 3 to 5 years old because most people find that their face has enough growth to achieve an excellent result.

If you have not had any facial hair before, you can expect to see results in just 4 to 5 months. However, the results may vary depending on how thick the eyebrows are.

What is the Cost of Microblading?

The cost of the microblading depends on the number of sessions required and also on the type of microblading technique used. A common microblading session is from $1,200 to $2,500, and some professionals will charge over $3,000 per session.

For a full brow coverage, the price can go up to $5,000 or more.

How Long Will My Microblading Last?

This varies from person to person, but the average length is around 4 to 6 years. There are many factors that affect the length of your microblading.

One factor is how well the pigment has bonded to your hair follicles, and another is whether you have been able to maintain the right hygiene throughout the duration of your treatment.

Will my Microblading be Permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. The pigment is embedded into the hair follicles and will never come off.

Can Microblading be Done Using Dermal Fillers?

Some professionals recommend that you use dermal fillers prior to your microblading session to ensure that the pigment sticks to your eyebrows and also for the sake of symmetry.

However, others recommend waiting until your eyebrow hairs grow out before doing your microblading. This will give you an asymmetrical shape to your brows and avoid the use of dermal fillers.

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