700 Captivating Mongolian Names for Your Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Mongolian Names”! In this post, we are excited to share with you a collection of creative and unique Mongolian names that are sure to captivate your imagination. As the great Mongolian proverb goes, “A good name is better than precious stones,” and we couldn’t agree more. So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with intriguing names that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of delving deep into the art of naming. From creating fictional characters for fantasy novels to helping parents find the perfect name for their newborn, I’ve explored various avenues of name creation. Through my extensive research and passion for naming, I have come across a treasure trove of Mongolian names that are as enchanting as they are meaningful.

In this article, you can rest assured that you will discover a unique name that resonates with your desires. Whether you’re seeking a name for your next writing project, a pet, or perhaps even considering a new name for yourself, we have curated a diverse selection of Mongolian names that will surely spark your interest. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Mongolian names and find that perfect name that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Mongolian Names

Mongolian Names

  • Altan
  • Amara
  • Anar
  • Ariun
  • Badam
  • Bayan
  • Bayarmaa
  • Bayartsetseg
  • Batbayar
  • Batmunkh
  • Batsaikhan
  • Bilegt
  • Bold
  • Buyan
  • Chuluun
  • Damdin
  • Delger
  • Dolgor
  • Dorj
  • Dulmaa
  • Erdene
  • Erdenetuya
  • Gana
  • Ganbold
  • Ganjargal
  • Gantulga
  • Gombo
  • Gunga
  • Jargal
  • Javkhlan
  • Khaliun
  • Khangarid
  • Khulan
  • Khurelbaatar
  • Munkhtsetseg
  • Naran
  • Narantuya
  • Ochir
  • Odgerel
  • Odontuya
  • Oyun
  • Purev
  • Serchmaa
  • Shuren
  • Sumiya
  • Tsend-Ayush
  • Tseveg
  • Tseren
  • Tuguldur
  • Tumen
  • Tuya
  • Ulaan
  • Undraa
  • Uranchimeg
  • Uuganbayar
  • Uyanga
  • Yaar
  • Yondon
  • Zorig
  • Zulaa
  • Amgalan
  • Batsukh
  • Davaa
  • Erhiin
  • Gombojav
  • Gurbazar
  • Khishgee
  • Munguntsetseg
  • Narangerel
  • Nyamjav
  • Otgonbayar
  • Oyundari
  • Purevdorj
  • Sodnom
  • Tsogt
  • Tsolmon
  • Tuguldur
  • Tungalag
  • Tuvshin
  • Uugana

20 Mongolian Names With Meanings

Mongolian Names

Altan: A unisex name meaning “golden,” representing richness and prosperity.

Batbayar: A masculine name meaning “strong joy” or “firm happiness,” symbolizing a resilient and joyful nature.

Bayarmaa: A feminine name meaning “rich, noble mother,” denoting a woman of wealth and high status.

Chuluun: A gender-neutral name meaning “stone” or “rock,” signifying strength and stability.

Erdene: A unisex name meaning “jewel” or “precious,” reflecting beauty and value.

Ganbold: A masculine name meaning “steel courage” or “iron bravery,” representing bravery and fearlessness.

Gantulga: A masculine name meaning “steel hearth” or “iron will,” symbolizing determination and resilience.

Khulan: A feminine name meaning “wild donkey,” representing freedom, independence, and a free spirit.

Munkh: A unisex name meaning “eternal” or “everlasting,” symbolizing everlasting qualities and enduring nature.

Narantsetseg: A feminine name meaning “sunflower,” symbolizing beauty, joy, and admiration.

Odgerel: A feminine name meaning “starlight,” representing brightness, radiance, and a luminous personality.

Tuvshin: A unisex name meaning “clever” or “intelligent,” denoting wisdom, wit, and intellectual prowess.

Bayar: A unisex name meaning “joy” or “happiness,” reflecting a cheerful and positive disposition.

Dashdorj: A masculine name meaning “unwavering strength” or “firmness of will,” representing inner strength and determination.

Erdemt: A unisex name meaning “truth” or “justice,” symbolizing fairness, honesty, and moral values.

Ganzorig: A masculine name meaning “steel courage” or “iron will,” signifying bravery and resilience.

Khadka: A unisex name meaning “honor” or “respect,” denoting dignity, integrity, and high regard.

Namuun: A feminine name meaning “cloud,” representing ethereal qualities, tranquility, and a dreamy nature.

Tumurbaatar: A masculine name meaning “iron hero” or “steel warrior,” symbolizing strength, bravery, and warrior spirit.

Uyanga: A feminine name meaning “mirage,” representing illusion, mystery, and an enchanting presence.

Male Mongolian Names

Mongolian Names


Enkhbat – “Peaceful hero”

Gantugs – “Steel heart”

Temuulen – “Iron soldier”

Bayarbaatar – “Brave joy”

Batsaikhan – “Firm ruler”

Khosbayar – “Fearless joy”

Baasandorj – “Firm light”

Munkhbayar – “Eternal joy”

Boldbaatar – “Strong hero”

Tsogtoo – “Wisdom”

Erdembayar – “Just joy”

Narangerel – “Sun’s melody”

Batzorig – “Firm courage”

Delgerbat – “Bright hero”

Jargalsaikhan – “Peaceful victory”

Odbayar – “Wisdom joy”

Otgonbayar – “Precious joy”

Tsolmonbaatar – “Eternal hero”

Baatarbold – “Brave steel”

Ganbaatar – “Steel hero”

Naranbaatar – “Sun hero”

Bayarkhuu – “Joyful sky”

Tumendemberel – “Iron blessing”

Gombodorj – “Steel thunder”

Zolbayar – “Crystal joy”

Tsogtbayar – “Wisdom joy”

Amarbold – “Eternal steel”

Bolorbat – “Crystal hero”

Banzragch – “Flame victory”

Ganbold – “Steel hero”

Female Mongolian Names

Altantsetseg – “Golden flower”

Batzaya – “Firm wisdom”

Erdenechimeg – “Precious ornament”

Narantuya – “Sun’s ray”

Khulanmunkh – “Eternal wild horse”

Oyunbileg – “Golden peace”

Sarangerel – “Moonlight”

Tsetsgee – “Flower”

Uyanga – “Mirage”

Bayartsetseg – “Joyful honor”

Delgermaa – “Bright mother”

Gankhuyag – “Steel will”

Mandakh – “Eternal flame”

Naranjargal – “Sunrise”

Tuvshinjargal – “Wisdom victory”

Enkhtuya – “Peaceful moon”

Narmandakh – “Eternal crystal”

Erdenebileg – “Precious victory”

Bayansuren – “Rich light”

Gantsetseg – “Steel flower”

Munkhchimeg – “Eternal ornament”

Byambasuren – “Beautiful moon”

Khulanmaa – “Wild horse mother”

Delgerzaya – “Bright wisdom”

Oyundari – “Joyful gift”

Solongo – “Rainbow”

Oyungerel – “Golden light”

Tsagaanmend – “White beauty”

Saranzaya – “Moon’s ornament”

Tsendmaa – “Crystal mother”

Mongolian Warrior Names

Chinggis – “Strong”

Batu – “Firm”

Khasar – “Hero”

Yesugei – “Ten arrows”

Börte – “Blue”

Khatan – “Queen”

Subotai – “Wise”

Temujin – “Iron”

Ogedei – “Horizon”

Jamukha – “Steel”

Torgud – “Thunder”

Bortei – “Golden”

Jebe – “Arrow”

Kachiun – “Swift”

Batachikhan – “Warrior prince”

Temulen – “Iron soldier”

Keren – “Fierce”

Kublai – “Strong as a rock”

Boroldai – “Steel blade”

Tumendelger – “Iron hero”

Khatun – “Lady”

Sorkhokhtani – “Red queen”

Galdan – “Victorious”

Noyan – “Commander”

Sainkho – “Glorious”

Qaban – “Shield”

Toqto’a – “Valiant”

Barchu – “Brave”

Goyon – “Warrior spirit”

Jalair – “Heroic”

Common Mongolian Names

Jargal – “Happiness”

Naran – “Sun”

Tuvshin – “Wisdom”

Bayarmaa – “Rich mother”

Oyun – “Joy”

Erdene – “Precious”

Munkh – “Eternal”

Enkhjin – “Peaceful soul”

Saran – “Moon”

Tsogoo – “Wisdom”

Gansukh – “Steel happiness”

Dulmaa – “Pearl”

Bolor – “Crystal”

Ganbold – “Steel steel”

Seruun – “Green”

Odgerel – “Precious light”

Amar – “Forever”

Saruul – “Deer”

Oyuna – “Gift”

Tsolmon – “Crystal”

Anu – “Sky”

Nergui – “Noon”

Batzorig – “Firm courage”

Bayan – “Rich”

Altan – “Golden”

Narangerel – “Sun’s melody”

Odon – “Star”

Khulan – “Wild horse”

Munkhzaya – “Eternal treasure”

Erdem – “Justice”

Best Mongolian Names

Altansarnai – “Golden rose”

Temuulen – “Strong iron”

Tsagaan – “White”

Batbold – “Strong steel”

Mandakhbayar – “Eternal bravery”

Khulanbayar – “Wild horse victory”

Ser-Od – “Golden star”

Delger – “Bright”

Amarbayar – “Forever victory”

Byambadorj – “Beautiful thunder”

Oyuun – “Joyful”

Gankhuyag – “Steel will”

Bayar – “Victory”

Bilguun – “Wisdom”

Tenger – “Heaven”

Bayarmaa – “Rich mother”

Enkhbat – “Peaceful firmness”

Gantulga – “Steel fortress”

Nomin – “Gentle”

Erdenetuya – “Precious moon”

Nyamdorj – “Sunlike”

Oyundelger – “Joyful diamond”

Erdenechuluun – “Precious gem”

Bayaraa – “Rich joy”

Batsaikhan – “Firm hero”

Bolorerdene – “Crystal treasure”

Uuganbayar – “Precious honor”

Munkhtsetseg – “Eternal flower”

Tungalag – “Clear”

Oyundari – “Joyful gift”

Cool Mongolian Names

Khadag – “Sword”

Tsagaan – “White”

Temul – “Iron”

Nomkhon – “Thunderbolt”

Bold – “Firm”

Zaya – “Life”

Khulan – “Wild horse”

Amar – “Forever”

Onon – “River”

Erdem – “Justice”

Bayan – “Rich”

Tsetsgee – “Flame”

Batzorig – “Firm courage”

Borte – “Blue”

Otgon – “Youngest”

Khishig – “Precious”

Altai – “Golden”

Orkhon – “Sacred”

Sarnai – “Rose”

Tsegmid – “Lion”

Zorig – “Brave”

Chuluun – “Rock”

Ulziikhutag – “Wise mind”

Mergen – “Skillful”

Ezen – “Spirit”

Nergui – “Noon”

Erdenechimeg – “Precious jewel”

Jargalant – “Happiness”

Tungalag – “Clear”

Orgil – “Diamond”

Mongolian Names

How To Choose A Good Mongolian Name

Selecting the right name is a significant decision, as it shapes our identity and leaves a lasting impression. When it comes to Mongolian names, the choices available are rich in history and cultural significance. In this article, we will explore the process of choosing a good Mongolian name and how it can help us forge a connection with the fascinating Mongolian culture.

Understanding Mongolian Naming Traditions

To choose a good Mongolian name, it is essential to understand the naming traditions rooted in Mongolian history. Mongolian names often carry deep meanings and symbolic representations. They reflect aspects of nature, family heritage, or personal virtues. By exploring the historical context of Mongolian names, we gain insights into their significance and can make informed choices.

Researching Mongolian Names

Research is a crucial step in finding the perfect Mongolian name. Dictionaries and online resources provide a wealth of information on authentic Mongolian names and their meanings. Additionally, studying the lives of historical figures and legends from Mongolia can inspire unique name selections. The geography and natural wonders of Mongolia also offer a wellspring of naming possibilities.

Considering Cultural Context

Respecting Mongolian traditions and cultural values is essential when choosing a Mongolian name. It is crucial to avoid cultural appropriation and to approach the selection process with sensitivity and authenticity. By embracing the cultural context of Mongolian names, we honor the heritage they represent and foster a genuine connection.

Reflecting Personal Identity

A good Mongolian name should reflect one’s personal identity and aspirations. Engaging in self-reflection and understanding personal preferences help in selecting a name that resonates on a deeper level. Matching the characteristics of the name with individual traits ensures a harmonious alignment and a name that truly represents the person.

Balancing Pronunciation and Adaptation

Mongolian names may pose pronunciation challenges for non-native speakers. It is important to strike a balance between honoring the original pronunciation and adapting the name for ease of use in various contexts. While maintaining the essence and integrity of the name, slight modifications can make it more accessible and approachable for a wider audience.

Seeking Feedback and Testing

Once potential Mongolian names are identified, it is helpful to seek feedback from trusted individuals. Sharing the options with family, friends, or experts knowledgeable about Mongolian culture can provide valuable perspectives. Testing the resonance and suitability of the name by imagining it in various scenarios helps ensure its suitability for different contexts.


In conclusion, we hope this blog article on “700 Mongolian Names” has been a valuable resource for those in search of unique and captivating names. Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage offers a plethora of options that can add depth and intrigue to any naming endeavor. Whether you’re a writer, a parent, or simply someone looking to explore new naming possibilities, the names we’ve shared in this article are sure to inspire and delight.

Remember, a name is more than just a label; it carries history, meaning, and the power to shape identity. By embracing Mongolian names, you have the opportunity to connect with a vibrant culture and infuse your own projects or personal life with a touch of the extraordinary. Let the beauty and significance of these names fuel your imagination and leave a lasting impression on those who encounter them.

We encourage you to explore the meanings behind the names that caught your attention and consider their cultural significance. As you embark on your naming journey, remember that the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose a traditional Mongolian name or use it as a source of inspiration to create something entirely new, may the names we’ve shared serve as a starting point for your own unique and meaningful naming adventures.


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