399 Cool Neighborhood Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Neighborhood groups make neighborhoods stronger. They provide a great opportunity for local residents to stay connected and offer a wealth of different activities for families and adults alike.

One of the most powerful features of neighborhood groups is the ability to give back to the community.

Not only do you encourage residents to take an active role in the neighborhood’s future, but you also provide resources and opportunities that help strengthen the area.

Our neighbor group names include a few ideas for your neighborhood or city — from “Neighborhood Watch” to “Dairy Queen Neighborhood.” Browse our list of ideas today.

Catchy Neighborhood Group Names

Use a catchy neighborhood name to create a memorable group name. The key is to include something that gives your group a local feel while also creating a sense of unity among your group members.

If your group is involved in business in the same neighborhood, make sure to include a local term that reflects the neighborhood your group is located.

Search your city for a neighborhood, town, or area where your group would be most welcome.

  • Unethical Foxes
  • Big Royals
  • Silver Rainbows
  • Solemn Trailblazers
  • Simple Buccaneers
  • Running Foxes
  • Sugar Clippers
  • Fighting Sox
  • Dangerous Gamecocks
  • Running Archers
  • Mad Blazers
  • Prairie Redskins
  • Delta Maroons
  • Screaming Buccaneers
  • Winter Blues
  • Lady Gophers
  • Obscene Yellowjackets
  • Threatening Braves
  • Bald Demons
  • Mean Bruins

Top 10 Rare Neighborhood Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Like Family

There are times when we need to make a group name for our neighborhood or family based on the name of the place. This might be a great option to opt for.

This name will make your neighborhood or group name very easy to remember as it is simple to pronounce and will provide you with a clear idea about what you have created.

Like Family

2.     Modern Family

This name makes you think that a group of neighbors from a modern family would have their own neighborhood, and they would be living together. It’s quite possible for the parents of such a family to take on the role of leader for the group.

If they want to lead their neighborhood, then this name would be very suitable. It’s one of the best names for a group. You can choose any name here.

Modern Family

3.      Coastal Baddie

Coastal Baddie Neighborhood Group Names describes a name that describes a neighborhood group in California. A neighborhood group is a local organization of people who are interested in a particular activity or topic.

They meet up regularly in order to discuss the activities they are interested in. They also usually have events or parties where they gather with their friends and family.

Coastal Baddie

4.      City Com

For those who are planning to start their own group, they should choose a name that has a city-com neighborhood group name because the neighborhood names are popular and are used worldwide.

This will give you the opportunity to have a group with a unique name.

If you want your group to get famous and make it to the top, then you must use this name. This will give your group identity. For example, if your group is about food, then you can use the name “City Com”.

City Com

5.      Alpha Gang

If you are a person who is new in the neighborhood, then “Alpha Gang” is best suited for you. The name can be used by any community group like a book club, neighborhood association, or even by any social club.

By using this name you will feel like a gang full of confidence and determination for the building of the society.

Alpha Gang

6.     Always Together

This is one of the best names that you can use for your neighborhood or community group. When you hear this name, you would feel like you are a part of some family or a community.

It will make sure that your group members stay united together, with the help of mutual respect and trust. It is a perfect name for the group that wants to become an integral part of their neighborhood.

Always Together

7.     Be the Light

The name that you choose for your neighborhood group must be unique and catchy at the same time. If it’s not so, it will be difficult for people to remember it.

However, when you come up with a name like ‘Be the Light’, it will help you in building a good reputation for your group in the community. If you don’t have the expertise in designing names, you can leave the task to our expert.

Be the Light

8.     Black Doorway

In case you are planning to create a group for the neighborhood, then this is the perfect name for you. You can choose from the many names that we have mentioned in this article, all of them are amazing and unique.

So, if you are looking for a name that will match your vision perfectly, then this is your name.

Black Doorway

9.     Bureau 121

A neighborhood group is a group of people that reside in the same area or neighborhood. Usually, it is formed around a specific location and/or common interests, like a school or workplace.

Neighborhood groups are very important because they provide a connection among community members who otherwise would not have one. They are also an easy way for people who know each other to get to know each other better.

Bureau 121

10.    City Thugs

If you want to bring an old feeling back to your workplace, then you need to pick a name for your neighborhood group or team. You should go for this name because it will make you feel like you have been there before.

The reason why this name works is that it has a great sound and meaning attached to it.

City Thugs

Cool Neighborhood Group Names

You don’t need to have a specific neighborhood in mind for your group name. Pick a city or area of town that your group likes. You can include local landmarks or parks near the area to create a cool neighborhood group name.

If there are multiple neighborhoods in a city, combine them into one word, like “Beverly Hills” for Beverly Hills, California. You could also combine several local landmarks, like “The Acropolis” for Athens, Greece.

Try to find the name of the main road that runs through your neighborhood. The street name is a great way to add the name of the neighborhood, like “The Main Street” for Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Deranged Rattlesnakes
  • Old Trolls
  • Voodoo Minutemen
  • Wet Conquerors
  • Sugar Princes
  • Wonderful Sharks
  • Lady Bearcats
  • Solemn Rangers
  • Fanatical Anchormen
  • Mad Cavaliers
  • Wicked Coyotes
  • Delta Jackrabbits
  • Supreme Sox
  • Wet Lions
  • Mighty Bruins
  • Lady Outlaws
  • Flying Sox
  • Wonderful Storm
  • Unethical Dutchmen
  • Running Catamounts

Creative Neighborhood Group Names

You can use a neighborhood name or word to create a group name for your creative community. This is an effective technique when you want to form a group of creatives in a specific neighborhood.

For example, you could call your group “The Creative Quarter” or “The East Side Arts District.”

Go back to your hometown and find a neighborhood word or name that describes your creative community.

  • Glistening Seawolves
  • Blue Rebels
  • Weak Peacocks
  • Thundering Princesses
  • Lady Colts
  • Powerful Heels
  • Unethical Bulldogs
  • Big Heels
  • Simple Generals
  • Polar Pacers
  • Blue Braves
  • Red Rustlers
  • Mighty Bulls
  • Serious Rattlesnakes
  • White Pirates
  • Wonderful Beavers
  • Supreme Captains
  • Sassy Dutchmen
  • Unethical Governors
  • Golden Rebels

Unique Neighborhood Group Names

Think of a neighborhood where you can meet people. Maybe there’s an area in your town that has great restaurants, shops, or parks, or maybe it’s in a city where there are a lot of places you can go. Pick a place that your group members can visit and interact with each other.

Consider what’s important to your group. What does your group want to focus on? Are they a group that’s focused on being in good shape, or maybe they’re more interested in traveling and exploring?

  • Defective Bison
  • Hideous Ducks
  • Bald Royals
  • Hideous Panthers
  • Defective Monarchs
  • Flawless Blues
  • Purple Saints
  • Glistening Cats
  • Weak Badgers
  • Overconfident Flyers
  • Deranged Peacocks
  • Lady Artichokes
  • Green Indians
  • Dangerous Blossoms
  • Odd Sunbirds
  • Obscene Bears
  • Horned Bengals
  • Odd Explorers
  • Winter Generals
  • Big Tornadoes

Cute Neighborhood Group Names

A neighborhood group name will provide inspiration for your group and show off your sense of humor. There are plenty of cute neighborhoods in the United States, so pick a fun neighborhood to use in your group name.

Maybe your group is from the city of angels or the state of Texas. Consider a quirky neighborhood name, such as Santa Monica, Calif., or Austin, Tex.

If you’re in a popular neighborhood, your group name might need to be catchy. Think of a neighborhood group that inspires your group, and incorporate the name into your group name.

  • Black Gators
  • Festive Fleet
  • Dangerous Engineers
  • Blue Privateers
  • Mighty Gentlemen
  • Little Dodgers
  • Demon Islanders
  • Obscene Mustangs
  • Wet Griffins
  • Golden Mustangs
  • Cajun Volunteers
  • Unethical Battlers
  • Deranged Squirrels
  • Blue Stags
  • Thundering Princesses
  • White Lancers
  • Marvelous Wolves
  • Punctual Oaks
  • Unethical Generals
  • Unethical Suns

Neighborhood Group Names

How to Decide Your Neighborhood Group Name?

Neighborhood groups are great for making new friends in a new city, so here are some ways to come up with a name for your group that’s both fun and unique.

Make a unique name that conveys a unique feeling. Think about your neighborhood’s unique traits — for example, if it’s located near a university, you could call yourself “The Uni Cats” or “Cat Study Club.”

If your group is centered around an event or holiday, think about how to convey the importance of that to your group’s name. Incorporate an element of fun.

A neighborhood group can be anywhere — why not call yourselves “The Munchkin Society of Cassville” or “The Superheroes of Suburbia”?

Consider the people in your group. Is there anyone you know who has a funny nickname or has a quirky trait that you can incorporate into your group name? If so, do a little digging and see if you can’t come up with a name that uses that person’s name.

For example, “The Spoons” may refer to a friend whose nickname is “Spoon.”

Think outside the box. There are plenty of unique neighborhoods with names you wouldn’t think of, such as “The Little White House,” “The Big Apple,” or “The Neighborhood of Make-Believe.”

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