700 Creative Newspaper Names to Make Your Publication Shine

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Newspaper Names”! In this post, we’re excited to share with you a collection of creative newspaper names that are sure to grab your attention. As Mark Twain once said, “The man who does not read newspapers is uninformed. The man who does is misinformed.” So let’s dive into this exciting world of newspaper names and discover some captivating options!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working in various fields, including newspaper naming. My expertise also extends to the realm of fantasy character naming, where creativity and imagination are key. Through my journey, I’ve discovered the power of a well-crafted name to capture the essence of a publication or character, leaving a lasting impression on readers and audiences alike.

In this article, we promise to provide you with a unique newspaper name that will make your publication stand out from the crowd. With a list of 700 names to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to find the perfect fit for your newspaper. Whether you’re looking for something catchy, informative, or thought-provoking, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started and uncover the name that will make your newspaper shine!

Newspaper Names

Newspaper Names

  • The Daily Dispatch
  • The Evening Echo
  • The Morning Gazette
  • The Sun Sentinel
  • The Metro News
  • The City Chronicle
  • The Express Observer
  • The Globe Tribune
  • The National Herald
  • The Urban Times
  • The Community Courier
  • The Voice of the People
  • The Progressive Post
  • The Independent Journal
  • The Insight Informer
  • The Civic Leader
  • The Current Affairs
  • The World Report
  • The Global Times
  • The Daily Digest
  • The Knowledge Gazette
  • The Insightful Inquirer
  • The Civic Mirror
  • The City Pulse
  • The Metropolitan Monitor
  • The Neighbourhood News
  • The Town Crier
  • The Citizen Sentinel
  • The Daily Mirror
  • The Local Lens
  • The County Chronicle
  • The Regional Recorder
  • The Times Tribune
  • The Village Voice
  • The State Gazette
  • The Herald Highlights
  • The Daily Drumbeat
  • The Times Teller
  • The News Bulletin
  • The Weekly Watchman
  • The Morning Messenger
  • The Evening Examiner
  • The Journal Journey
  • The Daily Diary
  • The Editorial Enigma
  • The Investigative Ink
  • The News Navigator
  • The Columnist Chronicles
  • The Thoughtful Thinker
  • The Op-Ed Oracle
  • The Editorial Express
  • The News Flash
  • The Informed Insider
  • The Press Pulse
  • The Newsline Navigator
  • The Media Maven
  • The Fact Finder
  • The News Nook
  • The Current Chronicles
  • The Insider Intellect
  • The Press Perspectives
  • The Feature Focus
  • The Information Insight
  • The Press Point
  • The Journal Jotter
  • The News Network
  • The Report Review
  • The Article Alchemist
  • The Media Monitor
  • The Press Pathfinder
  • The Story Seeker
  • The Opinions Outlook
  • The Journalistic Journey
  • The Fact Finder
  • The News Navigator
  • The Columnist Chronicles
  • The Thoughtful Thinker
  • The Press Pulse
  • The Newsline Navigator
  • The Media Maven

20 Newspaper Names With Meanings

Newspaper Names

The Luminary Ledger: Illuminating the world with insightful stories and in-depth analysis.

The Chronicle Nexus: Connecting the threads of news to provide a comprehensive perspective.

The Vanguard Voice: Leading the way in reporting groundbreaking stories that matter.

The Enigma Echo: Unraveling mysteries through captivating journalism and investigative reporting.

The Herald Heraldry: Embracing the rich tapestry of news and delivering it with distinction.

The Insight Inkling: Nurturing curiosity and inspiring readers with thought-provoking articles.

The Beacon Bulletin: Guiding readers through the ever-changing currents of news and events.

The Maven Messenger: Sharing expert knowledge and profound insights with a discerning audience.

The Pulse Pundit: Capturing the heartbeat of society through astute analysis and reporting.

The Epoch Enquirer: Documenting the defining moments that shape our world.

The Catalyst Chronicle: Spurring change and progress with thought-provoking news coverage.

The Resonance Recorder: Amplifying the voices and stories that resonate with readers.

The Enrichment Gazette: Enriching minds and inspiring action with enlightening articles.

The Heraldic Horizon: Broadening perspectives and providing a panoramic view of current affairs.

The Veracity Vanguard: Upholding truth, integrity, and journalistic excellence.

The Insightful Isthmus: Bridging gaps and fostering understanding through in-depth reporting.

The Astute Advocate: Championing important causes and advocating for justice through news.

The Luminary Ledger: Illuminating the world with insightful stories and in-depth analysis.

The Maven Messenger: Sharing expert knowledge and profound insights with a discerning audience.

The Epoch Enquirer: Documenting the defining moments that shape our world.

Newspaper Name Ideas

Newspaper Name Ideas

The Spectrum Source – Diverse news coverage for all.

The Insight Ink – Thought-provoking news and analysis.

The Pulse Post – Up-to-the-minute updates and reports.

The Epoch Express – Timely and significant news stories.

The Urban Edge – Urban-focused news and trends.

The Dynamic Dispatch – Dynamic and engaging news delivery.

The Vanguard Voice – Leading the way in news reporting.

The Chronicle Connect – Connecting communities through news.

The Luminary Ledger – Illuminating news and stories.

The Tribune Tidings – Reliable and informative news reporting.

The Express Echo – Fast-paced news updates and analysis.

The Insightful Gazette – Providing insightful news coverage.

The Civic Compass – Navigating local civic matters.

The Current Catalyst – Igniting change through news.

The Metro Maven – Expert insights on metropolitan news.

The Herald Horizon – Broadening horizons with comprehensive news.

The Neighbourhood Navigator – Guiding readers through local news.

The Global Gazette – Covering news from around the world.

The Times Talk – Engaging conversations through news.

The Visionary View – Shaping perspectives with visionary news.

The Citizen Courier – Delivering news by and for the people.

The Pioneer Post – Breaking new ground in news reporting.

The Urban Uprising – Capturing the pulse of urban communities.

The Spectra Sentinel – Guardians of truth and integrity.

The Vox Veritas – Amplifying the voice of truth.

The Informed Inquiry – Seeking truth through diligent investigation.

The Intellect Inquirer – Curiosity-driven news exploration.

The Eureka Edition – Uncovering surprising news discoveries.

The Dialogue Dispatch – Fostering meaningful conversations through news.

The Progressive Pulse – Vibrant and forward-thinking news coverage.

Funny Newspaper Names

Funny Newspaper Names

Chuckle Chronicle – Bringing laughter to your morning routine.

Giggles Gazette – News that will tickle your funny bone.

Hilarious Herald – Reporting the absurd and amusing.

Jester Journal – Where news meets comedy.

Wit Weekly – A publication that delivers news with a side of humor.

Laughing Ledger – Keeping you entertained with witty headlines.

Comic Courier – Delivering chuckles to your doorstep.

Quip Tribune – Where wit and news converge.

Haha Gazette – Making the news a hilarious affair.

Smirk Sentinel – Reporting with a smirk on every page.

Amusement Advertiser – Sharing news that will make you smile.

Joke Journal – Your daily dose of laughter.

Funny Flare – Adding a humorous twist to current events.

Giggle Globe – Spreading laughter across the world.

Chuckling Chronicle – Reporting with a comedic touch.

Snicker Tribune – Delivering news that will make you snicker.

Comic Dispatch – Bringing comic relief to your morning read.

Laugh Line – Where news meets humor in every sentence.

Quirky Observer – Reporting the quirky and absurd.

Humor Herald – Delivering news that will brighten your day.

Jolly Journal – Making news a joyful experience.

Witty Weekly – A publication that will make you smile.

Funny Focus – Putting a humorous spin on current affairs.

Laughable Ledger – Reporting with a humorous twist.

Chuckle Chatter – Engaging you with amusing news stories.

Giddy Gazette – Spreading giggles through the power of news.

Whimsical World – Exploring the lighter side of global events.

Comic Chronicle – Delivering news that will make you laugh out loud.

Quirky Quill – Where news and humor come together.

Laughing Lines – Reporting with a dose of laughter.

Creative Newspaper Names

Visionary Voice – Illuminating the world with innovative stories.

Artistic Attic – Uncovering creativity in every corner.

Renaissance Report – Celebrating the rebirth of ideas.

Kaleidoscope Chronicles – A colorful blend of news and creativity.

Inventive Ink – Capturing the essence of imagination.

Curious Canvas – A newspaper that paints stories with words.

Imaginative Insights – Exploring the realms of creativity.

Whimsical Words – A publication that embraces the whimsy of life.

Innovation Illustrated – Bringing groundbreaking ideas to life.

Inspired Impressions – Provoking thought and inspiration.

Creative Currents – Riding the waves of imaginative stories.

Mindful Muse – Unleashing the power of creativity.

Artistry Almanac – Documenting the artful tapestry of life.

Expressive Exposé – Shedding light on the world’s creative endeavors.

Enchanted Echo – A newspaper that echoes the magic of creativity.

Aesthetic Gazette – Exploring the beauty in every story.

Inspired Inkling – Filling pages with innovative insights.

The Inventive Eye – A visionary publication that sees beyond the ordinary.

Pictorial Perspective – Capturing the world through a creative lens.

Visionary Voice – Guiding readers through the realm of imagination.

Eloquent Enigma – Unraveling the mysteries of creativity.

The Artisan Advocate – Championing the work of creative minds.

Sparkling Synapses – Igniting ideas and sparking creative thinking.

Eccentric Express – A newspaper that embraces the unconventional.

Mind’s Eye – Seeing the world through a creative perspective.

Luminary Ledger – Shedding light on innovative ideas.

Poetic Pulse – Beating with the rhythm of artistic expression.

Innovator’s Ink – Documenting the trailblazers of creativity.

Dreamer’s Digest – Nourishing the dreams and aspirations of readers.

The Muse’s Chronicle – Chronicling the muse’s influence on the world.

Good Newspaper Names

Insightful Informer – Delivering news with depth and clarity.

Trusted Times – A reliable source for trustworthy information.

Reliable Report – Providing accurate news you can count on.

The Credible Chronicle – Where integrity meets journalism.

Honest Herald – Unveiling the truth behind the headlines.

Factual Focus – Anchoring news in verifiable facts.

The Reliable Review – A publication committed to honest reporting.

The Trusted Tribune – Your go-to source for reliable news.

Balanced Bulletin – Presenting a fair and unbiased perspective.

The Authentic Advisor – Guiding readers with credible information.

The Upstanding Update – Keeping you informed with integrity.

Veracious View – Offering a truthful view of the world.

The Dependable Dispatch – Delivering news you can rely on.

The Solid Source – A foundation of reliable journalism.

The Trustworthy Teller – Sharing news with unwavering honesty.

Sincere Sentinel – Guarding the truth in every story.

The Reliable Recorder – Chronicling events with accuracy.

The Accurate Announcer – Bringing you the facts, nothing less.

The Honest Headline – Cutting through the noise with truth.

The Truthful Times – Reporting without compromise.

The Authentic Angle – Presenting news from a genuine perspective.

The Ethical Examiner – Scrutinizing the truth behind the stories.

The Unbiased Update – Providing news that is free from bias.

The Trusty Tracker – Tracking down the truth for readers.

The Objective Observer – Reporting with impartiality and fairness.

The Factual Focus – Keeping the spotlight on accurate reporting.

The Reliable Recorder – Documenting events with precision.

The Veritable Voice – Speaking truth to power.

The Reliable Rumor – Dispelling falsehoods and rumors with facts.

The Honest Headliner – Leading with integrity in every headline.

Famous Newspaper Names

The Prestigious Press – A name that commands respect and admiration.

The Herald Tribune – A timeless publication with a rich history.

The Times Gazette – A name synonymous with journalistic excellence.

The Chronicle Post – An iconic newspaper that stands the test of time.

The News Sentinel – A trusted source that has seen it all.

The Daily Journal – A household name in the world of news.

The Gazetteer – A venerable publication with a storied past.

The Courier Express – Delivering news with speed and reliability.

The Observer Dispatch – A name that captures the essence of journalism.

The Herald Record – An esteemed publication that leaves a mark.

The Journal Gazette – A go-to source for comprehensive news coverage.

The Dispatch Tribune – A name that resonates with readers across generations.

The News Chronicle – A historic publication that chronicles the world.

The Post Gazette – A powerhouse newspaper that commands attention.

The Daily Herald – A name that graces countless doorsteps each morning.

The Tribune Express – An influential newspaper that shapes public opinion.

The Record Observer – A name that records history as it unfolds.

The Sentinel Times – A watchful guardian of truth and justice.

The Journal Post – A publication that captures the pulse of society.

The Gazette Tribune – A name that signifies authority and relevance.

The Herald Sentinel – A trusted source that keeps readers informed.

The Courier Chronicle – A newspaper that delivers news with impact.

The Observer Gazette – A name that reflects keen observation and insight.

The News Record – A publication that leaves an indelible mark.

The Post Journal – A name that resonates with communities far and wide.

The Tribune Gazette – A powerhouse publication that shapes public discourse.

The Record Herald – A name that stands for integrity and accountability.

The Sentinel Post – A vigilant publication that upholds the truth.

The Journal Sentinel – A name that represents journalistic excellence.

The Gazetteer Tribune – A prestigious newspaper that captures attention.

Unique Newspaper Names

The Quill & Quirk – Celebrating the unconventional and extraordinary.

The Luminous Ledger – Illuminating stories that shine a light.

The Whispering Willow – A name that carries stories on the wind.

The Enigma Chronicle – Unraveling mysteries through the power of words.

The Papyrus Prism – A publication that refracts stories into vivid hues.

The Serendipity Sentinel – Discovering unexpected tales of wonder.

The Echoing Echo – Echoing the voices of the unheard.

The Ethereal Gazette – A newspaper that transcends the ordinary.

The Wanderlust Weekly – Nourishing the curious spirit of adventure.

The Kaleidoscope Courier – Shaping stories into mesmerizing patterns.

The Oracle Observer – Divining insights that go beyond the surface.

The Quixotic Quill – Embracing the whimsical and imaginative.

The Mythos Messenger – Delivering stories that blur the line between reality and myth.

The Euphoria Express – A journey into the realms of joy and inspiration.

The Nexus Gazette – Connecting diverse stories at the intersection of cultures.

The Soliloquy Sentinel – Giving voice to the inner monologues of society.

The Nebula News – Exploring the cosmos of ideas and innovation.

The Enchanted Enquirer – Seeking enchantment in every tale.

The Cipher Chronicle – Unlocking hidden narratives and secrets.

The Questing Quill – Embarking on a quest for untold stories.

The Whimsy Weekly – A publication that dances with playful narratives.

The Ouroboros Observer – A newspaper that delves into the cyclical nature of stories.

The Labyrinth Ledger – Navigating intricate narratives with finesse.

The Bric-a-Brac Bulletin – Collecting eclectic stories from all walks of life.

The Esoteric Echo – Echoing the wisdom of esoteric knowledge.

The Ethos Examiner – Examining the moral fabric of society.

The Curiosity Chronicle – Fueling curiosity with intriguing stories.

The Zenith Zephyr – Rising to new heights with captivating narratives.

The Enigmatic Enigma – Unlocking the enigma of the human experience.

The Vortex Vanguard – Leading readers into the whirlwind of compelling stories.

Newspaper Article Names

“Tech Titans: Innovators Shaping Tomorrow” – Spotlight on influential technology leaders.

“Eco-Warriors: Champions of Sustainability” – Highlighting environmental advocates and initiatives.

“Health Revolution: Transforming Wellness Practices” – Exploring advancements in healthcare and wellness.

“Culinary Delights: Gastronomic Adventures Await” – Journey into the world of delectable cuisine.

“Artistry Unleashed: Celebrating Creative Expression” – Showcasing artists and their inspiring works.

“Sports Sensations: Triumphs and Records Broken” – Covering remarkable achievements in sports.

“Untold Histories: Unveiling Forgotten Narratives” – Discovering hidden stories from the past.

“Business Mavericks: Disruptors Shaping Industries” – Examining game-changing entrepreneurs and companies.

“Nature’s Wonders: Exploring Earth’s Breathtaking Landscapes” – A visual tour of stunning natural beauty.

“Mind Matters: Unlocking the Power of the Brain” – Investigating neuroscience and mental health breakthroughs.

“Fashion Forward: Trends and Style Innovations” – Keeping readers informed about the latest fashion trends.

“Space Odyssey: Exploring the Cosmos” – Delving into the mysteries of the universe.

“Education Evolution: Revolutionizing Learning” – Examining educational advancements and methodologies.

“Travel Escapes: Journeying to Exotic Destinations” – Inspiring wanderlust with captivating travel stories.

“Film Frenzy: Celebrating Cinematic Excellence” – Showcasing outstanding movies and talented filmmakers.

“Social Change: Activists Shaping a Better World” – Amplifying the voices of change-makers and advocates.

“Science Frontier: Pioneering Discoveries and Breakthroughs” – Uncovering groundbreaking scientific advancements.

“Music Melodies: The Rhythm of Life” – Exploring the power and influence of music.

“Start-up Stories: Entrepreneurs Navigating the Business World” – Sharing the journeys and successes of start-up founders.

“Automotive Innovations: Driving the Future” – Examining cutting-edge developments in the automotive industry.

“Food for Thought: Nourishing Ideas and Perspectives” – Serving up thought-provoking articles and insights.

“Medical Marvels: Advancements in Healthcare” – Showcasing advancements in medical treatments and technologies.

“Artificial Intelligence: Redefining the Future” – Exploring the impact of AI on various industries.

“Climate Crisis: Urgency for Sustainable Solutions” – Addressing the pressing need for environmental action.

“The Power of Volunteering: Making a Difference Together” – Highlighting the impact of volunteerism on communities.

“Social Media Influence: Shaping Online Culture” – Examining the effects of social media on society.

“Financial Frontiers: Navigating Economic Landscapes” – Providing insights into financial markets and trends.

“Health and Happiness: Balancing Well-being in Modern Life” – Exploring strategies for holistic health and happiness.

“Humanitarian Heroes: Stories of Compassion and Empathy” – Celebrating individuals making a positive difference in the world.

“Artificial Reality: Blurring the Lines of Virtual and Real” – Examining the immersive world of augmented and virtual reality.

Newspaper Names

How To Choose A Good Newspaper Name

A newspaper’s name is more than just a label; it serves as the initial connection between the publication and its readers. A well-chosen name can captivate attention, convey the essence of your publication, and establish a strong brand identity. In this article, we will explore the essential steps to choose a good newspaper name that resonates with your target audience and reflects your publication’s identity.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before delving into the process of selecting a newspaper name, it is crucial to understand your target audience. Identifying their demographics, interests, and preferences will help you tailor the name to resonate with them effectively. For instance, if your readership primarily consists of young professionals interested in technology, a name that incorporates modern language or technological terms may be more appealing.

Define Your Newspaper’s Identity

Defining your newspaper’s identity is essential to ensure that the chosen name accurately represents your publication. Consider the purpose, values, and content focus of your newspaper. Is it a local community newspaper that aims to inform and engage residents, or a national publication focused on investigative journalism? The name should reflect your publication’s unique identity and leave a lasting impression on readers.

Brainstorming and Creativity

Engage in a brainstorming session to generate creative name ideas for your newspaper. Encourage free-flowing thoughts and utilize techniques like mind maps, word association, and even seeking inspiration from other industries. Let your creativity flow and explore unconventional and unexpected word combinations that can make your newspaper name stand out from the crowd.

Consider Branding and Marketability

A good newspaper name should align with your overall branding strategy. Consider how the name fits within your desired brand image and whether it conveys the right message to your target audience. Additionally, evaluate the marketability of the name. Will it be memorable? Does it have the potential for recognition and recall? Balancing creativity with practicality is crucial in this stage.

Keep It Memorable and Catchy

A memorable and catchy name can make a significant difference in capturing readers’ attention. Consider utilizing alliteration, rhymes, or unique word combinations that are easy to remember. A name that rolls off the tongue and sparks curiosity can pique readers’ interest and compel them to explore your publication further.

Test and Refine

Seek feedback from trusted individuals or even conduct focus groups to gather opinions on the shortlisted names. Consider the feedback received and iterate on the names accordingly. This process allows you to refine and improve the name, ensuring that it resonates with your target audience and aligns with your newspaper’s identity.

Legal Considerations

Before finalizing a newspaper name, conduct thorough research to ensure that it does not infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights. This step is crucial to avoid legal issues in the future. A unique and legally clear name will protect your publication’s reputation and allow it to flourish without any potential obstacles.

Domain and Online Presence

With the digital landscape playing a significant role in the newspaper industry, it is important to check the availability of domain names related to your chosen newspaper name. Securing a domain name that matches your publication’s name will help establish a strong online presence and ensure consistency across various platforms. Similarly, securing relevant social media handles can further enhance your publication’s visibility and accessibility.

Finalizing the Newspaper Name

After evaluating all the factors and going through the necessary steps, it’s time to make a decision and finalize the newspaper name. Celebrate this milestone as it represents the identity and vision of your publication. A well-chosen name will serve as a powerful tool to attract readers, establish credibility, and create a lasting impact in the world of journalism.


In conclusion, we have explored a wide range of 700 newspaper names that can inspire and elevate your publication. From clever wordplay to descriptive titles, there’s something for every type of newspaper. Remember, a great newspaper name has the power to capture attention, create curiosity, and establish a strong brand identity.

Choosing the right name for your newspaper is an important decision, and it should align with your target audience, content focus, and overall tone. Take the time to consider the message you want to convey and the image you want to project. A well-chosen name can attract readers, build credibility, and set your publication apart from the competition.

We hope this comprehensive list of 700 newspaper names has sparked your creativity and provided you with valuable insights. Whether you’re launching a new publication or looking to rebrand an existing one, remember that a compelling name can leave a lasting impact on readers. So go ahead, explore the possibilities, and select a name that resonates with your vision. Happy naming!


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