360 Catchy Nicknames For Linnea

Are you on the hunt for the perfect nickname for your friend Linnea? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog article, I’ll be sharing 360 unique and creative nicknames for the name Linnea. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Now, let me introduce myself. I’m a Naming Specialist with four years of experience in the field. I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless individuals find the perfect names and nicknames for themselves and their loved ones. It’s a passion of mine to explore the depths of creativity and come up with names that truly reflect a person’s personality and essence.

In my opinion, finding the right nickname for someone is like uncovering a hidden treasure. It’s a way to show affection, create a sense of belonging, and add a touch of uniqueness to someone’s identity. So, whether you’re looking for a cute, funny, or cool nickname for your friend Linnea, I guarantee you’ll find something that suits her perfectly in this article. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect nickname for Linnea together!

Nicknames For Linnea

  • Lin
  • Linny
  • Nea
  • Linnie
  • Lina
  • Linny Lou
  • Linnypop
  • Linnykins
  • Linny Bear
  • Linnea Bee
  • Nea-Nea
  • Linny Boo
  • Linna Bean
  • Linnypie
  • Linny Bug
  • Linny Love
  • Linny Dove
  • Linnea Star
  • Linny Cakes
  • Nea-Nea Belle
  • Linny Darling
  • Linny Sunshine
  • Linnea Joy
  • Linny Rose
  • Linna Breeze
  • Linny Angel
  • Linny Angelou
  • Linny Dove
  • Linny Lou Who
  • Linny Moon
  • Linnea Ray
  • Linny May
  • Linny Rain
  • Linnea Skye
  • Linny Sky
  • Linnea Pearl
  • Linny Pearl
  • Linny Belle
  • Linny Heart
  • Linnea Grace
  • Linny Grace
  • Linnea Hope
  • Linny Hope
  • Linny Star
  • Linny Dream
  • Linnea Dreamer
  • Linny Spark
  • Linny Fire
  • Linnea Blaze
  • Linny Blaze
  • Linny Wonder
  • Linny Spirit
  • Linnea Spirit
  • Linny Jewel
  • Linnea Jewel
  • Linny Gem
  • Linnea Gem
  • Linny Queen
  • Linnea Queen
  • Linny Princess
  • Linnea Princess
  • Linny Lady
  • Linnea Lady
  • Linny Empress
  • Linnea Empress
  • Linny Duchess
  • Linnea Duchess
  • Linny Countess
  • Linnea Countess
  • Linny Angel
  • Linnea Angel
  • Linny Sweetheart
  • Linnea Sweetheart
  • Linny Cupcake
  • Linnea Cupcake
  • Linny Cookie
  • Linnea Cookie
  • Linny Muffin
  • Linnea Muffin
  • Linny Sugar
  • Linnea Sugar
  • Linny Spice
  • Linnea Spice
  • Linny Honey
  • Linnea Honey
  • Linny Bumblebee
  • Linnea Bumblebee
  • Linny Butterfly
  • Linnea Butterfly
  • Linny Bird
  • Linnea Bird
  • Linny Fox
  • Linnea Fox
  • Linny Kitty
  • Linnea Kitty
  • Linny Paws
  • Linnea Paws
  • Linny Tunes
  • Linnea Tunes
  • Linny Wizard

 Nicknames For Linnea

Cool Nicknames for Linnea

  • L-Nova
  • Linja
  • Nebula Linnea
  • Linnea Frost
  • Stardust Lin
  • Linnea Eclipse
  • Zennea
  • Linnea Maverick
  • Linnea Jett
  • Linnea Phoenix
  • Matrix Lin
  • Neon Linnea
  • Linnea Zenith
  • Cyber Lin
  • Linnea Mirage
  • Solar Lin
  • Linnea Storm
  • Linnea Hawk
  • Linnea Echo
  • Linnea Chrome
  • Linnea Blaze
  • Linnea Onyx
  • Linnea Viper
  • Linnea Knight
  • Linnea Abyss
  • Linnea Orion
  • Linnea Thunder
  • Linnea Enigma
  • Linnea Sable
  • Linnea Avalanche
  • Linnea Zephyr
  • Linnea Solstice
  • Linnea Renegade
  • Linnea Specter
  • Linnea Titan
  • Linnea Velocity
  • Linnea Galaxy
  • Linnea Quasar
  • Linnea Cyclone
  • Linnea Thunderbolt
  • Linnea NovaStar
  • Linnea Frostbite
  • Linnea Firestorm
  • Linnea Nebulon
  • Linnea Shadowfax
  • Linnea Ignition
  • Linnea Nebulous
  • Linnea Quicksilver
  • Linnea EclipseStar
  • Linnea Cosmos
  • Linnea Frostbite
  • Linnea Seraph
  • Linnea Falcon
  • Linnea Aurora
  • Linnea Supernova
  • Linnea Jaguar
  • Linnea Voltage
  • Linnea Starlight
  • Linnea Tempest
  • Linnea Cyclotron
  • Linnea Wolf
  • Linnea Celestial
  • Linnea Solar Flare
  • Linnea Zenith Star
  • Linnea Moonshadow
  • Linnea Vapor
  • Linnea Thunderstrike
  • Linnea Nebulosa
  • Linnea Sirocco
  • Linnea Ember
  • Linnea Valkyrie
  • Linnea Avalanche
  • Linnea Quicksand
  • Linnea ZenMaster
  • Linnea Neon Knight
  • Linnea CycloneFire
  • Linnea Ignite
  • Linnea ZenDragon
  • Linnea Twilight
  • Linnea Shadowdancer
  • Linnea Galactic
  • Linnea Zenith Blade
  • Linnea Tornado
  • Linnea Thunderhawk
  • Linnea Eclipse Dancer
  • Linnea Quantum
  • Linnea Luminara
  • Linnea Firefly
  • Linnea Equinox
  • Linnea ZenPhoenix
  • Linnea Nebula Rider
  • Linnea Stormbringer
  • Linnea FlareWing
  • Linnea ZenGlacier
  • Linnea Valkyria
  • Linnea Solaris
  • Linnea Nightshade
  • Linnea Equinox
  • Linnea Frostfire
  • Linnea Thunderwing

 Nicknames For Linnea

Cute Nicknames for Linnea

  • Linnykins
  • Linna Bear
  • Linny Boo
  • Linny Bunny
  • Linny Wren
  • Linna Sweetie
  • Linny Buttons
  • Linny Blossom
  • Linny Snuggle
  • Linny Pie
  • Linny Pudding
  • Linny Cupcake
  • Linny Peanut
  • Linny Chickadee
  • Linny Cuddles
  • Linny Sparkle
  • Linny Angel
  • Linna Bubbles
  • Linny Dimple
  • Linny Precious
  • Linny Buttercup
  • Linny Bunnykins
  • Linna Flower
  • Linny Lullaby
  • Linny Giggles
  • Linny Honeybun
  • Linny Petal
  • Linny Twinkle
  • Linny Charming
  • Linny Cheeks
  • Linny Sugarplum
  • Linny Doodle
  • Linna Fairy
  • Linny Poppet
  • Linny Sprinkle
  • Linny Babykins
  • Linna Heart
  • Linny Cuddlebug
  • Linny Munchkin
  • Linny Sweets
  • Linny Sunshine
  • Linny Melody
  • Linny Cherry
  • Linny Lollipop
  • Linna Delight
  • Linny Starshine
  • Linny Teddy
  • Linny Tinkerbell
  • Linny Dreamer
  • Linny Cupid
  • Linny Ducky
  • Linna Angelica
  • Linny Hugbug
  • Linny Sweetpea
  • Linny Daisy
  • Linny Honeybee
  • Linny Lamb
  • Linna Cuddlefish
  • Linny Chirpy
  • Linny Poppet
  • Linny Squeaky
  • Linny Luvbug
  • Linny Button Nose
  • Linny Snickerdoodle
  • Linna Charmlet
  • Linny Cupid’s Arrow
  • Linny Cutie Pie
  • Linny Teddy Bear
  • Linny Babydoll
  • Linny Sprinkle Cake
  • Linny Lovebug
  • Linny Squeaky Duck
  • Linny Angel Cake
  • Linna Dolly
  • Linny Dazzle
  • Linny Bumblebee
  • Linny Babycakes
  • Linna Starlet
  • Linny Gummy Bear
  • Linny Toots
  • Linny Delicate
  • Linny Angelwing
  • Linny Glitter
  • Linna Lovelight
  • Linny Honeysuckle
  • Linny Snowflake
  • Linny Marshmallow
  • Linny Ladybug
  • Linna Pixie
  • Linny Petunia
  • Linny Tinker
  • Linny Tweetie
  • Linny Cherub
  • Linna Tiny Dancer
  • Linny Nectar
  • Linny Squeezie
  • Linny Heartthrob
  • Linny Sugarpie
  • Linny Stardust
  • Linny Wiggles

 Nicknames For Linnea

Unique Nicknames for Linnea

  • LinneaQuill
  • ZephyrLin
  • Andromeda
  • Linnealith
  • Aquamarinnea
  • LinneaRhapsody
  • Nebulinity
  • LinneaSolara
  • QuantumLin
  • LinneaMoonfire
  • CelestiaLin
  • Thundernea
  • LinneaSerenity
  • Zenobia
  • LinneaOracle
  • LinneaEthereal
  • Linnealithium
  • StardustLin
  • LinneaEmber
  • LinneaPhenom
  • LinneaInfinity
  • Velocilinnea
  • LinneaDragonfly
  • LinneaElysium
  • Linnealithastra
  • LinneaMystique
  • LinneaEquinox
  • LinneaParadox
  • LinneaNirvana
  • LinneaEchelon
  • LinneaKaleidoscope
  • LinneaOverture
  • LinneaVortex
  • LinneaMariposa
  • LinneaVelvet
  • LinneaSculpture
  • LinneaCitadel
  • LinneaTranquil
  • LinneaPendulum
  • LinneaAvalanche
  • LinneaEchoes
  • LinneaNebulosa
  • LinneaMeridian
  • LinneaOrionis
  • LinneaXenith
  • LinneaMonolith
  • LinneaNebulosa
  • LinneaNexus
  • LinneaSaphire
  • LinneaVigil
  • LinneaRivulet
  • LinneaMonolite
  • LinneaSynthia
  • LinneaCrimson
  • LinneaZephyria
  • LinneaLuminara
  • LinneaSpiralite
  • LinneaSorceress
  • LinneaOmniscience
  • LinneaWraith
  • LinneaAbyssia
  • LinneaKryptonite
  • LinneaNexura
  • LinneaQuintessia
  • LinneaLabyrinth
  • LinneaElegy
  • LinneaAvalanchia
  • LinneaSolstice
  • LinneaGalaxia
  • LinneaValerian
  • LinneaAzura
  • LinneaWraithfire
  • LinneaVeracity
  • LinneaAquaria
  • LinneaNymph
  • LinneaLunaria
  • LinneaMystiqua
  • LinneaEuphoria
  • LinneaSynchrona
  • LinneaUmbra
  • LinneaQuintessence
  • LinneaLyric
  • LinneaAnima
  • LinneaZenithium
  • LinneaMyriad
  • LinneaAstraea
  • LinneaEtherealis
  • LinneaXanadu
  • LinneaInfinia
  • LinneaOblivion
  • LinneaAmaranth
  • LinneaOverture
  • LinneaLyrith
  • LinneaArtemis
  • LinneaZephyria
  • LinneaPhantom
  • LinneaOrionia
  • LinneaAstrolith
  • LinneaNoblea
  • LinneaEchelon

Funny Nicknames for Linnea

  • Linnovator
  • Linnea-tic
  • Linnea-licious
  • Linnea-palooza
  • Linnea-rama
  • Linnea-loco
  • Linnea-geek
  • Linnea-laughs
  • Linnea-nator
  • Linnea-giggles
  • Linnea-jokes
  • Linnea-funnybone
  • Linnea-haha
  • Linnea-lol
  • Linnea-smiles
  • Linnea-chuckle
  • Linnea-comedy
  • Linnea-hoot
  • Linnea-gagster
  • Linnea-punster
  • Linnea-laughingstock
  • Linnea-wit
  • Linnea-cracks
  • Linnea-mirth
  • Linnea-banana
  • Linnea-comic
  • Linnea-hilarity
  • Linnea-jester
  • Linnea-guffaws
  • Linnea-tickles
  • Linnea-snorts
  • Linnea-funhouse
  • Linnea-fizz
  • Linnea-snickers
  • Linnea-bellylaughs
  • Linnea-pranks
  • Linnea-cray-cray
  • Linnea-hysteria
  • Linnea-frolic
  • Linnea-mischief
  • Linnea-slapstick
  • Linnea-wacky
  • Linnea-doodle
  • Linnea-shenanigans
  • Linnea-jokesmith
  • Linnea-antics
  • Linnea-witster
  • Linnea-slap-happy
  • Linnea-punchline
  • Linnea-merry
  • Linnea-pizzazz
  • Linnea-goofball
  • Linnea-whimsy
  • Linnea-lighthearted
  • Linnea-quipster
  • Linnea-jokester
  • Linnea-bonkers
  • Linnea-hijinks
  • Linnea-giggletastic
  • Linnea-whoopee
  • Linnea-waggish
  • Linnea-mirthful
  • Linnea-sidesplitter
  • Linnea-wag
  • Linnea-nonsensical
  • Linnea-chucklesome
  • Linnea-funnyface
  • Linnea-frolicsome
  • Linnea-lark
  • Linnea-yuk-yuk
  • Linnea-happy-go-linnea
  • Linnea-glee
  • Linnea-haha-ha
  • Linnea-wacko
  • Linnea-lunatic
  • Linnea-grinster
  • Linnea-jocular
  • Linnea-humorist
  • Linnea-laffy-taffy
  • Linnea-zany
  • Linnea-hootenanny
  • Linnea-tickle-me
  • Linnea-gigglebox
  • Linnea-funny-bone
  • Linnea-haha-champ
  • Linnea-amuse-me
  • Linnea-merriment
  • Linnea-laugherina
  • Linnea-jokesaurus
  • Linnea-crazy-funny
  • Linnea-fizzbang
  • Linnea-silliness
  • Linnea-gigglefreak
  • Linnea-pun-derful
  • Linnea-teehee
  • Linnea-snickerdoodle
  • Linnea-ha-ha-ha
  • Linnea-chortles
  • Linnea-guffawer
  • Linnea-quirkster

 Nicknames For Linnea

Creative Nicknames for Linnea

  • L-Unique
  • LinneaWave
  • LinneaVivid
  • LinneaMosaic
  • LinneaChroma
  • LinneaCanvas
  • LinneaRenaissance
  • LinneaHarmonia
  • LinneaSymphony
  • LinneaInfinity
  • LinneaElysian
  • LinneaSculptora
  • LinneaMelodia
  • LinneaSurreal
  • LinneaMystique
  • LinneaSeraphina
  • LinneaAurora
  • LinneaEtherea
  • LinneaLyrical
  • LinneaZenitha
  • LinneaMythos
  • LinneaCelestia
  • LinneaPanacea
  • LinneaSonic
  • LinneaArtemis
  • LinneaPolaris
  • LinneaHarmonious
  • LinneaVirtuosa
  • LinneaQuintessence
  • LinneaEchelon
  • LinneaOpulent
  • LinneaEthereality
  • LinneaRhapsodia
  • LinneaOrchid
  • LinneaArcadia
  • LinneaVeritas
  • LinneaFlourish
  • LinneaSapphire
  • LinneaNebulae
  • LinneaWhimsical
  • LinneaAlchemy
  • LinneaSerendipity
  • LinneaLyricism
  • LinneaNirvana
  • LinneaAstral
  • LinneaEnigma
  • LinneaResonance
  • LinneaMuse
  • LinneaWondrous
  • LinneaEuphony
  • LinneaBrio
  • LinneaCynosure
  • LinneaZephyria
  • LinneaQuasar
  • LinneaRhapsodic
  • LinneaRadiant
  • LinneaVividora
  • LinneaFae
  • LinneaHarmonize
  • LinneaOdyssey
  • LinneaMajestic
  • LinneaEmpyreal
  • LinneaNebulon
  • LinneaVerity
  • LinneaFlourishing
  • LinneaSerenade
  • LinneaNebulite
  • LinneaOrpheus
  • LinneaElixir
  • LinneaWhimsy
  • LinneaArcane
  • LinneaLyracle
  • LinneaNymphal
  • LinneaAzura
  • LinneaOlympus
  • LinneaHarmony
  • LinneaVirtuosity
  • LinneaQuixotic
  • LinneaEphemera
  • LinneaEtherean
  • LinneaRadiance
  • LinneaMystical
  • LinneaSerendipitous
  • LinneaAetheria
  • LinneaResplendence
  • LinneaBrioso
  • LinneaSynergy
  • LinneaZenithal
  • LinneaQuintessential
  • LinneaEchelonia
  • LinneaOpulence
  • LinneaLuminance
  • LinneaSinfonia
  • LinneaVividness
  • LinneaPantheon
  • LinneaArabesque
  • LinneaFantasia
  • LinneaIridescent
  • LinneaRegal
  • LinneaChronicle

 Nicknames For Linnea

30 Nicknames For Linnea With Meanings

Nickname Meaning
Linnea Nova For a Linnea who shines like a star
Nea Seraphina Signifying a heavenly presence
Linny Ember Denoting fiery passion and energy
Linna Enigma Mysterious and intriguing
Linnea Fae A magical and enchanting nickname
Linny Monarch Symbolizes royalty and elegance
Nea Whispers A Linnea known for her soft-spoken nature
Linnea Mirage Suggests an illusion or dreamlike quality
Linny Polaris For someone who guides like the North Star
Linna Polaris A star that shines brightly and consistently
Linnea Gossamer Delicate and graceful like a spider’s silk
Linnea Aria A musical nickname, signifying harmony
Linny Wisp Light and ethereal, like a gentle breeze
Linnea Blossom A name that implies growth and beauty
Linnea Symphony Evokes a sense of harmony and orchestration
Linnea Lush Rich and vibrant, like a thriving garden
Linna Aria Another musical nickname, for melodious Linnea
Linny Harmony Signifies balance and peace in one’s life
Nea Radiance Bright and shining, full of radiance
Linnea Blissful For a Linnea who embodies happiness
Linnea Serenada Conveys a sense of calm and tranquility
Linny Dazzler Someone who dazzles with their brilliance
Linnea Ethos Represents one’s character and beliefs
Linnea Moonlight Evokes the serene glow of moonlight
Linnea Lumen Signifying light and illumination
Linnea Quillen For an insightful and articulate Linnea
Linny Harmony Signifies balance and peace in one’s life
Linnea Lustra Suggests a shining and radiant quality
Linny Radiance Reflects a glowing and luminous presence
Linnea Stargaze For a dreamer who often looks to the stars
Linnea Ethereal Implies a transcendent and otherworldly nature


What is the Name Meaning of “Linnea”?

The name “Linnea” has a beautiful and unique meaning. It is of Swedish origin and is derived from the Linnaea borealis flower, also known as the twinflower. The Linnaea borealis is a delicate and fragrant flower that grows in the northern regions of Europe, including Sweden. The name “Linnea” is said to symbolize grace, beauty, and purity, much like the flower it is named after. It carries a sense of elegance and femininity, making it a lovely choice for a baby girl.

Is Linnea a Boy or Girl Name?

Linnea is predominantly used as a girl’s name. It has a distinctly feminine sound and is more commonly given to baby girls. However, it is worth noting that names can sometimes be used for both genders, and there may be instances where Linnea is used as a boy’s name. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of individuals named Linnea are female. The name’s soft and melodic nature lends itself well to girls, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Origin and Meaning of The Name Linnea

The name Linnea has its origins in Sweden. It was first used as a given name in the 18th century, inspired by the Linnaea borealis flower, which was named after the renowned Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. The flower itself holds a special place in Swedish culture and is considered a symbol of love and devotion. The name Linnea captures the essence of this flower, evoking feelings of beauty, grace, and purity. It is a name that carries a sense of natural elegance and has a timeless appeal.

Famous People with The Name Linnea

While not as widely known as some other names, there are still notable individuals who bear the name Linnea. One such person is Linnea Quigley, an American actress known for her roles in horror films during the 1980s. Quigley gained a cult following for her performances in movies like “Return of the Living Dead” and “Night of the Demons.” Another famous Linnea is Linnea Dale, a Norwegian singer-songwriter who rose to fame after participating in the Norwegian version of “The Voice” in 2012. Her soulful voice and captivating performances have earned her a dedicated fan base.

Why You Should Choose a Good Nickname for Linnea?

Choosing a good nickname for Linnea can have several benefits. Firstly, a nickname can add a sense of familiarity and closeness to a person’s name. It can create a sense of intimacy and affection among family and friends. Additionally, a well-chosen nickname can also serve as a way to differentiate Linnea from others who may share the same name.

It can be a unique identifier that sets her apart and makes her name more memorable. Moreover, a nickname can also be a source of personal expression and individuality. It allows Linnea to have a name that reflects her personality or interests, creating a sense of self-identity. Overall, a good nickname can enhance the personal connection to the name and make it even more special.

How to Choose a Good Nickname for Linnea

Choosing a nickname for someone can be a fun and endearing way to show affection or create a sense of familiarity. When it comes to Linnea, a name with Scandinavian roots meaning “twinflower,” finding the perfect nickname can add a personal touch to your relationship. In this article, we will explore various factors to consider when selecting a good nickname for Linnea, ensuring it reflects her personality, interests, and unique qualities.

1. Embrace Linnea’s Personality:

Linnea, like any individual, possesses a distinct personality that can serve as a great source of inspiration for a nickname. Take a moment to reflect on her character traits, such as her sense of humor, kindness, or adventurous spirit. By choosing a nickname that aligns with Linnea’s personality, you can create a name that feels authentic and meaningful.

For example, if Linnea is known for her infectious laughter, a nickname like “Giggles” or “Joyful Linnea” could be a perfect fit. Alternatively, if she is known for her caring nature, a nickname like “Caring Linnea” or “Compassionate Linnea” would be a heartfelt choice.

2. Consider Linnea’s Interests and Hobbies:

Another way to choose a good nickname for Linnea is by incorporating her interests and hobbies. By selecting a nickname that reflects her passions, you can create a name that resonates with her on a deeper level.

If Linnea is an avid reader, a nickname like “Bookworm Linnea” or “Literary Linnea” would showcase her love for literature. On the other hand, if she enjoys outdoor activities, a nickname like “Nature Lover Linnea” or “Adventure Linnea” would capture her adventurous spirit.

3. Explore Linnea’s Cultural Background:

Linnea’s Scandinavian heritage can provide a rich source of inspiration for a nickname. By delving into her cultural background, you can find a nickname that pays homage to her roots and adds a touch of uniqueness to her identity.

For instance, you could consider a nickname like “Nordic Linnea” or “Viking Linnea” to celebrate her Scandinavian heritage. Alternatively, you could explore traditional Scandinavian names or words that hold special meaning and incorporate them into a nickname.

4. Incorporate Linnea’s Unique Qualities:

Every individual possesses unique qualities that make them who they are. By incorporating Linnea’s distinctive traits into her nickname, you can create a name that highlights her individuality and makes her feel special.

If Linnea has a captivating smile, a nickname like “Smiley Linnea” or “Sunshine Linnea” would emphasize her radiant personality. Similarly, if she has a talent for music, a nickname like “Melody Linnea” or “Harmonious Linnea” would showcase her musical prowess.

5. Seek Linnea’s Input:

Ultimately, the best way to choose a good nickname for Linnea is to involve her in the process. By seeking her input and discussing potential options, you can ensure that the chosen nickname resonates with her and reflects her self-perception.

Engage in a conversation with Linnea, sharing your ideas and asking for her thoughts. This collaborative approach will not only help you find a nickname that she loves but also strengthen your bond through open communication.

FAQS  About Nicknames For Linnea

1. What are some popular nicknames for the name Linnea?

– Some popular nicknames for the name Linnea include Linn, Linny, Nea, and Nia.

2. Are there any unique or creative nicknames for Linnea?

– Yes, some unique and creative nicknames for Linnea could be Linny Lou, Nea Bear, or Nia Belle.

3. Can you suggest any cute or endearing nicknames for Linnea?

– Certainly! Cute and endearing nicknames for Linnea could be Linnykins, Nea-Neanie, or Nia-Bug.

4. Are there any gender-neutral nicknames for the name Linnea?

– Yes, there are gender-neutral nicknames for Linnea, such as Lin, Lee, or Nee.

5. Are there any international variations of nicknames for Linnea?

– Absolutely! In different countries, nicknames for Linnea may vary. For example, in Sweden, common nicknames include Linnéa, Lina, or Linis. In Norway, you may come across nicknames like Linni or Nea.


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