700 Night Elf Names for WoW Players

Are you searching for the perfect name for your Night Elf character? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of 700 creative Night Elf names that will help you bring your character to life. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “A name is a precious thing; it carries weight and power, shaping the essence of a character.” Let these names inspire you and add depth to your Night Elf persona.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of fantasy character naming, I understand the importance of finding a name that resonates with your character’s identity. Throughout my career, I have assisted countless individuals in crafting unique and memorable names for their gaming avatars and role-playing adventures. I have delved deep into the lore and mythology surrounding Night Elves, combining their rich heritage with linguistic creativity to deliver names that truly stand out.

Rest assured that within this extensive list, you will discover the perfect name that embodies the essence of your Night Elf character. Each name has been carefully selected and crafted to evoke a sense of mystique, grace, and power. Whether you seek a name that reflects their moonlit nature, their connection to the stars, or their prowess in combat, we have something for everyone. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable naming journey!

Night Elf Names

Night Elf Names

Aelisar – Moonlit Protector

Faeloria – Starry Whisper

Thanduil – Shadowdancer

Lunaria – Night’s Luminary

Erevan – Silent Sentinel

Selendara – Twilight Weaver

Alandriel – Moonbeam Enchantress

Elorandir – Dreamwalker

Celestia – Celestial Guardian

Thalador – Nightshade Wanderer

Astariel – Stargazer Seraph

Eldrathor – Shadowmeld Trickster

Lunaris – Silvermoon Seeker

Elysia – Duskwood Sentinel

Virelia – Moonfire Sorceress

Sylendril – Whisperwind Ranger

Nysaria – Starborne Huntress

Elandor – Starshroud Illusionist

Thalassia – Seafoam Siren

Elendur – Nightsaber Rider

Faerilia – Sylvan Moonweaver

Selendir – Emerald Dream Guardian

Astrylia – Nightborne Oracle

Lyranthir – Moonglow Archmage

Virendra – Shadowglen Enigma

Alarion – Starlight Vanquisher

Faelanor – Moonshadow Blade

Thalora – Shadowleaf Huntress

Elarien – Whispering Willow

Valandriel – Night’s Embrace

30 Night Elf Names with Meanings

30 Night Elf Names with Meanings

Lunaris – Guardian of the Moon’s Radiance

Stardust – Essence of Celestial Splendor

Shadowthorn – Protector of Umbral Mysteries

Stormwhisper – Harbinger of Thunderous Whispers

Astraia – Serenader of Starlit Skies

Moonshade – Enigma of Lunar Shadows

Nightsong – Melody Weaver of the Night

Starbreeze – Zephyr that Carries Celestial Grace

Shadowsong – Harmonizer of Umbral Rhythms

Stormrider – Emissary of Thundering Storms

Lunara – Enchantress of Moonlit Magic

Stargazer – Observer of Celestial Wonders

Shadowstrike – Agile Striker of Umbral Depths

Moonshadow – Illusionist of Lunar Phantoms

Nightfall – Herald of Darkening Dusk

Starfire – Inferno Born of Celestial Flames

Dusktalon – Hunter of Twilight’s Veil

Moonglow – Radiant Glow of Lunar Luminescence

Shadowleaf – Whisperer of Umbral Leaves

Stormcaller – Herald of Thunder’s Roar

Starlily – Blossom of Celestial Grace

Whisperwind – Ethereal Breeze that Carries Secrets

Nightsong – Weaver of Nocturnal Harmonies

Starshroud – Veil that Conceals Celestial Light

Shadowscale – Stealthy Assassin of Umbral Depths

Moonstone – Jewel Bathed in Lunar Radiance

Nightshade – Shrouded Enigma of the Shadows

Starstrider – Wanderer amidst Celestial Realms

Shadowdancer – Enchantress of Umbral Whispers

Stormbringer – Avatar of Thunder’s Unleashed Power

Wow Druid Names

Wow Druid Names

Thornwilde – Nature’s Guardian

Stormsinger – Thunderous Shapeshifter

Whisperthorn – Serene Grove Whisperer

Thundertalon – Wild Stormwalker

Brambleleaf – Verdant Shapechanger

Moongrove – Lunar Harmonizer

Feralclaw – Savage Predator

Verdantroot – Ancient Earthbinder

Thornshadow – Elusive Druidic Shade

Stormcaller – Tempestuous Shifter

Wildwhisper – Nature’s Hushed Voice

Willowbranch – Serene Growth Guardian

Moondance – Lunar Spirit Dancer

Starseeker – Celestial Guide

Bramblethorn – Thorny Transformer

Natureheart – Wilds’ Protector

Moonshadow – Stealthy Moonstrider

Stormbloom – Thundering Blossom

Verdantclaw – Leafy Clawbearer

Thornbreeze – Whispers of the Grove

Wildpaws – Ferocious Prowler

Moondrift – Lunar Wanderer

Starseed – Cosmic Sower

Bramblesong – Serenading Growth

Naturestride – Forest’s Wanderer

Moonsong – Celestial Melodist

Thunderthorn – Tempest’s Thorn

Verdantwind – Greenery’s Whisper

Thornshroud – Grove’s Veiled Guardian

Wildmoon – Untamed Lunar Spirit

Funny Elf Names Wow

Funny Elf Names Wow

Quirkleaf – Silly Sylvan Trickster

Wobbletoes – Awkward Agile Elf

Gigglesprout – Laughing Woodland Sprite

Snickerroot – Mischievous Elven Delight

Bumbleberry – Clumsy Forest Nymph

Chucklefrost – Jovial Winter Sprite

Noodleears – Goofy Elven Wanderer

Quirktwist – Eccentric Sylvan Tumbler

Jokewhisper – Prankster Elf Enchanter

Snickersneeze – Giggling Elven Jester

Dizzyfeet – Whirling Elven Dancer

Wobblegiggles – Unsteady Laughter Fae

Quirkysprout – Playful Sylvan Sprig

Guffawleaf – Hilarious Leafy Elf

Chucklesplash – Merry Aquatic Sprite

Snickerfizzle – Silly Elven Sorcerer

Gigglesocks – Amusing Elven Footwear

Quirkleap – Comical Sylvan Leaper

Dazzlefrost – Sparkling Winter Trickster

Snickerwiggle – Laughing Elven Acrobat

Bumbletoes – Bumbling Elven Wanderer

Chortleberry – Jolly Berry Picker

Quirkysneeze – Eccentric Sylvan Titter

Snickerwhisper – Mirthful Elven Whisperer

Wobblefeet – Topsy-Turvy Elf

Chucklesprout – Laughing Forest Bud

Snickersplash – Playful Aquatic Mischief

Giggleswoosh – Whimsical Elven Swimmer

Quirkysnort – Wacky Sylvan Chuckler

Jesterleaf – Foolish Elven Trickster

Night Elf Last Names

Night Elf Last Names

Moonshadow – Lunar Veil

Starwind – Celestial Gust

Shadowglen – Umbral Grove

Stormcaller – Thunderous Summoner

Starshaper – Celestial Sculptor

Moonwhisper – Lunar Murmurer

Duskwalker – Twilight Wanderer

Stormwatcher – Thunder’s Sentinel

Starborn – Celestial Birthed

Moonshroud – Lunar Cloak

Shadowsong – Umbral Melody

Stormchaser – Thunder’s Pursuer

Starbreaker – Celestial Destroyer

Moonshimmer – Lunar Glint

Duskrider – Twilight Cavalier

Stormweaver – Thunder’s Weaver

Starstrider – Celestial Voyager

Moonfire – Lunar Flame

Shadowbane – Umbral Bane

Stormblade – Thunder’s Blade

Starbloom – Celestial Bloom

Moonglade – Lunar Path

Duskwatcher – Twilight Watchman

Stormseeker – Thunder’s Seeker

Starshield – Celestial Shield

Moonshadow – Lunar Shadow

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thorn

Stormsong – Thunder’s Melody

Starfire – Celestial Fire

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whisper

Wow Night Elf Names

Elyndor – Moonlit Enchanter

Astranaar – Starry Outrider

Thundertree – Thunderous Sentinel

Starhaven – Celestial Refuge

Moonbrook – Lunar Stream

Shadowglen – Umbral Grove

Stormwind – Thunder’s Protector

Starfall – Celestial Cascade

Moonglade – Lunar Sanctuary

Darnassus – Mystical Haven

Shadowmeld – Umbral Veil

Stormrage – Thunder’s Fury

Starshroud – Celestial Shroud

Moonglaze – Lunar Reflection

Felwood – Tainted Grove

Shadowsong – Umbral Serenade

Stormscale – Thunder’s Might

Stareye – Celestial Seer

Moonstrike – Lunar Striker

Darkshore – Shrouded Shore

Shadowlurk – Umbral Stalker

Stormcrest – Thunder’s Crest

Starglade – Celestial Glade

Moonsoul – Lunar Spirit

Ashenvale – Enchanted Forest

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thorn

Stormwind – Thunder’s Breath

Starwhisper – Celestial Whispers

Moondust – Lunar Dust

Teldrassil – Verdant Home

Female Night Elf Names

Female Night Elf Names

Lunaria – Moonlit Priestess

Stardust – Celestial Sorceress

Thalassia – Oceanic Enchantress

Shadowdance – Umbral Dancer

Starblossom – Celestial Bloom

Moonglow – Lunar Luminary

Seraphina – Heavenly Protector

Astralea – Starry Visionary

Selendria – Twilight Muse

Elysande – Duskwood Guardian

Silversong – Melodic Silverlight

Stardancer – Celestial Rhythms

Moonshadow – Lunar Phantom

Thundertide – Thunder’s Tide

Starlight – Celestial Radiance

Lysandra – Moonflower Priestess

Astridelle – Starry Illusionist

Shadowheart – Umbral Devotee

Stargazer – Celestial Observer

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whisperer

Amaranth – Eternal Blossom

Astrina – Starlit Navigator

Shadowleaf – Umbral Leaf

Stormcry – Thunder’s Cry

Celestia – Heavenly Diviner

Lyranthia – Silvermoon Huntress

Thaloria – Seafoam Serenade

Elaria – Whispering Willow

Starshimmer – Celestial Glitter

Moondancer – Lunar Reveler

Funny Night Elf Names

Quirkmoon – Silly Lunar Trickster

Wobblewhisper – Awkward Elven Whisperer

Giggleshade – Laughing Umbral Sprite

Snickerbeam – Mischievous Nighttime Light

Bumbleglimmer – Clumsy Glittering Elf

Chucklebloom – Jovial Floral Sprite

Noodlenight – Goofy Nocturnal Wanderer

Quirkystar – Eccentric Celestial Jester

Jokeshimmer – Prankster Twilight Dancer

Snickerflare – Giggling Elven Fire

Dizzymoon – Whirling Lunar Spirit

Wobbleglimpse – Unsteady Glance

Quirkyswift – Playful Sylvan Swift

Guffawshadow – Hilarious Umbral Trickster

Chuckleleaf – Laughing Forest Leaf

Snickerwhisper – Silly Elven Whisperer

Gigglerain – Amusing Raindrop

Quirkyspark – Wacky Sylvan Spark

Dazzlemoon – Sparkling Lunar Trickster

Snickerdusk – Playful Twilight Mischief

Bumblegleam – Bumbling Glowing Elf

Chortlestreak – Jolly Streaker

Quirkynight – Eccentric Nocturnal Jester

Snickerhaze – Mirthful Hazy Elf

Wobbleglimmer – Topsy-Turvy Glitter

Chucklebreeze – Laughing Breezy Elf

Snickerdawn – Playful Morning Light

Giggleshadow – Whimsical Umbral Shadow

Quirkynova – Wacky Celestial Explosion

Jestermoon – Foolish Lunar Jester

Night Elf Hunter Names

Starsnipe – Celestial Sharpshooter

Shadowprowl – Umbral Stalker

Moonshot – Lunar Archer

Stormfang – Thunder’s Bane

Stalkereye – Elusive Huntress

Starstrike – Celestial Striker

Shadowsight – Umbral Scout

Moondusk – Lunar Tracker

Stormarrow – Thunder’s Marksman

Swiftwind – Fleet-footed Archer

Starwhisper – Celestial Whisperer

Shadowshade – Umbral Shadowslinger

Moonstalker – Lunar Pursuer

Stormfury – Thunder’s Fury

Thornbark – Prickly Archer

Starfire – Celestial Hunter

Shadowclaw – Umbral Clawbearer

Moondancer – Lunar Dancer

Stormswift – Thunder’s Swiftness

Swiftstrike – Fleet-footed Striker

Starlancer – Celestial Lancer

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thornblade

Moonarrow – Lunar Archery

Stormshot – Thunder’s Shot

Quickthorn – Nimble Hunter

Starshadow – Celestial Shadowhunter

Shadowstrike – Umbral Striker

Moonsight – Lunar Visionary

Stormfalcon – Thunder’s Falconer

Swiftdusk – Fleet-footed Tracker

Night Elf Druid Names

Moonbloom – Lunar Blossom

Stardust – Celestial Essence

Shadowglen – Umbral Grove

Stormcaller – Thunder’s Caller

Starseeker – Celestial Seeker

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whispers

Shadowshaper – Umbral Shaper

Stormweaver – Thunder’s Weaver

Starblossom – Celestial Bloom

Moongrove – Lunar Grove

Shadowsong – Umbral Melody

Stormdancer – Thunder’s Dancer

Starshroud – Celestial Shroud

Moondrift – Lunar Drifter

Shadowleaf – Umbral Leaf

Stormheart – Thunder’s Heart

Starlily – Celestial Lily

Moonshadow – Lunar Shadow

Thunderbark – Thunder’s Bark

Stardancer – Celestial Dancer

Moonbreeze – Lunar Breeze

Shadowbranch – Umbral Branch

Stormleaf – Thunder’s Leaf

Starwhisper – Celestial Whisper

Moonlight – Lunar Light

Shadowpetal – Umbral Petal

Stormsong – Thunder’s Song

Starshine – Celestial Shine

Moonbeam – Lunar Beam

Shadownova – Umbral Nova

Night Elf Male Names

Thalador – Oceanic Protector

Moonfire – Lunar Flame

Shadowblade – Umbral Blade

Stormchaser – Thunder’s Pursuer

Stargazer – Celestial Observer

Moonsong – Lunar Serenade

Shadowstrike – Umbral Striker

Stormheart – Thunder’s Heart

Starbreaker – Celestial Breaker

Moonshade – Lunar Veil

Thunderclaw – Thunder’s Clawbearer

Stardust – Celestial Dust

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thorn

Stormrage – Thunder’s Fury

Starbloom – Celestial Bloom

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whisperer

Thundertalon – Thunder’s Talon

Starseeker – Celestial Seeker

Shadowgaze – Umbral Gazer

Stormblade – Thunder’s Blade

Starshaper – Celestial Shaper

Moonstrike – Lunar Striker

Thunderstrike – Thunder’s Striker

Starshadow – Celestial Shadow

Moonwatcher – Lunar Watchman

Shadowfury – Umbral Fury

Stormwing – Thunder’s Wing

Starfall – Celestial Fall

Moondancer – Lunar Dancer

Thunderheart – Thunder’s Protector

Night Elf Male Names

Night Elf Rogue Names

Shadowsong – Umbral Serenade

Moondagger – Lunar Blade

Shadowcloak – Umbral Cloak

Stormshroud – Thunder’s Shroud

Starstriker – Celestial Striker

Moonshadow – Lunar Shadow

Shadowblade – Umbral Blade

Stormwhisper – Thunder’s Whisper

Starchaser – Celestial Chaser

Moonshade – Lunar Veil

Shadowstrike – Umbral Striker

Stormcloak – Thunder’s Cloak

Starshroud – Celestial Shroud

Moonglow – Lunar Luminary

Shadowfury – Umbral Fury

Stormblade – Thunder’s Blade

Starshadow – Celestial Shadow

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whisperer

Shadowdagger – Umbral Blade

Stormstrike – Thunder’s Striker

Starmist – Celestial Mist

Moonshroud – Lunar Cloak

Shadowwhisper – Umbral Whisperer

Stormshadow – Thunder’s Shadow

Starstrike – Celestial Striker

Moonsong – Lunar Melody

Shadowcloak – Umbral Cloak

Stormshroud – Thunder’s Shroud

Starwhisper – Celestial Whisper

Moonshade – Lunar Shade

Kaldorei Names

Shalandria – Moonlit Protector

Elaedria – Starborne Visionary

Duskthorn – Twilight Thornbearer

Elandor – Moon-touched Wanderer

Astaloria – Starry Songstress

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thornbearer

Stormgale – Thunder’s Gale

Celestaria – Heavenly Luminary

Moonshroud – Lunar Cloaked

Starblossom – Celestial Blossom

Duskshade – Twilight Shadowbearer

Elariana – Moonlit Enchantress

Astralyn – Starborn Seeker

Shadowglen – Umbral Grove

Stormsong – Thunder’s Melody

Moonglow – Lunar Radiance

Starshadow – Celestial Shadow

Duskbloom – Twilight Bloom

Elanara – Moon-touched Oracle

Astarian – Starborn Stargazer

Shadowleaf – Umbral Leafbearer

Stormcrest – Thunder’s Crest

Celestine – Heavenly Seraph

Moonwhisper – Lunar Whisperer

Starshaper – Celestial Shaper

Duskthorn – Twilight Thornbearer

Elaedria – Moonlit Visionary

Astralyn – Starborne Seeker

Shadowthorn – Umbral Thornbearer

Stormgale – Thunder’s Gale

Good Male Night Elf Names

Astralan – Star-touched Guardian

Moonguard – Lunar Sentinel

Shadowbreeze – Umbral Zephyr

Stormcrest – Thunder’s Champion

Starseeker – Celestial Seeker

Moonwhisper – Lunar Sage

Shadowdancer – Umbral Dancer

Stormbringer – Thunder’s Avenger

Starshaper – Celestial Artisan

Moonwarden – Lunar Guardian

Shadowthorn – Umbral Protector

Stormheart – Thunder’s Defender

Starbreaker – Celestial Vanquisher

Moonshadow – Lunar Phantom

Thunderclaw – Thunder’s Clawbearer

Starseeker – Celestial Voyager

Moonwatcher – Lunar Sentinel

Shadowstrike – Umbral Striker

Stormblade – Thunder’s Blade

Starshaper – Celestial Craftsman

Moondancer – Lunar Reveler

Shadowcloak – Umbral Guardian

Stormwarden – Thunder’s Guardian

Starfall – Celestial Guardian

Moonkeeper – Lunar Guardian

Shadowblade – Umbral Bladebearer

Stormshadow – Thunder’s Shadow

Starfury – Celestial Avenger

Moonstrike – Lunar Striker

Thunderheart – Thunder’s Protector

How to Choose a Great Night Elf Name for Your Character

Choosing the perfect name for your Night Elf character is a crucial step in immersing yourself in the world of fantasy. A great Night Elf name not only enhances your gaming experience but also reflects the identity and backstory of your character. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting an exceptional Night Elf name that will bring your character to life.

Understanding the Night Elf lore and culture:

Before diving into the realm of Night Elf names, it’s essential to have a grasp of their history and culture. The Night Elves have a rich and ancient heritage, stemming from their connection with nature and the mystical realm. Familiarize yourself with their lore to gain insights into the cultural elements that influence name choices.

Elements to consider when choosing a Night Elf name:

When selecting a Night Elf name, it’s crucial to ensure that it aligns with the traits and characteristics of the Night Elf race. Consider the role and backstory of your character and aim for a name that reflects their identity and purpose. Whether they are a skilled hunter, wise druid, or cunning rogue, the name should encapsulate their essence.

Drawing inspiration from nature and celestial themes:

Night Elves are deeply connected to nature and the celestial realm, making it an excellent source of inspiration for names. Incorporate elements such as moon, stars, and natural phenomena into the name to evoke a sense of their magical heritage. Symbolism and significance play an important role in Night Elf culture, so choose names that carry deeper meanings.

Exploring mythical and elven influences:

Night Elves share similarities with other elven races, such as the graceful Sindorei and mystical Quel’dorei. Draw inspiration from elven language, mythology, and ancient folklore to create names that resonate with the elven heritage. Unearth forgotten legends and weave their essence into the fabric of your character’s name.

Balancing uniqueness and authenticity:

While it’s important to choose a unique name for your Night Elf character, it’s equally crucial to maintain authenticity. Avoid overused or cliché names that may diminish the impact of your character. Instead, strive for a name that stands out while staying true to the Night Elf lore and cultural influences.

Sound and phonetics of Night Elf names:

The melodic and harmonious nature of Night Elf names adds to their charm. Experiment with different sounds and phonetics to create names that roll off the tongue. Explore the patterns and rhythms of elven language to craft names that resonate with the grace and elegance associated with the Night Elves.

Practical tips for brainstorming Night Elf names:

Begin your naming journey by immersing yourself in existing Night Elf lore and characters. Research the names of notable Night Elf figures and draw inspiration from their naming conventions. Employ wordplay, compound words, and combinations to create unique and captivating names that reflect your character’s essence.

Testing and refining the chosen name:

Once you’ve settled on a Night Elf name that captures the spirit of your character, it’s essential to gather feedback from others. Share the name with friends, fellow gamers, or online communities to gauge their reactions. Ensure that the name resonates with the personality and traits you envision for your Night Elf.

Examples of great Night Elf names:

To provide inspiration and showcase the possibilities, we’ve compiled a selection of outstanding Night Elf names. These names demonstrate the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into crafting a unique Night Elf identity. Use them as a starting point to ignite your imagination and tailor them to suit your character.


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