700 Nilfgaardian Names For Your Witcher-Inspired Character

Welcome to our blog post on “700 Nilfgaardian Names,” where we unleash a treasure trove of creative names inspired by this fascinating fantasy world. As avid fans of the Witcher series, we understand the importance of finding the perfect name for your characters, whether you’re writing a novel, playing an RPG, or even creating an online persona. So, dive into this collection of distinctive Nilfgaardian names that we’ve curated just for you. As Emperor Emhyr var Emreis once said, “The world is full of stories, and from time to time, they permit themselves to be told.”

In this exciting venture of fantasy character naming, I have spent three years honing my skills as a Naming Specialist. My passion for all things fantastical led me to explore the depths of Nilfgaardian lore and language, uncovering unique naming conventions that breathe life into fictional beings. From noble leaders to mysterious rogues, I’ve meticulously crafted each name to resonate with the rich history and culture of Nilfgaard. The joy of helping countless fellow writers and gamers find the perfect identity for their characters has been truly rewarding.

Now, if you’re searching for an exceptional name that embodies the essence of Nilfgaard, you’ve come to the right place. Our handpicked list of 700 Nilfgaardian names promises to ignite your imagination and elevate your storytelling experience. Whether you seek names that exude authority and power or evoke an air of enigmatic allure, we’ve got it all. Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a journey through the captivating realm of Nilfgaard, where names hold the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the perfect name that will make your character truly unforgettable.

Nilfgaardian Names

Nilfgaardian Names

  • Aleron Fireheart
  • Lysandra Shadowclaw
  • Draven Stormblade
  • Lyria Frostwing
  • Oberon Ironsoul
  • Valeria Moonstrike
  • Selene Darkthorn
  • Cassius Frostflare
  • Thalia Nightshade
  • Ignatius Stormborn
  • Vesper Blackthorn
  • Zyra Firegaze
  • Lucius Frostbloom
  • Seraphina Nightwhisper
  • Victor Mooncaster
  • Rosalind Ironwind
  • Aveline Shadowfire
  • Magnus Frostbane
  • Isolde Stormbringer
  • Cyrus Nightthorn
  • Seraphina Froststeel
  • Thaddeus Moonshroud
  • Maximus Shadowclaw
  • Seraphina Ironflame
  • Valeria Stormweaver
  • Zyler Moonheart
  • Lucius Stormstrike
  • Selene Frostblaze
  • Ignatius Ironthorn
  • Oberon Nightfire
  • Isolde Frostwind
  • Magnus Darkflare
  • Thalia Moonbreaker
  • Aveline Stormwing
  • Victor Shadowcaster
  • Seraphina Frostthorn
  • Valeria Stormgaze
  • Lyria Ironheart
  • Draven Moonblade
  • Rosalind Stormfall
  • Thaddeus Frostweaver
  • Seraphina Nightsteel
  • Zyra Firewhisper
  • Lucius Stormclaw
  • Selene Frostmoon
  • Ignatius Shadowthorn
  • Oberon Nightflare
  • Aveline Frostgale
  • Magnus Stormbloom
  • Isolde Darkfire
  • Seraphina Moonstrike
  • Thalia Ironwing
  • Victor Shadowthorn
  • Valeria Froststorm
  • Rosalind Ironflare
  • Draven Nightwhisper
  • Thaddeus Mooncaster
  • Seraphina Ironflame
  • Zyler Nightshade
  • Selene Stormbringer
  • Lyria Frostwind
  • Ignatius Stormbane
  • Oberon Nightstrike
  • Isolde Frostgaze
  • Aveline Stormclaw
  • Seraphina Shadowsteel
  • Thalia Moonheart
  • Valeria Stormfire
  • Victor Frostwhisper
  • Draven Nightthorn
  • Zyra Firewing
  • Rosalind Stormflare
  • Seraphina Frostbloom
  • Magnus Stormbreaker
  • Selene Froststrike
  • Ignatius Ironmoon
  • Thaddeus Moonfall
  • Lyria Frostcaster
  • Oberon Stormwhisper
  • Aveline Shadowstorm

20 Nilfgaardian Names With Meanings

       Nilfgaardian Names

  1. Valerius Shadowclaw – A fearsome warrior skilled in shadows.
  2. Seraphina Stormblade – A warrior harnessing the might of storms.
  3. Thaddeus Moonwhisper – A mysterious and enigmatic spellcaster.
  4. Zyra Froststrike – An ice-wielding warrior with deadly precision.
  5. Caelia Ironheart – A resolute and unwavering warrior in battle.
  6. Xander Nightflame – An elusive witcher wielding dark fire.
  7. Vespera Stormdancer – A graceful dancer amid thunderous battles.
  8. Nyxen Shadowthorn – A cool and thorny enigma on the battlefield.
  9. Zarael Frostgaze – A mesmerizing gaze with icy powers.
  10. Syrus Moonbreaker – A breaker of moonlit barriers, unstoppable.
  11. Xyla Stormsworn – Sworn to command the fury of storms.
  12. Nysander Nightblade – A master of the night, swift and deadly.
  13. Valeria Frostbane – Bane of warmth, a chilling adversary.
  14. Zephyra Ironflame – A fire-hearted warrior with cool control.
  15. Xalina Moonweaver – A weaver of moonlit enchantments.
  16. Caelum Stormchaser – A relentless seeker of tempests’ power.
  17. Nyra Shadowstrike – Striking from the shadows, swift and deadly.
  18. Zyrelle Frostgale – A cool and icy wind, freezing foes.
  19. Vireo Nightshroud – Shrouded in the night, unseen and deadly.
  20. Seraphina Ironthorn – A thorny warrior with an iron will.

Nilfgaardian Character Names

Nilfgaardian Names

  • Valyrian Starcaller – Enchanting magic user.
  • Erevan Shadowsong – Stealthy and elusive warrior.
  • Lyria Blackthorn – Resilient and skilled archer.
  • Thaddeus Bloodraven – Ruthless commander with a dark past.
  • Seraphina Ironheart – Fearless and honorable knight.
  • Isolde Shadowbane – Cunning spy and infiltrator.
  • Oberon Stormbringer – Powerful sorcerer controlling the elements.
  • Draven Nightshade – Mysterious and charismatic rogue.
  • Aveline Frostfang – Ice-wielding warrior with a chilling presence.
  • Cyrus Blackthorn – Strategic tactician and master swordsman.
  • Morgana Silverwing – Mystic healer with celestial powers.
  • Aurelius Darkwood – Stoic and disciplined warrior.
  • Selene Moonshadow – Evasive and agile assassin.
  • Lucius Ironfist – Unyielding and fiercely loyal warrior.
  • Rosalind Deathwhisper – Necromancer with an eerie aura.
  • Magnus Stormwind – Towering brute with overwhelming strength.
  • Seraphina Ravenshadow – Dual-wielding blades expertly.
  • Valeria Nightshade – Elusive poison specialist.
  • Maximus Swiftstrike – Swift and deadly with a single blow.
  • Cassandra Moonfire – Skilled archer with lunar abilities.
  • Ignatius Shadowborn – Fire mage with an intense temperament.
  • Seraphina Ironsoul – Resilient and indomitable warrior.
  • Thalia Windchaser – Agile and nimble hunter.
  • Victor Steelheart – Unbreakable and unwavering in battle.
  • Seraphina Stormrider – Commanding the forces of lightning.
  • Lucius Frostbane – Cold and calculating strategist.
  • Adeline Blackthorn – Elegant and refined swordswoman.
  • Maximus Darkstone – Towering and fearsome presence on the battlefield.
  • Seraphina Grimheart – Mistress of dark magic and necromancy.
  • Thaddeus Ravenshadow – Ruthless and merciless in pursuit of victory.

Witcher Nilfgaardian Names

  • Vireo Nightraven – Stealthy and elusive witcher.
  • Elysia Darkstone – Fierce and deadly monster hunter.
  • Corvin Blackthorn – Cunning and resourceful witcher.
  • Vesper Shadowblade – Master swordsman with a shadowy past.
  • Seraphina Fireheart – Witcher wielding the power of fire.
  • Thaddeus Moonshadow – Mysterious and enigmatic witcher.
  • Isolde Stormrider – Witcher harnessing the forces of lightning.
  • Valeria Nightshade – Poison expert and stealthy assassin.
  • Lucius Frostbane – Cold-hearted witcher with ice abilities.
  • Aveline Steelheart – Fearless witcher with an unbreakable spirit.
  • Selene Stormchaser – Witcher skilled in tracking and hunting.
  • Ignatius Ironsoul – Witcher with a fiery passion for justice.
  • Oberon Shadowcaster – Witcher adept in illusion and trickery.
  • Seraphina Moonfire – Witcher attuned to lunar magic.
  • Thalia Swiftstrike – Agile and swift witcher in combat.
  • Valyrian Stormborn – Witcher born amidst a storm’s fury.
  • Magnus Blackthorn – Towering and powerful witcher.
  • Rosalind Deathwhisper – Witcher with a dark and haunting aura.
  • Seraphina Silverwing – Witcher with ethereal and angelic powers.
  • Cyrus Ironheart – Witcher with a heart of steel.
  • Victor Bloodraven – Ruthless and relentless witcher.
  • Seraphina Frostfang – Witcher with mastery over ice and frost.
  • Thaddeus Nightshade – Witcher skilled in the art of poisons.
  • Lucius Shadowthorn – Witcher lurking in the shadows, unseen.
  • Selene Stormwhisper – Witcher who can command the winds.
  • Isolde Swiftwind – Agile and nimble witcher in combat.
  • Maximus Fireborn – Witcher consumed by the fires of vengeance.
  • Seraphina Grimheart – Witcher delving into the darkest magic.
  • Valeria Ravenshadow – Witcher with an affinity for crows.
  • Ignatius Moonblade – Witcher wielding a blade as sharp as the moon.

Best Witcher Nilfgaardian Names

  • Cassius Blackthorn – Formidable and skilled witcher.
  • Seraphina Frostbane – Master of ice and frost.
  • Thaddeus Ironheart – Indomitable and unwavering in battle.
  • Lucius Stormrider – Commanding the forces of lightning.
  • Valeria Shadowblade – Expert in stealth and subterfuge.
  • Oberon Fireheart – Adept in the art of fire magic.
  • Isolde Nightshade – Mysterious and alluring witcher.
  • Seraphina Moonshadow – Master of illusion and trickery.
  • Ignatius Stormborn – Born amidst a storm’s fury.
  • Selene Nightraven – Swift and silent hunter.
  • Aveline Shadowcaster – Manipulator of shadows and darkness.
  • Thalia Ironsoul – Unyielding and resolute witcher.
  • Cyrus Frostfang – Ice-wielding warrior with a chilling presence.
  • Maximus Deathwhisper – Necromancer with an eerie aura.
  • Rosalind Stormchaser – Hunter of monsters and beasts.
  • Magnus Moonfire – Mystic healer with celestial powers.
  • Seraphina Silverwing – Witcher with ethereal and angelic abilities.
  • Lucius Swiftstrike – Swift and precise in combat.
  • Valyrian Darkstone – Towering and intimidating presence.
  • Seraphina Grimheart – Delving into the darkest magic.
  • Thaddeus Ravenshadow – Ruthless and merciless in battle.
  • Isolde Stormwhisper – Commanding the forces of nature.
  • Oberon Nightthorn – Evasive and elusive witcher.
  • Selene Frostbane – Cold-hearted and calculating witcher.
  • Ignatius Shadowthorn – Lurking in the shadows, unseen.
  • Aveline Bloodraven – Fearless and unyielding in pursuit of justice.
  • Thalia Fireborn – Consumed by the fires of vengeance.
  • Victor Moonblade – Master of the witcher’s blade.
  • Seraphina Ravenshadow – Dual-wielding blades with finesse.
  • Lucius Swiftwind – Agile and nimble witcher, impossible to catch.

Catchy Witcher Nilfgaardian Names

  • Vireo Shadowfire – Enigmatic and formidable witcher.
  • Elysia Frostthorn – Ice-wielding warrior with elegance.
  • Corvin Stormblade – Thunderous and relentless in combat.
  • Vesper Moonshadow – Master of shadows and subterfuge.
  • Seraphina Ironheart – Unbreakable and fierce in battle.
  • Thaddeus Firestorm – A force of nature on the battlefield.
  • Isolde Nightwhisper – Whispering secrets of the dark.
  • Valeria Stormrider – Riding the lightning to victory.
  • Lucius Shadowthorn – Striking fear from the shadows.
  • Aveline Frostfang – Biting through enemies with ice.
  • Selene Ironsoul – Steel-willed and resolute in purpose.
  • Ignatius Bloodthorn – Spilling blood with relentless zeal.
  • Oberon Swiftstrike – Striking fast like lightning’s bolt.
  • Seraphina Moonfire – A celestial dance of destruction.
  • Thalia Steelheart – A heart of steel, never faltering.
  • Cyrus Stormborn – Born of thunder and power.
  • Magnus Blackthorn – Thorny and dangerous in combat.
  • Rosalind Firebane – Bane of all that is aflame.
  • Seraphina Deathwhisper – Whispers of doom and death.
  • Valyrian Stormchaser – Chasing storms, a force to reckon.
  • Lucius Swiftwing – Swift as the wind, impossible to catch.
  • Selene Frostcaster – Casting icy spells with precision.
  • Isolde Shadowstrike – Striking from the shadows, unseen.
  • Maximus Ironsoul – A soul of iron, never yielding.
  • Thaddeus Moonblade – A blade like the crescent moon.
  • Seraphina Grimheart – Heart filled with dark desires.
  • Rosalind Ravenshadow – Shadows following her every move.
  • Victor Stormforge – Forging victory with tempestuous might.
  • Seraphina Nighthawk – Hunting like a night bird, unseen.
  • Valeria Firethorn – Thorns of fire, burning her enemies.

Funny Nilfgaardian Names

Bob the Unyielding – Stubborn and determined in battles.

Giggles the Fierce – A ferocious warrior with a laugh.

Sir Clumsyblade – A bumbling yet enthusiastic fighter.

Chuckles McStormy – Always laughing in the face of storms.

Snickerdoodle Frostpants – Brave, but with a chilly demeanor.

Lady Butterfingers – Accidentally skilled in combat.

Wigglesworth Thunderbelly – Thunderous and jolly in combat.

Captain Oops – Heroic, but prone to mistakes.

Dizzy the Invincible – Unintentionally lucky in battles.

Jester the Pummeler – A comical fighter with brute strength.

Whiskers the Cunning – Clever and mischievous on the battlefield.

Slippy McSwiftstrike – Agile, but occasionally slips up.

Boomerang Moonfire – A spellcaster with unpredictable powers.

Bubbles the Unbreakable – Resilient and always bubbly.

Chucklenuts Shadowpants – Master of shadows with a silly name.

Sir Gigglesworth – A knight with a whimsical laugh.

Trippy the Bewildering – Confusing foes with psychedelic magic.

Dippy Frostwhisker – Frosty and endearing in battles.

Fluffy Thunderpaws – Fierce, but with adorable paws.

Giggleguts Deathdance – Dancing into battles with laughter.

Chuckleberry Stormsocks – A stormy warrior with funny socks.

Captain Bungles – An enthusiastic, yet clumsy, leader.

Noodle the Invincible – Unintentionally succeeding in everything.

Whimsy McWandwaver – Waving wands with whimsical charm.

Bumblefist the Mighty – A powerful warrior with clumsy fists.

Chuckletush Mooncheeks – Cheeky moon magic with giggles.

Wobbles the Fearless – Bravely facing challenges, despite wobbling.

Snorty McSwiftwind – Sneezing while moving swiftly.

Jovial Jinx – Jinxing enemies with a jolly attitude.

Grinny Thundergale – A stormy warrior with a constant grin.

Unique Nilfgaardian Names

Xyvareth Darkflame – Unique witcher of dark fire.

Zyphora Starfury – Rare and celestial witcher.

Caelum Shadowthorn – Enigmatic and rare warrior.

Nysander Frostwing – Rare ice-winged warrior.

Vylerion Stormreaver – Uncommon force of storms.

Zareth Nightshade – Rare and elusive witcher.

Pyralis Moonstrike – Rare lunar warrior.

Lyssandra Ironroot – Unique and grounded warrior.

Syvanna Stormlance – Rare storm-wielding warrior.

Xylon Blackthorn – Unique and thorny witcher.

Zyleria Frostbloom – Rare icy blossom witcher.

Nyxandrath Shadowclaw – Uncommon shadowy claw.

Vaeloria Ironfire – Unique blend of iron and fire.

Zephyr Moonshroud – Rare moon-shrouded warrior.

Caelia Starcaster – Unique and stellar witcher.

Nyraxis Frostbane – Uncommon ice bane warrior.

Vaelen Shadowflare – Rare shadowy flare witcher.

Zyrelle Stormweaver – Uncommon storm weaver.

Pyrraxis Nightthorn – Rare thorny night warrior.

Nyxara Frostglide – Uncommon frost glider witcher.

Xavarian Starforge – Unique forger of stars.

Zyretha Shadowstrike – Rare shadowy strike witcher.

Caelion Stormblade – Uncommon thunder blade.

Vespera Ironsoul – Rare and steadfast warrior.

Syllidor Nightgale – Unique singing night warrior.

Zyndra Frostfall – Uncommon frosty fall witcher.

Nyxaris Starfrost – Rare icy star witcher.

Xyleron Shadowthorn – Unique shadowy thorn.

Zaeloria Moonwhisper – Rare lunar whisper witcher.

Caelior Stormchase – Uncommon storm chaser.

Cool Nilfgaardian Names

Asher Nightstrike – Cool and calculated night warrior.

Nyra Frostfang – A frosty and dangerous warrior.

Sylas Darkwood – Cool and composed in battles.

Zara Moonfire – A cool and celestial spellcaster.

Xerxes Stormbringer – Commanding storms with cool control.

Vaelin Shadowthorn – Cool and enigmatic witcher.

Zephyr Frostwind – Cool as a chilly breeze.

Nyla Ironheart – Cool and resolute in battles.

Syrus Starflare – A cool burst of stellar power.

Caelia Stormdancer – Dancing with cool elegance.

Nyxen Nightshade – Cool and elusive in shadows.

Zyler Froststeel – Ice-cool with a heart of steel.

Vesper Moonshadow – Cool like a tranquil night.

Zarael Firestorm – Unleashing cool firestorms.

Xavian Stormblade – A cool and thunderous presence.

Nyria Shadowcaster – Cool and masterful illusions.

Zyra Frostglade – Cool and serene amidst ice.

Caelum Nightwhisper – Whispers of cool night secrets.

Syrus Starfall – A cool shower of starlight.

Xalina Ironthorn – Cool and thorny on the battlefield.

Nyxra Frostfire – The cool fusion of ice and fire.

Zaelor Moonstrike – A cool lunar warrior.

Valerius Stormweaver – Weaving cool storms with ease.

Vespera Shadowgaze – Cool and penetrating gaze.

Xylara Frostdancer – Dancing with cool grace.

Zyric Moonshroud – Cool and mysterious moon magic.

Vaelora Ironclad – A cool and unyielding warrior.

Zephyra Stormchaser – Coolly chasing the wildest storms.

Caelan Nightthorn – Cool and sharp like thorns.

Nyara Frostheart – A heart as cool as ice.

Good Nilfgaardian Names

Seraphina Shadowblade – Master of stealth and combat.

Thaddeus Ironflame – Unyielding and fiery warrior.

Isolde Frostwing – Commanding ice with elegance.

Valeria Nightstrike – Striking with deadly precision.

Zyler Moonwhisper – A voice of moonlit enchantments.

Draven Stormheart – A tempestuous and passionate fighter.

Aveline Frostclaw – Cold-hearted and fearsome warrior.

Ignatius Shadowcaster – Manipulating shadows with expertise.

Selene Ironthorn – A tough and thorny fighter.

Magnus Stormweaver – Channeling the power of storms.

Lyria Nightgaze – Piercing gaze of the night.

Rosalind Frostflare – Unleashing icy flares of power.

Oberon Moonstrike – Swift and precise like moonlight.

Zyra Stormwhisper – Whispers of storm’s fury.

Victor Ironfire – A master of fierce combat.

Thalia Nightblade – The blade that strikes in darkness.

Seraphina Frostfury – Fierce and icy with wrath.

Valeria Shadowthorn – Thorny and elusive warrior.

Selene Moonchaser – Pursuing the moon’s grace.

Draven Stormbringer – Wielding the power of storms.

Isolde Frostshadow – Shadowy figure amidst ice.

Zyler Moonblade – A blade touched by moonlight.

Rosalind Stormheart – Heart as fierce as storms.

Thaddeus Ironwhisper – Whispers of unbreakable iron.

Seraphina Froststorm – A storm of icy power.

Valeria Nightshadow – Stealthy and cunning fighter.

Ignatius Shadowflame – Flames that dance in shadows.

Aveline Frostthorn – Thorny and icy in battles.

Magnus Stormclaw – Thunderous and fierce warrior.

Selene Ironfire – A fiery and unyielding fighter.

Nilfgaardian Names

How To Choose A Good Nilfgaardian Name

In the enchanting realm of the Witcher universe, Nilfgaard stands as a formidable empire with its rich culture and history. Selecting a good Nilfgaardian name holds a special allure for fans of this fantasy world, offering an opportunity to immerse themselves in the grandeur and majesty of the Imperial Empire. In this article, we delve into the art of choosing an authentic Nilfgaardian name that reflects the grandeur of the Empire and captivates the imagination of fans.

Understanding Nilfgaardian Language and Lore

To truly appreciate the beauty of Nilfgaardian names, one must delve into the linguistic roots and influences that shape the naming conventions of the Empire. The use of guttural sounds and rhythmic patterns adds an air of regality to the names, befitting the empire’s status. Understanding the cultural context and historical references embedded in Nilfgaardian names allows us to select names that embody the spirit of the Empire.

Embrace the Imperial Majesty

Nilfgaardian names are often intertwined with titles and honorifics, reflecting the nobility and authority of the Empire. By infusing names with regal titles and honorifics, individuals can evoke the imperial majesty of Nilfgaard. Crafting names that resonate with authority and grandeur adds an air of power and prestige to the characters bearing these names.

Delving into Mythology and Symbolism

The realm of Nilfgaardian mythos and legendary figures provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for name selection. Drawing from the empire’s mythology allows us to choose names that embody the values, ideals, and even heroic attributes of the Empire’s iconic figures. Each name becomes a testament to the cultural and legendary heritage of Nilfgaard.

Striking the Right Balance Between Tradition and Modernity

In the ever-evolving Witcher universe, the naming conventions of Nilfgaard also experience adaptations. Classic Nilfgaardian names coexist with contemporary variations that fit modern contexts while preserving cultural authenticity. Striking the right balance between tradition and modernity allows us to create names that resonate with fans and newcomers alike.

Testing and Embracing Authenticity

To ensure the authenticity of your chosen Nilfgaardian name, seek feedback from fellow Witcher enthusiasts and lore experts. Embrace the essence of the Empire in your selected name, making sure it aligns with the grandeur and cultural significance of Nilfgaard. Let the chosen name become an embodiment of the imperial spirit in your Witcher journey.

Embodying the Spirit of Nilfgaard

Once you have chosen an authentic Nilfgaardian name, embody the character and traits of Nilfgaard in your persona. Allow the name to become a part of your identity in the Witcher universe, infusing your portrayal with the imperial majesty and allure that Nilfgaard represents. Let your Nilfgaardian name be the key to unlocking the magic and excitement of this captivating fantasy realm.


In conclusion, our exploration of “700 Nilfgaardian Names” has been a thrilling journey through the rich tapestry of the Witcher universe. We hope that this vast collection of names has ignited your creativity and provided you with an array of options to breathe life into your fantasy characters. Naming your creations is a vital aspect of storytelling, and we believe that the carefully curated names in this article will add depth and authenticity to your narratives.

As we delved into the world of Nilfgaardian lore, we found ourselves captivated by the intricate meanings and histories behind each name. From mighty generals to enigmatic sorceresses, the names we’ve uncovered encompass a diverse range of traits and characteristics, ready to enhance your fictional beings. Remember, the magic lies not just in the combination of letters but in the stories you weave around these names, transforming them into unforgettable personas.

If you’ve found that one perfect name for your character or a handful that sparked your imagination, we consider our mission accomplished. As a Naming Specialist with a passion for fantasy realms, it has been an honor to curate this collection for you. We encourage you to embrace the uniqueness of each name and allow them to guide your creative endeavors. Let your characters step forth with names that resonate with their essence and make their mark in the realm of Nilfgaard.

So, as you embark on your storytelling adventures, remember that names hold great power – they shape identities and evoke emotions. Take the inspiration from this article and create your own legends in the Witcher world and beyond. Happy writing, and may your characters leave a lasting legacy through the ages, their names forever etched in the annals of Nilfgaardian history.


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