700 Ninja and Assassin Names Inspired by Secrets and Skill

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Ninja & Assassin Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and intriguing names for your characters or projects, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of 700 names that embody the essence of stealth, power, and mystery. As Sun Tzu once said, “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” These names will undoubtedly add a touch of enigma to your creations.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist in the fantasy character realm, I’ve had the pleasure of diving deep into the art of name creation. I’ve honed my skills in crafting names that resonate with readers and bring characters to life. The process of finding the perfect name is a delicate balance between capturing the character’s personality and creating a memorable identity. It’s a task I take great pride in, and I’m excited to share some of my expertise with you.

In this article, you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique and captivating names that will set your ninja or assassin characters apart from the rest. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply seeking inspiration, we guarantee that you’ll find a name that strikes a chord with you. Get ready to embark on a journey of imagination, where each name holds the potential to shape the destiny of your characters. Let’s dive in and unleash the power of these extraordinary names!

Ninja Names

Ninja And Assassin Names

  • Ryoji Shadowstrike
  • Kira Swiftblade
  • Haruki Moonfire
  • Yuna Nightshade
  • Hiroshi Thunderclaw
  • Aiko Shadowdancer
  • Kaiji Stormbreaker
  • Sora Silentwind
  • Sakura Moonshadow
  • Renji Ironheart
  • Hana Whisperblade
  • Takeshi Nightfall
  • Kazumi Scarletclaw
  • Emiko Shadowfang
  • Kenzo Steelthorn
  • Ayaka Serpentstrike
  • Toshiro Stormrider
  • Amaya Ashenblade
  • Haru Crimsonmist
  • Kiyomi Steelheart
  • Raiden Shadowstorm
  • Rei Frostbite
  • Yuki Swiftwind
  • Akira Nightscar
  • Michiko Shadowfox
  • Daichi Moonfang
  • Sakura Silentstrike
  • Ryuji Thunderclaw
  • Haruka Shadowlily
  • Mei Stormrunner
  • Kazuki Nightfury
  • Yumi Swiftblade
  • Hiroshi Darkthorn
  • Aika Moonshroud
  • Kaito Venomstrike
  • Sora Silverthorn
  • Riku Silentwhisper
  • Akemi Emberheart
  • Ren Stormshadow
  • Hana Crimsonblade
  • Ryuji Shadowfang
  • Kaede Silentdancer
  • Yuna Moonfire
  • Tatsuya Thunderstrike
  • Ayame Shadowbreaker
  • Michi Frostfall
  • Haruki Nightwalker
  • Sakura Ashendagger
  • Kenji Stormrider
  • Akiko Moonwhisper
  • Emi Shadowclaw
  • Kaiji Steelthorn
  • Aya Serpentstrike
  • Yori Thunderheart
  • Haru Moonshadow
  • Rina Silentstorm
  • Hiro Frostbite
  • Renji Swiftwind
  • Kira Nightscar
  • Kazumi Shadowfox
  • Sora Stormclaw
  • Toshiro Moonstrike
  • Mei Silentwhisper
  • Yumi Ashenblade
  • Raiden Steelheart
  • Ayaka Shadowdancer
  • Ryuji Stormbreaker
  • Hana Moonfire
  • Michiko Silentwind
  • Daichi Crimsonmist
  • Akira Shadowfang
  • Emiko Moonshroud
  • Haruka Stormrunner
  • Kaiji Nightfury
  • Yuna Silentstrike
  • Kazuki Swiftblade
  • Aika Darkthorn
  • Kaito Moonfang
  • Sora Silentscar
  • Sakura Shadowfox

Assassin Names

Ninja And Assassin Names

  • Evander Blackthorn
  • Nyssa Shadowfire
  • Kael Nightshade
  • Seraphina Swiftstrike
  • Orion Blackwood
  • Elara Deathwhisper
  • Caelan Stormcloak
  • Livia Nightfall
  • Magnus Crimsonblade
  • Selene Emberheart
  • Lucius Darkthorn
  • Aurelia Venomstrike
  • Darius Ravenshadow
  • Lilith Steelheart
  • Atticus Moonshadow
  • Evangeline Ashendagger
  • Valerian Frostfang
  • Seraphine Nightlock
  • Cassius Shadowstorm
  • Isabella Crimsonclaw
  • Zephyr Stormrider
  • Morrigan Moonfire
  • Zara Silentstrike
  • Dante Ironheart
  • Callista Whisperblade
  • Lucien Thornheart
  • Celeste Bloodthorn
  • Xander Silentwind
  • Ravenna Moonshadow
  • Maximus Frostborne
  • Lyra Shadowfox
  • Lachlan Emberstorm
  • Nova Ashenblade
  • Ryker Stormrider
  • Alessandra Deathstrike
  • Cassian Moonwhisper
  • Astrid Shadowdancer
  • Nikolai Thunderclaw
  • Serenity Nightscar
  • Orion Darkblade
  • Freya Venomshade
  • Maximillian Ravenshadow
  • Anastasia Steelthorn
  • Azrael Shadowstrike
  • Aurora Crimsonmist
  • Asher Silentthorn
  • Lysandra Frostheart
  • Ashlyn Moonfire
  • Damien Blackthistle
  • Valentina Emberheart
  • Donovan Nightshroud
  • Morrigan Stormbreaker
  • Isolde Whisperthorn
  • Draven Ironclaw
  • Elysia Bloodthorn
  • Oberon Shadowthorn
  • Evangeline Darkheart
  • Sebastian Stormcloak
  • Amara Deathwhisper
  • Lucian Nightfall
  • Nova Crimsonblade
  • Evander Emberheart
  • Seraphina Blackwood
  • Orion Nightstrike
  • Elara Ashendagger
  • Kael Frostfang
  • Selene Moonshadow
  • Lucius Silentwind
  • Lilith Shadowfire
  • Caelan Ironheart
  • Livia Moonfire
  • Magnus Shadowstorm
  • Seraphine Darkthorn
  • Atticus Emberheart
  • Aurelia Silentstrike
  • Darius Crimsonclaw
  • Valerian Stormrider
  • Zara Moonfire
  • Morrigan Ashenblade
  • Xander Nightshade

Ninja And Assassin Names

Ninja And Assassin Names

  • Kaiji Shadowblade
  • Ayumi Moonstrike
  • Haruki Silentstorm
  • Sakura Swiftshadow
  • Renji Nightshade
  • Hana Crimsonfang
  • Takeshi Shadowfire
  • Emi Moonwhisper
  • Kazuki Silentstrike
  • Yuna Steelheart
  • Hiroshi Blackthorn
  • Aiko Nightwind
  • Kenzo Ashendagger
  • Mei Thunderclaw
  • Ryoji Shadowfox
  • Haruka Frostfire
  • Sora Moonshadow
  • Kira Emberheart
  • Tatsuya Nightstorm
  • Yumi Steelthorn
  • Kazumi Swiftstrike
  • Michiko Shadowthorn
  • Daichi Silentblade
  • Akira Moonfire
  • Kaijin Stormcloak
  • Ayaka Darkwhisper
  • Ren Stormrunner
  • Haru Nightscar
  • Sakura Frostfang
  • Ryuji Shadowstrike
  • Hikari Thunderheart
  • Yori Silentwhisper
  • Akemi Emberstorm
  • Kaito Moonshroud
  • Sora Shadowclaw
  • Riku Nightclaw
  • Haruka Thunderstrike
  • Emi Moonlily
  • Hiro Frostbane
  • Ayumi Shadowflare
  • Kaiji Moonwhisper
  • Yuna Silentthorn
  • Renji Ashenshadow
  • Hana Stormblade
  • Takeshi Nightwing
  • Mei Crimsonscar
  • Kazuki Swiftshadow
  • Aiko Moonstriker
  • Haruki Darkfire
  • Tatsuya Silentthunder
  • Sora Steelclaw
  • Yumi Moonstorm
  • Daichi Shadowthorn
  • Michiko Froststrike
  • Akira Nightwhisper
  • Kaijin Emberclaw
  • Ayaka Moonshadow
  • Ren Frostfang
  • Haru Silentstrike
  • Ryuji Thunderheart
  • Sakura Shadowfire
  • Kazumi Moonwhisper
  • Hikari Silentstorm
  • Riku Ashenblade
  • Akemi Nightstrike
  • Kaito Thunderclaw
  • Emi Shadowdancer
  • Hiroshi Moonscar
  • Ayumi Frostblade
  • Kaiji Silentwhisper
  • Yuna Stormcloak
  • Haruki Nightshroud
  • Renji Moonrunner
  • Hana Silentfire
  • Takeshi Nightthorn
  • Mei Shadowstrike
  • Kazuki Moonheart
  • Aiko Silentfang
  • Sora Thunderstrike
  • Yumi Nightshade

20 Ninja And Assassin Names With Meanings

Ninja And Assassin Names

Ayumu Swiftstrike – A nimble assassin whose strikes are as swift as the wind.

Kazuki Silentshadow – A shadowy figure who moves without making a sound, leaving enemies in awe.

Rei Sableblade – A deadly warrior with a dark and sleek blade, cutting through the shadows effortlessly.

Kohana Serpentwhisper – A skilled ninja who commands the deadly grace of serpents, striking with precision and venom.

Renji Emberheart – A fiery assassin whose heart burns with unwavering determination, leaving a trail of ashes in their wake.

Hikari Moonthorn – A moonlit warrior whose thorny tactics shine with an ethereal glow.

Haruka Stormcloak – A tempestuous presence that harnesses the power of storms, unleashing devastation with each strike.

Kenji Nightshade – A mysterious figure cloaked in darkness, whispering secrets of the night.

Aya Shadowfrost – A frosty assassin who freezes their enemies’ souls with a touch as cold as ice.

Ryota Steelshroud – A warrior whose unwavering determination is fortified by an impenetrable steel armor.

Amaya Crimsonclaw – A fierce and bloodthirsty warrior whose razor-sharp claws leave crimson trails in their wake.

Takeshi Phoenixfire – A reborn warrior whose flames of resilience rise from the ashes, fueling their undying spirit.

Sakura Whispereyes – A stealthy assassin with eyes that hold the secrets of the shadows, seeing through deception.

Daichi Thunderstrike – A thunderous force of nature whose lightning-quick strikes reverberate through the battlefield.

Yumi Ghostshadow – A phantom-like presence that slips through the darkness, haunting their enemies’ dreams.

Kaito Ironfist – A warrior with fists of iron, shattering their foes’ defenses with unyielding force.

Michiko Venomshade – A deadly enigma whose toxic concoctions bring death with a single touch.

Akira Emberstorm – A fiery storm that engulfs the battlefield, leaving destruction in its wake.

Hiroshi Nightscar – A scarred assassin whose wounds serve as a reminder of their resilience and triumph over adversity.

Emi Moonwhisper – A soft-spoken warrior whose whispered words bring chaos and upheaval, their intentions masked in mystery.

Ninja And Assassin Names Male

Zephyr Nightshade – Swift and stealthy warrior of darkness.

Draven Shadowborn – A dark, mysterious agent skilled in the shadows.

Ashikage Shiro – The white warrior who strikes silently.

Kaijin Onyxblade – A deadly master of the black blade.

Ryuji Silentstrike – A silent and lethal force to be reckoned with.

Kazuki Shadowstep – The master of disappearing acts and deadly strikes.

Takeda Crimsonshadow – A crimson-eyed assassin who leaves no trace.

Hiroshi Steelheart – A strong and fearless warrior with a heart of steel.

Jiro Blackthorn – A skilled warrior with a penchant for thorny tactics.

Kenshiro Nightfall – A warrior whose presence heralds the fall of darkness.

Raiden Swiftstrike – A lightning-fast warrior who strikes with precision.

Masaru Darkthorn – A shadowy figure with a penchant for deadly flora.

Tora Blackfang – A ferocious assassin with teeth as sharp as blades.

Renji Ironclaw – A master of close combat with iron-like claws.

Jinjiro Moonshadow – A lunar warrior whose blade shines in the darkness.

Hayato Stormblade – A stormy presence with a deadly sword.

Takeshi Firestorm – A fiery warrior who leaves his enemies in ashes.

Akira Nightwind – A nocturnal assassin who dances with the wind.

Kaito Deathwhisper – A whispering harbinger of death.

Toru Shadowstrike – A swift and silent attacker from the shadows.

Kenzo Venomblade – A poisonous assassin with a deadly touch.

Hiroki Steelthorn – A warrior with a heart of steel and a thorny disposition.

Makoto Bloodfang – A fearsome warrior whose bite is as deadly as his blade.

Yoshiro Stormrider – A rider of storms and master of lightning.

Ryoji Deathmask – A faceless assassin who brings death without mercy.

Shinji Onyxheart – A warrior with a heart as dark as onyx.

Hiroshi Moonstrike – A moonlit warrior who strikes with grace and precision.

Daichi Swiftshadow – A shadowy figure who moves with lightning speed.

Tatsu Nightstalker – A fearsome warrior who hunts in the darkness.

Ichiro Scarblade – A warrior whose blade leaves scars that never fade.

Ninja And Assassin Names Female

Ayame Shadowdancer – A graceful dancer of shadows and death.

Kaede Nightshade – A deadly beauty lurking in the shadows.

Sakura Whisperwind – A whispering breeze that carries death’s song.

Hana Crimsonscar – A scarlet-clad assassin with a reputation for bloodshed.

Rei Silentblade – A quiet and deadly warrior with a sharp blade.

Emiko Steelheart – A woman of steel, unyielding and fierce.

Amaya Darkthorn – A thorny presence that blooms in the darkness.

Yumi Moonshadow – A moonlit figure whose beauty conceals deadly intent.

Haruka Swiftstrike – A swift and precise warrior with lightning speed.

Sora Blackthorn – A mysterious figure whose presence brings darkness.

Himari Shadowstep – A nimble-footed assassin who disappears without a trace.

Mio Stormrider – A woman who rides the storms and commands the lightning.

Noriko Deathwhisper – A whispering voice that foretells death’s arrival.

Rina Venomblade – A deadly beauty with a poisonous touch.

Akiko Nightfall – A warrior whose presence heralds the fall of night.

Sayuri Firestorm – A fiery presence that engulfs enemies in flames.

Yuki Silentstrike – A silent and lethal force that strikes without warning.

Misaki Moonstrike – A lunar warrior whose blade shines in the night.

Mei Stormblade – A tempestuous warrior with a deadly sword.

Ayaka Nightwind – A nocturnal assassin who dances with the wind.

Chiyoko Steelthorn – A woman with a heart of steel and a thorny disposition.

Natsumi Bloodfang – A fearsome warrior whose bite is as deadly as her blade.

Yuri Shadowfire – A fiery presence that burns bright in the darkness.

Emi Onyxheart – A woman with a heart as dark as onyx.

Aiko Scarblade – A warrior whose blade leaves scars that never fade.

Asuka Moonwhisper – A whispering voice that carries the essence of death.

Nami Silentshadow – A silent and enigmatic figure that glides through the shadows.

Rika Crimsonstrike – A crimson-eyed warrior with a deadly strike.

Mana Swiftthorn – A swift and nimble warrior with thorny tactics.

Kyoko Blackfang – A ferocious assassin with a bite as sharp as blades.

Ninja Assassin Weapons Names

Shuriken – Throwing star of deadly precision.

Kunai – A versatile blade for close-quarters combat.

Kusarigama – A chain-scythe weapon for deadly reach.

Fukiya – A blowgun that launches poisoned darts.

Kyoketsu-shoge – A hooked blade attached to a chain.

Manriki-gusari – A weighted chain for swift and precise strikes.

Tessen – A folding fan with concealed metal edges.

Tekko-kagi – Claw-like weapons worn on the hands.

Kama – A sickle-shaped blade for slashing and hooking.

Nunchaku – A pair of connected sticks for quick strikes.

Bo staff – A versatile staff weapon for defense and offense.

Kusari-fundo – A chain with a weighted end for swift attacks.

Naginata – A polearm with a curved blade for slashing and thrusting.

Kyoketsu-shogi – A hooked dagger attached to a rope.

Metsubushi – A small container used for blinding opponents.

Tantō – A short dagger for close-range combat.

Fūma shuriken – A large, windmill-shaped throwing star.

Kaginawa – A grappling hook for scaling walls and restraining foes.

Sai – Tri-pronged daggers used for defense and offense.

Bō shuriken – Spiked throwing needles for stealthy attacks.

Yumi – A traditional longbow for accurate ranged strikes.

Hanbō – A short staff for quick and agile combat.

Jutte – A specialized weapon for disarming and blocking attacks.

Tetsubishi – Metal caltrops used to slow down pursuers.

Kiseru – A metal smoking pipe that doubles as a concealed weapon.

Tsurugi – A double-edged sword for lethal precision.

Fude – A hidden brush pen that conceals a poisoned needle.

Kiseru bō – A staff that hides a concealed metal pipe.

Jitte – A metal truncheon with a hook for disarming opponents.

Teppō – A matchlock firearm for long-range attacks.

Cool Ninja And Assassin Names

Ravyn Shadowstrike – A fierce and cunning warrior of shadows.

Ashlyn Nightshade – A cool and calculated mistress of darkness.

Blade Scarlatch – A skilled and scarred assassin with a deadly blade.

Storm Blackthorn – A tempestuous force of nature with lethal skills.

Orion Darkmoon – A celestial warrior with a touch of darkness.

Ember Shadowfire – A blazing assassin with an infernal presence.

Jade Swiftshadow – A swift and agile warrior with a touch of elegance.

Zephyr Nightlock – A master of the winds and locks, a key to death.

Nyx Bloodthorn – A mysterious figure with a taste for bloodshed.

Phoenix Midnight – A fiery avenger who rises from the darkness.

Viper Silentshade – A venomous presence that strikes without warning.

Eclipse Steelheart – A warrior whose heart is as unyielding as steel.

Nova Serpentstrike – A cosmic warrior with the striking power of a serpent.

Cipher Shadowwhisper – A mysterious enigma with whispered secrets.

Spectre Deathshade – A ghostly presence that brings death’s embrace.

Zero Darkthorn – An enigmatic figure with zero mercy and deadly thorns.

Zenith Moonshadow – A warrior whose skills shine brightest under the moon.

Solstice Swiftstrike – A warrior whose speed reaches its peak at the solstice.

Ragnar Steelclaw – A relentless warrior with claws of unbreakable steel.

Blitz Nightfire – A lightning-fast assassin who leaves trails of fire.

Ardent Stormrider – A passionate warrior who rides the storm’s fury.

Solara Frostblade – A warrior with a cold and icy blade of precision.

Astral Shadowstar – A celestial warrior with stars as deadly as shadows.

Seraphina Whisperwind – A heavenly presence that whispers the songs of death.

Hades Blackfang – A fearsome assassin whose fangs carry the mark of the underworld.

Zen Nightfall – A tranquil warrior whose silence brings darkness.

Vortex Ironheart – A warrior whose heart swirls with an unyielding force.

Phantom Moonstrike – A ghostly warrior whose strikes are swift and deadly.

Raven Darkthistle – A mysterious figure with a touch of thorny malevolence.

Serenity Deathmask – A serene face that hides the mask of death.

Fantasy Ninja And Assassin Names

Arion Shadowblade – A legendary assassin with a blade forged in darkness.

Elysia Nightshade – A mythical figure who weaves shadows like silk.

Valerian Swiftwind – A mythical being who moves with the speed of wind.

Azura Moonshadow – A celestial assassin whose presence eclipses the moon.

Oberon Bloodthorn – A mythical warrior with a blade stained in blood.

Sylphira Whisperwind – A mystical figure whose whispers bring death’s embrace.

Vesper Shadowfire – A mythical presence that burns brighter than the sun.

Orion Froststrike – A legendary warrior whose strikes freeze the soul.

Seraphina Blackthorn – A celestial assassin with a thorny disposition.

Zephyrus Nightfall – A mythical warrior whose arrival heralds the fall of night.

Astraea Steelheart – A divine warrior with a heart as unyielding as steel.

Drystan Moonrider – A mythical figure who rides the moonlit skies.

Morwen Shadowthorn – A mythical presence with thorns that pierce the veil.

Solara Sunfire – A radiant warrior whose flames consume the darkness.

Thalassa Moonwhisper – A mythical voice that carries the tide of destiny.

Erevan Stormblade – A legendary warrior who wields the fury of storms.

Luna Nightwind – A mythical assassin who dances with the wind under the moon.

Ophelia Deathstrike – A mythical figure whose strikes bring death’s touch.

Talon Shadowclaw – A mythical warrior with claws that slice through shadows.

Aether Moonstrike – A mythical presence whose strikes transcend the mortal realm.

Aradia Darkthistle – A mythical figure whose touch brings thorny malevolence.

Celestia Swiftthorn – A celestial warrior with thorny tactics.

Nyx Moonfire – A mythical presence whose flames burn with lunar intensity.

Zephyr Stormrider – A mythical warrior who rides the storm’s fury.

Avalon Nightfall – A mythical realm where darkness and shadows converge.

Aurora Silverheart – A mythical warrior with a heart as pure as silver.

Elysium Starshadow – A mythical figure whose shadows are formed by stars.

Oberyn Bloodclaw – A mythical warrior whose claws carry the mark of bloodshed.

Phoenix Moonwhisper – A mythical being reborn under the moon’s gentle whispers.

Seraphiel Deathmask – A mythical face that conceals the mask of death’s embrace.

Fantasy Ninja And Assassin Names

How To Choose A Good Ninja And Assassin Name

Ninja and Assassin names have captivated the imaginations of people for centuries. The allure of these names lies in their mystique and the power they evoke. When embarking on a journey to find the perfect Ninja or Assassin name, it is essential to understand the significance and impact it can have. This article will guide you through the process of selecting a good Ninja and Assassin name, ensuring that it reflects your personal style, embraces cultural influences, and resonates with the characteristics of these legendary figures.

Understanding the Characteristics of Ninja and Assassin Names

To choose a suitable Ninja or Assassin name, thorough research is necessary. Delve into historical references, explore cultural and linguistic elements, and analyze the symbolism and imagery associated with these names. By understanding the essence of Ninja and Assassin names, you can create one that embodies the traits and qualities you seek to represent.

Reflecting Personal Style and Identity

Your Ninja or Assassin name should be an extension of your personal style and identity. Consider your preferences, interests, and the image you wish to project. Reflect on your individual characteristics and traits that align with the stealth and strength commonly associated with these legendary figures. Additionally, draw inspiration from fictional sources that resonate with you, as they can provide unique insights and ideas for crafting a name that feels truly personal.

Balancing Stealth and Impact

Ninjas and Assassins operate in the shadows, relying on their stealth and agility. When choosing a name, aim for one that conveys these qualities. Consider incorporating elements that evoke a sense of mystery, swift movement, and calculated precision. At the same time, emphasize the impact and strength associated with these legendary figures, ensuring that the chosen name strikes fear in the hearts of your adversaries.

Embracing Cultural Influences

Ninja and Assassin traditions have roots in various cultures, with Japanese Ninja being the most well-known. Explore the rich heritage of these cultures, study traditional names, and draw inspiration from their unique linguistic and cultural references. Incorporating these elements into your name can add depth and authenticity, paying homage to the rich history of these iconic figures.

Creating Memorable and Unique Names

In a world filled with clichés and common name choices, it is crucial to create a Ninja or Assassin name that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Experiment with word combinations and phonetics to craft a name that is truly unique. Test the name’s memorability and impact by sharing it with others, ensuring that it resonates with both you and those who hear it.

Ensuring Practicality and Usability

While it’s tempting to choose a name that sounds exotic or enigmatic, practicality and usability should not be overlooked. Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell, as it will be used in various contexts. Avoid names that may cause misunderstandings or unintentionally offend others. Strive for a name that strikes the perfect balance between intrigue and practicality.


In conclusion, we hope this article has provided you with a wealth of inspiration and possibilities for naming your ninja and assassin characters. With 700 carefully curated names at your disposal, you have a vast array of options to choose from. Remember, the name you select can significantly impact how your characters are perceived and remembered by your audience. So, take your time, explore the list, and select a name that truly embodies the essence of your character.

Naming is a powerful tool in storytelling, and it’s essential to choose a name that resonates with your character’s traits, backstory, and overall narrative. Whether you’re writing a novel, developing a game, or even creating artwork, the right name can enhance the immersive experience for your audience. A well-chosen name can evoke a sense of mystery, intrigue, and even fear, ensuring that your characters leave a lasting impression.

We encourage you to experiment, mix and match, and personalize the names from our list. Don’t be afraid to modify and adapt them to suit your specific needs. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create memorable and captivating characters that will engage and captivate your audience. So, armed with these 700 ninja and assassin names, go forth and unleash your creativity!


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