502 Catchy Notary Business Names Ideas And Suggestions

If you’re looking for notary business names, then you’ve come to the right place. There are thousands of notary business name ideas to choose from, and you may have trouble narrowing down the choices.

But fear not! We’ve done the hard work for you, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the notary business name ideas that are out there.

In case you’re not familiar with the term “notary,” this is someone who has special training and education to authenticate documents.

The majority of notary services are performed by lawyers and licensed notaries public. They usually have their own offices where they conduct official signings and notarize legal documents. Notaries are also sometimes hired by the government to do notarization at large events, such as weddings.

Notary Business Names

Notary publics, as their name implies, are public official who records transactions such as legal documents like marriage licenses or deeds of title. These publics are also responsible for authenticating signatures on these documents, which are known as notarial acts.

In order to protect the public and maintain the integrity of government, notaries are sworn officials who undergo extensive training before they are allowed to administer oaths or certify documents.

  • Lormit Process Servers
  • Filipino-Canadian International Travel
  • Free Range Notary
  • Legal Hammer
  • Notary Pro
  • Mobile Notary Az
  • A1 Accountants
  • Russ Weninger
  • Tiffin And Company Accountants & Consultants
  • Efficient Cases
  • Tatum Notary
  • 24 Hour Notary Service
  • Md Legals
  • Fishers Notary
  • All County Notarial Services
  • The Notary Nugget
  • Bay Area Mobile Notary
  • Fortuna Signings Usa
  • Aaa Euless Insurance And Member Services
  • Golden Gate Notary
  • Quickserve Agencies
  • Notary Appointment Station
  • Big Bear Notary Services Inc
  • Active Immigration Professionals
  • White Horse Notary Public
  • Brosgall Legal
  • Accounting Advisors
  • Peach State Notary
  • Kenwood Notary
  • Fast Notary Public
  • Reliable Note
  • Gifted Notary
  • Instant, Same Day Notary Service
  • Your Time Notary
  • Fazios Notary
  • Economic Entity
  • Adriana’s Notary Public Service
  • Estate Planning Notaries
  • Simple Signings Notary Service
  • Butterfly Notary Services
  • Neighbourhood Notary
  • Call The Coins
  • Silver Authenticate.
  • Cooper & Company Law Firm
  • Hillside Legal
  • Friendly Service Notary
  • Goodman Notary
  • Income Growth Accounting
  • Duckell Notary
  • Death Certificate Notary Service
  • A-Notary A Day
  • Quick And Easy Notary
  • B & G Accounting
  • Judge & Associates Immigration Services
  • American Hero Notary
  • Eagle Postal Center Uptown
  • Maccounting
  • Hall & Revering
  • Rdc Canada Immigration
  • Attorney At Law Notary
  • Deputy Provincial Secretary’s Office
  • Desert Documents
  • Lakeland Law Group
  • All-Canada Notary
  • Roseberg Notary
  • Quicken
  • True Disputes
  • Cls Consulting Ltd
  • Fast Copy Notary
  • Child Care/Notary
  • Pat Mcneil Notary Public
  • Good 2 Go Mobile Notary
  • Hottie’s Notary
  • Alexandra’s Tax Services
  • Barnes Law Office
  • Swiftly Paid
  • Big Mouth Notary
  • Civil Essentials
  • Liberty Jaw
  • Always Active Notary
  • Ups Customer Center
  • Jetset Tax
  • Canada Immigration Consulting Ltd
  • Signed N Sealed
  • My Attorney At Law
  • Financial Matters
  • Save Bankruptcy
  • Willow Insurance Corp.
  • Counting Coins

Top 10 Rare Notary Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Fast Copy Notary

FastCopyNotary is a perfect example for your business because you can offer them the services they need to run their business. With such kind of name, you can attract more clients and they will visit your website regularly.

The business name also reflects how fast you can deliver your services to them. So, it is important to choose such a name so that you can provide all kinds of services as soon as possible.

Fast Copy Notary

2.     Swiftly Paid

The name Swiftly Paid Notary is very catchy and interesting. It’s a good and unique name and will attract lots of customers to your business.

The name Swiftly Paid Notary is perfect because it’s easy to remember. You don’t need to use any punctuation or capital letters. Also, this name is not too long. So, you have enough space to describe yourself and your business clearly.

Swiftly Paid

3.     Absolute Notary

The name “Absolute Notary” is a combination of two words that mean absolutely authentic and original. This name is perfect for a notary service.

The name “Absolute” is a reminder to your customers that you don’t copy other companies but you create unique and quality products. It also suggests that you are committed to your work and you take every product seriously.

Absolute Notary

4.      Best In Basket

This name shows that your business deals with notary services. It can be used as a professional notary service provider. And, people will know that you provide quality services that cannot be found anywhere else.

Your target audience is people who want to hire notary services. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers then you should give a try to this name.

Best In Basket

5.      Wisdom of owls

This name is perfect for you because it is very simple and elegant at the same time. You can use it in many different ways like “Legally Guardian” or “Legal Guardian Notary Services” etc.

Moreover, you have a lot of options with this name as well. So, you can also change it in many different ways like “The Legal Guardian Notary Services”, “Notary Service of The Legal Guardian”, “Guardian Notary”, “Guardian Notary Services” and so on.

The Legal Guardian

6.      Just Our Types

The name “Just Our Types” suggests that this company offers its clients the best type of services. It does not matter if you are a business owner or not, this name will get you the job done. You can even use this name as a brand.

However, the name is short and easy to remember. So, it is best for you to promote your business with this name.

Just Our Types

7.      Medical Notary Service

Medical notary service is a profession that is related to the law. The term “notary” is used when you have to make a contract or document official. This service is very important for those who work in hospitals or have a relationship with them.

So, if you want to start a business for medical notaries you should choose a name like “Medical Notary Service”.

Medical Notary Service

8.      Pro-notary Underwriting

If you are looking for an easy-to-remember and professional-sounding business name, then this is the name you have been searching for!

A notary is a legal term, which means that you can provide notary services to anyone. You don’t have to be a notary to use this name.

Pro-notary Underwriting

9.       Atlas Notary Services

If you search “Notary Service” on Google, you will get a list of results including “Notary Service”, “Notary Service in Houston”, “Notary Service in San Francisco”, and so on.

Also, the name includes the keyword “Atlas”. If you check any dictionary you will learn that the word “atlas” means “a large map or globe used in navigation”.

Atlas Notary Services

10.      Top Dog Notary

Top Dog Notary Services is an organization that will provide notary services to its clients. You can use this business name if you are a notary services provider.

The name suggests that you are very much competent to perform any task efficiently. The name is very catchy and it can easily be remembered by the people. It also makes your brand visible. So, people can easily locate your services with ease.

Top Dog Notary

Catchy Notary Business Names

Starting a notary business requires a little bit of planning ahead of time. You will need to determine what your niche is, create a website, and register a domain name.

The first step is to find a catchy notary business name. A catchy notary business name will help you stand out from other notaries and your customers will appreciate you because you have a name that they will remember.

  • Brisk Specialists
  • Active Justice
  • Atlas Notary Services
  • 1st Source Tax Notary
  • Treasury Accounting
  • We Do Anything Notary
  • Wdc Apostille & Legalization Services
  • All Equilibrium
  • All Points Notary Services
  • Accurate Service
  • Time Travel Notary
  • Star Signers
  • Dollar Bill Notaries
  • Accurate Finance
  • Novel Notary Public Services
  • Quik Time Notary
  • 24/7 Notaries
  • Asap Business Services Inc
  • Premium Offshore Llc
  • Pls Check Cashers
  • Balance Accounting Group
  • Vigilant Group
  • Student Legal Services
  • 24/7 Mobile Notary
  • Accounting Cares
  • Applied Notary
  • Worth Notary Service
  • Atb Financial
  • Allied Notaries
  • Rc Lawyers & Associates
  • Get The Job Done Right.
  • Docsbase Canada
  • Sagging Lag
  • Reliant Notary Service
  • Auditure
  • Rocket Ship Notary
  • Professional Notary
  • Oregon Usa Notary Service Llc
  • Be There Notary
  • Premier Accounting Firm
  • Sage
  • Gertie’s Traveling Notary Public
  • Affiliate Notary Services
  • Wills Law Offices
  • Alpine Legal Ventures
  • Accounts Paid
  • Notary Vassilopoulos
  • Document Genie Ltd.
  • Customer Satisfaction Notary
  • Great Notary Graphics
  • Bastion Finance
  • Always Open Notaries
  • Bold Records
  • Accountants On Call
  • Avenging Angels Of Notary
  • Vital Solutions
  • Arshad Aziz
  • I Drive 2 U Notary
  • American Dream Notary
  • Apple Valley Notary
  • Citadel Business
  • Butcher Invoices
  • Borders Law Firm
  • Reliable And Professional.
  • Tax Doctor
  • Notary Public Services By Lawyers

Clever Notary Business Names

Starting a notary business requires patience, dedication, and professionalism.

For example, notaries have been around for centuries, so “notary” or “notary public” should be available to the public when they search for a notary business. The same goes for “attorney”.

  • The Notary Man
  • Brosseau & Associates Lawyer And Notary Public Office
  • Pentagram Accountants
  • Validated N’ Verified
  • Nickel And Dime
  • Gamechangers Notarie
  • Book Club Notary
  • Metricing
  • Merchant Laws
  • The Advocate Immigration Services
  • My Notary Az
  • Schedule Online For Services When You Need Them.
  • Marcus Consultancy
  • Signing By One
  • Little Masters
  • A+ Notary
  • Fast And Friendly Notaries
  • Invoici
  • Quick Draw Notary Public Service
  • Assure Llc
  • 13 North
  • Westmond Notary Public
  • National Notary Service
  • On-Demand Legal Doc’s
  • Cerberus Corp
  • Office Depot
  • Discount Mobile Notary
  • Money Zone Usa
  • Formetrics
  • Usa Shipping Center
  • Professional Traveling Mobile Notary Service.
  • Quick Clients
  • Write It Right.
  • All County Notary
  • Lakeview Insurance Brokers – Blaine Lake
  • Heritage Law Offices
  • 24 Hour, Full Service, Same Day.
  • Your Personal Assistant
  • 7-Eleven Notary
  • Mail World Office
  • Peaceful Point.
  • Ibankeasy
  • All Time Notary
  • Best Rated Notary
  • Embassy Of The United States Of America
  • Lily Pad Notary Services
  • Prepared To Perform
  • Apples & Oranges Notary Co.
  • Equitable Notaries
  • Hippie Notary
  • The Attest Expert
  • Breeze Notary
  • Springdale Public Library
  • Sherwood Park & District Chamber Of Commerce
  • On-Time Notary
  • Monarch Title Company Inc
  • Dynna Delbert M Law Office
  • Flex Accounting
  • Authenticate Ink
  • Heights Financial Services
  • Apex Notary Public
  • Sockett Law
  • Legal Chambers
  • Revamped Accounting
  • Aspen Notary Group
  • Notary And Attorney At Law
  • Bright Ideas Paperwork
  • Touchstone Notary
  • Signature Den
  • Boulevard Laws
  • Just Hauling That
  • Kissimmee Mobile Notary
  • Arch Accounting

Mobile Notary Business Names

In the world of mobile notaries, it’s important that they stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is by coming up with a clever, unique, and memorable business name.

See how they’ve used clever words and symbols to describe their business so that you can use them to make your own business name work.

  • Tower Notary
  • Renz Law Offices
  • Green City Law
  • International Documents Canada
  • Personal Stone
  • Marque Notary Service
  • Accounting Pros
  • Badger State Notary
  • Walk-In Notary
  • Top Dog Notary
  • Audit Notary
  • Digit Signy
  • Ozge Ozkan Notary Corp
  • Farnese Registry
  • Com
  • Johnathan & Co Accounting
  • Ez Notary Az
  • A B C Notary Public
  • As Easy As Notary
  • Crossroads Notary
  • Staples
  • Liberty Professional Services Llc
  • Trusted Documents.
  • Upper Canada Notary Public
  • Actions Speaks
  • Spring Hill Notary
  • Area Notary Service
  • Complete Notary Services 24 Hours A Day.
  • Usa Mobile Notary Services
  • Advantage Notary
  • Dash Llc
  • Law Marshall
  • Edmonton Notary Services
  • Friesen Accounting
  • Law For All
  • We Can Help.
  • The Nicest Notaries In Texas
  • Nadeem Chaudhry
  • Nebraska Secretary Of State Business Office
  • Accuracy Key
  • Round Table Law
  • All Day, All Night Notary
  • Inter Capital
  • Student Success Centre
  • Trustworthy Documents, Llc
  • Perks Accounting & Consulting
  • Custom Notary
  • Incometric
  • Source One Notaries
  • Taitinger J Ryan Professional Corporation
  • A&M Canadian Immigration Law Firm
  • Big Apple Notary Service
  • All-State Process Servers
  • Us Consulate In Calgary
  • Consult Minds
  • Noble Mobile Notary Public Signing
  • Mid Kansas Notary Services
  • King Accounting
  • Accept N’ Protect
  • Defense Intel
  • Turtleford Agencies Inc
  • The Preferred Notary
  • Beehive Notary
  • Notary Gal
  • A-Z Mobile Notary
  • Fiscale
  • Elise Dang
  • We’re Here When You Need Us.
  • Ink Witnesses
  • Notary On The Go
  • Legal Information Society Of Ns
  • The Law Train
  • Cna Financial
  • Dash Mobile Notary
  • A Good Signing Service Inc
  • Ez Notary
  • Baker Tilly Hma Llp
  • Background Check
  • Graduate Students’ Association
  • Bottom Line Accountancy
  • David’s Notary Service
  • Hacker Notary

Creative Notary Public Business Names

The name of your business is just as important as your products or services. It’s what your clients see first when they think of you, so it has to be catchy and reflect the type of company you are.

A creative notary public business name can set your business apart in the crowded market.

  • Premier Document Integrity Expertise
  • Long Island Notary Company
  • Ship Shop
  • Bakersfield Local Mobile Notary
  • Good Law Child
  • The Right Agent
  • Prudence Accounting
  • Capital Bookkeepers
  • Pro-Notary Underwriting
  • Pollock & Company Lawyers
  • Mark Legister Notary Public
  • Any Hour Notary
  • Target Number
  • Usa Notary Inc
  • American Bookkeeping Services
  • Newtown Solutions
  • Bauhaus Notary
  • Lawyer At Law And Notary
  • Safehouse Llc
  • Absolute Notary
  • Reliability Screening Solutions Inc
  • Fast Friendly Notary
  • Accountants In Action
  • West Edmonton Law
  • Notary Public
  • American Society Of Notaries
  • Elliott Insurance Services Ltd
  • The Kansas City Public Library
  • Certified Doc’s And You
  • Bullseye Invoices
  • Lavish Notary
  • Signing By Robert
  • T-Town Mobile Notary
  • Accufy
  • Notary Public Services
  • Texas Online Notary Public
  • Noble Services Inc.
  • Rajdeep Randhawa
  • Accountix
  • Amazing Grace Notary
  • Global Post
  • Authentication Legalization Services Canada
  • The Focused Notary
  • Virtual Shark
  • Knotary Shail
  • Notarys Canada
  • The Signature Key
  • Alarm Accounting
  • We Come To You.
  • Saskatoon Immigration
  • Green Leaf Notary
  • Krazy Notary Public
  • Cartaspro, Llc.
  • Aaa Accounting
  • Arizona Bonded Notary
  • Speedy Notaries
  • Helping Hand Notary Service
  • Countdown
  • Red Seal Notary
  • O’neill Moon Quedado Llp
  • The Legal Guardian
  • A-Treat-All Notary
  • Awesome And Powerful Notaries, Llc
  • Anytime, Anywhere Notary Service
  • Professional Affidavit Attestation Co
  • Big Bad Notary
  • Tax 30 Accounting
  • Bishop Fiscal
  • Priority Accounting
  • Nasty Notary
  • Auntie Annabelle’s Notary Public
  • It All Adds Up
  • Living Legal
  • Eagle Notary Services
  • Express Process Serving And Investigations
  • Bay Area Notaries
  • Number Doctors
  • A To Z Notary Services
  • Signature Xpress
  • Yasmina Ms G
  • Lucky Penny
  • There Isn’t A Job Too Large Nor Impossible For Us.
  • All Business Accounting Inc.
  • David Watts, Notary Public
  • Aznotary Genie
  • Pillay Law
  • All-Star Notary
  • Sr Law Office
  • Aaa Dallas Insurance And Member Services
  • Money Managers
  • Spreading Good News Notary
  • Agreeably Notarized
  • Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Notary Business Name Generator

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about being a notary public is of course the word ‘notary’. The term itself implies someone who serves as an intermediary between two parties. But what does the job actually entail?

You might want to check out some notary business name ideas for inspiration. You can also search the internet for some catchy notary business name ideas.

  • Immerse Consultancy
  • Mjh Notary Public & Commissioner For Oaths Mobile Service
  • Blue Steel Mobile Notary
  • Houston Notary Today
  • Carson & Co Law Offices
  • Koskie
  • Polonez Travel Agency Ltd
  • Accurate Dependable Notaries
  • Law On Main
  • Attorney Angel
  • Hansen & Company
  • Ranbir S. Thind Law Office
  • Aloha Notary And Processing Services.
  • Concept Financial Group
  • Direct Tax
  • Westlake Notary
  • Books Accounting
  • Red Beagle
  • Fast Track Notary
  • Absolute Mobile Notary
  • Jc Notary Express Llc
  • A & B Mobile Notary Service
  • Intax
  • Down To The Penny
  • Off Litigation
  • Official Texas Mobile Notary Memorial
  • Timely Notary
  • Safedocs Inc
  • Neilson Wilde Law
  • Finance Buddy
  • Napier Sullivan
  • Corecash
  • Expensift
  • Red Seal Notary
  • Global Notary Services Inc
  • Mobile Notary Near Me
  • Carefully Counted
  • Chambre Des Notaires Du Québec
  • Currency World Usa
  • Accusafe
  • Nick’s Notary Solutions
  • Accounting Advocates
  • Mobile Vehicle Notary Service
  • Aces ‘N’ Spades Notary Service Inc
  • Last Minute Documents
  • Notary Nexis
  • Nintariz Expert
  • Creditsure
  • Pnc Bank
  • Basic Law Home Notary Services
  • Correct Calculations
  • Rayner Agencies Ltd
  • Notary Now
  • Notary Public Miami U.S.A
  • All Notary Service
  • Cibs Ltd
  • Locksmith Signage
  • Ace Notary Guy
  • Girl On The Run – Notary
  • Boundary Notaries
  • Printed Signature
  • Superior Notary Services
  • Consult Hawks
  • Sidhu & Associates
  • Texas Notary Services
  • All-State Notaries
  • Landed And Recorded
  • Leading Jurist Llc
  • Digitally Notary Cam
  • Ranked Among The Top Small Towns.
  • Juris Notary
  • Mesa Notary
  • Towers Legal
  • Bay Area Notary Service
  • Lormit Personal Svc
  • Reform Tax Experts
  • Cantac Tax & Accounting
  • Zancope Notary Public
  • Fedex Office Print & Ship Center
  • Accurate Actions
  • Kubes George J.
  • Riders Notary – Marriage License Issuer
  • Net
  • Jessica Bibb Signing Service
  • Big Eyes Notary
  • Dynamic Document Specialist
  • Neat N’ Notarized
  • Anytime Notary & Pro Service
  • Notary Aloha
  • Zvulony & Company
  • Best Neighborhood Services, Llc

Notary Business Names

How to Name Your Notary Business?

In this article, we will provide you with the tips to choose a name for your notary business.

Define the Niche of Your Notary Business

If you have a particular niche in mind, it will be easier for you to pick a name for your notary business. The most common niches to consider are:

Notarizing Documents

Notarizing documents is the most common way of notarizing. This is the way of notarizing that you need to know before you start your notary business.

If you’re planning to start a notarizing business, it’s best to be aware of it so that you can make sure your business is well suited for it. Notarizing documents is not just about notarizing signatures.

It’s a complete document notarizing process, where there are a few steps to follow before a document can be notarized.

Notary Services

This is a relatively new niche. It has been in the industry for only a few years. It is very similar to the notary documents niche because a notary needs to follow the same steps to be able to legally notarize a document.

However, with notary services, you don’t need to attend a training course. You can simply follow the steps provided by the notary. The main difference is that you can offer a wider variety of services.

Notary Seal

Another popular niche is the seal. Notary seals are used to seal notarized documents. A notary seal looks like a small seal with a notary seal attached to it. Most states require that you use a notary seal when notarizing a document.

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