700 Ogre Names for Mythical Origins of Mighty Monikers

Are you in search of some truly creative and captivating ogre names? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of 700 unique and imaginative ogre names that will bring your fantasy world to life. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost,” and with these names, your ogres will certainly wander into the hearts and minds of your readers.

With three years of experience as a naming specialist in the fantasy character realm, I have delved deep into the art of crafting memorable and evocative names. From noble knights to mischievous goblins, I have honed my skills in bringing characters to life through their names. Now, I bring my expertise to the realm of ogres, helping you find the perfect monikers for these formidable creatures.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within the confines of this article, you will discover a plethora of unique ogre names that will captivate your imagination. Whether you seek names that evoke strength and brutality or names that hint at a hidden gentleness within these mighty beings, we have carefully curated a selection that will meet your every need. Get ready to embark on a journey through our vast collection of ogre names and let your imagination run wild!

Ogre Names

Ogre Names

  • Gruggor
  • Gloomjaw
  • Zargul
  • Kragnok
  • Thrumm
  • Vorkash
  • Snagglethorn
  • Grokthar
  • Bludgeon
  • Throkkan
  • Snarltooth
  • Gruul
  • Thraggash
  • Blundergruff
  • Morgash
  • Smashface
  • Vargrum
  • Hulgor
  • Thundertusk
  • Snagglefang
  • Kragmar
  • Drakon
  • Grendok
  • Rokthar
  • Zoggrim
  • Grizzlock
  • Throgg
  • Vexgar
  • Blightfang
  • Grokash
  • Zangor
  • Grimshank
  • Snagglegrin
  • Drokkan
  • Krugash
  • Thulgorn
  • Vargash
  • Snarltooth
  • Grommok
  • Zorgrimm
  • Bludgeon
  • Morgroth
  • Smashface
  • Throkkan
  • Snagglethorn
  • Grokthar
  • Gruggor
  • Vorkash
  • Gloomjaw
  • Thraggash
  • Blundergruff
  • Hulgor
  • Thundertusk
  • Snagglefang
  • Smashface
  • Snarlpelt
  • Grimshank
  • Zangor
  • Grokash
  • Drokkan
  • Grendok
  • Thulgorn
  • Rokthar
  • Zoggrim
  • Vexgar
  • Blightfang
  • Snagglegrin
  • Grizzlock
  • Drakon
  • Kragmar
  • Zorgrimm
  • Kragnok
  • Morgash
  • Vargash
  • Snarltooth
  • Throgg
  • Gruul
  • Krugash
  • Throkkan
  • Vorkash

20 Ogre Names With Meanings

Ogre Names

  1. Gravlok: A colossal force of nature.
  2. Zorgrim: A cunning and fearsome warrior.
  3. Thundertusk: A massive, thunderous behemoth.
  4. Vorgrimm: A noble and powerful ogre lord.
  5. Grommuk: An unstoppable juggernaut of destruction.
  6. Snarlbane: A fierce and relentless ogre hunter.
  7. Grimthorn: A dark and menacing ogre champion.
  8. Vexoria: A mysterious and enigmatic enchantress.
  9. Throkash: A fiery and ferocious ogre berserker.
  10. Grimscale: A fearsome ogre warrior with scaled skin.
  11. Zulgor: A shadowy and stealthy ogre assassin.
  12. Morglade: A hulking brute with deadly spikes.
  13. Gloomthorn: A brooding and ominous ogre lord.
  14. Snaggleshank: A quick and agile ogre rogue.
  15. Brimstone: A fiery-tempered ogre with destructive power.
  16. Vexirona: A cunning and deceptive sorceress.
  17. Rokfang: A savage and bloodthirsty ogre brute.
  18. Grothorne: A massive ogre with impenetrable armor.
  19. Zulgrim: A twisted and sadistic ogre warlord.
  20. Thundertide: A commanding ogre leader with thunderous presence.

Male Ogre Names

Ogre Names

  • Grommash – Mighty and fearsome warrior.
  • Thragg – Savage and relentless brute.
  • Zogar – Ruthless and powerful conqueror.
  • Gronk – Massive and intimidating presence.
  • Vargul – Vicious and cunning predator.
  • Urgoth – Unyielding and indomitable force.
  • Snarlack – Ferocious and relentless attacker.
  • Mogrul – Dominant and formidable leader.
  • Ragnok – Destructive and unstoppable force.
  • Thudruk – Brutish and relentless brawler.
  • Grukthar – Massive and formidable warrior.
  • Draggul – Terrifying and merciless tormentor.
  • Brolthar – Fierce and mighty champion.
  • Krugor – Dominating and overpowering presence.
  • Thokk – Brutal and unforgiving combatant.
  • Graxar – Violent and fearsome marauder.
  • Durgar – Ruthless and savage destroyer.
  • Glonk – Massive and intimidating brute.
  • Thorgar – Unstoppable and fearsome behemoth.
  • Zarguk – Ferocious and merciless warrior.
  • Grimgar – Terrifying and relentless assailant.
  • Rokgul – Dominating and overpowering conqueror.
  • Mordrak – Mighty and indomitable force.
  • Snaggor – Savage and ruthless attacker.
  • Blorgar – Destructive and formidable destroyer.
  • Truggul – Fierce and relentless brawler.
  • Gorgar – Dominant and formidable champion.
  • Grothul – Massive and overpowering marauder.
  • Vorkul – Brutish and unforgiving combatant.
  • Zugthar – Violent and fearsome tormentor.

Female Ogre Names

  • Zogara – Powerful and fierce huntress.
  • Grizelda – Strong and commanding leader.
  • Valka – Fearless and indomitable warrior.
  • Grenda – Ruthless and formidable conqueror.
  • Morwen – Mighty and relentless champion.
  • Olga – Dominating and overpowering presence.
  • Brunhilda – Ferocious and merciless attacker.
  • Ursula – Savage and relentless warrior.
  • Magda – Destructive and fearsome destroyer.
  • Hilda – Fierce and unstoppable force.
  • Freyja – Brutal and fearsome marauder.
  • Helga – Massive and formidable brawler.
  • Dagmar – Dominant and intimidating brute.
  • Gretchen – Unyielding and powerful huntress.
  • Sigrid – Terrifying and relentless assailant.
  • Astrid – Ruthless and savage warrior.
  • Ingrid – Mighty and fearsome champion.
  • Solveig – Violent and ruthless combatant.
  • Ragnhild – Strong and commanding leader.
  • Erika – Fearless and indomitable warrior.
  • Gudrun – Ruthless and formidable conqueror.
  • Thora – Mighty and relentless champion.
  • Gunhild – Dominating and overpowering presence.
  • Sigrun – Ferocious and merciless attacker.
  • Alfhild – Savage and relentless warrior.
  • Runa – Destructive and fearsome destroyer.
  • Brynhild – Fierce and unstoppable force.
  • Svanhild – Brutal and fearsome marauder.
  • Ingaborg – Massive and formidable brawler.
  • Thyra – Dominant and intimidating brute.

Funny Ogre Names

Ogre Names

  • Snickergrunt – Silly and bumbling giant.
  • Wobblebelly – Playful and clumsy behemoth.
  • Gigglesnort – Jovial and chuckling brute.
  • Lummox – Goofy and dim-witted oaf.
  • Noodlelimbs – Elastic and comical giant.
  • Chortlegut – Laughing and jovial ogre.
  • Buffoonicus – Hilarious and entertaining brawler.
  • Bumblechomp – Clumsy and stumbling behemoth.
  • Guffawface – Ridiculous and grinning brute.
  • Snickerdoodle – Amusing and lighthearted oaf.
  • Bellylaughs – Jolly and chuckling giant.
  • Gigglebelly – Playful and jovial ogre.
  • Wobblebottom – Goofy and silly behemoth.
  • Chucklesnort – Laughing and entertaining brute.
  • Snickerpaws – Silly and bumbling giant.
  • Jestersmirk – Comical and jolly oaf.
  • Giggletummy – Happy-go-lucky and smiling ogre.
  • Ditzbrain – Absent-minded and scatterbrained behemoth.
  • Snortlechomp – Giggling and hungry brute.
  • Giggleguts – Funny and jovial brawler.
  • Bumblefumble – Clumsy and stumbling giant.
  • Snickerdolt – Amusing and lighthearted ogre.
  • Mirthgobble – Laughing and jolly behemoth.
  • Jokesaurus – Humorous and entertaining brute.
  • Guffawpaws – Ridiculous and grinning giant.
  • Snickerbonkers – Silly and bumbling oaf.
  • Chucklebelly – Playful and jovial ogre.
  • Gigglesaurus – Goofy and comical behemoth.
  • Chortlesnort – Laughing and entertaining brute.
  • Snickerpants – Silly and lighthearted giant.

Wow Ogre Names

Ogre Names

  • Xal’Goroth – Demonic and imposing warlord.
  • Zul’Gurak – Ancient and powerful titan.
  • Azgothar – Cursed and formidable behemoth.
  • Throk’Gul – Thunderous and unstoppable juggernaut.
  • Grommok – Colossal and awe-inspiring colossus.
  • Lok’Garoth – Infernal and fearsome destroyer.
  • Drak’thar – Vicious and ruthless annihilator.
  • Mogrulak – Devastating and indomitable force.
  • Gor’Zarak – Dreaded and relentless conqueror.
  • Rok’Guldan – Dark and malevolent warlord.
  • Thorgarok – Titanic and overpowering titan.
  • Zargothar – Sinister and fearsome monstrosity.
  • Grimgor – Ferocious and unstoppable berserker.
  • Urg’thul – Savage and relentless executioner.
  • Vrokul – Gigantic and formidable dreadnought.
  • Thadrok – Mighty and unyielding annihilator.
  • Zul’Jorak – Ancient and imposing warbringer.
  • Morgok – Destructive and fearsome obliterator.
  • Drakkon – Demonic and ruthless despot.
  • Thorgaroth – Massive and unstoppable behemoth.
  • Grom’Gorak – Infernal and powerful warmonger.
  • Zul’Throk – Colossal and awe-inspiring destroyer.
  • Lok’Gor – Thunderous and indomitable conqueror.
  • Azrogul – Cursed and formidable annihilator.
  • Gor’Zul – Dreaded and relentless monstrosity.
  • Rok’Drak – Dark and malevolent executioner.
  • Thorgarokar – Titanic and fearsome titan.
  • Zargoroth – Sinister and overpowering warlord.
  • Grimgul – Ferocious and unstoppable colossus.
  • Urg’Morgar – Savage and relentless destroyer.

Famous Ogre Names

Grusk – Legendary and fearsome warrior.

Morga – Iconic and indomitable conqueror.

Grommok – Mythical and formidable brute.

Olgrin – Renowned and imposing behemoth.

Throk – Celebrated and powerful champion.

Zorgul – Eminent and relentless marauder.

Ragnok – Famous and fearsome warlord.

Grothar – Well-known and dominant leader.

Snarg – Notorious and intimidating giant.

Blorg – Infamous and merciless assailant.

Zugthar – Legendary and indomitable conqueror.

Gruum – Iconic and fearsome warrior.

Hrothgar – Mythical and formidable brute.

Grumok – Renowned and imposing behemoth.

Mogar – Celebrated and powerful champion.

Vorgul – Eminent and relentless marauder.

Urgoth – Famous and fearsome warlord.

Glonk – Well-known and dominant leader.

Thud – Notorious and intimidating giant.

Zorg – Infamous and merciless assailant.

Gruk – Legendary and indomitable conqueror.

Gronk – Iconic and fearsome warrior.

Snarl – Mythical and formidable brute.

Thragg – Renowned and imposing behemoth.

Grax – Celebrated and powerful champion.

Thokk – Eminent and relentless marauder.

Rok – Famous and fearsome warlord.

Vargul – Well-known and dominant leader.

Zog – Notorious and intimidating giant.

Krug – Infamous and merciless assailant.

Good Ogre Names

Grimgar – Powerful and honorable guardian.

Thudruk – Noble and stalwart protector.

Zarguk – Loyal and trustworthy companion.

Ragnok – Brave and righteous defender.

Grukthar – Mighty and valiant sentinel.

Mogrul – Strong and noble champion.

Snarlack – Steadfast and reliable guardian.

Gronk – Resilient and honorable protector.

Vargul – Courageous and steadfast companion.

Urgoth – Gallant and trustworthy defender.

Glonk – Dependable and loyal sentinel.

Thorgar – True and noble champion.

Zogar – Mighty and valiant guardian.

Thragg – Strong and honorable protector.

Grommash – Resilient and steadfast companion.

Snaggor – Brave and trustworthy defender.

Krugor – Gallant and reliable sentinel.

Draggul – Courageous and noble champion.

Thokk – Mighty and valiant guardian.

Graxar – Strong and honorable protector.

Truggul – Resilient and steadfast companion.

Gorgar – Brave and trustworthy defender.

Grothul – Gallant and reliable sentinel.

Mordrak – Courageous and noble champion.

Blorgar – Mighty and valiant guardian.

Zugthar – Strong and honorable protector.

Durgar – Resilient and steadfast companion.

Vorkul – Brave and trustworthy defender.

Gruk – Gallant and reliable sentinel.

Zog – Courageous and noble champion.

Unique Ogre Names

Gormak – Singular and enigmatic warrior.

Zoroth – Unconventional and mysterious conqueror.

Thraxus – Extraordinary and formidable behemoth.

Gravok – Distinctive and imposing brute.

Vexak – Unusual and relentless titan.

Grimnok – Rare and indomitable force.

Zarkar – Exceptional and overpowering marauder.

Braxor – Eccentric and fearsome destroyer.

Vorgrum – Uncommon and formidable warrior.

Zolgar – Singular and mysterious conqueror.

Thrallak – Extraordinary and enigmatic behemoth.

Gravokar – Distinctive and imposing brute.

Vexan – Unusual and relentless titan.

Grimlock – Rare and indomitable force.

Zarkaroth – Exceptional and overpowering marauder.

Braxorak – Eccentric and fearsome destroyer.

Vorgrimm – Uncommon and formidable warrior.

Zolgrath – Singular and mysterious conqueror.

Thrallor – Extraordinary and enigmatic behemoth.

Gravax – Distinctive and imposing brute.

Vexakar – Unusual and relentless titan.

Grimnir – Rare and indomitable force.

Zarkag – Exceptional and overpowering marauder.

Braxus – Eccentric and fearsome destroyer.

Vorgrim – Uncommon and formidable warrior.

Zolgron – Singular and mysterious conqueror.

Thrax – Extraordinary and enigmatic behemoth.

Gravash – Distinctive and imposing brute.

Vexal – Unusual and relentless titan.

Grimkar – Rare and indomitable force.

Cool Ogre Names

Grixar – Commanding and enigmatic warrior.

Zandar – Intense and formidable conqueror.

Voxar – Strong and intimidating brute.

Grivok – Unyielding and relentless behemoth.

Vexor – Dominant and powerful titan.

Shadowmaw – Mysterious and imposing warlord.

Hexfang – Sinister and fearsome destroyer.

Stormbringer – Tempestuous and formidable champion.

Ravengrip – Cool and imposing brawler.

Doomrend – Dark and relentless annihilator.

Grixaroth – Commanding and enigmatic conqueror.

Zandarak – Intense and formidable warrior.

Voxark – Strong and intimidating brute.

Grivak – Unyielding and relentless behemoth.

Vexog – Dominant and powerful titan.

Shadowclaw – Mysterious and imposing destroyer.

Hexcrush – Sinister and fearsome annihilator.

Stormstrike – Tempestuous and formidable champion.

Ravengore – Cool and imposing brawler.

Doomreaver – Dark and relentless warlord.

Grixus – Commanding and enigmatic conqueror.

Zandrax – Intense and formidable warrior.

Voxogar – Strong and intimidating brute.

Grivax – Unyielding and relentless behemoth.

Vexark – Dominant and powerful titan.

Shadowbane – Mysterious and imposing destroyer.

Hexblade – Sinister and fearsome annihilator.

Stormcleaver – Tempestuous and formidable champion.

Ravenbane – Cool and imposing brawler.

Doomhammer – Dark and relentless warlord.

Best Ogre Names

Grommash – Unstoppable and mighty champion.

Grimjaw – Fearsome and formidable brute.

Thundertusk – Thunderous and indomitable behemoth.

Vargash – Ruthless and relentless warlord.

Grakthor – Invincible and powerful titan.

Ironhide – Impenetrable and unstoppable conqueror.

Skullcrusher – Devastating and fearsome annihilator.

Blackfang – Ferocious and dominant destroyer.

Gorehowl – Savage and formidable brawler.

Drek’Thar – Mighty and unbeatable warrior.

Grommog – Unstoppable and fearsome champion.

Grimloch – Fearsome and formidable brute.

Thundertide – Thunderous and indomitable behemoth.

Vargor – Ruthless and relentless warlord.

Grakaroth – Invincible and powerful titan.

Ironbark – Impenetrable and unstoppable conqueror.

Skullsplitter – Devastating and fearsome annihilator.

Blackthorn – Ferocious and dominant destroyer.

Gorefang – Savage and formidable brawler.

Drek’Gor – Mighty and unbeatable warrior.

Grommuk – Unstoppable and fearsome champion.

Grimrok – Fearsome and formidable brute.

Thunderfist – Thunderous and indomitable behemoth.

Vargorak – Ruthless and relentless warlord.

Grakash – Invincible and powerful titan.

Ironclaw – Impenetrable and unstoppable conqueror.

Skullsmasher – Devastating and fearsome annihilator.

Blackthunder – Ferocious and dominant destroyer.

Gorestone – Savage and formidable brawler.

Drek’Gul – Mighty and unbeatable warrior.

Ogre Names

How To Choose A Good Ogre Name

Choosing a good ogre name is a crucial step in creating a memorable and immersive fantasy world. The name we give to our ogre characters can shape their identity, evoke their nature, and leave a lasting impression on our readers or players. Whether you are an author, a game designer, or a role-playing enthusiast, crafting the perfect ogre name is an art that requires careful consideration and thought. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects to consider when choosing a good ogre name, guiding you through the process of creating a name that truly embodies the essence of your character.

Understanding the Character

Before embarking on the quest for the ideal ogre name, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the character you are naming. Ogres are often portrayed as formidable and brutish creatures, known for their strength and ferocity. Consider the key traits and characteristics of your ogre, such as their temperament, physical attributes, and role within your story or game. Is your ogre a fearsome warrior or a misunderstood loner? Understanding these aspects will help you align the name with the persona you wish to convey, ensuring that it resonates with your audience.

Setting the Tone

The ogre’s name sets the tone for their presence in your fantasy world. Determine the desired atmosphere you wish to create when introducing your ogre character. Are you aiming for a dark and foreboding tone, or perhaps a more whimsical and lighthearted one? The name should reflect the ogre’s nature and help establish the emotional response you want to evoke in your audience. For example, a name like “Grimjaw” conveys a sense of danger and menace, while “Bumblethorn” brings forth a playful and less intimidating image. By aligning the name with the desired tone, you enhance the overall immersion and impact of your story or game.

Consider the Culture

Fantasy worlds are often rich with diverse cultures and civilizations. When naming your ogre character, consider incorporating cultural influences that can add depth and authenticity to their identity. Explore different fantasy cultures and their naming conventions, drawing inspiration from mythologies, folklore, or even historical figures. For instance, if your fantasy world is inspired by Norse mythology, you might opt for a name like “Grendel” or “Thrym,” which instantly connect your ogre to a specific cultural context. By infusing your ogre name with cultural nuances, you not only enrich your character but also create a more immersive and believable world.

Wordplay and Sound

Crafting an ogre name with a clever play on words or memorable sound can make it stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Consider utilizing wordplay or puns that align with the ogre’s traits or story. For example, if your ogre is known for its voracious appetite, a name like “Munchbelly” or “Gutcraver” adds a touch of humor and depth to the character. Additionally, pay attention to the sound and rhythm of the name. A powerful and resonant sound, such as “Grommash” or “Brutus,” can evoke the strength and presence of your ogre. Experiment with different combinations of letters and syllables to find the perfect balance of meaning and sound.

Research and Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from various sources can spark creativity and help you discover unique ogre names. Explore mythologies, folklore, and even historical figures that resonate with your character’s essence. Dive into ancient tales and legends, unearthing hidden gems that can serve as the foundation for your ogre’s name. For example, a name like “Ettinbane” draws inspiration from the mythological creature “Ettin” and adds a sense of history and mystique to your ogre. By conducting research and finding inspiration, you broaden your creative palette and increase the chances of crafting a truly exceptional ogre name.

Testing and Refining

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is crucial to seek feedback from others. Share the potential ogre names with trusted friends, fellow writers, or members of your gaming community. Their perspectives can provide valuable insights and help you refine your selection. Consider how each name resonates with different individuals and whether it aligns with your original vision for the character. Take note of their feedback and iterate on the names, fine-tuning them until you find the one that feels perfect for your ogre.


In conclusion, we have traversed the vast realm of ogre names, presenting you with a treasure trove of 700 captivating and distinctive options. Whether you are a writer, a gamer, or simply someone with a passion for fantasy, these names will add depth and personality to your ogre characters. From fearsome and menacing names to those that hint at a hidden vulnerability, our collection offers a range of choices to suit your creative vision.

Remember, the power of a name should never be underestimated. It shapes the perception of a character, conjuring images and emotions in the minds of your audience. By selecting the perfect ogre name, you can breathe life into these mythical beings, making them more than just monsters but complex individuals with stories waiting to be told.

So, go forth and delve into our comprehensive list of ogre names. Let your imagination soar and allow these names to guide you on a journey of creation and storytelling. Whether you’re crafting a novel, designing a game, or simply looking to add some magic to your daydreams, these names are here to inspire you. Embrace the power of a well-chosen name and watch as your ogres come to life in ways you never thought possible.


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