700 Inspirations Ottoman Names for an Unforgettable Legacy

Welcome to our fascinating blog article on “700 Ottoman Names” where we have compiled an array of creatively crafted names inspired by the historical Ottoman Empire. As Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” Likewise, in this article, we present you with a captivating collection of names that reflect the rich heritage and cultural legacy of the Ottomans.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved into the world of name creation, especially in the realm of fantasy characters. The process of finding the perfect name is like weaving a tapestry of emotions, history, and imagination, resulting in unique identities that breathe life into any narrative. With each name, I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and authenticity, transporting both creators and readers to enchanting realms.

If you’re seeking a name that resonates with depth and originality, you’ve come to the right place. This article promises to be your ultimate resource, offering you a treasure trove of distinctive Ottoman names. Whether you’re an aspiring writer crafting a captivating story, a gamer seeking the perfect avatar, or a parent looking for a truly exceptional name for your child, we assure you that you’ll discover a name that speaks to your heart and captures your imagination. So, without further ado, let’s embark on this unforgettable journey through the realm of 700 Ottoman names!

Ottoman Names

Ottoman Names


  • Hafsa Hatun
  • İbrahim Paşa
  • Melike Sultan
  • Selcan Hanım
  • Cemil Ağa
  • Şahin Bey
  • Esin Kalfa
  • Asım Bey
  • Melek Hatun
  • Tahir Paşa
  • Şehrazat Sultan
  • Emre Bey
  • Aslı Hanım
  • Aziz Ağa
  • Nergis Sultan
  • Yağız Bey
  • Cavidan Hatun
  • Talat Paşa
  • Hazal Hanım
  • Selman Bey
  • Feraye Sultan
  • İdris Paşa
  • Aylin Hatun
  • Serdar Ağa
  • Yasemin Sultan
  • Cemil Bey
  • Hüner Hanım
  • Bedirhan Bey
  • Mehtap Sultan
  • Eymen Paşa
  • Gülsüm Hatun
  • Mert Bey
  • Zeynep Sultan
  • İsmet Paşa
  • Rüveyda Hanım
  • Tarık Bey
  • Derya Sultan
  • Zülfikar Ağa
  • Elif Hatun
  • Emir Bey
  • Hülya Sultan
  • Ömer Paşa
  • Nilüfer Hatun
  • Talha Bey
  • Huri Sultan
  • İshak Paşa
  • Alara Hanım
  • İnci Sultan
  • Cengiz Bey
  • Zeliha Hatun
  • Bahadır Ağa
  • Melek Sultan
  • Selahattin Paşa
  • Mehtap Hanım
  • Ferhat Bey
  • Defne Sultan
  • Murat Paşa
  • Yasemin Hatun
  • Ahmet Bey
  • Gülcan Sultan
  • Eymen Paşa
  • Rana Hanım
  • Tarık Bey
  • Nergis Sultan
  • Çetin Ağa
  • İrem Hatun
  • Serdar Bey
  • Emine Sultan
  • Talat Paşa
  • Ayşe Hatun
  • Hüseyin Bey
  • Hülya Sultan
  • Bedirhan Bey
  • Lale Sultan
  • Cemil Ağa
  • Şebnem Sultan
  • Ömer Paşa
  • Defne Hatun
  • Tahir Bey
  • Feraye Sultan

20 Ottoman Names With Meanings

Ottoman Names

  1. Selim Bey – Wise and respected gentleman.
  2. Nurhan Sultan – Radiant princess with grace.
  3. Emir Çelebi – Noble and esteemed commander.
  4. Safiye Kalfa – Pure and devoted housekeeper.
  5. Murat Han – Strong and victorious ruler.
  6. Zeynep Hatun – Adorned and noble lady.
  7. Aybars Bey – Moon-like and brave chieftain.
  8. Ayla Sultan – Moonlight princess of elegance.
  9. Orhan Gazi – Skilled warrior and conqueror.
  10. Elif Hanım – First and foremost respected lady.
  11. Ilyas Bey – Prophet-like leader with integrity.
  12. Meryem Hatun – Blessed and beloved lady.
  13. Aslan Bey – Lion-hearted and courageous chief.
  14. İkram Sultan – Hospitable and kind princess.
  15. Cemal Ağa – Handsome and distinguished elder.
  16. Sude Hatun – Serene and noble young lady.
  17. Mehmet Paşa – Praiseworthy and respected dignitary.
  18. Zara Hanım – Blossom-like and enchanting lady.
  19. Cihan Bey – Worldly and wise leader.
  20. Reyhan Sultan – Fragrant and captivating royalty.

Ottoman Empire Names

Ottoman Names

  • Suleiman the Magnificent – Great Ottoman ruler
  • Mehmed the Conqueror – Victorious Ottoman leader
  • Roxelana – Influential Ottoman queen
  • Selim the Stern – Firm and powerful ruler
  • Osman I – Founder of Ottoman Empire
  • Hürrem Sultan – Prominent Ottoman Empress
  • Bayezid the Thunderbolt – Forceful and dynamic figure
  • Murad the Resolute – Determined and unwavering leader
  • Nigar Hanım – Graceful and elegant name
  • Orhan Gazi – Valiant and skilled warrior
  • Hatice Sultan – Noble and esteemed title
  • Abdulhamid II – Renowned Ottoman Sultan
  • Ertuğrul Bey – Strong and honorable leader
  • Kösem Sultan – Influential and charismatic figure
  • Mustafa the Warrior – Courageous and formidable name
  • Mihrimah Sultan – Beloved and admired title
  • Mehmed the Hunter – Active and adventurous ruler
  • Aisha Hanım – Dignified and respected name
  • Selim the Kind – Benevolent and compassionate leader
  • Safiye Sultan – Wise and sagacious title
  • Bayezid the Loyal – Devoted and faithful ruler
  • Zübeyde Hanım – Revered and esteemed name
  • Murad the Enlightened – Knowledgeable and wise leader
  • Ayşe Sultan – Endearing and cherished title
  • Cem the Brave – Fearless and daring name
  • Hafsa Sultan – Virtuous and righteous ruler
  • Süleyman the Just – Fair and impartial leader
  • Isabella Hanım – Notable and outstanding name
  • Mehmed the Insightful – Perceptive and wise title
  • Halime Sultan – Admirable and praiseworthy figure

Common Ottoman Names

  • Ahmed – Highly praised name
  • Fatma – Favored and respected name
  • Mustafa – Chosen and distinguished name
  • Ayşe – Life and livelihood name
  • Mehmet – Praiseworthy and esteemed name
  • Zeynep – Ornament and beauty name
  • Ali – Elevated and noble name
  • Aisha – Alive and thriving name
  • Hasan – Handsome and attractive name
  • Hülya – Imagination and reverie name
  • Ibrahim – Father of many nations
  • Emine – Trustworthy and dependable name
  • Yusuf – God will add name
  • Rabia – Springtime and freshness name
  • Selim – Safe and secure name
  • Esra – Enchanting and captivating name
  • Ahmet – Praiseworthy and laudable name
  • Aydin – Enlightened and illuminated name
  • Elif – First and foremost name
  • Kadir – Powerful and capable name
  • Nur – Radiance and light name
  • Hamza – Steadfast and resolute name
  • Asli – Genuine and authentic name
  • Murat – Desire and wish name
  • Seda – Serene and tranquil name
  • Yusuf – God will add name
  • Aylin – Moon halo name
  • Hakan – Ruler and king name
  • Leyla – Dark beauty name
  • Serkan – Brave and valiant name

Ottoman Names Male

  • Osman – Pure and genuine name
  • Murad – Desirable and sought-after name
  • Selim – Safe and protected name
  • Orhan – Skilled and accomplished name
  • Mehmed – Praiseworthy and respected name
  • Bayezid – Dynamic and energetic name
  • Emir – Prince and commander name
  • Hüseyin – Good and virtuous name
  • Cem – Brave and courageous name
  • Kasım – Divided and distributed name
  • Tahir – Pure and untainted name
  • Ilyas – Prophet and messenger name
  • Sinan – Spearhead and leader name
  • Adil – Just and fair name
  • Ertuğrul – Strong and resilient name
  • Selman – Peaceful and tranquil name
  • Yavuz – Stern and strict name
  • Rifat – Dignified and noble name
  • Osmanlı – Ottoman and empire-related name
  • İsmail – Heard by God name
  • Şevket – Success and prosperity name
  • Mehdi – Guided and directed name
  • Zeki – Intelligent and clever name
  • Ediz – Superior and eminent name
  • Sancar – Brave and heroic name
  • Kaan – Leader and ruler name
  • Şehzade – Prince and heir name
  • Orkun – Strong oath name
  • Aybars – Moon-like and radiant name
  • Altan – Red dawn name

Ottoman Names Female

  • Ayşe – Alive and living name
  • Zehra – Flower and blossom name
  • Fatma – Daughter and beloved name
  • Hatice – Noble and respected name
  • Meryem – Blessed and favored name
  • Hürrem – Joyful and cheerful name
  • Mahidevran – Beautiful and enchanting name
  • Mihrimah – Sun and moon name
  • Selma – Safe and secure name
  • Gülbahar – Rose and spring name
  • Dilruba – Beloved and cherished name
  • Ismihan – Smiling and happy name
  • Saliha – Righteous and virtuous name
  • Emine – Trustworthy and reliable name
  • Melek – Angel and celestial being name
  • Cemile – Beautiful and graceful name
  • Nadide – Rare and precious name
  • Şirin – Sweet and delightful name
  • Esma – Precious and esteemed name
  • Safiye – Pure and innocent name
  • İkbal – Fortune and prosperity name
  • Gülizar – Rose-like and elegant name
  • Süreyya – Star and constellation name
  • Behiye – Wise and thoughtful name
  • Feride – Unique and exceptional name
  • Neslihan – Like a stream name
  • Gülşah – Blooming flower name
  • Reyhan – Fragrant and aromatic name
  • Aslıhan – Genuine and real name
  • Melahat – Graceful and charming name

Good Ottoman Names

Elifin – Heart’s desire and love

Kemalat – Perfection and excellence

Harikat – Marvel and wonder

Şerefli – Honorable and dignified

Cüretli – Courageous and daring

Hasbilik – Trustworthiness and reliability

Hayrettin – Benevolence and kindness

Cevahir – Precious gem and jewel

Ademlik – Manhood and integrity

Hüsnügüzel – Beauty and loveliness

Müjdeci – Bearer of good news

Sadakatli – Faithful and loyal

Ferahlık – Joy and delight

Tevazu – Humility and modesty

Cömertlik – Generosity and munificence

Cemalat – Grace and elegance

Mücahit – Fighter and warrior

Zevzek – Witty and humorous

Muvaffak – Successful and prosperous

Niyetli – Intention and purpose

Şayan – Worthy and deserving

İkram – Hospitality and kindness

Cemiyet – Society and community

Akıllı – Intelligent and clever

Mübarek – Blessed and sanctified

Necdet – Chosen and preferred

Vefa – Fidelity and loyalty

Feragat – Sacrifice and renunciation

Merhamet – Compassion and mercy

Sükut – Silence and tranquility

Unique Ottoman Names

Hünkâr – Sovereign and ruler

Çelebi – Gentleman and noble

Hatun – Lady and noblewoman

Damat – Son-in-law and groom

Haseki – Imperial consort and queen

Devlet – State and government

Musahip – Blood brother and comrade

Mütevellit – Executor and administrator

Vekil – Representative and deputy

Naip – Acting governor and regent

Tebdil – Replacement and substitution

Reis – Captain and leader

Padişah – Emperor and sultan

Müneccim – Astrologer and stargazer

Subaşı – Chief of police and commander

Şeyhülislam – Chief Islamic authority and scholar

Şehzade – Prince and heir apparent

Cariye – Concubine and slave girl

Kethüda – Household steward and manager

Defterdar – Chief treasurer and accountant

Muhtesip – Market inspector and regulator

Sahib – Owner and proprietor

Molla – Scholar and jurist

Şehbender – Chief superintendent and administrator

Sancaktar – Standard-bearer and flagman

Nişancı – Chief scribe and calligrapher

Çavuş – Sergeant and non-commissioned officer

Topçu – Artilleryman and gunner

Kadi – Judge and magistrate

Mühendis – Engineer and architect

Famous Ottoman Names

Rüstem Pasha – Renowned Ottoman Grand Vizier

Kösem Sultan – Influential and powerful Empress

Hayreddin Barbarossa – Celebrated Ottoman Admiral

Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha – Eminent Ottoman Grand Vizier

Köprülü Mehmed Pasha – Notable Ottoman Grand Vizier

Nigar Kalfa – Famous Ottoman concubine

Kara Mustafa Pasha – Prominent Ottoman military leader

Dilruba Sultan – Celebrated Ottoman princess

Suleiman II – Illustrious Ottoman Sultan

Rustem Pasha – Renowned Ottoman Grand Vizier

Mihrimah Sultan – Influential and powerful Empress

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha – Celebrated Ottoman Grand Vizier

Roxelana – Notable Ottoman Empress

Kemankeş Kara Ali Pasha – Eminent Ottoman admiral

Iskender Pasha – Famous Ottoman military leader

Mahfiruz Hatice Sultan – Celebrated Ottoman princess

Selim I – Illustrious Ottoman Sultan

Ibrahim Pasha – Renowned Ottoman Grand Vizier

Kösem Sultan – Influential and powerful Empress

Bali Bey – Celebrated Ottoman military leader

Ayesha Sultan – Notable Ottoman princess

Murad III – Illustrious Ottoman Sultan

Rüstem Pasha – Renowned Ottoman Grand Vizier

Kösem Sultan – Influential and powerful Empress

Hayreddin Barbarossa – Celebrated Ottoman Admiral

Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha – Eminent Ottoman Grand Vizier

Köprülü Mehmed Pasha – Notable Ottoman Grand Vizier

Nigar Kalfa – Famous Ottoman concubine

Kara Mustafa Pasha – Prominent Ottoman military leader

Dilruba Sultan – Celebrated Ottoman princess

Cool Ottoman Names

Zafir – Triumphant and victorious

Mert – Brave and heroic

Asil – Noble and high-born

Sedef – Pearl and mother-of-pearl

Uğur – Good fortune and luck

Alp – Heroic and valiant

Sancar – Fearless and intrepid

Yaman – Skilled and adept

Esra – Elegant and graceful

Emir – Prince and leader

Zeynep – Adorned and beautiful

Hakan – Ruler and sovereign

Miray – Shining and radiant

Ege – Calm and serene

Derya – Sea and ocean

Selin – Moon and star

Deniz – Sea and ocean

Derin – Deep and profound

Mert – Brave and valiant

Asya – Asia and lively

Baran – Rain and shower

Berk – Solid and strong

Bora – Gale and strong wind

Derin – Deep and profound

Doruk – Summit and peak

Ege – Calm and tranquil

Melis – Sweet and honey-like

Mira – Admirable and remarkable

Rüzgar – Wind and breeze

Umut – Hope and aspiration

Catchy Ottoman Names

Alara – Bright and vivid

Cenk – Battle and conflict

Canan – Darling and beloved

Ediz – Strong and eminent

Ferda – Unique and special

Gizem – Mystery and enigma

Hakan – Ruler and king

İrem – Paradise and heaven

Jale – Moonlight and radiance

Kayra – Noble and honorable

Lale – Tulip and flower

Mert – Brave and courageous

Nazlı – Coquettish and charming

Onur – Honor and dignity

Peri – Fairy and enchantress

Rüzgar – Wind and breeze

Sarp – Steep and rugged

Talha – Fruitful and productive

Utku – Victory and triumph

Yaren – Companion and friend

Zara – Blossom and bloom

Armağan – Gift and present

Aybars – Moon-like and radiant

Cansu – Vitality and life water

Doruk – Summit and peak

Elif – First and foremost

Fırat – Euphrates and river name

Gülşen – Rose garden and paradise

Harika – Marvel and wonder

İlayda – Moonlight and beauty

Ottoman Names

How To Choose A Good Ottoman Name

Choosing a name is a momentous task, one that holds profound significance in shaping identities and narratives. When it comes to Ottoman names, the allure lies in their historical and cultural richness, offering a unique tapestry of meanings and origins. Whether you are a writer seeking the perfect name for a fictional character or a parent looking for a name that carries a legacy, this guide will assist you in discovering a good Ottoman name that resonates with authenticity and charm.

Understanding Ottoman History and Culture:

To truly appreciate Ottoman names, one must delve into the legacy of the once-mighty Ottoman Empire. With a history spanning over six centuries, this empire left an indelible mark on the world. Ottoman names draw inspiration from the diverse cultural mosaic of the empire, reflecting influences from Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and other languages. Each name carries a piece of history, evoking a sense of pride and cultural identity.

Identifying the Purpose of the Name:

As you embark on your naming journey, it’s essential to clarify the purpose of the name. Are you seeking a name for a fictional character in literature or gaming? In this case, the name must align with the character’s personality, background, and role in the story. On the other hand, if you are selecting a name for a child, you may desire a name that holds deep meaning and symbolizes hope, strength, or love.

Delving into Name Meanings and Origins:

Ottoman names are often steeped in linguistic richness, with meanings that carry symbolism and depth. Exploring the origins and meanings of these names can provide insight into the virtues and qualities they represent. Names like “Zahra” (blooming flower) or “Emir” (leader) hold a profound sense of beauty and power, making them excellent choices for significant characters or individuals.

Embracing Authenticity and Uniqueness:

In the vast realm of name options, it’s essential to avoid common and clichéd choices. Ottoman names offer a treasure trove of unique and authentic options that stand out from the crowd. Names like “Ezgi” (melody) or “Ibrahim” (father of many) exude originality while carrying a sense of cultural heritage.

Considering Pronunciation and Phonetics:

While a name may look beautiful in writing, its ease of pronunciation is equally crucial. Pay attention to the phonetics of the name, ensuring it flows smoothly and harmonizes with the language it will be used in. This consideration is particularly relevant if you are introducing Ottoman names to a different linguistic context.

Seeking Inspiration from Historical Figures and Places:

Ottoman history is replete with remarkable figures and places that can serve as inspiration for names. Honoring heroes like “Fatih” (the conqueror) or “Roxelana” (the beloved one) can lend a sense of grandeur and significance to your characters or loved ones. Additionally, drawing inspiration from the diverse geography of the Ottoman Empire can lead to unique and evocative names.

Balancing Tradition and Modernity:

While traditional Ottoman names have timeless appeal, there is room for creativity in creating modern variations. “Leyla” can become “Leylanur,” infusing a modern touch while retaining the essence of the original name. Striking this balance allows for innovation while preserving the cultural heritage.

Invoking Positive Associations and Feelings:

Names have the power to evoke emotions and associations. Consider the emotional impact of the name you choose—opt for names that exude positivity and invoke warm feelings. A name like “Hikmet” (wisdom) carries a sense of intellectual depth and virtue, making it an uplifting choice.

Seeking Feedback and Validation:

Choosing a name can be a deeply personal process, and seeking feedback from trusted friends and family can offer valuable insights. Ultimately, trust your instincts and allow the name to resonate with your heart. When you find a name that brings a smile to your face and fills your heart with joy, you know you’ve discovered a good Ottoman name worth cherishing.


In conclusion, we hope this journey through the world of “700 Ottoman Names” has been as enriching for you as it was for us. The historical significance of the Ottoman Empire shines through these names, each carrying a unique story and character. We believe that names have the power to shape identities and narratives, and with this diverse collection, you have the opportunity to breathe life into your creative endeavors, whether it’s writing, gaming, or even choosing a meaningful name for your child.

As we’ve explored the legacy of the Ottomans, we’re reminded of the importance of preserving and cherishing our cultural heritage. Names are not mere labels; they are bridges that connect us to our past, our ancestors, and the stories that shaped who we are today. By using these Ottoman names, you become part of a beautiful tapestry of history, keeping alive the traditions and memories of a bygone era.

We sincerely hope that you’ve found a name that resonates deeply with you, one that sparks your imagination and adds a touch of authenticity to your creations. Remember that each name in this collection carries a legacy, waiting to be embraced in new tales of adventure and wonder. As you set forth on your creative journeys, may these Ottoman names become a source of inspiration and delight, reminding you of the diverse and captivating world that lies within them. Happy storytelling!


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