399 Cool Pirate Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Pirates were a group of people who lived off of plundering. Pirates would raid the ships that were traveling past, and their methods of capturing ships included killing the crew, taking the ship’s captain, or taking control of the ship and sailing off on their own.

Today, there are plenty of pirate-themed events and activities that you can enjoy with friends and family.

You can celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costume and going trick or treating with children, go to a pirate-themed party with games and activities, or even visit a museum dedicated to all things pirate.

No matter what type of event you choose, be sure to enjoy yourself with friends and family!

Catchy Pirate Group Names

Create a group name that incorporates the theme of your group. If your group is about pirates, then you can choose a pirate word or phrase to incorporate into your group name.

The word “pirates” itself is not necessary. Other popular words that could go well with the pirate theme are “corsairs” or “merchants.”

Choose a pirate name and change the spelling or meaning of it. If you think the name “Pirates” just doesn’t fit, try something like “Sea Lords” or “Knights of the Sea.”

You could also choose a pirate name that has multiple meanings. For example, you could choose a name like “Blackbeard,” which has multiple meanings, like a black beard, a pirate captain, or a black flag.

For example, if you run a company called “Pirates” and your group wants to name themselves “The Pirates,” you could call your group “The Pirate Pirates.”

  • The Golden Guns
  • Old Scallywag
  • Mad Dogs
  • The Tooth Raiders
  • Freebooter
  • Captain Pugwash
  • Bone Heart
  • Masked Harvester
  • Captain’s Horrid Treasure
  • Kingsmen
  • Hook, Line, & Sinkers
  • X Spot Markers
  • The Rattlers
  • Blood Lightening
  • The Poseidon Buccans
  • Buzz Fury
  • Dare Devils
  • Saulty Captains
  • The Maelstromers
  • Carrrry On!

Top 10 Rare Pirate Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Black Hawks

When it comes to choosing the group name, most people think that it’s a tough task. But when you are going through it, you will realize that it’s not a tough task at all.

All you have to do is, keep yourself updated with the latest trends and change your names according to them. This is one of the best ways to keep your team fresh.

For example, if you think that the group should be called “The Sharks”, then you need to take your time to get the best name out of it.

Once you come up with the perfect name, then go ahead and share it with everyone so that they can make changes to their name as per your idea.

Black Hawks

2.      Legends of the Sea

If you have been longing to become a member of a group of pirates, then this name is a perfect choice for you. It will make you look so interesting and cool.

The group name is best suited for groups that love playing with their weapons. This name can bring out the best in your group.

Legends of the Sea

3.      The Alpha Pack

The Alpha Pack Pirate group name should have a unique theme. For example, if you wish to use the name “Boomerang” as your name, you must also use some sort of boomerang as its theme.

You must come up with some creative ideas, which will create an impact on your group and its participants.

You might have read about the Alpha Pack Pirate groups on the internet. The name and theme should be unique if you want your group to stand out.

The theme and name should be unique so that the people who read the name are immediately aware of the kind of group it is.

The Alpha Pack

4.      Ship Riders

Ship riders are not just a simple name for any group. They are those people who are adventurous, fun-loving, and always on the move. They love to ride on ships.

The Pirate group name you choose should be one that describes the group perfectly. The ship riders are usually associated with pirates and their names should also be something like that. This will help your group get recognized as an interesting and fun group of people.

Thus, choose a name that is perfect for you.

Ship Riders

5.      Crusading in Deadly Waters

Do you want to join an adventurous team? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the pirate groups’ names. When you think about this topic, you must consider one thing that is the main theme of the group.

So, if you are looking for an exciting name, then the name that fits this theme is “Name Here.” We are sure that after reading the description of the group, you would like to join it. So, you should try out this name for your group or team.

Crusading in Deadly Waters

6.    Warriors

There are many different types of groups that you can form. If you are thinking about creating one of these, then this is the right time to pick one of the best warrior pirate group names.

A warrior pirate group name gives a strong impression about the kind of people who are in the group. Thus, you should ensure that you come up with a name that will stand out in the crowd.

You can come up with any warrior pirate name that you like. This will definitely make you feel happy when someone calls you by this name. So, choose any name and start working hard to bring it into reality.


7.      Titans

If you are looking for a group name that will make your team look like a pirate group, then this is just the right name for you. This name will add an extra touch of excitement to your team.

This will make you feel special in a way that will give you a sense of satisfaction as well as happiness. Use this name for your group name if you want to create a special bond among your team members.


8.      Blood of my Blood

This is a group name, which has amazing meaning and significance. This name depicts the relationship between family members and also between individuals.

Hence, it is a perfect name for a family group. You can use this name if you are planning to create a group to show your bond with other members and also the connection with your family members.

Blood of my Blood

9.      Ocean Tribe

The ocean is always full of positive energies, so it won’t let go of you till you let it. When you choose the name ‘Ocean Tribe’ for your group, you will be connected with the sea all the time.

Thus, it will help you to remain connected with nature. It will provide you with positive energy. The name ‘Ocean Tribe’ has the power to keep you safe and stable at all times. So, you can consider using this name for your group.

Ocean Tribe

10.      Cool as Hell

If you have been looking for an ideal name to start a group then you will find the answer here. This is an excellent name for those who are not into any specific kind of music.

They just enjoy listening to different kinds of music. This will make sure that they keep their cool even when they meet some of their friends. They have a tendency to speak freely about the new and exciting things happening around them.

Cool as Hell

Cool Pirate Group Names

Create a cool pirate group name that features a phrase, word, or short story. Pirates are notorious for being innovative, creative, and rebellious. These qualities inspire entrepreneurship.

When you create a group name, think about what characteristics make pirates cool. They’re bold, adventurous, and fun-loving. Include a few of these traits in your group name, or incorporate a popular pirate expression or phrase.

  • Gutter Serpents
  • The Bleachers
  • The Black Crow Bandits
  • Dread Queens
  • The Black Diamonds
  • The Dread Pillagers
  • Ginger Soup
  • Hedgehogs Flags
  • Richard’s Riders Of North
  • Rocket Boys
  • Traitor Joes
  • The Collective
  • Fighting Irish
  • The Big Shots
  • Occupiers
  • Let Red Rose Die
  • The Frozen Dead
  • Poisonous Maid
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • The Empowers

Creative Pirate Group Names

Use a word or phrase from the name of a creative pirate. You’re free to take inspiration from the name of a real person, but you should keep in mind that most people don’t know the full story behind the name of a pirate.

Don’t make your group name sound like someone who is more famous than you. If you’re trying to use the name of a real person, try to use a short version of their name, like Jack Sparrow instead of Jack Smith.

Use a popular pirate expression or phrase. The most common pirate expressions include: “Arrr”, “Aye”, “Bloody”, “Dead man’s chest”, “I say”, “Yo Ho”, “Haul”, “Jolly Roger”, “Lads!”, “On yer right!”, “Parlay”, and “Risque”.

Many of these phrases can be found in books or movies. You can use one, two, or all of them in your group name. Keep in mind that they have to be used in moderation, or the name might not sound like a group of pirates at all.

  • The Sharkfins
  • The Scarlet Squids
  • Big Mom Pirates
  • The North Rovers
  • Brotagonists
  • Shadow Trailers
  • The Plank Walkers
  • Brother Speed
  • Blackbeard Masks
  • The Crossbones
  • Hunter Seahawks
  • Peacekeepers
  • Master Race
  • First Of Its Kind
  • Pirate Bears
  • The Sons Of The Sea
  • Lady Buys
  • Hanging In Thar
  • The Treasure Beds
  • Last One Standing

Unique Pirate Group Names

It’s time to play the pirate. The pirate craze is alive and well, so there’s no better time to start thinking about unique pirate group names. When creating your group name, you want to make sure it stands out.

Pirates are notorious for their unique group names, and many of the best pirate group names are so unique they’re almost like a tongue twister.

You don’t need to know the history of pirates to create an intriguing pirate group name. Instead, focus on creating something that is different than any other group name.

We can take inspiration from old pirate songs or movies, or just brainstorm a list of all the words you associate with pirates, and choose one to incorporate into your group name.

  • Giant Turtle Pillagers
  • The Nautical Navigators
  • Superbowl Pirates
  • We’re Bizarrrre
  • Sunken Whale
  • The Hidden Cove
  • Buccaneers Boys
  • The Skull And Crossbones
  • Mad Men
  • The Lurker Depths
  • Schooner Sailors
  • The Fall Sailers
  • The Filibusters
  • Sniders
  • Blue Whale Ticklers
  • Blackbeard Pirates
  • Water Gladiators
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Stolen Mirrors
  • The Sea Floaters

Cute Pirate Group Names

When creating a group name, consider a pirate theme. This theme is ideal for cute pirate group names. Cute pirates are very popular today, so an acute group name that includes this theme could be popular.

Use a pirate word or expression in your group name. You can also use an animal theme with pirates. For example, a cute name like “Cuteness Pirates” would fit a group of pirates.

Find a cute pirate picture for inspiration. Look through pictures of cute pirates for inspiration. Pick a pirate costume that you think best represents your group, or choose a photo of a pirate character you know.

Get inspiration from a famous pirate ship. You can look up a famous pirate ship on Google Images or Pinterest, and see pictures of what the ship looked like.

  • The Raiders Of Reflection
  • Captain Frogs
  • Hades Saber
  • The Forsaken Floaters
  • Danger Team
  • The Blue Sailors
  • Cannon Vultures
  • Teuta Of Illyria:
  • Tidal Wave
  • Buccaneers Dudes
  • The Stolen Years
  • The High ‘N Dry
  • Moon Dancersthe Pillagers
  • The Silent Horizon
  • Green Skulls
  • Silent Sea Tappers
  • We’re Planking Out
  • Laughing Slave
  • Evil Devil
  • The Forsaken Raiders

Pirate Group Names

How to Decide Your Pirate Group Name?

Sail the high seas with your pirate crew! Choose a name for your new group that’ll let the world know you’re not afraid to go where the rest of the world won’t.

Use the following tips when naming your pirate crew:

Pick a name that’s bold, loud, and catchy. These are all qualities your group should possess to make their mark in the world. Don’t be afraid to use a little bit of humor — pirates aren’t afraid to laugh, after all!

Make your crew’s name unique. You’re going to stick together, so it only makes sense that you all have unique names. Even if you pick something similar, you can make it different by combining multiple words.

For example, the “Buccaneers of Bremen” crew has an unusual name that incorporates a lot of pirate lingo.

Make it unique to your group. When choosing a name for your crew, think about the things your group members are passionate about.

Does your group play video games, collect movies or toys, or ride motorcycles? Use that passion to help you name your crew!

Find inspiration in history and mythology. Pirates have often misunderstood outsiders. They often had a hard time fitting in with other communities and their names reflected this.

You can learn a lot about pirates’ names by studying their lives, times, and legends. Use a combination of words and symbols. A good pirate name is full of interesting symbolism.

While you’re coming up with your name, think about words you associate with pirates and symbols you see in the history and mythology behind them. Use your imagination to come up with a name that reflects both your group’s personality and its heritage.

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