399 Cool Raffle Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Raffles are a lot of fun and a great way to bring together people and raise money for a good cause.

But what if you are running an event where the proceeds go towards a non-profit organization? What about a raffle where the prize is something that everyone needs?

We’re here to help you with some ideas for raffle group names, including some creative, fun games and even a few that are simple and clever.

Catchy Raffle Group Names

Look to the past for inspiration. If you’re looking for a catchy raffle group name, consider using the word “prize” and choosing a prize that is very important to your group. A prize can be a gift, an experience, or something else.

Create a group name that reflects the type of group you run. The most popular option is to base the group name on the type of raffle you run. The raffle group name might not be as fun as “prizes,” but it’s sure to stick with the group.

If your group has a raffle, pick a prize that will make people want to join the group. If your group gives away prizes every month or so, pick one for the most recent prize.

  • Winter Paladins
  • Orange Leopards
  • Silver Monks
  • Odd Aces
  • Golden Dolphins
  • Swift Redskins
  • Somber Firebirds
  • Sassy Poets
  • Blue Battlers
  • Overconfident Badgers
  • Fanatical Cyclones
  • Running Colonels
  • Running Nighthawks
  • Horned Avengers
  • Little Heels
  • Screaming Wolfpack
  • Overconfident Engineers
  • Marvelous Wave
  • Seemly Short Foresters
  • Polar Rustlers
  • Cajun Reds
  • Seemly Short Buffaloes
  • White Bulls
  • Punctual Squirrels
  • Powerful Princesses
  • Threatening Heels
  • Old Sox
  • Grotesque Llamas
  • Fanatical Devils
  • Little Huskies
  • Prairie Privateers
  • Wet Flyers
  • Punctual Maroons
  • Wicked Engineers
  • Marvelous Wolverines
  • Grotesque Monarchs
  • Obscene Flames
  • Green Ocelots
  • Delta Saints
  • Running Vikings
  • Silver Boys
  • Mean Outlaws
  • Delta Eagles
  • Supreme Musketeers
  • Strange Blues
  • Grotesque Cubs
  • Cajun Monarchs
  • Glistening Poets
  • Winter Captains
  • Old Devilettes
  • Green Vixens
  • Weak Wombats
  • Golden Archers
  • Coy Panthers
  • Silver Stallions
  • Somber Monsters
  • Delta Frogs
  • Graceful Firebirds
  • Strange Gamecocks
  • Unaccountable Bengals

Top 10 Rare Raffle Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Habit Ticket

If you have been thinking of something that’s going to make your team/group more focused on one goal, then this name is for you. Using this name will allow your group/team/company to become more focused and achieve greater things in life.

The habit ticket raffle can be a fun activity to engage the members, so this is a perfect name for your group.

Habit Ticket

2.     Money Safe

People having a lot of money and earning it the hard way have earned this name as they do not compromise on anything. They have proven themselves as the best at what they do.

The group named ‘Money Safe’ is one such group that has been known for its financial stability and safety.

These groups are known to have the best raffles and prizes that they give out and they make sure that the participants are never left with empty hands. It is safe to say that these are the only raffles that keep winning for the past three years.

Money Safe

3.      Moneybird

There are several names from which you can choose. But, this name is the best one for your group or team. You can use this name for your group name or group raffle name.

The name gives the impression of having money and also it is easy to spell.


4.      Money House

If you are someone who is really obsessed with winning, then this name will definitely motivate you to win and make the best out of your life. This name would give you a sense of satisfaction and will help you do better in the race of life.

You must choose this name for your group or team name.

Money House

5.     Money Makers

This name is suitable for people who are best friends with others and they have a heart of gold. They know how to deal with different situations and they will not give up until they get what they want. They make others feel at ease and they are always ready to help others.

Also, they never say no when it comes to helping others. In addition, they keep the focus on getting money and don’t waste their time on useless things. So, if you want to choose such a group name then this one is just for you.

Money Makers

6.    Swag Partners

This name is a perfect name for the people who are good at giving out prizes or raffles and winning the hearts of their clients. They are always on the lookout for new clients and thus are always ready to do something for them.

This would motivate them to come up with new ideas and give you the best services possible. It would be good to give this name to your group as it will motivate your team members to give you the best results.

Swag Partners

7.     Gifts To Give

If you are one of those people who love giving gifts, then this name is a perfect choice for you. You must make sure that you use this name for the group name of your raffle group.

It will not only attract people but it will also motivate them to come forward to win the gift, which they were waiting to receive.

Gifts To Give

8.     Chance To Win

There can be no better name than this one for a group name. You can give this name to the group, which has a good chance to win something. You can give this name to the group which is in a position to win a big contest.

The possibilities of winning are endless. It won’t limit you to just one thing. You can change it any way you like. So, don’t think twice, when you come across this name. You must choose it and be proud of it.

Chance To Win

9.      Fairy Golds

This is one of the best names for the group or the team. Also, this name is a perfect blend of two words which mean gold and raffle.

When you use this name for the group, it will give you a sense of motivation, which will make your group more successful than any other group. This name will also create the best impression on your group, which will ultimately result in a high membership.

Also, this name is available as a male or female group name.

Fairy Golds

10.      Gift Solace

Those names, which are used by other groups, are not good enough for your group. It is always a bad idea to use another name as it will only add negativity to the image of your company.

But you don’t have to worry about that, as we have designed some unique gift solace raffle group names for you that are suitable for your group name. The name should make you think about some new innovative ideas.

You will also get a great opportunity to present something new to your customers. The group name will surely be part of your group’s.

Gift Solace

Cool Raffle Group Names

If you don’t have a group name yet, you can choose a group name based on the theme of the raffle.

For example, if you have a group that organizes monthly events, like a movie night, you might pick a group name based on a film genre, like “Horror Night.” If you organize an event that everyone can join, like a picnic, you could choose a generic name like “Picnic.”

Also, if you’re looking for a catchier raffle group name, look to a phrase instead of a word. “Catchy” isn’t necessarily better than “catchy,” but using a phrase might be easier to remember for others.

  • Black Comets
  • Festive Panthers
  • Old Bulldogs
  • Horned Cats
  • Demon Dutchmen
  • Orange Kingsmen
  • Supreme Musketeers
  • Mad Leopards
  • Mean Knights
  • Flawless Pickles
  • Somber Oaks
  • Serious Seagulls
  • Swift Hawks
  • Ultimate Poets
  • Weak Kohawks
  • Dangerous Comets
  • Dangerous Badgers
  • Winter Oilers
  • Defective Thunder
  • Unaccountable Saints
  • Threatening Gators
  • Glistening Captains
  • Demon Bulldogs
  • Strange Explorers
  • Ultimate Senators
  • Weak Colts
  • Marvelous Griffins
  • Ultimate Privateers
  • Black Catamounts
  • Red Kingsmen
  • Coy Cobras
  • White Rocks
  • Thundering Jaguars
  • Golden Highlanders
  • Golden Dodgers
  • Running Bison
  • Spicy Comets
  • Festive Wolverines
  • Green Razorbacks
  • Ultimate Rainbows
  • Delta Coyotes
  • Blue Pilots
  • Unaccountable Gorillas
  • Simple Suns
  • Running Panthers
  • Somber Pickles
  • Fanatical Bullets
  • Simple Vandals
  • Hideous Battlers
  • Orange Fleet
  • Ultimate Coyotes
  • Somber Senators
  • Mean Poets
  • Deranged Squirrels
  • Old Volunteers
  • Wicked Outlaws
  • Mad Foxes
  • Orange Rocks
  • Punctual Blazers
  • Mad Janes

Creative Raffle Group Names

A creative raffle is an easy way to raise funds for your group and give away prizes to your participants. These fundraisers are so much fun that they’re a great addition to any event. For your raffle, choose a fun group name, and consider the following suggestions.

Give away a product that your group can use. Create a raffle for a gift certificate to a local spa, or a gift card for a restaurant. Choose something useful that would make your members happy, and they’ll feel grateful for winning.

This type of fundraiser also creates a community feeling and builds camaraderie among your group..

  • Thundering Pacers
  • Grotesque Buckeyes
  • Cajun Cyclones
  • Supreme Jays
  • Great Stallions
  • Silver Rangers
  • Old Monks
  • Blue Monsters
  • Blue Pacers
  • Silver Buccaneers
  • Mighty Bloodhounds
  • Weak Explorers
  • Flying Beavers
  • Delta Minutemen
  • Big Cadets
  • Grotesque Peacocks
  • Polar Ducks
  • Serious Vikings
  • Dangerous Pride
  • White Kohawks
  • Glistening Bulldogs
  • Somber Yellowjackets
  • Hideous Rocks
  • Glistening Raiders
  • Odd Titans
  • Overconfident Rangers
  • Little Jimmies
  • Remarkable Vixens
  • Black Brewers
  • Little Wildcats
  • Black Privateers
  • Glistening Rockets
  • Ultimate Avengers
  • Serious Bears
  • Little Falcons
  • Orange Nighthawks
  • Prairie Raptors
  • Lady Rainbows
  • Horned Bombers
  • Serious Chargers
  • Wicked Warriors
  • Big Johnnies
  • Fanatical Wombats
  • Coy Explorers
  • Remarkable Fleet
  • Obscene Huskies
  • Voodoo Rebels
  • Fanatical Razorbacks
  • Glistening Pirates
  • Ultimate Mustangs
  • Glistening Razorbacks
  • Polar Hawks
  • Orange Titans
  • Supreme Suns
  • Defective Mavericks
  • Little Wolves
  • Thundering Privateers
  • Prairie Rainbows
  • Mad Monks
  • Coy Bees

Unique Raffle Group Names

Give away an experience that your group enjoys. Consider offering a yoga class or cooking class at a local venue. Offer these experiences to your group as a fundraiser, and they’ll come back every time they need to raise funds.

Consider giving away a special item that your group could use. For example, offer a unique T-shirt or a handcrafted scarf. You can also offer a trip to a vacation destination, like an island or another city, for your group

  • Festive Rustlers
  • Festive Rustlers
  • Remarkable Spartans
  • Green Sox
  • Marvelous Raiders
  • Horned Bombers
  • Purple Seagulls
  • Voodoo Tornadoes
  • Fighting Cobras
  • Awkward Wolfpack
  • Deranged Demons
  • Winter Cubs
  • Defective Buckeyes
  • Fighting Crusaders
  • Red Yellowjackets
  • Graceful Beavers
  • Glistening Fleet
  • Serious Bears
  • Deranged Peacocks
  • Sugar Trolls
  • Green Trailblazers
  • Graceful Penguins
  • Grotesque Redskins
  • Educated Bengals
  • Threatening Seagulls
  • Educated Avengers
  • Black Boys
  • Grotesque Aces
  • Ultimate Vikings
  • Wicked Royals
  • Old Engineers
  • Glistening Trojans
  • Fighting Buccaneers
  • Cajun Vulcans
  • Powerful Oaks
  • Mean Bearcats
  • Demon Stags
  • Unethical Minutemen
  • Green Colonials
  • Great Wildcats
  • Flawless Rams
  • Mean Lakers
  • Wonderful Buccaneers
  • Defective Tornadoes
  • Black Cyclones
  • Green Musketeers
  • Voodoo Sharks
  • Fanatical Rattlesnakes
  • Glistening Bloodhounds
  • Unaccountable Sox
  • Supreme Bearcats
  • Sugar Commodores
  • White Spartans
  • Strange Rockets
  • Solemn Chargers
  • Orange Captains
  • Polar Seahawks
  • Lady Coyotes
  • Voodoo Trolls
  • Wonderful Hobos

Cute Raffle Group Names

You don’t have to be cute to have a cute raffle group name. You just need to use a cute word or expression. Cuteness is universal, so you don’t need to worry about offending anyone with a funny or weird name for a raffle group.

If you like the sound of a phrase, try using it as the name of a raffle. The phrase may have a negative or positive connotation, which will determine whether or not your group name is appropriate.

If you want to create a cute raffle group name with a funny or unusual word, you can use a word that has a neutral connotation, such as a word that describes a common thing that everyone likes, like “good.”

Or, choose a word with a negative connotation, such as “terrible.” Either way, a positive or negative word will create a cuter raffle group name than one without any words at all.

  • Flying Privateers
  • Serious Spiders
  • Odd Patriots
  • Supreme Poets
  • Voodoo Greyhounds
  • Coy Cadets
  • Obscene Brewers
  • Ultimate Buccaneers
  • Festive Clippers
  • Voodoo Cadets
  • Wonderful Cats
  • Grotesque Gorillas
  • Obscene Monsters
  • Weak Falcons
  • Coy Jets
  • Black Aces
  • Serious Rainbows
  • Serious Gators
  • Defective Senators
  • Old Clippers
  • Golden Fleet
  • Delta Raiders
  • Purple Generals
  • Punctual Magicians
  • Grotesque Men
  • Golden Seagulls
  • Odd Lightning
  • Somber Women
  • Green Bulls
  • Polar Gators
  • Grotesque Storm
  • Delta Volunteers
  • Dangerous Flash
  • Orange Thunder
  • Somber Mountaineers
  • Running Wave
  • Delta Redskins
  • Unaccountable Johnnies
  • Seemly Short Colts
  • Orange Explorers
  • Serious Greyhounds
  • Odd Thunderbirds
  • Wet Poets
  • Deranged Express
  • Wicked Gladiators
  • Purple Longhorns
  • Strange Yellowjackets
  • Purple Nighthawks
  • Winter Rangers
  • Coy Storm
  • Lady Crusaders
  • Odd Flyers
  • Mighty Clippers
  • Powerful Pride
  • Solemn Wildcats
  • Mean Ducks
  • Horned Nighthawks
  • Polar Bulls
  • Bald Rebels
  • Unethical Jaguars

Raffle Group Names

How to Decide Your Raffle Group Name?

Raffles are exciting and entertaining, but they can also be expensive. You might have heard that a raffle can save you money, but did you know that you can create a fun and inexpensive way to fundraise for your school or nonprofit organization?

In fact, raffles are perfect for fundraising groups because of their simple structure and fun element. Choose the name for your group based on your school or nonprofit’s mission.

Your group’s purpose might be to raise funds for a school trip or to promote a social cause, so you’ll want to choose a name that fits your group’s goal and reflects its mission.

If your group plans to sell tickets to fund a fundraiser, try to choose a name that suggests a fun event, like an amusement park or casino. Incorporate a prize theme. Some prizes, like tickets or free drinks, are easier to sell than others, like cash or a vacation.

When you choose a prize, think about how much you plan to sell, what you’ll need to buy to purchase it, and whether there will be a limit to the number of prizes that can be won by each participant.

For example, if you plan to sell one ticket for every person in your group, and you have the funds to buy 100 tickets, you might want to create a group name that emphasizes the number of prizes you’re offering.

Make sure your group isn’t already registered. Registering a group name means having your group listed on the official website of the organization or company sponsoring the raffle.

Make sure you’re not registering a name that’s already being used for a different purpose, like a raffle for a fundraising campaign or a lottery. You can search online to see whether a similar group has already been registered, and then choose a new name if necessary.

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