700 Record Labels Names for the Music Industry

Welcome to our blog article on the fascinating world of record label names! In this post, we are excited to share with you a collection of 700 creative and catchy names for record labels that are sure to inspire and captivate. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” So, let’s dive into the world of record labels and discover the perfect name that resonates with your musical vision.

As a naming specialist with three years of experience, I have had the pleasure of exploring various naming fields, including record labels and fantasy character names. Through my journey, I have come to appreciate the power and significance of a well-crafted name. Whether it’s a record label that represents a specific genre or a fantasy character that embodies courage and magic, the right name can create a strong and lasting impression.

In this article, you can expect to find a unique and unforgettable name for your record label. We have carefully curated a list of 700 names that are designed to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and establish a strong brand identity. So, whether you’re just starting out in the music industry or looking to rebrand your existing label, rest assured that you’ll discover the perfect name that sets you apart from the competition. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration!

Record Labels Names

Record Labels Names

  • Euphonic Echo Records
  • VibraSoul Productions
  • HarmoniQ Beats Syndicate
  • SoniVerse Studios
  • TempoHaven Records
  • MeloFusion Empire
  • Audiodelic Dreamworks
  • Rhythmic Pulse Productions
  • SonicSpectrum Syndicate
  • BeatCrafters Collective
  • Harmonic Groove Factory
  • MeloMagic Records
  • RhythmiKinesis Productions
  • SonicAlchemy Syndicate
  • Audiowave Oasis
  • TempoLab Studios
  • MeloGenius Productions
  • Rhythmic Odyssey Records
  • Harmonic Vibration Collective
  • SoniScape Studios
  • BeatBenders Syndicate
  • Audioglide Records
  • SonicRapture Productions
  • MeloMuse Studios
  • Rhythmic Aura Syndicate
  • Harmonic Echo Records
  • TempoFusion Productions
  • SoniFlow Studios
  • BeatBox Empire
  • Audiowave Productions
  • MeloMatrix Syndicate
  • RhythmicParagon Records
  • SonicSerenade Studios
  • HarmonicNova Syndicate
  • TempoVortex Productions
  • SoniGenius Records
  • BeatSphere Studios
  • Audiostatic Syndicate
  • RhythmicEclipse Productions
  • MeloMosaic Records
  • SonicAurora Studios
  • HarmonicAlchemy Syndicate
  • TempoCraft Productions
  • SoniVerse Records
  • BeatHaven Studios
  • Audiogroove Syndicate
  • RhythmicJourney Productions
  • MeloNexus Records
  • SonicSway Studios
  • HarmonicPhenomenon Syndicate
  • TempoMatrix Productions
  • SoniCraft Records
  • BeatPulse Syndicate
  • Audiowave Studios
  • RhythmicZen Productions
  • MeloVibrant Records
  • SonicCascade Syndicate
  • HarmonicGrove Productions
  • TempoRhapsody Records
  • SoniSoul Studios
  • BeatBurst Syndicate
  • Audiobliss Productions
  • RhythmicVista Records
  • MeloChromatic Studios
  • SonicFusion Syndicate
  • HarmonicVortex Productions
  • TempoVerse Records
  • SoniSphere Studios
  • BeatZen Syndicate
  • AudioVibrance Productions
  • RhythmicLuminary Records
  • MeloDynasty Studios
  • SonicDynamo Syndicate
  • HarmonicEnigma Productions
  • TempoLuminous Records
  • SoniSonic Studios
  • BeatSonic Syndicate
  • AudioPhenom Productions
  • RhythmicLuminosity Records
  • MeloXpanse Studios

20 Record Labels Names With Meanings

Record Labels Names

  1. SonicVerse Records: Where musical universes harmonize.
  2. TempoTrailblazer Productions: Pioneering beats that redefine rhythms.
  3. HarmonicAlchemy Entertainment: Transforming musical elements into pure magic.
  4. RhythmicPhenomenon Studios: Creating beats that defy expectations.
  5. AudiOasis Collective: A sanctuary of captivating auditory experiences.
  6. MeloInnovation Records: Pushing boundaries with groundbreaking melodies.
  7. BeatHarmony Syndicate: Uniting beats in perfect synchronization.
  8. SonicDreamscape Productions: Crafting ethereal soundscapes that mesmerize.
  9. HarmonicEmpire Studios: Building an empire of exceptional harmonies.
  10. RhythmicVirtuosity Entertainment: Showcasing the mastery of beat virtuosos.
  11. MeloFusion Collective: Blending genres to create unique musical fusion.
  12. Audiocraft Records: Meticulously crafting sonic gems for discerning listeners.
  13. SonicElevate Productions: Elevating sounds to new heights of brilliance.
  14. TempoChronicles Studios: Chronicling the evolution of rhythmic narratives.
  15. HarmonicWhisper Records: A whisper that resonates with melodic beauty.
  16. RhythmicPulse Syndicate: Infusing beats with pulsating energy and groove.
  17. MeloReverie Studios: Crafting melodic dreams that transport the listener.
  18. Audiobound Collective: Bound together by a shared love of exceptional sound.
  19. SonicSymphony Entertainment: Composing symphonies that stir the soul.
  20. BeatSculptor Records: Sculpting beats with precision and artistic finesse.

Record Label Name Ideas

Record Labels Names

  • Harmonic Hive – A symbol of musical unity.
  • Celestial Soundscape – Transcending auditory experiences.
  • MeloVerse Records – Melodies beyond boundaries.
  • Rhythmic Alchemy – Crafting beats like magic.
  • Ephemeral Echoes – Timeless musical impressions.
  • SoniKinetica – Channeling sonic energy.
  • Aural Odyssey – Embarking on sonic journeys.
  • Serendipity Sounds – Discovering harmonious surprises.
  • Harmonix Haven – Home of musical balance.
  • TempoSpectrum – Exploring rhythmic diversity.
  • ChordCrafters – Mastering musical creations.
  • AurumTone Records – Golden sounds refined.
  • EchoVerse Entertainment – Resonating with the audience.
  • MeloGrove Records – Grooving to melodious beats.
  • Harmonicatessen – Serving soulful musical delights.
  • Acoustic Arboretum – Nurturing organic sounds.
  • MeloVista – Scenic melodies from afar.
  • SymphonySphere – Encompassing orchestral brilliance.
  • AudiOasis – Oasis of auditory pleasure.
  • RhythMicrolab – Microscopic rhythm experiments.
  • Octavarian Records – Eightfold musical expression.
  • Vibrasonic Vortex – Mesmerizing sonic whirlwind.
  • Euphonic Legacy – Enduring musical heritage.
  • MeloMatrix – Structure of harmonious notes.
  • HarmoniCorp – Corporate of harmonies.
  • NoteWizards – Magical manipulators of notes.
  • AudioVerse – Multiverse of musical dimensions.
  • ChorusSphere – Harmonizing the sonic universe.
  • MeloZenith – Zenith of melodic artistry.
  • AudoVoyage – Embarking on auditory journeys.

Old Record Label Names

Record Labels Names

  • VinylVault Records – Preserving timeless classics.
  • RetroSonic Soundscapes – Nostalgic musical memories.
  • MeloGrove Legacy – Roots of melodic history.
  • VintageVerse – Echoes from the past.
  • Classic Resonance – Everlasting sonic vibrations.
  • EchoShell Music – Sound encapsulated in time.
  • AudiOpera Archives – Storing operatic masterpieces.
  • VinylRevive – Reviving the analog era.
  • Antique Acoustics – Treasures of aural antiquity.
  • MeloHerald – Proclaiming musical heritage.
  • RetroMelodics – Melodies from yesteryears.
  • TimeWarp Tunes – Transcending temporal boundaries.
  • Echoes of Eon – Resonance from ancient times.
  • ClassicalChronicle – Musical stories of the past.
  • VintageVerse Vault – Preserving vintage harmonies.
  • SonicAntiquity – Ancient echoes reborn.
  • TimelessAudio – Ageless auditory treasures.
  • MeloMemora – Melodic remembrances cherished.
  • Nostalgic Soundwaves – Wistful sonic ripples.
  • AncientAudios – Sounds of bygone eras.
  • MeloCenturies – Melodies that span centuries.
  • Echoes of Elders – Resonating ancestral tunes.
  • RetroSpectra Records – Reflecting musical history.
  • VintageVibes – Vibing with old-school sounds.
  • SoniCobweb – Echoes of the past entangled.
  • ClassicCadence – Rhythms from antiquity.
  • AudiOde Records – Odes to timeless melodies.
  • MeloDust Memories – Musical memories never fade.
  • Echoes of Eternity – Timeless sonic impressions.
  • Olden Harmonies – Harmonies of the ages.

Famous Record Label Names

  • Harmonic Empire – Ruling the musical domain.
  • MeloMasters – Masters of melodic artistry.
  • Sonic Syndicate – Uniting musical talents.
  • Rhythmic Royalty – Crowned rulers of beats.
  • Auditory Legends – Mythical status in sound.
  • MeloDynasty – Dominating the musical realm.
  • Symphonic Titans – Colossal orchestral presence.
  • Audiophonic Empire – Empire of superior sound.
  • Harmonic Monarchs – Regal masters of harmony.
  • MeloSphere Dominance – Conquering melodic dimensions.
  • Sonic Luminary – Illuminating the auditory landscape.
  • Rhythmic Dynasty – Reigning supreme in beats.
  • Auric Icons – Icons of sonic gold.
  • AudioLegends – Legendary status in sound.
  • MeloEmpire – Building an empire of melodies.
  • Harmonic Vanguard – Leading the musical revolution.
  • Sonic Legends – Mythical stature in sound.
  • Rhythmic Dominion – Establishing beat supremacy.
  • Audiophonic Icons – Icons of superior sound.
  • MeloMonopoly – Monopolizing the world of melodies.
  • Symphonic Icons – Iconic figures in orchestration.
  • Harmonic Conquerors – Conquering musical frontiers.
  • Sonic Sovereigns – Ruling the sonic realm.
  • Rhythmic Imperials – Majestic rulers of beats.
  • Audiophonic Monarchy – Monarchy of impeccable sound.
  • MeloTrailblazers – Pioneering melodic innovation.
  • Harmonic Titans – Gigantic masters of harmony.
  • Sonic Vanguard – Leading the sonic revolution.
  • Rhythmic Legends – Legendary status in beats.
  • Audiophonic Dynasty – Dominating the world of sound.

Funny Record Label Names

  • Off-Key Records – Intentionally out of tune.
  • VinylVillains – Mischievous musical masterminds.
  • MeloFiasco – Chaos in melodic form.
  • GrooveGoblins – Mischievous beat seekers.
  • Rhythmic Rascals – Playful troublemakers of beats.
  • Audi-Oh-No! – Unexpected sonic mishaps.
  • Clown Records – Unintentional comedic musicality.
  • Hilarity Harmonics – Laugh-inducing melodic adventures.
  • SillySound Studios – Where laughter meets music.
  • MeloMischief – Mischievous melodies in action.
  • GrooveGuffaws – Beats that make you chuckle.
  • Rhythmic Riddles – Beats that keep you guessing.
  • Audiocomedy – The comedic side of sound.
  • MeloMayhem – Melodies gone wild.
  • FunkyFoolery – Playful and quirky musicality.
  • BeatBananas – Crazy beats that make you go bananas.
  • SillySonics – Whimsical and amusing sounds.
  • MeloMadness – Melodies with a touch of insanity.
  • GrooveGiggles – Beats that tickle your funny bone.
  • Rhythmic Hijinks – Mischievous beats in action.
  • AudioAbsurdity – Embracing the ridiculousness of sound.
  • MeloMerriment – Melodies that bring joy and laughter.
  • Jester Records – Musical jesters at play.
  • WackyRhythms – Offbeat beats that make you smile.
  • GrooveGigglers – Beats that make you giggle uncontrollably.
  • Rhythmic Nonsense – Beats that defy logic.
  • Audioclowns – Clowns of the musical world.
  • MeloMayhem Studios – Where chaos meets melodies.
  • FunkyFollies – Playfully unconventional musicality.
  • BeatBonkers – Wild beats that drive you crazy.

Catchy Record Label Names

SonicSpark Records – Igniting the auditory fire.

MeloGroove Collective – Uniting groovy melodies.

Rhythmic Reverie – Captivating beats that mesmerize.

Auditory Harmonix – Harmonies that resonate.

BeatMakers Syndicate – Syndicate of irresistible beats.

MeloVortex – Swirling melodies that captivate.

Symphonic Fusion – Harmonic blend of genres.

Audiogasmic Records – Ecstasy for the ears.

Harmonic Pulse – Heartbeat of melodic energy.

MeloMagic – Spellbinding melodies that enchant.

Rhythmic Radiance – Illuminating the music scene.

SoniSoul – Soul-stirring sonic experiences.

Beatscape Records – Immersive beatscapes for the mind.

MeloMomentum – Unstoppable musical momentum.

Sonic Euphoria – Blissful sonic waves.

Rhythmic Utopia – Perfect beats in paradise.

Audiowave Records – Riding the waves of sound.

Harmonic Serenade – Captivating serenades of harmony.

MeloSync – Synchronizing melodies for the soul.

BeatBliss – Blissful beats that transport you.

SoniFusion – Fusion of sonic elements.

Audiodelic Records – Delving into psychedelic soundscapes.

Harmonic Resonance – Resonating with the listener’s soul.

MeloGroove Haven – Haven of irresistible grooves.

Rhythmic Ecstasy – Euphoric beats that elevate.

Sonic Enigma – Enigmatic sonic experiences.

Beatsmith Records – Forging beats of unparalleled quality.

MeloVerse Collective – Collaborative melodies from diverse artists.

Rhythmic Reverberation – Echoes that reverberate in the soul.

AudioVibrance – Vibrant and dynamic auditory experiences.

Good Record Label Names

Harmonic Horizon – Where melodies meet the sky.

MeloVerse Productions – Creating melodic universes.

SonicSpectrum – Expanding the auditory palette.

Rhythmic Excellence – Pursuing beat perfection.

Audiodynamic Records – Dynamics that captivate.

MeloCraft – Crafting melodies with precision.

Symphonic Brilliance – Exemplary orchestral creations.

Audiorealm – Realm of exceptional sound.

Harmonic Essence – Essence of melodic beauty.

MeloVerse Studios – Studio of melodic wonders.

SonicSynergy – Harmonious collaboration in sound.

BeatGenius Records – Genius at creating irresistible beats.

MeloMastery – Mastering the art of melodies.

Rhythmic Virtuoso – Virtuosity in beats.

Audioworks – Meticulously crafted auditory masterpieces.

Harmonic Heights – Reaching new heights in harmony.

MeloLab – Laboratory of innovative melodies.

SonicPrecision – Precise and refined sonic experiences.

BeatCrafters – Makers of finely tuned beats.

Rhythmic Elegance – Elegant beats that resonate.

Audiowise – Wise and skillful in the world of sound.

Harmonic Innovators – Pioneers of melodic innovation.

MeloZone – Zone of melodic brilliance.

SonicCraftsmen – Craftsmen of sonic artistry.

BeatSynthesis – Synthesizing beats with expertise.

Audioplus – Going above and beyond in auditory excellence.

MeloEnsemble – Collaborative mastery in melodies.

Rhythmic Ingenuity – Ingenious beats that inspire.

SonicMakers – Crafting sonic marvels.

Harmonic Fusion – Fusion of diverse musical elements.

Cool Record Label Names

SoundSphere Records – Where sound expands infinitely.

MeloMatrix – Matrix of limitless melodies.

SonicWaves – Riding the waves of sonic bliss.

Rhythmic Vortex – Spiraling into rhythmic ecstasy.

Audiogroove – Grooving to the beats of sound.

Harmonic Oasis – Oasis of cool and soothing melodies.

MeloSphere – Realm of captivating harmonies.

SonicPulse – Pulsating beats that energize.

BeatGuru Records – Masters of cool and infectious beats.

Rhythmic Flow – Effortless flow of irresistible beats.

AudioZen – Attaining zen through sonic experiences.

MeloNova – Nova of innovative melodies.

SoniSync – Syncing with the rhythm of cool.

FunkyBeats – Infusing funk into rhythmic brilliance.

Harmonic Aura – Radiating coolness through harmonies.

MeloZenith – Reaching the zenith of coolness.

SonicSleek – Sleek and stylish auditory experiences.

Rhythmic Pulse – Heartbeat of cool beats.

Audiocool – Coolness personified in sound.

GrooveGlide Records – Smooth and effortless grooves.

MeloDynamo – Dynamo of cool and dynamic melodies.

SonicElevate – Elevating coolness through sound.

BeatBlaze – Blazing trails with cool beats.

Harmonic Chill – Chill vibes in harmonious form.

MeloFusion – Fusion of cool musical genres.

Rhythmic Swagger – Unapologetic beats with attitude.

Audiobliss – Blissful coolness in auditory form.

GrooveHaven – Haven of cool and groovy sounds.

SonicSerenity – Serene coolness in sonic waves.

BeatMachine Records – Machine of cool and addictive beats.

Record Labels Names

How To Choose A Good Record Labels Name

When it comes to establishing your record label in the music industry, one of the crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the right name. A well-crafted record label name serves as the foundation for your brand’s identity, helping you set the tone and grab attention in a competitive market. In this article, we’ll explore the key steps and considerations involved in selecting a good record label name that reflects your brand and resonates with your audience.

Understanding Your Brand Identity

Before diving into the process of choosing a record label name, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your brand identity. Start by defining your music genre and target audience. Are you focusing on a specific genre like rock, hip-hop, or electronic? Understanding your audience’s preferences will help you craft a name that appeals to their tastes.

Next, analyze your brand values and vision. What message do you want your record label to convey? Are you aiming for a rebellious and edgy vibe or a more sophisticated and timeless feel? Consider your unique selling points that set you apart from other labels. These insights will guide you in creating a name that aligns with your brand identity.

Brainstorming and Idea Generation

Once you have a clear sense of your brand identity, it’s time to unleash your creativity and brainstorm potential names. Set aside dedicated brainstorming sessions, allowing ideas to flow freely without judgment. Write down any words, phrases, or associations that come to mind.

During the brainstorming process, explore word associations and symbolism related to your music genre and brand values. For example, if your label specializes in electronic music, think about words that evoke a sense of energy, technology, or futurism. Additionally, draw inspiration from personal experiences or stories that resonate with your brand. This approach can lead to unique and meaningful name possibilities.

Researching Existing Labels

To avoid duplicating existing names or unintentionally creating confusion, it’s crucial to research and study successful record labels in your genre. Analyze their naming strategies and brand positioning. Look for patterns or common elements in their names and identify what resonates with you. This research will help you craft a name that stands out while still fitting within the conventions of your genre.

As you explore existing labels, be mindful of potential conflicts or similarities with their names. You want your label to be distinctive and avoid any legal complications or confusion in the market. Conduct thorough research to ensure your chosen name is not already trademarked or in use by another entity.

Evaluating Practicality and Marketability

While creativity is important, it’s equally essential to consider the practicality and marketability of your record label name. Check the availability of domain names related to your potential names. A strong online presence is crucial in today’s digital age, and securing a matching domain will make it easier for your audience to find and remember your label.

Consider international appeal and pronunciation as well. If you plan to expand beyond your local market, ensure that your name is easily recognizable and pronounceable across different languages and cultures. Avoid potential misinterpretations or offensive meanings that may hinder your brand’s growth.

In addition, visualize how your potential name will look on logos, album covers, and merchandise. Test different fonts, styles, and visual elements to see if the name lends itself to creative and eye-catching designs.

Seeking Feedback and Collaboration

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential names, seek feedback from trusted peers, fellow musicians, and industry professionals. Share your ideas and ask for their honest opinions. They may provide valuable insights or perspectives that you might have overlooked.

Consider conducting focus groups or surveys to gather feedback from your target audience. Their input will help you gauge how well the names resonate with your potential listeners and whether they convey the desired brand image.

Collaboration can also be a powerful tool in the naming process. Involve artists or producers who will be working with your label. Their input and creative contributions can lead to a name that reflects the collective vision and artistic direction of your label.

Finalizing and Registering Your Name

Before making the final decision, conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure your chosen name is not already registered or in use by another entity. Protecting your intellectual property is essential for building a strong and recognizable brand. If your chosen name is available, register it legally to secure your rights and prevent others from using it in the future.

As you register your name, consider its potential for future growth and adaptability. Your record label may expand into new genres or artistic ventures, so choose a name that allows for flexibility while still maintaining a strong brand identity.


In conclusion, we hope this article has been an exciting resource for you in your quest to find the perfect name for your record label. Naming a record label is no easy task, but it is a crucial step in shaping your brand’s identity and connecting with your audience. With our extensive list of 700 creative and captivating names, we aimed to provide you with a wide range of options to suit various genres, styles, and visions.

Remember, a great record label name should not only resonate with your musical vision but also be memorable and distinct. It should convey the essence of your label and leave a lasting impression on artists and listeners alike. The right name can act as a powerful magnet, drawing in talent and building a loyal fan base.

As you continue your journey in the music industry, we encourage you to take your time in selecting the perfect name. Don’t hesitate to brainstorm, experiment, and seek feedback from your peers or target audience. Your record label’s name will become a vital part of your brand’s story, and with the right name, you can set yourself on a path to success and recognition. Here’s to your future as a record label owner, making a mark on the world of music with your unique and inspiring name!


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