700 Unforgettable RWBY Names for Your Fantasy Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 RWBY Names.” If you’re looking for creative and unique names inspired by the popular animated series RWBY, you’ve come to the right place! As Mark Twain once said, “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” Similarly, the right name can truly bring a character to life and capture their essence.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field, I’ve had the privilege of exploring the art of naming and creating fantasy characters. It’s a fascinating world where words have the power to shape narratives and transport readers to extraordinary realms. Through my work, I’ve come to understand the importance of selecting the perfect name, one that resonates with both the character and the story.

In this article, I promise you’ll discover a plethora of unique and captivating RWBY names. Whether you’re a fan of the series or in need of inspiration for your own creative endeavors, we’ve curated a list that will surely ignite your imagination. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the enchanting world of RWBY and find the name that will breathe life into your next great character!

Rwby Names

RWBY Names

  • Crimson Thorn
  • Azure Nova
  • Indigo Eclipse
  • Jet Falcon
  • Amber Blaze
  • Ivory Frost
  • Onyx Whisper
  • Garnet Viper
  • Coral Mirage
  • Sapphire Drake
  • Obsidian Phoenix
  • Topaz Serpent
  • Cobalt Dusk
  • Rose Shadow
  • Violet Storm
  • Emerald Raven
  • Ivory Frost
  • Ruby Ember
  • Scarlet Moon
  • Asher Nightfall
  • Amber Fox
  • Garnet Ivory
  • Sage Thunder
  • Lavender Haze
  • Ashlyn Solstice
  • Raven Thornwood
  • Sterling Luna
  • Obsidian Blaze
  • Ashlyn Ember
  • Ivory Drake
  • Garnet Vortex
  • Cobalt Whisper
  • Rose Frostfire
  • Indigo Orion
  • Jasper Hawk
  • Asher Nightshade
  • Scarlet Eclipse
  • Ember Thunderclap
  • Sterling Dusk
  • Cobalt Mirage
  • Raven Frost
  • Ashlyn Shadowstrike
  • Sage Ember
  • Ivory Viper
  • Garnet Solstice
  • Amber Frostfire
  • Obsidian Luna
  • Onyx Thunderclap
  • Coral Drake
  • Violet Whisper
  • Asher Ember
  • Rose Frostfall
  • Jasper Nova
  • Scarlet Stormrider
  • Cobalt Haze
  • Ember Orion
  • Sterling Serpent
  • Sage Dusk
  • Garnet Shadow
  • Obsidian Frost
  • Ashlyn Moonstone
  • Ivory Thunderstrike
  • Amber Tempest
  • Raven Mirage
  • Onyx Solstice
  • Coral Luna
  • Violet Emberheart
  • Cobalt Frostfire
  • Ember Viper
  • Asher Frostfall
  • Jasper Eclipse
  • Sterling Serenade
  • Sage Thunderclaw
  • Garnet Moonshadow
  • Obsidian Frostbite
  • Ivory Nova
  • Amber Whisper
  • Coral Phoenix
  • Ashlyn Raven
  • Onyx Midnight

20 Rwby Names With Meanings

RWBY Names

Lyric Stormrider – A name representing a harmonious soul with the power of tempests.

Astrid Emberheart – Symbolizing a radiant spirit ablaze with passion and warmth.

Orion Shadowstrike – Evoking a celestial hunter who strikes from the depths of darkness.

Seraphina Frostfall – A name juxtaposing heavenly grace with icy resilience.

Nova Thunderclap – Signifying a celestial phenomenon of awe-inspiring strength.

Emberlyn Nightshade – A name alluding to a captivating presence that emerges in darkness.

Zephyr Moonstone – Symbolizing the gentle breeze and the luminescence of the moon.

Saffron Evergloom – A name suggesting a golden spice amidst perpetual twilight.

Aurora Skysong – Evoking a radiant melody that dances across the sky.

Orion Crimsonwing – Signifying a celestial being adorned with fiery plumage.

Seraphina Solstice – A name representing heavenly grace during a time of transition.

Emberlyn Shadowbane – Alluding to a mysterious presence that fights against darkness.

Zephyr Duskwhisper – Symbolizing the gentle breeze that carries secrets of twilight.

Saffron Stardust – A name suggesting a golden essence scattered across the cosmos.

Aurora Tempestwing – Evoking a celestial phenomenon of stormy grandeur.

Orion Midnightfire – Signifying a celestial hunter ablaze with the power of midnight.

Seraphina Lunaris – A name representing heavenly grace illuminated by the moon.

Emberlyn Frostfang – Alluding to a chilling presence that strikes with deadly precision.

Zephyr Thunderstrike – Symbolizing the unleashed power of the wind and thunder.

Saffron Celestia – A name suggesting a golden essence that embodies celestial splendor.

Rwby Character Names

RWBY Names

Pyrrha Nikos – A skilled warrior with a tragic fate.

Jaune Arc – A determined and loyal fighter.

Nora Valkyrie – A cheerful and energetic heroine.

Lie Ren – A calm and stealthy warrior.

Penny Polendina – A robotic girl with a heart of gold.

Winter Schnee – A disciplined and powerful huntress.

Qrow Branwen – A charismatic and enigmatic fighter.

Glynda Goodwitch – A strict yet fair teacher and warrior.

Sun Wukong – A nimble and playful fighter.

Velvet Scarlatina – A kind-hearted and talented combatant.

Hazel Rainart – A remorseful and formidable antagonist.

Adam Taurus – A complex and troubled anti-hero.

Roman Torchwick – A cunning and stylish criminal mastermind.

Neo Politan – A silent and deadly assassin.

Emerald Sustrai – A skilled illusionist and thief.

Mercury Black – A sly and agile fighter.

Tyrian Callows – A sadistic and unpredictable antagonist.

Cinder Fall – A calculating and ambitious villainess.

Ozpin – A mysterious and wise headmaster.

Salem – A powerful and enigmatic dark queen.

Summer Rose – A legendary huntress and mother figure.

Jacques Schnee – A manipulative and wealthy businessman.

Maria Calavera – A seasoned and wise retired huntress.

Ilia Amitola – A conflicted and determined fighter for justice.

Bartholomew Oobleck – An eccentric and knowledgeable professor.

Arslan Altan – A skilled and honorable warrior.

Reese Chloris – A tech-savvy and agile huntress.

May Zedong – A laid-back and skilled sniper.

Brawnz Ni – A strong and boisterous fighter.

Sage Ayana – A calm and stoic warrior.

Rwby Male Names

RWBY Names

Jaune – A heroic and determined fighter.

Qrow – A mysterious and cunning warrior.

Ren – A calm and collected fighter.

Sun – A playful and agile combatant.

Penny – A compassionate and powerful android.

Nora – An energetic and fierce huntress.

Tyrian – A sadistic and unpredictable antagonist.

Hazel – A remorseful and formidable foe.

Glynda – A strict and powerful huntress.

Velvet – A talented and kind-hearted fighter.

Adam – A complex and conflicted anti-hero.

Roman – A stylish and cunning criminal mastermind.

Emerald – A skilled thief and illusionist.

Mercury – A sly and agile fighter.

Ozpin – A wise and enigmatic headmaster.

Salem – A powerful and mysterious dark queen.

Summer – A legendary huntress and mother figure.

Jacques – A manipulative and wealthy businessman.

Bartholomew – An eccentric and knowledgeable professor.

Maria – A seasoned and wise retired huntress.

Sage – A calm and stoic warrior.

Leo – A cowardly and treacherous antagonist.

Flynn – A charismatic and influential leader.

Lionheart – A cowardly and deceitful headmaster.

Ironwood – A strong and disciplined military general.

Neptune – A suave and flirtatious fighter.

Ozcar – A young and courageous hero.

Leo – A cowardly and treacherous antagonist.

Flynn – A charismatic and influential leader.

Lionheart – A cowardly and deceitful headmaster.

Rwby Female Names

Ruby – A determined and passionate huntress.

Weiss – A skilled and intelligent warrior.

Blake – A cunning and agile fighter.

Yang – A fierce and powerful brawler.

Pyrrha – A talented and tragic heroine.

Nora – An energetic and fearless huntress.

Penny – A kind-hearted and powerful android.

Winter – A disciplined and powerful combatant.

Glynda – A strict and powerful huntress.

Velvet – A talented and compassionate fighter.

Emerald – A skilled thief and illusionist.

Neo – A silent and deadly assassin.

Cinder – A calculating and ambitious villainess.

Ilia – A conflicted and determined warrior.

Maria – A seasoned and wise retired huntress.

Coco – A stylish and fashionable huntress.

Neon – A lively and vibrant fighter.

Willow – A troubled and fragile character.

Summer – A legendary huntress and mother figure.

Raven – A mysterious and skilled huntress.

Sienna – A powerful and passionate leader.

Glynda – A strict and powerful huntress.

Willow – A troubled and fragile character.

Sienna – A powerful and passionate leader.

Neon – A lively and vibrant fighter.

Coco – A stylish and fashionable huntress.

Kali – A supportive and caring character.

Emerald – A skilled thief and illusionist.

Neo – A silent and deadly assassin.

Cinder – A calculating and ambitious villainess.

Rwby Weapon Names

Crescent Rose – Ruby’s scythe-rifle hybrid.

Myrtenaster – Weiss’s rapier and multi-action Dust caster.

Gambol Shroud – Blake’s collapsible sword and sheath.

Ember Celica – Yang’s dual gauntlets that shoot explosive rounds.

Miló and Akoúo̱ – Pyrrha’s javelin and shield.

Magnhild – Nora’s hammer that transforms into a grenade launcher.

Penny’s Swords – Penny’s floating swords with extendable blades.

Dust Weaving Blades – Emerald’s weapons that create illusions.

Neo’s Umbrella – Neo’s concealed blade and parasol.

Cinder’s Weapons – Cinder’s glass and fire manipulation weapons.

Mercury’s Boots – Mercury’s metal-legged boots that enhance agility.

Hazel’s Dust Gloves – Hazel’s gauntlets that channel Earth Dust.

Ironwood’s Revolver – Ironwood’s powerful and versatile firearm.

Maria’s Scythe – Maria’s mechanical scythe with built-in guns.

Adam’s Wilt and Blush – Adam’s katana and rifle combo.

Roman’s Cane – Roman’s concealed sword and weaponized cane.

Glynda’s Riding Crop – Glynda’s weaponized riding crop and telekinesis.

Coco’s Handbag – Coco’s handbag that transforms into a minigun.

Sun’s Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang – Sun’s extendable staff and nunchaku.

Winter’s Rapier – Winter’s elegant and precise rapier.

Jaune’s Crocea Mors – Jaune’s versatile sword and shield.

Qrow’s Scythe – Qrow’s scythe with a collapsible blade.

Tyrian’s Tail – Tyrian’s venomous stinger tail.

Ilia’s Wrist Blades – Ilia’s retractable wrist-mounted blades.

May’s Bow – May’s versatile bow with explosive arrows.

Bartholomew’s Thermos – Bartholomew’s weaponized thermos and gadget.

Hazel’s Gauntlets – Hazel’s powerful and reinforced gauntlets.

Arslan’s Gauntlets – Arslan’s claw-like gauntlets for close combat.

Neon’s Rollerblades – Neon’s high-speed rollerblades with blades.

Reese’s Hoverboard – Reese’s hoverboard with built-in cannons.

Best Rwby Names

Aurora Vespera – Meaning “dawn evening,” a name evoking celestial beauty.

Orion Thunderfall – Symbolizing strength and power like a celestial hunter.

Seraphina Evergloom – A name juxtaposing light and darkness.

Zephyr Stormrider – A name invoking the wind and tempest.

Lyra Midnight – A name suggesting elegance and mystery.

Aria Emberheart – Signifying a passionate and melodious spirit.

Solstice Shadowbane – A name representing balance and resilience.

Nova Eclipse – A name alluding to cosmic phenomena and duality.

Orion Blaze – Symbolizing fiery determination and courage.

Seraphina Frostfall – A name juxtaposing heavenly grace and icy resilience.

Zephyr Skysong – A name evoking the freedom and beauty of the wind.

Lyra Moonstone – A name suggesting harmony and luminescence.

Aria Starfire – Signifying a powerful and enchanting presence.

Solstice Dusk – A name representing transition and introspection.

Nova Celestia – A name alluding to celestial splendor and radiance.

Orion Ashborne – Symbolizing strength rising from the ashes.

Seraphina Aurora – A name juxtaposing heavenly grace and dawn’s beauty.

Zephyr Tempestwing – A name evoking the untamed power of storms.

Lyra Stardust – A name suggesting ethereal beauty and cosmic origins.

Aria Serenade – Signifying a captivating and melodious spirit.

Solstice Ember – A name representing warmth and renewal.

Nova Solaris – A name alluding to the brilliance of the sun.

Orion Thunderstrike – Symbolizing awe-inspiring strength and lightning.

Seraphina Twilight – A name juxtaposing heavenly grace and the evening sky.

Zephyr Galewind – A name evoking the invigorating force of the breeze.

Lyra Celestial – A name suggesting a celestial melody and radiance.

Aria Harmony – Signifying a balanced and harmonious soul.

Solstice Dawn – A name representing new beginnings and hope.

Nova Nebula – A name alluding to cosmic vastness and wonder.

Orion Firebrand – Symbolizing a fierce and passionate spirit.

Famous Rwby Names

Ruby Rose – The beloved protagonist and leader of Team RWBY.

Weiss Schnee – The skilled and wealthy heiress of the Schnee Dust Company.

Blake Belladonna – The mysterious and compassionate Faunus warrior.

Yang Xiao Long – The fiery and protective sister of Ruby.

Pyrrha Nikos – The skilled and tragic warrior with a heart of gold.

Jaune Arc – The determined and loyal fighter who overcomes his insecurities.

Nora Valkyrie – The energetic and fearless huntress with a thunderous weapon.

Lie Ren – The calm and stoic warrior with a unique semblance.

Penny Polendina – The compassionate and powerful android with a human soul.

Qrow Branwen – The enigmatic and charismatic huntsman with a crow motif.

Ozpin – The wise and mysterious headmaster with a secret past.

Salem – The powerful and manipulative dark queen seeking ultimate power.

Winter Schnee – The disciplined and powerful specialist in combat and strategy.

Roman Torchwick – The cunning and stylish criminal mastermind.

Neo Politan – The silent and deadly assassin with a love for sweets.

Cinder Fall – The calculating and ambitious villainess with a thirst for power.

Glynda Goodwitch – The strict yet fair huntress and teacher at Beacon Academy.

Adam Taurus – The complex and conflicted anti-hero and former leader of the White Fang.

Hazel Rainart – The remorseful and formidable antagonist with incredible strength.

Maria Calavera – The seasoned and wise retired huntress with silver eyes.

Lionheart – The cowardly and deceitful headmaster of Haven Academy.

Ironwood – The strong and disciplined military general of Atlas.

Jacques Schnee – The manipulative and wealthy businessman and father of Weiss.

Summer Rose – The legendary huntress and mother of Ruby and Yang.

Bartholomew Oobleck – The eccentric and knowledgeable professor at Beacon Academy.

Emerald Sustrai – The skilled thief and illusionist loyal to Cinder.

Mercury Black – The sly and agile fighter with robotic legs.

Raven Branwen – The mysterious and skilled huntress and mother of Yang.

Sienna Khan – The powerful and passionate leader of the White Fang.

Tyrian Callows – The sadistic and unpredictable minion of Salem.

Cool Rwby Names

Shadowstrike – A name exuding stealth and lethal precision.

Frostbite – A name suggesting icy strength and resilience.

Crimson Viper – A name representing fierce determination and danger.

Stormbreaker – A name evoking power over the elements.

Midnight Rogue – A name alluding to mystery and mischief.

Ember Inferno – Signifying an intense and passionate spirit.

Thunderclap – A name symbolizing awe-inspiring strength and sound.

Solar Flare – A name representing radiant energy and brilliance.

Frostfang – A name suggesting a cold and deadly presence.

Ironclad – Signifying unyielding resolve and invincibility.

Phoenix Blaze – A name evoking the rebirth and fiery determination.

Venomstrike – A name representing deadly precision and toxin.

Nightshade – A name alluding to darkness and allure.

Ashen Reaper – A name suggesting a relentless and unstoppable force.

Cyclone – Signifying a whirlwind of power and chaos.

Stormrider – A name evoking mastery over turbulent forces.

Eclipse – A name representing the convergence of light and shadow.

Frostwind – A name suggesting a chilling and relentless presence.

Thunderbolt – Signifying lightning-fast speed and destructive power.

Flamestrike – A name symbolizing a blazing and devastating assault.

Voidwalker – A name evoking a mysterious and otherworldly aura.

Shadowblade – A name representing deadly agility and stealth.

Frostfire – A name suggesting a potent mix of ice and fire.

Tempest – Signifying a stormy and volatile nature.

Phoenix Fury – A name evoking the relentless power of a mythical bird.

Venomfang – A name representing a lethal and venomous predator.

Nightfall – A name alluding to darkness and tranquility.

Ashes – A name suggesting the aftermath of destruction and rebirth.

Cyclone – Signifying a whirlwind of power and chaos.

Thunderclap – A name symbolizing awe-inspiring strength and sound.

Stylish Rwby Names

Sable Noir – A name invoking sophistication and mystery.

Aurelia Lux – A name suggesting opulence and elegance.

Vermillion Rouge – A name evoking passion and intensity.

Cobalt Serenade – A name representing grace and harmony.

Ivory Belle – A name signifying beauty and purity.

Jade Delphine – A name alluding to grace and tranquility.

Crimson Dusk – A name symbolizing a captivating and enchanting presence.

Onyx Sable – A name suggesting sleekness and allure.

Amethyst Celeste – A name representing a regal and mystical aura.

Azure Tempest – Signifying a stormy and captivating nature.

Rose Noir – A name evoking elegance and enigma.

Golden Ember – A name alluding to warmth and radiance.

Indigo Elysium – A name suggesting serenity and ethereal beauty.

Scarlet Veritas – A name representing boldness and truth.

Ivory Luminara – A name symbolizing luminosity and grace.

Jade Whisper – A name signifying a gentle and alluring presence.

Obsidian Eclipse – A name evoking darkness and celestial phenomena.

Platinum Sylph – A name suggesting elegance and gracefulness.

Garnet Astral – A name representing passion and celestial beauty.

Topaz Seraphine – Signifying a radiant and angelic spirit.

Ruby Nocturne – A name alluding to the allure of the night.

Emerald Solstice – A name suggesting vibrancy and balance.

Sapphire Melody – A name representing a harmonious and captivating aura.

Pearl Aria – A name symbolizing elegance and melodious beauty.

Amethyst Lumière – A name evoking mystical light and enchantment.

Azure Solace – A name suggesting tranquility and serenity.

Opal Mirage – A name signifying illusion and captivating beauty.

Celestia Valerian – A name representing heavenly grace and strength.

Coral Serenade – A name evoking tranquility and enchanting melodies.

Crimson Belle – A name suggesting elegance and allure.

RWBY Names

How To Choose A Good Rwby Name

Choosing a good RWBY name is a vital aspect of creating a captivating and authentic character. The name sets the tone for the character and acts as a gateway to their personality, traits, and backstory. Just like a well-crafted story, a well-chosen name can capture the essence of a character and leave a lasting impact on readers. In this article, we will explore the process of selecting a good RWBY name, delving into various considerations and techniques to help you in your creative endeavor.

Understanding the RWBY Universe

Before diving into the process of choosing a good RWBY name, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the RWBY series. Watch the episodes, read the accompanying literature, and immerse yourself in the world created by Monty Oum. Understanding the themes, dynamics, and unique characteristics of RWBY will provide valuable context for naming your character. Pay attention to the naming conventions already established in the series, as they can serve as inspiration or guidelines for your own creations.

Identifying Character Traits

To choose a fitting RWBY name, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your character’s personality, traits, and background. Consider their motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and any defining features that shape their identity. Are they brave and adventurous, or reserved and mysterious? Understanding these aspects will help guide you in selecting a name that accurately reflects who your character is and how they contribute to the story.

Consider Sound and Pronunciation

When choosing a RWBY name, it’s important to consider how it sounds and is pronounced. Opt for names with pleasing phonetics that roll off the tongue. Experiment with combinations of vowels and consonants to create a name that is pleasing to the ear. Additionally, ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and remember for readers. A complex or convoluted name might hinder the readers’ connection with the character, so strike a balance between uniqueness and accessibility.

Symbolism and Meaning

Names with symbolic significance can add depth and intrigue to a character. Consider exploring names that hold cultural or historical references, tying in with the themes of the RWBY universe. Symbolism can enhance the character’s narrative and provide subtle hints about their journey or destiny. Delve into the realms of mythology, folklore, or even language origins to discover meaningful names that resonate with your character and their story.

Originality and Uniqueness

Avoid falling into common naming tropes and clichés. RWBY offers a vast canvas for creativity, so strive for originality and uniqueness in your character’s name. A distinctive name will help your character stand out and be memorable to readers. Steer clear of generic names or those that blend into the background. Embrace the opportunity to create something fresh and exciting that contributes to the diverse tapestry of the RWBY universe.

Testing and Feedback

Once you have a potential RWBY name in mind, it’s beneficial to seek feedback from trusted friends or fellow writers. Share your character’s name and gather their impressions. Their fresh perspectives can provide valuable insights and highlight any potential issues or areas for improvement. Be open to constructive criticism and make adjustments if necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to create a name that resonates with both you and your audience.

Finalizing the Name

After gathering feedback and considering various factors, it’s time to finalize the RWBY name for your character. Evaluate how well the name fits within the RWBY universe, ensuring it aligns with the established naming conventions and atmosphere of the series. Additionally, consider how the name reflects your character’s identity and story. Does it evoke the desired emotions and convey the intended image? Trust your instincts and choose a name that you feel genuinely represents your character’s essence.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 RWBY Names” has provided you with a wealth of inspiration and options for your characters. The world of RWBY is rich with diverse and captivating personalities, and finding the right name for your own creations is a crucial step in bringing them to life. Remember, a well-chosen name can enhance the depth and authenticity of your characters, making them more relatable and memorable to your audience.

As you embark on your creative journey, consider the themes and traits that define your characters. Think about the emotions you want to evoke and the impact you want your characters to have on readers. Allow yourself to explore different combinations, experiment with sounds, and let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless, and the perfect name is waiting to be discovered.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of RWBY names and found it helpful in your naming endeavors. Remember, the name you choose is a reflection of your creativity and vision as a writer. So, go forth and create captivating characters with names that will resonate with your readers. Happy writing!


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