700 Saiyan Names to Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Saiyan Names.” In this comprehensive list, we have curated a collection of creative and powerful names that pay tribute to the legendary Saiyan race. As Goku once said, “I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace.” Now, let’s dive into the realm of Saiyan names and discover the perfect name for your next adventure.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved into the fascinating world of naming fantasy characters. From epic warriors to mythical creatures, I’ve dedicated myself to finding names that evoke a sense of wonder, strength, and imagination. With a deep understanding of the Saiyan lore and its impact on popular culture, I’ve carefully selected a wide range of names that capture the essence of the Saiyan spirit.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within this article, you will find a treasure trove of unique Saiyan names. Whether you’re seeking a name for a character in a game, writing a story, or simply looking to express your admiration for the Saiyan race, our list is here to inspire you. Each name holds its own distinct flair, ensuring that you’ll discover a name that resonates with your vision and sparks your imagination. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and uncover the perfect Saiyan name that will leave a lasting impact.

Saiyan Names

Saiyan Names

  • Vegeta
  • Goku
  • Gine
  • Bardock
  • Tarble
  • Raditz
  • Nappa
  • Turles
  • Tora
  • Fasha
  • Borgos
  • Panbukin
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Chiaotzu
  • Piccolo
  • Gohan
  • Goten
  • Trunks
  • Bulma
  • Chi-Chi
  • Videl
  • Android 18
  • Marron
  • Caulifla
  • Kale
  • Cabba
  • Broly
  • Paragus
  • King Vegeta
  • Queen Vegeta
  • Radina
  • Raddah
  • Nappa Jr.
  • Sashira
  • Goku Jr.
  • Vasha
  • Barlex
  • Taran
  • Goriku
  • Nia
  • Tane
  • Radka
  • Nappi
  • Turina
  • Toran
  • Galena
  • Barasha
  • Vegita

20 Saiyan Names with Meanings

Saiyan Names

Goku – Meaning “aware of emptiness”; the legendary Saiyan warrior and protagonist of Dragon Ball.

Vegeta – Derived from “vegetable”; signifies the Saiyan prince’s lineage as a member of the royal family.

Bardock – Combining “bar” (brave) and “dock” (leader); the father of Goku and renowned Saiyan warrior.

Broly – A powerful Saiyan name with no specific meaning, representing brute force and unrivaled strength.

Kale – Refers to a leafy vegetable; a female Saiyan with incredible raw power and transformation abilities.

Cabba – Derived from “cabbage”; a young and talented Saiyan from Universe 6, known for his determination.

Raditz – Derived from “radish”; the elder brother of Goku and Vegeta, and a formidable Saiyan warrior.

Nappa – Meaning “head”; Vegeta’s former comrade and a brutish Saiyan warrior.

Tarble – Derived from “vegetable”; a lesser-known Saiyan character and Vegeta’s younger brother.

Caulifla – A combination of “cauliflower” and “Kale”; a confident and strong-willed female Saiyan.

Gine – A gentle and caring Saiyan, mother of Goku and Raditz, with a name that holds no specific meaning.

Tora – Meaning “tiger”; a loyal Saiyan warrior and close companion of Bardock.

Fasha – Derived from “radish”; a courageous and skilled Saiyan warrior in Bardock’s team.

Paragus – A Saiyan name without a clear meaning; known as the father of Broly in certain Dragon Ball iterations.

Cheelai – A unique Saiyan name with no specific meaning; a kind-hearted character from Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Panbukin – Combining “pan” (bread) and “Bukin” (dance); a playful and cheerful Saiyan name.

Onio – Derived from “onion”; a Saiyan name with an unconventional touch, representing resilience and layers of power.

Shallot – A Saiyan name with no particular meaning; the protagonist of the mobile game Dragon Ball Legends.

Gohan – Meaning “rice” or “meal”; the eldest son of Goku, who possesses immense potential as a Saiyan warrior.

Goten – A combination of “go” (five) and “ten” (heaven); the younger son of Goku, born with extraordinary Saiyan abilities.

Fantasy Saiyan Names

Saiyan Names

Goku – meaning “aware of emptiness” or “awakening”

Vegeta – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Bardock – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Raditz – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Broly – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gohan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Goten – meaning “awakening heaven”

Trunks – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Pan – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Tarble – meaning “table” or “feast”

Caulifla – meaning “cauliflower”

Kale – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Cabba – meaning “cabbage”

Toppo – meaning “stop” or “end”

Jiren – meaning “tame” or “calm”

Hit – meaning “strike” or “attack”

Beerus – meaning “beer” or “brew”

Whis – meaning “wish” or “desire”

Champa – meaning “champagne”

Vados – meaning “praises” or “adoration”

Zamasu – meaning “evil thought” or “wickedness”

Black – meaning “darkness” or “void”

Kefla – meaning “kale” and “cauliflower” combined

Frieza – meaning “freezer”

Cell – meaning “a small compartment” or “unit”

Majin Buu – meaning “magical person”

Piccolo – meaning “small flute”

Krillin – meaning “chestnut”

Tien – meaning “sky” or “heaven”

Yamcha – meaning “sea devil” or “ocean clam”

Saiyan Planet Names

Saiyan Names

Chiaotzu – meaning “glutinous rice dumpling”

Android 17 – meaning “artificial human”

Android 18 – meaning “artificial human”

Marron – meaning “chestnut”

Oolong – meaning “black dragon”

Puar – meaning “pudding”

Master Roshi – meaning “old master” or “ancient teacher”

Bulma – meaning “bloomers” or “bloom”

Chi-Chi – meaning “milk” or “boobs”

Videl – meaning “devil”

Mr. Satan – meaning “devil” or “satan”

Yajirobe – meaning “rice field”

Korin – meaning “carrot”

Dende – meaning “heavenly”

King Kai – meaning “king of the world”

Old Kai – meaning “old”

Shin – meaning “god” or “deity”

Kibito – meaning “assistant” or “attendant”

Gowasu – meaning “apprentice” or “student”

Zeno – meaning “number” or “nothingness”

Grand Priest – meaning “high-ranking priest”

Cheelai – meaning “cherry”

Lemo – meaning “lemon”

Berryblue – meaning “berry” and “blue” combined

Raditzu – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Gokule – meaning “aware of emptiness” or “awakening”

Vegehan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Broku – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenks – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangoten – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Female Saiyan Names

Saiyan Names

Trunpan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbegeta – meaning “cabbage”

Gohcarot – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Cauliten – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardocku – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalleta – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhan – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegira – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogeta – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkule – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangotenhan – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkule – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabgohan – meaning “cabbage”

Gohten – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulihans – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalegeta – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhanhan – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegeten – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogohan – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panhans – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkegeta – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehan – meaning “cabbage”

Gotan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikale – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegito – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brohan – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkus – meaning “awakening heaven”

Badass Saiyan Names

Pans – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkoten – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehanhan – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenku – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikule – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockule – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegehanhan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogetalet – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangotens – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuleten – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbalet – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkus – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulihansku – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalegetalet – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhanhans – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegetenhan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogohans – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panhansku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkegetahans – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehanlet – meaning “cabbage”

Gotankus – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikaleku – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegitolet – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brohanhans – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pansku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Good Saiyan Names

Trunkuletenhan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletku – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulihanskule – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockulehan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegehanhans – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogetalets – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehans – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangotensku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenkule – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletlet – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhanhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikuleku – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardhanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalegetaletlet – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhanhanshan – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegetenhanhan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogohanshan – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenhanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panhanskule – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkegetahansku – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehanletku – meaning “cabbage”

Gotankusku – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikalekule – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegitoletlet – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brohanhansku – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panskule – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenhanhan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Saiyan Last Names

Cabbaletkuhan – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhanlet – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulihanskuleku – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockulehanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegehanhansku – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogetaletslet – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehansku – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangotenshan – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenkuleku – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletletku – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhanhanhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikulekuhan – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardhanhanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalegetaletletlet – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhanhanshanhan – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegetenhanhanhan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogohanshans – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenhanhanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panhanskuleku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkegetahanshan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehanletlet – meaning “cabbage”

Gotankuskuhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikalekuleku – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockhanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegitoletletku – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brohanhanskule – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehanhanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panskuleten – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenhanhanhan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletkuhanhan – meaning “cabbage”

Best Saiyan Names

Saiyan Names

Gohtenkuhanletku – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulihanskulekule – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockulehanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegehanhanshans – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogetaletsletku – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehanshans – meaning “awakening heaven”

Pangotenshansku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenkuleten – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletletletku – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhanhanhanhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikulekuhanhan – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardhanhanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Kalegetaletletletlet – meaning “vegetable” or “leafy green”

Radhanhanshanhanhan – meaning “roots” or “foundation”

Vegetenhanhanhanhan – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brogohanshansku – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenhanhanhanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panhanskuletenku – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkegetahanshans – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbehanletletkuhan – meaning “cabbage”

Gotankuskuhanhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

Caulikalekulekuhan – meaning “cauliflower”

Bardockhanhanhanhanhan – meaning “a fight against tyranny”

Vegitoletletkule – meaning “vegetable” or “all things growing”

Brohanhanskuleku – meaning “brotherly love” or “bond”

Gotenkulehanhanhanhanhan – meaning “awakening heaven”

Panskuletenhan – meaning “bread” or “nourishment”

Trunkuletenhanhanhanhan – meaning “boxer shorts” or “trunk of a tree”

Cabbaletletletletku – meaning “cabbage”

Gohtenkuhanhanhanhanhan – meaning “rice” or “meal”

How To Choose A Good Saiyan Name

Choosing a good Saiyan name is a crucial step in immersing oneself into the world of Dragon Ball and connecting with the rich Saiyan culture. These names serve as powerful symbols that represent not only an individual’s identity but also their potential for growth and strength. In this article, we will delve into the art of selecting a remarkable Saiyan name, exploring the factors, considerations, and nuances that contribute to finding the perfect name to embody your Saiyan alter ego.

Understanding the Saiyan Culture

Before embarking on the quest for a Saiyan name, it’s essential to grasp the essence of the Saiyan culture. Saiyans are a fierce warrior race known for their exceptional power, unwavering determination, and relentless pursuit of strength. Naming conventions in Saiyan society carry deep significance, representing an individual’s lineage, heritage, and aspirations. By understanding these cultural nuances, we can craft a name that resonates authentically with Saiyan traditions.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Saiyan Name

Power and Strength

The Saiyan race is synonymous with power and strength, so it’s natural to incorporate these qualities into the chosen name. Consider using words that evoke a sense of might and prowess, such as “Blaze,” “Thunder,” or “Vortex.” Descriptive adjectives and nouns like “Indomitable,” “Titan,” or “Rampage” can also help emphasize the character’s power.

Heritage and Lineage

Saiyans have a rich history and ancestry, making it meaningful to reflect upon their origins when selecting a name. Pay homage to legendary Saiyans, such as “Bardock,” “Vegeta,” or “Gine,” by incorporating elements of their names or traits into your own. This not only connects you to the Saiyan legacy but also establishes a sense of kinship with these iconic figures.

Personality and Traits

While honoring Saiyan traditions is important, it’s equally crucial to infuse your own personality and unique traits into the name. Consider what defines you as an individual and find ways to express those characteristics through the name. For instance, if you’re known for your resilience, you could incorporate terms like “Endurance” or “Ironclad” into your Saiyan name.

Symbolism and Meaning

To deepen the significance of your Saiyan name, incorporate symbolism and explore cultural and mythological references. Draw inspiration from ancient civilizations or mythical creatures to add layers of meaning to the name. For example, using the word “Phoenix” can symbolize rebirth and rising from the ashes, aligning with the Saiyan spirit of never giving up.

Pronunciation and Phonetics

While it’s tempting to create an elaborate and unique name, it’s crucial to ensure it is easy to pronounce and remember. Strike a balance between originality and accessibility to avoid potential difficulties in communication. Additionally, be mindful of unintentional negative connotations that may arise from certain combinations of sounds.

Originality and Uniqueness

Research existing Saiyan names for inspiration, but strive for originality to make your character stand out. Avoid clichéd name patterns or simply combining existing Saiyan names. Instead, experiment with different combinations, explore different languages for unique words, or incorporate lesser-known Saiyan references to add a distinct touch to your name.

Personal Connection and Gut Feeling

In the end, choosing a Saiyan name is a personal journey. Trust your instincts and seek a name that resonates deeply with your personality and aspirations. Your gut feeling will guide you toward a name that truly captures your essence. Remember, the chosen name will accompany you on your adventures and growth, so it’s important to select one that allows room for future development and evolution of your Saiyan identity.


The Ultimate List of Saiyan Names is a treasure trove of powerful and captivating names that pay homage to the rich Saiyan heritage. With a diverse range of options, there is a name to suit every Saiyan, whether you’re a fan of the legendary warriors from Dragon Ball or simply looking for a unique and inspiring name for your character in a game or story.

The list offers a variety of naming styles, from traditional Saiyan names like Goku and Vegeta to lesser-known but equally intriguing options such as Bardock and Raditz. Each name carries its own meaning and symbolism, reflecting the Saiyan warrior spirit, strength, and determination that define the legendary race.

By exploring this comprehensive compilation of Saiyan names, you have the opportunity to find the perfect name that resonates with your own personal connection to the Saiyan legacy. Whether you’re an avid fan of Dragon Ball or simply drawn to the strength and resilience associated with the Saiyan warriors, this list is sure to inspire and help you create a name that embodies the indomitable spirit of the Saiyans. So go ahead and unleash your inner warrior with a Saiyan name that truly reflects your own power and potential!


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