700 Samoan Names to Find Your Perfect Match

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Samoan Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and unique names, you’ve come to the right place. As the saying goes, “Names are not always what they seem.” This famous quote reminds us that names hold deep meanings and can shape one’s identity and destiny. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of Samoan names and explore a plethora of options that are sure to captivate your imagination.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of delving into various naming fields. One of the most enchanting aspects has been crafting names for fantasy characters, where every word carries the potential to transport readers to new realms and adventures. My passion for names and their significance has led me to explore the rich tapestry of Samoan culture and discover the beauty and uniqueness of their naming traditions.

I promise you that by the end of this article, you’ll find a name that resonates with you and holds a special place in your heart. With 700 carefully curated Samoan names at your fingertips, each with its own story and meaning, you’re bound to stumble upon the perfect name for a character, a child, a pet, or even as an inspiration for your next creative project. So, let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the extraordinary world of Samoan names!

Samoan Names

Samoan Names

  • Aiga
  • Malae
  • Papali’i
  • Tuitoga
  • Faumuina
  • Malosi
  • Pasene
  • Tautalatasi
  • Faleao
  • Malietau
  • Puleia
  • Tufuga
  • Fa’apito
  • Malufau
  • Pupuka
  • Tulaga
  • Fa’alogo
  • Maluia
  • Sanele
  • Tautiaga
  • Fano
  • Mamea
  • Pulefano
  • Taufete’e
  • Fata
  • Malumalu
  • Pulu
  • Tuiasosopo
  • Fau
  • Malaeulu
  • Satiu
  • Tuisamoa
  • Fepulea’i
  • Malagamali’i
  • Pulotu
  • Tu’umafua
  • Fesili
  • Malaki
  • Pupi
  • Tulei
  • Fa’aleleiga
  • Malala
  • Pusa
  • Tumaua
  • Fa’asolo
  • Malama
  • Pu’a
  • Tuvale
  • Fa’avae
  • Maleko
  • Puleleiite
  • Ula
  • Fa’afetai
  • Maluolefale
  • Pulepule
  • Va’afusuaga
  • Fa’agata
  • Maluseu
  • Punefu
  • Va’ai
  • Fa’alata
  • Maluo
  • Pusaasi
  • Vagana
  • Fa’amausili
  • Manamea
  • Sa
  • Vai
  • Fa’amoe
  • Masi
  • Sa’aga
  • Vaivasa
  • Fa’apisa
  • Mata’afa
  • Safune
  • Valaau
  • Fa’asisila
  • Matavao
  • Sanelelei
  • Vui

20 Samoan Names With Meanings

Samoan Names

  • Malietoa – Esteemed leader, revered for wisdom.
  • Talaifiti – Adventurous soul, explorer of life’s mysteries.
  • Leuluaialii – Royal descendant, majestic and noble.
  • Tumamao – Guiding light, illuminating the path forward.
  • Laulupe – Melodious voice, sings harmony with nature.
  • Ulutufuli – Determined spirit, unyielding in pursuit.
  • Malavai – Ocean traveler, navigating life’s vast waters.
  • Tofiga – Unique treasure, a gem among many.
  • Faletusi – Keeper of knowledge, library of wisdom.
  • Lualoto – Peaceful heart, tranquil in all situations.
  • Sialofiti – Courageous soul, fearlessly facing challenges.
  • Valatu – Supportive presence, pillar of strength.
  • Tafeaga – Compassionate touch, caring for all.
  • Fuatino – Devoted love, unwavering and true.
  • Tagofia – Mighty warrior, fierce in battle.
  • Salotoga – Harmonious unity, bound by love.
  • Aumavae – Skilled artisan, crafts beauty from chaos.
  • Palalagi – Celestial dreamer, aspiring for the heavens.
  • Fualoa – Fearless explorer, venturing into the unknown.
  • Saunoaga – Inspirational speaker, motivating hearts to soar.

Samoan First Names

Samoan Names

  • Aukuso – Protector of the people
  • Fiafia – Happy and joyful
  • Lotoa – Peaceful and calm
  • Mafua – Clever and intelligent
  • Nafanua – Guardian of nature
  • Sefo – Wise counselor
  • Tavita – Beloved and cherished
  • Vaega – Unity and togetherness
  • Faleata – Skilled builder
  • Leituala – Leader of the village
  • Malia – Serene and calm
  • Palemia – Diplomatic and tactful
  • Sina – Pure and righteous
  • Taulelei – Resourceful and creative
  • Vitolio – Strong and powerful
  • Faalili – Artistic and expressive
  • Galuega – Diligent worker
  • Itagia – Faithful and loyal
  • Langi – Majestic and noble
  • Moea – Dreamer and visionary
  • Poasa – Resilient and enduring
  • Salafai – Adventurous and daring
  • Tinei – Graceful and elegant
  • Vaai – Trustworthy and reliable
  • Fualoa – Fearless and brave
  • Iosefa – Compassionate and kind-hearted
  • Lilo – Unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Malelega – Charismatic and magnetic
  • Nofoa – Content and satisfied
  • Sagato – Determined and focused

Cool Samoan Names

Samoan Names

  • Faafetai – Thankful and grateful
  • Maluia – Calm and composed
  • Tafito – Explorer and adventurer
  • Vaotoa – Free spirit and independent
  • Fetaui – Visionary and imaginative
  • Lalogafau – Spiritual and enlightened
  • Manamea – Mystical and mysterious
  • Olaola – Vibrant and lively
  • Samasoni – Empowering and influential
  • Tagomoa – Wise and knowledgeable
  • Falemauga – Enchanting and magical
  • Sogimafula – Artistic and expressive
  • Taufiti – Bold and fearless
  • Vaosa – Progressive and forward-thinking
  • Faatali – Patient and enduring
  • Lafaua – Strong-willed and determined
  • Maluiao – Peaceful and serene
  • Fagafao – Intuitive and perceptive
  • Latafale – Graceful and elegant
  • Tafealofani – Creative and innovative
  • Faavae – Unity and harmony
  • Lafaialii – Noble and honorable
  • Saunoaga – Inspirational and motivating
  • Tafailagi – Heavenly and celestial
  • Valamalu – Empathetic and compassionate
  • Falefia – Knowledgeable and wise
  • Mataalii – Leader and guide
  • Tuisamoa – Royal and regal
  • Folasa – Unique and distinct
  • Ulufale – Independent and self-reliant

Funny Samoan Names

  • Faapai – Always late to everything
  • Lagona – The one who forgets everything
  • Tautala – The chatterbox and gossip queen
  • Vaeoso – The clumsy and accident-prone
  • Fiafia – The eternal party animal
  • Lafoai – The sleepaholic
  • Malologa – The daydreamer and absent-minded
  • Sausau – The one with an endless appetite
  • Togiola – The chronic overthinker
  • Vaega – The indecisive and unsure
  • Faalelei – The notorious prankster
  • Gafa – The ultimate procrastinator
  • Leituala – The drama queen
  • Mafua – The walking encyclopedia
  • Nofoa – The couch potato and lazybones
  • Osooso – The over-dramatic and emotional
  • Palemia – The smooth talker and charmer
  • Safune – The adventure enthusiast and risk-taker
  • Tausagi – The eternal optimist
  • Uluola – The daydream believer
  • Vaai – The tech gadget hoarder
  • Faleata – The neat freak and organizer
  • Lelo – The comedian and jokester
  • Malulu – The laid-back and carefree
  • Pulea – The control freak and micromanager
  • Sagato – The relentless overachiever
  • Talofa – The perpetual greeter and social butterfly
  • Vailaau – The ultimate foodie and chef wannabe
  • Folasa – The one with a million hobbies
  • Ululau – The fashionista and trendsetter

Samoan Male Names

Faamanu – Strong-minded and resolute

Gafatasi – Harmonious and balanced

Lalovao – Skilled warrior

Matagofie – Handsome and attractive

Niusila – Adventurous traveler

Sanele – Noble and dignified

Tamaletao – Charismatic leader

Vaaiga – Steadfast and dependable

Faauuga – Humble and modest

Galuega – Hardworking and industrious

Itagia – Loyal and faithful

Lologo – Intelligent and wise

Malemo – Gracious and courteous

Palemia – Diplomatic and tactful

Safune – Fearless and brave

Tafeaga – Compassionate and caring

Vaipuna – Wise counselor

Faatofa – Friendly and sociable

Gaualofa – Confident and self-assured

Iosefa – Forgiving and merciful

Lilo – Unique and exceptional

Manuia – Happy and content

Poasa – Resilient and determined

Saofaiga – Humble and unpretentious

Talavou – Youthful and energetic

Vailoa – Calm and serene

Fesili – Curious and inquisitive

Lagolago – Supportive and helpful

Malaga – Adventurous and explorative

Nofoa – Content and satisfied

Samoan Female Names

Akenese – Gift from heaven

Falemalama – House of light

Lualua – Precious and delicate

Maliana – Peaceful and serene

Nafanua – Guardian of nature

Saina – Favored and blessed

Talavou – Young and vibrant

Vaitoelau – Ocean princess

Faalavaau – Storyteller and communicator

Galumalemana – Noble and prestigious

Ietitaia – Artistic and creative

Leiloa – Unique and exceptional

Malolo – Tranquil and peaceful

Palepa – Trustworthy and reliable

Salamasina – Radiant and beautiful

Taema – Sincere and genuine

Upega – Talented and skillful

Faaoso – Confident and assertive

Gagau – Charming and alluring

Itaia – Curious and inquisitive

Laufau – Resilient and enduring

Matalasi – Graceful and elegant

Puaaita – Intelligent and perceptive

Sagote – Encouraging and supportive

Tafailagi – Heavenly and celestial

Valaau – Helper and supporter

Faleasa – Hospitable and welcoming

Luafalealo – Modest and unassuming

Malofie – Strong and fierce

Olioli – Cheerful and joyful

Unique Samoan Names

Asovale – The shining morning star

Fausaga – The creative and imaginative one

Lagotoa – The peaceful and harmonious

Malohi – The powerful and mighty

Sasa’e – The adventurous and explorer

Saufai – The resilient and enduring

Taufa – The sacred and revered

Tumau – The steadfast and unwavering

Fue – The strong and forceful

Lafa – The noble and honorable

Manutala – The free-spirited and independent

Olioli – The joyful and cheerful

Saumalu – The guardian and protector

Tafeta – The curious and inquisitive

Tui – The royal and regal

Fa’asamoa – The embodiment of Samoan culture

Gafa – The unique and distinct

Le – The essence and spirit

Sasa – The energetic and lively

Toa – The brave and courageous

Va’atele – The inclusive and expansive

Folauga – The journey and path

Lologo – The wise and intelligent

Mapusaga – The treasure and gem

Pule – The leader and authority

Suluape – The skilled and expert

Tagata – The people and community

Vaega – The unity and togetherness

Fesili – The questioner and seeker

Malae – The gathering and assembly

Good Samoan Names

Auro – A wise and respected leader

Faavae – A unifying and harmonious presence

Maloloina – A peaceful and contented life

Ola – A life full of vitality and energy

Salamasina – A radiant and beautiful soul

Talavou – A young and promising individual

Ulufale – One who stands strong and independent

Fetalai – An inspirational and motivating figure

Gagau – A charming and magnetic personality

Itaia – A curious and inquisitive mind

Lafoga – A generous and giving heart

Manuia – Wishing happiness and well-being

Niusila – A daring and adventurous spirit

Pulea – A strong and authoritative presence

Safune – A fearless and brave individual

Tafaoga – An artistic and creative soul

Uo – A bright and intelligent mind

Vaaleto’a – A powerful and respected chief

Fualoa – A brave and courageous warrior

Ieti – A skilled and talented artisan

Leilua – A unique and special presence

Moea – A visionary and dreamer

Nofoa – One who is content and satisfied

Palemia – A diplomatic and tactful persona

Sina – A pure and righteous soul

Taema – A sincere and genuine heart

Vaaiga – A dependable and reliable friend

Fiafia – A joyful and happy individual

Lagolago – A supportive and helpful presence

Vaifale – One who builds strong and sturdy homes

Popular Samoan Names

Fa’a – To follow tradition and culture

Lelei – Good and righteous

Malo – Respect and honor

Oso – The young one

Tama – A cherished son

Sina – Pure and righteous

Uso – Brother or male cousin

Fia – Desire or wish

Leka – Faith or belief

Tau – Strong and enduring

Faletui – The crowned one

Lani – Heaven or sky

Malia – Serene and calm

Pule – Chief or leader

Tino – The body or physical form

Va’a – Canoe or boat

Fetau – The flower of the hibiscus tree

Mafaufau – Forever or eternal

Poasa – Resilient and enduring

Sagato – Determined and focused

Tavita – Beloved and cherished

Vasa – Ocean or sea

Fale – House or home

Galoia – Successful and accomplished

Maua – To obtain or get

Puipui – The end or conclusion

Sa’u – My or mine

Tolu – The number three

Vili – To speak or talk

Fa’amalie – Humble and modest

Samoan Names

How To Choose A Good Samoan Name

In the vibrant and culturally rich landscape of Samoa, names hold profound significance and serve as a reflection of identity, heritage, and aspirations. When choosing a good Samoan name, one embarks on a journey of understanding the deep-rooted traditions and values of this Polynesian society. Embracing a Samoan name not only honors the country’s heritage but also connects individuals to their family, community, and the natural world. In this article, we will delve into the art of selecting a meaningful and fitting Samoan name.

Researching Samoan Naming Traditions:

Before diving into the process of choosing a name, it is essential to grasp the historical context of Samoan names. These names often carry stories of ancestral achievements, cultural norms, and religious beliefs. Understanding the naming conventions and patterns helps in appreciating the unique characteristics of Samoan names. Traditionally, Samoans follow specific guidelines when naming their children, considering factors such as birth order, genealogy, and honoring esteemed family members.

Exploring Meanings and Symbolism:

A crucial aspect of choosing a good Samoan name involves delving into the meanings and symbolism behind each name. Samoan names are not just random labels; they often represent various virtues, natural elements, or historical events. It is important to research the significance of words and phrases to ensure the chosen name aligns with personal beliefs and values. Moreover, understanding the cultural context of specific names enhances one’s appreciation for the depth of meaning they carry.

Considering Family and Genealogy:

Family ties are deeply cherished in Samoan culture, and names play a significant role in expressing these connections. When choosing a good Samoan name, individuals often consider names that honor their ancestors or carry on their family legacy. Embracing genealogical elements in names strengthens the bond between generations and emphasizes the importance of family heritage in Samoan society.

Seeking Inspiration from Nature and Mythology:

Nature holds profound importance in Samoa, and its beauty often finds expression in names. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, individuals can choose names that reflect elements like plants, animals, or celestial bodies. Additionally, mythology plays a prominent role in Samoan culture, and names associated with mythological figures hold a special place in the hearts of many.

Reflecting on Personal Values and Aspirations:

A good Samoan name should resonate with an individual’s personal values and aspirations. Taking time for self-reflection and understanding one’s core beliefs can guide the name selection process. Whether it is a name that embodies strength, wisdom, or compassion, aligning the chosen name with personal aspirations adds a deeper sense of meaning to one’s identity.

Consulting Elders and Experts:

In Samoan culture, the wisdom of elders is highly regarded, and seeking their guidance in choosing a name can be invaluable. Elders often carry a wealth of knowledge about traditional names and their meanings. Furthermore, consulting experts or professionals who specialize in Samoan names can provide valuable insights and suggestions to help find the perfect name.

Embracing Modern and Unique Names:

While preserving cultural traditions is vital, Samoan naming has also evolved with modern times. Embracing unique and contemporary names can be a way to honor the past while celebrating the present and future. Balancing tradition with innovation allows individuals to find names that resonate with their identity in the contemporary world.


In conclusion, we hope this journey into the realm of “700 Samoan Names” has been as enlightening for you as it has been for us. Exploring the rich cultural heritage of Samoa through their naming traditions has revealed a tapestry of meanings and histories woven into each name. Whether you’re seeking a name for a new character in your story, a unique moniker for your bundle of joy, or simply an appreciation for the beauty of language, Samoan names have undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

The vast array of names we’ve shared in this article reflects the depth and diversity of Samoan culture. Each name carries a story, a heritage, and a sense of identity, which adds to the significance of the naming process. We hope that you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even a sense of connection to the Samoan people through their names.

As you venture forth with newfound knowledge of Samoan names, we encourage you to cherish the power of names in shaping lives and experiences. Whether you choose a name from this list or use it as a stepping stone to create something entirely unique, remember that names hold a special place in our hearts and memories. Thank you for joining us on this enriching journey, and may the names you encounter in life continue to spark wonder and curiosity!


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