700 Sci-Fi Gun Names to Fire Up Your Imagination

Step into a realm of futuristic warfare and cutting-edge technology as we present to you a curated collection of 700 creative sci-fi gun names. Within this blog article, we have handpicked an array of imaginative and captivating names that will transport you to distant galaxies and immerse you in thrilling battles of the future. As acclaimed author Ray Bradbury once said, “Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn’t exist yet, but soon will.”

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, specializing in fantasy character naming and futuristic weaponry, I have honed my skills in crafting names that embody the essence of advanced technology and imaginative firepower. As a lover of science fiction, I have delved into the depths of the genre, exploring the vast universe of possibilities. It is my pleasure to share my expertise and present you with this extensive list of names that will fuel your creativity and transport your readers or players to epic sci-fi adventures.

Within this compilation, I assure you that you will find a treasure trove of unique and captivating names that will set your sci-fi guns apart. Each name has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of awe, power, and innovation. From plasma blasters to antimatter rifles, these names will help you craft weapons that are not only deadly but also resonate with your readers or players. So, prepare to embark on a journey through the cosmos, where your imagination knows no bounds, and let these names ignite your creative firepower like never before.

Gun Names

Sci-Fi Gun Names

  • Nebula Blaster
  • Solarflare Cannon
  • Photon Disruptor
  • Plasma Fusion Rifle
  • Sonic Wave Pistol
  • Electrostatic Blaster
  • Quantum Scattergun
  • Railshot Carbine
  • Arc Lightning Launcher
  • Graviton Pulse Rifle
  • Plasma Boltcaster
  • Energy Saber Blade
  • Singularity Sniper Rifle
  • Nano-Particle Beam
  • Cybernetic Blaster
  • Celestial Beam Rifle
  • Chrono-Blade Gauntlet
  • Thermal Shockwave Pistol
  • Plasma Cyclone Shotgun
  • Sonic Disintegrator
  • Plasma Vaporizer
  • Dark Matter Rifle
  • Energy Siphon Blaster
  • Nova Burst Cannon
  • Plasma Fusion Gatling
  • Neural Pulse Rifle
  • Electroshock Shotgun
  • Quantum Destabilizer Pistol
  • Photon Beam Emitter
  • Railshot Precision Rifle
  • Nebula Wave Pistol
  • Solar Flare Gatling
  • Sonic Disruptor Rifle
  • Plasma Infuser Blaster
  • Chrono-Blade Launcher
  • Energy Pulse Shotgun
  • Graviton Beam Rifle
  • Plasma Bolt Sniper
  • Singularity Blade Gauntlet
  • Nano-Particle Disruptor
  • Arc Lightning Carbine
  • Cybernetic Fusion Cannon
  • Celestial Pulse Pistol
  • Thermal Shockwave Blaster
  • Plasma Cyclone Rifle
  • Sonic Vaporizer
  • Dark Matter Shotgun
  • Energy Siphon Gatling
  • Nova Wave Disruptor
  • Plasma Fusion Precision Rifle
  • Neural Pulse Gatling
  • Electroshock Sniper Rifle
  • Quantum Destabilizer Shotgun
  • Photon Vaporizer
  • Railshot Disruptor Blaster
  • Nebula Pulse Emitter
  • Solar Flare Sniper Rifle
  • Sonic Infuser Pistol
  • Plasma Bolt Gauntlet
  • Chrono-Blade Shotgun
  • Energy Pulse Rifle
  • Graviton Disruptor Blaster
  • Plasma Vaporizer Gatling
  • Neural Pulse Precision Rifle
  • Electroshock Disruptor Carbine
  • Quantum Destabilizer Sniper
  • Photon Cyclone Shotgun
  • Railshot Wave Pistol
  • Nebula Infuser Gatling
  • Solar Flare Blade Gauntlet
  • Sonic Disintegrator Rifle
  • Plasma Fusion Beam Emitter
  • Chrono-Blade Carbine
  • Energy Siphon Precision Rifle
  • Graviton Pulse Sniper
  • Dark Matter Disruptor Blaster
  • Plasma Bolt Emitter
  • Singularity Infuser Shotgun
  • Nano-Particle Vaporizer
  • Arc Lightning Precision Rifle

Sci-Fi Gun Names

Sci-Fi Gun Names

  • Quantum Wavecaster
  • Plasma Storm Cannon
  • Ionized Particle Blaster
  • Electro-Magnetic Disruptor
  • Neutron Flux Rifle
  • Sonic Impulse Pistol
  • Plasma Fusion Launcher
  • Graviton Wave Rifle
  • Photon Amplifier Blaster
  • Chrono Disassembler
  • Molecular Phase Pistol
  • Quantum Annihilation Rifle
  • Plasma Nova Cannon
  • Nano-Particle Accelerator
  • Arc Lightning Carbine
  • Electrostatic Pulse Rifle
  • Plasma Cyclone Launcher
  • Singularity Beam Emitter
  • Quantum Pulse Gauntlet
  • Molecular Destabilizer Rifle
  • Graviton Flux Pistol
  • Photon Disintegration Blaster
  • Plasma Fusion Gatling
  • Sonic Wave Carbine
  • Ionized Disruptor Pistol
  • Neutron Wave Rifle
  • Chrono-Phase Blade
  • Nano-Particle Projection Cannon
  • Electro-Magnetic Surge Rifle
  • Quantum Flux Launcher
  • Plasma Storm Blaster
  • Ionized Particle Pistol
  • Neutron Flux Carbine
  • Sonic Impulse Launcher
  • Graviton Wave Gauntlet
  • Photon Amplifier Sniper
  • Chrono Disassembler Cannon
  • Molecular Phase Blaster
  • Plasma Nova Rifle
  • Arc Lightning Accelerator
  • Electrostatic Pulse Pistol
  • Quantum Pulse Launcher
  • Singularity Beam Sniper
  • Molecular Destabilizer Gauntlet
  • Graviton Flux Carbine
  • Photon Disintegration Rifle
  • Plasma Fusion Blade
  • Sonic Wave Emitter
  • Ionized Disruptor Gatling
  • Neutron Wave Pistol
  • Chrono-Phase Blaster
  • Nano-Particle Projection Rifle
  • Electro-Magnetic Surge Carbine
  • Quantum Flux Blaster
  • Plasma Storm Rifle
  • Ionized Particle Launcher
  • Neutron Flux Gauntlet
  • Sonic Impulse Sniper
  • Graviton Wave Cannon
  • Photon Amplifier Carbine
  • Chrono Disassembler Pistol
  • Molecular Phase Launcher
  • Plasma Nova Gatling
  • Arc Lightning Sniper
  • Electrostatic Pulse Rifle
  • Quantum Pulse Gauntlet
  • Singularity Beam Emitter
  • Molecular Destabilizer Rifle
  • Graviton Flux Pistol
  • Photon Disintegration Blaster
  • Plasma Fusion Gatling
  • Sonic Wave Carbine
  • Ionized Disruptor Pistol
  • Neutron Wave Rifle
  • Chrono-Phase Blade
  • Nano-Particle Projection Cannon
  • Electro-Magnetic Surge Rifle
  • Quantum Flux Launcher
  • Plasma Storm Blaster
  • Ionized Particle Pistol

20 Sci-Fi Gun Names With Meanings

Sci-Fi Gun Names

Quantum Flux Disruptor: Harnesses quantum energy to disrupt enemy systems.

Ionized Plasma Blaster: Unleashes superheated ionized plasma projectiles for maximum damage.

Neutron Wavecaster: Emits powerful waves of neutron energy, annihilating anything in its path.

Dark Matter Annihilator: Utilizes dark matter energy to obliterate targets with devastating force.

Phase-Shift Scattergun: Fires energy projectiles that shift phase, hitting multiple targets at once.

Pulse Wave Disintegrator: Emits pulsating waves that disintegrate matter on impact.

Photon Amplifier Rifle: Amplifies photon energy for precise long-range shots.

Electrostatic Flux Pistol: Charges shots with electric flux, stunning enemies upon impact.

Quantum Destabilizer: Destabilizes quantum structures, causing chaotic energy disruptions.

Plasma Fusion Cannon: Combines plasma and fusion technology to unleash destructive blasts.

Energy Vortex Launcher: Launches swirling energy vortexes that pull in and shred targets.

Disruptor Beam Emitter: Emits beams that disrupt enemy shields and systems.

Pulse-Guided Railgun: Precision railgun with pulse-guided projectiles for pinpoint accuracy.

Nanite Infuser Rifle: Infuses targets with nanobots that dismantle them from within.

Ionized Bladecaster: Projects ionized blades of energy for close-quarters combat.

Temporal Rift Carbine: Creates temporal rifts that transport bullets to different dimensions.

Plasma Arc Gauntlet: Gauntlet that channels and releases powerful arcs of plasma energy.

Quantum Entangler Shotgun: Fires entangling quantum energy bursts that immobilize enemies.

Disassembler Beam Rifle: Emits a beam that disassembles matter at the molecular level.

Neural Pulse Stunner: Sends neural pulses that incapacitate targets by disrupting their brain activity.

Best SciFi Gun Names

Best Sci-Fi Gun Names

Quasarstrike – Harnesses the power of a quasar in each shot.

Chronoblade – Slices through space-time with precise temporal cuts.

Photon Fury – Unleashes a storm of concentrated photon energy.

Neutron Nova – Creates a devastating explosion of neutron particles.

Plasma Storm – Generates a torrential downpour of superheated plasma bolts.

Quantum Vortex – Opens a rift in quantum reality to annihilate targets.

Starfire Cannon – Channels the energy of a star into devastating blasts.

Ion Blaster X-9 – Delivers ionized projectiles with unrivaled accuracy.

Gravity Grasp – Manipulates gravity to immobilize and crush opponents.

Nova Ray – Emits a blinding beam of explosive stellar energy.

Quark Disruptor – Destabilizes subatomic particles for devastating effects.

Plasma Lance-9 – Pierces through armor with focused plasma beams.

Hyperion Fury – Unleashes a furious onslaught of hyperion energy.

Stellar Fury – Projects beams of stellar energy with overwhelming force.

Quantum Strike – Executes a swift and precise quantum-powered attack.

Neutronizer-5000 – Releases a powerful burst of neutron energy.

Plasma Annihilator-9000 – Obliterates targets with streams of superheated plasma.

Photon Disruptor MKII – Emits disruptive beams of concentrated photon energy.

Ionizer Magnum-7 – Fires ionized projectiles with extraordinary precision.

Quantum Blaster-3000 – Harnesses quantum particles for devastating blasts.

Graviton Emitter-600 – Manipulates gravitational forces to disrupt and damage.

Nova Cannon-Alpha – Unleashes explosive waves of destructive energy.

Plasma Torrent-X – Unleashes a torrential flow of superheated plasma.

Hyperion Pulse Rifle-X – Utilizes hyperion energy pulses for rapid-fire assaults.

Warpshot Rifle-X2 – Fires projectiles that travel through spacetime warps.

Celestial Beamcaster-Prime – Projects concentrated beams of celestial energy.

Chrono Blaster-IX – Manipulates time to fire temporal projectiles.

Quasar Repeater-V – Rapid-fire energy weapon powered by quasar energy.

Starfire Launcher-Delta – Launches miniature stars that cause fiery devastation.

Fusion Fluxer-Gamma – Releases controlled bursts of fusion energy.

Fantasy Gun Names

Fantasy Gun Names

Dragonfire Blaster – Spews out streams of scorching dragonfire.

Stormcaller’s Thunder – Shoots bolts of lightning infused with elemental power.

Shadowcaster – Conjures bolts of darkness that pierce through enemies.

Celestial Bow of Radiance – Fires arrows of divine light and celestial energy.

Frostbite Rifle – Releases freezing blasts that encase targets in ice.

Flameheart Revolver – Unleashes bullets imbued with the essence of fire.

Soulreaper Cannon – Harvests the souls of fallen enemies with each shot.

Thunderstrike Blunderbuss – Roars with thunderous power upon firing.

Arcane Magelock – Combines arcane magic and firearm technology for devastating effects.

Wyrmfang Crossbow – Fires bolts infused with the venom of ancient wyrms.

Stardust Longrifle – Shoots ethereal projectiles that shimmer like stardust.

Shadowstalker Pistol – Concealed weapon that strikes from the shadows with deadly accuracy.

Druidic Naturecaster – Channels the power of nature to unleash destructive forces.

Moonlight Serenade – Fires shimmering projectiles that mesmerize and disorient foes.

Phoenixfire Blunderbuss – Unleashes blasts of phoenixfire that incinerate enemies.

Eldritch Eldarbinder – Contains eldritch energy that binds and immobilizes targets.

Thunderclap Wand – Releases bursts of thunderclaps that stun and deafen opponents.

Faefire Flaregun – Launches enchanted flares that illuminate and burn with fae energy.

Iceborn Frostcannon – Freezes enemies with icy blasts that shatter upon impact.

Runebolt Repeater – Shoots bolts inscribed with ancient runes for added magical effects.

Netherbane Handcannon – Fires bullets infused with the essence of the netherworld.

Stormbringer’s Wrath – Releases raging storms and tempests with each shot.

Druidic Thornshot – Shoots magical thorns that entangle and poison targets.

Celestial Boltcaster – Shoots bolts of celestial energy that pierce through defenses.

Gorgon’s Gaze – Petrifies enemies upon contact with its deadly beam.

Infernal Blaster – Unleashes blasts of infernal energy that scorch and consume.

Voidseeker Pistol – Shoots projectiles that consume targets into the void.

Chaosbane Crossbow – Fires bolts that sow chaos and disrupt magical barriers.

Lunar Crescent Pistol – Projects crescent-shaped beams of lunar energy.

Enchanted Arcblaster – Channels enchantments into powerful electric arcs.

Unique Sci-Fi Gun Names

Quanticore Beam – Combines quantum and core energy for devastating blasts.

Nebulium Disruptor – Emits disruptive waves of nebular energy.

Phasewalker Repeater – Shoots projectiles that phase through solid matter.

Aetheric Flux Cannon – Harnesses the power of aether to unleash destructive forces.

Hyperkinetic Gauss Rifle – Accelerates projectiles with hyperkinetic energy for pinpoint accuracy.

Ionized Singularity Blaster – Fires ionized projectiles that create temporary mini-singularities.

Chronomagnetic Distorter – Manipulates chrono-magnetic fields to distort reality.

Plasmodium Vortex Launcher – Unleashes swirling vortexes of plasmodium energy.

Quarkburst Phaser – Releases bursts of quark energy that destabilize targets.

Antimatter Flux Disruptor – Fires antimatter projectiles that cause catastrophic disruptions.

Nanofusion Annihilator – Disintegrates matter at the molecular level using nanofusion technology.

Quantum Resonance Rifle – Amplifies quantum resonances to disrupt and destroy targets.

Electrogravitic Impulser – Generates impulsive waves of electrogravitic energy.

Plasmawave Disintegrator – Emits waves of plasma energy that disintegrate matter.

Tachyon Accelerator – Accelerates tachyon particles to deliver destructive energy discharges.

Molecular Phase Disruptor – Modulates molecular phase to pass through solid objects.

Etheric Hologun – Fires holographic projectiles that can penetrate energy barriers.

Arcane Enigma Blaster – Unleashes blasts of arcane energy that confound and bewilder.

Quantum Entangler – Creates entangled quantum states to disrupt targets at a subatomic level.

Graviton Wave Amplifier – Amplifies graviton waves to create powerful gravitational disturbances.

Neuronic Pulse Rifle – Emits pulses that disrupt neural signals and incapacitate opponents.

Fusionwave Flux Cannon – Unleashes waves of fusion energy with devastating impact.

Psyonic Disruptor – Projects psionic waves that disrupt psychic abilities and mental functions.

Cybernetic Annihilator – Targets and neutralizes cybernetic systems with precision.

Temporal Warp Blaster – Fires temporal projectiles that warp and distort spacetime.

Hyperionic Impulser – Releases pulses of hyperionic energy for devastating area damage.

Nanophase Disassembler – Disassembles matter at the nanoscale with nanophase technology.

Celestium Singularity Rifle – Utilizes the power of celestial singularities to annihilate targets.

Quantum Harmonic Resonator – Amplifies quantum harmonics to destabilize and disorient enemies.

Bioelectrostatic Disruptor – Disrupts the bioelectrical signals of living targets, causing paralysis.

Famous Sci-Fi Gun Names

Zephyr Pulse – Rapid-firing energy weapon.

Nebula Nova – Unleashes explosive nebula energy.

Cosmoslasher – Cuts through space with precision.

Starfire Blaster – Emits powerful stellar flames.

Gravity Hammer – Creates gravitational shockwaves.

Infinity Ray – Endless beam of energy.

Nova Burst – Releases a blinding explosion.

Photonizer X-50 – Converts matter into concentrated photons.

Astro Thunder – Electrifying bolts from the cosmos.

Quasar Beam – Emits concentrated quasar energy.

Plasma Fury – Unleashes a torrential plasma barrage.

Celestial Bolt – Lightning-fast bolts from heavens.

Galaxian Scattergun – Scatters cosmic projectiles in all directions.

Void Devourer – Consumes matter into the void.

Solarflare Magnum – Harnesses the power of solar flares.

Quantum Splinter – Shatters reality with quantum fragments.

Arcane Echo – Echoes arcane energy projectiles.

Meteor Strike – Calls forth devastating meteor showers.

Galaxy Annihilator – Obliterates entire galaxies with ease.

Eclipse Blaster – Unleashes darkness that engulfs all.

Stellar Slicer – Cuts through stars and enemies alike.

Nebulon Crusher – Crushes targets with nebulon force.

Supernova Cannon – Triggers cataclysmic stellar explosions.

Warp Rift – Creates spatial rifts for instant travel.

Singularity Launcher – Launches miniature black holes.

Plasma Tempest – Whirlwind of plasma devastation.

Quantum Phaser – Disrupts reality with quantum pulses.

Fusion Scorcher – Incinerates with intense fusion flames.

Solar Impulse – Harnesses the power of the sun for propulsion.

Chrono Blaster – Manipulates time with each shot.

Popular Sci-Fi Gun Names

Plasma Blaster – Fires concentrated plasma projectiles.

Laser Storm – Unleashes a rapid laser barrage.

Photon Burst – Releases intense bursts of photon energy.

Ion Cannon – Fires charged ion blasts.

Pulse Rifle – Shoots powerful energy pulses.

Energy Saber – A melee weapon that emits energy blades.

Quantum Pistol – Fires quantum energy projectiles.

Plasma Repeater – Rapid-fire plasma weapon.

Photon Beam – Projects a continuous beam of photons.

Ion Blaster – Shoots charged ion bolts.

Pulse Shotgun – Fires wide energy pulses.

Railgun Sniper – Long-range electromagnetic railgun.

Particle Beam – Releases high-energy particle beams.

Plasma Gatling – Rotating barrels unleash plasma volleys.

Laser Carbine – Compact laser rifle.

Plasma Grenade Launcher – Launches explosive plasma grenades.

Sonic Disruptor – Emits powerful sonic waves.

Railshot Cannon – Fires high-velocity railgun projectiles.

Plasma Scattergun – Scatters plasma projectiles in a wide arc.

Laser Carver – Precision cutting laser tool.

Ion Burst Rifle – Fires bursts of ionized energy.

Plasma Magnum – High-powered plasma handgun.

Energy Blade – A handheld weapon with a retractable energy blade.

Sonic Pulse Cannon – Releases concussive sonic pulses.

Railshot Sniper – Long-range railgun sniper rifle.

Plasma Burst Cannon – Fires concentrated bursts of plasma.

Sonic Blaster – Emits deafening sonic blasts.

Particle Accelerator – Propels high-speed particle projectiles.

Energy Volley Gun – Fires rapid volleys of energy projectiles.

Sonic Stunner – Disables targets with sonic waves.

Cool Sci-Fi Gun Names

Nebula Shredder – Rips through targets with nebular energy.

Plasma Fury – Unleashes a ferocious plasma onslaught.

Quantum Edge – Enhances bullets with quantum energy.

Ion Viper – Injects lethal ionized venom.

Pulse Blaster – Rapid-fire pulsating energy shots.

Arc Lightning – Electrifies enemies with crackling arcs.

Void Disintegrator – Dissolves matter into the void.

Nova Shockwave – Creates devastating shockwaves upon impact.

Hyperion Reaper – Harvests souls with otherworldly power.

Photon Slicer – Slices through targets with photon blades.

Xeno Blaster – Emits alien energy beams.

Vortex Cyclone – Traps enemies in a swirling vortex.

Shadowstrike Pistol – Strikes with stealthy darkness.

Inferno Cannon – Engulfs enemies in flames of inferno.

Celestial Scythe – Cuts through stars and souls.

Graviton Surge – Manipulates gravity to immobilize foes.

Bio-Plasma Disruptor – Disrupts organic matter with plasma.

Quantum Shifter – Alters reality with quantum manipulation.

Voidseeker Rifle – Hunts down targets in the void.

Arcane Hexcaster – Casts hexes with arcane power.

Plasma Falcon – Rapid-firing plasma projectiles like soaring falcons.

Laserstorm Fury – Unleashes a furious storm of laser bolts.

Bio-Energy Siphon – Drains life force from targets.

Sonic Wail – Releases a piercing sonic scream.

Chrono Striker – Strikes enemies with temporal energy.

Electrum Discharger – Discharges powerful bursts of electrical energy.

Shadowfire Blaster – Fires dark flames from the shadows.

Plasma Surge Cannon – Releases surges of plasma energy.

Quantum Disruptor – Disrupts matter and energy at a quantum level.

Photonizer Blade – Converts energy into a deadly blade of light.

Sci-Fi Guns Names


In conclusion, our journey through the realm of futuristic warfare and advanced technology has brought us to the end of our exploration of 700 sci-fi gun names. These names embody the essence of innovation, power, and imagination, allowing you to craft an arsenal of futuristic weaponry that will captivate your readers or players. As we conclude, let us remember the words of Jules Verne: “Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world because it’s the history of ideas.”

With an extensive selection of names at your disposal, you have the tools to create a rich and immersive sci-fi universe. Each name has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of awe, anticipation, and wonder. Whether you are a writer, a game developer, or an avid enthusiast of science fiction, these names will help you transport your audience to unexplored frontiers of technology and engage them in thrilling battles of the future.

From the Plasma Nova’s devastating bursts to the Quantum Blade’s unmatched slicing power, these names reflect the infinite possibilities of the science fiction genre. You now possess the means to create weapons that not only drive your narrative forward but also leave a lasting impact on your audience. So, embrace the creativity that lies within these names, and let your sci-fi guns become iconic symbols of the imagination. May your stories or games inspire others to envision a future where the boundaries of technology are shattered, and the universe becomes an endless playground for innovation and adventure.


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