700 Angelic Seraphim Names for Your Heavenly Characters

Welcome to our exciting blog article on “700 Seraphim Names”! If you’re looking for creative and enchanting names related to seraphim, you’re in for a treat. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So get ready to dive into the celestial realm of seraphim names and discover some truly unique and captivating options.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the Fantasy Character naming field, I’ve had the pleasure of delving deep into the world of angelic beings. Throughout my journey, I’ve crafted names for majestic seraphim, drawing inspiration from ancient texts, mythology, and the wonders of the universe. Now, I’m thrilled to share this treasury of 700 seraphim names with you, each carefully chosen to invoke a sense of wonder, grace, and ethereal beauty.

In this article, you’ll find a name that resonates with the essence of your imagination and captures the essence of your envisioned character. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply someone seeking a unique name, there’s something here for everyone. So let’s embark on this celestial quest together and discover the perfect name for your next venture into the realms of fantasy and beyond!

Seraphim Names

Seraphim Names

  • Aetherius
  • Bellicus
  • Celestria
  • Dariel
  • Eudora
  • Faelon
  • Gwyndolyn
  • Heliodor
  • Ithuriel
  • Jacinth
  • Kaelthorn
  • Lysander
  • Myrrhina
  • Nuriel
  • Ophiel
  • Phaeris
  • Quinthea
  • Raphanis
  • Selenia
  • Thaloriel
  • Uziel
  • Vaeloria
  • Wynthor
  • Xandriel
  • Ysolde
  • Zadriel
  • Aerendis
  • Bellerion
  • Caelantha
  • Daelir
  • Elysiana
  • Faeloran
  • Gryphonis
  • Helionyx
  • Irielith
  • Jaesaria
  • Kynthor
  • Lumelios
  • Mystralyn
  • Nyxaris
  • Ombrael
  • Phaelora
  • Quorin
  • Raphial
  • Selariah
  • Thessara
  • Uthorin
  • Vesperis
  • Wyndara
  • Xandara
  • Yvelor
  • Zephyria
  • Aelindra
  • Belthazar
  • Celestius
  • Daelion
  • Eudorian
  • Faelan
  • Gryphius
  • Helioris
  • Ithoria
  • Jacarion
  • Kaelara
  • Lumaria
  • Mystralis
  • Nyxrael
  • Orithor
  • Phaelion
  • Quentaria
  • Raelius
  • Selenith
  • Thorian
  • Uralis
  • Vespera
  • Wyndelis
  • Xaerion
  • Ythorin
  • Zaeloria
  • Aerionis
  • Beladriel

20 Seraphim Names With Meanings

Seraphim Names

  1. Astrion: “Cosmic Star, Guiding Souls to Enlightenment”
  2. Zephyra: “Breeze of Celestial Love, Seraphic Messenger”
  3. Ignatius: “Igniting Souls with Divine Passion, Illuminator”
  4. Valeriel: “Bringing Valor and Wisdom, Heavenly Protector”
  5. Lumara: “Radiant Light, Nurturer of Mortal Souls”
  6. Celestius: “Heavenly Brilliance, Inspiring Spiritual Growth”
  7. Zenoria: “Channeling Cosmic Spirit, Guardian of Peace”
  8. Aetheron: “Infusing Mortal Beings with Spirit, Uplifter”
  9. Thalorien: “Cosmic Harmony, Keeper of Celestial Balance”
  10. Meliora: “Catalyst for Positive Change, Seraphic Reformer”
  11. Zohariana: “Keeper of Celestial Secrets, Divine Sentinel”
  12. Veritas: “Bringer of Truth and Justice, Angelic Herald”
  13. Lyxander: “Messenger of Divine Illumination, Guiding Souls”
  14. Valenya: “Graceful Light, Keeper of Divine Love”
  15. Selucius: “Dispensing Lunar Blessings, Angel of Night”
  16. Elysaria: “Ascendant Grace, Embodiment of Serenity”
  17. Pyralis: “Enkindling the Sacred Fire, Celestial Pyromancer”
  18. Aurantha: “Radiant Wisdom, Shining Star of Guidance”
  19. Zirconel: “Crystal-Clear Guide of Truth, Celestial Luminary”
  20. Solandra: “Solar Empowerment, Illuminating the Mortal Path”

Seraphim Angels Names

Seraphim Names

  • Celestia – Heavenly beings of light.
  • Lysander – Messengers of divine illumination.
  • Zephyrion – Radiant guardians of the cosmos.
  • Astraia – Guiding souls toward enlightenment.
  • Solarius – Emissaries of boundless wisdom.
  • Ignatius – Purveyors of celestial harmony.
  • Astraline – Illuminators of the spirit realm.
  • Lumiel – Agents of ethereal transformation.
  • Selenastra – Radiators of divine love.
  • Thaloran – Keepers of cosmic balance.
  • Heliora – Empowering souls with luminescence.
  • Aionyx – Protectors of divine knowledge.
  • Ereluna – Nurturing souls on their journey.
  • Phaeton – Bestowers of cosmic vision.
  • Aerendil – Luminous guides of the heavens.
  • Zohara – Purifiers of the celestial path.
  • Eudoriel – Beings of transcendent grace.
  • Aetherius – Inspiring souls to soar high.
  • Serenova – Encouragers of spiritual growth.
  • Vesperon – Guardians of heavenly secrets.
  • Cassielle – Conductors of divine energy.
  • Pyralis – Enkindlers of the sacred fire.
  • Zeraphel – Celestial healers of hearts.
  • Alarion – Uplifters of the mortal spirit.
  • Selendra – Messengers of divine will.
  • Lucidara – Illuminators of inner truth.
  • Azurael – Gatekeepers to the celestial realm.
  • Zirconia – Guardians of eternal wisdom.
  • Galadriel – Radiant beings of profound insight.
  • Elysion – Ascendant spirits of divine light.

Male Seraphim Names


  • Thorenex – Resolute and celestial protector.
  • Auranthius – Radiating divine wisdom.
  • Zeraphiel – Messenger of heavenly truths.
  • Solstaire – Guiding souls with brilliance.
  • Caelion – Keeper of celestial order.
  • Aelius – Serene and enlightened being.
  • Zephronis – Embodying cosmic harmony.
  • Lucidian – Inspiring spiritual illumination.
  • Astrion – Celestial star of guidance.
  • Valerius – Guardian of divine power.
  • Ignisar – Igniting souls with purpose.
  • Auriel – Shining light of heavenly love.
  • Seraphiel – Radiant messenger of the gods.
  • Vesperus – Bringer of evening enlightenment.
  • Thaloran – Keeper of cosmic balance.
  • Lyconis – Noble and luminescent presence.
  • Astraeus – Embodiment of celestial beauty.
  • Zenithor – Reaching the highest heavens.
  • Eudorian – Purveyor of transcendent grace.
  • Phaetor – Illuminating the path of truth.
  • Heliosar – Radiating warmth and hope.
  • Zoharian – Channeling divine knowledge.
  • Orionus – Guiding souls in the night sky.
  • Selendros – Dispensing celestial blessings.
  • Aegidius – Shielding souls from darkness.
  • Aerandor – Soaring through cosmic realms.
  • Zenarius – Master of spiritual serenity.
  • Aetheron – Infusing mortal beings with spirit.
  • Lumarian – Illuminating the mortal heart.
  • Arcturus – Star of inner wisdom.

Female Seraphim Names

Seraphim Names

  • Aurielle – Graceful and radiant celestial being.
  • Zephara – Bearer of divine messages.
  • Selindra – Guiding souls to serenity.
  • Lyria – Songstress of heavenly realms.
  • Astraea – Embodiment of cosmic justice.
  • Caelia – Celestial guardian of light.
  • Seraphina – Radiant angelic presence.
  • Astraia – Starry bringer of wisdom.
  • Ignatia – Illuminating the mortal path.
  • Vespera – Evening beacon of hope.
  • Zohara – Dispenser of divine knowledge.
  • Lumina – Luminescent guide of souls.
  • Aurelia – Golden aura of enlightenment.
  • Thaloria – Keeper of cosmic balance.
  • Celestria – Radiating celestial beauty.
  • Elysia – Ascendant soul of purity.
  • Solara – Shining light of divinity.
  • Aeloria – Serene guardian of hearts.
  • Zircona – Crystal clear source of wisdom.
  • Astoria – Emissary of the heavens.
  • Eudoria – Bestower of transcendent grace.
  • Phaenna – Illuminating souls with love.
  • Heliora – Radiant bringer of warmth.
  • Zenara – Channeling divine energy.
  • Aeris – Soaring spirit of the sky.
  • Aetherine – Essence of celestial spirit.
  • Seluna – Guiding souls in moonlight.
  • Lysara – Illuminating the path of dreams.
  • Astridelle – Starlight of divine inspiration.
  • Aegidora – Shielding souls from harm.

Unique Seraphim Names

  • Zephronyx – Celestial gem of wisdom.
  • Solandriel – Luminous being of purity.
  • Aelionis – Infusing souls with light.
  • Zohariana – Keeper of celestial secrets.
  • Astralaith – Celestial essence of power.
  • Lumicron – Radiant source of energy.
  • Eudorath – Guardian of inner grace.
  • Astraephos – Illuminating the darkness.
  • Thalorius – Seraphim of cosmic harmony.
  • Selentis – Silent messenger of peace.
  • Ignisara – Emissary of divine fire.
  • Valerion – Sovereign being of serenity.
  • Vesperis – Twilight herald of change.
  • Zenithra – Apex of celestial wisdom.
  • Caelidora – Shining star of hope.
  • Phaestra – Manifesting divine visions.
  • Auranthia – Radiance of divine illumination.
  • Elysorin – Nurturer of mortal souls.
  • Zirconel – Crystal-clear guide of truth.
  • Helionna – Solar warmth of love.
  • Aetherios – Embodiment of cosmic spirit.
  • Thorenna – Resilient guardian of light.
  • Aerantha – Blooming soul of the sky.
  • Selucora – Dispensing lunar blessings.
  • Pyraline – Spark of divine inspiration.
  • Serenova – Celestial innovation of grace.
  • Azurion – Blue-hued messenger of skies.
  • Aionelle – Eternal being of wisdom.
  • Caelithor – Heaven-touching luminary.
  • Lysindra – Radiating the light within.

Funny Seraphim Names

Chucklefeather – Heavenly comedian with wings.

Whiskerhalo – Angelic being with a smile.

Giggleseraph – Seraphim spreading laughter.

Wafflewings – Heavenly humor on the fly.

Snickerdawn – Angelic joker at sunrise.

Quirkador – Divine quirkiness in flight.

Chuckleflare – Beaming humor from above.

Jokewing – Witty seraphim with a twist.

Chortlesong – Heavenly chuckles in harmony.

Grinflyer – Angelic grins soaring high.

Snickerplume – Humorous feathers of light.

Guffawgaze – Angelic laughter with a gaze.

Giggleglide – Heavenly amusement in motion.

Quibblefluff – Playful seraphim aloft.

Chucklebeam – Beaming humor from the heavens.

Drollflare – Divine wit with radiance.

Snickerplume – Angelic amusement in feathers.

Waggleseraph – Seraphim waggling with joy.

Whimsywings – Heavenly whimsy taking flight.

Grinsail – Angelic grins on celestial winds.

Jesterflare – Divine jesting from above.

Chucklefloat – Beaming humor in flight.

Gleeplume – Seraphic glee in feathers.

Quibbletwirl – Angelic humor in motion.

Snickerbeam – Beaming laughter from the heavens.

Quirkyswoop – Heavenly quirkiness in action.

Whimsyglide – Angelic whimsy soaring high.

Grinhumor – Divine humor shining bright.

Gigglesail – Seraphim spreading laughter on winds.

Jovialplume – Angelic joviality in feathers.

Good Seraphim Names

Sylvaria – Protector of the innocent.

Veritas – Bringer of truth and justice.

Amaranth – Eternal and unwavering love.

Aureon – Inspiring acts of valor.

Euphelia – Spreading harmony and joy.

Valerion – Strengthening hearts and souls.

Seraphiel – Guiding souls toward enlightenment.

Meliora – Catalyst for positive change.

Astridius – Inspiring spiritual growth.

Benevol – Unselfish and kind seraphim.

Felicora – Dispensing happiness and bliss.

Luminelle – Radiating celestial light.

Zohara – Sharing divine knowledge.

Virentia – Promoting growth and renewal.

Gratidora – Eliciting gratitude and thankfulness.

Solvita – Offering solutions and resolutions.

Jubilaris – Celebrating life’s wonders.

Zenorah – Encouraging inner peace and tranquility.

Amicitia – Fostering friendship and camaraderie.

Veridia – Nurturing life and growth.

Thaumia – Inspiring awe and wonder.

Concordia – Promoting harmony and unity.

Aegisar – Shielding and protecting the vulnerable.

Meritona – Encouraging virtuous actions.

Lumina – Illuminating the path ahead.

Sinceralis – Radiating sincerity and truthfulness.

Zelador – Caring for the well-being of others.

Bonastra – Bringer of good fortune and luck.

Serenita – Cultivating serenity and tranquility.

Fidelion – Remaining steadfast and loyal.

Famous Seraphim Names

Azrael – Angel of Death and Transformation.

Uriel – Angel of Wisdom and Enlightenment.

Raphael – Angel of Healing and Guidance.

Gabriel – Messenger Archangel and Herald.

Metatron – Celestial Scribe and Record Keeper.

Michael – Warrior Archangel and Protector.

Raziel – Angel of Divine Mysteries and Secrets.

Zadkiel – Angel of Mercy and Forgiveness.

Cassiel – Angel of Solitude and Time.

Chamuel – Angel of Love and Compassion.

Jophiel – Angel of Creativity and Illumination.

Haniel – Angel of Joy and Grace.

Ariel – Angel of Nature and Environmental Protection.

Raguel – Angel of Justice and Harmony.

Sandalphon – Angel of Music and Prayer.

Jeremiel – Angel of Visions and Prophetic Dreams.

Zaphkiel – Angel of Spiritual Growth and Intuition.

Camael – Angel of Divine Justice and Courage.

Zerachiel – Angel of Love and Happy Relationships.

Remiel – Angel of Divine Mercy and Redemption.

Sariel – Angel of Guidance and Protection.

Anael – Angel of Romance and Divine Beauty.

Barachiel – Angel of Blessings and Miracles.

Eremiel – Angel of Solace and Comfort.

Harahel – Angel of Inner Strength and Healing.

Muriel – Angel of Emotional Balance and Peace.

Tzaphqiel – Angel of Divine Contemplation and Wisdom.

Umabel – Angel of Protection and Safe Travel.

Yofiel – Angel of Divine Beauty and Creativity.

Zagzagel – Angel of Joyful Messages and News.

Cool Seraphim Names

Dravenel – Ice-cold emissary of wisdom.

Zypheria – Cool breeze of celestial love.

Nyxalis – Seraphim with dark allure.

Ignisian – Cool fire of divine passion.

Astronova – Celestial nova of brilliance.

Thundrax – Thunderous seraphim of power.

Chrysalis – Seraphim of metamorphic grace.

Astraeth – Icy embodiment of the cosmos.

Vortexia – Cool whirlwind of change.

Solstice – Seraphim marking celestial events.

Lyrexia – Cool voice of cosmic harmony.

Eclipsar – Eclipse of celestial light.

Zenithius – Reaching the highest zenith.

Cypheron – Cryptic seraphim of mystery.

Heliosurge – Surging with solar energy.

Nocturnia – Seraphim dwelling in night.

Stellarix – Cool constellation of stars.

Aetherine – Essence of ethereal spirit.

Frostaria – Seraphim of frozen wonders.

Syrenth – Cool melody of celestial spheres.

Nebulon – Seraphim born from nebulae.

Galaxion – Cool guardian of galaxies.

Ombrafyre – Shadowy seraphim of light.

Zephyria – Cool breeze of heavenly grace.

Celestion – Seraphim resonating with heavens.

Aquilith – Aquatic seraphim of flight.

Luminara – Cool aura of divine light.

Terranox – Earthbound seraphim of the skies.

Crystrae – Seraphim with crystal clarity.

Elyxion – Cool journey to enlightenment.

Common Seraphim Names

Michael – Like unto God.

Gabriel – God is my strength.

Raphael – God has healed.

Uriel – God is my light.

Ariel – Lion of God.

Zadkiel – Righteousness of God.

Seraphina – Burning one.

Nathaniel – Gift of God.

Jophiel – Beauty of God.

Cassiel – Speed of God.

Metatron – Angel of the presence.

Raziel – Secret of God.

Haniel – Grace of God.

Azrael – Helper of God.

Barachiel – Blessing of God.

Sandalphon – Brother of Metatron.

Jeremiel – Mercy of God.

Sariel – Prince of God.

Anael – Grace of God.

Remiel – Mercy of God.

Harahel – Grace of God.

Muriel – Light of God.

Zerachiel – Righteousness of God.

Raguel – Friend of God.

Tzaphqiel – Contemplation of God.

Umabel – God’s promise.

Yofiel – Beauty of God.

Zagzagel – Wisdom of God.

Chamuel – He who seeks God.

Theliel – Will of God.

Seraphim Names

How To Choose A Good Seraphim Name

Within the celestial realms lies the mystique of Seraphim names, evoking a sense of ethereal wonder and divine grace. These names hold profound significance in the realm of spirituality and literature, symbolizing the essence of celestial beings. Whether you seek a Seraphim name for spiritual guidance or to bestow upon a noble character in your writing, the art of choosing the perfect name is an enchanting journey. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of selecting a good Seraphim name, exploring its celestial origins and sacred symbolism.

Understanding Seraphim Names:

Seraphim names encapsulate the celestial essence of these revered beings. Defined by their connection to the divine realm, these names hold profound symbolism and spiritual significance. The Seraphim, celestial beings often depicted with fiery wings, have origins deeply rooted in sacred texts and spiritual traditions. As bearers of light and divine love, the Seraphim play sacred roles in various spiritual beliefs, acting as intermediaries between humanity and the divine.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Seraphim Name:

Selecting a Seraphim name requires embodying divine qualities and virtues. Each name should resonate with the celestial attributes that the Seraphim represent, such as purity, compassion, and transcendence. Cultural and linguistic nuances also play a role in Seraphim naming, as different traditions and languages may offer unique variations of these celestial names. Personal connection and spiritual resonance are crucial aspects to consider, as the chosen name should hold profound meaning and evoke a sense of divine guidance.

Exploring Different Types of Seraphim Names:

The realm of Seraphim names offers a diverse array of choices, ranging from classical and timeless names to evocative and ethereal appellations. Names like Azrael and Seraphiel represent classical and revered Seraphim figures, each carrying its own celestial presence. Evocative names like Lumina and Celestia conjure an otherworldly charm, reflecting the radiant nature of these celestial beings. Seraphim names inspired by sacred texts and scriptures further deepen the spiritual significance of the chosen name.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Seraphim Name:

To uncover the perfect Seraphim name, delving into angelic lore and spiritual writings can provide valuable insights. Exploring the characteristics and roles of Seraphim in various belief systems can guide the naming process. Meditating and seeking guidance from the celestial realm can attune one’s intuition to the divine essence of the chosen name. Uniting multiple elements, such as linguistic nuances, symbolism, and personal resonance, ensures a harmonious and powerful Seraphim name.

Embracing the Power of Seraphim Names:

A chosen Seraphim name holds immense power and symbolism, encompassing the divine essence of the celestial being. To harness this power, one must infuse intention and energy into the name, acknowledging its sacred significance. Upholding the sanctity and reverence of Seraphim names further deepens the spiritual connection and respect for these celestial beings.

Bestowing the Seraphim Name:

The act of bestowing a Seraphim name holds sacredness and significance, akin to a naming ceremony. Such ceremonies honor the divine identity of the Seraphim and solidify their place in the celestial realm. Sharing the bestowed name with spiritual communities and fellow believers strengthens the sense of unity and reverence for these celestial beings.


In conclusion, we’ve embarked on a captivating journey through the realm of seraphim names, exploring 700 unique and enchanting options. Naming is an art that holds immense power, shaping the very essence of our characters and stories. As you’ve delved into this treasure trove of celestial appellations, I hope you’ve found inspiration and excitement in the possibilities they offer.

Remember, a name is more than just a label; it’s a gateway to a world of imagination and emotion. Whether you’re crafting a novel, designing a game, or simply seeking a name that speaks to your soul, the realm of seraphim names has something special for everyone. The sheer diversity of options allows you to infuse your characters with depth, meaning, and individuality.

As a Naming Specialist, I can attest to the power of a well-chosen name, and I encourage you to embrace the process of naming with enthusiasm. Trust your instincts, let your creativity soar, and discover the name that resonates with your vision. Your characters deserve names that leave a lasting impression on your audience and make their mark in the vast tapestry of fantasy worlds. So go forth, and may these seraphim names guide you to create unforgettable characters and unforgettable stories! Happy naming!


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