700 Captivating Shadowrun Names for Your Dystopian World

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Shadowrun Names”! We’re excited to share with you a collection of creative names inspired by the popular role-playing game, Shadowrun. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In the world of Shadowrun, names hold power and significance, reflecting the unique blend of cyberpunk and fantasy elements. So, if you’re in need of a distinctive moniker for your Shadowrun character, you’ve come to the right place!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of fantasy character naming, I have had the privilege of crafting names for various role-playing games, including Shadowrun. It’s a fascinating realm where imagination knows no bounds, and each name plays a vital role in shaping the identity of the character. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in creating names that are evocative, memorable, and truly immersive, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the Shadowrun universe.

In this article, we promise you a treasure trove of 700 unique Shadowrun names. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking a fresh alias or a newcomer stepping into the world of Shadowrun for the first time, we guarantee that you’ll find a name that resonates with your character’s essence. So, prepare to embark on an exciting journey as we unveil a myriad of captivating and carefully curated names that will breathe life into your Shadowrun adventures!

Shadowrun Names

Shadowrun Names

  • Asher Blackthorn
  • Kyra Nightshade
  • Orion Swiftstrike
  • Raine Stormcaller
  • Vesperine Frostbloom
  • Ashlyn Shadowdancer
  • Zephyrus Windrider
  • Emberlyn Fireheart
  • Rook Obsidian
  • Seraphina Moonwhisper
  • Darius Steelbane
  • Astraea Starling
  • Draven Bloodthorn
  • Nyssa Whisperwind
  • Kaelen Ironhand
  • Selene Nightfall
  • Orion Shadowstorm
  • Lennox Frostfang
  • Isolde Darkthorn
  • Lucian Stormrider
  • Raven Embermoon
  • Astrid Silversong
  • Kieran Blackwood
  • Aria Moonshadow
  • Evander Ashborne
  • Elara Skystrike
  • Orion Blackthistle
  • Rosalind Shadowcaster
  • Caelum Starfire
  • Rowan Frostwind
  • Mordecai Shadowstep
  • Elowen Moonstone
  • Theron Stormcloak
  • Nova Ironwood
  • Seren Whisperwing
  • Eldric Blackthorn
  • Lyra Nightingale
  • Asher Emberblade
  • Sablethorn Shadowclaw
  • Vespera Frostwind
  • Zephyrus Stormwing
  • Emberlyn Firebrand
  • Rook Obsidianbane
  • Seraphina Moonstrike
  • Darius Steelclaw
  • Astraea Starfrost
  • Draven Bloodmoon
  • Nyssa Shadowwhisper
  • Kaelen Ironhelm
  • Selene Nightshade
  • Orion Shadowclaw
  • Lennox Frostfire
  • Isolde Darkmoon
  • Lucian Stormwatcher
  • Raven Emberthorn
  • Astrid Silverleaf
  • Kieran Blackthorn
  • Aria Moonwhisper
  • Evander Ashblade
  • Elara Skystorm
  • Orion Blackthorn
  • Rosalind Shadowthorn
  • Caelum Starblade
  • Rowan Frostthistle
  • Mordecai Shadowstrike
  • Elowen Moonlight
  • Theron Stormwarden
  • Nova Ironwill
  • Seren Whisperstrike
  • Eldric Blackthistle
  • Lyra Nightshade
  • Asher Emberwind
  • Sablethorn Shadowfang
  • Vespera Frostbreeze
  • Zephyrus Stormbringer
  • Emberlyn Firesteel
  • Rook Obsidianheart
  • Seraphina Moondancer
  • Darius Steelthorn
  • Astraea Starwing

20 Shadowrun Names With Meanings

Shadowrun Names

Vexen Shadowsteel – A skilled infiltrator with an affinity for shadows and a blade forged of unbreakable steel.

Ignis Emberheart – A fiery adept who harnesses the power of flames, their heart burning with passion and determination.

Aetheria Voidwhisper – A mystic mage who delves into the depths of the void, whispering secrets from the other side.

Nyxus Eclipse – A shadowrunner whose presence casts darkness and heralds the arrival of an eclipse, synonymous with mystery and intrigue.

Seraphine Stormbringer – A celestial adept who commands storms with the grace of an angel, wielding lightning and thunder.

Vox Malachite – A cunning technomancer whose voice resonates with the green energy of malachite, manipulating the digital realm effortlessly.

Sablethorn Bloodfang – A deadly predator who moves silently through the darkness, their fangs dripping with the essence of shadows.

Solara Solaris – A radiant decker who harnesses the power of the sun, their brilliance shining through the matrix.

Cipher Indigo – A master of encryption and decryption, wielding the enigmatic power of indigo to unlock any secret.

Ravyn Blackthorn – A shamanic adept with an affinity for corvids, their dark feathers serving as messengers and protectors.

Blitzkrieg Thunderclap – A street samurai who strikes with lightning speed and devastating force, their presence a thunderous onslaught.

Astrid Nebula – A mage whose essence drifts through the vast expanse of the nebulae, their magic as ethereal as stardust.

Vesper Nocturne – A shadowy figure who emerges only in the evening, their name synonymous with twilight and secrets.

Elysium Emberglade – A druid who harmonizes with nature, their glades forever ablaze with the beauty of ethereal embers.

Magnus Ironheart – A dwarven rigger whose heart beats with the rhythm of machinery, their expertise in control and precision unmatched.

Talon Obsidian – An adept assassin with razor-sharp obsidian claws, their strikes swift and lethal.

Nyssa Moonfire – A moon-worshipping mage whose spells harness the power of lunar flames, illuminating the night with mystical energy.

Vermillion Shadowflame – A pyromancer whose mastery of fire casts a vermilion glow, their flames dancing with shadowy grace.

Zephyra Mistralis – An elven adept who dances through the mists, their movements as light and fleeting as a gentle breeze.

Echo Whisperwind – A spectral runner who leaves only echoes in their wake, their whispers carrying messages from realms beyond.

Shadowrun Elf Names

Shadowrun Elf Names

Galadriel Moonshadow – Radiant elf with a celestial aura.

Elysian Nightshade – Graceful elf associated with mysterious darkness.

Sylveria Starleaf – Elf connected to the magical essence of nature.

Celeborn Frostwind – Elegant elf embodying icy winds and ancient wisdom.

Aetheris Sunfire – Luminous elf radiant like the sun’s flames.

Eldariel Shadowdancer – Agile elf skilled in the art of shadow manipulation.

Lunaria Whisperwind – Serene elf who moves with the gentle breeze.

Silvanus Swiftarrow – Swift and nimble elf with exceptional archery skills.

Astraea Moondancer – Elf known for enchanting moonlit dances.

Valerian Dreamweaver – Elf capable of weaving dreams into reality.

Callista Starglade – Graceful elf with a deep connection to the stars.

Thalassia Silvermist – Ethereal elf associated with the mysteries of water.

Elrond Shadowbane – Skilled elf warrior who strikes fear in shadows.

Caladwen Moonstone – Elven enchantress who harnesses moon’s mystical power.

Lyariel Sunlance – Elf renowned for her skill with a sun-infused lance.

Alandriel Woodheart – Elf protector of ancient forests and their secrets.

Isolde Starwhisper – Whispers of this elf hold prophecies and omens.

Lirelia Nightbloom – Elven herbalist with knowledge of rare blossoms.

Thranduil Frostbranch – Regal elf ruler with an affinity for frost magic.

Elaria Windchaser – Fleet-footed elf who races through the wind.

Amaryllis Shadowglen – Mysterious elf who dwells in the twilight woods.

Aranelle Frostleaf – Elf with icy foliage and a chilling presence.

Erevan Moonstrike – Daring elf who strikes enemies under the moon’s gaze.

Nimue Sunspark – Elf who radiates warmth and healing light.

Caelia Windwhisper – Whispering winds carry messages of this elven scout.

Galathil Mistborn – Elf skilled at manipulating mist and fog.

Elowen Emberheart – Fiery elf whose heart burns with passion.

Selene Starweaver – Weaver of starlight, creating celestial tapestries.

Thalion Evergreen – Evergreen elf guardian of nature’s eternal cycle.

Elandra Moonshadow – Mystical elf with an affinity for lunar magic.

Shadowrun Troll Names

Shadowrun Troll Names

Grommash Ironfist – Towering troll with unyielding strength.

Brug Stronghammer – Mighty troll known for his powerful strikes.

Haldor Stonebreaker – Indomitable troll with the ability to shatter rocks.

Thokk Thunderhide – Thunderous footsteps accompany this imposing troll.

Grungar Earthshaker – Troll who commands the earth’s tremors.

Skar Bloodbane – Ruthless troll feared for his ferocity in battle.

Grothar Bonecrusher – Troll whose bone-crushing grip leaves foes shattered.

Ragnor Giantslayer – Troll renowned for felling colossal adversaries.

Boulderback Ironhide – Troll with impenetrable skin, as hard as stone.

Kragg Skullsplitter – Skulls are his trophies, split by his massive strength.

Grunk Stonefist – Troll with fists capable of pulverizing solid rock.

Mogor Bonecrusher – Troll whose mere presence instills fear in others.

Bragnar Doomhammer – Troll wielding a hammer that brings inevitable doom.

Snorri Ironjaw – Troll with a powerful bite that can rend metal.

Thorgar Earthgrip – Unyielding troll who can hold even the mightiest of foes.

Gruk Deathbringer – Troll whose name is whispered in fear and dread.

Hrok Skullcrusher – Troll whose skull-crushing blows are legendary.

Grokka Rocksmasher – Troll whose strength can shatter mountains.

Skorg Fireheart – Fiery troll whose rage burns hotter than molten lava.

Kragnar Stormcaller – Troll who commands thunder and lightning.

Grimnok Ironskin – Troll whose skin is as tough as forged iron.

Bracken Bramblethorn – Thorny troll who uses nature’s weapons to his advantage.

Gargor Blackrock – Troll whose skin is as black as obsidian.

Throgg Goreblade – Troll with a blade that leaves a trail of devastation.

Grugga Boulderback – Troll whose back carries the weight of mountains.

Uruk Fangmaw – Troll whose fangs can tear through solid steel.

Morgoth Blacktooth – Troll with teeth as dark as the abyss.

Brakk the Unbreakable – Indestructible troll, impervious to harm.

Hrungar Skullcrusher – Skulls crumble beneath the might of this troll.

Grulg the Mountain – Troll who embodies the strength and grandeur of mountains.

Shadowrun Dragon Names

Drakonex Infernalis – Infernal dragon wreathed in flames.

Zephyrion Stormwing – Dragon who harnesses the power of tempests.

Igniscale Flametongue – Dragon whose breath incinerates all in its path.

Virethorn Venomfang – Serpentine dragon with toxic venom coursing through its veins.

Aurorath Sunfire – Radiant dragon whose scales shimmer like the sun.

Tyranthax Thunderclaw – Thunderous dragon with claws that rend the sky.

Sylvarith Moonshadow – Lunar dragon whose presence cloaks the world in shadows.

Obsidianos Blackscale – Dragon whose obsidian scales are impervious to harm.

Verdantia Forestheart – Dragon protector of ancient woodlands.

Seraphel Celestia – Celestial dragon whose wings span the heavens.

Netherwing Voidcaller – Dragon whose darkness engulfs all light.

Frostbane Glacialis – Frigid dragon that freezes all it touches.

Solarius Solarflare – Dragon with a fiery presence, radiating intense heat.

Draconis Obscurus – Enigmatic dragon dwelling in the depths of darkness.

Chromaticus Prismwing – Dragon whose scales refract light in a myriad of colors.

Thunderax Stormscale – Dragon whose scales conduct thunder’s power.

Emberax Pyroclasm – Dragon whose wrath leaves scorched landscapes in its wake.

Celestrix Astralis – Astral dragon who traverses the realms of the cosmos.

Venomspire Serpentis – Serpent-like dragon, its venomous bite paralyzes prey.

Glimmerwing Crystalis – Dragon whose wings shimmer with crystalline beauty.

Drakoriax Talonrend – Dragon whose talons can shred even the toughest armor.

Shadowflame Nocturnis – Shadowy dragon that breathes consuming darkness.

Torrentialis Aquarius – Dragon who commands the raging waters of rivers and seas.

Cindertail Infernalis – Dragon with a tail that leaves trails of fire.

Nightshade Umbralis – Dragon who blends seamlessly with the shadows.

Aurora Borealys – Dragon whose presence illuminates the night sky with colorful lights.

Obscurion Duskcrown – Dragon with a crown of darkness, reigning over twilight.

Wyrmidon Thunderbane – Dragon whose roars shake the foundations of mountains.

Pyroscale Incendius – Dragon with scales that radiate intense heat.

Lunarix Moonwhisper – Dragon whose whispers hold ancient lunar wisdom.

Shadowrun Elven Names

Aelarion Silverblade – Noble elf with a blade as sharp as silver.

Mirianna Starborn – Elf touched by the stars, carrying celestial wisdom.

Thalindra Moonweaver – Elven weaver of moonlight, crafting dreams into reality.

Aerinwyn Windrider – Elf who rides the winds, swift and ethereal.

Galadranthel Sunfire – Elf who embodies the radiant power of the sun.

Silvaris Dawnbreaker – Elf whose presence dispels darkness and heralds the dawn.

Lyraelle Stardust – Elf whose footsteps leave trails of stardust in their wake.

Erevan Nightshade – Enigmatic elf who walks the shadows with grace.

Lirethil Silverleaf – Elven guardian of the silvered leaves, a protector of nature.

Thalionar Moonshadow – Elven scout who dances through moonlit forests.

Calindria Starwhisper – Elf whose whispers carry secrets of the cosmos.

Elowyn Frostbloom – Elf whose touch brings icy beauty to the world.

Thandriel Sunlance – Elven knight whose lance pierces darkness with solar might.

Selenea Windchaser – Elf who chases the wind, forever in pursuit of freedom.

Galathil Emberheart – Elf whose heart burns with the fires of passion.

Elaria Stormdancer – Elven dancer who moves with the grace of a tempest.

Amarys Nightbloom – Elf whose blooms unfold under the gentle embrace of night.

Alandriel Frostbranch – Elf whose branches bear the weight of winter’s touch.

Elysara Moondancer – Moonlit dancer whose steps echo through the night.

Isolindra Shadowglen – Elven guide through the depths of shadowed woods.

Caelania Mistborn – Elf who wields mist as both shield and weapon.

Thalassira Emberleaf – Elf whose leaves bear the embers of eternal life.

Elrond Evergreen – Elven guardian whose spirit remains evergreen.

Callindra Sunspark – Elf whose sparks of light ignite hope in the darkest hour.

Valeris Windwhisper – Elf whose whispers ride the breath of the wind.

Nimariel Mistral – Elven sorceress who commands the swirling mists.

Elandra Moonstrike – Elf whose strikes are swift and deadly under the moon’s glow.

Sylvari Dawnwalker – Elf whose steps greet the dawn with reverence.

Thandoril Starborne – Elven scholar whose knowledge spans the stars.

Aelaria Frostwillow – Elf whose touch brings frost’s delicate beauty to life.

Cool Shadowrun Names

Vox Maelstrom – A name that echoes with chaotic power.

Sable Nova – A dark and mysterious cosmic entity.

Cipher Blaze – A master of secrets and fiery destruction.

Aether Synapse – A being bridging the gaps between dimensions.

Nyx Vortex – A whirlwind of darkness and enigma.

Havoc Striker – A force of destruction, leaving chaos in its wake.

Runeblade Seraph – A heavenly warrior skilled in ancient magic.

Shade Hunter – A relentless tracker in the realm of shadows.

Zero Gravity – A being defying the laws of physics.

Eclipse Specter – A ghostly figure veiled in darkness.

Inferno Catalyst – A catalyst of fire and transformation.

Nemesis Whisper – A harbinger of downfall, whispering doom.

Frostbite Talon – A predator with icy claws that freeze its prey.

Viper Shade – A stealthy assassin lurking in the shadows.

Radiant Phoenix – A phoenix of radiant energy, reborn from ashes.

Venomous Siren – A seductive figure with deadly allure.

Nebula Ignition – A cosmic event that sparks explosive power.

Reaper Storm – A relentless force of destruction, reaping souls.

Nova Scorch – A blazing star leaving a trail of fiery destruction.

Chronos Edge – A wielder of time, cutting through reality.

Arcane Whisper – A whisper that unlocks the secrets of magic.

Solar Flare – A burst of solar energy, blinding and devastating.

Shadowstrike Vortex – A whirlwind of shadows and lethal precision.

Stormbringer Tempest – A bringer of storms and chaos.

Ashen Enigma – A mysterious figure veiled in smoky darkness.

Quantum Pulse – A pulse of quantum energy, distorting reality.

Ebon Shroud – A shroud of darkness concealing deadly intent.

Celestial Fury – A celestial force of wrath and divine power.

Frostfire Ember – A fusion of ice and fire, a paradoxical force.

Thunderclap Torrent – A torrent of thunderous power, shaking the earth.

Famous Shadowrun Names

Shadowstrike – Legendary shadowrunner with unrivaled stealth and precision.

Crimson Sable – Infamous mercenary known for blood-stained contracts.

Nightshade – Elusive and enigmatic fixer, weaving intricate webs of information.

Blaze Raven – Renowned decker who hacks through the toughest security.

Phoenix – Resilient street samurai who always rises from the ashes.

Whisper – Master infiltrator, leaving no trace behind.

Blackheart – Ruthless corporate assassin with a heart as dark as night.

Silver Fox – Charismatic face adept at persuasion and manipulation.

Razor – Cybernetically enhanced street fighter, deadly with blades.

Blitz – Reckless rigger who pilots drones with lightning-fast reflexes.

Spectre – Ghostly matrix hacker, infiltrating networks undetected.

Valkyrie – Fearless combat adept, carrying warriors to their final rest.

Viper – Snake-like adept with lightning-quick strikes and deadly precision.

Havoc – Chaotic street shaman, channeling the forces of nature.

Frost – Ice-cold mage, freezing foes with a flick of the wrist.

Midnight – Silent assassin who strikes when darkness covers the world.

Eclipse – Mysterious mage, bending shadows to their will.

Mirage – Illusionist adept, toying with perception and reality.

Steelheart – Indomitable tank adept, impervious to harm.

Thunder – Thunderous street samurai, wielding a massive hammer.

Shadowdancer – Agile and acrobatic infiltrator, dancing through laser grids.

Stormrider – Adept who rides the lightning, electrifying enemies.

Nemesis – Notorious bounty hunter, tracking down the most wanted.

Seraph – Angelic decker, guiding the digital realm with grace.

Jade Serpent – Mystic adept, tapping into ancient energies for power.

Venom – Poisonous assassin, leaving victims paralyzed and helpless.

Firebrand – Fiery street shaman, summoning flames to engulf enemies.

Archangel – Protector of the innocent, striking down evildoers with righteous fury.

Ghostwalker – Phantom-like adept, appearing and disappearing without a trace.

Cinder – Pyromaniac street samurai, leaving destruction in their fiery wake.

Fantasy Shadowrun Names

Thundra Brightsong – A bard with a voice that resonates with magic.

Ashen Ironfist – A dwarf whose fists strike with the weight of mountains.

Luna Shadowweaver – A sorceress who controls shadows and moonlight.

Solstice Flamecaster – A fire mage whose spells burn brighter during solstices.

Verdant Willowbloom – A druid whose connection to nature is unmatched.

Zephyr Windrider – An elf who rides the winds and dances through storms.

Stoneheart Earthshaker – A golemancer who commands the very earth beneath their feet.

Aurelia Starfrost – An ice mage whose touch freezes the hearts of enemies.

Sylphire Mistwalker – A sprite-like creature who navigates mist-filled realms.

Ember Swiftstrike – A rogue with blazing speed and lightning-quick strikes.

Wyrmbane Dragonslayer – A warrior dedicated to hunting down and slaying dragons.

Celestia Dawnbringer – A celestial champion who heralds the dawn of a new age.

Aurora Skystepper – A winged creature whose footsteps light up the sky.

Bramblethorn Thornwhisper – A woodland guardian whose voice carries the language of plants.

Ironclad Stormhammer – A knight clad in impenetrable armor, wielding a thunderous hammer.

Ebonshade Nightstalker – A creature of darkness who lurks in the deepest shadows.

Wildfire Flamefury – A fire elemental who engulfs the world in unstoppable flames.

Frostwind Iceshaper – A mage who sculpts intricate ice formations with a wave of their hand.

Glimmerstone Shardcaster – A dwarf whose mastery of crystals unleashes devastating powers.

Thunderstrike Thundercaller – A warrior whose strikes echo with the force of thunder.

Moonshadow Whisperwind – An elusive rogue who fades into the moonlit night.

Mistraline Mistbinder – A sorceress who weaves spells with the very essence of mist.

Stormchaser Stormcaller – A seer who tracks and tames the fury of storms.

Flameheart Pyromancer – A mage whose heart burns with an insatiable passion for fire.

Shadowthorn Nightshade – A rogue assassin whose every move is veiled in shadows.

Frostleaf Winterbloom – A druid attuned to the cold embrace of winter and the beauty it brings.

Starfire Astralancer – A mage who channels the power of stars, creating celestial explosions.

Stonebark Earthshaper – An earth elemental whose touch brings forth landscapes of stone.

Emberglow Embercaster – A spellcaster whose flames dance with a mesmerizing glow.

Dreamweaver Illusionist – A master of illusions, shaping dreams into reality.

Shadowrun Troll Names

How To Choose A Good Shadowrun Name

Choosing a good Shadowrun name is a crucial step in shaping your character’s identity and immersing yourself in the cyberpunk-fantasy world of Shadowrun. A well-crafted name can capture the essence of your character, evoke the theme and atmosphere of the game, and make a lasting impression on fellow players. In this article, we will delve into the art of selecting a good Shadowrun name, exploring the considerations, creativity, and personalization involved in this exciting process.

Understanding the Shadowrun Universe

To choose a name that truly resonates within the world of Shadowrun, it is essential to understand the game’s unique blend of cyberpunk and fantasy elements. Immerse yourself in the rich lore and setting of Shadowrun, where megacorporations, magic, and different factions vie for power. Familiarize yourself with the history, politics, and overarching themes of the game, allowing these influences to guide your naming choices and align your character with the immersive world of Shadowrun.

Reflecting on Your Character’s Background

A character’s name should reflect their background, race, archetype, and role within the Shadowrun universe. Consider your character’s race, whether they are a human, elf, dwarf, or one of the other diverse options available. Dive into their backstory, motivations, and goals, and extract key traits or defining features that can inform the naming process. By reflecting on your character’s background, you can create a name that not only fits within the world of Shadowrun but also resonates with your character’s unique story.

Tapping into the Theme and Atmosphere

Shadowrun possesses a distinct theme and atmosphere that blends futuristic technology with elements of fantasy and magic. Embrace this fusion when selecting a name for your character. Consider incorporating thematic elements, such as references to cybernetics, hacking, magic, or the urban sprawl of the game’s setting. Strike a balance between the futuristic and fantasy influences, crafting a name that seamlessly blends into the gritty and fantastical world of Shadowrun.

Creative Approaches to Name Generation

When it comes to generating Shadowrun names, creativity knows no bounds. Draw inspiration from real-world sources and diverse cultures to infuse your character’s name with authenticity and originality. Experiment with wordplay, alliteration, or symbolism to create names that have depth and meaning. Mix and match syllables and sounds, allowing your imagination to roam free in the pursuit of unique combinations that capture the essence of your character.

Testing the Practicality and Memorability

While creativity is important, practicality and memorability should not be overlooked. Ensure that the chosen name is easy to pronounce and remember, both for yourself and others. Avoid overly complex or convoluted names that may become a tongue-twister during gameplay. Seek feedback from fellow players or friends to gauge their impression and recall of the name, making adjustments if necessary.

Avoiding Stereotypes and Clichés

In a world as rich and diverse as Shadowrun, it’s essential to avoid falling into the trap of stereotypes and clichés when naming your character. Stay away from generic or overused tropes, opting for names that subvert expectations and embody originality. Create a name that stands out from the crowd and captures the essence of your character’s uniqueness and individuality.


In conclusion, we hope this article has provided you with a wealth of inspiration and options for your Shadowrun character names. With 700 unique names at your fingertips, you can now delve into the game with a truly personalized identity. Remember, a well-chosen name can enhance your role-playing experience, adding depth and flavor to your character’s story.

We understand that naming your character is an important decision, as it sets the tone for your entire gaming experience. That’s why we took great care in curating this extensive list of Shadowrun names. Our goal was to offer a diverse range of options, encompassing different themes, backgrounds, and aesthetics, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re an adept decker, a street samurai, or a mystical shaman, we believe that the perfect name awaits you in this collection. So, dive in, explore, and discover the name that resonates with your character’s essence. May these names ignite your imagination and lead you to unforgettable adventures in the thrilling world of Shadowrun.


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