700 Sikh Names for the History, Belief, and Resilience

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Sikh Names.” In this comprehensive guide, we have curated a collection of creative and meaningful names that reflect the rich Sikh tradition. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home.” Similarly, the essence of Sikh names lies in their ability to encapsulate the deep values and cultural heritage of the Sikh community.

As a naming specialist with three years of experience, I have delved into the fascinating world of naming, exploring various cultures and their naming conventions. From my extensive research, I have come to appreciate the beauty and significance of Sikh names. Moreover, my passion for fantasy character naming has allowed me to uncover the art of crafting unique and captivating names.

In this article, we promise to take you on a journey through 700 Sikh names that are sure to inspire and intrigue you. Whether you are seeking a name for a newborn child, looking to explore the Sikh culture, or simply fascinated by the power of names, you will find a treasure trove of distinctive and meaningful names waiting to be discovered. So, let us embark on this exploration together, and may you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and soul.

Sikh Names

  • Ajeet
  • Akashdeep
  • Amrit
  • Arjan
  • Balbir
  • Balkar
  • Daljeet
  • Darshan
  • Ekam
  • Gagan
  • Gurbani
  • Gurdeep
  • Harbhajan
  • Inderjit
  • Jagjit
  • Jasminder
  • Jatinder
  • Kamaljeet
  • Karan
  • Kiran
  • Manpreet
  • Navdeep
  • Palwinder
  • Rajinder
  • Simran
  • Sukhbir
  • Tajinder
  • Urvinder
  • Varinder
  • Yuvraj
  • Amanpreet
  • Anmol
  • Bikramjit
  • Charanjeet
  • Dalbir
  • Ekta
  • Fateh
  • Gurleen
  • Harjit
  • Iqbal
  • Jaskaran
  • Jatinder
  • Kamaljit
  • Kanwaljit
  • Kirpal
  • Maninder
  • Navjot
  • Parminder
  • Rajpreet
  • Simar
  • Sukhdev
  • Talwinder
  • Upkar
  • Vaneet
  • Yadwinder
  • Amandeep
  • Arvinder
  • Bikram
  • Daljit
  • Eknoor
  • Gaganpreet
  • Gurmukh
  • Harleen
  • Inderpreet
  • Jasbir
  • Jatinderpal
  • Kamalpreet
  • Karanjeet
  • Kiranjot
  • Manjot
  • Navdeep
  • Pardeep
  • Rajveer
  • Simranjit
  • Sukhjot
  • Tanvir
  • Urpreet
  • Vikramjit
  • Yamini
  • Zorawar

20 Sikh Names With Meanings

Amanpreet: Beloved of peace

Gurleen: Absorbed in the Guru’s love

Harman: Divine soul

Jasleen: One who abides in glory

Kirat: Honest and dedicated work

Manpreet: One who loves humanity

Navjot: New light

Prabhjot: Light of God

Simranjeet: Victory through meditation

Sukhdev: Divine joy

Amardeep: Eternal light

Gurbir: Brave Guru’s warrior

Harleen: Absorbed in God’s love

Jaspal: Protector of glory

Kiranpreet: Love for ray of light

Maninder: Lord of the heart

Navdeep: New lamp

Raminder: Beloved of God

Simarjeet: Victory through remembrance of God

Sukhjot: Light of peace

Male Sikh Names

Aman: Peaceful

Balbir: Strong and brave

Daljit: Victory over obstacles

Fateh: Victory

Gurbir: Brave Guru’s warrior

Hardeep: Lamp of God

Inder: God-like

Jagjit: Winner of the world

Karan: Noble and generous

Kirpal: Merciful

Manjit: Conqueror of the mind

Navjot: New light

Parminder: God’s blessing

Rajdeep: Bright king

Satnam: True name (of God)

Sukhdev: Divine joy

Taran: Savior

Udai: Rising, ascending

Varinder: Lord of the oceans

Yuvraj: Prince

Amarjeet: Immortal victory

Balwinder: Mighty warrior

Daljeet: The conqueror

Gagandeep: Lamp of the sky

Harjit: Victorious

Iqbal: Prosperity, good fortune

Jatinder: Lord of knowledge

Kamalpreet: Love for lotus flower

Rajveer: Brave king

Simranjeet: Victory through remembrance

Female Sikh Names

Amrit: Nectar; divine elixir

Baljit: Mighty and victorious

Daljeet: The conqueror

Harpreet: Love for God

Ishpreet: Love for God

Jagdeep: Lamp of the world

Kaur: Princess; royal lineage

Kiran: Ray of light

Manpreet: Love for humanity

Navdeep: New light

Parminder: God’s blessing

Rajinder: Queen; empress

Satinder: Lord of truth

Simran: Remembrance; meditation

Sukhdeep: Lamp of peace

Tanveer: Illuminated; enlightened

Amardeep: Eternal light

Balwinder: Mighty warrior

Daljit: Victory over obstacles

Gagan: Sky; heaven

Harleen: Absorbed in God’s love

Inderpreet: God’s love

Jaspinder: Glory of God

Kamaljeet: Victorious lotus

Rajpreet: Love for kingship

Simar: One who remembers God

Tajinder: God’s glory

Urvinder: Queen of the heavens

Varinder: Goddess of oceans

Yamini: Nocturnal; night-time

Fantasy Sikh Names

Ashwin: Spear of the dawn

Bhavya: Grand; majestic

Chandrika: Moonlight; shining moon

Devendra: King of the gods

Eshaan: Lord Shiva; sun

Gaurav: Pride; respect

Indira: Splendid; beauty

Jayanta: Conqueror of all miseries

Kavya: Poetic; artistic

Lakshman: Auspicious; fortunate

Manisha: Intellect; wisdom

Nalini: Lotus; beautiful flower

Omkar: Sacred syllable “Om”

Pooja: Worship; reverence

Rajesh: King of kings

Sanjana: Gentle; kind

Tarun: Youth; young

Udaya: Rising; dawn

Vaidehi: Sita; princess of Videha

Yashika: Fame; success

Aarav: Peaceful; calm

Basant: Spring; happiness

Chandra: Moon; shining

Darshini: Vision; sight

Ekanta: Solitude; unique

Farida: Unique; precious gem

Gunjan: Buzzing of a bee

Ishita: Desired; sought-after

Kamini: Beautiful; passionate

Nirav: Quiet; silent

Best Sikh Names

Amanpreet: Love for peace

Balraj: Mighty king

Daljeet: Victorious conqueror

Fateh: Triumph; victory

Gurleen: Absorbed in the Guru’s love

Harman: Beloved; divine soul

Ishaan: Sun; lord

Jasmeh: Praise of the Divine

Karanvir: Brave warrior

Kirat: Honest work; divine grace

Maninder: Lord of the heart

Navdeep: New light; new knowledge

Prabhjot: Divine light

Rajveer: Brave king

Simran: Remembrance; meditation

Sukhleen: Absorbed in peace

Tajinder: God’s glory; splendor

Udai: Rising; ascension

Varinder: Lord of the oceans

Yamini: Night; nocturnal

Amarleen: Forever absorbed in God

Baljit: Mighty victory

Dalbir: Brave soldier

Gurmeet: Friend of the Guru

Harpreet: Love for God

Iqbal: Prosperity; good fortune

Jaskaran: Lord’s praise; good deeds

Kamaldeep: Lotus lamp; beautiful light

Rajinder: Regal; ruling queen

Simarpreet: Love for God’s remembrance

Good Sikh Names

Ajeet: Invincible; unbeatable

Baldev: Godlike in strength

Daljit: Triumphant soldier

Harmanpreet: Beloved of God

Inderjit: Conqueror of Indra

Jasmeet: Friendly; one who delights in fame

Karanpreet: Loving and kind-hearted

Kirpal: Merciful; kind-hearted

Manraj: Ruler of hearts

Navdeep: New light; new knowledge

Prabhleen: Absorbed in God’s love

Rajinder: Emperor; king of kings

Simrat: Remembrance; meditation

Sukhbir: Brave in peace

Tanvir: Enlightened; illuminated

Amarleen: Forever absorbed in God

Baljeet: Mighty victorious one

Dalveer: Brave soldier

Gurnoor: Divine light

Harpreet: Love for God

Iqbal: Prosperity; good fortune

Jasleen: Absorbed in praise of God

Kamaljeet: Victorious lotus

Maninder: Lord of hearts

Navneet: New perception; fresh understanding

Rajveer: Brave ruler

Simranpreet: Love for meditation

Sukhleen: Absorbed in peace

Tejinder: Radiant; bright and courageous

Amritpal: Protector of the divine nectar

Royal Sikh Names

Amardeep: Eternal light

Balraj: Mighty king

Daljeet: Victorious conqueror

Fateh: Triumph; victory

Gurmehr: Royal grace

Harleen: Absorbed in God’s love

Ishaan: Sun; lord

Jaswinder: King of glory

Karanveer: Brave prince

Kiranjeet: Victorious ray of light

Manpreet: Royal love

Navraj: New king

Prabhjot: Divine light

Rajbir: Royal warrior

Simardeep: Lamp of royalty

Sukhmeet: Royal tranquility

Tejinder: Radiant king

Udai: Rising; ascension

Virender: Lord of heroes

Yamini: Night; nocturnal

Amarbir: Immortal hero

Baljit: Mighty victory

Darbar: Royal court

Gaganpreet: Love for the heavens

Harshdeep: Lamp of joy

Iqbal: Prosperity; good fortune

Jasleen: Absorbed in praise

Kamalraj: Royal lotus

Nirmaljeet: Pure victory

Rajveer: Brave king

Modern Sikh Names

Arjun: Bright; shining

Aanya: Gracious; merciful

Devansh: Part of the divine

Harleen: Absorbed in God’s love

Ishaan: Sun; lord

Jiya: Sweetheart; life

Kabir: Noble; great

Laisha: Joyful; lively

Manya: Worthy of honor

Naman: Salutations; respect

Omkar: Sacred syllable “Om”

Pari: Fairy; angelic

Reyansh: Ray of light

Simran: Remembrance; meditation

Tanvi: Delicate; beautiful

Vihaan: Dawn; morning

Aarav: Peaceful; calm

Avni: Earth; nature

Divya: Divine; heavenly

Hridya: Heart; love

Kabirpreet: Love for the noble

Lavanya: Grace; beauty

Mishka: Gift of love

Navleen: Absorbed in newness

Ojas: Radiance; energy

Reyanshi: Goddess; queen

Sara: Princess; noble lady

Tia: Goddess; aunt

Vivaan: Full of life; lively

Yashika: Fame; success

Strong Sikh Names

Ajaypal: Invincible protector

Balraj: Mighty king

Daljit: Triumphant soldier

Fateh: Triumph; victory

Gurmukh: God-conscious being

Harshdeep: Lamp of joy

Inderpal: Protector of Indra

Jagmeet: One who conquers the world

Karanvir: Brave warrior

Kiratpreet: Love for noble actions

Manjot: Light of the mind

Navdeep: New light

Prabhjot: Divine light

Ranjit: Victorious; illuminated

Simarjit: Victory through remembrance

Sukhdev: Divine joy

Tejinder: Radiant warrior

Udayveer: Rising hero

Vikram: Valiant; courageous

Ajitpreet: Love for the invincible

Balwinder: Mighty warrior

Darshpreet: Love for divine vision

Gagandeep: Illumination of the sky

Harbir: Warrior of God

Ishpreet: Love for the Divine

Jaswinder: Victorious glory

Kamaljeet: Victorious lotus

Manmeet: Intimate friend

Ravinder: Sun; lord of the sun

Tarlochan: Worthy of praise

Famous Sikh Names

Amritsar: Pool of nectar

Banda Singh Bahadur: Brave lion

Guru Nanak Dev: Enlightened teacher

Harmandir: Temple of God

Jassa Singh Ahluwalia: Sikh warrior

Khalsa: Pure; the chosen ones

Ranjit Singh: Lion of the battlefield

Guru Gobind Singh: Tenth Sikh Guru

Guru Arjan Dev: Fifth Sikh Guru

Bhai Taru Singh: Martyr of Sikhism

Bibi Bhani: Mother of Guru Arjan

Bhagat Singh: Revolutionary freedom fighter

Beant Singh: Sikh martyr

Sukhdev Singh: Freedom fighter

Zorawar Singh: Child martyr

Rani Sahiba: Queen; royal lady

Mai Bhago: Sikh warrior woman

Bhai Mardana: Guru Nanak’s companion

Mata Gujri: Mother of Guru Gobind Singh

Baba Deep Singh: Sikh martyr

Guru Tegh Bahadur: Ninth Sikh Guru

Sahibzada Fateh Singh: Youngest martyr

Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Lion of Punjab

Banda Singh: Sikh military commander

Mata Sundari: Wife of Guru Gobind Singh

Baba Budha Ji: Elderly Sikh saint

Mata Khivi: Wife of Guru Angad Dev

Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia: Sikh leader

Bhai Kanhaiya: Compassionate Sikh sevak

Shaheed Udham Singh: Freedom fighter martyr

How To Name Your Sikh Character

Naming characters is a crucial aspect of storytelling, as names have the power to shape perceptions and evoke emotions. When creating a Sikh character, it becomes even more essential to choose a name that reflects the rich heritage and values of Sikh culture. In this article, we will explore the art of naming Sikh characters, taking into account the significance of names in Sikhism and the unique aspects of Sikh naming conventions.

Understanding Sikh Culture and Naming Conventions:

Sikhism places great importance on names, as they carry deep meanings and are believed to influence a person’s destiny. Sikh names often reflect spiritual virtues, historical figures, or qualities associated with divinity. To choose an appropriate name for your Sikh character, it is crucial to gain an understanding of Sikh culture and the conventions followed in naming. Explore the cultural influences on Sikh names and familiarize yourself with traditional Sikh naming practices.

Research and Context:

To name your Sikh character thoughtfully, immerse yourself in Sikh culture and history. Engage in extensive research to gain insights into Sikh naming traditions and the significance behind various names. Study existing Sikh names to understand the range of options available. Additionally, consider the context of your character’s story, including their background, family heritage, and the time period in which they exist.

Choosing the Right Sound and Meaning:

When naming your Sikh character, pay attention to the phonetics and harmonious sounds of the name. Seek a name that flows well and is pleasing to the ear. Simultaneously, consider the symbolic meanings associated with different names. Choose a name that aligns with your character’s traits, personality, or journey. Take into account the gender and age appropriateness of the name, ensuring it resonates authentically with your character.

Balancing Tradition and Creativity:

Striking a balance between tradition and creativity is essential when naming Sikh characters. While incorporating traditional Sikh names can bring authenticity to your character, don’t be afraid to add unique elements that make the name memorable and distinct. By blending tradition with creativity, you can create names that are both rooted in Sikh culture and reflective of your character’s individuality.

Avoiding Stereotypes and Misappropriation:

As a writer, it is crucial to approach the naming of Sikh characters with respect and cultural sensitivity. Avoid falling into stereotypes or misappropriating Sikh culture. Take the time to educate yourself on the values, traditions, and beliefs of the Sikh community. If possible, consult with Sikh community members or seek their feedback to ensure accurate representation and avoid unintentional missteps.

Testing and Refining the Name:

Once you have selected a name for your Sikh character, it is important to test and refine it. Seek feedback from trusted sources, including fellow writers or individuals from the Sikh community. Consider the ease of pronunciation and readability of the name, ensuring it is accessible to a diverse audience. Reflect on whether the chosen name truly captures the essence of your character and aligns with their story and journey.


Naming your Sikh character is a task that requires careful consideration and respect for Sikh culture. A well-chosen name can bring depth and authenticity to your character, contributing to a richer storytelling experience. By celebrating the diversity and staying true to the values of Sikhism, you can create Sikh character names that honor the heritage and traditions while adding depth to your narrative. Embrace the power of Sikh character names and let them be a reflection of the vibrant and profound Sikh culture.


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