700 Sinhalese Names That Capture the Essence of Sri Lanka

Are you seeking inspiration for unique and captivating names? Look no further! In this article, we have carefully curated a collection of 700 Sinhalese names that are sure to leave you mesmerized. As Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Our compilation of names embodies this sentiment, evoking emotions and connecting you to the cultural richness of Sri Lanka.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved into the fascinating world of names, immersing myself in the art of creating identities that resonate with individuals. From my forays into fantasy character naming to working with clients from diverse backgrounds, I have witnessed the power of a well-chosen name to ignite imaginations and establish strong connections. Names have the ability to shape perceptions and evoke a sense of identity, and I am excited to share my expertise with you.

In this article, we promise to take you on a journey of discovery, where you will unearth a truly unique name that reflects your individuality. Whether you are searching for a name for your child, a character in your novel, or simply looking to expand your knowledge of diverse naming traditions, we guarantee that our compilation of 700 Sinhalese names will leave you inspired and captivated. So, join us as we explore the depths of Sri Lanka’s linguistic heritage and uncover the perfect name that resonates with your soul.

Sinhalese Names

  • Ashen
  • Dilshan
  • Hiruni
  • Kavindu
  • Nadeesha
  • Prabath
  • Sachini
  • Tharindu
  • Uthpala
  • Yasas
  • Charith
  • Dinusha
  • Haritha
  • Ishara
  • Kamal
  • Nimesh
  • Prasanna
  • Sahan
  • Thilini
  • Udara
  • Yashodha
  • Chathurika
  • Dishan
  • Hashini
  • Isuru
  • Kanchana
  • Nimasha
  • Praveen
  • Sampath
  • Thisara
  • Umali
  • Yohan
  • Chamika
  • Dushyanthi
  • Harshana
  • Janith
  • Kalpana
  • Nirosha
  • Prasad
  • Samitha
  • Thushara
  • Upul
  • Yoshitha
  • Chathura
  • Dulani
  • Hasini
  • Isuri
  • Kasun
  • Nishani
  • Praveena
  • Sandaruwan
  • Tharaka
  • Upeksha
  • Yashoda
  • Chatura
  • Dulanjali
  • Hansika
  • Janani
  • Kavisha
  • Nuwan
  • Piyumi
  • Sanjaya
  • Tharangi
  • Uththara
  • Yasitha
  • Chandana
  • Dushantha
  • Harsha
  • Janitha
  • Kaushalya
  • Nilakshi
  • Prithvi
  • Sameera
  • Tharindra
  • Vidusha
  • Yashodara
  • Chaminda
  • Dushmantha
  • Hashan
  • Isuruwansha

20 Sinhalese Names With Meanings

Ashen: Hopeful; filled with optimism.

Dilshan: Full of wisdom and intelligence.

Hiruni: Beautiful and charming like a diamond.

Kavindu: A talented poet or artist.

Nadeesha: The bringer of good news or messages.

Prabath: One who brings light and new beginnings.

Sachini: Graceful and elegant.

Tharindu: A star that brings guidance and inspiration.

Uthpala: A lotus flower symbolizing purity and beauty.

Yasas: Fame and glory; known for great achievements.

Charith: A person with good character and moral values.

Dinusha: A charming and cheerful individual.

Haritha: Green; symbolizing growth and abundance.

Ishara: A blessing or a divine gift.

Kamal: Like a lotus flower; pure and serene.

Nimesh: One who is always on time; punctual.

Prasanna: Full of joy and happiness.

Sahan: Patient and enduring; a steadfast companion.

Thilini: Delicate and gentle; full of grace.

Udara: Generous and kind-hearted.

Male Sinhalese Names

Ashen: Hopeful; filled with optimism.

Dilshan: Wise and intelligent leader.

Kavindu: Talented poet or artist.

Nadeesha: Bringer of good news.

Prabath: Bringer of light.

Sachith: Wise and discerning.

Tharindu: Guiding star; inspiration.

Yasas: Fame and glory.

Charith: Man of good character.

Dinusha: Charming and cheerful individual.

Harith: Green; symbolizing growth.

Ishara: Divine blessing; auspicious.

Kamal: Like a lotus; pure.

Nimesh: Punctual and timely.

Prasanna: Joyful and cheerful.

Sahan: Patient and enduring companion.

Tharaka: Star; shining brightly.

Udara: Generous and kind-hearted.

Yashas: Honor and prestige.

Chathura: Clever and quick-witted.

Dinesh: Lord of the day.

Harsha: Happiness; delight.

Isuru: Unique and extraordinary.

Kasun: Dawn; beginning of the day.

Namal: Modest and humble.

Praveen: Skilled and proficient.

Sampath: Prosperous; successful.

Thushara: Snow; pure and white.

Viduranga: Intelligent and knowledgeable.

Yohan: God is gracious.

Dark Souls Names

Female Sinhalese Names

Ashani: Lightning; energetic and vibrant.

Dilini: Tender; gentle and delicate.

Kavindi: Poetic; artistic and imaginative.

Naduni: Melody; musical and harmonious.

Pramila: Loving; affectionate and caring.

Sachini: Graceful; elegant and poised.

Tharini: Star; shining and radiant.

Yasika: Successful; achieving great heights.

Charuni: Beautiful; charming and enchanting.

Dinethi: Intelligent; smart and clever.

Harini: Deer; graceful and agile.

Isuri: Unique; one-of-a-kind and special.

Kamaya: Desire; ambitious and driven.

Nimaya: Wisdom; insightful and knowledgeable.

Prasangi: Precious; valuable and cherished.

Saheli: Friend; supportive and loyal.

Tharushi: Blossom; flourishing and thriving.

Udaya: Dawn; bringing new beginnings.

Yashoda: Successful; achieving fame and glory.

Chamodi: Blissful; joyful and content.

Dinali: Radiant; shining brightly.

Harshani: Joyful; filled with happiness.

Isini: Beloved; cherished and adored.

Kaveesha: Poetess; gifted in literature.

Nirosha: Tranquil; calm and peaceful.

Praveena: Skilled; talented and proficient.

Samadhi: Meditation; serene and calm state.

Thushani: Dewdrop; pure and refreshing.

Upeksha: Patience; enduring and tolerant.

Yashodha: Motherly; nurturing and caring.

Unique Sinhalese Names

Ayesh: Supreme; highest level of excellence.

Dasuni: Illumination; bringing light and clarity.

Gavishka: Melody; a musical sound or tune.

Heshani: Happiness; joyful and content.

Janithi: Life-giver; nurturing and vital.

Kavini: Poetic; inspired and creative.

Lenasha: Gentle; soft and tender.

Malsha: Flower; delicate and beautiful.

Nipuna: Skilled; proficient and talented.

Osadi: Essence; pure and vital energy.

Piyara: Beloved; deeply cherished and adored.

Raveena: Sunlight; radiant and warm.

Samaya: Time; precious and valuable.

Thathsarani: Purity; pristine and untainted.

Uthpali: Blossoming; flourishing and vibrant.

Vihansa: Wisdom; profound and insightful.

Wimansa: Courage; strength and bravery.

Yashora: Glory; shining and illustrious.

Chethani: Consciousness; aware and perceptive.

Dushyanthi: Victory; triumphant and successful.

Eshanika: Desirable; captivating and alluring.

Gehansa: Gracious; kind and compassionate.

Himasha: Serenity; calm and tranquil.

Inoshi: Enchanting; captivating and mesmerizing.

Keshavi: Radiance; glowing and luminous.

Lihini: Love; affectionate and caring.

Maheshi: Greatness; majestic and awe-inspiring.

Nishadi: Guiding star; leading and inspiring.

Panchali: Graceful; elegant and poised.

Sithara: Star; shining and celestial.

Famous Sinhalese Names

Mahatma: Great soul; noble and wise.

Anagarika: Homeless one; renunciate and ascetic.

Mihintale: Mountain of Mahinda; sacred and revered.

Sirimavo: Auspicious peacock; pioneering and influential.

Gunadasa: Servant of virtue; righteous and principled.

Ratnapura: City of gems; precious and valuable.

Jayawardena: Victory protector; triumphant and strong.

Bandaranaike: King’s treasure; esteemed and respected.

Gamini: Heroic; brave and courageous.

Devananda: Blissful divine; peaceful and serene.

Kumaratunga: Prince’s shield; protective and resilient.

Dharmapala: Guardian of Dharma; righteous and dedicated.

Senanayake: Army leader; commanding and authoritative.

Wickremasinghe: Triumph of wisdom; wise and astute.

Perera: Leader of warriors; courageous and determined.

Weerasinghe: Heroic lion; brave and powerful.

de Silva: From the silver; noble and honorable.

Ranasinghe: Golden lion; strong and fierce.

Jayasuriya: Victory sun; successful and radiant.

Senaratne: Chief warrior; authoritative and formidable.

Rajapaksa: King’s defender; protective and loyal.

Amarasinghe: Immortal lion; powerful and enduring.

Wickramaratne: Glory of wisdom; wise and illustrious.

Samaraweera: Noble protection; honorable and reliable.

Abeywardena: Fearless leader; bold and courageous.

Fonseka: Valiant leader; brave and heroic.

Herath: Lion’s roar; strong and formidable.

Karunaratne: Compassionate protector; kind and caring.

Perera: Mountain dweller; steadfast and resilient.

Silva: Forest dweller; grounded and connected.

Fantasy Sinhalese Names

Adariel: Fire of the heavens.

Belandara: Mystic serpent guardian.

Chandraga: Moonlight wanderer.

Dharaniya: Earthbound sorceress.

Elandria: Enchanting forest nymph.

Falaksha: Star-born wanderer.

Gavinda: Divine celestial protector.

Harithaya: Green magic wielder.

Indradanu: Rainbow weaver.

Jivisha: Life-giving enchantress.

Kalariya: Shadow assassin of darkness.

Lavantha: Whisperer of dreams.

Madushaya: Intoxicating spellcaster.

Navaneetha: Serene healer of souls.

Prithavya: Earth elemental conjurer.

Ranmala: Battle-tested warrior queen.

Samudrika: Seafarer of hidden realms.

Thrisheela: Time-bending sorceress.

Udayakumara: Dawn-born knight.

Vajiraya: Thunderstorm summoner.

Vidyamaya: Knowledge guardian.

Xalandra: Sorceress of the shadows.

Yashodari: Radiant bringer of glory.

Zanara: Fierce huntress of beasts.

Darshana: Seer of hidden truths.

Ishanthi: Flame of destiny.

Niramala: Pure essence of magic.

Praveenya: Skilled archer of fate.

Shivaya: Cosmic dancer of creation.

Vishwaraja: King of all realms.

Common Sinhalese Names

Anusha: Ray of light.

Chamara: Ornamented with beauty.

Dilshan: Full of wisdom.

Gayani: Melodious voice.

Hasitha: Full of laughter.

Ishan: Sun; bright and radiant.

Janani: Motherly; nurturing and caring.

Kusal: Happy; content and satisfied.

Lakshika: Lucky; fortunate and blessed.

Manoj: Born of the mind.

Nadeeka: Lotus flower.

Piyumi: Beloved; cherished and adored.

Ravi: Sun; shining and radiant.

Saman: Calm and peaceful.

Thilak: Mark of honor; distinguished.

Upeksha: Patience; enduring and tolerant.

Vihanga: Bird; free and soaring.

Yasas: Fame and glory.

Chathu: Clever and quick-witted.

Deshani: Delightful; joyful and cheerful.

Eranda: Fragrant tree.

Gihan: Knowledgeable; wise and learned.

Harini: Deer; graceful and agile.

Inoka: Beautiful; charming and attractive.

Jayani: Victorious; triumphant and successful.

Kasun: Dawn; new beginning.

Nishani: Sign; indication and symbol.

Prasad: Blessing; divine grace.

Renuka: Mother of all beings.

Sahan: Enduring; patient and steadfast.

Cool Sinhalese Names

Ashwin: Agile and swift.

Dakshitha: Skillful and accomplished.

Eshan: Ambitious; driven and determined.

Harshaan: Joyful and exuberant.

Jithma: Victorious; triumphant and successful.

Kavish: Poet; inspired and creative.

Lashan: Charming and charismatic.

Minuka: Sweet as honey.

Nalin: Lotus; pure and serene.

Praveen: Expert; skilled and proficient.

Rajith: Radiant; shining brightly.

Savith: Sunbeam; vibrant and energetic.

Thilakshan: Distinguished; marked with honor.

Uvindu: Enchanting; captivating and mesmerizing.

Vihanga: Free-spirited; like a bird.

Yohan: Gracious gift from God.

Charuka: Eloquent; skilled in speech.

Dushan: Fierce warrior; strong and powerful.

Ganindu: Intelligent; wise and clever.

Hiruka: Shining star; brilliant and luminous.

Ishanka: Divine blessing; auspicious and fortunate.

Kavinda: Talented artist; creative and imaginative.

Lahiru: Radiant; full of light.

Manthila: Fearless; brave and courageous.

Nithya: Eternal; everlasting and timeless.

Pasan: Pleasant; charming and delightful.

Rushan: Bright; shining and illuminating.

Sithija: Born of intelligence; wise.

Thewmi: Unique; one-of-a-kind and special.

Yashoda: Full of fame and glory.

Best Sinhalese Names

Abhinaya: Expression; eloquent and communicative.

Amara: Immortal; eternal and timeless.

Chathurika: Intelligent; clever and perceptive.

Damith: Friendly; amiable and affable.

Eshanika: Desirable; captivating and alluring.

Gehan: Respectable; honorable and dignified.

Hashini: Joyful laughter; cheerful and happy.

Indunil: Blue gem; precious and rare.

Kavindya: Gifted poet; talented and artistic.

Lakshan: Distinctive; recognizable and unique.

Malith: Pure; innocent and untarnished.

Nadeeshani: Messenger; bearer of news.

Prabodha: Enlightenment; awakened and aware.

Rukshan: Radiant; shining brightly.

Sanuli: Beautiful flower; graceful and delicate.

Tharusha: Morning dew; fresh and pure.

Udari: Generosity; kind and giving.

Vindya: Knowledge; wisdom and insight.

Yasodara: Garland of glory; esteemed and honored.

Chatura: Intelligent; quick-witted and smart.

Dinithi: Splendor; brilliance and magnificence.

Hansani: Swan-like; graceful and elegant.

Isiri: Blessed; fortunate and favored.

Kaveesha: Poetess; skilled in literature.

Nimasha: Delightful; full of joy.

Prasangi: Precious; valuable and cherished.

Sampada: Wealth; abundance and prosperity.

Tharushi: Blossom; flourishing and thriving.

Uthpala: Lotus; symbol of purity.

Yohan: God is gracious; blessed.

Perfect Sinhalese Names

Aadhya: The beginning; origin and start.

Amila: Clear and pure.

Chatura: Intelligent and clever.

Dhanushka: Archer; skilled with a bow.

Esala: Eloquent; skilled in speech.

Gamitha: Deeply loved; adored.

Hansaja: Swan-like; graceful and elegant.

Ishani: Goddess; divine feminine energy.

Janith: Born; new and fresh.

Kavindra: King of poets; masterful.

Lahiru: Radiant; full of light.

Malintha: Gentle; kind-hearted and compassionate.

Nethmi: Beautiful eyes; captivating gaze.

Pradeepa: Light; illuminating and bright.

Raveesha: Lord of the sun; radiant.

Samitha: Peaceful; calm and serene.

Thamasha: Spectacle; remarkable and impressive.

Uditha: Rising; ascending and growing.

Vanushi: Flute player; melodious and enchanting.

Yasasvi: Famous; renowned and respected.

Chamika: Enchanting; captivating and mesmerizing.

Dinali: Radiant; shining brightly.

Gavish: Melodious; musical and harmonious.

Heshani: Happiness; joy and contentment.

Isura: Powerful; mighty and strong.

Kavisha: Poetess; gifted in literature.

Nimesha: Moment; fleeting and precious.

Pramuditha: Delighted; filled with joy.

Samanthi: Prosperous; abundant and successful.

Tharaka: Star; shining and celestial.

Sinhalese Names

How to Name Your Sinhalese Character

Choosing the right name for your Sinhalese character is a crucial step in developing a well-rounded and authentic persona. The name you select can provide insights into their cultural background, personality traits, and even their journey throughout the story. In this article, we will explore the process of naming your Sinhalese character and provide valuable tips to help you find the perfect name that resonates with their identity.

Researching Sinhalese Names:

Before diving into the naming process, it is essential to conduct thorough research on Sinhalese naming traditions. Delve into the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and familiarize yourself with the meanings and symbolism behind Sinhalese names. Explore historical figures, mythological references, and renowned personalities to draw inspiration and create a name that holds depth and significance.

Character Background and Personality:

To choose an appropriate name, you must first define your character’s background and personality. Consider their family lineage, social status, and any unique aspects of their upbringing. Additionally, delve into their personality traits, such as courage, intelligence, or compassion. By aligning the name with these defining factors, you can create a name that reflects their identity and resonates with their role in the story.

Phonetics and Pronunciation:

When selecting a Sinhalese name, pay close attention to phonetic sounds. Ensure that the name is easily pronounceable by a broader audience while maintaining its authenticity. Consider the rhythm and flow of the name to create a harmonious and melodic effect. The pronunciation should feel natural and effortless, allowing readers to engage with your character without stumbling over complicated name structures.

Name Length and Complexity:

While uniqueness is desirable, striking a balance between simplicity and complexity is crucial. Decide on the desired length of the name, keeping in mind that excessively long names may be challenging to remember or pronounce. Aim for a name that is memorable, distinctive, and resonates with your character’s persona.

Cultural Appropriateness:

Respecting cultural norms and values is paramount when naming your Sinhalese character. Avoid using names that may be offensive, derogatory, or misrepresentative of the Sinhalese culture. Seek guidance from Sinhalese individuals or communities to ensure that your chosen name aligns with cultural sensitivities and portrays your character in an authentic and respectful manner.

Personalization and Creativity:

While adhering to cultural traditions, don’t shy away from incorporating personal touches to make the name unique. Consider combining elements or meanings to create a name that holds a deeper significance for your character. Embrace creativity within the boundaries of Sinhalese culture to develop a name that captures your character’s essence and stands out in the narrative.


Naming your Sinhalese character requires thoughtful consideration and research. By exploring Sinhalese naming traditions, understanding your character’s background and personality, paying attention to phonetics, considering name length and complexity, respecting cultural appropriateness, and infusing personalization and creativity, you can create a name that breathes life into your character and enhances the richness of your storytelling. Remember, a well-chosen name is a powerful tool that can evoke emotions, shape perceptions, and forge a lasting connection between readers and your Sinhalese character.


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