502 Top Slime Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you feel like you have a green thumb? If you do, it might be time to open your own slime shop. But where should you open your store? Perhaps a cool location would make your business more appealing to customers.

Or maybe, you’re worried that you’re not skilled enough at making slime. That’s why you need a great name. If you’re thinking of opening a slime shop, it’s likely you’ve heard about the “slime craze” that has swept the country.

Kids everywhere love slimes and their favorite characters and shows are based around them. They are also becoming more and more popular among adults as well.

But how can you choose a name for your slime shop? Well, you’ll need something that’s unique and catchy. Something that will stand out from all of the other slime shops and will make people want to visit your shop.

Fortunately, this is a pretty easy task. All you have to do is find a name that’s creative and memorable and use it as the name of your store.

So, if you’re looking to start your own slime shop and you’d like to find a great name for it, keep reading for ideas on how to go about doing just that.

Slime Shop Names

When starting a new business, one of the most important things you need is a good business name. Your business name is the face of your company so it has to be ‘catchy’ and memorable.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of slime shop name ideas that are catchy and designed to stand out in the market. Pick through these names and see if any strike you as a potential fit for your slime company.

  • Slime Kind
  • Ooze Mood
  • Sweet Slime
  • Berry Pop Pies
  • Fragga Slimes
  • Ooze Green
  • The Snails Shop
  • Cosmic Goo
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Slime Citizens
  • Sticky Messes
  • Wintry Slime
  • Ooze Tutu
  • Solder Slime
  • Firefly Slime
  • Slimezini
  • Cloud Slime Ostrich
  • Slime Kit Sharing
  • Livin Fun Toyz Inc
  • Glitter Slimes
  • Childhood Slime shop
  • Candy Cane Slime
  • Slime Kit Bail
  • Slime Jewel
  • Burning slime
  • SptingCrew Slime Shop
  • Cinch Slime
  • Slime Spotters
  • Glow Slime Shop
  • Slime Salute
  • Ooze Snooze
  • Goo Spot LLC
  • OMG Slime
  • SplashBox Slime Bakery
  • Slime Strides
  • Slime Box Shop
  • Oozeslime
  • Universe Inspired Slime Shop
  • Sky Ooze
  • BlyssBerry Slime Bakery
  • Slime Vidaa
  • Butter Slime Wizard
  • The Entertainer
  • Big Lots
  • Pinkthrob slime
  • Condition Slime
  • Ooze Dude
  • Qute Slimes
  • Shape The Future
  • Slime Union
  • Cloud Slime Badger
  • Ria’s Slime Shop
  • Pink Slime
  • Cloud Slime Frill
  • Slime Cinema
  • Butterfly Glitsy Crafts
  • Cloud Slime Citizen
  • Missy’s Magical Milky Slime
  • GlamWorld Slime Shop
  • Aeronna Slimes
  • Popsicle Sugary Fizzy
  • Sleigh Slime
  • NewView Slime Bakery
  • Unicorn Slime Shop
  • Expanding Empire
  • Dazzling Daydream
  • Skunk Slime
  • Full of Slop
  • Clear Slime Electric
  • PlastiPatch
  • Leaping Ooze
  • Slime Box Hogg
  • CasaTwist Slime Bakery
  • Mush Slime Store
  • Purple Glue
  • Crunchy Slime Called
  • Stitch Slime
  • Terra Toys
  • Sink Slime
  • Orion Slimes
  • Party City
  • Gooey Gears and Gizmos
  • Slimeberry
  • Around the World in 80 Slimes
  • Slime Sour
  • Lil’ Oilys
  • Slime you like it? The Floam of Life
  • Power Ooze
  • OldMemories Slime Shop
  • Crimsom Slimes

Top 10 Rare Slime Shop Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Winter Slime Shop

It is important that you choose a business name that makes sense and has a good meaning for your customers. That is why the ‘Winter Slime Shop Names’ is one of the best names for your business. In addition, it is quite popular among people who love winter.

Keywords are short phrases, usually made up of about three words, that are often used to describe a company or a product or service. They can also be used to help someone find something on the internet.

Winter Slime Shop

2.    Slippy Slimes

When we think of slime we automatically think about toys, but Slippy Slime is an online shop. It sells different kinds of slime and sliders. So, with the name Slippy Slime Shop, you can attract more customers to your business.

Moreover, when someone sees the name on a website they will immediately know what kind of product you sell. Thus, they can click on your website and purchase it from you.

Slippy Slimes

3.    Slime Box Shop

If you own a slime shop then, the name “Slime Box” is already taken by someone else. In that case, the best way out for you is to change the name of your business or if possible buy the name from the previous owner.

There is a good chance that you may be able to buy the name for less than half of its market value. In that case, you should not hesitate to take that decision as it is the only way to save your business.

Slime Box Shop

4.    Firefly Slime

Firefly Slime Shop Names is a perfect business name if you are interested in selling slime, slime art, slime art supplies, slime art kits, or any related products.

You can add the words like: “slime”, “slime supplies” or “slime art supplies” at the end of this name to make it more interesting. This name would also make your product stand out among the competitors.

Because most of the businesses sell slime, slime art, or slime art supplies and their names are similar to yours. However, when you add the word “firefly” in front of the name it will become more unique.

Firefly Slime

5.    Sparkling slime shop

If you own a business, you know how important it is to have a catchy name that will be remembered by your customers. Well, Sparkling Slime Shop Names are one such name. This is a fun name to say as well as spell.

Moreover, it is also very catchy. It will definitely help your business to grow. It will be a perfect addition to any business. In addition, it is a great choice for any type of business.

Sparkling slime shop

6.    Velvet slime

Your name is a reflection of your business and your personality. It shows who you are, what you represent, and how people perceive you. Therefore, when you start a business, it is important to select a name that best reflects you and your business.

It is also wise to choose a name that is both memorable and easy to spell. This name will help potential clients to remember you.

Velvet slime

7.    Galaxy Slime

If you have a business idea related to entertainment and you want to develop it, then a name like “Galaxy Slime Shop” can be perfect for you. The name Galaxy Slime Shop is easy to remember, and it attracts a lot of customers to your store.

Also, the name is catchy and unique and if you use it, then there is a high probability that you will sell more items and your business will be very popular. Moreover, this name is suitable for both genders.

Galaxy Slime

8.    Grunge Glitter Slime

This name is perfect for any type of business where the company is concerned with the promotion of its products or services. The name is very catchy and eye-catching as well.

It is creative and also, it is a very unique name that will be an identity to your company. You can use the name to describe your product and services in a unique way.

Moreover, when you use the name, it will help to build a good brand for your business. The name should be unique so that no one can take it from you. Also, it should be something that people can easily remember. This is why the name “Grunge Glitter Slime Shop”.

Grunge Glitter Slime

9.    Cinch Slime

Cinch Slime is a famous brand of products that are known for their best quality. The products are available in different sizes and colors. You can buy any kind of size or color that suits your taste.

In order to give your business a positive image, you should choose a unique name. Here, we have selected a very catchy name for your business which is ‘Cinch Slime Shop.’ It is an eye-catching name that will definitely attract customers.

Cinch Slime

10.  Lazy Slime Shop

When you choose a business name, don’t think that it’s only about its appearance. It should be chosen in such a way that it attracts customers to your business and also keep them interested and focused on your services.

In this case, “lazy slime shop” is a very good business name. It is simple and easy to remember. Therefore, you will definitely get customers. The main point here is that the name is unique and catchy so people will not forget it easily.

Lazy Slime Shop

Top Slime Shop Names in the USA

There are various kinds of slime available in the market. You can choose different kinds of slime depending upon your needs and preferences. Top slime shops in the USA offer both dry and wet types of slime.

If you are planning to start a slime shop, then it is essential to choose a catchy name for it. A good slime shop name will encourage clients to visit your store.

  • Pops Slime Toys
  • Gooey
  • H-E-B
  • UrbanZest Slime Bakery
  • Slime Box Aged
  • Glue slime
  • Butter Slime Bandwidth
  • Subtle slime
  • Attractive Slimes
  • Slimed World
  • Signals Slime
  • Slime Kit Stadium
  • NorthBlaze Slime Shop
  • Slimy Shimmery Pearls
  • Fluffy Slime Checkout
  • Slime Box Helix
  • midCity Slimes
  • Zombie Poo
  • Glow in the Dark Slime
  • Cupcake Slime
  • Slime Synthetic
  • PrimeEight Slimes
  • R&S Slime Shop
  • PlastiPop
  • Slop2It!
  • Autumn slime
  • Ooze Moon
  • Joy Slime
  • Fluffy Slime Rival
  • Shop of Goo
  • Toyland Slime Company
  • JoyGroove Slime Shop
  • Royal Shoppe
  • Mining Slime
  • Dudenly Slime Store
  • Slime Box Cuban
  • Slime Chimes
  • Grunge Glitter Slime
  • Ooze Gastronomy
  • City Slime
  • Big Green Monster Slime
  • Summer theme Slime
  • Star Breeze
  • Colorful Coziness
  • ShineWave
  • Slime Stocking
  • Winter Slime Shop
  • Slime Scent Standard
  • Honey Doo
  • Slime Factory Inc.
  • Ken Slime Box
  • Slime Standards
  • Elf Magic Mushroom Slimeshop
  • Jing Jiggly Giggly Slime
  • Slime Starting
  • Sea Street Slimes
  • Para Deslime
  • Slime Scout
  • SeaStreet Slimes
  • Frozen Slime Shop
  • Dynamite Slime
  • Greenies Gummies
  • rainbow Slime shop
  • ZeroZedPentaShift
  • MayShower
  • Slippy Slimes
  • Flavored Slime
  • Slime Spike
  • Simple and short:
  • Ooze Flume
  • Slime Slate
  • CrossDale Slime Bakery
  • Crunchy Slime Neat
  • Lithiumite Slime Shop
  • Fluffy Slime Spear
  • Gloopy Goo
  • Brain Stains
  • Gooerrific
  • Nice ‘N Cute Splash
  • Slime Sprints
  • Slime Academy
  • Fluffy Slime Bum
  • Fluffy Stretch Shop
  • Family Slime
  • Ice Cube Candy Floss
  • Slime Specific
  • Slime New York
  • Apple Slime Shop
  • Happy Slime Time
  • Elmer’s Slime Shop
  • Clutzy Cowards LLC
  • Slime Smile
  • Galaxy Slime

Catchy Slime Shop Names

The slime business is a very popular one that has grown significantly over the years. This means that competition is high and it is a great opportunity to gain new customers.

But to stand out, you need to make sure that your business name is catchy. Otherwise, no one will ever know who you are or where you’re based.

So how do you make sure that you come up with a name that is catchy and relevant to your business? Here are some slime shop name ideas to get you started.

  • VelvetSoul
  • Slime Sirens
  • Marky Slime
  • Glitter Glamour Slime
  • Slime Rise
  • Gifty slime
  • manifest Slime Shop
  • Slant Slime
  • Dumpster Doodles
  • FunQube Slime Shop
  • Slime Sauce
  • Sop Slime
  • Velvet slime
  • Casa Bliss Slimes
  • The Shops at Willow Bend
  • Slime Mime
  • Dizzie Wizzies Slimes
  • Butter Slime Vitality
  • F&G Slime Shop
  • CurlUp Slimes
  • Soapie and Sweets
  • Colorful slime Shop
  • Smashes Slime
  • Sequence Slime
  • Crunchy Slime Ahoy
  • Wacky Crafts
  • Goo Crew
  • Pretty Slime
  • Glam Slime
  • Ooze Repute
  • Cutie Pie Slimes
  • Slime Scotch
  • Fluffy Slime Munch
  • Peach Ooze
  • Slime Oozing Bubbles
  • Slime Six
  • Gooey Pleasure
  • Loved Candy Jump Charm Unicorn Shop
  • Borax Slimeshop
  • Slime Magic Maker Inc
  • Slime Zone
  • B&C Slime Shop
  • Slime Starters
  • Little Slime Shop
  • Hope Marie Slime Shop
  • Starlight Slime
  • Melteclat Slime Shop
  • Squishy Emotion
  • Slime affair
  • A Little Slither of Slime
  • Blue Slime Shop Inc.
  • Glitterrific Globs
  • Crimson Slime Shop
  • Slime Connection
  • Sparkling Stars
  • Cute slime
  • Marshmallow Slime Shop
  • Prima Crazy Slime
  • Your Happy Place Slime Store
  • Slime and slime
  • Fun Slimes
  • Slime Lab
  • Target
  • Slime Simpler
  • Slime Secretary
  • Slime Store
  • Critters Corner
  • Slime Scent Unix
  • HobbyTown USA
  • L&M Slime Shop
  • Cloud 9 Slime
  • So Many Oozes
  • Winter themed slime
  • Sticky, Slimy Things
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Slime my day
  • Slime Scoop
  • Slime Box Kicker
  • Jelly Bubbles Shop
  • Bright and vibrant slime
  • Slime for all
  • The Variety Shop
  • paperDash
  • PlastiSlime
  • Studies Slime
  • Me, slime and you
  • Sunny Days Slime
  • Sparkling slime
  • Launch Slime
  • Cloud Slime Plus
  • Fiery slime
  • NorthQueen Slimes
  • Slime Heaven
  • Happy Swing
  • Slime Spiral
  • Span Slime
  • Halloween Slime
  • OMG!

Cute Slime Shop Names

Starting a slime shop may be a great idea for your kids’ play area, but before you begin a business, you need to think about what you are going to call your new venture.

One of the best ways to come up with a business name is by brainstorming. Brainstorming is an activity where you talk aloud and think of ideas. It is very common among entrepreneurs, so you should have no trouble coming up with a few good slime shop name ideas.

You could also try looking at your local directory for other businesses, or checking out some names that other businesses have used. There’s always something new to learn.

  • Just Slime
  • Slime Forward
  • Ocean Slime Shop
  • Fairytale Slime
  • Lip Slime Stitches
  • Lazy Slime Shop
  • Slimmy Cubes
  • Ooze Bytes
  • Family Dollar
  • Pink Berry Slime
  • Handsome Hippo LLC
  • Slime Scent Spotters
  • Shining Stars Slime
  • Family Slime Shop
  • HappyHoos
  • Slime Kit Paces
  • Slime 101
  • Ooze Cocoon
  • Slime Sibling
  • Slime Kit Lager
  • Slime Squash
  • Crunchy Slime Caddy
  • LIneMark Slimes
  • Soli Slime Scent
  • Crazy Slime
  • Slime Snug
  • Fizzling Frost
  • NorthFlip Slimes
  • Little Squirtz
  • Stick it to the Slime Life
  • Ooze Timeless
  • Pink Drive
  • Hill Slime
  • Tis Slime Kit
  • Progress Ooze
  • Playful slime
  • Playful Minds
  • Brain Matter
  • Slime Kite Ship
  • Slime Bytes
  • Slime Spoon
  • All Slime
  • The Rainbow Slime Shop
  • Super Smile Cute Gummy Store
  • Ultra Slime
  • Scented Colorful Slime
  • Happy Goo
  • Samantha’s Slime Shop
  • Slimes and More
  • Slime Spider
  • Eyes Slime
  • Smell the Ooze
  • Glow-in-the-dark Slime
  • Artostyle Slime Shop
  • Slime Shop On Mission
  • Dudenly Slime Shop
  • J&K Slime Shop
  • Slime Paradigm
  • Crazy Colors
  • Vivid slime
  • Squirty Poo
  • Slime Kit Sensual
  • Melon Fairy Funny Pimple Shop
  • Ooze Parachute
  • The Slime Squad
  • Slime Stature
  • Slimes on the Beach
  • Sticky Situations
  • Alperona Slimes
  • Clear Slime Cooks
  • Silly Goo Market
  • Sunset Slime
  • Cloud Slime Polite
  • Fluffy Slime Networking
  • BlueHeart Slimes
  • Mud and Bloom
  • Slim Eire
  • Springo Slimes
  • Ooh La La Puddle
  • Best slime shop
  • Leviss Slimes

Creative Slime Shop Names

Many slime shops sell slime that is used for crafts, playtime, or science projects. Some go so far as to make and sell custom slime as well.

This can create a great opportunity for someone who wants to open a slime shop, but isn’t sure of what to call their company. You might be surprised at what names work. The possibilities are endless!

Take a look at these names, and if you see a name that fits, consider using it.

  • Slime Express Inc.
  • AllFeel shops
  • Double Slime
  • Glitter Dust Slime
  • Printed slime
  • Worship Slime
  • LOrenzo Slime Shop
  • Better Than Slime
  • Yocloudslime
  • Slime Scribble
  • Slime Box Seam
  • Twin Slimes
  • Slime Something
  • All American Slime Inc.
  • Goldies Slimes
  • The Slime Shop
  • Redstar Slimes
  • Plavio Slimes
  • Wonder Slime
  • Spring slime
  • Crunchy Slime Corner
  • Five Below
  • Funky Fluff
  • Snap Dizzle Pop
  • A Dark Twist
  • H-E-B plus!
  • Ooze Plume
  • Erasers Incorporated
  • Creamy Dreamy Slime
  • Friends and slime
  • Summer slime

Etsy Slime Shop Names

If you are thinking of opening an Etsy shop, you should know that the name of your business is crucial. You want to make sure that your Etsy business name has a unique feel and is catchy, but also not too long or too complex.

Here are some great Etsy shop name ideas to get you started:

The best way to start brainstorming names for your Etsy shop is by using the Etsy search function. Just enter a keyword like “slime” or “crafts” and you will get thousands of results.

Searching for slime craft business names will give you access to plenty of creative business names. You can then browse through these names to see which ones you like best.

  • Ooze Herring
  • Cloud Slime Bruin
  • Slime Spirit
  • Cold slime
  • Premium Slime Shop
  • Slimekitorr
  • Silly Putty
  • Boisterous Blobs of Brightness
  • Clear Slime Paradox
  • Ooze Butte
  • Snozzleberry Surprise
  • Riding Ooze
  • Cloud Slime Balloon
  • Memories Slime Shop
  • Slime Soon
  • Slime Kit Adapt
  • Peachy Slime Bakery
  • Our own slimy affair
  • Butter Slime Blocker
  • Greg’s Glistening Goo
  • Walmart
  • Dreamy Dots
  • Butterslimeen
  • Fling It All!!! (Love this one)
  • Clear Slime Pike
  • Alice’s Allergen-Free Slime,
  • Slime Certainty
  • Slime Gal
  • Rainbow Plus Pleasure Slime
  • Clear Slim Elute
  • Tincture Ooze

Slime Shop Name Generator

If you’re looking to run an entertainment center, then you’ll need to make sure that your kids’ activities have a memorable name. The same goes for your slime shop, which should be easy to remember for your customers.

It helps to make your business name a bit more catchy and unique by adding an interesting word or two. For example, you could give your slime shop a name like “Splooge”. Or, you could opt for a name that sounds a bit like a game (like “Fudge”).

  • Ooze Maroon
  • D&E Slime Shop
  • TinyTrett Slimes
  • Slime Stork
  • sunrise Slime
  • Rainbow Ice Slime Shop
  • FirstBright Slimes
  • Bae Bubble Ball
  • Crafty slime
  • Ooze Hoof
  • Ultimate Slime Store
  • Shaded Slime
  • Spring themed slime
  • The Slime Wrangler
  • Slime Sages
  • Pink Slime Shop
  • Wet and Wild slime
  • Slime Savvy
  • Slime Box Hollow
  • Slime Fantasies
  • Crazy Concoctions
  • Blues Ooze
  • Slime Seer
  • Slime Bookie
  • Clear Slime Gonia
  • Blazed Slimer
  • Brightside
  • Slime Sesame
  • Wellbrett Slimes
  • Ghost Slime Shop

Slime Shop Names

How to Name Your Slime Business?

The slime industry has been around for quite some time. In fact, it is a popular part of kids’ lives today. There are so many kinds of slime and each one of them is unique.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect name for a slime shop, many entrepreneurs seem to overlook this part of their business.

What Makes a Good Slime Shop Name?

Slime shops are a form of entertainment. Kids spend hours playing around with it and having a good name is essential to their overall experience with it. Slimes aren’t just fun toys for children. They are also great promotional gifts for kids’ birthday parties.

So, how do you go about naming your slime shop? Here are some tips to consider:

Get Creative with the Name

Make sure to choose a name that is creative. It could be a catchy one with a cool theme or it could be an unusual name that people won’t be able to forget.

Remember That People Are Familiar With the Industry

When you name your slime shop, try and think about what people are most familiar with. What do they associate with your business? How do you want people to identify it?

It is also advisable to name your slime shop after something related to slime. For instance, if your business specializes in slime balls, the name might be “Slime Balls.”

Do Your Homework

In order to come up with the perfect name for your slime shop, research the slime market thoroughly. This way you can figure out what kind of slime is popular and what the common names are.

Think About Your Brand Identity

If you already have a brand identity for your business, you should take advantage of it. This way, you will be able to use your existing brand name in your slime shop name.

For example, if your business is an outdoor gear store, your slime shop name might be “Outdoor Gear”.

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