700 Futuristic Space Colony Names to Inspire Your Sci-Fi World

Are you ready to embark on an interstellar journey filled with creativity and imagination? Look no further! In this blog article, we present to you a delightful collection of 700 space colony names that will transport you to distant galaxies and uncharted worlds. As the famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” So let’s dive into the cosmos of possibilities and discover the perfect name for your celestial settlement.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have had the privilege of delving into the fascinating realm of fantasy character naming. Through countless hours of research and exploration, I have honed my skills in crafting evocative and memorable names that captivate the imagination. As a fellow enthusiast of all things celestial, I understand the importance of finding the perfect name that embodies the spirit and essence of a space colony. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply a dreamer, I am here to guide you on this cosmic naming adventure.

As you peruse the following pages, I promise you a treasure trove of unique and captivating space colony names. From celestial wonders to mythical references, each name is carefully curated to ignite your imagination and breathe life into your cosmic creations. Whether you seek a name that exudes grandeur and power or one that evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, rest assured that you will find the ideal moniker for your space colony within these virtual pages. Prepare to be inspired, for the stars hold infinite possibilities, and a truly extraordinary name awaits you.

Space Names

Space Colony Names

  • Astralyn
  • Zenora
  • Equinoxia
  • Celestara
  • Nebulonix
  • Galactrixus
  • Lunarisia
  • Ecliptron
  • Stellarian
  • Solunara
  • Cosmara
  • Novasol
  • Aurorana
  • Nebulora
  • Stellarion
  • Lunatrix
  • Astreluna
  • Cometron
  • Solstara
  • Celestoria
  • Astronica
  • Zenolux
  • Meteoria
  • Starlynx
  • Nebuloria
  • Equinix
  • Galaxionix
  • Lunavox
  • Cosmoxis
  • Novastrix
  • Astronova
  • Solarina
  • Celestrix
  • Epsilonix
  • Nebulaflame
  • Stellara
  • Astradia
  • Nebulora
  • Aurorastra
  • Solarys
  • Cometra
  • Equilan
  • Galactira
  • Stellarix
  • Orionova
  • Lunafyre
  • Astranova
  • Meteornix
  • Solarastra
  • Celestra
  • Nebulare
  • Starluna
  • Zenoluna
  • Astralux
  • Novafire
  • Lunaris
  • Equinoxis
  • Celestrixus
  • Nebuluna
  • Galactron
  • Solstice
  • Astrara
  • Orionyx
  • Lunaris
  • Astrix
  • Stellarastra
  • Cometrix
  • Celestris
  • Zenova
  • Solaria
  • Lunarix
  • Astralia
  • Equinoxus
  • Nebulix
  • Starlyn
  • Galaxara
  • Astrion
  • Solunara
  • Celestrix
  • Nebulora

Space Colony Names

Space Colony Names

  • Astridora
  • Vortexus
  • Solantia
  • Lunaris
  • Equinoxia
  • Zenithium
  • Celestria
  • Nebulon
  • Galactrix
  • Orionova
  • Stellaris
  • Cosmora
  • Novaris
  • Ecliptia
  • Cometria
  • Solarium
  • Lunaria
  • Astralis
  • Cosmonyx
  • Auroria
  • Meteora
  • Starlune
  • Celestoria
  • Solvania
  • Galaxyx
  • Novaflame
  • Nebulos
  • Astreona
  • Hyperion
  • Quasaris
  • Astrialis
  • Nebulora
  • Astraflame
  • Luminara
  • Astronova
  • Stellaris
  • Celesta
  • Nebulae
  • Aurora
  • Stellara
  • Celestria
  • Epsilon
  • Novaflame
  • Solstice
  • Meteoria
  • Astronia
  • Cometrix
  • Equinova
  • Galaxia
  • Stellarium
  • Orionix
  • Nebulastra
  • Solara
  • Lunatrix
  • Celestiala
  • Astronix
  • Solanara
  • Eclipsia
  • Cosmox
  • Novastar
  • Zenolune
  • Astralan
  • Starlight
  • Celestix
  • Nebuluna
  • Galactra
  • Stellara
  • Astroria
  • Orionova
  • Lunafire
  • Meteornix
  • Solare
  • Celesto
  • Epsilonix
  • Aurorix
  • Nebulaire
  • Starflare
  • Cometria
  • Galaxion
  • Solstice

20 Space Colony Names With Meanings

Space Colony Names

  1. Stellaris Sanctum: A celestial sanctuary for cosmic explorers.
  2. Nova Lumina Nexus: A radiant connection point in the universe.
  3. Equinox Empyrean Enclave: A heavenly territory of balance and splendor.
  4. Nebula Serenity Haven: A tranquil refuge amidst ethereal clouds.
  5. Solara Harmonia Heights: A lofty realm of solar harmony.
  6. Galactis Celestial Ascend: A celestial ascension to galactic wonders.
  7. Cygnus Nebulus Nexus: A clouded connection in the Cygnus constellation.
  8. Lunaris Aurora Oasis: An oasis of lunar auroras and mystical beauty.
  9. Andromeda Astralis Crest: A majestic crest within the Andromeda galaxy.
  10. Polaris Empyreal Enclave: A divine enclave near the North Star.
  11. Celestia Astralis Haven: A celestial haven for astral travelers.
  12. Seraphim Nebula Summit: A summit of angelic energy in the nebula.
  13. Orion’s Elysium Outpost: An outpost of bliss in the Orion system.
  14. Solstice Radiance Retreat: A retreat filled with radiant solstice energy.
  15. Lyra Equinox Echoes: Echoes of balance resonate in the Lyra constellation.
  16. Pulsar Nebula Lumina: A luminous spectacle created by pulsar activity.
  17. Hyperion Zenith Utopia: A utopian realm at the highest point of Hyperion.
  18. Aquila Nebulus Gateway: A gateway to the nebulous wonders of Aquila.
  19. Saturnia Celesterra Heights: Majestic heights within the realm of Saturn.
  20. Gemini Stellaris Serenade: A harmonious serenade in the Gemini star system.

Nasa Space Colony Names

Space Colony Names

  • Astra Nova – New star
  • Celestia Prime – Heavenly first
  • Solara Habitat – Solar habitat
  • Galactis Station – Galactic station
  • Astrion Alpha – Star alpha
  • Nebula Haven – Cloud haven
  • Stellaris Outpost – Stellar outpost
  • Lunaris Colony – Lunar colony
  • Orion’s Reach – Orion’s domain
  • Andromeda Haven – Andromeda haven
  • Lyra Nova – Lyre new
  • Pulsar Point – Pulsar location
  • Solaris Citadel – Solar citadel
  • Nebulus Nexus – Cloudy connection
  • Epsilon Echo – Epsilon echo
  • Aquila Vista – Eagle view
  • Saturnia Encampment – Saturn encampment
  • Cygnus Horizon – Swan horizon
  • Hyperion Base – Hyperion foundation
  • Solar Flare Settlement – Solar flare settlement
  • Polaris Oasis – Polaris oasis
  • Gemini Enclave – Gemini territory
  • Celestial Bunker – Heavenly shelter
  • Vega Vanguard – Vega forefront
  • Nova Centauri – New Centauri
  • Aries Cluster – Aries cluster
  • Seraphim Stronghold – Seraphim fortress
  • Antares Refuge – Antares refuge
  • Cassiopeia Citadel – Cassiopeia citadel
  • Perseus Outpost – Perseus outpost

Human Space Colony Names

Space Colony Names

  • Horizon Haven – Boundary refuge
  • Terra Nova – New Earth
  • Elysium Heights – Paradise heights
  • Solstice Colony – Sun’s turning point
  • Arcadia Enclave – Idyllic territory
  • Cosmos Central – Universe central
  • Olympus Retreat – Home of the gods
  • Equinox Haven – Equal night
  • Eden Star – Paradise star
  • Utopia City – Ideal city
  • Aurora Haven – Dawn refuge
  • Empyrean Heights – Heavenly heights
  • Harmonia Township – Harmony settlement
  • Paradiso Oasis – Paradise oasis
  • Serenity Settlement – Peaceful settlement
  • Astralis Haven – Star haven
  • Ascendia Outpost – Ascending outpost
  • Lumina Bay – Light bay
  • Prospera City – Prosperous city
  • Radiance Village – Radiant village
  • Reverie Encampment – Daydream encampment
  • Zenith Junction – Highest point
  • Tranquil Terrace – Calm terrace
  • Euphoria Haven – Blissful refuge
  • Unity Outpost – United outpost
  • Havenstead – Sheltered place
  • Empyreal Enclave – Heavenly territory
  • Pantheon Colony – Home of gods
  • Solara Springs – Solar springs
  • Equilibria Enclave – Balanced territory

Space Colony Project Names

  • Stellar Genesis – Star creation
  • Celestial Endeavor – Heavenly effort
  • Nebula Initiative – Cloud initiative
  • Project Prometheus – Prometheus project
  • Orion Expedition – Orion expedition
  • Solaris Venture – Solar venture
  • Galactica Quest – Galactic quest
  • Project Nebulous – Nebulous project
  • Cosmos Frontier – Universe frontier
  • Celestia Odyssey – Heavenly odyssey
  • Terra Nova Initiative – New Earth initiative
  • Project Aurora – Aurora project
  • Andromeda Prospect – Andromeda prospect
  • Project Horizon – Horizon project
  • Project Stardust – Stardust project
  • Elysian Conquest – Idyllic conquest
  • Lunar Horizon Project – Moon horizon project
  • Project Centaurus – Centaurus project
  • Astral Vanguard – Star forefront
  • Project Artemis – Artemis project
  • Solara Expansion – Solar expansion
  • Project Zephyr – Zephyr project
  • Nova Initiative – New initiative
  • Project Perseus – Perseus project
  • Project Utopia – Utopia project
  • Project Andromeda – Andromeda project
  • Celestial Pathfinders – Heavenly pathfinders
  • Stellar Crusaders – Star crusaders
  • Project Zenith – Zenith project
  • Project Equinox – Equinox project

Cool Space Colony Names

  • Astral Echoes – Star echoes
  • Nova Noir – Dark nova
  • Horizon X – Boundary X
  • Nebula Nexus – Cloud connection
  • Radiant Reach – Shining reach
  • Hypernova Haven – Hypernova refuge
  • Equinox Echo – Equal night echo
  • Stellar Flux – Star flux
  • Celestial Zephyr – Heavenly breeze
  • Nebula Nova – Cloudy nova
  • Luminara Outpost – Luminous outpost
  • Cosmos Cascade – Universe cascade
  • Chroma Haven – Colorful refuge
  • Orionis Nexus – Orionis connection
  • Solar Flare Enclave – Solar flare territory
  • Nebulus Noir – Cloudy dark
  • Seraphic Summit – Angelic summit
  • Astralis Aurora – Starry aurora
  • Cygnus Cascade – Swan cascade
  • Radiant Reverie – Shining daydream
  • Epsilon Nexus – Epsilon connection
  • Celestia Chroma – Heavenly color
  • Hyperion Heights – Hyperion heights
  • Equinoxia Enclave – Equal night territory
  • Lumina Lagoon – Light lagoon
  • Polaris Prism – Polaris prism
  • Zenith Zephyr – Highest point breeze
  • Celestial Cascade – Heavenly cascade
  • Chromatic Colony – Colorful colony
  • Nebula Nectar – Cloudy nectar

Good Space Colony Names

Stellar Haven – Star refuge

Celestial Crest – Heavenly peak

Nebula Nova – Cloudy nova

Radiant Realm – Shining realm

Solara Enclave – Solar territory

Galactica Oasis – Galactic oasis

Astral Horizon – Star horizon

Lunaris Lagoon – Lunar lagoon

Orion’s Haven – Orion’s refuge

Andromeda Vista – Andromeda view

Lyra Lumina – Lyre light

Pulsar Point – Pulsar location

Solaris Sanctuary – Solar sanctuary

Nebulus Nexus – Cloudy connection

Epsilon Echo – Epsilon echo

Aquila Ascent – Eagle ascent

Saturnia Sanctuary – Saturn sanctuary

Cygnus Serenity – Swan serenity

Hyperion Haven – Hyperion refuge

Solar Flare Haven – Solar flare refuge

Polaris Vista – Polaris view

Gemini Genesis – Gemini creation

Celestial Citadel – Heavenly citadel

Vega Vanguard – Vega forefront

Nova Nebula – New cloud

Aries Apex – Aries apex

Seraphim Sanctuary – Seraphim sanctuary

Antares Ascension – Antares ascent

Cassiopeia Crest – Cassiopeia peak

Perseus Passage – Perseus passage

Best Space Colony Names

Astra Prime – Star prime

Celestia Terra – Heavenly Earth

Solara Nova – Solar new

Galactis Haven – Galactic refuge

Astrion Nexus – Star connection

Nebula Vista – Cloud view

Stellaris Sanctuary – Stellar sanctuary

Lunaris Lumina – Lunar light

Orion’s Reach – Orion’s reach

Andromeda Nexus – Andromeda connection

Lyra Luminara – Lyre luminous

Pulsar Nexus – Pulsar connection

Solaris Haven – Solar refuge

Nebulus Haven – Cloudy refuge

Epsilon Nova – Epsilon new

Aquila Ascent – Eagle ascent

Saturnia Nexus – Saturn connection

Cygnus Haven – Swan refuge

Hyperion Nexus – Hyperion connection

Solar Flare Haven – Solar flare refuge

Polaris Vista – Polaris view

Gemini Nexus – Gemini connection

Celestial Crest – Heavenly peak

Vega Vanguard – Vega forefront

Nova Lumina – New light

Aries Nexus – Aries connection

Seraphim Haven – Seraphim refuge

Antares Vista – Antares view

Cassiopeia Nexus – Cassiopeia connection

Perseus Haven – Perseus refuge

Fantasy Space Colony Names

Eldoria Haven – Realm haven

Arcanum Nexus – Mystical connection

Mythos Enclave – Legend territory

Seraphim Star – Angelic star

Valhalla Refuge – Warrior’s refuge

Avalon Vista – Legendary view

Astral Sanctum – Star sanctuary

Faerieland Haven – Fairyland refuge

Enigma Outpost – Mystery outpost

Shangri-La Oasis – Utopian oasis

Eldritch Citadel – Arcane citadel

Neverland Reach – Eternal youth’s domain

Shadowmoor Haven – Shadowy haven

Celestia Dream – Heavenly dream

Mythos Enigma – Legend mystery

Arcanum Sanctum – Mystical sanctuary

Valhalla Vista – Warrior’s view

Eldoria Enclave – Realm territory

Astral Nexus – Star connection

Faerieland Retreat – Fairyland retreat

Mythos Citadel – Legend citadel

Arcanum Reach – Mystical domain

Seraphim Sanctum – Angelic sanctuary

Enigma Haven – Mystery refuge

Avalon Oasis – Legendary oasis

Eldritch Vista – Arcane view

Neverland Nexus – Eternal youth’s connection

Shangri-La Enclave – Utopian territory

Shadowmoor Dream – Shadowy dream

Celestia Enigma – Heavenly mystery

Funny Space Colony Names

Planet Zoid – Planet Zoid

Quirkton – Quirkton

Oddyssey – Oddyssey

Lunatic Lagoon – Lunatic lagoon

Sillyverse – Sillyverse

Nebula Nonsense – Nebula nonsense

Wacky Waystation – Wacky waystation

Comet Capers – Comet capers

Funky Frontier – Funky frontier

Quasar Quirks – Quasar quirks

Hilarion Heights – Hilarious heights

Chucklehaven – Chucklehaven

Astrogoof – Astrogoof

Jovial Junction – Jovial junction

Galaxy Giggles – Galaxy giggles

Giggleopolis – Giggleopolis

Zany Zone – Zany zone

Cluster Clowns – Cluster clowns

Orbitopia – Orbitopia

Hilarity Haven – Hilarity haven

Nebulous Nonsense – Nebulous nonsense

Quirky Quasars – Quirky quasars

Whimsyville – Whimsyville

Loco Luna – Crazy moon

Silly Stellaris – Silly Stellaris

Comical Colony – Comical colony

Astroantics – Astroantics

Chucklesphere – Chucklesphere

Jolly Junction – Jolly junction

Nebula Nuts – Nebula nuts

Creative Space Colony Names

Astralith – Astralith

Celesterra – Celesterra

Solstice Reach – Solstice reach

Stellaris Luminara – Stellaris luminous

Lunaris Umbra – Lunar shadow

Orion’s Gate – Orion’s gate

Andromeda Starlight – Andromeda starlight

Nebula Nexus – Cloud connection

Radiantia – Radiantia

Epsilon Essence – Epsilon essence

Aquilan Enigma – Aquilan enigma

Saturnia Solace – Saturn solace

Cygnus Celestia – Swan heavenly

Hyperion Harmonia – Hyperion harmony

Solara Synchrony – Solar synchrony

Polaris Prism – Polaris prism

Gemini Galaxis – Gemini Galaxis

Stellar Flux – Star flux

Astralis Solitude – Star solitude

Celestial Cascade – Heavenly cascade

Luminara Lumina – Luminous light

Radiance Resonance – Radiant resonance

Nebula Nova – Cloudy nova

Zenith Zephyr – Zenith breeze

Chroma Celestis – Colorful celestial

Nebulus Nimbus – Cloudy nimbus

Lumina Lyric – Light lyric

Equinox Echo – Equal night echo

Hypernova Horizon – Hypernova horizon

Nebula Nectar – Cloudy nectar

Space Colony Names

How To Choose A Good Space Colony Name

Choosing a name for a space colony may seem like a daunting task, but it is an essential aspect of establishing a unique identity in the vast expanse of the cosmos. A good space colony name not only serves as a label but also reflects the purpose and theme of the project. It captures the imagination, evokes emotions, and leaves a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore the key considerations and provide guidance on how to choose a good space colony name that resonates with your vision.

Consider the Purpose and Theme

The first step in choosing a good space colony name is to consider the purpose and theme of the colony. Is it a scientific research outpost, a colonization endeavor, or an artistic expression of human ingenuity? Understanding the core purpose will help guide the naming process. For example, a scientific research outpost may opt for a name that embodies exploration and discovery, while a colonization project might focus on names that signify a new beginning or hope for the future.

Embrace Creativity and Uniqueness

When it comes to naming a space colony, creativity and uniqueness are key. Think beyond the ordinary and explore unconventional terminology that captures the essence of your project. Consider using words from different languages or combining existing words to create something entirely new. Unleash your imagination and let it soar among the stars, allowing for the birth of original and captivating names that will set your space colony apart from the rest.

Research Existing Names and References

Before finalizing a name, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on existing space colony names and references. Study space-related terminology, celestial objects, constellations, and astronomical phenomena. This research not only helps you avoid duplication and trademark issues but also provides inspiration and a deeper understanding of the cosmic world. Aim for a name that is distinct, memorable, and represents the spirit of your space colony.

Consider the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience of your space colony is paramount in choosing an appropriate name. Consider the demographic you wish to attract and the message you want to convey. If the colony is geared towards scientific researchers, the name should resonate with their expertise and aspirations. Alternatively, if the colony is designed for families or tourists, a name that sparks wonder and excitement may be more fitting. Tailor the name to create a connection and appeal to the intended audience.

Test the Name’s Pronunciation and Memorability

Once you have a few potential names in mind, it’s important to test their pronunciation and memorability. A good space colony name should be easy to pronounce, avoiding any tongue-twisters or ambiguity. It should also be memorable and have a certain rhythm or cadence that rolls off the tongue. Experiment with saying the name aloud and gauge how it feels. Remember, a well-pronounced and memorable name will make a lasting impression on people’s minds.

Seek Feedback and Iterate

Before making a final decision, seek feedback from trusted individuals with diverse perspectives. Present the potential names and gather their opinions. Consider the feedback and iterate on the name if necessary. Feedback can offer valuable insights and perspectives that you may have overlooked. Embrace this collaborative approach to ensure you choose the best possible space colony name.


In conclusion, the exploration of space and the colonization of distant worlds have always captivated our imaginations. Throughout this article, we have delved into the realm of creativity and provided you with an extensive list of 700 unique space colony names. From NASA-inspired names to funny and fantasy-themed options, there is something for everyone.

The names we have shared encompass various meanings and evoke different emotions, reflecting the vastness and diversity of the cosmos. Whether you are a writer seeking inspiration for a sci-fi novel, a game developer in search of unique settings, or simply someone fascinated by space exploration, these names offer a plethora of possibilities.

We hope that this article has sparked your imagination and provided you with the tools to embark on your own cosmic adventures. Remember, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to naming space colonies. So, go forth and explore the depths of the universe, and let these names be a guiding star in your creative endeavors.


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