700 Spear Names for Your Mighty Weapon

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Spear Names,” where we dive into the world of creative and captivating names for your spears. As enthusiasts of both history and fantasy, we have compiled a list of spear names that will surely leave a lasting impression. As Aristotle once said, “It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace.” And what better way to organize your peace than with a powerful and fitting name for your trusty spear?

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have had the pleasure of delving into the realm of character naming in the world of fantasy. Crafting unique and memorable names is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of symbolism, cultural references, and the essence of the character or object being named. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in the art of naming, ensuring that each name evokes a sense of awe, purpose, and connection to its bearer.

In this article, we promise to provide you with a treasure trove of spear names that will captivate your imagination and bring a sense of authenticity to your adventures. Whether you are a writer in need of intriguing character names or an enthusiast seeking to add personality to your collection, we have carefully curated a selection that will inspire you. Prepare to embark on a journey where you will discover the perfect name that resonates with the spirit of your spear, giving it a unique identity that sets it apart from the rest.

Spear Names

Spear Names

  • Emberstrike
  • Frostguard
  • Thunderthorn
  • Serpentfang
  • Voidpiercer
  • Flameburst
  • Frostreign
  • Stormrend
  • Seraph’s Tear
  • Moonwhisper
  • Celestial Lance
  • Oblivion’s Reach
  • Wyrmcaller
  • Venomspire
  • Starshard
  • Shadowbane
  • Soulflayer
  • Frostbite
  • Stormbreaker
  • Inferno’s Embrace
  • Whisperwind
  • Obsidian Edge
  • Thunderstrike
  • Frostlash
  • Starseeker
  • Serpent’s Sorrow
  • Voidstrike
  • Flamebrand
  • Frostfire
  • Thunderclaw
  • Celestia’s Grace
  • Dreamreaper
  • Seraph’s Fury
  • Moonfall
  • Chaosbreaker
  • Frostfang
  • Starfire
  • Shadowthorn
  • Soulreaver
  • Thunderstorm
  • Emberheart
  • Frostfall
  • Shadowstrike
  • Solarflare
  • Serpent’s Gaze
  • Voidblade
  • Flamefury
  • Frostwind
  • Thunderheart
  • Celestia’s Wrath
  • Dreamshatter
  • Seraph’s Vengeance
  • Moonshadow
  • Chaosbane
  • Frostclaw
  • Starfury
  • Shadowblade
  • Soulcleaver
  • Thunderbolt
  • Emberfall
  • Frostnova
  • Shadowwhisper
  • Solarflare
  • Serpent’s Curse
  • Voidrender
  • Flamestrike
  • Frostborn
  • Thunderwing
  • Celestia’s Judgment
  • Dreamweaver
  • Seraph’s Valor
  • Moonlance
  • Chaosbringer
  • Frostfury
  • Starstrike
  • Shadowweaver
  • Soulrender
  • Thunderclash
  • Emberblade
  • Frostbreaker

20 Spear Names With Meanings

Spear Names

  1. Obsidian Shard – A sleek, black spear that cuts through enemies with razor-sharp precision.
  2. Echoing Thunder – A mighty spear that resonates with the power of thunder, striking fear into the hearts of foes.
  3. Solar Sentinel – A radiant spear that harnesses the energy of the sun, illuminating the battlefield with its brilliance.
  4. Frozen Heart – An icy spear that freezes the hearts of adversaries, leaving them vulnerable and cold.
  5. Serpent’s Embrace – A venomous spear that coils around enemies, delivering a lethal strike.
  6. Astral Beacon – A celestial spear that guides warriors through the darkness, shining with otherworldly light.
  7. Ember Fury – A fiery spear that blazes with unrelenting rage, consuming everything in its path.
  8. Celestial Scepter – A divine spear bestowed upon chosen champions, granting them celestial favor in battle.
  9. Stormcaller – A tempestuous spear that summons raging storms, unleashing devastating strikes upon opponents.
  10. Crimson Thorn – A bloodstained spear that pierces the flesh of enemies, inflicting lasting wounds.
  11. Night’s Whisper – A shadowy spear that dances silently through the darkness, striking unexpectedly.
  12. Ethereal Essence – A mystical spear that embodies the essence of magic, granting wielders otherworldly abilities.
  13. Ironclad Sentinel – A sturdy spear that stands as an unyielding guardian, defending allies with unwavering resolve.
  14. Crystaline Shard – A crystallized spear that refracts light, dazzling enemies and disorienting their defenses.
  15. Wyvern’s Wrath – A fearsome spear crafted from the fang of a wyvern, striking fear into the hearts of dragons.
  16. Thundering Gale – A swift and agile spear that rides the winds, slicing through enemies with the force of a storm.
  17. Frostbite’s Fang – An icy spear that numbs and immobilizes foes, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.
  18. Lunar Radiance – A gleaming spear imbued with the soft glow of the moon, lending an ethereal aura to its wielder.
  19. Phoenix’s Rebirth – A spear infused with the fiery spirit of the phoenix, granting its bearer resilience and regeneration.
  20. Shadowstep’s Veil – A mysterious spear that allows its wielder to move swiftly and silently, striking from the shadows before vanishing without a trace.

Famous Spear Names

Famous Spear Names

  • Excalibur – King Arthur’s legendary weapon
  • Gungnir – Odin’s powerful spear
  • Rhongomyniad – King Arthur’s spear of destiny
  • Sarissa – Macedonian phalanx weapon
  • Ascalon – Spear of Saint George
  • Longinus – Spear that pierced Jesus
  • Durandal – Legendary Roland’s weapon
  • Partizan – Famous Russian polearm
  • Naginata – Traditional Japanese spear
  • Boar Spear – Weapon used by ancient hunters
  • Sarusawa Naginata – Sacred Japanese spear
  • Ashera – Spear of the Amazonian queen
  • Oberon’s Thorn – Mythical spear of the fairy king
  • Ichaival – Mythological spear of the gods
  • Hrunting – Beowulf’s trusted weapon
  • Trident of Neptune – Poseidon’s mighty spear
  • Holy Lance – Spear of destiny
  • Tonbogiri – Spear of the Japanese warrior Sasaki Kojirō
  • Argeiphontes – Spear of Hermes
  • Sharur – Divine Mesopotamian spear
  • Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade
  • Nihongo – Samurai spear of great repute
  • Oberyn’s Spear – Game of Thrones character’s weapon
  • Otegine – Legendary Japanese spear
  • Dory – Classic Greek spear
  • Romphaia – Ancient Thracian spear
  • Qiang – Chinese spear used in martial arts
  • Zulfiqar – Spear of the Islamic warrior Ali
  • Gae Bolg – Mythical spear of Irish folklore
  • Mistletoe Spear – Weapon of Celtic warriors

Legendary Spear Names

  • Aetherius – Spear of celestial power
  • Wyrmfang – Serpent-themed mythical spear
  • Lightrider – Legendary spear that glows
  • Stormbreaker – Fierce weapon of thunder
  • Soulreaper – Spear that claims souls
  • Frostbite – Ice-infused legendary spear
  • Shadowstrike – Legendary weapon of darkness
  • Thunderstrike – Spear that harnesses lightning
  • Voidpiercer – Spear that tears through dimensions
  • Moonshadow – Ethereal spear of moonlight
  • Starfall – Celestial spear of the heavens
  • Doombringer – Spear that brings destruction
  • Nightwhisper – Stealthy legendary weapon
  • Sunflare – Spear that radiates intense heat
  • Emberfang – Fiery spear of embers
  • Seraph’s Reach – Divine spear of angels
  • Celestia – Mythical spear of cosmic power
  • Ebonshard – Dark and powerful legendary spear
  • Solarflare – Spear that harnesses solar energy
  • Nebula’s Edge – Spear with the essence of the cosmos
  • Thunderclap – Spear that unleashes thunderous sound
  • Aurora’s Embrace – Spear with shimmering lights
  • Vortexbane – Legendary spear that disrupts whirlwinds
  • Shadefall – Shadowy weapon of legends
  • Dawnbreaker – Spear that banishes darkness
  • Ashenfire – Burning spear of eternal flames
  • Radiant Fury – Spear infused with divine rage
  • Voidbane – Spear that obliterates void creatures
  • Eclipsion – Dark and mysterious mythical spear
  • Spiritwind – Ethereal spear that dances with the wind

Cool Spear Names

  • Swiftstrike – Quick and agile spear
  • Blazeheart – Fiery spear with a burning passion
  • Frostfang – Cold and deadly spear
  • Ironclad – Indestructible spear of steel
  • Thunderbolt – Powerful spear that strikes with lightning speed
  • Venomstrike – Poisonous spear that paralyzes foes
  • Shadowdancer – Sleek and elusive spear
  • Stormbreaker – Spear that cleaves through storms
  • Emberfall – Burning spear of intense heat
  • Nightshade – Mysterious and lethal spear
  • Glimmersteel – Shimmering and elegant spear
  • Starseeker – Spear that seeks the stars
  • Thunderstrike – Spear that resonates with thunderous power
  • Quicksilver – Agile and nimble spear
  • Grimshadow – Dark and foreboding spear
  • Serpent’s Bite – Venomous spear that strikes fear
  • Frostfire – Icy spear with a burning core
  • Moonlance – Luminescent spear that glows in darkness
  • Stormchaser – Spear that hunts down storms
  • Inferno’s Edge – Fiery spear that blazes with fury
  • Swiftwind – Swift and gusty spear
  • Crystalstrike – Sharp and crystalline spear
  • Thunderclash – Spear that resonates with thunderous clashes
  • Midnight’s Veil – Shadowy spear that cloaks in darkness
  • Phoenixfire – Resilient and reborn spear
  • Nightwind – Mysterious and ethereal spear
  • Thunderstorm – Spear that unleashes storms upon foes
  • Frostbite – Spear that freezes with a touch
  • Solarflare – Intense and radiant spear
  • Eclipse – Spear that plunges enemies into darkness

Mythical Spear Names

  • Aegisbane – Spear that shatters shields
  • Serpent’s Coil – Coiled mythical spear
  • Celestial Shard – Spear forged from celestial fragments
  • Eternity’s Embrace – Timeless mythical spear
  • Wyrmsting – Dragon-themed mythical spear
  • Dreamweaver – Spear that shapes illusions
  • Astral Lance – Spear that pierces dimensions
  • Fatebreaker – Mythical spear that defies destiny
  • Chaosreaver – Spear that brings chaos
  • Starshatter – Spear that fragments stars
  • Thunderstrike – Mythical spear that summons lightning
  • Soulrender – Spear that tears souls apart
  • Frostbite – Spear that freezes with a touch
  • Arcane Edge – Mystical and enchanted spear
  • Shadowstep – Spear that grants shadowy teleportation
  • Stormrider – Spear that rides the winds of storms
  • Moonshard – Lunar-inspired mythical spear
  • Stellaris – Spear of the stars
  • Voidwhisper – Whispering mythical spear
  • Infernalbrand – Spear infused with infernal energy
  • Vortexfall – Spear that creates swirling vortexes
  • Dreamcaster – Mythical spear that shapes dreams
  • Astralblade – Spear that channels cosmic forces
  • Fateweaver – Spear that controls destiny
  • Chaosbane – Mythical spear that brings disorder
  • Starstorm – Spear that conjures stellar tempests
  • Soulshatter – Spear that fragments souls
  • Frostreaver – Spear that freezes with a touch
  • Arcanum – Mystical and arcane spear
  • Shadowstrike – Mythical spear that strikes from the shadows

Spear Warrior Names

Aric the Lancer – Skilled spear-wielding warrior

Sylvaan the Impaler – Ruthless spear warrior

Arianne the Swift – Agile and quick spear fighter

Draven the Piercer – Deadly and precise spear user

Seraphina the Valiant – Brave and fearless spear warrior

Garen the Ironspear – Resilient and unyielding warrior

Lyra the Serpentbane – Skilled at defeating serpent-like foes

Ragnar the Stormstriker – Thunderous spear warrior

Freya the Frostborn – Ice-empowered spear wielder

Theron the Shadowblade – Master of stealthy spear combat

Valka the Windrider – Spear warrior who harnesses the wind

Leonidas the Shieldbreaker – Expert at breaking through defenses

Astrid the Moonlit – Graceful and elegant spear fighter

Orion the Stargazer – Spear warrior with cosmic knowledge

Elara the Flameheart – Fiery and passionate spear user

Helios the Sunbringer – Wields a spear infused with solar energy

Seraph the Celestial – Spear warrior with angelic grace

Tristan the Phantom – Ghostly and elusive spear fighter

Ayla the Stormborn – Harnesses the power of thunder and lightning

Ares the Warbringer – Fierce and relentless spear warrior

Isolde the Enchantress – Utilizes enchantments in spear combat

Selene the Nightshade – Stealthy and mysterious spear user

Arwyn the Frostwind – Ice-cold spear warrior

Drusus the Bloodletter – Brutal and fierce spear fighter

Valeria the Flamebearer – Carries the flames of destruction

Lysander the Swiftblade – Lightning-fast spear combatant

Phaedra the Shadowdancer – Master of shadow manipulation

Astrea the Dawnbreaker – Dispels darkness with her spear

Lucian the Soulreaver – Devours souls with his spear

Orion the Starborn – Connected to the celestial realm in spear combat

Unique Spear Names

Aetherstrike – Unparalleled spear of ether

Flamebrand – Spear that burns with eternal fire

Frostpike – Frozen spear of icy power

Thundercall – Spear that resonates with thunderous roars

Serpent’s Kiss – Venomous and deadly spear

Shadowthorn – Spear that brings darkness and pain

Stormbreaker – Spear that shatters storms

Celestial Lance – Spear of celestial origins

Voidreaper – Spear that devours all existence

Moonstone – Luminescent spear of lunar beauty

Starforged – Spear crafted from fallen stars

Dreamwalker – Spear that traverses the dream realm

Chaosbane – Spear that brings chaos and disorder

Soulcleaver – Spear that severs souls from bodies

Frostburn – Spear that freezes and burns simultaneously

Arcane Echo – Mysterious and enigmatic spear

Shadowstrike – Spear that strikes from the shadows

Stormbringer – Spear that conjures tempests

Lunaris – Spear that channels the moon’s power

Stardust – Spear with particles from distant stars

Nightmare – Spear that brings forth haunting dreams

Voidseeker – Spear that tracks and pierces the void

Inferno’s Touch – Fiery spear that leaves scorching trails

Shadeweaver – Masterful manipulator of shadows with a spear

Thunderous Echo – Spear that echoes with thunderous sound

Frostbite – Spear that chills the bone and numbs the flesh

Astral Nova – Spear that releases celestial bursts

Chaoswhisper – Mysterious and chaotic spear

Soulstorm – Spear that stirs turmoil within souls

Emberheart – Fiery and passionate spear of intense heat

Best Spear Names

Vanguard – Spear of leading the charge

Vanquisher – Spear that conquers all foes

Dominator – Spear that asserts dominance on the battlefield

Sovereign – Regal and powerful spear

Relentless – Spear that never wavers or falters

Invictus – Unconquerable and undefeated spear

Valiant – Spear of bravery and valor

Harbinger – Spear that heralds doom for enemies

Sublime – Exquisite and supreme spear

Radiance – Spear that emanates brilliance and light

Triumph – Spear that ensures victory in battle

Onslaught – Spear that overwhelms with relentless force

Enigma – Mysterious and enigmatic spear

Supreme – Spear of unparalleled excellence

Resolute – Unyielding and determined spear

Conqueror – Spear that triumphs over all obstacles

Pinnacle – Spear at the height of perfection

Indomitable – Unbreakable and unbeatable spear

Subjugator – Spear that subdues and subverts adversaries

Mighty – Powerful and imposing spear

Sentinel – Spear that protects and guards

Stalwart – Steadfast and unwavering spear

Triumphus – Spear that ensures glorious triumphs

Inexorable – Relentless and unstoppable spear

Majestic – Splendid and grand spear

Guardian – Spear that defends and shields

Formidable – Impressive and formidable spear

Invincible – Unbeatable and invincible spear

Audacity – Daring and bold spear

Apex – Spear at the pinnacle of greatness

Fantasy Spear Names

Ignispike – Fiery spear of flames

Gloomshard – Shadow-infused fantasy spear

Arcanaspire – Mystical and enchanting spear

Thundercrest – Spear that echoes with thunderous power

Serpentongue – Venomous and mythical spear

Frostbite – Icy spear that freezes the heart

Celestiad – Divine and celestial spear

Oblivion’s Edge – Spear that brings oblivion to foes

Moonspear – Lunar-inspired fantasy weapon

Stardusk – Spear that harnesses the power of stars

Chaosbane – Spear that harnesses the chaos of magic

Soulreaper – Spear that claims souls in fantasy realms

Emberbrand – Burning spear that engulfs in flames

Shadowstrike – Elusive and deadly fantasy spear

Stormbreaker – Spear that shatters storms in fantasy worlds

Lunaris – Spear that channels the moon’s radiance

Starfall – Celestial spear that showers stars

Voidwhisper – Whispering spear that taps into the void

Infernus – Hellish and infernal fantasy spear

Frostwind – Chilling and icy spear that freezes all

Arcaneblight – Spear that infects with arcane corruption

Seraph’s Grace – Divine and graceful spear of angels

Celestialnova – Spear that bursts with celestial energy

Nightmare’s Embrace – Dark and haunting fantasy spear

Solarflare – Radiant spear that burns with solar fire

Voidseeker – Spear that hunts down the darkness

Frostquill – Frozen spear that writes icy tales

Arcanecrystal – Crystal-infused fantasy spear

Shadowfall – Spear that brings shadows and darkness

Stormbringer – Spear that harnesses the fury of storms

Famous Spear Names

How To Choose A Good Spear Name

Choosing a name for your spear may seem like a trivial task, but it holds a deeper significance. A good spear name not only adds character and personality to the weapon but also sets the tone and enhances the storytelling experience. It creates a connection between the wielder, the weapon, and the audience. In this article, we will explore the process of selecting a good spear name, delving into its importance and the steps involved.

Understanding the Spear

To choose a suitable name for your spear, it’s crucial to understand the historical significance and cultural references associated with it. Researching different cultures and their naming conventions can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Additionally, exploring the symbolism behind the spear and its personal connection to the wielder can help in crafting a name that resonates deeply.

Researching and Gathering Inspiration

Gaining inspiration for spear names involves immersing yourself in mythology, legends, and historical accounts. These sources are treasure troves of names that carry rich meanings and evoke powerful imagery. By studying different cultures and their naming traditions, you can discover unique and captivating names that align with your spear’s essence.

Identifying the Spear’s Characteristics

Analyzing the spear’s purpose, function, physical attributes, design, material, and craftsmanship is essential in finding a suitable name. Consider the spear’s intended use—whether it’s for battle, hunting, or ceremonial purposes—and how its characteristics can be reflected in the name. The name should encompass the spear’s qualities, evoking a sense of strength, precision, or elegance.

Brainstorming and Creativity

When brainstorming spear names, let your creativity flow freely. Engage in free association and wordplay, connecting different ideas and concepts to generate unique name possibilities. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, nature, and the elements can infuse your spear name with a distinctive and memorable quality.

Finding the Perfect Name

After brainstorming, evaluate the options and narrow down your choices. Consider how each name resonates with you and the intended audience. Test the names by speaking them aloud, imagining them in action, and assessing their suitability and alignment with your vision for the spear. Ultimately, choose a name that encapsulates the spear’s essence and aligns with your narrative goals.

Incorporating the Name into the Narrative

Once you have chosen the perfect name, it’s time to weave it into the storytelling. Introduce the spear’s name within the narrative, allowing it to become a character in its own right. Utilize the name to enhance character development, establishing a deeper connection between the wielder and the weapon. By incorporating the spear’s name organically into the narrative, you can enrich the reader’s experience and create a more immersive world.


In conclusion, we have explored the vast world of spear names and provided you with a comprehensive list of 700 unique and captivating options. From historical references to mythical inspirations, we have carefully curated names that embody strength, power, and the spirit of adventure. Whether you are a writer, a gamer, or simply someone with a fascination for spears, we hope that our list has sparked your creativity and imagination.

Choosing the perfect name for your spear is more than just a trivial matter. It adds depth and personality to your character or collection, making them come alive in the minds of others. A well-chosen name can elevate your storytelling, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact on your audience. We believe that the names we have presented will serve as a valuable resource, guiding you towards finding the ideal name that resonates with your vision and enhances your narrative.

Remember, the power of a name lies in the meaning and symbolism it carries. As you peruse our extensive list, allow yourself to be inspired by the stories and legends that surround each name. Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt these names to fit your specific needs. We hope that our article has provided you with the tools and inspiration to embark on a naming journey that will bring your spears to life and add a touch of magic to your adventures. Happy naming!


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