502 Catchy Summer Camp Names Ideas and Suggestions

Summer Camps are a great way to introduce kids to the world of nature and camping. Some camps even offer overnight trips. These days, more and more parents are looking for ways to help their children spend quality time with nature and get them out of the city.

So how can you come up with names for summer camps to help inspire you to create a memorable experience for your children? Here are 400 creative camp names to give you a head start.

Catchy Summer Camp Names

Starting your own summer camp is a great way to get kids involved in fun, physical activity, and community service. A catchy name can help kids stay interested in their activities and encourage them to return again next summer.

With the kids out of school, you’ll need a good summer camp name that stands out. Here are some catchy summer camp name ideas that are fun, memorable, and suitable for the summer season.

  • Cedar Glen Mobile Home
  • Belltown Cottage
  • Fuel Camp
  • Camp Pathfinder
  • Fresh Air Farms
  • Creative Campers
  • Sixty Acres
  • Thousand Trails
  • King County Water
  • Harvest The Summer Camping
  • Long Beach RV & Camping Resort
  • Camp Woody
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Saint Edward
  • Troop Villa
  • Mount Rainier National
  • The Summer Business
  • Oysteo Camp Huta
  • The Maintenance Crew
  • Harbour Summer Paint
  • Sleepaway Camp
  • Fort Worden Historical
  • Triangle Recreation
  • Kobe Terrace
  • Sequim Bay
  • Wonderful Camping Team
  • Sixty Acres And Camping
  • Happy Camp Goers
  • Wild Willy Hot Springs
  • Deep Dive Summer Tent
  • The Captain
  • Civic Hotel
  • Fort Casey
  • Royal Arch
  • Maple Grove
  • Camping Class
  • Hawthorn Farm
  • Chuckwagon
  • Eagle Peak Campers
  • Phantom Lake
  • Camp the Summer
  • Camp Parsons
  • Low River Camping
  • Vacatis Barracks
  • Middle Fork
  • Camp Fire Pit
  • Nestled In Nature
  • Thousand Trails Summer Camp
  • By The Lake Camp
  • Premium Camping Site
  • Redwood Campers
  • Newton Camping Store
  • Crossroads
  • Victory Junction Camp
  • Camp Pigott
  • Take a Hike
  • Solitude & Scouts
  • Sunny Days
  • College Hunks
  • Tradition Lake
  • Red Arrow Camp
  • Summer Camp Village
  • Tacoma KOA Journey
  • Caravan Outfitter
  • Camper’s Delicate Point
  • Angle Lake Mobile
  • Core Treks
  • The Woodwork Sanctuary
  • Old School Summer Camping
  • Camp Tall Timbers
  • Rolling Thunder Campers
  • Dive And Learn
  • Echo Hill Ranch
  • Deception Pass
  • Lodge at Beaver Lake
  • Previous Campers
  • Pine Village
  • Alki Adventure Camp
  • Trail Blazers Camps
  • Camp In-Tents

Top 10 Catchy Summer Camp Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Big Bang Camp

It is time to explore some creative names for your summer camps. It is always recommended that you try to come up with some unusual and catchy camp names to attract more parents and students.

You can start from the basic idea and then add some creativity to it.

Big Bang Camp

2.     Blue Poppy Camp

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. You can start with this name because it is easy to remember.

It is a name that will bring a good reputation to your business. So, when someone wants to do their summer camp or they have to get there, they will call you first.

Blue Poppy Camp

3.      Landlord Heaven

This is a name that you should not miss when you are creating a business name. It will help you increase your chances of getting success.

Your customers can easily remember it as well as your name will help you attract more customers to your store. Also, the name will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Landlord Heaven

4.      Bennett’s Honey Farm

The name “Bennett’s Honey Farm” is short and sweet. It doesn’t take a lot of time to read and it sounds easy to remember.

The name also gives the impression that you are reliable and have good customer service skills. In fact, the name says it all. You are a farmer and thus, you have everything that a farmer needs.

Bennett’s Honey Farm

5.       Chiefer

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

When you are thinking about how to choose a name for your business then this name is just perfect for you because it is simple, easy to remember, and catchy. This is a good choice for someone who wants to start up a new business.


6.      Real Monsters

If you want to build a real monsters camp for kids, then this name is just perfect for you. The name describes perfectly what the camp does. You are teaching kids how to behave like real monsters when they grow up. Also, you teach them how to use their power wisely.

Real Monsters

7.      Best Kingdom

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you.

On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique. So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.

Best Kingdom

8.       City Thugs

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you. On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique.

City Thugs

9.        Black Hawks

You should register this business name because it is a unique and catchy name for your business. Moreover, the name carries some positive meaning and it attracts more customers to your business.

So, when people think of this name they will come to your business immediately.

Black Hawks

10.      Eliminators

This name will help you to stand out from the competition and attract more customers to your business. The name itself is very catchy and it makes your services easily memorable.

Moreover, it contains some positive keywords that will help your target audience to understand your services better.


Cool Summer Camp Names

Summer camps can be a wonderful source of learning and fun. If you are considering running a summer camp for children or teenagers, then a name like Kids Camp or Teen Camp will help make your camp stand out among others in your area.

In the name of the business, you may wish to choose a more neutral or even positive term. However, a name like Camp Sunshine or Camp Rainbow could work well too.

  • Wenatchee Confluence
  • Thunderbird Camping
  • Slide And Hop
  • Sammamish Valley
  • Ascent Outdoors
  • Green Mountain
  • Red Arrow
  • Eagle Tree
  • Activity Road Campers
  • Voyage Camp House
  • Throwing Shade
  • Expo Center
  • Pathfinder
  • Gold Creek County
  • Oar The Rainbow
  • We The Campers
  • Forks of The Sky
  • Blake Island Marine
  • Camp Champions
  • Adventure Ready
  • Camper’s Den
  • Vashon Adventures
  • Olympic National Forest
  • Campfire Fuel
  • Triptician Den
  • Miracle Ranch
  • Wrestle and Camp
  • Lisabeula
  • Camping World
  • Rolling Thunder Camp House
  • Ruby Chow
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Sprint Into The Woods
  • Lost River Camp
  • Summer Camp Kingdom
  • Cerro Alto
  • Jump Into Summer
  • Shadow Falls Camp
  • The Tall Chief
  • Red Bridge
  • Tall Pines Camp
  • Camping World of Fife
  • South Hill Propane
  • Wheeler Peak
  • X-Cellent Camping
  • Salt Water Camp Hut
  • Cruise The Summer
  • Woodwork And Learn
  • Wildwood Outdoor Escape
  • Let’s Rush And Learn
  • Treeside Camping
  • Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Space Needle
  • Teach And Learn Campers
  • West Canyon Summer
  • Peace Vans Outfitters
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Highlander Summer Camp
  • Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks
  • Scout And Camp
  • Mineral Springs
  • Hawk Camp for Campers
  • West Canyon
  • Iron Horse State
  • The Summer Booth
  • Matthews Beach
  • Wilderness Peak
  • Camping Solutions
  • Trusted Treks
  • Denny Creek
  • We Unite Campers
  • Kia Campground
  • Camp Hamilton
  • Mountain Meadow Ranch
  • Miracle Ranch Summer House
  • Cedar River
  • Pine Graveyard
  • Visitor Pool
  • Camping And Carnival

Creative Summer Camp Names

Summer camps are very popular, and they offer a great opportunity for parents and children to spend time together away from their busy lives. As a parent, you want to find the best camp for your child and ensure they have fun and learn new skills at the same time.

Your choice of summer camp name should reflect the experience your campers will have. Camps like Art Camp and Nature Camp are ideal for kids who love art or nature. Camps like Yoga Camp and Horse Camp are great choices for those who enjoy yoga or horses.

So, check out our list of catchy summer camp name ideas to help you decide which one is perfect for you and your campers.

  • The Camper’s Hut
  • Renton City
  • Take-A-Break
  • Camp Greylock
  • Courageous Campers
  • The Summer Culture
  • Troublesome Creek
  • Fresh In The Wild
  • The Dalles
  • Season for Trekking
  • Country House Summer Camp
  • Run And Catch Camping
  • Sam Smith
  • Sierra Place
  • Cool of the Wind
  • Issaquah Community Center
  • The Lake Camps
  • Stargazing Campers
  • Lake Haven Retreat
  • Crossroad Club
  • Venture Summer House
  • Camp Session
  • Bear Creek
  • Prestige Pines
  • Gardenwalk Camp
  • Camp Gilead
  • Lost River Camp Villa
  • The Campsite House
  • Funky Bunks
  • Cormorant Cove Camp
  • Hop And Learn Camping
  • The Dynamic Camping Group
  • Happy Hikers
  • The Set up Campers
  • Tiger Mountain
  • Travexel Cantonment
  • The Summer Bay
  • Silver Springs
  • Cruise America RV Rental
  • Scooba Learn
  • Cardinal Cabins
  • Compete On Track
  • King Of Summer Camp
  • The Camping Branch
  • Coalfield
  • Square Lake
  • Lost Lake Campsite
  • Great Outdoors Camping
  • Fay Bainbridge
  • Pali Adventures
  • Olympia Camp House
  • Kitsap Memorial
  • Cormorant Cove
  • The Habitat
  • Ravenna Ravine
  • Centennial
  • Emma Wood State Beach
  • Go Glamping Camping
  • Camp Northwhere
  • Campish Summer Adventure
  • Camp with Care
  • Travella Camp Side
  • Fuel The Summer
  • Longfellow Creek
  • The Camping Venture
  • Willow Down The Wood
  • Winter Dates
  • Endless Camping And Co
  • Sunlight And Bay Camp
  • Art Of Summer
  • Carter Creek
  • Pasco / Tri-Cities KOA Journey
  • Blend with Tent
  • Seattle Office of Housing
  • Sunflower Camping House
  • Timber Lake Camp
  • Etta Turner
  • Forest Acres
  • Recreation Jungle
  • Secret Summer Camp

Unique Summer Camp Names

Summer camps are fun for kids and adults alike. They provide a great place to socialize, explore their interests and have a great time.

If you’re planning to open your own summer camp, then here are some great catchy camp name ideas that will attract kids and parents to come and join you at camp.

  • The Summer Beachhouse
  • The Rowing Summer Camp
  • Captain Summer
  • Denny Blaine
  • Happy Campers
  • No Bore Camping
  • Saltwater
  • Close To Heaven
  • Ronald Bog
  • Splash Art Camp
  • Olympia Camp
  • Brant Lake
  • Alki Beach
  • Flowing Lake County
  • Cascade Adventure Vans
  • Hide And Seak Camping
  • Set Up Camp
  • The Campish Summer House
  • The Campside Fun
  • Money Creek
  • Keener’s Christmas Lights
  • Bloomfield
  • Fort Flagler
  • Cool Of The Wild
  • Roaring Creek
  • The Training Camp
  • Bridle Trails
  • Fall Creek
  • Second Horizons
  • Silver Lake Camp
  • Traven In Tents
  • A Camper’s Comrades
  • Lake Sammamish
  • Lake Pleasant
  • Midway Mobile Mansions
  • Classy Campers and Diggers
  • Team Trek
  • Qiaris Camp
  • Camper’s Point
  • Wallace Falls State
  • Sanborn County
  • Broadview
  • Beach Reserve Camp Site
  • Paradise Island Camp House
  • Summer Garden Work
  • Riverbend
  • Baker
  • Chowder
  • Camp Pinehurst
  • Oar the Rainbow Camp
  • Ruble The Summer
  • Trailer Inns
  • Camp Horizons
  • Supplies Guys
  • Eagle Nest Camp House
  • On The Rocks Camping
  • Lake Wenatchee
  • Lake Serene Trailhead
  • Camp Yellow Jacket
  • Falling Creek Camp
  • Gold Arrow Camp
  • The Hawk Point Campers
  • Let’s Dive And Learn
  • Spirit-in-the-Woods
  • The Quest
  • Willow Woods
  • Angeles National Forest
  • Summer Camp House
  • Mineral Spring House
  • Squad Hive
  • Happy Campout
  • Wallace Swamp Creek
  • Special Tent
  • Point O’Pines
  • NW Adventure Rentals
  • Willow Adventure
  • Go, Get And Fetch
  • Fairview
  • Mowich Lake
  • Heart O’ the Hills

Cute Summer Camp Names

Starting a summer camp or program can be tough. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to pick the perfect name for your business. The last thing you want to do is end up with a name that doesn’t fit the vision you have for your business or the products you offer.

Fortunately, this isn’t always a problem. In fact, you don’t even have to start with an original idea. If you can identify a popular business with a similar offering, you can adopt their name.

This way, you can get all the benefits of their success without having to spend a lot of time or money on developing a name from scratch.

  • Top Season Camping
  • Voyage Camp
  • New Beginnings
  • Piece Of Wood
  • Soda Springs
  • Empire View Mobile Home
  • Summer in the House
  • Grounded Camper
  • The Family Camp
  • Gearhose Camping
  • Courageous
  • Smooth Summer Camps
  • Summer Of 69 Campers
  • Outdoor Outfitters
  • Porter Creek
  • The Camping Culture
  • Peak-A-Boo Campers
  • Slide Under Sunlight
  • Camper’s Destiny
  • Lazy Pines Summer
  • Cal Anderson
  • Camp Bloomfield
  • Issaquah Village
  • Talking Summer House
  • The Camping Cave
  • The Pine Village
  • Lena Creek
  • Unity Camps
  • Waterfront
  • Chief Ouray
  • Atlantic Relocation
  • Whispering Pines
  • Vasa Resort
  • Game Farm Wilderness
  • Academy By The Sea
  • Leavenworth
  • Troop Ville
  • Summer Academy By The Sea
  • Fort Worden
  • Sky Blue Camping
  • Majestic Mobile Manor
  • Camper Collection
  • Lake Sylvia
  • The Summer Tower
  • River Meadows
  • Belvoir Place
  • Manzanita
  • Activity Hill House
  • City Hall
  • Woods in Hoods
  • Dive And Play Campers
  • Sunset Beach Pavilion
  • Camping Bin
  • Point X Camp
  • Gorge Amphitheatre
  • Village View
  • Mountain Woodside
  • Bright Cloud And Camping
  • Summer Camp Squad
  • Recreation Center
  • Guiding Arrow
  • Oceania Summer Camp
  • Buckler River
  • Green Mountain Camping
  • Jump The Rope
  • Green Lake
  • Grandy Creek
  • Hope Island Marine
  • Alder Lake
  • Harbour Pointe
  • Tower House Camp
  • Falcon Camp
  • Oceanevo Campsuite
  • Summer Voyage And Team
  • Blue Ridge Places
  • Campaign Camping
  • Lake Chelan
  • Sacred Groves
  • Guiding Arrow And Camping
  • Under The Stars

Summer Camp Names

How to Decide Your Summer Camp Name?

Summer camp is a great way for children to have fun and learn new things. There are many different summer camps available, each with its own unique benefits. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect summer camp for your family.

1. Think about your child’s interests.

If your child is interested in a specific activity or subject, look for a camp that offers that type of programming. For example, if your child loves horses, look for a camp that offers horse-related programming.

2. Consider your family’s schedule.

Summer camp is a great opportunity for families to get together, but it can also be a lot of work. Make sure you consider your family’s availability and work schedule when choosing a camp.

3. Consider cost.

Summer camp can be expensive, but there are a variety of options available. Try to find a camp that offers a good value for your money.

4. Consider the type of camp.

There are two main types of summer camps: day camps and residential camps.

Day camps are generally smaller and more affordable than residential camps. They offer a variety of programming options, such as after-school sports, arts and crafts, and field trips.

Residential camps are larger and more expensive but offer a more comprehensive program. They often have dormitories where the children live and attend classes together.

5. Consider the location.

When choosing a summer camp, consider the location. Some camps are located in beautiful settings, while others are located in more urban areas.

6. Consider the type of staff.

Summer camps can be staffed by professional staff members or by volunteers. Professional staff members have years of experience in the field and are typically more qualified than volunteers. However, volunteers are often more engaged and invested in the program.

7. Consider the type of program.

There are a variety of programming options available at summer camps. Some camps offer arts and crafts programs, while others offer sports programs.

Summer camps can be populated by children from all different backgrounds and ages. Make sure the camp your child is interested in is populated by children who share his or her interests.

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