399 Cool Survivor Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Survivor groups are designed to assist people affected by disasters. The groups can provide support to their members and offer educational seminars for the community at large.

These groups are often used by churches, nonprofit organizations, or volunteer groups, and you can usually contact them through email or phone calls. They may also host local meetups in your area, so check out the different options for local groups.

When choosing your group name, make sure it conveys a positive vibe, and if you need any help finding a name, check out our tips below.

Catchy Survivor Group Names

If you want to create a group name that encourages survival skills in others, then you’ll need to find a catchy phrase that conveys this idea.

For example, a group whose members share the goal of creating their own business can use a phrase like “You Can Do It!” or “Build It and They Will Come.”

Try out a few phrases in your head, and then look them up online to see if they have any potential to be applied to your group. You’re not restricted to using words, as long as you choose one that works well with your group.

  • Polar Seahawks
  • Coy Dolphins
  • Serious Monsters
  • Lady Friars
  • Mighty Hobos
  • Remarkable Aces
  • White Battlers
  • Green Vixens
  • Demon Warriors
  • Strange Blues
  • Orange Raptors
  • Remarkable Coyotes
  • Marvelous Dutchmen
  • Deranged Pilots
  • Educated Royals
  • Wonderful Mountaineers
  • Mad Boys
  • Demon Yellowjackets
  • Flaming Wombats
  • Threatening Buffaloes
  • Golden Ladies
  • Unaccountable Rockets
  • Bald Flyers
  • Deranged Marauders
  • Horned Mountaineers
  • Swift Kangaroos
  • Lady Monsters
  • Defective Highlanders
  • Seemly Short Privateers
  • Simple Bulls
  • Black Trojans
  • Orange Pickles
  • Bald Buckeyes
  • Hideous Gamecocks
  • Green Jets
  • Little Lakers
  • Punctual Volunteers
  • Blue Thunder
  • Glistening Wolfpack
  • Mean Buccaneers
  • Flawless Minutemen
  • Awkward Cavaliers
  • White Leopards
  • Powerful Pirates
  • Horned Clippers
  • Flawless Knights
  • Prairie Janes
  • Solemn Penguins
  • Horned Rebels
  • Orange Defenders
  • Purple Warriors
  • Fighting Defenders
  • Running Colts
  • Fighting Knights
  • Lady Defenders
  • Serious Ramblers
  • Polar Gamecocks
  • Threatening Wombats
  • Unethical Spartans
  • Threatening Rustlers

Top 10 Rare Survivor Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Life Purpose

Here is the right name for those who have been waiting to change their lives completely. This name gives you the chance to change your future with ease and comfort. When you hear this name, you instantly become positive about yourself and the future.

There are many people who don’t know what their purpose in life is. You can use this name and make people know what you stand for. You can change your entire life with just one name.

Life Purpose

2.     Blazing Stars

The name “Blazing Stars” is a perfect group name for those people who are passionate about what they do. If you are a hardworking person who is always looking out for the betterment of his/her career then this name is a perfect fit for you.

This name will make you get noticed by the people who are interested in the group. The main reason behind the success of this name is that it focuses on the hardworking nature of the people who are part of the group.

Also, the name will also give a new edge to your career and it will boost your confidence.

Blazing Stars

3.      Own Your Life

A group of people is working together for a common cause. They are working together for the betterment of their lives. When you are thinking about your team name, it is essential to make sure that you own the name and make sure it remains yours.

In order to make this possible, you should have an idea about the purpose of the group. When you are planning to form a group, it is always recommended to choose a name that will represent your purpose.

Own Your Life

4.      AERO DRONE

This is the best group name for your team and also for you. You should use this name if you are working as a group in an organization where you are not allowed to reveal the names of your team members

This is a perfect name that would definitely make your organization successful. If you have used this name in any other field then it would be better that you can change your name in this field so that you can avoid any problems in the future.

Aero Drone

5.      Life Explorer

This name is suitable for all people who have the desire to explore new opportunities in life. The group name should reflect their goal and mission in life. In fact, we all have a goal to survive, which means we have to be active and positive in our life.

Thus, this name will definitely motivate your group to get up and do better in life. Moreover, it will also lead them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Life Explorer

6.      Fit Don’t Quit

This is one name that would be perfect for a group or team of people who are very active and adventurous but still maintain a sense of calmness. There are very few names that can be used for groups of such types of people.

Thus, you must choose this name for your group. The name will not only make your group active but also make you fit. So, use this name for your group.

Fit Don’t Quit

7.      All-Stars Team

If you are looking for a name for a team that you are going to make and you want it to be memorable, then you should go for this name. This name has great meaning as well as it helps you in getting the right results from your team.

So, if you are searching for a name that will give you the right results then you should opt for this name.

All-Stars Team

8.      Life And Love

Those who are used to facing failures in their lives are happy to live with the name of failures in their lives. Also, those people who are brave enough to face the situations in their lives and love to live their lives with their names.

When you use this name for your group or team name, you will feel yourself to be an invincible person in front of others. Thus, you will be able to achieve anything in your life. Thus, use this name and enjoy the best of your life.

Life And Love

9.      Alpha Gang

If you have an idea of a group name that has alpha, then you should go for it. Your group can be named after the character of the series that you like most.

You can even have a theme so that the readers get a good impression of you. You can name it the gang names survivor group. The name will help you in boosting up your confidence. The name is very catchy so that it can be remembered easily by the readers.

Alpha Gang

10.    Men Of Fire

When you search for group names for business, you may find many options available for you. However, you have to remember that the best group names are the ones that can give you the best results in your business.

One of the things that can give you good results in your business is the name of your group. But, in order to get the best group name, you need to go through different ideas and look out for the most suitable group name for your business.

In order to do so, you can check our post on different ideas about group names for your business.

Men Of Fire

Cool Survivor Group Names

Think of a popular quote that is applicable to your group. The quote could describe a key skill in your group or simply convey the spirit of your group.

For example, the phrase “All the odds are in your favor” would fit well with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs. You could also think about a quote that describes the ideal mindset you want members to achieve.

For instance, a phrase like “Survivor” doesn’t necessarily work for a group focused on entrepreneurship. Instead, you could try out a phrase like “Billionaire Bail Out” or “Unstoppable Force.”

  • Orange Belles
  • Unaccountable Trolls
  • Golden Bees
  • Punctual Brewers
  • Black Demons
  • Defective Highlanders
  • Orange Saints
  • Thundering Senators
  • Black Mountaineers
  • Solemn Griffins
  • Orange Kangaroos
  • Punctual Defenders
  • Voodoo Hobos
  • Blue Flyers
  • Demon Mavericks
  • Screaming Catamounts
  • Dangerous Sharks
  • Weak Clippers
  • Wonderful Rocks
  • Graceful Rattlesnakes
  • Spicy Bulldogs
  • Festive Redskins
  • Old Maroons
  • Festive Artichokes
  • Somber Captains
  • Blue Kangaroos
  • Horrible Dodgers
  • Flaming Islanders
  • Punctual Falcons
  • Hideous Kingsmen
  • Mean Griffins
  • Sassy Vulcans
  • Wonderful Bullets
  • Cajun Nighthawks
  • Swift Gladiators
  • Voodoo Vandals
  • Horned Jimmies
  • Somber Conquerors
  • Grotesque Ocelots
  • Delta Patriots
  • Delta Women
  • Voodoo Bluejays
  • Old Squirrels
  • Spicy Highlanders
  • Swift Dodgers
  • Purple Sox
  • Black Jets
  • Lady Mavericks
  • Thundering Pointers
  • Golden Janes
  • Flying Monsters
  • Wicked Archers
  • Great Rebels
  • Fighting Leopards
  • Wicked Raiders
  • Strange Flash
  • Horrible Gators
  • Bald Cats
  • Dangerous Minutemen
  • Golden Kohawks

Creative Survivor Group Names

You don’t have to be a creative person to brainstorm creative names for your survival groups. Just like with any group name, avoid using anything that would sound generic. Instead, try thinking of a different word or name that you like.

You could use a word that’s easy to remember or use your name, first name, last name, or nickname. Try choosing a word with a different meaning than the actual group name.

For example, if you’re looking for a survival group name that also has a creative side, you could choose “Fantasy” as a group name.

  • White Kangaroos
  • Powerful Ducks
  • Sugar Bees
  • Mean Spartans
  • Polar Archers
  • Educated Colonials
  • Blue Avengers
  • Red Bombers
  • White Governors
  • Flying Bulldogs
  • Blue Comets
  • Blue Giants
  • Mean Vikings
  • Demon Jackrabbits
  • Serious Clippers
  • Fighting Vixens
  • Screaming Longhorns
  • Winter Cadets
  • Thundering Pilots
  • Mad Princes
  • Flaming Sharks
  • Punctual Defenders
  • Supreme Buckeyes
  • Ultimate Friars
  • Thundering Islanders
  • Horned Bulls
  • Mighty Leopards
  • Seemly Short Cowgirls
  • Running Flash
  • Wet Men
  • Weak Cubs
  • Unaccountable Giants
  • Voodoo Hurricanes
  • Wicked Ramblers
  • Bald Heels
  • Serious Vandals
  • Fighting Titans
  • Wonderful Gentlemen
  • Obscene Conquerors
  • Serious Flames
  • Hideous Bees
  • Hideous Conquerors
  • Hideous Governors
  • Punctual Seawolves
  • Horrible Lancers
  • Graceful Penguins
  • Festive Mules
  • Flying Raiders
  • Golden Cyclones
  • Polar Pacers
  • Blue Firebirds
  • Mighty Devilettes
  • Wonderful Rebels
  • Grotesque Wombats
  • Educated Pirates
  • Powerful Penguins
  • Voodoo Wolfpack
  • Flaming Knights
  • Glistening Lions
  • Threatening Rocks

Unique Survivor Group Names

Create a unique group name that will give your group an exclusive feel, yet still, sound like something everyone else has in common. Look up words and phrases that aren’t commonly used, or that you wouldn’t expect to hear in everyday conversation.

You can use these unusual words in your group name. Look for a unique word or phrase that isn’t often used in everyday conversation. For example, “coupon” is a word you might not think of when creating a group name.

The word “coupon” means a printed advertisement with a discount code. You can find a variety of coupon terms in the dictionary, including “discount” and “discounting” (the act of giving away a product for free). You can use these words in your group name.

  • Sugar Miners
  • Wet Magicians
  • Weak Saints
  • Mad Seawolves
  • Somber Gators
  • Sugar Yellowjackets
  • Flaming Governors
  • Polar Gladiators
  • Strange Mountaineers
  • Threatening Rebels
  • Cajun Razorbacks
  • Golden Mavericks
  • Bald Thunder
  • Demon Wolfpack
  • Flawless Indians
  • Prairie Jimmies
  • Running Leopards
  • Graceful Cardinals
  • Screaming Trailblazers
  • Black Ladies
  • Horned Senators
  • Mighty Tigers
  • Swift Mountaineers
  • Marvelous Boys
  • Weak Cadets
  • Strange Kingsmen
  • Wonderful Blues
  • Prairie Oilers
  • Orange Monarchs
  • Defective Kangaroos
  • Purple Cobras
  • Cajun Jets
  • White Trailblazers
  • Great Pioneers
  • Bald Rangers
  • Simple Avengers
  • Marvelous Pacers
  • Seemly Short Stars
  • Great Badgers
  • Red Tigers
  • Seemly Short Hornets
  • Marvelous Trailblazers
  • Blue Braves
  • Fanatical Devils
  • Odd Brewers
  • Cajun Cobras
  • Ultimate Storm
  • Coy Janes
  • Horned Seawolves
  • Serious Cougars
  • Dangerous Mountaineers
  • Marvelous Jets
  • Somber Battlers
  • Polar Raptors
  • Defective Wolves
  • Wonderful Ducks
  • Sassy Hawkeyes
  • Blue Wolfpack
  • Polar Seagulls
  • Wet Cyclones

Cute Survivor Group Names

Cute survivor group names are a great way to create a unique group with members who love to laugh. Make your group name include a word related to survival. Think about what a survival situation is, and how you would survive.

For instance, a group name like “Survivors” can be used for anyone who has survived something difficult.

A cute group name can also work for people who enjoy making people laugh. Consider a humorous group name or one that includes a word related to humor, like “Laughing Out Loud.”

Your group name will become more memorable because it’s a fun way to describe yourself and your group.

  • Dangerous Gators
  • Overconfident Owls
  • Swift Vandals
  • Marvelous Chiefs
  • Green Tornadoes
  • Little Bruins
  • Ultimate Gorillas
  • Horrible Greyhounds
  • Fighting Men
  • Hideous Ladies
  • Blue Lions
  • Wonderful Ocelots
  • Odd Pioneers
  • Mean Longhorns
  • Green Foresters
  • Odd Bengals
  • Old Jackrabbits
  • Blue Bulls
  • Awkward Bullets
  • Festive Cavaliers
  • Delta Musketeers
  • Dangerous Gamecocks
  • Punctual Cougars
  • Marvelous Cadets
  • Blue Heels
  • Wet Wildcats
  • Strange Governors
  • Seemly Short Pilots
  • Delta Sunbirds
  • Grotesque Lightning
  • Purple Dragons
  • Lady Hurricanes
  • Obscene Cowgirls
  • Fighting Stars
  • Odd Pioneers
  • Powerful Express
  • Swift Bison
  • Wet Bombers
  • Flying Rams
  • Wet Firebirds
  • Swift Buccaneers
  • Coy Rattlesnakes
  • Wonderful Blazers
  • Serious Devils
  • Purple Pickles
  • Solemn Musketeers
  • Weak Lions
  • Big Dragons
  • Fanatical Storm
  • Simple Storm
  • Somber Wildcats
  • Golden Hornets
  • Purple Coyotes
  • Sugar Flyers
  • Simple Pacers
  • Festive Trojans
  • Sugar Monks
  • Powerful Seawolves
  • Graceful Redskins
  • Flawless Flash

Survivor Group Names

How to Decide Your Survivor Group Name?

Creating the perfect group name for your Survivor players is a challenge! There are a lot of factors to consider, such as team names and individual names.

To help you, we’ve created a list of tips for choosing the perfect name for your Survivor teams.

Do you need to work together? You can do so by creating a name that’s short, catchy, and relevant to your group. You can also work together on a name if you split your group into multiple teams.

Does your name need to stand out? Try using a name that’s fun, unique, and easy to remember. A good way to make your name stand out is to use a character, place, or another piece of trivia that relates to your group.

Does your name need to be memorable? Your Survivor group name needs to be memorable, so if you’re using a word or phrase that’s difficult to pronounce or spell, think about replacing it with something that’s easier to say or spell.

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