399 Cool Teenage Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Teenagers are an exciting age! They are energetic, full of creativity, and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, a lot of times teenagers feel alone, isolated, and overwhelmed when it comes to their future.

Teenage groups can be a great way for teenagers to build lasting friendships and a sense of community, as well as give them something to look forward to.

Whether you want to start a sports team, dance club, or book club, there are a lot of different ways that you can get involved with teenagers.

We’ve created some interesting teenager group name ideas below, from silly to spiritual. We hope that you can find a name that you will love.

Catchy Teenage Group Names

Teenagers can be really creative, and this creativity often spills over into their group names. Choose something that sounds catchy and fun, like a party invitation.

Look for a catchy word or phrase that includes your favorite part of being a teenager. Use a word or phrase that’s positive and uplifting. For example, if you’re a teenage girl, maybe your favorite part is dancing. Try a trendy teen group name, or make one up yourself.

The internet is full of inspiration for unique, creative names, and you’ll likely find a few that match what you want. A good place to start is with popular movie titles.

  • Status Quo
  • Peacocks
  • Hope
  • Code Red
  • Mighty Ducks
  • Hurricanes
  • Remedy
  • Leopards
  • Youth On Fire
  • Mad Monkey
  • Undisputed
  • One Purpose
  • Active
  • Teenage Dream
  • Abide In Truth
  • Champions
  • Koalas
  • Honoring Our Savior
  • Bethel Hearts
  • Fireflies

Top 10 Rare Teenage Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Thug Gang

This name is a perfect name for a gang of teenagers who can be easily identified as a group of youngsters. These kids are the most dangerous and are known to commit many crimes.

Thus, you should not use this name for any purpose. Instead, opt for another name so that your group doesn’t get caught by the police.

Thug Gang

2.    Thunder Girls

You must have heard about the thunderstorms in the summer season. Well, the thunderstorm is something similar to this name. When you think of this name, you will feel like going on a picnic with the girls.

You will have a sense of excitement and thrill because the thunderstorm is an exciting place. The best part of this name is that it is very easy to remember. You can say it as a name for your group or team name.

Thunder Girls

3.      The Swaggers

These names are for the kids who like to enjoy the best of everything. You have all the right to take care of yourself by opting for these names.

These names will help you to express your individuality, as you will be getting a name that represents your own personality. In order to use this name, you have to make sure that it is suitable for you. You should never use this name if it doesn’t suit your personality.

The Swaggers

4.      The Squad

If you are looking for some group names for teenagers, then the name here can be your best bet. It has the capability to inspire your group members to achieve more things and go beyond their limits.

You must have got the feeling that all these group names are very catchy. This means that you will get a lot of responses from your group members once you use any of them for your group name.

The main thing you should keep in mind while choosing any of these names is that they should not contain any kind of negative word. Otherwise, your entire campaign will fail.

The Squad

5.      The Rockstars

The rockstar name will always keep your team on its toes because the rock star name gives them something to look up to. You need to give them something that will make them stand out from the crowd.

If you are not really sure about what kind of name you should choose, then you have to opt for this name. This name will always give you a good name.

Moreover, it will inspire you to work hard every day for the betterment of your career. You should use this name for your team or group.

The Rockstars

6.    The Pollinators

Teenagers these days have been busy exploring new avenues in their lives and careers. When we say teenagers, we mean to say teens, because there are many sub-categories of this age group.

While some of them still live with their parents, others have moved out of the home and are living their own lives.

But whatever may be the case, it is not a good idea for a teenager to have a group name that does not provide them any value.

And if you are one of those people who are planning to start a group for teenagers, then there are certain names that you must consider.

The Pollinators

7.      Team Dai-Gurren

If you have a group of friends who like to spend their free time together, then they must be having some name for that particular group. This name will reflect how they have spent their time.

If you choose a name here, it will become easy for you to remember them. It will be quite easier for you to identify each and every one of them with their names. This can lead you to make more friends too.

You can name your group “Name Here” if you want to be very specific with the name. The reason behind giving a name here is that you know exactly where the group is. You can easily meet them any time without even looking for them.

So, what about these names? Which of them are great group names? Let us check out some of them.

Team Dai-Gurren

8.      Life Savers

Teenagers have been around for a long time, and this has been one of the greatest times of their lives. But now, it seems like the teenage years have just begun.

You can now understand what they mean by “lifesavers” as they don’t know how to control themselves and get lost in a daydream. They just wish to make things happen faster, with more intensity and vigor.

There are no names that can give them the name that suits their personality. So, we have come up with some cool names for your teen groups.

Life Savers

9.      Cellar Boyz

The name of a group needs to be unique, but also has to be appealing to a large number of people. The name of a group should be able to describe what it is all about.

In the case of Cellar Boyz Teenage Group Names, the name ‘Teenage’ is what makes it all unique.

The word ‘Cellar’ means a storage area. When the name says ‘Cellar’ Boys, it tells the world about the kind of boys who are in the group.

They are mostly like teens, but they are also mature enough to take care of everything in the group. This group helps teens with their problems. That is why they call them ‘Teenage’ Boys.

Cellar Boyz

10.      Crazy Crew

You know, when we have some teenagers in our group or team, they are always so crazy. So, if you are looking for a name that will describe all these crazy behaviors, then this name can be a perfect choice for you.

There are various options that can be used with this name. In addition, you can also use different variations of this name to make it even more interesting. So, if you are thinking to use any name with this title, then you must use this name for your group.

Crazy Crew

Cool Teenage Group Names

Create a group name that’s related to a specific age group. If your teenagers are more into sports, you can call them a team that plays sports. If they spend a lot of time with their friends, you could call them a group that hangs out.

Consider using slang terms, especially ones related to music or movies. Teenagers are very familiar with pop culture, so they can be expected to understand slang terms that are related to entertainment.

Think of something that teens would know, and incorporate it into your group name. For example, if you want to make a group of teenage girls, you could call it a “Gemini Group,” and include a slang term for “cute” or “chicks.”

  • Disciple This
  • Ebz
  • Bucks
  • Dolphins
  • Bathroom Of The Ark
  • R-Gen
  • Jokers
  • Seal Of Love
  • Dolls With Balls
  • Quest
  • Chosen Generation
  • Outliers
  • Blue Birds
  • Turn To Christ
  • Flair
  • Wolf Packaces
  • Brigade
  • Giants
  • Blue Jays
  • Bullets

Creative Teenage Group Names

Your teenage group is likely full of creative teenagers who are passionate about their hobbies. Look for a theme that you can incorporate into your group name that relates to what your teens are doing.

For example, if they love fashion, you could choose a name that incorporates “Fashion” or “Tailor,” which would make the group name, The Fashion Tailor.

Consider the type of teen you have. Teens that are interested in different things will have varied interests. They could be interested in sports, music, video games, arts, and more.

You can take the general interest that they share and combine it with something specific that your teens like. If they like animals, you could use a word like “Pets” to create a group name like The Pets Petting Zoo.

  • Home Runners
  • Pimps
  • Biblical Principles.
  • Ducks
  • Covered By Love
  • Power House
  • Bloom
  • Worship Ministry
  • The Resistance.
  • Patriots
  • Prodigies
  • Storm Chasers
  • All Us Single Ladies
  • Open Gates
  • Three Sixteens
  • Three18
  • Radical Generation
  • Solid Rock
  • Proclaim God’s Kingdom To The World
  • Dangers

Unique Teenage Group Names

Get a bunch of teenagers together and talk about what they do. Talk about a hobby they all share or how they all relate to each other. After you’ve talked about their activities, think of a few names that you can combine to create your group name.

For example, you may have three teens that enjoy watching movies and reading.

If that’s the case, they might have a common interest like “Cinema,” or they could have a shared hobby like “Reading.” You can combine those two ideas to create your group name: The Cinema Reading Group.

  • Overflow
  • Truth
  • Exterminators Fairies
  • Freedom Thirstgame Changers
  • Altared
  • The Desert
  • Mets
  • Aggies
  • Good News
  • Delivering Hope
  • Fisher Cats
  • Leading The Way.
  • Cia
  • Baby Got Track
  • Bible Buddies
  • Outbreak
  • Power Of Gospel.
  • Celestial Force
  • Built On The Rock
  • Basic Training

Cute Teenage Group Names

Teenagers are among the most important customers of any business, and they need a little extra care and attention. To attract teenage customers, you can choose a group name with a cute teenager, like a baby-faced kid or a young teen girl.

This will appeal to teenagers and parents alike, so you’ll have a good mix of people in your group. Consider adding words that relate to teenagers, like “teenagers” or “teens.”

Examples include “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” “What a waste of a perfectly good bedtime story,” or “I’m not here to help. I’m here to do a great job and make tons of money.”

Find an inspirational photo of a cute teen and use it in your group name.

  • High Voltage
  • Professionals
  • New Life
  • Opening Belief
  • Bearcats
  • Greek For Sword, Matthew 10:34
  • Dedicated, Determined And Driven
  • Catch Fire
  • We Are Friends
  • Bookworms
  • 50 Shades Of Age
  • Masters
  • G-Force
  • Lol – Living Out Loud
  • Thrashers
  • Souled Out
  • Soul Fields
  • Crush
  • Blessed Souls
  • One

Teenage Group Names

How to Decide Your Teenage Group Name?

Teenage groups are usually made up of young people between the ages of 13 and 18, and they can take the form of anything from an active group to a social club.

These group names will reflect what teens are looking for in their friendships and will make your teenagers feel appreciated as part of a group. Use these tips to create a name for your teenage group that’s fitting:

Don’t forget your audience. Teenagers are more comfortable with a name that’s simple and familiar, but also doesn’t exclude them. A name like “Friends of the High School” is likely to attract a wider range of ages than “High School BFFs.”

Don’t forget about the gender divide. While teenage boys are more likely to be interested in sports and physical activities, girls also enjoy being active and joining together to make things happen.

Look for inspiration. What do teenagers want in their friendships? They might want to make new friends, hang out with others who share similar interests or have a more diverse group of friends. Look for inspiration from other groups in the real world.

Groups such as Scouts and Girl Guides might offer inspiration for names. Or look for inspiration from popular movies, TV shows, music, and books.

Make it memorable. When choosing a name for a group of teenagers, try to pick something that stands out, both in terms of uniqueness and in terms of the names themselves.

Don’t worry about using an uncommon word or phrase. If the name is unique and memorable, so will the group.

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