700 Telugu Names to Explore and Cherish

Are you on a quest to discover unique and creative Telugu names? Look no further! In this blog article, we have curated a collection of 700 captivating Telugu names that will surely leave you inspired. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Names have a special significance, and we believe that these Telugu names will bring beauty, meaning, and a touch of tradition to your life.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have delved deep into the art of naming. From creating memorable brand names to crafting fantasy character names, I have developed a passion for the power of words. Telugu names, in particular, have a rich cultural heritage that reflects the essence of the language and its people. Through this article, I aim to share my expertise and offer you a diverse selection of Telugu names that can be used for various purposes.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within the pages of this article, you will find a name that resonates with your desires and aspirations. Whether you are searching for a name for your newborn, a unique moniker for your business, or even a name for your fantasy character, this collection of 700 Telugu names will ignite your imagination and help you discover the perfect name that truly captures your essence. So, let’s embark on this fascinating journey through the world of Telugu names together!

Telugu Names

  • Akshay
  • Arjun
  • Bhavya
  • Charitha
  • Durga
  • Harsha
  • Indira
  • Jagdish
  • Kavya
  • Lakshmi
  • Madhavi
  • Naveen
  • Pranav
  • Radha
  • Sai
  • Tejas
  • Uma
  • Varun
  • Yash
  • Zoya
  • Abhinav
  • Chitra
  • Divya
  • Ganesh
  • Hema
  • Isha
  • Jaya
  • Kiran
  • Latha
  • Manoj
  • Niharika
  • Praveen
  • Rahul
  • Sangeeta
  • Tanvi
  • Uday
  • Vaishnavi
  • Yamini
  • Aditi
  • Bharat
  • Deepak
  • Gayatri
  • Harini
  • Ishaan
  • Jayanth
  • Karthik
  • Lavanya
  • Meghana
  • Neha
  • Prakash
  • Rajesh
  • Samir
  • Tanuja
  • Uma
  • Vamsi
  • Yashoda
  • Ajay
  • Bindu
  • Divakar
  • Gopi
  • Harshita
  • Indira
  • Jyothi
  • Keerthi
  • Laxman
  • Mahesh
  • Navya
  • Prasad
  • Rani
  • Santosh
  • Tara
  • Venu
  • Yuvraj
  • Anusha
  • Bhargavi
  • Devendra
  • Ganga
  • Hemanth
  • Irfan
  • Janani

20 Telugu Names With Meanings

Akshay: Indestructible; everlasting

Bhavya: Grand; splendid

Chaitanya: Consciousness; life

Deepika: Lamp; radiant

Esha: Desire; wish

Gautham: Enlightened; wise

Harini: Deer; graceful

Ishita: Mastery; desired

Jagadeesh: Lord of the world

Kavya: Poem; poetry

Lakshya: Aim; goal

Madhavi: Springtime; sweet like honey

Naveen: New; fresh

Pranav: Sacred syllable OM; divine sound

Radha: Prosperity; success

Surya: Sun; radiant

Tejas: Radiance; brilliance

Uma: Goddess Parvati; tranquility

Varun: Lord of the water; rain

Yash: Fame; success

Bow & Crossbow Names

Male Telugu Names

Aditya: Sun; radiant energy

Akash: Sky; vast like heavens

Bhargav: Descendant of Bhrigu; divine

Chandra: Moon; shining luminary

Dhanush: Bow; archer’s weapon

Gopala: Cowherd; protector of cows

Hari: Lord Vishnu; remover of sins

Ishwar: Supreme God; divine ruler

Jagdish: Lord of the universe

Karthik: Hindu month; auspicious time

Mahesh: Great lord; mighty ruler

Naveen: New; fresh; modern

Prakash: Light; illumination; brightness

Rahul: Efficient; conqueror of miseries

Surya: Sun; radiant energy source

Teja: Radiance; brilliance; light

Umesh: Lord Shiva; powerful ruler

Varun: God of rain; water

Yashwanth: One with fame and glory

Abhinav: New; innovative; creative

Charan: Feet; refuge; protection

Dinesh: Lord of the day; sun

Girish: Lord of the mountains

Harish: Lord Vishnu; king of monkeys

Jagan: Universe; world; cosmos

Kalyan: Auspicious; blessed; fortunate

Manoj: Born of the mind; cupid

Navin: New; fresh; modern

Praveen: Skilled; proficient; expert

Ravi: Sun; radiant; shining

Native American Names Male

Female Telugu Names

Aditi: Mother of gods; boundless

Akhila: Complete; whole; universal

Bhavana: Meditation; contemplation; imagination

Deepa: Lamp; light; radiant

Ganga: Sacred river; pure

Harini: Deer; graceful; delicate

Indira: Beauty; splendor; goddess Lakshmi

Janani: Mother; nurturer; giver of life

Kavya: Poem; poetry; artistic expression

Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth; prosperity

Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna; saintly

Niharika: Dawn; early morning sunlight

Pooja: Worship; offering; reverence

Radha: Beloved of Lord Krishna; success

Sangeeta: Music; melodious; harmony

Tejaswini: Radiant; bright; brilliant

Uma: Goddess Parvati; tranquility; fame

Varsha: Rain; shower; monsoon season

Yamini: Night; nocturnal; moonlit

Aishwarya: Prosperity; wealth; abundance

Divya: Divine; heavenly; sacred

Gayatri: Sacred hymn; mother of Vedas

Hema: Golden; golden-hued; precious

Ishani: Goddess Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva

Jyothi: Light; flame; brightness

Kirthi: Fame; reputation; glory

Laxmi: Goddess of wealth; fortune

Nandini: Joyful; delightful; daughter

Pranitha: Promising; talented; ambitious

Roshni: Light; illumination; brightness

Unique Telugu Names

Ananya: Unique; matchless; unparalleled

Bhairavi: Goddess Durga; musical raga

Chaitra: First month of the Hindu calendar

Dhriti: Steadfastness; determination; courage

Eesha: Goddess Parvati; supreme ruler

Falguni: Born in the month of Falgun

Gauri: Fair; radiant; goddess Parvati

Hamsa: Swan; graceful; pure

Ishita: Desired; wanted; desired

Janaki: Daughter of King Janaka; Sita

Kavya: Poetry; poetic; artistic expression

Lavanya: Grace; beauty; elegance

Medha: Intellect; wisdom; intelligence

Nandita: Joyful; happy; delightful

Ojaswi: Bright; radiant; glowing

Pavani: Pure; sacred; holy

Rajani: Night; darkness; peace

Sannidhi: Sacred place; temple; abode

Tanvi: Delicate; slender; beautiful

Ujjwala: Bright; radiant; luminous

Vasudha: Earth; mother earth; planet

Yashita: Successful; accomplished; renowned

Zara: Princess; radiance; blossoming flower

Adhira: Restless; impulsive; lightning

Bhanu: Sun; shining; radiating light

Charvi: Beautiful woman; lovely; charming

Divija: Born from the divine

Gandhali: Fragrance of flowers; pleasant scent

Ishwari: Goddess; divine; supreme ruler

Jwalitha: Luminous; fiery; radiant

Famous Telugu Names

Allu Arjun: Famous Telugu actor

Chiranjeevi: Immortal; legendary Telugu actor

Nagarjuna: Son of Naga; prominent actor

Pawan Kalyan: Power star; renowned actor

Mahesh Babu: Superstar; popular Telugu actor

Jr. NTR: Young Tiger; acclaimed actor

Samantha Akkineni: Leading actress; well-known personality

Ram Charan: Mega Power Star; successful actor

Nani: Natural Star; versatile actor

Anushka Shetty: Lady Superstar; accomplished actress

Rana Daggubati: Baahubali fame actor

Vijay Deverakonda: Arjun Reddy fame actor

Prabhas: Rebel Star; Bahubali actor

Naga Chaitanya: Akkineni scion; popular actor

Keerthy Suresh: National Award-winning actress

Rakul Preet Singh: Versatile actress; former model

Nithiin: Youthful star; talented actor

Tamannaah Bhatia: Milky Beauty; leading actress

Venkatesh Daggubati: Victory Venkatesh; acclaimed actor

Shruti Haasan: Multitalented actress; musician

Vijay Sethupathi: Acclaimed Tamil actor; fame in Telugu cinema

Sai Pallavi: Natural beauty; talented actress

Anjali: Versatile actress; notable performances

Nithya Menen: Gifted actress; diverse roles

Ravi Teja: Mass Maharaja; energetic actor

Regina Cassandra: Rising star; promising actress

Ram Pothineni: Energetic Star; young actor

Raashi Khanna: Charming actress; successful career

Suriya: Versatile actor; success in Telugu and Tamil cinema

Rashmika Mandanna: National crush; popular actress

Common Telugu Names

Sai: Divine; spiritual

Ravi: Sun; radiant

Anitha: Grace; favor; kindness

Suresh: Lord of the gods

Swathi: Pure; beautiful; selfless

Krishna: Dark-skinned; Lord Krishna

Sandhya: Twilight; evening; dusk

Rajesh: King of kings

Lavanya: Grace; beauty; elegance

Prakash: Light; brightness; illumination

Sneha: Affection; love; tenderness

Srinivas: Abode of wealth

Manasa: Mind; intellect; wish

Vinod: Pleasure; joy; delight

Divya: Divine; heavenly; sacred

Ramesh: Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu

Sravanthi: Holy; pious; auspicious

Prasad: Divine offering; gift; blessing

Madhavi: Springtime; sweet like honey

Kiran: Ray of light; sunbeam

Saritha: River; flowing; moving

Harsha: Happiness; joy; delight

Arjun: Bright; shining; brilliant

Radhika: Successful; prosperous; beloved

Naresh: Lord of humans

Anusha: Beautiful morning; ray of light

Vasu: Wealth; treasure; divine

Anita: Grace; favor; sweetness

Renuka: Mother of Parasurama; born from dust

Vikram: Valorous; courageous; mighty

Fantasy Telugu Names

Aarush: First ray of sun; dawn

Daevika: Divine; celestial being

Vyomini: Sky dweller; heavenly

Amaranya: Immortal; eternal forest

Divyansh: Divine part; heavenly essence

Vriksha: Enchanted tree; mystical forest

Aranya: Wilderness; enchanted woods

Kamadhenu: Wish-fulfilling cow; magical

Manasvi: Intuitive; wise; magical mind

Chandrahas: Moon sword; celestial weapon

Yuvika: Young; youthful; magical being

Tanaysha: Daughter of nature; enchanted

Advaita: Non-dual; ultimate reality

Drishya: Vision; magical sight; apparition

Nihar: Awakening; magical sunrise

Indradhanush: Rainbow; divine archer

Nitya: Eternal; everlasting; timeless

Vihaan: Dawn; morning; new beginning

Adbhuta: Wonder; marvel; magical

Akalpa: Imagination; fantastical creation

Svarna: Golden; radiant; enchanting

Amrita: Nectar; elixir of immortality

Pravalika: Brilliant; magical; mystical

Jeevika: Life; vital force; spirited

Rudraja: Born of Lord Shiva; divine

Varshini: Rainy; magical shower; blessing

Antariksha: Space; celestial realm; cosmos

Yashita: Successful; accomplished; renowned

Ranjan: Delightful; joyful; magical charm

Shivaya: Devotion to Lord Shiva; divine

Cool Telugu Names

Arya: Noble; honorable; enlightened

Dhruv: Firm; constant; steadfast

Eeshaan: Lord Shiva; ruler; powerful

Harsha: Happiness; joy; delight

Ishan: Sun; Lord Shiva; ruler

Jai: Victory; success; triumph

Karthik: Hindu month; auspicious time

Niharika: Dawn; early morning sunlight

Pranav: Sacred syllable OM; divine sound

Rahul: Efficient; conqueror of miseries

Shreya: Auspicious; fortunate; beautiful

Siddharth: One who has attained enlightenment

Varun: Lord of the water; rain

Abhinav: New; innovative; creative

Aditi: Boundless; free; limitless

Aishwarya: Prosperity; wealth; abundance

Akshay: Indestructible; everlasting

Bhavya: Grand; splendid; majestic

Charan: Feet; refuge; protection

Deepika: Lamp; radiant; illuminating

Gautham: Enlightened; wise; knowledgeable

Kavya: Poem; poetry; artistic expression

Naveen: New; fresh; modern

Prathiksha: Hope; anticipation; waiting

Rajat: Silver; shining; radiant

Sangeeta: Music; melodious; harmony

Tejas: Radiance; brilliance; fiery energy

Uday: Dawn; sunrise; rise

Veda: Knowledge; sacred scriptures; wisdom

Yash: Fame; success; glory

Best Telugu Names

Aarav: Peaceful; calm; serene

Advait: Non-dual; unique; one

Akshara: Eternal; imperishable; indestructible

Ameya: Boundless; immeasurable; limitless

Anika: Grace; brilliance; sweet-faced

Anirudh: Boundless; unbeatable; invincible

Charith: Good deeds; virtuous actions

Darsh: Vision; sight; appearance

Eesha: Goddess Parvati; supreme ruler

Hamsitha: Swan-like; graceful; elegant

Haritha: Green; nature-loving; fertile

Ishaanvi: Goddess Parvati; divine beauty

Kavya: Poetry; poetic; artistic expression

Mahi: Earth; great; powerful

Naksh: Star; celestial body; constellation

Navya: New; fresh; modern

Pranavi: Melody; musical; divine sound

Rachana: Creation; artistic; creative work

Saanvi: Goddess Lakshmi; holy; pure

Samarth: Capable; competent; skilled

Tanush: Beautiful; slender; delicate

Tarunika: Youthful; young; fresh

Udbhav: Origin; source; creation

Vaishnavi: Devotee of Lord Vishnu

Veda: Knowledge; sacred scriptures; wisdom

Yashita: Successful; accomplished; renowned

Zara: Princess; radiance; blossoming flower

Rithvik: Priest; performer of rituals

Shivani: Goddess Parvati; auspicious; divine

Praneeth: Lifeline; vital force; breath of life

Perfect Telugu Names

Aanya: Gracious; compassionate; merciful

Bhargav: Lord Shiva; radiant; brilliant

Chaitanya: Consciousness; awareness; vitality

Divit: Immortal; divine; eternal

Gaurav: Pride; dignity; honor

Harini: Deer; graceful; delicate

Ishaan: Sun; Lord Shiva; ruler

Jyotsna: Moonlight; moonbeam; radiance

Kavya: Poem; poetry; artistic expression

Lakshya: Aim; goal; target

Manasa: Mind; intellect; wish

Navya: New; fresh; modern

Omkar: Sacred sound of universe; mantra

Pranavi: Melody; musical; divine sound

Raashi: Zodiac sign; constellation; moon sign

Saketh: Lord Rama’s abode; Ayodhya

Tejas: Radiance; brilliance; fiery energy

Udayan: Rising; morning; dawn

Veda: Knowledge; sacred scriptures; wisdom

Yashvi: Famous; glorious; successful

Abhiram: Pleasing; delightful; charming

Bhavya: Grand; splendid; majestic

Dhanya: Blessed; fortunate; grateful

Eshita: Desired; wished; yearned

Jagan: Universe; world; cosmic

Kirthi: Fame; reputation; glory

Lavanya: Grace; beauty; elegance

Nitya: Eternal; everlasting; timeless

Pratham: First; foremost; initial

Vihan: Dawn; morning; new beginning

How to Name Your Telugu Character

Names play a vital role in storytelling, shaping the identity and essence of fictional characters. When it comes to Telugu characters, choosing the right name becomes even more significant. Telugu culture is rich in history and symbolism, and a well-chosen name can add depth and authenticity to your character. In this article, we will explore the process of naming Telugu characters, considering various factors and offering guidance to help you create names that resonate with your audience.

Understanding the Character’s Background

Before diving into the naming process, it’s essential to understand your character’s background. Consider the cultural and historical context in which they exist. Explore social and regional influences that shape their identity. Additionally, delve into their personality traits and characteristics. Understanding these aspects will provide valuable insights and help you select a name that aligns with your character’s background and narrative.

Researching Telugu Naming Conventions

To create authentic Telugu names, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with traditional naming conventions. Explore common prefixes and suffixes used in Telugu names. Gain an understanding of symbolic meanings and associations attached to certain names. This research will help you create names that capture the essence of your character while respecting the cultural and linguistic nuances of the Telugu community.

Emphasizing Cultural Relevance

When naming Telugu characters, it is vital to emphasize cultural relevance. Ensure that the names reflect Telugu culture and values. Consider incorporating traditional elements such as family names, honorifics, or titles that add depth and authenticity to the character’s identity. However, it is equally important to avoid cultural appropriation and respectfully navigate the boundaries of representation.

Considering Phonetics and Pronunciation

A well-chosen Telugu name should have a pleasing phonetic quality and be easy to pronounce. Aim for names that flow harmoniously and have a melodious quality when spoken aloud. While uniqueness is desirable, strike a balance between uniqueness and familiarity to ensure that the name resonates with your audience and doesn’t create confusion or dissonance.

Unearthing Inspiration

Finding inspiration for Telugu character names can come from various sources. Explore mythology and folklore, as Telugu culture is deeply intertwined with these narratives. Draw inspiration from nature, considering elements like flowers, animals, or natural phenomena. Additionally, historical figures or events can serve as inspiration for creating memorable names that evoke a sense of depth and authenticity.

Seeking Feedback and Testing

Once you have a list of potential names, it is essential to seek feedback from trusted sources. Share the names with individuals familiar with Telugu culture and language to gauge their resonance and impact. Pay attention to how the names are received and consider making adjustments based on the feedback received. Testing the names in this way ensures that they truly capture the essence of your character and connect with your intended audience.


Naming your Telugu character is a thoughtful and nuanced process that requires careful consideration of cultural, linguistic, and narrative elements. By understanding your character’s background, researching naming conventions, emphasizing cultural relevance, considering phonetics, unearthing inspiration, and seeking feedback, you can create names that breathe life into your Telugu characters. Remember, a well-chosen name has the power to enrich your storytelling, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impression on your readers.


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