399 Cool Thief Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Thieves are everywhere — even in your group! If you want to be safe, it is important that you hire an organizer, a manager, and a security guard to keep your group running smoothly and safely.

The number of criminal acts that have been committed in the past few years has increased dramatically. In fact, the FBI reported that in 2011, there were 9,744 robberies, 1,959 home burglaries, 3,542 larcenies, and 2,099 motor vehicle thefts.

A thief can be anyone: a family member, a neighbor, or an acquaintance. Thieves might steal your personal belongings, and that can make you feel alone, sad, and embarrassed.

However, there are many ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables, including locks, alarms, and even police protection.

As such, it is important that you know how to protect your group and keep them safe. Below, you will find a list of all the best thief group names you can use for your next meeting.

Catchy Thief Group Names

If you love to be a sneaky thief, your group name should also suggest this. Steal a group name from a famous criminal, like Sherlock Holmes, or a criminal mastermind, like Tony Soprano.

Also, if you’re more of a “getaway driver” or a “highwayman,” a name that refers to either of these terms will inspire you and your group.

If you’re a “courier” or a “mule,” then your group name should suggest a mail carrier, delivery person, or any courier service that uses mules.

  • Solardawn
  • Lady Trap Stars
  • Kazan Gang
  • National Crime Syndicate
  • Pavano Crime Family
  • Waste Of Police Time
  • Aggi Crew
  • Família Do Norte
  • West End Gang
  • Wo Hop To
  • Riot Starters
  • Kurganskaya Group
  • Varrios Los Aztecas
  • Crowhoods
  • Spear Of The Nation
  • All Bark, No Bite
  • Sacrificed Shields
  • Dungeons And Dragons
  • Pink Panthers
  • Cuneo Crime Family

Top 10 Rare Thief Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    38th Street Gang

It has nothing to do with the gang and criminal activities. But it’s a perfect name for all the people who have no idea of how to create a good name for their group. If you are not sure about how to choose a good name for your group then try out this name.

38th Street Gang

2.    All Pain, No Gain

People who are lazy and lack motivation never have a chance of becoming successful in life. But if you are one of them, then you should think twice before you choose this name.

This name gives an impression that your group doesn’t want to work hard for anything. Thus, this is a bad name for your group.

All Pain, No Gain

3.      Alpha Gang

If you have some good friends and they are part of a gang, then why not opt for this name? You must choose this name carefully because it will attract more people to you. Thus, you must have a team of thieves or gang members to steal the best names from the web.

You can use this name for your group name if you are ready to take the risk.

Alpha Gang

4.      Bad & Breezy

If you are an adventurous person and you love to move around with friends then you must go for the name “Bad & Breezy Thief Group Name”. When you use this name, you will never feel alone and you will have fun while doing it.

This name will give you a sense of excitement that will not let you down anytime soon. If you are interested in exploring new things and meeting new people, then you should use this name. You will get a lot of satisfaction when you use this name as your group name.

Bad & Breezy

5.      Bad Boys

The best thing about this name is that it has a great impact on the reader’s mind. A thief group name is all about how the thief group works.

If they are thieves and they steal things, then it means they are the best ones. However, the best part of this name is that it helps in motivating the members to work together towards achieving a common goal.

Bad Boys

6.    Big 4

The group name here can give you a sense of freedom and independence, as it has the word “here” in it. There are many names like “Big 4 Thief” that have the same meaning, but this name gives you the freedom to select any name that you like.

Thus, if you are working as a group, you can select this name for your group.

Big 4

7.      Bureau 121

The “Bureau 121” is a special unit of the police force that operates on an international level to combat the crimes happening all over the world. Bureau 121 has been formed with a motive to fight against crimes of all types and sizes.

It has the authority to go into any place and seize any kind of weapons that are used by criminals or terrorist groups. Hence, if you are interested in naming your group or organization then you should go for this name.

Bureau 121

8.      Cellar Boyz

Your name here is a perfect name for those people who are creative and innovative. People with this name are always eager to explore new things and do something new.

So, if you are one of them, then this name will definitely work for you. It will not only attract the attention of the readers, but it will also motivate your team members to work hard for the success of the group.

Cellar Boyz

9.      Crazy Crew

This name is best for those people who are adventurous, bold, and crazy. Crazy name is not just suitable for your group, but it will also help you to find an appropriate name for your group.

This name will give a boost to your group and will motivate them to do better in all the fields. Thus, this name is the best option to choose for your group name.

Crazy Crew

10.      Eliminators

In this modern world, when we see something in a form of a game or a contest, we have no option but to be a part of it. This is exactly what happens with Eliminators Thief Group Name.

You have to join this group name and win the game. So, choose your name wisely and make sure that you win all the games and give a tough time to others in the same way.


Cool Thief Group Names

If you’re planning on starting a gang, choose a group name that is a little bit of an inside joke. Find something that you both enjoy, or that your group can share. Some examples include The Lizards, The Moles, The Thieves, The Ninjas, and The Assassins.

You can also create a fun group name by combining two words. For example, you could use the words “Hobo Gang” to describe a group of young adults who live together while going from town to town.

You could use the words “Biker” and “Lacrosse” to create a new group.

  • Mayans M.C.
  • Original Covenant Ballas
  • The Acrobats Guild
  • Ill Illusions
  • The Oculists
  • Sabini Syndicate
  • Steplatter
  • Lobster Legion
  • Liberty Posse
  • Khumalo Gang
  • Stewards Of The Fearless
  • The League Of Extraordinary Bastards
  • Broken Crusaders
  • Red Dragons
  • The Baby Faces
  • Hoarder Patrol
  • Red C-Note
  • Bingo Boys
  • Solntsevskaya Brotherhood
  • Ang Soon Thong

Creative Thief Group Names

You can use a negative word or one with a dual meaning. A creative thief is someone who steals ideas without giving credit to the creator, which makes them a thief. But they are also a skilled artist who takes things apart and puts them back together in a new way.

So you can create a creative thief group name that includes both meanings of the word and is more positive. For example, you can choose a word like “Tinker,” “Inventor,” or “Designer” that has a positive meaning, and then add a negative word like “Steal” to it.

If the word you use has multiple meanings, think about which meaning suits your group best. You can use one of the two meanings or you can choose a word that has multiple positive meanings.

  • Gang 04
  • Longsight Crew
  • Ghetto Brothers
  • What’s Up, Gang?
  • Omega End
  • Soul Harvesters
  • Kielbasa Posse
  • Rotting Outlaws
  • Penose
  • Casalesi Clan
  • Mors Navis
  • Iron Power
  • Los Pelones
  • Nine-Tenths
  • Dead Man Incorporated
  • San Fierro Rifa
  • Gang Of Gaxhai
  • The Softies
  • Series Of Misfortunes
  • Gang 18

Unique Thief Group Names

If you like the word “thief” itself, you can make your group name sound like a catchphrase or slogan. For example, a group could be called “The Thieves” or “We Steal Stuff.” If you like the idea of a word with a negative connotation, think of the opposite of “thief.”

You could choose a word that describes someone as dishonest or someone who steals things that don’t belong to them.

If you want to stay away from these specific words, you could combine the idea of “thief” with a different concept. For example, “Burglars” would describe a group of people who steal things, but don’t necessarily commit burglary.

  • Snitch Killers
  • Money Comes First
  • Gang 08
  • Sleight Of Hand
  • Heralds Of Nighttwilight Thugs
  • Kalani Gang
  • Crate Crackers
  • Messina Crime Family
  • Cereal Killers
  • Hillbilly Bitches
  • Florencia 13
  • Big Money Boys
  • Santa Monica 13
  • The Drunk Tank
  • Pyro-Fancy
  • The Richardson Gang
  • Disposable Plague Rats
  • Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force
  • Larceny Legends
  • Dark Assassins

Cute Thief Group Names

If your group is a crime group, your group name should convey the image of a sneaky criminal. This might not be the best idea for all groups, so try out a few names before settling on one.

If you want to make the group name sound cute, consider using a name that starts with “C” or contains “C,” such as “The Cutes”.

  • Notorious Ambitions
  • Friends Stand United
  • Jamaican Posse
  • Hollow Illusions
  • Ni-Daime Kodo-Kai
  • Clanu
  • The High Rip Gang
  • 100s
  • Gnomeland Security
  • The Occulists Guild
  • Heralds Of Night
  • 419 Scammers
  • The Female Bunch
  • Squad Of The Dragon
  • Disgraceful Assassins
  • Thelma And Louise
  • Black Disciples
  • Hawkhurst Gang
  • Libertadores Del Vichada
  • Cursed Crew

Thief Group Names

How to Decide Your Thief Group Name?

Thieves aren’t typically known for being friendly, but they do have some common characteristics. They often love their work and are good at it, and they generally have a passion for solving mysteries and uncovering secrets.

So, they may just need a good name to show how awesome they really are. The following tips can help you come up with a name for your own group of thieves:

Pick an unusual, catchy, or silly name. A funny or quirky name will help make your group stand out, even if you’re a team of experts in breaking and entering.

You can pick names that make you sound like a band of superheroes, like the “Superheroes” or the “Thieves of Haven.” Or you could go for something more serious, like the “Thief Hunters.”

Whatever you choose, you should make sure that your name is clever, distinctive, and fits the image you want to project for your group. Use a short name. Thieves often enjoy keeping things short and to the point.

Add a nickname. Many thieves use the names of famous historical characters as part of their names. Examples include “Robin Hood,” “Sherlock Holmes,” and “Jack the Ripper.”

This creates a connection between you and the character you’re named after, so you can build your reputation as the best thief around.

Make your name memorable. When naming your group, keep in mind the people who will be joining. You’ll want your group name to be easy to remember, so it’s important to think about how it’s going to be pronounced, how it’s spelled, and how it’s written.

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