700 Unique Throne Names for Your Royal Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Throne Names,” where we’re thrilled to share a collection of truly creative and majestic names fit for royalty! As the saying goes, “A throne is only a bench covered with velvet,” reminding us that true power lies in the name that adorns it. Get ready to dive into a world of regal appellations that will spark your imagination and transport you to realms of grandeur and authority!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of Fantasy Character naming, I can confidently say that crafting the perfect throne name is an art in itself. Throughout my journey, I have delved into ancient histories, mythologies, and linguistic treasures to curate this extensive list. Each name carries a unique essence, capturing the essence of sovereignty and ruling prowess. With our expertise and passion for naming, we aim to inspire you to find the perfect title for your royal characters or perhaps even for your own creative projects.

Now, dear reader, get ready to embark on a remarkable journey of exploration and discovery. Within this article, you will unearth a treasure trove of 700 throne names, each one carefully handpicked to offer you the perfect blend of tradition, power, and enchantment. Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration for your epic novel, a gamer venturing into new realms, or simply someone with a fascination for regal monikers, rest assured that you will find that one exceptional name that resonates with your vision and sets your imagination ablaze. Let’s dive in and discover the names that will grace the thrones of kingdoms yet to be imagined!

Throne Names

Throne Names

  • Xanaria
  • Zythara
  • Valdris
  • Thessandra
  • Lythron
  • Aeloria
  • Zepharius
  • Velarian
  • Astridora
  • Thalvira
  • Solarius
  • Zaraelys
  • Nyxalon
  • Aetherion
  • Zyrisol
  • Elystara
  • Alarandor
  • Seraphora
  • Azulyn
  • Drakorin
  • Celestria
  • Valoria
  • Zephyrian
  • Thalorian
  • Azraelis
  • Solandor
  • Astraia
  • Nyxaris
  • Zaraelion
  • Emberia
  • Thessarion
  • Vaelarion
  • Lunaria
  • Zyrosa
  • Xandoria
  • Tyranthos
  • Thalionyx
  • Vaeloria
  • Zylnara
  • Seraphis
  • Valdor
  • Thundrex
  • Astralon
  • Zydris
  • Valoryn
  • Azuline
  • Elystria
  • Alarissa
  • Solandria
  • Zephron
  • Emberiana
  • Thessarina
  • Velarius
  • Zyrielle
  • Alistaria
  • Nyxaria
  • Seraphon
  • Zaraelis
  • Lunaris
  • Aethelia
  • Zyndrix
  • Valyria
  • Zythrian
  • Astrandor
  • Zephyria
  • Thalindra
  • Azurael
  • Drakoria
  • Celestalis
  • Zylandra
  • Elyndra
  • Seraphyon
  • Valyndor
  • Zyrian
  • Aetheris
  • Thessoria
  • Solarys
  • Zaraelar
  • Nyxariah
  • Emberiana

20 Throne Names With Meanings

Throne Names


  1. Alarion the Starstrider – Starstrider exploring galaxies with valor.
  2. Seraphima the Crystalheart – Crystalheart radiating pure celestial love.
  3. Valerian the Moonforged – Moonforged ruler with lunar strength.
  4. Zephyra the Whisperwind – Whisperwind carrying secrets of the skies.
  5. Thalorian the Shadowcaster – Shadowcaster harnessing darkness for protection.
  6. Azraelis the Soulrender – Soulrender guiding souls to their destiny.
  7. Solandor the Firestorm – Firestorm unleashing passionate conflagration.
  8. Astraia the Astralweaver – Astralweaver connecting cosmic threads.
  9. Nyxalis the Nightprowler – Nightprowler lurking in darkness, unseen.
  10. Zaraelion the Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver crafting realms of imagination.
  11. Drakorin the Emberclaw – Emberclaw harboring a dragon’s fierceness.
  12. Celestria the Radiant – Radiant being emanating celestial brilliance.
  13. Thundoria the Thunderhearted – Thunderhearted ruler commanding awe-inspiring thunder.
  14. Valindra the Frostmistress – Frostmistress commanding icy dominion with grace.
  15. Alerius the Windbreaker – Windbreaker taming gusts with untamed courage.
  16. Emberiana the Flamekin – Flamekin embodying the essence of fire.
  17. Zyrona the Skyshaper – Skyshaper bending heavens to her will.
  18. Zyndoria the Moonshifter – Moonshifter orchestrating the dance of night.
  19. Elyssar the Enchanted – Enchanted being bewitching all with charm.
  20. Astralon the Eternal Voyager – Eternal Voyager journeying through dimensions forever.

Game Of Throne Names

Throne Names


  • Daenar Stormwrath – Thunderous warrior of the storms.
  • Jorin Blackthorne – Dark ruler with noble lineage.
  • Elaria Frostbane – Ice princess with fierce prowess.
  • Thalric Shadowclaw – Stealthy master of shadows.
  • Alysar Ironheart – Courageous leader with iron will.
  • Nymeris Sunfire – Radiant ruler of the sun.
  • Seraphius Nightshade – Enigmatic night-born guardian.
  • Luceria Stormcaller – Tempest-summoning sorceress.
  • Oberius Moonshroud – Mysterious lunar guardian.
  • Azarael Emberblade – Fiery sword-wielding champion.
  • Lyssara Frostwind – Icy wind-controlling enchantress.
  • Valdric Thunderpeak – Mighty lord of thunderous peaks.
  • Astrid Darkmoon – Mysterious moon-gazing mystic.
  • Zephyrion Starstrike – Stellar lightning-wielding ruler.
  • Selene Ironbloom – Blossoming iron-hearted moon goddess.
  • Orion Shadowthorn – Thorned protector of the shadows.
  • Gwendoril Blackflame – Flame-born protector of realms.
  • Theronia Frostspark – Sparkling ice-born empress.
  • Cedrik Moonshadow – Shadow-walking lunar guardian.
  • Isadora Nightfall – Nightfallen sorceress of power.
  • Valeria Sunthorn – Thorned sun-kissed sovereign.
  • Ragnar Stormblaze – Blazing storm-born warrior.
  • Lyra Nightgale – Night-singing celestial muse.
  • Alistair Frostbane – Ice-banishing knight of valor.
  • Seraphina Emberheart – Fiery hearted celestial guardian.
  • Alarion Silverwing – Silver-winged hero of legend.
  • Zarael Ironstrike – Iron-willed striker of foes.
  • Azura Stormbreaker – Storm-smashing enigmatic queen.
  • Caelan Starweaver – Celestial weaver of destinies.
  • Isoldoria Frostmoon – Moonlit ice sorceress of fate.

Game Of Thrones Male Names

  • Eddar Stormborn – Born amidst thunderous storms.
  • Robar Blackthorn – Dark and fierce ruler.
  • Torian Frostblade – Icy blade-wielding warrior.
  • Jaxon Ironclad – Ironclad and resilient defender.
  • Garion Nightshade – Master of shadows and darkness.
  • Theon Fireheart – Heart filled with fiery passion.
  • Tyrus Stormrider – Rider of tempestuous winds.
  • Bran Shadowcloak – Cloaked in enigmatic shadows.
  • Jon Emberstrike – Striking like a blazing fire.
  • Gendry Stormbreaker – Breaker of mighty storms.
  • Rickon Nightfall – Embracing the darkness of night.
  • Davos Frostguard – Guarding against icy perils.
  • Loras Ironsoul – Soul as strong as iron.
  • Podrick Moonshadow – Shadows follow his every move.
  • Renly Sunstrike – Striking like the sun’s rays.
  • Samwell Thunderhelm – Helm resounding with thunder.
  • Ramsay Shadowthorn – Thorn in the shadows’ side.
  • Petyr Fireborn – Born with a fiery spirit.
  • Gendry Frostfang – Fangs as cold as ice.
  • Jory Nightwind – Wind whispers his name.
  • Rickard Stormcloak – Cloaked in stormy power.
  • Tormund Ironheart – Heart as sturdy as iron.
  • Edric Moonborne – Born under the moon’s gaze.
  • Mance Blackfire – Fire burns within his soul.
  • Beric Frostgale – Frosty winds heed his call.
  • Walder Stormbloom – Blooming in tempestuous times.
  • Mordane Ironclaw – Clawing his way to victory.
  • Orell Shadowstrike – Striking from the shadows.
  • Jaremy Sunfire – Fire in his every step.
  • Rodrik Nightshade – Cloaked in the night’s embrace.

Game Of Thrones Female Names

Throne Names

  • Sansa Stormsong – Songs of thunder and storms.
  • Arya Blackrose – Rose of dark mysteries.
  • Cersei Frostheart – Heart as cold as ice.
  • Margaery Nightfire – Fire burning in the night.
  • Yara Ironwill – Will as strong as iron.
  • Melisandre Sunflare – Flares of the fiery sun.
  • Daenerys Shadowwing – Wings of mysterious shadows.
  • Catelyn Emberdawn – Dawning with fiery embers.
  • Brienne Froststeel – Steel forged in icy cold.
  • Shireen Nightbloom – Blooming in the night’s shade.
  • Myrcella Stormlight – Light amidst stormy skies.
  • Meera Firecloak – Cloaked in fiery flames.
  • Asha Moonshadow – Shadows follow her steps.
  • Gilly Ironsong – Songs of unyielding iron.
  • Talisa Frostgaze – Gazing into icy depths.
  • Osha Sunstrike – Striking like the sun.
  • Septa Shadowbrook – Brook flowing in shadows.
  • Lyanna Stormwhisper – Whispering like a storm.
  • Ellaria Ironthorn – Thorns of unyielding iron.
  • Sarella Nightflare – Flares of the night.
  • Arianne Sunbloom – Blooming under the sun.
  • Roslin Frostheart – Heart as cold as frost.
  • Tyene Shadowrose – Rose of mysterious shadows.
  • Ygritte Firethorn – Thorn amid fiery flames.
  • Nymeria Moonshroud – Shrouded in lunar mysteries.
  • Obara Ironstrike – Striking with iron might.
  • Jeyne Frostfire – Fire and frost combined.
  • Elia Nightwind – Wind carries her through night.
  • Vala Suncrest – Crest of the radiant sun.
  • Mysa Blackfire – Fire burning within her.

Fantasy Throne Names

  • Zephronia the Eternal – Eternal ruler of the skies.
  • Valdor the Unyielding – Unyielding lord of valor.
  • Astralia the Enchantress – Enchanting wielder of magic.
  • Thundara the Thunderous – Thunderous queen of power.
  • Lyssirion the Moonstrider – Moonlit wanderer of realms.
  • Aleron the Radiant – Radiant king of light.
  • Elysia the Serene – Serene guardian of peace.
  • Zorin the Magnificent – Magnificent sorcerer of wonders.
  • Vaeloria the Starborn – Starborn queen of destiny.
  • Drakonis the Fierce – Fierce dragon lord of flames.
  • Azurion the Soaring – Soaring ruler of the skies.
  • Nyrissa the Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver of ethereal realms.
  • Thalor the Luminous – Luminous ruler of brilliance.
  • Valerion the Everlasting – Everlasting guardian of realms.
  • Celestia the Celestial – Celestial ruler of stars.
  • Zyphron the Windwalker – Windwalking master of air.
  • Nyxaria the Shadowmist – Shadowmist sorceress of stealth.
  • Solandor the Sunbringer – Sunbringer of warmth and light.
  • Thessara the Dreamcaster – Dreamcaster of fantastical visions.
  • Emberion the Emberheart – Ember-hearted guardian of flames.
  • Astraia the Stardancer – Stardancer among celestial beings.
  • Zepharius the Skyward – Skyward ruler of freedom.
  • Valoria the Timeless – Timeless guardian of eternity.
  • Seraphis the Everglow – Everglowing spirit of divinity.
  • Orlaya the Moongazer – Moongazer of mystical wonders.
  • Thaloris the Crystaline – Crystaline lord of crystalline realms.
  • Elyrian the Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver of ethereal tales.
  • Azraelia the Soulbound – Soulbound guardian of fates.
  • Duskara the Twilight – Twilight guardian of balance.
  • Astralon the Astral Seer – Astral seer of hidden truths.

Catchy Throne Names

Xandoria the Celestial – Celestial ruler of Xandor.

Zyleron the Shadowblade – Shadowblade master of deception.

Valeris the Emberqueen – Ember-wielding queen of power.

Thundara the Stormweaver – Stormweaver of electric energy.

Lyssian the Moonhowler – Moonlit howler of legends.

Aleron the Firebrand – Firebrand leader of courage.

Zythis the Dreamshaper – Dreamshaper of fantastical realms.

Vaeloria the Starcaster – Starcaster of cosmic wonders.

Drakoria the Flameborn – Flameborn ruler of dragons.

Azura the Seraphic – Seraphic guardian of purity.

Nyxarion the Nightcloak – Nightcloak veiled in shadows.

Solstice the Sunstriker – Sunstriker of dazzling brilliance.

Thalorin the Ebonheart – Ebon-hearted warrior of strength.

Valeria the Everblaze – Everblazing spirit of power.

Celestia the Zephyr – Zephyr among celestial beings.

Zyndra the Shadowblade – Shadowblade mistress of stealth.

Nyxaris the Twilight – Twilight guardian of balance.

Solara the Sunspark – Sunspark of radiant energy.

Thundoria the Stormcaller – Stormcaller of thunderous might.

Valdrix the Ironclad – Ironclad ruler of resilience.

Seraphis the Starflame – Starflame of celestial grace.

Astridora the Dreamchaser – Dreamchaser of mystical quests.

Emberia the Emberweaver – Emberweaver of fiery tales.

Zyganth the Skyfallen – Skyfallen lord of legends.

Valora the Timebender – Timebender of eternal wisdom.

Zephyra the Windwhisper – Windwhisperer of gentle breezes.

Thalonia the Crystalstar – Crystalstar among stellar realms.

Zyraxis the Astralblade – Astralblade master of mysteries.

Velaria the Moonglow – Moonglow illuminating the night.

Rynnara the Dreamkeeper – Dreamkeeper of magical visions.

Funny Throne Names

King Chuckleberry – King who loves to chuckle.

Queen Quirkington – Queen with delightful quirks.

Sir Ticklesalot – Knight known for tickling.

Princess Gigglesnort – Princess who snorts when giggling.

Duke Bellylaughs – Duke who laughs heartily.

Lady Goofysnicker – Lady with a goofy snicker.

Baron Sillypants – Baron with silly attire.

Count Chucklefingers – Count with funny fingers.

Sir Nonsenseknight – Knight known for nonsense.

Lady Wackywiggle – Lady who wiggles in funny ways.

Marquis Jokington – Marquis with a jolly demeanor.

Princess Snickerpants – Princess who snickers often.

Lord Chucklebuns – Lord with chuckling buns.

Lady Guffawington – Lady with loud guffaws.

Baron Boombastic – Baron with explosive antics.

Sir Giggletummy – Knight with a giggly tummy.

Count Jokesalot – Count who tells many jokes.

Princess Pranksterella – Princess who loves pranks.

Duke Giggleface – Duke with a giggly face.

Marquis Guffawella – Marquis with hearty guffaws.

Queen Quirkysmile – Queen with quirky smiles.

Sir Chucklesworth – Knight with chuckling manners.

Lady Snortleberry – Lady who snorts while laughing.

Baron Giggleboots – Baron with giggly boots.

King Chucklechomp – King who chuckles while eating.

Princess Wigglesnicker – Princess with wiggly snickers.

Duke Bellywiggle – Duke whose belly wiggles.

Queen Gigglesocks – Queen who giggles in socks.

Sir Sillychuckle – Knight known for silly chuckles.

Lady Snickersnort – Lady who snickers and snorts.

Cool Throne Names

Xantheon the Exalted – Exalted ruler of Xanor.

Zyndra the Frostblade – Frostblade wielder of ice.

Valeris the Starborne – Starborne queen of destiny.

Thundrix the Thunderheart – Thunderhearted lord of power.

Lyssarian the Moonshadow – Moonshadow dweller of secrets.

Aleron the Phoenix – Phoenix-like leader of rebirth.

Zythis the Astralbane – Astralbane master of fate.

Vaeloria the Twilight – Twilight queen of transitions.

Drakorian the Flamefury – Flamefury lord of dragons.

Azuris the Celestial – Celestial guardian of blue.

Nyxaris the Shadowgale – Shadowgale whisperer of night.

Solstice the Lightbringer – Lightbringer illuminating the world.

Thalorin the Ironclad – Ironclad guardian of strength.

Valoria the Stardancer – Stardancer of cosmic grace.

Celestrix the Windwhisper – Windwhisperer among celestial beings.

Zygeron the Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver of fantastical visions.

Nyxaria the Emberheart – Ember-hearted ruler of darkness.

Solandor the Sunblade – Sunblade master of radiance.

Thundora the Stormchaser – Stormchaser in pursuit of tempests.

Valdoria the Everflame – Everflaming guardian of passion.

Seraphion the Nightbringer – Nightbringer of celestial light.

Astralon the Frostwind – Frostwind lord of wintry cold.

Emberia the Moonfire – Moonfire enchantress of night.

Zyraxis the Starcrown – Starcrown bearer of stardom.

Valora the Timekeeper – Timekeeper of the ages.

Zephyra the Skysinger – Skysinger enchanting the winds.

Thaloria the Crystalblade – Crystalblade master of precision.

Solara the Sunshaper – Sunshaper sculpting the rays.

Zygnar the Stormreaper – Stormreaper conquering the tempests.

Astridora the Ebonfire – Ebonfire ablaze in shadows.

Best Throne Names

Aurelia the Eternal Flame – Eternal flame of greatness.

Zephyrion the Skyborne – Skyborne ruler of the winds.

Valeriana the Enchanting Soul – Enchanting soul with power.

Thundor the Thunder King – Thunder king of mighty roars.

Lyssandra the Moonlit Queen – Moonlit queen of mystery.

Alistair the Ironclad Lord – Ironclad lord of valor.

Zyra the Celestial Star – Celestial star shining bright.

Vaelon the Astral Sage – Astral sage of wisdom.

Drakora the Ember Empress – Ember empress of fire.

Azura the Serene Spirit – Serene spirit of tranquility.

Nyxaria the Shadow Weaver – Shadow weaver of illusions.

Solara the Sunfire Empowerer – Sunfire empowerer of souls.

Theron the Storm Sentinel – Storm sentinel guarding realms.

Valoria the Eternal Radiance – Eternal radiance of glory.

Celestia the Stellar Sovereign – Stellar sovereign of stars.

Zythan the Dreamwanderer – Dreamwanderer of visions.

Emberia the Phoenixborn – Phoenixborn with rebirth.

Seraphis the Star Guardian – Star guardian of hope.

Zarael the Moonstrider – Moonstrider among dreams.

Thalia the Crystal Queen – Crystal queen of elegance.

Astridora the Sunbringer – Sunbringer with radiant power.

Zyndal the Shadowflame – Shadowflame master of intrigue.

Valeria the Windwhisperer – Windwhisperer of secrets.

Zorin the Icehearted King – Icehearted king of strength.

Azalea the Timeless Enigma – Timeless enigma of mystery.

Nymeris the Twilight Weaver – Twilight weaver of twilight.

Solstice the Arcane Sorcerer – Arcane sorcerer of magic.

Raelin the Moonlight Sentinel – Moonlight sentinel protecting all.

Astralon the Starshaper – Starshaper of destinies.

Valiant the Regal Monarch – Regal monarch of valor.

Unique Throne Names

Zephryx the Everstorm – Everstorm brewing with power.

Valarian the Enigma – Enigmatic ruler of mysteries.

Thessaria the Moonstrider – Moonstrider in nocturnal realms.

Lyranthe the Starbound – Starbound voyager of galaxies.

Aerios the Celestial – Celestial being soaring high.

Aeloria the Mythweaver – Mythweaver spinning tales untold.

Zyndralis the Voidwalker – Voidwalker traversing dark dimensions.

Velorian the Emberweaver – Emberweaver crafting flames’ dance.

Astridalia the Luminara – Luminara illuminating the world.

Thalvira the Crystalwyrm – Crystalwyrm with crystalline might.

Valeranthe the Dreamtide – Dreamtide embracing ethereal visions.

Seraphron the Stargazer – Stargazer beholding cosmic wonders.

Nyxalon the Nightshade – Nightshade shrouded in shadows.

Zyrisol the Moonfire – Moonfire igniting mystical realms.

Solandria the Sunshaper – Sunshaper molding solar brilliance.

Drakorian the Soulforge – Soulforge shaping dragon spirits.

Zaraelys the Sparkseeker – Sparkseeker discovering sparks’ essence.

Thessarion the Shadowdancer – Shadowdancer moving within darkness.

Aetheris the Ethereal – Ethereal being transcending the physical.

Alarandor the Stormchaser – Stormchaser pursuing tempestuous energy.

Azurine the Mindbender – Mindbender manipulating thoughts subtly.

Valoryn the Chronomancer – Chronomancer mastering time’s flow.

Elythria the Starwhisper – Starwhisper echoing cosmic tales.

Seraphis the Veilstalker – Veilstalker hiding in shadows’ realm.

Xandora the Abyssal – Abyssal being dwelling in depths.

Tyranthos the Emberkin – Emberkin with a fiery spirit.

Thalionyx the Dreamshaper – Dreamshaper crafting visions unseen.

Vaelarion the Sunfury – Sunfury ablaze with solar power.

Lunara the Eclipsed Queen – Eclipsed queen of lunar dominion.

Zyrosa the Eternelle – Eternelle blessed with everlasting grace.

Throne Names

How To Choose A Good Throne Name

In the realm of kings and queens, where crowns bestow authority and thrones symbolize power, the choice of a throne name is an artistry that resonates with regal grandeur. Whether you seek a name for a fictional monarch or wish to embrace the essence of royalty, understanding the art of choosing a good throne name is a journey into the very heart of majesty and prestige.

Embracing Royal Heritage and Tradition

To truly grasp the essence of throne names, one must delve into the pages of history and explore the significance of these regal monikers. Throne names carry the weight of royal lineages, embodying the legacy of kings and queens who have ruled before. They symbolize not just an individual but an entire dynasty and its enduring impact on a nation.

The Art of Throne Name Creation

Within the realm of throne names lies an artistry of regal phonetics, echoing the dignified sounds befitting a sovereign. Each syllable is crafted with imperial gravitas, resonating with authority and power. The craftsmanship behind throne name creation is an interplay of linguistic elegance that captures the essence of majesty.

Delving into the Symbolism and Power

Beyond their regal allure, throne names carry profound symbolism and power. Each name represents not just a ruler but the embodiment of a nation’s values, culture, and aspirations. Delving into the meanings behind these names unveils the historic significance and the extraordinary influence that a throne name wields.

Preserving Royal Naming Customs

Royal naming customs are steeped in time-honored traditions and ceremonies, passed down through generations as a cherished part of ancestral legacy. Preserving these customs is a testament to the enduring spirit of royal families and the value they place on their heritage.

Navigating Modern Royal Trends

As the world evolves, so do the trends in throne name selection. Modern influences bring new inspirations and innovations to the art of royal naming. The challenge lies in navigating this evolution while staying true to the traditions and dignity of the throne.

The Personal Connection: Choosing Your Perfect Throne Name

Selecting a throne name goes beyond mere linguistic elegance; it is an intimate journey of forging a connection with the soul of the name. The perfect throne name aligns with personal values and aspirations, be it for a fictional ruler or as a reflection of one’s own regal essence. When the heart resonates with a throne name, it becomes a timeless legacy—a name that echoes the prestige and grandeur of a monarch.


In conclusion, we hope this journey through the realm of “700 Throne Names” has been as enriching for you as it was for us. Exploring the diverse tapestry of regal appellations from various cultures and mythologies reminds us of the timeless fascination humans have with royalty and power. We firmly believe that a well-chosen name can breathe life into fictional worlds, adding depth and authenticity to the characters that govern them. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply a name enthusiast, we trust that this compilation has sparked your creativity and provided you with a plethora of majestic options to adorn your characters’ thrones.

As a Naming Specialist with a passion for crafting extraordinary names, I can assure you that there is immense power in a well-crafted throne name. Each name carries its own history, evoking a sense of grandeur and significance. Our goal was to offer you a comprehensive list that caters to a myriad of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there’s something for every creative endeavor. Whether you seek a name that exudes authority and might or one that whispers of ancient wisdom and elegance, our collection has been carefully curated to meet your needs.

In the end, the world of imagination knows no bounds, and naming the rulers of your fictional realms is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to let your creativity soar and allow these throne names to become the keystones in constructing your captivating stories. Embrace the power of words, for in them lies the ability to shape worlds and characters that will live on in the hearts and minds of your audience. Happy naming and storytelling!


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