700 Unique Trill Names for Your Fictional Characters

Welcome to our captivating world of Trill names! In this article, we are thrilled to share with you an extensive collection of 700 creative and unique Trill names that will ignite your imagination and inspire your own naming journey. As John Keats once wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” And indeed, a well-crafted Trill name has the power to be an eternal source of joy and enchantment.

With my three years of experience as a Naming Specialist in the field of fantasy character naming, I have delved deep into the art of creating names that evoke emotion, capture essence, and breathe life into fictional beings. From fantastical creatures to mythical heroes, I have honed my skills in curating names that resonate with the essence of the characters they represent. Trust that you are in the hands of an expert in this exciting realm of name creation.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within the vast selection of 700 Trill names, you will discover a gem that is as unique and extraordinary as you or the character you seek to name. Each name is a carefully chosen tapestry of sound, meaning, and symbolism, designed to stir your imagination and infuse your Trill identity with beauty and distinction. Get ready to embark on a remarkable journey as we unveil this trove of names that promises to captivate and inspire.

Trill Names

Trill Names

  • Elaria
  • Zander
  • Melora
  • Kaelis
  • Virel
  • Draven
  • Sylara
  • Asher
  • Xylia
  • Marcellus
  • Vaelin
  • Evelin
  • Zephyra
  • Lysander
  • Aerin
  • Callista
  • Orion
  • Thalara
  • Xavian
  • Eveline
  • Marven
  • Serafina
  • Aeson
  • Isolde
  • Ravenna
  • Zenara
  • Emberlyn
  • Kieran
  • Vyra
  • Xander
  • Rhiannon
  • Alaric
  • Evelia
  • Calix
  • Vespera
  • Lyndara
  • Solara
  • Xara
  • Evander
  • Astraea
  • Kaius
  • Selene
  • Veron
  • Lysandra
  • Zarael
  • Zalara
  • Evony
  • Aleron
  • Zyra
  • Elara
  • Xavion
  • Vesper
  • Isol
  • Ryker
  • Zephira
  • Valerius
  • Alara
  • Rhyse
  • Seraph
  • Evella
  • Zyrian
  • Alaris
  • Zael
  • Virelle
  • Xylander
  • Aveline
  • Zephaniah
  • Syrena
  • Marcella
  • Lysandros
  • Elariah
  • Ashara
  • Kaelan
  • Vaelon
  • Evandra
  • Zenith
  • Alarion
  • Xavianne
  • Zephyrus
  • Emberlynne

20 Trill Names With Meanings

Trill Names

  1. Amaryllis – Sparkling and radiant flower
  2. Caelum – Celestial and heavenly essence
  3. Everlynn – Eternal and everlasting spirit
  4. Luminary – Shining and influential presence
  5. Nighthawk – Mysterious and nocturnal hunter
  6. Quillen – Knowledgeable and wise individual
  7. Seraphiel – Angelic and divine messenger
  8. Twilight – Tranquil and magical twilight time
  9. Valerian – Brave and courageous protector
  10. Whimsy – Playful and fanciful nature
  11. Xanthe – Golden and vibrant presence
  12. Zephyrine – Gentle and refreshing breeze
  13. Aurora – Radiant and enchanting dawn
  14. Bellerose – Beautiful and graceful flower
  15. Celestine – Heavenly and ethereal essence
  16. Duskwood – Shadowy and mysterious forest
  17. Elysia – Blissful and idyllic paradise
  18. Frostfall – Chilling and frosty season
  19. Gossamer – Delicate and translucent quality
  20. Harmony – Balanced and harmonious nature

Trill Character Names

Trill Names

  • Orion Varrin – Dark Noble
  • Lyra Seraphis – Musical Angel
  • Solas Marric – Radiant Whisper
  • Nova Talen – New Seeker
  • Arden Kaelan – Enchanting Forest
  • Astra Lysander – Celestial Liberator
  • Ember Corvin – Fiery Raven
  • Seraphine Aric – Heavenly Ruler
  • Orionis Selene – Starlit Moon
  • Zephyr Calloway – Gentle Breeze
  • Iris Soren – Rainbow Thorn
  • Thalia Solstice – Muse of Sun
  • Astrid Caelum – Divine Sky
  • Dorian Ember – Timeless Fire
  • Orion Vesper – Nightfall Star
  • Lyric Celestis – Melodic Ascendant
  • Seren Orion – Serene Hunter
  • Solara Amara – Radiant Love
  • Eliora Astara – Blessed Light
  • Nova Solis – New Sun
  • Phoenix Darian – Resurrected Gift
  • Raine Zephyrus – Serene Rain
  • Orionis Ravena – Starry Blackbird
  • Emberlyn Aurelia – Fiery Golden
  • Aria Seren – Melodious Peace
  • Thalia Zara – Muse of Dawn
  • Astraea Silva – Starry Forest
  • Lysander Phoenix – Liberator of Flames
  • Ardenis Talon – Enchanted Claw
  • Solstice Nyx – Sun’s Night

Star Trek Trill Names

Trill Names

  • Azura – Azure or blue color
  • Riven – Split or divided
  • Sable – Dark or black-haired
  • Echo – Repetition of sound waves
  • Thistle – Prickly and flowering plant
  • Lumina – Radiance or light
  • Axiom – Self-evident or fundamental truth
  • Zephyrus – West wind or gentle breeze
  • Phoenix – Mythical bird of rebirth
  • Quasar – Bright and energetic celestial object
  • Rhapsody – Highly emotional and expressive music
  • Zenith – Highest point or peak
  • Saffron – Aromatic yellow-orange spice
  • Nebula – Vast cloud of gas
  • Aurora – Dawn or glowing light
  • Celestia – Heavenly or celestial essence
  • Meliora – Better or improved state
  • Serendipity – Fortunate and unexpected discovery
  • Larkspur – Delicate and colorful flower
  • Crescendo – Gradual increase in intensity
  • Enigma – Mysterious or puzzling entity
  • Ethereal – Delicate and otherworldly quality
  • Harmonia – Harmony or unity
  • Enchant – Delight or captivate
  • Solstice – Time of changing seasons
  • Astral – Relating to stars or celestial objects
  • Euphoria – Intense feeling of happiness
  • Whisper – Soft and gentle voice
  • Stardust – Magical and ethereal particles
  • Fable – Short and moral story

Best Star Trek Trill Names

  • Aurelia Devan – Golden Empath
  • Seraphis Joran – Angelic Curiosity
  • Zephyrus Korin – Gentle Scholar
  • Thalia Varen – Muse of Wisdom
  • Kaelan Tovan – Enchanted Guardian
  • Nyara Solin – Mystic Visionary
  • Orionis Marek – Starry Voyager
  • Emberlyn Dax – Fiery Legacy
  • Vesper Zara – Evening Dreamer
  • Solara Nyx – Radiant Nightfall
  • Lyric Elara – Melodic Healer
  • Talon Voss – Sharp Intuition
  • Ardenis Lenara – Enchanting Explorer
  • Nova Talis – New Journey
  • Solstice Covan – Sun’s Secret
  • Phoenix Zaren – Resurrected Seeker
  • Astra Toren – Celestial Guide
  • Lysander Marek – Liberator of Minds
  • Astraea Jaden – Starry Spirit
  • Raine Devan – Serene Empathy
  • Orion Voss – Nightfall Protector
  • Ember Corvin – Fiery Vision
  • Thalia Solis – Muse of Light
  • Solara Zara – Radiant Wanderer
  • Lyraen Nyx – Musical Night
  • Aric Marek – Noble Journey
  • Selene Talis – Moon’s Wisdom
  • Zaraen Voren – Forest Guardian
  • Aria Lenara – Melodious Explorer
  • Soren Dax – Wise Legacy

Catchy Star Trek Trill Names

  • Azura Kyran – Serene Essence
  • Riven Maris – Enigmatic Stream
  • Sable Orion – Dark Nebula
  • Echo Arden – Reverberating Whispers
  • Thistle Seren – Delicate Resilience
  • Vesperia Lyra – Evening Melody
  • Axiom Solara – Infallible Radiance
  • Zephyr Talon – Breeze’s Grip
  • Lumina Nyx – Luminous Night
  • Phoenix Asher – Resurgent Flame
  • Quasar Eliora – Cosmic Light
  • Rhapsody Astrid – Harmonious Journey
  • Zenith Dorian – Highest Point
  • Emberlin Zara – Fiery Wanderlust
  • Novara Talis – New Horizon
  • Zephyrus Orionis – Gentle Star
  • Seraphine Viraan – Heavenly Guardian
  • Solstice Vesper – Sun’s Evening
  • Arwen Thalia – Noble Inspiration
  • Aurora Solis – Dawn’s Radiance
  • Nebula Selene – Celestial Mist
  • Ariaen Kaelan – Melodic Enchantment
  • Ardent Thera – Passionate Flame
  • Lyric Zaraen – Melodious Protector
  • Orionis Solara – Starlit Radiance
  • Talisman Joren – Magical Talisman
  • Emberlyn Talon – Fiery Claw
  • Saffron Ashara – Warm Elegance
  • Serenade Lyraen – Enchanting Melody
  • Zephyra Solstice – Gentle Sunfire

Funny Trill Names

Zephyr – Gentle breeze or wind

Seraphine – Heavenly and angelic

Solstice – Turning point of the sun

Nova – New and bright star

Orionis – Star of the hunter

Lyric – Melodic and poetic essence

Emberlyn – Fiery and passionate spirit

Thalia – Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry

Astraea – Starry and celestial presence

Aria – Melodious and harmonious voice

Phoenix – Resurrected and fiery bird

Ardent – Passionate and enthusiastic nature

Solara – Radiant and sun-like energy

Vespera – Evening or twilight time

Selene – Moon goddess or moonlight

Dorian – Gift or descendant

Talon – Sharp and strong claw

Seren – Serene and peaceful demeanor

Nyx – Night or goddess of night

Ember – Glowing and smoldering fire

Zaraen – Guardian or protector

Marek – Noble or warlike

Solis – Sun or sunlight

Ashara – Gift or blessing

Voren – Wise and knowledgeable individual

Jaden – Healer or rejuvenator

Covan – Visionary or seer

Tovan – Guardian or protector

Kaelan – Powerful and victorious one

Talis – Tale or story

Unique Trill Names

Elysium Aradia – Blissful Echo

Azrael Zephyrus – Angel of Breeze

Astralyn Solara – Celestial Light

Sable Seren – Dark Serenity

Lyric Devan – Melodic Poet

Aether Orionis – Ethereal Star

Kallista Ember – Beautiful Fire

Amara Zaraen – Eternal Guardian

Thalia Solstice – Muse of Change

Zenith Talon – Highest Reach

Aurora Nyx – Dawn of Night

Zephyra Nova – Gentle Newness

Emberlyn Dorian – Fiery Gift

Vespera Lysander – Evening Liberator

Selene Talis – Moon’s Tale

Aria Solis – Melodious Sun

Seraphis Marek – Angelic Traveler

Orionis Voren – Starry Secret

Solara Lyra – Radiant Music

Ardenis Devan – Enchanted Soul

Zaraen Talis – Guardian of Light

Astrid Joran – Starry Path

Viraan Ashara – Guardian of Dreams

Theraen Voss – Delicate Protector

Solstice Emberlyn – Sun’s Fire

Lyraen Dax – Musical Legacy

Aric Nyara – Noble Gift

Talan Zaren – Wise Guardian

Novaen Marek – New Journey

Zephyrus Orionis – Gentle Star

Cool Trill Names

Maven Asher – Expert Lightbringer

Zephyr Kaelan – Airbender Enchanter

Solara Nyx – Radiant Nightshade

Orionis Solis – Starlit Sunfire

Lyraen Jaden – Harmonic Earthquake

Ardent Varen – Passionate Seeker

Astraea Talon – Starry Talisman

Novaen Dorian – New Timekeeper

Emberlyn Zaraen – Fiery Protector

Thalia Solara – Muse of Radiance

Ariaen Talis – Melodic Guardian

Zenith Covan – Highest Visionary

Raine Viraan – Serene Guardian

Sable Orionis – Dark Starlight

Phoenix Devan – Resurgent Spirit

Seraphine Tovan – Heavenly Guide

Arwen Talis – Noble Warrior

Vespera Korin – Evening Sage

Kallara Ashara – Beautiful Dreamer

Solstice Elara – Sun’s Healing

Astrid Zephyrus – Starry Breeze

Emberlin Voren – Fiery Secret

Zaraen Dax – Guardian of Legacy

Solara Thera – Radiant Flame

Lyraen Marek – Musical Explorer

Orionis Zaren – Starlit Guardian

Talan Voss – Wise Protector

Novaen Joran – New Seeker

Zephyra Solis – Gentle Sunbeam

Ardent Nyara – Passionate Spirit

Good Trill Names

Zenith Vesper – Highest Evening

Emberlyn Kael – Fiery Enigma

Lyraen Aric – Musical Journey

Astraea Solara – Starry Radiance

Raine Talis – Serene Guardian

Orionis Viraan – Starlit Sentinel

Thalia Devan – Muse of Harmony

Zephyrus Dorian – Gentle Visionary

Solstice Ashara – Sun’s Inspiration

Seraphine Talon – Heavenly Protector

Solara Zaraen – Radiant Guardian

Novaen Solis – New Sunbeam

Ariaen Nyx – Melodic Nightfall

Ardent Orionis – Passionate Star

Emberlyn Marek – Fiery Voyager

Vespera Tovan – Evening Guide

Zenith Elara – Highest Healer

Lyraen Zephyra – Musical Breeze

Astrid Thera – Starry Flame

Raine Voren – Serene Secret

Orionis Jaden – Starlit Earth

Thalia Korin – Muse of Knowledge

Zephyrus Devan – Gentle Dreamer

Solstice Talis – Sun’s Tale

Seraphine Zara – Heavenly Guardian

Solara Dax – Radiant Legacy

Novaen Talon – New Protector

Ariaen Marek – Melodic Seeker

Ardent Zaren – Passionate Guardian

Emberlyn Voss – Fiery Keeper

Creative Trill Names

Larkspur Astraea – Vibrant Stardust

Cadenza Lyraen – Harmonious Movement

Serendipity Orionis – Fortuitous Star

Euphoria Zephyra – Blissful Whirlwind

Kaleidoscope Ember – Everchanging Fire

Azure Solara – Blue Radiance

Zephyrus Rhapsody – Breezy Harmony

Equinox Talon – Balance’s Grip

Meliora Novaen – Better Newness

Solstice Nyara – Sun’s Spark

Ethereal Thalia – Otherworldly Muse

Seraphine Dorian – Angelic Wisdom

Luminara Solis – Radiant Glow

Ariaen Zenith – Melodic Pinnacle

Oracle Zaraen – Seer of Guardians

Vespera Emberlyn – Evening Flame

Solaraen Zephyr – Radiant Breeze

Lyric Dax – Melodic Legacy

Astrid Nova – Starry Newness

Nebula Ardent – Cosmic Passion

Harmonia Orionis – Harmonious Star

Enigma Solstice – Mysterious Sun

Thaliaen Aurora – Muse of Dawn

Zaraen Zenith – Guardian of Heights

Crescendo Raine – Growing Serenity

Celestia Lyra – Heavenly Music

Emberlyn Viraan – Fiery Guardian

Sable Astrid – Dark Star

Aether Talan – Ethereal Protector

Novaen Solara – New Radiance

Trill Names

How To Choose A Good Trill Name

Choosing a name is an important decision for any individual, but for those belonging to the Trill species, it holds even greater significance. Trill names not only reflect one’s identity but also embody their personality, history, and cultural heritage. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing a good Trill name, delving into the various factors to consider, understanding Trill culture, and finding inspiration to create a name that truly resonates with your essence.

Understanding Trill Culture

Before delving into the process of choosing a Trill name, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the rich culture of the Trill species. Trill beings are a unique amalgamation of a humanoid host and a symbiotic organism known as a symbiont. The symbionts retain memories and experiences of previous hosts, passing them on to new hosts. Names hold great significance in Trill society, representing a lineage of individuals and the legacy they carry forward.

Factors to Consider

When embarking on the journey of choosing a Trill name, several factors come into play. Firstly, it is essential to reflect on your own personality traits, strengths, and characteristics. Consider what aspects of yourself you wish to embody in your name. Additionally, exploring the cultural and historical influences of Trill society can provide valuable insights. By understanding Trill naming conventions, you can align your choice with the traditions and values of your heritage.

Researching Trill Names

To find inspiration for a good Trill name, it is crucial to immerse oneself in Trill literature, mythology, and history. These resources offer a plethora of name options that capture the essence of Trill culture. By studying the names of notable Trill figures from the past or drawing inspiration from significant events, you can create a connection to the rich tapestry of Trill heritage. Researching Trill names allows you to explore the nuances and meanings associated with different names, enabling a more informed decision.

Uniqueness and Originality

While drawing inspiration from Trill culture is important, it is equally essential to strive for uniqueness and originality in your Trill name. Avoiding commonly used names ensures that your identity stands out and reflects your individuality. Injecting personal creativity and flair into the naming process helps you to craft a name that is distinct and memorable. Striking a balance between traditional Trill names and your own unique preferences allows for a name that is both rooted in heritage and true to yourself.

Symbolism and Meaning

Trill names often carry symbolism and meaning, representing personal attributes and qualities. Choosing a name with significant meaning adds depth and purpose to your identity. Explore names that embody qualities you aspire to possess or characteristics you identify with. Incorporating symbolism from Trill culture, such as celestial references or nature-inspired elements, can further enhance the significance of your chosen name.

Testing and Refining

Once you have shortlisted potential Trill names, it is essential to test them out and gather feedback. Share your options with trusted friends or family members, seeking their insights and perspectives. Consider how the name sounds and feels to you, ensuring that it resonates with your identity. Refining the chosen name based on feedback and personal resonance allows for a final Trill name that truly encapsulates who you are.


In conclusion, we have embarked on a fascinating journey through the vast realm of Trill names. From celestial-inspired monikers to names rooted in Trill history and culture, our extensive list of 700 names offers a treasure trove of options to help you find the perfect Trill name for yourself, a character, or even a beloved pet. Remember, a Trill name is more than just a label; it is an embodiment of your essence, personality, and aspirations.

Choosing a Trill name is an opportunity for self-expression and creative exploration. Whether you seek a name that reflects your inner strength, poetic nature, or adventurous spirit, there is a name on our list that will resonate with you. Take the time to reflect on your individuality, explore the meanings and symbolism behind the names, and trust your instincts when making your choice.

Embrace the power of a Trill name, for it is a doorway to a rich and vibrant identity within the Trill society. Allow your chosen name to become a source of inspiration and empowerment as you navigate life’s journey. May your Trill name shine brightly and leave a lasting impression, not only within the Trill community but also in the hearts and minds of those who encounter it. Let the quest for the perfect Trill name mark the beginning of a captivating new chapter in your story.


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