700 Unique Troll Names for Writers and Gamers

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Troll Names” where we’ll share some creative and exciting names that are sure to add a touch of mischief to your fantasy world. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “It is in our faults and failings, not in our virtues, that we touch each other and find sympathy.” So, let’s dive into this collection of troll names and unleash the wild side within!

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the world of fantasy character names. From mythical creatures to mischievous trolls, I’ve explored the depths of imagination to bring you the most captivating names. Each name is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of personality and uniqueness, ensuring that your trolls stand out in any adventure or story.

In this article, we promise you a treasure trove of 700 troll names that will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a writer in need of a compelling character name or a gamer looking for a memorable username, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to embark on a journey through the whimsical and mystical realm of troll names, where you’ll find the perfect moniker that captures the essence of these intriguing creatures. So, let’s get started and discover the name that will bring your trolls to life!

Troll Names

Troll Names

  • Grimgrok
  • Azalara
  • Thundrax
  • Vexxar
  • Morgath
  • Zyndra
  • Skarnok
  • Xalora
  • Grendokk
  • Drakara
  • Zephyron
  • Vorkar
  • Nyxaris
  • Talzok
  • Valkira
  • Zulthar
  • Ragnora
  • Skarvix
  • Vorika
  • Xandrak
  • Thalokar
  • Zalvira
  • Grimdor
  • Azarok
  • Vexzara
  • Skalzir
  • Zireth
  • Drekthara
  • Grendara
  • Thalrok
  • Zandalok
  • Zynxara
  • Vorgron
  • Ragnok
  • Nyxandra
  • Skarneth
  • Xalzara
  • Azathor
  • Vexthara
  • Grendorak
  • Zulmara
  • Talvira
  • Drakarok
  • Zyndrax
  • Thundrak
  • Skarval
  • Xandrith
  • Valkarok
  • Zephyrik
  • Vorlara
  • Nyxthar
  • Grimkara
  • Azarath
  • Vexzir
  • Skalok
  • Zirenth
  • Drekara
  • Grendrok
  • Thalvix
  • Zulgron
  • Talzira
  • Ragnorok
  • Zyndraza
  • Xalthar
  • Vorkara
  • Drakthar
  • Skarvok
  • Nyxok
  • Zephyrax
  • Valkarik
  • Azlara
  • Grendokar
  • Thalzok
  • Vexandra
  • Zalgrim
  • Ragnorath
  • Talvok
  • Drekthor
  • Xalok
  • Zyranda

20 Troll Names With Meanings

Troll Names

Vorkan – A fearsome troll warrior whose name means “unyielding strength.”

Zephyra – With her name meaning “gentle breeze,” Zephyra is a calm and soothing presence among trolls.

Thundrok – Known as the “thunderous rock,” Thundrok is a powerful troll whose every step shakes the ground.

Nyxara – A mysterious troll sorceress whose name signifies “night’s enchantment.”

Valdor – Valdor, meaning “valiant leader,” commands respect and loyalty from his fellow trolls.

Skarletta – With a name meaning “fiery spirit,” Skarletta possesses an unmatched passion and determination.

Xandros – Xandros, the “wise scholar,” is a troll known for his vast knowledge and insightful teachings.

Glimmera – Glimmera’s name represents her shimmering aura, as she possesses an otherworldly glow.

Drekthar – Drekthar, whose name translates to “ancient seer,” possesses the gift of foresight and wisdom.

Azula – Azula, meaning “blue flame,” is a troll with an extraordinary affinity for fire magic.

Zelenka – Zelenka, with a name signifying “emerald,” is a troll who has an affinity for nature and the forest.

Grimnar – Known as the “grim conqueror,” Grimnar is a troll general who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Razzlethorn – Razzlethorn, a mischievous trickster, is known for his unpredictable antics and pranks.

Vesperis – Vesperis, whose name means “evening star,” possesses an ethereal beauty that captivates all who see her.

Malgarn – With a name meaning “shadow walker,” Malgarn is a master of stealth and covert operations.

Lunara – Lunara, the “moon priestess,” draws power from the lunar energies, healing and guiding her kin.

Kragnar – Kragnar, the “thunderous voice,” is a troll bard whose songs reverberate with power and emotion.

Zirena – Zirena, meaning “silver river,” is a troll with a serene and calming presence, bringing peace wherever she goes.

Vexmortis – Known as “the vexing death,” Vexmortis is a necromancer whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it.

Duskblade – Duskblade, with a name symbolizing twilight and danger, is a troll assassin who strikes swiftly and silently.

Female Troll Name

Troll Names

Dralara – Wise and powerful warrior woman.

Zaltha – Cunning strategist and skilled archer.

Vorinda – Fierce and relentless in battle.

Xalina – Mysterious sorceress with dark powers.

Throkka – Agile and stealthy rogue.

Azarana – Resilient and unyielding defender.

Grendara – Giantess with immense strength.

Vexara – Quick-witted trickster and prankster.

Zynara – Enigmatic seer with prophetic abilities.

Skaldra – Skilled bard who mesmerizes with her songs.

Nyxandra – Shadowy assassin who strikes from the darkness.

Ragnara – Ferocious berserker with an insatiable appetite for battle.

Zephyra – Elemental shaman harnessing the power of wind.

Ophelia – Enchanting enchantress skilled in illusion magic.

Valkira – Fearless leader inspiring her comrades with valor.

Selvara – Nature-loving druid with a deep connection to the earth.

Morgara – Vengeful spirit seeking retribution for past wrongs.

Xerinda – Mystical healer with the ability to mend any wound.

Sylphina – Graceful and elegant dancer with mesmerizing moves.

Vespera – Night-dwelling huntress prowling the shadows.

Embera – Fiery-tempered pyromancer with control over flames.

Astridra – Astral traveler with the power to traverse dimensions.

Katarina – Fearsome gladiator renowned for her combat skills.

Thalara – Seafaring pirate captain ruling the high seas.

Lyssandra – Ice-cold sorceress who freezes her enemies in place.

Elysia – Angelic protector with divine powers of light.

Zarina – Illustrious queen ruling over a realm of darkness.

Seraphina – Winged warrior soaring through the skies with grace.

Valeria – Noble knight adorned in gleaming armor.

Synara – Deathly pale necromancer commanding armies of the undead.

Twin Troll Names

Twin Troll Names

Zandar and Zephira – A pair of twins born under a celestial sign.

Vorrok and Vordra – Siblings with a bond stronger than steel.

Grendrok and Grendra – Mighty twins capable of toppling mountains.

Throkka and Thrala – Rogue twins who never fail to outwit their foes.

Xalrok and Xalara – Twins with a knack for chaos and mischief.

Vex and Vix – Playful twins with a mischievous nature.

Azara and Azir – Twin shamans wielding the forces of nature.

Zynrok and Zynara – Psychic twins capable of sharing thoughts.

Ragnara and Ragnor – Berserker twins who revel in carnage.

Skaldrok and Skaldra – Musical twins with harmonious voices.

Nyx and Nox – Shadow twins skilled in the art of deception.

Ophel and Orin – Enchanting twins who weave intricate spells.

Valkira and Valkar – Twin warriors who fight side by side on the battlefield.

Selva and Solara – Nature-loving twins who protect the wilderness.

Embera and Embero – Twin fire-wielders who can ignite anything.

Katar and Katala – Gladiator twins known for their lethal teamwork.

Thalrok and Thalara – Pirate twins feared across the seven seas.

Lyssar and Lyssana – Frosty twins who freeze their enemies in place.

Zarok and Zarina – Twins with a taste for darkness and power.

Seraph and Serin – Angelic twins with wings as radiant as the sun.

Vorina and Vespera – Twin hunters who strike fear into the hearts of prey.

Zalrok and Zaldra – Twins with a talent for illusion and deception.

Grendor and Grendora – Twins who can shake the earth with their might.

Xerrok and Xerara – Twin healers who mend wounds with ease.

Vexor and Vexara – Twins with a knack for mischief and pranks.

Zynth and Zyra – Psychic twins with a connection stronger than blood.

Sylph and Sylvara – Twin dancers who captivate with their graceful moves.

Astrid and Astra – Twins with the ability to bend time and space.

Morgar and Morgara – Twins with a thirst for vengeance and justice.

Valrok and Valara – Noble twins born to lead and protect.

Zandalari Troll Names

Zul’jin – Mighty warrior with a legendary reputation.

Talanji – Regal queen ruling over the Zandalari Empire.

Rastakhan – Respected and wise leader of the Zandalari trolls.

Zekhan – Adventurous troll with a heart full of courage.

Zul’Gurub – Mystical guardian of ancient Zandalari secrets.

Zul’Farrak – Fearless defender of Zandalari traditions.

Zul’Aman – Skilled hunter who roams the jungles of Zandalar.

Zul’Dazar – Spiritual guide and keeper of Zandalari lore.

Zul’Drak – Mysterious wanderer with knowledge of forbidden magics.

Zul’Nazman – Shamanic healer with the power to mend spirits.

Zul’Kunda – Keeper of the sacred burial grounds of Zandalar.

Zul’Balur – Guardian of the sacred troll artifacts.

Zul’Jambwa – Master of voodoo magic and hexes.

Zul’Golm – Fierce gladiator renowned for his skill in combat.

Zul’Haraz – Stealthy rogue lurking in the shadows of Zandalar.

Zul’Vashj – Serpent rider and conqueror of the sea.

Zul’Zulak – Tribal chieftain leading his people with honor.

Zul’Gundar – Ancient seer with the ability to glimpse into the future.

Zul’Kazak – Merciless assassin eliminating threats to Zandalari.

Zul’Kazam – Enigmatic mystic harnessing the power of the elements.

Zul’Jintha – Talented architect constructing grand Zandalari structures.

Zul’Girash – Battle-hardened general commanding Zandalari forces.

Zul’Rasha – Keeper of Zandalari ancestral wisdom.

Zul’Raek – Shadow priest manipulating the minds of others.

Zul’Jai – Agile scout exploring uncharted territories.

Zul’Kul – Tracker skilled at hunting down elusive prey.

Zul’Kral – Swift messenger delivering important news across Zandalar.

Zul’Kaz – Tribal historian preserving the stories of the Zandalari.

Zul’Gar – Herbalist cultivating rare and potent Zandalari herbs.

Zul’Vak – Warlock summoning and controlling powerful demons.

Best Troll Names

Zul’Gonar – The epitome of troll strength and bravery.

Talzara – A troll with unparalleled intelligence and strategic thinking.

Vexthar – A troll known for his clever tricks and wit.

Drakara – A troll warrior with exceptional combat skills.

Xandrah – A troll shaman with a deep connection to the elements.

Vorlok – A troll sorcerer who commands dark and forbidden magic.

Zyrandor – A troll rogue who moves through shadows unseen.

Grendok – A troll berserker who fears no opponent.

Thalara – A troll druid who can shape-shift into powerful animals.

Azrikka – A troll huntress with deadly accuracy.

Skalzir – A troll bard whose songs inspire courage and hope.

Nyxalis – A troll necromancer who commands the undead.

Ragnora – A troll gladiator who dominates the arena.

Zephyria – A troll priestess who heals and protects her allies.

Ophelis – A troll enchantress with enchanting beauty and charm.

Valkira – A troll leader who inspires loyalty and devotion.

Selvarak – A troll ranger who navigates the wilderness with ease.

Morgara – A troll warlock who strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

Xerixia – A troll alchemist who creates powerful potions and elixirs.

Sylphina – A troll dancer whose movements captivate all who watch.

Zandoria – A troll paladin dedicated to justice and righteousness.

Emberok – A troll fire mage who controls the flames of destruction.

Astridra – A troll celestial mage who channels the power of the stars.

Katarina – A troll assassin who eliminates targets with precision.

Thalrok – A troll pirate captain who rules the seas with an iron fist.

Lyssara – A troll frost mage who freezes enemies in their tracks.

Zarina – A troll warlord who commands a formidable army.

Seraphis – A troll celestial warrior with wings of divine light.

Valeria – A troll knight who upholds honor and chivalry.

Synara – A troll shadow priest who manipulates the minds of others.

Good Troll Names

Zalara – A troll with a kind and compassionate heart.

Throkka – A troll with a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Vorin – A troll known for his wisdom and guidance.

Grenda – A troll with a nurturing and caring nature.

Xalir – A troll who values peace and harmony.

Vexor – A troll who seeks to bring joy and laughter to others.

Azara – A troll healer who dedicates her life to helping others.

Zynrok – A troll seer with a deep understanding of the future.

Ragnor – A troll protector who defends the weak and vulnerable.

Skalda – A troll artist who uses her talents to inspire and uplift.

Nyxara – A troll mystic who brings balance and enlightenment.

Ophel – A troll philosopher who seeks knowledge and truth.

Valkar – A troll leader who values unity and cooperation.

Selvara – A troll druid who strives to preserve nature’s beauty.

Embera – A troll blacksmith who crafts weapons with precision and care.

Astrina – A troll astronomer who studies the wonders of the cosmos.

Katala – A troll diplomat who resolves conflicts peacefully.

Thalok – A troll fisherman who provides food for his community.

Lyssar – A troll scholar who shares knowledge with others.

Zarok – A troll storyteller who keeps ancient tales alive.

Serin – A troll healer who brings comfort to the sick and wounded.

Vespera – A troll explorer who discovers new lands and cultures.

Valrok – A troll guardian who protects sacred places.

Synth – A troll musician who brings joy through his melodies.

Zalrok – A troll teacher who educates and inspires the young.

Vorala – A troll gardener who cultivates beautiful flora.

Grendor – A troll chef who creates delicious and nourishing meals.

Xeranda – A troll weaver who creates intricate textiles.

Vexara – A troll mediator who resolves conflicts with diplomacy.

Zynthia – A troll environmentalist who advocates for nature conservation.

Funny Troll Names

Zuggles – A troll with a mischievous and playful nature.

Trolly McTrollface – A troll who embraces his trollish nature.

Gigglesnort – A troll who can’t help but giggle at everything.

Xylophart – A troll with a talent for playing comical tunes.

Vexy-poo – A troll who loves to tease and annoy others.

Snickerdoodle – A troll with an infectious laughter.

Jokesalot – A troll who always has a joke up his sleeve.

Pranksterina – A troll who loves playing pranks on others.

Zillywig – A troll with a wacky and unpredictable personality.

Noodlebrain – A troll known for his silly and nonsensical ideas.

Grendletoes – A troll with unusually small and cute feet.

Sillypants – A troll who can’t help but act goofy.

Bumbleflop – A troll who tends to trip and stumble often.

Clumsykins – A troll who is perpetually clumsy and accident-prone.

Quirkster – A troll with eccentric and quirky habits.

Wobblebottom – A troll with an unsteady gait and wobbly balance.

Jesterella – A troll who brings laughter and joy wherever she goes.

Zanyzork – A troll with a penchant for bizarre and outlandish ideas.

Snortleberry – A troll with a unique snorting laugh.

Giggletush – A troll whose laughter is contagious.

Noodlewhiskers – A troll with unusually long and wiggly whiskers.

Wobblewitz – A troll who wobbles and wiggles with every step.

Jokemaster – A troll who always has a clever joke to share.

Zillypuff – A troll with a fluffy and whimsical demeanor.

Bumblesnort – A troll who snorts when he laughs, causing amusement.

Doodlepants – A troll who loves to doodle and create funny drawings.

Quirkalicious – A troll with a delightful mix of quirks and eccentricities.

Snickerdoodle – A troll who can’t help but snicker at everything.

Gigglesworth – A troll with an infectious and joyful giggle.

Sillybuns – A troll with a penchant for silliness and nonsense.

 Wow Troll Names

Zul’mar – A troll hero of legendary status.

Tal’zara – A troll seer with visions of the future.

Rastavik – A troll champion with unmatched strength and skill.

Zek’gar – A troll warlord who has conquered vast lands.

Zul’jinza – A troll priestess with the power to commune with spirits.

Zul’draka – A troll warrior who leads with unwavering resolve.

Zul’doom – A troll sorcerer with mastery over dark magic.

Zul’jambra – A troll trickster who delights in chaos and confusion.

Zul’golga – A troll berserker with an insatiable appetite for battle.

Zul’vashja – A troll rogue who operates in the shadows, unseen.

Zul’dor – A troll shaman who harnesses the forces of nature.

Zul’garoth – A troll hunter with an unerring aim.

Zul’kazan – A troll warlock who commands demons and fel magic.

Zul’kar – A troll necromancer who raises the dead to fight for him.

Zul’rosha – A troll mage with knowledge of ancient and forbidden spells.

Zul’zandor – A troll druid who can shape-shift into fearsome beasts.

Zul’malak – A troll paladin who serves the light with unwavering devotion.

Zul’varda – A troll death knight who has risen from the grave.

Zul’kor – A troll monk who combines martial arts with spiritual enlightenment.

Zul’khan – A troll chieftain who leads with honor and wisdom.

Zul’zarka – A troll warrior who wields a massive two-handed weapon.

Zul’jintha – A troll rogue who specializes in espionage and sabotage.

Zul’girash – A troll warlord who inspires his troops with unwavering bravery.

Zul’ratha – A troll witch doctor with knowledge of ancient rituals.

Zul’valkor – A troll warlock who commands the powers of the Nether.

Zul’jaida – A troll enchantress who weaves powerful spells.

Zul’mog – A troll shadow priest who taps into the power of the void.

Zul’kaza – A troll fire mage who unleashes devastating infernos.

Zul’drahk – A troll death knight who wields icy powers.

Zul’nalak – A troll rogue who moves with unmatched speed and agility.

Troll Names

How To Choose A Good  Troll Name

In the enchanting realm of fantasy, where mythical creatures roam and epic adventures unfold, a good troll name holds a significant place. It serves as a gateway to capturing the essence of these formidable beings, creating an immersive experience for readers, gamers, or even aspiring writers. Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling tale or engaging in an immersive gaming experience, selecting the perfect troll name is crucial to establishing a memorable and authentic character. Let us embark on this journey together and explore the art of choosing a good troll name.

Understanding the Characteristics of Trolls

Before diving into the naming process, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the characteristics that define trolls. These creatures are often depicted with unique physical attributes and possess distinctive personality traits. When crafting a troll name, consider their physical features, such as their size, strength, and unique appendages. Delve into their personality traits—be they cunning, intimidating, or even comical. These insights will guide you in creating a name that truly reflects the essence of your troll character.

Researching Troll Lore and Mythology

To truly immerse yourself in the world of trolls, it’s beneficial to explore the rich tapestry of troll lore and mythology. Dive into ancient folklore and legends, discovering how different cultures have interpreted these creatures throughout history. Unearth tales of their origins, their interactions with humans, and their place in the supernatural hierarchy. This research will not only broaden your knowledge but also provide inspiration for crafting a name that pays homage to the captivating history of trolls.

Establishing the Purpose and Context

As you embark on the quest for the perfect troll name, consider the purpose and context within which your character will exist. Reflect on the role of the troll in your story or game—will they be a fearsome antagonist, a loyal companion, or a mischievous trickster? Understanding their place in the narrative will guide you in selecting a name that aligns with their purpose and resonates with your audience. Additionally, take into account the setting and genre of your story or game, ensuring that the name complements the overall atmosphere and world you are building.

Crafting Unique and Memorable Names

Now comes the exciting part—crafting a troll name that is both unique and memorable. Get your creative gears turning and explore wordplay, puns, and unconventional combinations. Play with sounds, syllables, and rhythms to create a name that rolls off the tongue and leaves an impression. Consider incorporating descriptive elements that hint at the troll’s appearance, personality, or abilities, making the name an extension of their identity.

Testing and Refining the Name

Once you’ve come up with a few promising troll names, it’s time to gather feedback and refine your choices. Share your options with trusted friends, fellow writers, or gaming enthusiasts, and listen to their perspectives. Consider how the names resonate with others and whether they capture the essence of your troll character. Assess the impact they have on the overall narrative and how they contribute to the immersive experience you aim to create. Embrace constructive criticism and use it to fine-tune your selection

The Final Selection

After thorough exploration and refinement, the moment arrives to make the ultimate decision—the selection of the perfect troll name. Trust your instincts and choose the name that resonates most with you and aligns seamlessly with your character’s attributes and purpose. Embrace the chosen name and bring your troll to life within your story or game, infusing their every action with their unique identity. Remember, a well-chosen name is the key to unlocking the magic and intrigue of your troll character.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Troll Names” has sparked your imagination and provided you with a plethora of creative options for your fantasy characters. Naming trolls can be an exciting and essential aspect of storytelling, adding depth and personality to these mythical beings. Remember, a well-chosen name can make a world of difference in capturing the essence of your trolls and engaging your audience.

As you browse through the extensive list of names we’ve compiled, consider the traits and characteristics you want your trolls to possess. Are they mischievous tricksters, fearsome warriors, or wise sages? Let the names you choose reflect their nature and contribute to the overall narrative you’re crafting. With such a wide array of options, you’re bound to find the perfect name that resonates with your vision.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment, and add your personal touch to these troll names. Adapt them to fit the unique world you’ve created, infuse them with your storytelling style, and watch as your trolls come alive on the pages or screens of your imagination. Remember, the journey of naming is an adventure in itself, so embrace it and have fun along the way. We wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavors, and may your trolls be legendary in every tale they inhabit!


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