502 Catchy Used Car Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re looking for a used car business name that will make you stand out from the competition, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose a used car business name that will make your business thrive.

The used car business is a very competitive industry. You need to make sure that your business name is unique and stands out from the rest. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect name for your used car business.

Catchy Used Car Business Names

If you’re looking for an easy way to get into the used car business, why not start your own used car lot? This can be a very lucrative business and you’ll make a pretty penny too.

The trick to getting in on the used car business is to come up with a catchy name that gets people excited about buying your cars. When you come up with a great name, you’ll have a lot of clients.

  • Big Deals on Wheels
  • Silly Parrot Motors
  • Sky Motors
  • Luxury Auto Vision
  • Friendly Car Dealership
  • Texas Sweet Rides
  • Safe ‘N Speedy Auto
  • Royal Auto
  • Mile One Auto
  • Brighto
  • Pride Auto Depot
  • American Classic Autos
  • Archie’s Credit Cars
  • King Motor
  • Elite Autos
  • One More Car
  • Careal
  • Center of Attention
  • Prime Motors
  • Vavi’s Auto Sales
  • Shifting Gears
  • Gallery Depot
  • Classic Luxury Motors
  • Auto Med Mechanics
  • Auto Masters Co.
  • Pacific Sports Car
  • Eagle Auto Sales
  • Dirty Bird Used Cars
  • Super Wheels
  • Daily Deal Cars
  • Wheels of Good Fortune
  • Skyway Buick
  • Koeppel Subaru
  • Timeless Classics
  • Chatham Parkway Toyota
  • Exotic Classics
  • Qualitative Auto
  • Auto King
  • Car Max Canada Superstore
  • The Local Used Car Company
  • Car Galleria
  • S.A. Autos
  • Auto Sight Motors
  • Fairyland Auto
  • Icy Cars
  • Beyond Normal Thought
  • Four Wheel Steal
  • Car Utopia
  • New Ride Central
  • Any Car Dealership
  • Fast Lane
  • Premier Car Auctioneers
  • Valley Imports
  • Heritage Honda Parkville
  • Bring-it-on Motors
  • Almighty Auto
  • Pimp My Ride
  • Bay Area Motors LLC
  • Bob’s Motor House
  • Awesome Wheels
  • Quicksilver Car Co
  • Peachy Rides
  • Discount Motors
  • Best in Class Dealership
  • Secure Auto
  • Frank’s Smart Buys
  • Auto Stylist
  • Cars For Cash
  • The Auto Bazaar
  • Countryside Auto
  • Full-Service Auto
  • Autobahn Vision
  • Carzlync
  • Big George’s Automobiles
  • Exotic Dream Cars
  • Decision Transmission
  • Master Automotive Centers
  • Steady Eddy Motors
  • Fortune Auto
  • Autobarn orporated

Top 10 Rare Used Car Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Used Auto World

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you.

On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique. So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.

Used Auto World

2.     Quality Used Cars

This name can be used for a car dealership or a used car store. It will help your business to get more customers since it is a well-known brand.

The name is easy to remember and catchy. The meaning of the name is very simple. You just need to put your name, Quality, Used Cars, and used car store. It is not long to say.

Quality Used Cars

3.      Used Car Corner

Business names for used car dealerships are an important factor in growing your business. The name should be catchy and memorable, yet professional and timeless.

A used car dealership business name should include the words “Used Cars” and should be short, sweet, and easy to spell.

Used Car Corner

4.      Autoshop

If you have a car-related business, such as an auto shop or a used car dealership, then you should consider using your business name to reflect the type of business you are in.


5.      Scaleup Car

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out they can trust you. On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique.

So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.

Scaleup Car

6.      Ride Unlimited

You should consider using this business name if you want to sell used cars online. The main advantage of this business name is that you can earn a lot of money from selling used cars.

You will never lose money on your investment when selling cars. There are many people who are looking for used cars so they can use them as a means to earn money.

Ride Unlimited

7.      Drifted Cars

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. The reason why we selected this name is that it has a nice meaning.

You can use this name to introduce your business and to let people know about your business in a good way.

Drifted Cars

8.      Home Guru

This business name is suggested for you as it will help you to bring a revolution to your business. People will love this name because they get the impression that they can trust you.

The name also sounds catchy and it is quite easy to remember. So, people will easily come back to your business whenever they need to purchase a car or sell one.

Home Guru

9.      Hit The Road

This name will definitely help you to get the desired result because it is very catchy and it is memorable too. The name is so nice and it is catchy at the same time.

This business name is suitable for your business because it is unique and catchy. You will be able to reach more customers by using this business name.

Hit The Road

10.     Classic Car Hire

This name shows that you know what your customers want and need. Moreover, it shows that your company is willing to give its best to ensure that all its customers get a good experience.

People searching for car hire used car businesses names will definitely find your website and that means more potential customers for you.Classic Car Hire

Cool Used Car Business Names

If you’re selling used cars, you’ll want to come up with a cool name for your business.

The name should reflect the type of car you’ll be selling – if it’s a luxury car then it should have a luxury feel to it.

If you’re selling something more mainstream, then your name should reflect that. Think of your customers and how they might refer to your business. Is it short and sweet? Or is it more long-winded?

  • Premier Automotive Repairs
  • Silver Star Motors
  • Lemon Fresh Auto
  • Tucson Automotive Group
  • Auto Legion
  • Car Today
  • Absolute Auto Center
  • Mars Performance
  • Pinwheel Cars
  • Frank’s Finds
  • Circuit Motors
  • Toronto Honda
  • Turbo Tyres
  • Auto land Plus
  • Signature Cars
  • Square Deal Motors
  • World Premier Dealer
  • Elite Auto Dealer
  • Just for Cars Inc
  • Auto Mart
  • Brayley Honda Thames Ditton
  • Savings on Wheels
  • DriveForce Motors
  • Really Nice Cars
  • S.A. Motors
  • Smart Car World Ltd.
  • New Wheels from Cozy
  • Trust ’N’ Ride
  • Aaa Auto
  • Agile Auto
  • Quality Autos
  • Pfaff Automotive Partners
  • Americas Best Auto
  • VIP Auto Sales & Service
  • Knight Auto Sales
  • Up Town Vehicles
  • Grace Luxury
  • Auto Hero Dealer
  • Chiswick Honda
  • University Gateway Garage
  • Drive Home Autos
  • Toyota Thornton Road
  • Auto Ritz
  • Diamond Cars
  • Astonishing Cars
  • One-Stop Car Center
  • Dream Motors
  • Loln Plaza Automobile Sales
  • Surely Car Junction
  • In the Fast Line
  • Auto barn Incorporated
  • Toyota Of Dallas
  • Koons Arlington Used Cars
  • Hit The Road
  • Motor Getawayz
  • Automobiles Unlimited
  • Apple Auto Sales
  • Born On 4wheels
  • Used Car Connection
  • Lucky Day Auto
  • Bill O Sails Auto
  • 1st Choice Motors
  • Fulton Motoring
  • Auto Trade Corporation
  • Peterson Dealership
  • The Motor Room
  • Car Mart
  • Generation Best Auto
  • Car o’clock
  • Acme Automobile
  • The Motor Complex
  • Urban Auto
  • Alfa Romeo Of Manhattan
  • Access Auto
  • Active Luxury
  • Pure Drive Autos
  • The Auto King
  • ExoticLove
  • Main Place Motors
  • Journey Starters

Creative Used Car Business Names

The automobile industry is a growing business and many people have an interest in buying and selling used cars. Therefore, if you plan to open a business in this field, you can create a successful business that will cater to people’s desire for used cars.

However, before you start, you will need to choose a business name for your used car business.

While you can brainstorm about your business name yourself, we’ve prepared a list of cool used car business names to help you along the way. The best thing about these games is that they’re all catchy and they’ll also reflect the quality of your products or services.

  • King Crown Motors
  • The Road Motors
  • Dream Dealership
  • Reliance Nissan
  • Classic Cars
  • Motor Manufacturing
  • Hawk Ford Of St. Charles
  • Ganley Honda
  • Fearless Rides
  • Authentic Autos
  • Used Auto World
  • All At Once Used Cars
  • Bay Ridge Honda
  • Autoprofiles
  • Car King Autos
  • EXcellent Cars
  • FineCar Gallery
  • Luxury Hunt
  • Auto Literal
  • Frank’s Specialty Sales
  • The Garage Studio
  • Fred Beans Auto
  • Gally Auto
  • Auto Spire Cars
  • Quality Used Cars
  • Nelson Mazda Tulsa
  • Armor Auto
  • Auto Busters
  • Grand Supercars
  • Malibu Coupes and Co
  • Mft Auction Llc
  • Driver and Buyer
  • Interstate Motorsport
  • Pre-Owned Family Cars
  • Joyful Cars
  • Used Car Corner
  • Thames Leasing Ltd
  • Sound driver Auto
  • Azure Wheels
  • Auto Wonderland
  • Auto Guardians
  • Sk Motor
  • Exotic Vehicle Factory
  • Driver Diagnostics & Repair
  • Sincerely Yours Motors
  • Auto Works
  • Driver Connection
  • Bayview Auto Sales
  • United Driving Force
  • Driver1
  • Starlight AutoMall
  • Get Happy Automobiles
  • AAA Car Co. Inc.
  • Bluebird Autos
  • Good Gears
  • Touch Up Guys
  • Auto Now
  • Extravagant and Luxurious
  • Dealer Solutions Canada
  • The Affordable Used Car Co
  • Silver Pearl Motors
  • Joe’s Auto
  • Sale and Sail
  • Joe’s Car Zone
  • We Sell Cheap Cars
  • Whisx Cars
  • G-Money Auto Outlet
  • Arizona Ride Revue
  • The Big Car
  • Metal plex
  • Hometown Auto
  • Bargain For Wheels
  • Trusted Automobiles
  • Wonder Motors
  • Auto Zone
  • CarNova
  • Number 1 Auto
  • Premium Automotive
  • Prestige Automotive
  • Terry’s Car Palace

Unique Used Car Business Names

Buying a used car is often a lot cheaper than buying a brand-new car. But the problem is you need to buy it used from someone who knows how to care for it.

If you want to turn a profit selling used cars, you’ll need a catchy name for your business. Use the following ideas to help you create a name that works.

  • Levittown Ford Parts
  • Chilli Car
  • Auto Parts & Car Accessories
  • Karma Carz
  • Anderson Auto Dealers
  • Auto Barn
  • redibly Unique
  • Motor Advantage
  • New Look Motors
  • Jaguar and Coupes
  • First Class Motors
  • Afford Autos
  • Master Key Motors
  • Moto City
  • Sporty Speed Cars
  • Ultimate Auto Finance
  • Feel Good Auto
  • Central Auto Hub
  • Exclusive Auto Centre
  • Great Motors Co.
  • Vintage Exotic Cars
  • Ferguson Superstore
  • Auto Delight
  • Radical Luxury
  • Don Dealer
  • Exotic Car Depot
  • Auto Dealings
  • Carporium
  • Alva’s Auto Shop
  • Select Motors
  • Motorific
  • Motorcar Classics
  • Test and Drive Thru
  • Alpine Auto
  • Car Quest
  • Simply Cars
  • Mercedes-Benz Of North Haven
  • Carville Motors
  • Twin City Nissan
  • Meineke
  • A-Plus Autos
  • Whisper Luxury Cars
  • The Finishing Touches
  • GotCars
  • Guaranteed Auto
  • Trusted Second Hand Cars
  • Hubler Auto Outlet
  • Henna Chevrolet
  • Super Tuned
  • Dynasty Motors
  • Go Exotics
  • AutoWizardSales
  • Acura West
  • The Car Shack
  • Appeal Auto
  • Hudson Hyundai
  • Car Aisle
  • Need A Car Oshawa
  • Accurate Auto
  • Mint Motors
  • Incredibly Unique
  • Ace Auto Things
  • The Garage
  • KindAuto
  • Moxie Used Cars
  • ABC Auto World
  • Auto Titan
  • Starling Chevrolet Orlando
  • Barely Used
  • Upscale Experience
  • Pinnacle Motors
  • Bang Bang Motors
  • Auto Motivation
  • Prime Rides
  • Loving Motors
  • Wheelanes
  • Rockland Auto Mall
  • Twisty Tire Auto Works
  • Joe Macari Performance Cars
  • Com

Cute Used Car Business Names

If you are looking to start a business, naming the company is one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about starting a car dealership or buying and selling used cars.

The problem is, that picking a name that’s not too long and that won’t turn people away is hard. One thing that may be helping is using words like cool, excellent, super, and fast. People will remember a name like ‘Awesome Used Cars’.

Here are some more cool used car business names for you to consider.

  • Paradise Auto Outlet
  • The Little Engine
  • Fast Track Auto
  • my kinda car
  • Mister Motor
  • Elegant Automobile, Inc.
  • Auto Shop
  • Dashboard Confession
  • Quik mart Cars
  • Amazing Automobiles
  • Ready to Roll
  • Capital Auto Sales
  • Labadie Toyota
  • Alfa Auto Sales
  • Old Car Store
  • Cross Roads
  • See and Sign
  • Dream Auto Sales
  • Palmer Dodge
  • Top Gear
  • Gasoline Galleria
  • The Car Garage
  • Highway Auto Sales
  • Rockstar Exotics
  • Your Honest Mechanic
  • Key Turn Autos
  • Atlantic Motors
  • Honk Love
  • Multi Car Auto
  • Auto Town
  • Drive Time
  • DriveIts
  • Bond Car Dealership
  • Wheels and Deals
  • Old Fashioned Dealership
  • Ace Auto Sales
  • Champion Auto Sales
  • Low Rider Lovers
  • Car Towne USA
  • New Record Car
  • Drivers
  • American Vehicle Depot
  • New To You Auto
  • Tim Short Auto Mall
  • Motor High
  • Island Auto Mall
  • Rally Rides
  • Family-Friendly Auto
  • Precision Transmissions
  • The Auto House
  • Essy
  • Quick Auto Lease
  • Simply Quality Cars
  • Motor Village Marylebone
  • Buyer Happy
  • Budget Wheels
  • Auto Emporium
  • Frank And Friendly
  • Ideal Auto Shop
  • Undercover Auto
  • Elevata Cars
  • Perfectly Tuned Automotive
  • Happy Go Engine
  • Breeze Auto
  • Car4Everyone
  • Carshoppe
  • Qualitee Motors
  • Automotive Center Inc
  • Charming Car Services
  • Special Motors
  • Xclusive Cars
  • Quality Used Car Sales
  • Auto Trader
  • Brayley Kia Enfield
  • Augmented Automobiles
  • Used Car Depot
  • New Encore Auto
  • Bob Allen Ford
  • Frank’s Quality Auto
  • Dark Horse Motors

Used Car Business Names

How to Decide Your Used Car Business Name?

The article will discuss various ways to come up with a name for your used car business.

Think Through the Process of Your Used Car Business Name

When starting a used car business, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure that the name you choose has the capacity to attract potential clients.

There are many different kinds of audiences out there. Each kind of audience will have its own needs and requirements for the kind of used car business they wish to patronize.

If your used car business will cater to different kinds of audiences, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable name that will catch the attention of each one of them.

Choose a name that’s Specific

In order to make your used car business name stand out and be unique from other similar businesses in your area, you should choose a name that is specific to your business. It should give a clear idea to the target audience about the nature of your business.

For example, if your used car business sells luxury cars, then your name should convey this message.

Consider the Location of Your Used Car Business

Where your used car business is located can have a major impact on the name you choose.

If you are planning to open your business in a location that is known for its abundance of customers, it would be wise to choose a name that is associated with this location.

For example, if your business is located on a college campus, a name like ‘Used Cars For College Students’ would work well.

Get the Names of Your Competitors

Another important factor that should be taken into account is the names of the competitors.

By taking note of the names of the competitors and finding out whether they are successful in attracting customers, you will be able to get an idea about the kinds of names that could work well for your business.

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