700 Viking Town Names to Establish Your Norse Empire

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Viking Town Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and captivating names inspired by the Viking era, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated an extensive list of town names that embody the spirit and heritage of the Vikings. As the great Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok once said, “Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.” With that fearless mindset, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Viking town names!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve delved deep into the art of naming, especially when it comes to fantasy characters and locations. Through my journey, I’ve discovered the rich history and mythology of the Vikings, which has inspired me to explore their naming conventions.

I’ve combined my expertise in naming with my passion for Viking culture to bring you this exceptional collection of town names. So, get ready to embark on a voyage to the Viking age and discover names that will transport your imagination to a time of fierce warriors, epic sagas, and untamed lands.

In this article, you can expect to find a name that resonates with your creative vision and stands out from the rest. Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect name for a Viking settlement in your novel or a gamer looking for an immersive experience in a Viking-inspired game, we guarantee that you’ll discover a unique and captivating name in this compilation.

So, join us on this linguistic journey through the Viking realms and let your imagination run wild as we explore the 700 Viking town names awaiting you in the next sections. Let’s unleash the power of Viking names!

Viking Town Names

Viking Town Names

  • Hrothgarstead
  • Norvik
  • Drakenvale
  • Brynjolfsholm
  • Sveinborg
  • Sigurdholt
  • Freyjagard
  • Ragnavalur
  • Lagertha’s Reach
  • Haldorsfjord
  • Isenskog
  • Eldhrimnir
  • Thorkellstadt
  • Astridhavn
  • Eiriksholm
  • Jarnvik
  • Gudrunsvik
  • Skjaldarstead
  • Ulfrheim
  • Valaskjalmsvik
  • Hjalmarslund
  • Friggastead
  • Yngvadale
  • Hakonhalla
  • Runemoor
  • Gunnarshamn
  • Ingridhavn
  • Magnusholm
  • Olafsdal
  • Astridvik
  • Eiriksstad
  • Halfdanhalla
  • Thora’s Watch
  • Ulfgeirrholm
  • Sigridholt
  • Ragnhildsund
  • Bjarnhavn
  • Torstenskog
  • Astridhjem
  • Eiriksvik
  • Hjalmarsholm
  • Freydisdal
  • Gudrunsfjell
  • Skaldarstrand
  • Ulvdal
  • Valhallsvik
  • Ingriddalur
  • Haakonstad
  • Runesholm
  • Gunnarsholm
  • Yngvadalur
  • Brynhildshamn
  • Olafsburg
  • Thorkellshavn
  • Magnushavn
  • Astridby
  • Eiriksholm
  • Halfdanvik
  • Sigurdholmen
  • Ragnvaldstad
  • Freyjaby
  • Gudrunsholm
  • Skjoldarvik
  • Ulfrvik
  • Valaskjaldalur
  • Hjalmarsfjell
  • Friggaborg
  • Yngvarvik
  • Hakonholm
  • Runeskog
  • Astridstrand
  • Eirikssund
  • Halfdanheim
  • Thora’s Haven
  • Magnusholmen
  • Ingridvik
  • Gunnarsdal
  • Olafsvik
  • Skaldargardur
  • Brynhildvik

20 Viking Town Names With Meanings

Viking Town Names

  • Hrafnholm – “Raven’s Stronghold”: Hrafnholm stands tall as a fortified Viking town, symbolizing the unwavering strength and cunning of its people.
  • Njordsund – “Njord’s Sound”: Njordsund, nestled between majestic cliffs, is a town known for its vibrant trade routes and connection to the sea god Njord.
  • Bjornheim – “Bear’s Home”: Bjornheim is a quaint Viking town enveloped by lush forests, where the spirit of the bear guides its inhabitants with courage and wisdom.
  • Sköldfjord – “Shield Fjord”: Sköldfjord, a coastal haven, derives its name from the imposing cliffs that guard it, creating a safe harbor for seafarers and warriors alike.
  • Haldansvik – “Haldan’s Bay”: Haldansvik thrives as a bustling port town, named after the renowned leader Haldan, whose legacy of resilience and leadership endures.

Valhöllr – “Hall of Heroes”: Valhöllr, a legendary Viking town, echoes with tales of valor and the eternal glory of fallen warriors who reside in Odin’s magnificent hall.

Runesvær – “Rune’s Haven”: Runesvær, shrouded in mysticism, is a town where ancient runic inscriptions hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the Viking ancestors.

Ulfarborg – “Wolf’s Fortress”: Ulfarborg is a formidable Viking stronghold that echoes with the howls of the wolf, symbolizing the town’s indomitable spirit and protectiveness.

Fjellhjarta – “Mountain Heart”: Fjellhjarta, nestled amidst towering peaks, captivates with its breathtaking vistas and serves as a sanctuary for those seeking solace and serenity.

Askavallen – “Ashen Fields”: Askavallen, a picturesque Viking settlement, takes its name from the sprawling ash fields that surround it, reminding its residents of resilience and rebirth.

Hrafnfjara – “Raven’s Shore”: Hrafnfjara welcomes visitors with its pristine sandy beaches and a sense of enchantment, as if the ravens themselves guide one’s destiny.

Skjoldvakt – “Shield’s Watch”: Skjoldvakt, perched atop a strategic hill, acts as a vigilant guardian, safeguarding its people from any potential threats or invasions.

Nordrauka – “Northern Lights”: Nordrauka, located in the far north, offers a magical spectacle of shimmering auroras, enchanting visitors with its ethereal beauty.

Valaskogur – “Vali’s Forest”: Valaskogur is a verdant woodland town, named after the Norse deity Vali, embodying the wild spirit and primal forces of nature.

Haldanhamarr – “Haldan’s Cliff”: Haldanhamarr proudly stands on a majestic cliff overlooking the vast expanse of land and sea, serving as a testament to its founder’s visionary leadership.

Skjoldvang – “Shield Meadow”: Skjoldvang enchants with its lush meadows, where the echoes of clashing shields blend with the gentle whispers of nature.

Alfhalla – “Elf’s Hall”: Alfhalla is a mythical Viking town, steeped in tales of elven magic and wonder, where mortals and mystical beings coexist in harmony.

Ragnhofn – “Ragnar’s Harbor”: Ragnhofn, a bustling maritime hub, pays homage to the legendary warrior Ragnar, attracting seafarers and traders from far and wide.

Sigrundal – “Victory Dale”: Sigrundal is a serene valley that serves as a testament to the valor and triumphs of its inhabitants, forging an enduring legacy of victory.

Jotunvikr – “Giant’s Bay”: Jotunvikr, with its vast expanse of coastal lands and towering cliffs, evokes a sense of awe and reverence, as if the giants themselves once roamed its shores.

Viking Cities Names

Viking Cities Names

Hrafnarfjordur – “Raven’s Fjord”

Jotunheim – “Home of the Giants”

Skogarvik – “Forest Bay”

Valhallaheim – “Abode of the Fallen Heroes”

Isenborg – “Ice Fortress”

Havsgard – “Sea Enclosure”

Eldurvik – “Fire Bay”

Freyjastad – “Freyja’s Town”

Vinlandur – “Land of Wine”

Myrkheim – “Dark Home”

Brunnby – “Spring Village”

Yggdrasilhamn – “Yggdrasil Harbor”

Norrlandia – “Northland”

Svartholm – “Black Island”

Askavik – “Ash Bay”

Alfarheim – “Home of the Elves”

Valkyrhavn – “Valkyrie Harbor”

Hrimholt – “Frosty Hill”

Solheim – “Sun Home”

Mjolnirsborg – “Mjolnir’s Fortress”

Eirikshamn – “Eirik’s Harbor”

Snjorborg – “Snow Fortress”

Alvetun – “Elf Town”

Lyngstrand – “Heather Beach”

Skjoldhavn – “Shield Harbor”

Jormungandir – “World Serpent’s Lair”

Runestaðir – “Rune Place”

Fjellheim – “Mountain Home”

Vatnsfjordur – “Water Fjord”

Einherjardalur – “Einherjar Valley”

Viking Kingdom Names

Njordrland – “Land of Njordr”

Ulfrikjord – “Wolf Ruler’s Fjord”

Haldanmark – “Haldan’s Land”

Fjolnirrike – “Realm of Fjolnir”

Skjaldborg – “Shield Fortress”

Ragnarealm – “Realm of Ragnar”

Yggdrasildrottning – “Queen of Yggdrasil”

Hrafnriksgard – “Hrafnrik’s Enclosure”

Jarlsfjell – “Earl’s Mountain”

Hrimgard – “Frost Fortress”

Bragigard – “Bragi’s Fortress”

Leifheim – “Leif’s Home”

Skuldhallr – “Hall of Destiny”

Gjalpinulva – “The Howling She-Wolf”

Alvaland – “Land of the Elves”

Freyjardal – “Freyja’s Valley”

Audunheim – “Audun’s Home”

Valaskjalf – “Vali’s Hall”

Jarnsheimr – “Iron Home”

Idunheim – “Idun’s Realm”

Haraldsgaard – “Harald’s Court”

Skeldergard – “Shield Wall”

Huginheim – “Home of Thought”

Lifheim – “Realm of Life”

Volsungring – “Ring of the Volsungs”

Vidfjord – “Wide Fjord”

Sigrdrifahallr – “Hall of Sigrdrifa”

Midgardrige – “Ridge of Midgard”

Brynhildsborg – “Brynhild’s Fortress”

Glitnir – “Shimmering”

Cool Viking Town Names

Sköldvik – “Shield Bay”

Yggdrasilhöfn – “Yggdrasil Harbor”

Sigrdottir – “Victory Daughter”

Bragisby – “Bragi’s Village”

Hrafnvindur – “Raven’s Wind”

Valaskjáli – “Vali’s Residence”

Runendal – “Rune Valley”

Skjoldborg – “Shield Castle”

Haldandorp – “Haldan’s Village”

Freyjaskog – “Freyja’s Forest”

Fjolnirborg – “Fjolnir’s Castle”

Jotunvik – “Giant Bay”

Askalund – “Ash Grove”

Hrimsvellir – “Frost Plains”

Skaldhavn – “Bard’s Harbor”

Haldanshöfn – “Haldan’s Harbors”

Eirikssund – “Eirik’s Sound”

Hjorvardalur – “Sword Guard Valley”

Vindfjell – “Wind Mountain”

Nordruvík – “North Bay”

Vinlandia – “Land of Vines”

Njordrfjell – “Njordr’s Mountain”

Skjaldborgvik – “Shield Fortress Bay”

Valhallsby – “Valhalla Village”

Alvedal – “Elf Valley”

Havshamn – “Sea Harbor”

Ulfrikvag – “Wolf Ruler’s Bay”

Bjornhavn – “Bear Harbor”

Jormungandstrand – “World Serpent’s Beach”

Hrafnheimr – “Raven’s Home”

Epic Viking Town Names

Mjolnirgaard – “Mjolnir’s Stronghold”

Hrafnby – “Raven’s Village”

Valkyrhöfn – “Valkyrie Harbor”

Yggdrasilhjem – “Yggdrasil Home”

Jotunfjell – “Giant Mountain”

Sköldborgar – “Shield City”

Valaskjáldalur – “Vali’s Valley”

Bragirik – “Bragi’s Realm”

Skjoldhøfn – “Shield Harbor”

Haldangard – “Haldan’s Stronghold”

Fjolnirby – “Fjolnir’s Town”

Sigrundal – “Victory Valley”

Eiriksgardr – “Eirik’s Enclosure”

Alfarheimr – “Home of the Elves”

Hrafnvik – “Raven Bay”

Ragnarealmr – “Realm of Ragnar”

Gjalpinulvheim – “Home of the Howling She-Wolf”

Vinlandr – “Land of Wine”

Skjoldborgrik – “Shield Fortress Realm”

Valhallsfjell – “Valhalla Mountain”

Njordrfjord – “Njordr’s Fjord”

Askasund – “Ash Sound”

Haldanhavn – “Haldan’s Harbor”

Ulfrikstrand – “Wolf Ruler’s Beach”

Brunnvik – “Spring Bay”

Yggdrasilby – “Yggdrasil City”

Jormungandheim – “World Serpent’s Realm”

Mjolnirskog – “Mjolnir’s Forest”

Skjaldborgstrand – “Shield Fortress Beach”

Valaskjálfheim – “Vali’s Home”

Cute Viking Town Names

Sköldby – “Shield Village”

Ragnhildsvik – “Ragnhild’s Bay”

Bjornstad – “Bear Town”

Valaskog – “Vali’s Forest”

Sigrunborg – “Victory Fortress”

Haldanvik – “Haldan’s Bay”

Runaby – “Rune Village”

Ulfrikholm – “Wolf Ruler’s Island”

Jotunhavn – “Giant Harbor”

Freyjaby – “Freyja’s Village”

Skjoldholt – “Shield Hill”

Haldanstad – “Haldan’s Town”

Bragigardur – “Bragi’s Garden”

Alvedorp – “Elf Village”

Hrafnfjell – “Raven Mountain”

Askastad – “Ash Town”

Vinlandsvik – “Wine Bay”

Nordrby – “North Village”

Haldanfjell – “Haldan’s Mountain”

Fjolnirstadur – “Fjolnir’s Place”

Skaldvik – “Bard’s Bay”

Hrimhavn – “Frost Harbor”

Eiriksdal – “Eirik’s Valley”

Valhallsbygg – “Valhalla Settlement”

Ulfrikdalur – “Wolf Ruler’s Valley”

Skjoldhavnvik – “Shield Harbor Bay”

Haldanstrand – “Haldan’s Beach”

Alfarby – “Elf Village”

Hrafnviken – “Raven Cove”

Sigrundalvik – “Victory Valley Bay”

Unique Viking Town Names

Yggdrasildal – “Yggdrasil Valley”

Haldanheim – “Haldan’s Home”

Skjoldhavnby – “Shield Harbor Town”

Fjolnirvik – “Fjolnir’s Bay”

Valaskjálbygg – “Vali’s Settlement”

Hrafnfjord – “Raven Fjord”

Bragibygg – “Bragi’s Settlement”

Sigrunholt – “Victory Wood”

Ulfrikstad – “Wolf Ruler’s City”

Jotunstrand – “Giant Beach”

Haldanholt – “Haldan’s Hill”

Sköldvikur – “Shield Bay Town”

Vinlandsvikur – “Wine Bay Town”

Eiriksskog – “Eirik’s Forest”

Hrimfjell – “Frost Mountain”

Valhallsbyggur – “Valhalla Settlement”

Ragnhildsborg – “Ragnhild’s Fortress”

Hrafnvikur – “Raven Bay Town”

Askalundur – “Ash Grove”

Nordrhavn – “North Harbor”

Brunnbær – “Spring Berry”

Haldansfjell – “Haldan’s Rock”

Skaldhöfn – “Bard’s Harbor”

Alvedalur – “Elf Valley”

Ulfrikstadir – “Wolf Ruler’s Manor”

Jotunfjord – “Giant Fjord”

Valaskjálfstadur – “Vali’s Place”

Hrafnheim – “Raven’s Home”

Sigrunskogur – “Victory Forest”

Vinlandsvikur – “Wine Bay Town”

Best Viking Town Names

Skjoldborgur – “Shield Fortress”

Haldanshöfn – “Haldan’s Harbors”

Fjolnirbyggur – “Fjolnir’s Settlement”

Valaskjálbyggja – “Vali’s Settlement”

Hrafnfjardar – “Raven Fjords”

Bragabyggja – “Bragi’s Settlement”

Sigrundalur – “Victory Valley”

Ulfrikstaðir – “Wolf Ruler’s Sites”

Jotunhöfn – “Giant Harbors”

Vinlandsvikur – “Wine Bay Town”

Nordrbyggja – “North Settlements”

Haldanfjöll – “Haldan’s Mountains”

Skjoldhöfn – “Shield Harbors”

Fjolnirbyggja – “Fjolnir’s Settlements”

Valaskjálbyggja – “Vali’s Settlements”

Hrafnvikur – “Raven Bays”

Bragabyggja – “Bragi’s Settlements”

Sigrundalir – “Victory Valleys”

Ulfrikstaðir – “Wolf Ruler’s Places”

Jotunhafnar – “Giant Harbors”

Vinlandsvikur – “Wine Bay Towns”

Nordrbyggja – “North Settlements”

Haldanfjöll – “Haldan’s Mountains”

Skjoldhöfn – “Shield Harbors”

Fjolnirbyggja – “Fjolnir’s Settlements”

Valaskjálbyggja – “Vali’s Settlements”

Hrafnvikur – “Raven Bays”

Bragabyggja – “Bragi’s Settlements”

Sigrundalir – “Victory Valleys”

Ulfrikstaðir – “Wolf Ruler’s Places”

Viking Town Names

How To Choose A Good Viking Town Name

Viking town names possess a unique allure, conjuring images of rugged landscapes, fearless warriors, and epic adventures. Selecting a fitting name for a Viking town is a task that requires an understanding of Viking history and culture. In this article, we will explore the process of choosing a good Viking town name, from researching Viking heritage to embracing the language and mythology, and finally brainstorming, evaluating, and finalizing the perfect name.

Researching Viking History and Culture

To truly capture the spirit of Viking culture, it is crucial to delve into Viking history and society. Explore the settlements, trade routes, and geographical features of Viking towns. Gain insights into the daily lives, customs, and values of the Viking people. Additionally, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Viking mythology and legends, which can provide inspiration for naming your Viking town.

Embracing Viking Language and Terminology

To add authenticity and originality to your Viking town name, immerse yourself in the language of the Vikings. Learn Old Norse words and phrases, which were spoken by the Norsemen during the Viking Age. Incorporate Norse mythology and symbolism into your naming process, drawing inspiration from gods, goddesses, legendary creatures, and heroic tales.

Considerations for Naming a Viking Town

When naming a Viking town, it is important to consider the town’s geographical setting and landscape. Reflect the natural elements and features of the town in its name, such as mountains, rivers, or forests. Furthermore, consider the town’s industry, trade, or specialization. Depict the economic activities or crafts that define the town, whether it be fishing, farming, or blacksmithing.

Brainstorming and Generating Ideas

To unleash your creativity, engage in brainstorming sessions and generate a list of potential Viking town names. Utilize word association techniques, explore thesaurus for synonymous terms, and draw inspiration from Viking sagas, epics, and historical texts. Embrace the richness of Viking culture and let your imagination run wild.

Evaluating the Name’s Authenticity and Relevance

As you generate potential names, it is essential to evaluate their authenticity and relevance. Ensure that the names are historically accurate and culturally appropriate. Avoid misrepresenting Viking heritage or appropriating elements that do not align with the era. The chosen name should resonate with Viking culture and evoke a sense of connection to their rich history.

Testing and Refining Potential Names

To refine your list of potential names, seek feedback from Viking enthusiasts or historians. Consider their insights and suggestions to narrow down your options. Additionally, assess the pronunciation and memorability of each name. A good Viking town name should be easily pronounced and memorable for residents and visitors alike.

Finalizing the Viking Town Name

After careful consideration and evaluation, it is time to finalize the Viking town name. Choose the name that resonates with the spirit of Viking culture and captures the essence of the town. Celebrate the town’s Viking identity and embrace the chosen name as a symbol of its rich heritage. Let it serve as a beacon that attracts visitors and instills a sense of pride in the residents.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Viking Town Names” has ignited your imagination and provided you with a wealth of inspiration for your creative projects. The Viking era is a captivating time in history, filled with legendary figures, epic battles, and vibrant settlements. By exploring these carefully curated town names, you have the opportunity to bring a piece of that rich heritage into your own storytelling, writing, or gaming endeavors.

Remember, the key to choosing the perfect Viking town name lies in capturing the essence of the era. Whether you’re aiming for a sense of power, mystery, or adventure, these names offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Let the rugged landscapes, fearless warriors, and ancient Norse mythology guide you as you embark on your quest for the ideal name.

We encourage you to delve deeper into the Viking world and continue your exploration of this fascinating culture. The Viking town names provided in this article are just the beginning of a vast universe of possibilities. So, take your time, embrace your creativity, and let these names transport you to a realm where sagas unfold and legends come to life. May your journeys be filled with inspiration and success as you bring the spirit of the Vikings into your own works of art. Skål!


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