700 Mythical Werewolf Names to Ignite Your Imagination

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Werewolf Names”! If you’re looking for creative and captivating names for your werewolf characters, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated an extensive list of names that will bring your werewolves to life. As Virginia Alison once said, “In a world full of sheep, be a werewolf.” Let’s dive into the fascinating world of werewolf names and unleash your imagination.

As a naming specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the realm of fantasy character names. Crafting names that capture the essence of a character is an art I’ve honed over the years. Whether it’s a fierce warrior or a mysterious creature of the night, I understand the importance of a name in shaping the identity and personality of a fictional being. I’ve researched and compiled a diverse collection of werewolf names to help you find the perfect fit for your own creations.

In this article, you’ll discover a plethora of unique and enchanting werewolf names. We’ve scoured myths, legends, and literature to bring you a selection that spans various cultures and origins. From ancient folklore to modern-day pop culture references, there’s something for everyone. Rest assured, by the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with a name that sets your werewolf apart and leaves a lasting impression on your readers or players. Get ready to howl with delight as you explore the captivating world of werewolf names!

Werewolf Names

Werewolf Names

  • Fenrir Bloodmoon
  • Selene Nightshade
  • Lucius Grimclaw
  • Astrid Shadowfang
  • Leofric Ironjaw
  • Freya Moonstrike
  • Ragnar Stormpelt
  • Thora Wolfsbane
  • Morwen Frostmane
  • Ulric Silverthorn
  • Lycan Moonhowl
  • Amara Darkclaw
  • Orion Wildheart
  • Valka Moonwhisper
  • Aria Swiftclaw
  • Wulfric Shadowpaw
  • Sylva Stormcloak
  • Brynhild Moonshadow
  • Ignatius Blackthorn
  • Nyx Twilightfang
  • Romulus Swiftstrike
  • Seraphine Moonlight
  • Odin Wolfsong
  • Luna Frostbite
  • Gaius Nightfall
  • Morpheus Fangstorm
  • Serilda Lunarstrike
  • Theron Steelclaw
  • Rowena Wolfsong
  • Vesper Dusksoul
  • Sable Swiftshadow
  • Wolfgang Bloodclaw
  • Nyssa Stormborn
  • Ragnarok Darkmoon
  • Selene Nightwind
  • Valerius Moonshroud
  • Ayla Frostwind
  • Leona Shadowclaw
  • Zephyr Swifttail
  • Freyja Moonfire
  • Alaric Grimfang
  • Luna Emberheart
  • Orion Stormwatcher
  • Brynhild Nightstalker
  • Lucian Moonhowler
  • Seraphina Frostmane
  • Fenris Blackclaw
  • Morwen Shadowstrike
  • Astrid Wolfsong
  • Ulric Nightprowler
  • Valka Bloodmoon
  • Thora Silverfang
  • Wulfric Darkthorn
  • Lyra Shadowpelt
  • Ignatius Moonshroud
  • Sylva Frostheart
  • Gaius Nightwhisper
  • Aria Stormclaw
  • Romulus Moonchaser
  • Serilda Wolfsbane
  • Morpheus Frostwind
  • Rowena Swiftstrike
  • Selene Blackthorn
  • Theron Moonshroud
  • Luna Nightshade
  • Wolfgang Shadowfang
  • Brynhild Frostclaw
  • Freyja Moonhowl
  • Valerius Nightpelt
  • Nyssa Stormclaw
  • Fenris Bloodfang
  • Astrid Moonfire
  • Lucian Grimshadow
  • Seraphina Nightstrike
  • Ulric Silverclaw
  • Ignatius Moonwhisper
  • Gaius Frostmane
  • Sylva Shadowheart
  • Rowena Nightfall
  • Romulus Darkmoon

20 Werewolf Names With Meanings

Werewolf Names

Valerius the Lunar Guardian – A noble werewolf name, symbolizing a protector of the moon’s power and secrets.

Seraphina Moonshadow – This elegant werewolf name embodies a graceful and mysterious creature of the night.

Ragnor Stormclaw – A fearsome werewolf name that represents a powerful beast capable of summoning storms with its mighty claws.

Astrid Wolfsbane – With a name meaning “divinely beautiful” and “bane of wolves,” Astrid is a werewolf with striking allure and deadly prowess.

Ulric Moonhowl – Ulric is a werewolf whose haunting howls under the moonlight send shivers down the spines of those who hear them.

Lycia Nightshade – Lycia, whose name is derived from “lycanthrope” and “nightshade,” embodies a werewolf with a seductive yet poisonous nature.

Theron Darkfang – Theron, meaning “hunter,” is a werewolf with a reputation for mercilessly stalking and tearing apart its prey with its dark fangs.

Leona Lunarcrest – Leona is a werewolf whose name combines “lioness” and “moon crest,” symbolizing her fierce and regal nature under the moon’s glow.

Lucian Shadowbane – Lucian, whose name means “light” and “shadowbane,” represents a werewolf skilled in manipulating both light and darkness.

Freyja Moonchaser – Named after the Norse goddess associated with fertility and love, Freyja is a werewolf who passionately pursues her prey under the moonlit skies.

Wolfgang Stormpaw – Wolfgang is a werewolf with powerful paws capable of summoning thunderstorms and leaving destruction in his wake.

Morrigan Nightfang – Morrigan, named after the Irish goddess of war, is a werewolf whose fangs strike fear into the hearts of her enemies under the cover of darkness.

Aria Silverclaw – Aria is a werewolf with silver claws, known for her lethal precision and ability to strike with deadly accuracy.

Fenris Shadowstrike – Fenris, inspired by the Norse wolf deity, possesses the ability to swiftly strike from the shadows, leaving no trace behind.

Valka Moonfire – Valka, meaning “falcon” and “moon fire,” represents a werewolf with exceptional vision and fiery lunar powers.

Sable Nightfall – Sable is a werewolf who thrives in the darkness, blending seamlessly with the nightfall to carry out her clandestine hunts.

Orion Frostclaw – Orion is a werewolf whose frosty claws freeze his enemies in their tracks, leaving them helpless against his icy touch.

Lyra Darkthorn – Lyra is a werewolf whose name combines the musical constellation and the thorny nature of her existence, representing a creature of beauty and danger.

Aloysius Moonwraith – Aloysius is a werewolf known as the “moon wraith,” haunting the night with ethereal grace and an insatiable hunger for prey.

Ravenna Blackfang – Ravenna, with her obsidian fangs, embodies a werewolf who strikes fear into the hearts of her adversaries, leaving them in darkness and despair.

Famous Werewolf Names

Famous Werewolf Names

Fenrir – Norse mythological wolf who bit off Tyr’s hand.

Remus – Twin brother of Romulus from Roman mythology.

Lycan – Derived from the word “lycanthrope,” meaning werewolf.

Lyall – Tribute to author Patricia Briggs’ character in “Moon Called.”

Ulric – A name associated with wolf-like strength and power.

Ansgar – Inspired by the werewolf character in “Ginger Snaps.”

Wulfgar – Combination of “wolf” and “spear” in Old English.

Rafe – Popularized by the werewolf character in “The Wolfman” film.

Leidolf – A Germanic name meaning “wolf prince.”

Remus – A famous name from “Harry Potter” associated with werewolves.

Lupin – Derived from the Latin word “lupus,” meaning wolf.

Asena – A legendary Turkic wolf who nursed a human child.

Velkan – A character from the movie “Van Helsing.”

Bertrand – Inspired by the character in the “Underworld” series.

Alvar – A Swedish name meaning “elf warrior.”

Valerik – A powerful name associated with werewolf lore.

Connor – Inspired by the character in the TV series “Being Human.”

Vargulf – A name of Scandinavian origin meaning “werewolf.”

Lykos – Derived from the Greek word for “wolf.”

Sirius – A reference to the star associated with the werewolf myth.

Rolf – A Germanic name meaning “famous wolf.”

Lirael – Inspired by the character in Garth Nix’s “Abhorsen” series.

Ulfrik – A Nordic name meaning “wolf ruler.”

Lupa – Derived from the Latin word for “she-wolf.”

Selene – The name of a powerful werewolf character in “Underworld.”

Akuji – Inspired by the werewolf character in “The Wolf Among Us.”

Randulf – A Scandinavian name meaning “shield-wolf.”

Bela – Tribute to Bela Lugosi, a famous actor who portrayed werewolves.

Greymalkin – A name associated with the supernatural and witches.

Wulfric – A name derived from Old English, meaning “wolf ruler.”

Werewolf Last Names

Werewolf Names

Wolfhart – Combination of “wolf” and “hardy” in German.

Fenrisson – “Son of Fenris,” referencing the Norse wolf deity.

Blackclaw – A name representing the werewolf’s fearsome nature.

Nightshade – Symbolic of the mystical and dark aspects of werewolves.

Wolfsbane – Inspired by the plant known for its werewolf-repelling properties.

Silvermane – Signifying the transformation under a full moon.

Moonshadow – Associated with the werewolf’s connection to the lunar cycle.

Bloodmoon – Reflecting the werewolf’s bloodlust during the transformation.

Grimfang – A name evoking the fearsome and deadly nature of werewolves.

Darkwood – Conjuring images of the werewolf lurking in dense forests.

Stormclaw – Suggestive of the werewolf’s ferocity and power.

Ironhide – Symbolic of the werewolf’s impenetrable and resilient nature.

Swiftmoon – Signifying the agility and swiftness of the werewolf.

Shadowpaw – A name referencing the werewolf’s predatory instincts.

Moonhowl – Evoking the werewolf’s haunting and eerie howl.

Duskblood – Reflecting the werewolf’s association with the twilight hours.

Nightfang – A name representing the werewolf’s nocturnal hunting prowess.

Ashenwolf – Symbolic of the werewolf’s connection to the spirit world.

Shadowbane – Signifying the werewolf’s ability to vanquish its enemies.

Stormsoul – Reflecting the werewolf’s connection to the elemental forces.

Frostclaw – A name evoking the werewolf’s affinity with icy landscapes.

Obsidian – Symbolic of the werewolf’s dark and mysterious nature.

Moonchaser – Associated with the werewolf’s pursuit under the moonlight.

Stonewolf – Suggestive of the werewolf’s strength and unyielding nature.

Nightshade – A name referencing the toxic plant and its association with werewolves.

Ebonyfang – Signifying the werewolf’s sharp and deadly teeth.

Lunaris – Derived from “lunar,” highlighting the werewolf’s connection to the moon.

Swiftclaw – Evoking the werewolf’s swift and precise attacks.

Midnight – A name associated with the werewolf’s affinity for darkness.

Shadowthorn – Symbolic of the werewolf’s thorny and dangerous existence.

Werewolf Male Names

Fenris – Derived from the Norse wolf deity.

Vargr – A name meaning “wolf” in Old Norse.

Ulric – A powerful and noble name associated with wolves.

Wulfric – Combining “wolf” and “ruler” in Old English.

Lycaon – Inspired by the Greek mythological figure turned into a wolf.

Ragnar – A name reflecting the fierce and warrior-like nature of werewolves.

Alaric – Derived from the Gothic name meaning “ruler of all.”

Beowulf – A legendary warrior whose name means “bee wolf.”

Bran – A name associated with a legendary Irish wolfhound.

Gerulf – Combining “spear” and “wolf” in Old German.

Gavril – Derived from the Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength.”

Keegan – An Irish name meaning “small and fiery.”

Lucian – Derived from the Latin word for “light.”

Atticus – Inspired by the character in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Leofric – A name of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “dear ruler.”

Magnus – Meaning “great” or “powerful” in Latin.

Rolf – Derived from the Old Germanic name meaning “famous wolf.”

Severin – A name associated with the concept of sternness and seriousness.

Wulfstan – A name combining “wolf” and “stone” in Old English.

Einar – Derived from the Old Norse meaning “lone warrior.”

Fenrir – A name associated with the mighty wolf from Norse mythology.

Lycan – Derived from the term “lycanthrope,” meaning werewolf.

Rudolf – A Germanic name meaning “famous wolf.”

Aeson – Inspired by the Greek mythological figure and father of Jason.

Romulus – The legendary founder of Rome and twin brother of Remus.

Ulrik – A Scandinavian name meaning “power of the wolf.”

Remus – Derived from Roman mythology, associated with wolves.

Valek – A Slavic name meaning “ruler” or “mighty.”

Lucius – Derived from the Latin word for “light.”

Atticus – A name associated with wisdom and intellect.

Werewolf Female Names

Luna – Derived from the Latin word for “moon.”

Freya – Inspired by the Norse goddess associated with fertility and love.

Lyra – A name associated with the constellation of the Lyre.

Seraphine – Derived from the Hebrew word for “burning ones.”

Astrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “divinely beautiful.”

Valka – A name of Slavic origin meaning “falcon.”

Morrigan – Inspired by the Irish goddess of war and sovereignty.

Amara – Derived from the Arabic word for “eternal” or “immortal.”

Thora – A name associated with the Norse god Thor.

Selene – The Greek goddess of the moon.

Lilith – A name associated with ancient mythology and the night.

Isolde – Inspired by the tragic figure from Arthurian legend.

Aurora – Derived from the Latin word for “dawn.”

Sylva – A name associated with forests and the natural world.

Ravenna – Evoking images of the dark and mysterious.

Nyx – Inspired by the Greek goddess of the night.

Ayla – Derived from an old Turkish word meaning “moonlight.”

Selene – Derived from Greek mythology, associated with the moon.

Aradia – Inspired by the Italian witchcraft folklore.

Brynhild – A legendary figure from Norse mythology.

Cassandra – Derived from Greek mythology, associated with prophecy.

Ember – A name evoking images of flickering firelight.

Odette – Inspired by the ballet character in “Swan Lake.”

Thea – Derived from Greek mythology, meaning “goddess.”

Aurora – Associated with the dawn and the colors of the morning sky.

Morwen – A name of Welsh origin meaning “maiden.”

Amethyst – A purple gemstone associated with mysticism and protection.

Callista – Derived from the Greek word for “most beautiful.”

Nyx – Associated with the night and darkness in Greek mythology.

Thalia – Inspired by the Greek muse of comedy and poetry.

Alpha Werewolf Names

Magnus – Derived from Latin, meaning “great” or “powerful.”

Alphael – Combining “alpha” and “angel” to symbolize leadership.

Vulpes – Latin word for “fox,” symbolizing cunning and intelligence.

Alaric – A name meaning “ruler of all” in Gothic.

Lupus – Derived from the Latin word for “wolf.”

Arawn – Inspired by the Welsh mythological king of the Otherworld.

Uriel – Meaning “God is my light” in Hebrew.

Drakon – Derived from the Greek word for “dragon.”

Odin – Associated with the Norse god of wisdom and war.

Caelum – Latin for “sky” or “heaven,” signifying authority.

Fenris – A name referencing the ferocious Norse wolf deity.

Zephyr – Derived from the Greek word for “west wind.”

Lycarios – Combining “lycanthrope” and “arios” to symbolize strength.

Erebos – Inspired by the Greek primordial god of darkness.

Theron – Meaning “hunter” in Greek, symbolizing leadership and prowess.

Morpheus – Associated with the Greek god of dreams.

Solarius – A name combining “solar” and “arius” to symbolize power.

Wulfric – Combining “wolf” and “ruler” in Old English.

Orion – Derived from Greek mythology, associated with the hunter.

Helios – Inspired by the Greek sun god, representing strength and authority.

Leofric – A name of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “dear ruler.”

Vargr – Meaning “wolf” in Old Norse, symbolizing dominance.

Aurelius – Derived from Latin, meaning “golden” or “radiant.”

Ragnar – A name reflecting the warrior-like nature of an alpha werewolf.

Zephyrus – Inspired by the Greek god of the west wind.

Aldric – Combining “old” and “ruler” to symbolize wisdom and leadership.

Fenrisulfr – A name referencing the legendary wolf from Norse mythology.

Ares – Associated with the Greek god of war and courage.

Vesper – Derived from the Latin word for “evening star.”

Odinson – A name associated with the Norse god Odin and his descendants.

Funny Werewolf Names

Howlverine – A playful combination of “howl” and “Wolverine.”

Furzilla – A humorous take on the monstrous creature Godzilla.

Barky McBiteface – A whimsical name that combines barking and biting.

Pawsome – A punny name emphasizing the awesomeness of werewolves.

Woofgang – A play on the name Wolfgang, evoking a sense of humor.

Hairball – A lighthearted name referencing the shedding of fur.

Fangtastic – Combining “fangs” and “fantastic” for a fun twist.

Growlfriend – A playful name highlighting the werewolf’s wild side.

Snarls Barkley – A humorous play on the name Charles Barkley.

Woofenstein – A comedic combination of “woof” and “Frankenstein.”

Howlarious – A wordplay combining “howl” and “hilarious.”

Barksalot – A humorous name for a werewolf with a penchant for barking.

Pawsitively Wolfy – A punny name emphasizing the positive traits of werewolves.

Grin Reaper – A playful twist on the Grim Reaper, emphasizing the werewolf’s smile.

Hairwolf – A humorous combination of “hair” and “werewolf.”

Woofington – A name that evokes an air of sophistication with a playful twist.

Snoutburst – A name highlighting the werewolf’s bursts of snarling and growling.

Furmidable – A punny name emphasizing the werewolf’s formidable nature.

Howling Good Time – A playful name suggesting the enjoyment of werewolf antics.

Woof Warrior – A whimsical name combining “wolf” and “warrior.”

Howly Mowly – A humorous exclamation expressing surprise or excitement.

Barktor Strange – A play on the name Doctor Strange, highlighting the werewolf’s peculiarities.

Furrnomenal – A punny name emphasizing the werewolf’s exceptional qualities.

Snickerpaws – A lighthearted name evoking a sense of playfulness.

Woofie Goldberg – A humorous play on the name Whoopi Goldberg.

Bitemeister – A playful name showcasing the werewolf’s biting skills.

Howlacious – A combination of “howl” and “audacious,” signifying boldness.

Fuzzy McFang – A funny name emphasizing the werewolf’s fangs and fur.

Wacky Wolfie – A playful name highlighting the werewolf’s eccentric nature.

Pawdorable – A whimsical word combining “paws” and “adorable” to describe a cute werewolf.

Cool Werewolf Names

Grimfang – A name evoking a sense of darkness and danger.

Shadowstrike – Combining “shadow” and “strike” for a mysterious and powerful name.

Midnight Howler – Symbolic of the werewolf’s haunting presence under the moonlight.

Silverclaw – A name reflecting the werewolf’s deadly and sharp claws.

Vortex – Signifying the whirlwind of power and strength within a werewolf.

Frostbite – A name associated with the icy touch and chilling presence of a werewolf.

Thunderpaw – Evoking the strength and thunderous impact of a werewolf’s paw.

Eclipse – Symbolizing the darkening and transformative nature of a werewolf.

Nightshade – A name representing the poisonous and mysterious allure of a werewolf.

Stormwolf – Combining the forces of a storm and the ferocity of a wolf.

Ironjaw – A name highlighting the werewolf’s powerful and unyielding bite.

Blaze – Reflecting the fiery and passionate spirit of a werewolf.

Hellscream – A name associated with the terrifying howls and screams of a werewolf.

Shadowfang – Evoking the sharp and shadowy teeth of a werewolf.

Iceheart – Symbolic of the werewolf’s cold and unfeeling nature.

Midnight Stalker – A name representing the stealth and hunting prowess of a werewolf.

Steelclaw – Signifying the unbreakable and formidable claws of a werewolf.

Thunderstrike – A name evoking the powerful and thunderous strikes of a werewolf.

Frostbane – Symbolic of the werewolf’s ability to banish and conquer frost.

Nightfall – Reflecting the werewolf’s emergence during the fall of darkness.

Tempest – A name associated with the tumultuous and wild nature of a werewolf.

Shadowblade – Combining darkness and the sharpness of a blade for a deadly name.

Obsidianfang – A name representing the werewolf’s dark and menacing fangs.

Moonshadow – Symbolic of the werewolf’s connection to the shadows under the moon.

Stormbreaker – Evoking the werewolf’s ability to break through any obstacle.

Icefang – A name highlighting the werewolf’s icy and relentless bite.

Shadowstorm – Combining the forces of darkness and a powerful storm.

Emberclaw – Symbolic of the werewolf’s fiery and fierce claws.

Lunarbane – A name representing the werewolf’s ability to ward off the influence of the moon.

Thunderjaw – Signifying the werewolf’s thunderous and mighty jaw.

Cool Werewolf Names

How To Choose A Good Werewolf Name

When it comes to creating a captivating werewolf character, choosing the right name holds immense significance. A well-crafted werewolf name sets the tone, captures the essence of the character, and leaves a lasting impression on readers or players. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good werewolf name, delving into the factors that contribute to a powerful and evocative moniker.

Understanding Your Character

Before delving into the realm of werewolf names, it’s crucial to understand your character on a deeper level. Researching werewolf lore and mythology can provide valuable insights into the origins and traits associated with these supernatural beings. Additionally, analyze your character’s individual traits, personality, and backstory to uncover key elements that can shape their name. Consider the cultural background of your werewolf, as different cultures may have specific naming conventions that add depth to the character.

Exploring Sound and Language

One of the fundamental aspects of choosing a werewolf name is exploring the interplay between sound and language. Utilizing onomatopoeia and phonetics can create names that evoke specific feelings or imagery. Experiment with the impact of vowels and consonants, as certain sounds may convey strength, ferocity, or elegance. Strive to find a name that flows smoothly, making it easy to pronounce and remember for your audience.

Evoking Emotion and Imagery

A good werewolf name goes beyond mere words; it elicits emotions and conjures vivid imagery. Consider the desired emotional response you want your readers or players to experience when encountering your werewolf character. Choose names that align with the character’s traits and backstory, drawing inspiration from nature, the supernatural, or even historical figures. Incorporate symbolism and metaphor to add depth and intrigue to the name, allowing it to resonate on multiple levels.

Balancing Originality and Familiarity

When crafting a werewolf name, striking the right balance between originality and familiarity is essential. Avoid overused clichés and tropes that may make your character seem generic. Instead, strive for names that are unique and fresh, while still being relatable to your audience. Create a name that stands out from the crowd while maintaining a sense of authenticity and connection to the werewolf mythology.

Testing and Feedback

Once you have brainstormed potential werewolf names, it’s crucial to gather feedback from others. Share the names with trusted friends, fellow writers, or members of your target audience. Consider their perspectives and insights, paying attention to how the names resonate with them. Iterate and refine the name based on the feedback received, striving to create a werewolf name that resonates with a broader audience.

Finalizing Your Werewolf Name

Choosing a werewolf name ultimately comes down to trusting your instincts and intuition. Embrace the uniqueness and authenticity of your chosen name, ensuring it aligns with the essence of your character. A good werewolf name not only captures the character’s nature but also acts as a vessel for their story. Trust in the power of your creativity and imagination as you finalize the werewolf name that will bring your character to life.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Werewolf Names” has provided you with an abundance of inspiration and options for your werewolf characters. Naming a character is a crucial step in their development, and finding the perfect name can truly bring them to life. Remember, a wellchosen name can evoke emotions, create intrigue, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

With our carefully curated list, we aimed to cater to various tastes and preferences, drawing from a wide range of sources. Whether you’re writing a novel, designing a game, or simply indulging in the world of werewolves, we believe you’ll find a unique and captivating name that resonates with your vision. Feel free to mix and match, tweak and customize, until you discover the perfect moniker that encapsulates the essence of your werewolf character.

We understand that the process of naming can be both exciting and challenging, but don’t fret. Take your time, explore the options, and trust your instincts. Remember, the right name has the power to transport your audience into a world of mystery and wonder. So go forth, unleash your creativity, and let these werewolf names become the backbone of your extraordinary tales. Happy naming!


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