502 Unique Wig Shop Names Ideas And Suggestions

A wig shop is a great opportunity to get creative and use some fun language in naming your business. Wigs, like most hair pieces, come in different styles, colors, lengths, and sizes.

Some customers may be more interested in a certain style or color than others. This is why it is important to offer a wide variety of wigs so that there is something for everyone.

If you run a small business, you likely don’t have a large enough inventory to offer a wide selection of wigs. In this case, a good way to expand your offerings would be to partner with a wig factory that specializes in custom hairpieces for people with hair loss.

Another great idea for expanding your wig offering would be to get into the custom hairpiece business. This is a relatively new trend among wig shops, but it has proven to be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

A unique and fun way to market your wig shop business would be to create a line of wigs in unusual shapes or designs. Think outside the box and think about something different, or at least more unusual, than the standard round, square, or oval wigs.

By offering unique wigs, you will likely attract customers looking for something different. If your design is popular, you could potentially sell a lot of these types of wigs. You may also be able to add some additional services, such as hair coloring or highlighting.

Wig Shop Names

Wigs are very useful and they add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit, no matter who is wearing them. But when you decide to open a wig shop, you need a great name for your business.

And now that you know the ins and outs of naming a wig shop, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Gloss & Old-Style Wigs
  • The Hair Craft
  • Dude Wigz
  • Metromate
  • Cute Curls Wigs
  • Wig Boutique
  • Wig Outlet
  • Clipper Cuts
  • Jet Black Wig
  • Hair Bang Beauty
  • Lush Hair Products And Services
  • Hair Dreams
  • Applause Wigs
  • Split Ends And More
  • Hairs Express
  • Supreme Wigs
  • Butterfly Hair Shop
  • The Designer Hair Company
  • Rpzl Hair Extensions
  • Curly Boy
  • Curly Co.
  • Glitzy Wigs
  • Long Hair Wigs
  • Pretty In Wigs
  • Pretty Women, Pretty Hair!
  • Locks Of Chic
  • Royal Cut
  • Hair Club For Men
  • Foxxy Locks Hair Products
  • Flawless Curls Collection
  • Fullhead Lace Wigs
  • Philocaly’s Hair Extension
  • Head Master Wig
  • Far Out Styles
  • Wicked Weaves
  • Mynx Weaves
  • Aphrodite’s Wigs
  • Hairspiration
  • Hair This Way
  • Shaggy Wiggy
  • Wigs For All Occasions
  • Crazy Hairs
  • Locs ‘N Wigs
  • Catchy Wigs
  • Air-Dry Balm
  • Tight Curls
  • Wig & Weave Shop
  • Pump Haircare
  • Cross Tresses

Top 10 Rare Wig Shop Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Applause Wigs

If you have an idea for a catchy name then take it as an inspiration and create a brand for your company. You can use this word and write down the complete meaning of it. This is very helpful for you because you will know what it stands for.

You can also add some other words such as: “Wigs”, “Celebrity Wigs”, “Styling Hair” or even “Professional Wig Shop”. These are also catchy and good names for your business.

Applause Wigs

2.    Supreme Wigs

The name “Supreme Wig Shop” contains all the information needed to explain the kind of business that you are offering. It tells the potential customers that you offer wigs for men and women.

In addition, the customers will find out that you are a quality-oriented company. Therefore, they can be sure that when they are ordering from you they will receive something of excellent quality.

The name also includes “Supreme” which means that you are the best in your business. This word will encourage people to work with you and give you more customers.

Supreme Wigs

3.    Gorgeous Wigs

You should use the name Gorgeous Wig Shop because it describes your business very well. After this, you will be able to reach your target audience more effectively and you can also attract new customers through your name.

You will be able to show more professionalism through the name Gorgeous Wig Shop. Also, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your clients and also, and you will be able to build your brand image.

With the name Gorgeous Wig Shop, your business will be successful and there are chances that you can gain more customers.

Gorgeous Wigs

4.    Beauty Time

Beauty Time Wig Shop has a great advantage over others in this market. Because your name is so much popular with people all over the world.

Moreover, your clients will be more than happy to find out that there is an expert in this field and that you are not just another person trying to do something similar. The name also makes your business more attractive to customers and makes them trust you.

So, your business will grow more rapidly than others in this market.

Beauty Time

5.    The Hair Experts

When you think about this kind of business name, the first thing that comes into your mind is a wig shop. It sounds very nice, but it is not the most appropriate business name. To be honest, this name does not sound very professional and catchy.

Moreover, the word “wig” can be associated with some negative connotations, so it is not the best choice.

If you really want to have a wig business and you don’t want to offend anyone, then there is an alternative choice. You can consider the word “experts” instead of “wig.” In fact, the word “wig.

The Hair Experts

6.    Hair Studio

A good hair studio wig shop name should be easy to remember, and also memorable. The name must be so attractive and interesting. It should also have a positive feeling about it.

If you are able to give such kind of impression to customers then surely they will come to you and your business will be successful.

Hair Studio

7.    Hair Castle

Here is a business name that is simple yet catchy. The name can be used to describe the service that you provide. When a person is searching for a hair castle wig shop name, this will be on their top list.

It is perfect because they can remember easily and also understand the service that you provide. A hair castle wig shop name is unique, so people will notice that you offer this service and that is how you can grow your business.

This will also help you stand out from your competitors because they can’t use this name. You need to make sure that you come up with a creative name that is attractive and catchy. If you fail to do this.

Hair Castle

8.    Hair Room Braids

If you are a wig and hairstyle shop then you should consider using this business name because there are many customers who love to get their hair done at wig shops. This business name is ideal for you as a stylist, who makes wigs for women and men.

You will also be able to take advantage of the opportunity to earn more money if you choose this business name. It is also a good opportunity to express your skills and knowledge in the field of hair styling and hair products.

Hair Room Braids

9.    Kathy

If you want to sell Kathy Wig at a high rate, then you should use the Kathy Wig Shop Name for your business. People will buy these wigs at a reasonable price. And they will be satisfied with the quality of the product.

Moreover, the brand name is really attractive. This means that people will find it easier to buy the product. This is the best solution for your business.


10.  Quality Hair Extensions

Quality hair extensions wig shop names is an excellent name for a hair extensions company because it is both creative and unique. A well-known name is definitely important to any kind of business because it builds its reputation on the spot.

Moreover, a good name helps to grow and promote your business over time. So, it is recommended to choose a name that will be recognized by customers in the long run.

Your business name should be catchy and simple so that your clients can remember it easily. Moreover, a catchy name attracts people and makes them want to visit your store more often.

Quality Hair Extensions

Wig Brand Names

Creating a name for your wig shop can be difficult. In order to find a catchy and unique name, you will need to have a clear understanding of what you do and why people would need wigs.

It’s also important to think about what you want to call yourself. A common problem with new wig shops is that they decide on a silly name that doesn’t reflect their business.

This often means that they run into problems down the line because they don’t have a name that fits who they really are or what they sell. That’s why it’s important to know the kind of wigs that you sell and how they are made.

  • Lush Hair Extensions
  • Divine Hair Designs
  • Easihair Pro
  • Fashion Wigs
  • Dreamers Salon
  • Snappy Wig
  • Que Sera Wigs
  • Unique And Unusual Wigs
  • Hair Helpers
  • I Love Wigs
  • Lady Locks
  • Winter Wigs
  • Wicked Wigs
  • The Wig Outlet
  • Head Start
  • Wigz Today…Glory Tomorrow
  • Trendy Weaves And Braids
  • Fancy Wigs Outlet & More
  • Hair Addicts
  • Crown Of Curls
  • Head Turner Wigs
  • Dressed For Success
  • Gorgeous Wigs
  • Wigs Etc
  • Fliss Wigs
  • Hair Plus
  • Frontrise
  • Cleopatra Wigs
  • Wicked Hair Co
  • Unique Wigs
  • Uplifting Wigs
  • Nerdy Parsler
  • Trendsetter Locks
  • Hair By Rapunzel
  • Showing Off Your Hair
  • On The Wig Tip
  • Velvetway Weaving
  • 1st Choice Hair Design

Names of Wig Companies

If you’re looking for a new wig company name, here’s a list of names to check out. These wig companies are great examples of how a catchy name can help businesses grow.

Wigs are a good business idea for women because the demand is high and many people find wigs very attractive. You can start your own wig business by visiting the following websites.

  • Dread Locks Wig
  • Lolita Wigs
  • Endless Extensions
  • Headturners
  • Serena’s Secret Wigs
  • The Head Shoppe
  • Four Seasons Of Hair
  • One-Stop Wig Shop
  • Wigs ‘N’ Things
  • Hair Extensions Haven
  • Glamstream
  • Samantha Wigs
  • Cuts And Curls
  • Fresh-Look Wigs
  • Kizzie’s Wigs
  • Beau U Hair Salon
  • Unique Beauty And Fashion
  • Pretty Wig Boutique
  • Beauty Wigs
  • Best Headz
  • Arabella Wigs
  • Cantu
  • Hollywood Wigs
  • Tress Temptation
  • Marvella Weaving
  • Naturalcurls
  • The Long-Hair Specialist
  • Before And Afro Afters Wigs
  • Everyday Extensions
  • Beauty Wigginners
  • Planet Curls
  • Bellisima Hair Boutique
  • The Secret World Of Wigs
  • Oprah Wigs
  • Wigs Haven
  • Mega Long Wigs
  • Meg’s Hair Shop
  • Green Axel
  • Lovely Wigs
  • Wig World
  • Hair On My Head
  • Waves Of Glory
  • Curly Perms
  • Travertine Weaving
  • Lady Gaga Wigs And Cosmetics
  • Xtreme Locks Hair Care Products
  • Glow In The Dark Wigs
  • Talk With Your Hair
  • Hairplay
  • Top Cut And Curl
  • Beyoncé Wigs
  • Harmony Wigs
  • Hearsay Hairstyles & Accessories
  • Gorgeous Gossamer
  • The Follicle Farmer
  • Foxy Locks
  • The Glam Houze
  • Westeagle
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Method Hair
  • Stayadorn Weaves
  • Curl Up And Dye It
  • Trutress Weaves
  • Shady Lady Wigs
  • Pretty In A Wig
  • The Hair Stopcashmere Hair
  • Golden Goddess Wigs

Wig Business Names

Choosing the right wig company can be tricky, especially if you are new to the industry. Wigs are expensive and you don’t want to waste money on a bad quality item. So, how can you be sure you’re getting your money’s worth when buying a wig?

If you know what you are looking for, you should be able to find the best wig company for you. When choosing a wig company, it’s important to consider these factors:

  • Stunning Beauty
  • The Wig Boutique
  • Hair And Things
  • Hairpieces And More Llc
  • Rich Golden Wigs
  • Stylin’ Up!
  • Maggie May’s Wigs
  • Heads Up! Wigs On Sale Here!
  • Hair Extension Connection
  • Wiggy-Doo’s House Of Wigs
  • Hairs-Royally Good
  • Happy Heads
  • Hair Play
  • Magic Curl Wigs
  • Zany Hair Salon
  • Show Me Your Curls!
  • Insightful Hair
  • Ace Of Wigs
  • Lacy And Lovely
  • Fantastic Wigs
  • Affordable Hair Inc
  • C’est La Wig
  • The Creative Hairdresser
  • Wig Emporium
  • Gorgeous Hair Designs
  • Twist And Turns
  • Wigs On Parade
  • Wigs We Go
  • Tresses Of Joy
  • Gabi’s Glamour Wigs & Accessories
  • Locossa Weaving Co
  • Moisture Co-Wash
  • Fanciful Wigs
  • Angelina Wigs
  • Diva Wigs
  • Well-Dressed Tresses
  • All The Wigs You Want!
  • Little & Wig Shop
  • Amazing Hairpieces
  • Wigs World
  • Hair Lovers
  • Wild Fox Wigs
  • Red Hot Wigs
  • Big Boned Wigs
  • Wigs 4 U
  • Pretty Locks
  • Hair Queen Salons
  • Wigalicious
  • Some Wigs N Things
  • Impressions Hair Designs
  • Buxom Wigs
  • Wigs At Last
  • Luxury Hair Extensions
  • Yahoo Wig Firm
  • In Your Face Wig Outlet
  • Voodoo Doll Wigs
  • Madonna Wigs
  • Rapunzel’s Wigs
  • Weave Boutique
  • Maria Wig
  • Head Over Heels
  • Big Hair Cuties
  • Mama Mia Wigs
  • Hair Extension Boutique
  • Ronona Weaving
  • Naughty Wigs

Catchy Wig Business Names

Finding a great business name is a difficult task. This is especially true when it comes to wig companies. After all, no one knows exactly how to spell the word “wig”. So how do you find a name that stands out and grabs the attention of your potential customers?

Fortunately, we’ve created a list of great names for wig companies that are guaranteed to be memorable. Check them out and see if you disagree that they could work for your wig business!

  • The Hair Palace
  • Sexy Locks Hair Care Products
  • Trendy Wigs
  • Bad Hair Day Wigs
  • Karen’s Must-Have Styles
  • Mastered Manes
  • Italian Seamless Waves
  • Supple Strands
  • Head Over Heels For Wigs
  • Beautiful Wigs
  • The Beauty Hair Shop
  • Beauty And The Wig
  • Moreedge Weaving
  • Friendly Wig Service
  • The Hair Boutique
  • Swank Wigs
  • Babe
  • Michelle’s Wigs And Hair Extensions
  • Hair Mission
  • Head Turnerz
  • Snip N Style
  • Northelite Weaving
  • Vanity Wigs
  • Twisted Tresses Wigs
  • Showtime Wigs
  • Best Tressed
  • Azul Studio For Beauty & Hair
  • Beauty Wig Boutique
  • Hollywood Styles
  • Missstylo Weaves
  • Lovely Locks
  • Love Your Hair
  • Abba Licious Hair
  • Joanie Wigs
  • Hair Tresses
  • A Wink And A Curl For You!
  • Virgin Cut
  • Twentyshades
  • Master Wigs
  • Luxhairbox
  • The Scarper
  • Ceramic Hair Wigs Treatment
  • Mermaid Hair
  • Wigs By Clare
  • Anatomy Hairline
  • Crazy In Curls
  • Luscious Wigs
  • Flowy Hair Wigs
  • Hair-Icure
  • Henry Wigs
  • Magic Hair
  • Peruke And Moynahan Wigs
  • Nu And Chic Hairpieces
  • Stylista Wigs
  • Square Roots
  • Hair-I-Do!
  • Top Drawer Wigs
  • Fresh To Impress Hair Salon
  • Shimmering Wigs
  • Miss Wiggy
  • Polar Wigs
  • Natural Look

Creative Names For Wig Business

The wigs that you are going to sell are just like all other products. They need to be named to match the type of customer that they are going to sell to. So what kind of customer will buy wigs?

Well, for starters, there are a few different kinds. There are men who buy wigs to add more color to their already perfect hair. There are women who have lost their hair and need to look glamorous.

Finally, there are kids who want to make their dolls look stylish. The same goes for kids’ clothes. The right name will go a long way towards helping you make a sale.

  • Sparkle Wigs
  • Urban Quest
  • Coni’s Custom Hair Creations
  • Bunny Wigs
  • Diva’s Dollhouse
  • The Magic Wig
  • Natural Looks
  • Classic Old Hollywood Style Wigs
  • Wigs A-La Mode
  • Hair By Design
  • Regis Hair Salon
  • Professional Wigs
  • Allure Wigs
  • High Quality Human Hair
  • Bold And Beautiful Wigs
  • Cool Wigs
  • Hobitro Weaving
  • Pink Wig Boutique
  • Sylvie’s Beauty Salon
  • Beauty Bounty
  • Yesterdo Weaving
  • Glamorous Locks Salon
  • Ivy Wigs
  • Kérastase
  • Oscar Wigs
  • Flirty Locks Inc
  • Extensions By Drew
  • Colourful Wigs
  • Plush And Lush Wigs
  • Flairfizz Weaving
  • Luxe Locks
  • World Of Wigs
  • Lisa It Out For Wigs!
  • Wigs R Us
  • Curly
  • Elegant Fringe Hair Extensions
  • Wholesale Hair Source
  • Great Tint Weaving
  • Wig Storebellacraze
  • Wisps Of Love
  • Wallflora
  • Shear-Styles Wigs & Hairpieces
  • Starlight Wigs
  • Head To Toe Wigs
  • Celebrity Hair Styles
  • The Wig Company
  • Gladwish Weaving Co

Cool Wig Company Names

Wigs are a great way to turn heads and make your brand stand out. Cool wigs are popular because they’re fashionable and fun, but they’re also relatively inexpensive.

You can start a cool wig company by making your own wigs or buying wigs from a reputable wig company.

If you decide to make your own, then the next thing you need is a catchy name for your company. So here’s a list of cool wig company names you might like to consider:

  • Hair-Tastic
  • Lee’s Wigs Items
  • 24/7 Hair
  • Barbie Doll Hair Extensions
  • Bumpin’ Curls
  • Diva’s Delight Wigs
  • Red Hair Wig
  • Big Head Hair Boutique
  • Natural Wigs
  • Instyle Hair
  • Give Me Wigs
  • Curls And Coils
  • Crowning Glory Wigs
  • Athena’s Locks And Weaves
  • Hair By Shauna
  • Black Widow Wigs
  • Xtrashades Weaving
  • Lightening Wigs
  • Penguin Wigs
  • Priscilla Wigs
  • The Hair House
  • Amazing Hair Salon
  • Strong Woman
  • Cosplay Costumes Company
  • Innovative Hair
  • Curl Up Your Hair
  • Meghan’s Mystery Wigs
  • Primehues
  • Snap Shot Hairshop
  • The Hairdresser Collective
  • Elvira Wigs
  • Sisters Hair & Beauty Shop
  • Stylistic Cut
  • Wigspiration
  • Hair Fairy
  • Fascinations Hair
  • Good Wig Corner
  • Chinese Cosplay Wigs
  • Hair Society Inc
  • Grace’s Hair Boutique
  • Fabulous Wigs
  • Short Cuts
  • Care Zone
  • Madame Butterfly Lace Wigs
  • Trendsetter Wigs
  • A Touch Of Gray Wigs

Unique Wig Shop Names

The wig shop business is a fun business to start. In fact, there are so many variations on this theme that you could spend months researching the options, trying them all on, and deciding which one you like best.

The only problem is that the more names you look at, the harder it is to pick a single one.

Wigs are very personal and the first thing people think about when they hear the word ‘wigs’ is hair extensions. People don’t want to feel or look like another person. They want to be unique.

So if you’re having trouble choosing a business name, why not look at these wigs shop names and see if you can find one that suits you.

  • Wigs By Bertha
  • The Last Wig You’ll Ever Buy
  • The Art Of Hairdressing
  • Hair Happenings
  • Best Of The Best Hair Design
  • Stylish Hair Wigs
  • Illusion Of Beauty
  • Venus Wigs
  • Glamazon Weaves
  • Quick Weaves
  • Bulletproof Hair Inc
  • Urbanplay Weaving Co
  • Weave My Way
  • Another Style To Rock
  • The Laughing Lady Wigs
  • Naturally Yours
  • Wigging Out
  • Melted Wigs
  • Formal Tress
  • Hairtique Collection
  • Simply Wigs
  • The Local Hair Salon
  • Dare 2 Hair
  • Queen Of The Wiggin’ World
  • Seductive Hair Designs
  • Wig & Skin Beauty Salon
  • Head Of The Class Wigs
  • Princess Wigs
  • Wigs To Lots
  • Curls And Company
  • Wahl Hairstyles Items
  • Amegma Weaving
  • Spring Time Wigs
  • Wig Snatched
  • High Class Hair
  • Sheared Insanity Wigs
  • Lady Lashes
  • Vividbuddy Weaving
  • Pretty In The Crooks
  • B – Chic Wigs Boutique
  • Virgin Hair, Jane Marley
  • Don’t Sweat It Wigs
  • Head And Shoulders Above The Rest
  • Shades Of Strength
  • Stylish Lace Wigs
  • The Beauty Of Wig
  • Locks To Go
  • Best Stylish Looks

Wig Shop Names

How to Name Your Wig Business?

Choosing a name for your wig shop is an essential part of your business. It may seem easy enough to get a name and logo for your business but choosing one that suits your business needs can be tricky.

So, here is some advice to help you choose a name for your wig shop that you can be proud of.

Keep the Business Name Simple

A business name is the most important thing to consider when naming your wigs shop. The name is what is going to help your business gain a solid base and grow and so you want to choose the name wisely.

A simple business name is more effective than anything else because if your business is simple then your customers are going to find it easier to remember.

Pick a Number That Is Unique

You are going to want to pick a number that is going to be unique, which means that it has to be different. The best way to go about finding a unique number is to look at other numbers that have been used before and see if there are any that you can use.

Pick Numbers That Can Stand Alone

The best way to find a number is to look at numbers that have already been used. You can do this by typing the number into a search engine, or you could even call a local business directory.

Once you have found a number that you like, you can then use the same number again to create a memorable business name for your wigs shop.

Look At Other Numbers That Have Already Been Used

There are plenty of numbers that you can use for your business name. These numbers may have already been used, but it does not mean that you cannot use them for your business name.

Simply search a search engine or business directory for the number and you will be able to find what you are looking for.

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