700 Wuxia Names the Perfect Identity for Your Martial Hero

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Wuxia Names”! If you’re seeking creative and captivating names for your wuxia characters, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated an extensive list of names that are sure to add depth and intrigue to your storytelling. As the great wuxia master once said, “A name is the essence of one’s destiny, a reflection of their spirit.” So, without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of wuxia names and discover the perfect moniker for your martial arts heroes.

As a naming specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the captivating world of fantasy character naming. It’s a fascinating field that allows me to explore different cultures, mythologies, and historical periods to create evocative names. Through my work, I’ve come to appreciate the significance of a well-chosen name in shaping a character’s identity and resonating with readers. I’m excited to share my expertise with you and assist you in finding the ideal wuxia name that captures the essence of your protagonist.

In this article, you can expect to find a wide array of wuxia names that will help you breathe life into your characters. We’ve carefully selected and crafted each name, drawing inspiration from ancient legends, martial arts techniques, and the rich tapestry of wuxia literature. Whether you’re seeking a name that exudes strength and power or one that embodies grace and agility, we guarantee you’ll discover a unique and captivating name that will elevate your wuxia storytelling to new heights. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and find the perfect name that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Wuxia Names

Wuxia Names

  • Chen Wei
  • Li Ming
  • Zhang Hao
  • Wang Jun
  • Liu Fang
  • Yang Qi
  • Huang Ning
  • Zhou Tian
  • Xu Yue
  • Zhao Bo
  • Sun Li
  • Ma Rui
  • Tang Yu
  • Gao Xiang
  • Song Chen
  • Wu Mei
  • Shen Xin
  • Liang Hong
  • Yu Xiao
  • Zhang Wei
  • Wang Yue
  • Liu Jin
  • Li Yan
  • Chen Sheng
  • Huang Wei
  • Zhou Mei
  • Xu Han
  • Yang Tao
  • Sun Jing
  • Ma Lei
  • Tang Chen
  • Gao Fang
  • Song Ning
  • Wu Tian
  • Shen Yu
  • Liang Hao
  • Yu Xin
  • Zhang Ling
  • Wang Qi
  • Liu Wei
  • Chen Yue
  • Huang Rui
  • Zhou Bo
  • Xu Li
  • Yang Yan
  • Sun Xiu
  • Ma Jing
  • Tang Feng
  • Gao Sheng
  • Song Hua
  • Wu Ling
  • Shen Wei
  • Liang Yu
  • Yu Yan
  • Zhang Jing
  • Wang Chen
  • Liu Xin
  • Chen Fang
  • Huang Ning
  • Zhou Tian
  • Xu Mei
  • Yang Hong
  • Sun Wei
  • Ma Ying
  • Tang Jun
  • Gao Fang
  • Song Yue
  • Wu Bo
  • Shen Li
  • Liang Han
  • Yu Qiang
  • Zhang Tao
  • Wang Ling
  • Liu Yan
  • Chen Shui
  • Huang Xiao
  • Zhou Yu
  • Xu Jie
  • Yang Wei
  • Sun Ming

20 Wuxia Names With Meanings

Wuxia Names

  1. Ling Xuan – “Spiritual Mist, A Mystical Warrior”
  2. Long Feng – “Dragon Wind, Master of Elements”
  3. Zephyr Song – “Gentle Breeze, Melodious Swordsman”
  4. Wei An – “Guardian’s Tranquility, Shield of Justice”
  5. Qing Yan – “Clear Flame, Blazing Martial Artist”
  6. Tian Sheng – “Heavenly Rise, Ascendant Hero”
  7. Mei Hua – “Plum Blossom, Graceful and Resilient”
  8. Yun Chen – “Cloud Morning, Swift and Agile”
  9. Shao Wei – “Little Courage, Unyielding Fighter”
  10. Rui Feng – “Sharp Phoenix, Merciless Avenger”
  11. Xia Jun – “Summer Knight, Champion of Honor”
  12. Ao Xue – “Azure Snow, Serene and Wise”
  13. Li Jing – “Strength of Beauty, Masterful Warrior”
  14. Qian Long – “Thousand Dragons, Commanding Martial Arts”
  15. Jin Ling – “Golden Bell, Resilient and Wise”
  16. Yun Mei – “Graceful Cloud, Enchanting Martial Artist”
  17. Yu Xin – “Jade Heart, Compassionate and Skilled”
  18. Ying Jie – “Heroic Shadow, Agile and Courageous”
  19. Xuan Zhi – “Profound Wisdom, Master of Strategy”
  20. Hao Qi – “Mighty Spirit, Indomitable Force”

Wuxia Character Names

Wuxia Names

  • Liang Feng – “Cool Wind”
  • Xue Ming – “Blood Brilliance”
  • Shen Wei – “Divine Grace”
  • Huo Long – “Fire Dragon”
  • Yue Qian – “Moon Dagger”
  • Zhi Hua – “Intelligence Blossom”
  • Jin Tian – “Golden Heaven”
  • Mei Ling – “Beautiful Spirit”
  • Zhang Yang – “Thunderous Strength”
  • Yu Yan – “Jade Swallow”
  • Jia Jing – “Family Essence”
  • Feng Ru – “Wind Feather”
  • Wei Chen – “Power of the Protector”
  • Lan Tian – “Blue Sky”
  • Zhao Hu – “Morning Tiger”
  • Xuan Li – “Mysterious Force”
  • Cai Ying – “Rainbow Shadow”
  • Yang Xiao – “Sunrise Dawn”
  • Ming Jie – “Clear Street”
  • Wen Yi – “Cultivated Intellect”
  • Hong Bo – “Vast Waves”
  • Ying Yue – “Shadow Moon”
  • Qiu Sheng – “Autumn Sage”
  • Rong Qi – “Melting Frost”
  • Bao Jun – “Precious Army”
  • Qing Ling – “Clear Spirit”
  • Shao Ping – “Little Peace”
  • Guo Hui – “National Splendor”
  • Wu Wei – “Effortless Action”
  • Jin Xiu – “Golden Elegance”

Wuxia Technique Names

Wuxia Names

Lingering Shadow – Stealth Technique

Thundering Palm – Powerful Strike

Blossoming Lotus – Healing Technique

Soaring Crane – Agile Evasion

Devouring Flame – Fire Manipulation

Heavenly Thunder – Electric Shockwave

Drifting Mist – Camouflage Technique

Tranquil Breath – Meditation Technique

Iron Will – Mental Fortitude

Thousand Cuts – Rapid Strikes

Serpent’s Embrace – Grappling Technique

Celestial Shield – Defensive Barrier

Whispering Wind – Silent Movement

Jade Palm – Gentle Palm Strike

Dancing Flames – Fire Dance Technique

Roaring Tiger – Fierce Roar Attack

Divine Harmony – Balance Technique

Swift Current – Quick Water Movement

Rising Phoenix – Rebirth Technique

Lightning Burst – Rapid Electric Discharge

Stillness Within – Inner Peace Technique

Thousand Petals – Floating Strikes

Sacred Ground – Protective Barrier

Flowing River – Fluid Movement

Blazing Comet – Fiery Charge Attack

Mirage Step – Illusory Footwork

Mind’s Eye – Enhanced Perception

Moonlit Reflection – Mirror Image Technique

Infinite Serenity – Eternal Calm Technique

Whirling Blades – Cyclone Sword Technique

Wuxia Sword Names

Wuxia Names

Azure Dawn – Shimmering Blue Blade

Crimson Whisper – Bloodstained Sword

Celestial Serpent – Enchanted Blade

Silent Moon – Quiet Crescent Blade

Thunderstrike – Electrified Saber

Frostbite – Icy Piercing Sword

Golden Radiance – Gleaming Gilded Blade

Dragon’s Breath – Fiery Dragon Sword

Tranquil Breeze – Serene Wind Blade

Iron Fang – Razor-sharp Fang Sword

Emberheart – Burning Heart Blade

Phoenix Feather – Graceful Feather Sword

Moonshadow – Moonlit Sword

Stormbreaker – Fierce Tempest Blade

Soulseeker – Spirit-infused Sword

Jade Blossom – Blossoming Jade Blade

Windreaper – Whirling Wind Sword

Serenity’s Edge – Tranquil Sword

Obsidian Fang – Dark Obsidian Blade

Aurora Blade – Dazzling Light Sword

Thunderbolt – Thunderous Strike Sword

Silverthorn – Thorny Silver Blade

Nightfall – Shadowy Night Sword

Serpent’s Kiss – Venomous Blade

Winter’s Embrace – Frosty Sword

Solar Flare – Blazing Sun Sword

Echoing Steel – Resonating Blade

Phoenix Ascendant – Rising Phoenix Sword

Moonlit Sonata – Harmonious Moon Blade

Dragon’s Tear – Tear-shaped Dragon Sword

Wuxia Male Names

Xiang Wei – “Fragrant Excellence”

Ming Jie – “Clear Street”

Hong Bo – “Vast Waves”

Ying Yue – “Shadow Moon”

Guo Hui – “National Splendor”

Jin Xiu – “Golden Elegance”

Xue Ming – “Blood Brilliance”

Shen Wei – “Divine Grace”

Huo Long – “Fire Dragon”

Yue Qian – “Moon Dagger”

Zhi Hua – “Intelligence Blossom”

Jin Tian – “Golden Heaven”

Zhang Yang – “Thunderous Strength”

Jia Jing – “Family Essence”

Feng Ru – “Wind Feather”

Wei Chen – “Power of the Protector”

Lan Tian – “Blue Sky”

Zhao Hu – “Morning Tiger”

Xuan Li – “Mysterious Force”

Cai Ying – “Rainbow Shadow”

Yang Xiao – “Sunrise Dawn”

Wen Yi – “Cultivated Intellect”

Qiu Sheng – “Autumn Sage”

Rong Qi – “Melting Frost”

Bao Jun – “Precious Army”

Qing Ling – “Clear Spirit”

Shao Ping – “Little Peace”

Liang Feng – “Cool Wind”

Mei Ling – “Beautiful Spirit”

Wu Wei – “Effortless Action”

Wuxia Female Names

Ling Hua – “Elegant Flower”

Mei Ying – “Beautiful Heroine”

Xiao Chen – “Little Morning”

Qing Yu – “Clear Jade”

Li Wei – “Beautiful Rose”

Fang Mei – “Fragrant Blossom”

Yu Yan – “Jade Swallow”

Rong Fang – “Melting Fragrance”

Yan Ling – “Swallow Spirit”

Yun Fei – “Graceful Cloud”

Wei Li – “Protector of Beautiful”

Jing Wen – “Quiet Grace”

Xiu Mei – “Elegant Beauty”

Ying Yue – “Shadow Moon”

Li Jing – “Beautiful Serenity”

Mei Xiang – “Beautiful Fragrance”

Xiao Ling – “Little Spirit”

Hua Chen – “Flower Morning”

Hui Fang – “Splendid Fragrance”

Xin Yu – “Heart of Jade”

Ling Mei – “Graceful Plum”

Qi Li – “Auspicious Beautiful”

Chen Wu – “Morning Mist”

Qian Li – “Thousand Miles”

Feng Hua – “Phoenix Flower”

Yu Ling – “Jade Spirit”

Qing Xia – “Clear Dawn”

Jie Yu – “Pure Jade”

Yue Mei – “Moon Beauty”

Yan Yu – “Swallow Jade”

Best Wuxia Names

Lingering Shadow – “Elusive and Stealthy”

Thunderstrike – “Powerful Electric Sword”

Tranquil Breeze – “Serene Wind Technique”

Divine Harmony – “Perfect Balance Skill”

Crimson Whisper – “Mysterious Bloodstained Blade”

Golden Radiance – “Gleaming Aura Name”

Dragon’s Breath – “Fiery and Powerful Sword”

Azure Dawn – “Shimmering Blue Morning”

Celestial Serpent – “Heavenly Snake Technique”

Moonlit Reflection – “Mirror Image Skill”

Iron Fang – “Strong and Sharp Weapon”

Whispering Wind – “Silent and Swift Movement”

Thundering Palm – “Mighty and Thunderous Strike”

Serpent’s Embrace – “Grappling Mastery Technique”

Blossoming Lotus – “Healing Flower Skill”

Roaring Tiger – “Fierce and Ferocious Roar”

Soaring Crane – “Elegant and Agile Evasion”

Drifting Mist – “Mysterious and Camouflaged Technique”

Whispering Wind – “Silent and Swift Movement”

Devouring Flame – “Consuming and Blazing Fire”

Thunderbolt – “Powerful and Electrifying Strike”

Frostbite – “Icy and Piercing Sword”

Serenity’s Edge – “Tranquil and Sharp Blade”

Stormbreaker – “Destructive and Tempestuous Technique”

Whispering Wind – “Silent and Swift Movement”

Thousand Cuts – “Rapid and Numerous Strikes”

Lingering Shadow – “Elusive and Stealthy”

Jade Palm – “Gentle and Precious Strike”

Tranquil Breath – “Calm and Meditative Skill”

Infinite Serenity – “Eternal and Peaceful Technique”

Funny Wuxia Names

Bamboo Chopstick – “Clumsy Martial Artist”

Wandering Dumpling – “Lost Hero of Kung Fu”

Bumbling Butterfly – “Inept Martial Arts Master”

Noodle Whisperer – “Mysterious Noodle Swordsman”

Dim Sum Dynamo – “Fierce Fighter with a Soft Spot for Dumplings”

Chicken Wing Wonder – “Master of Poultry-based Martial Arts”

Tofu Tornado – “Quick and Smooth but Full of Soy”

Slippery Eel – “Elusive Fighter with a Slippery Personality”

Sizzling Hotpot – “Fiery and Spicy Warrior”

Dizzying Dragon – “Dragon with Vertigo”

Crispy Duckling – “Tiny but Flavorful Warrior”

Silly Serpent – “Snake who Can’t Keep a Straight Face”

Wobbly Warrior – “Unsteady but Determined Fighter”

Dancing Dumpling – “Agile and Graceful Martial Artist”

Bumbling Bee – “Clumsy Fighter with a Sting”

Kung Fu Noodle – “Noodle-loving Martial Arts Expert”

Whirling Wonton – “Spinny and Delicious Combatant”

Laughing Lotus – “Happy-go-lucky Flower-powered Warrior”

Goofy Gangster – “Funny but Fierce Hoodlum”

Squeaky Sifu – “High-pitched but Wise Master”

Wacky Warrior – “Crazy and Unpredictable Fighter”

Bouncy Bao – “Energetic and Bouncy Fighter”

Quirky Qigong – “Strange but Powerful Energy Master”

Jolly Jujube – “Cheerful and Chewy Hero”

Wandering Wonton – “Lost and Confused Martial Artist”

Clumsy Crane – “Bird with Two Left Wings”

Silly Shaolin – “Comical Monk with a Serious Punch”

Bumbling Bandit – “Inept but Lovable Thief”

Cheeky Chopstick – “Mischievous Martial Artist”

Kung Fu Comedy – “Fighting and Funny Entertainment”

Unique Wuxia Names

Zephyrblade – “Swift and Breezy Sword”

Celestia – “Heavenly Warrior”

Ebonwrath – “Dark and Fiery Dragon”

Verdant Willow – “Lush and Flexible Technique”

Etherial – “Ethereal and Mystical Character”

Stygian Shadow – “Dark and Mysterious Presence”

Seraphina – “Angel-like and Graceful Fighter”

Zenith – “Peak of Martial Arts Mastery”

Lunaris – “Moon-inspired Martial Artist”

Solstice – “Pinnacle of Seasonal Techniques”

Aetherius – “Divine and Powerful Force”

Emberheart – “Burning and Passionate Soul”

Luminara – “Radiant and Luminous Name”

Sylph – “Airy and Graceful Combatant”

Obsidian – “Dark and Imposing Figure”

Aurora – “Dazzling and Colorful Presence”

Celestius – “Celestial and Divine Being”

Phoenixia – “Fiery and Reborn Fighter”

Astralyn – “Star-inspired Warrior”

Virescent – “Green and Vibrant Technique”

Nocturne – “Night-themed and Mysterious”

Aurelian – “Golden and Majestic Persona”

Zephyrus – “Gentle and Breezy Martial Artist”

Ethereal – “Enigmatic and Otherworldly Presence”

Lunarion – “Moonlit and Serene Warrior”

Solara – “Solar-powered and Dynamic Fighter”

Verdant – “Lush and Flourishing Technique”

Twilight – “Dusk-inspired and Enigmatic Character”

Emberlyn – “Fiery and Radiant Soul”

Ebonstar – “Dark and Shining Star”

Cool Wuxia Names

Midnight Shadow – “Sleek and Mysterious Fighter”

Stormbringer – “Forceful and Unstoppable Warrior”

Obsidian Phoenix – “Dark and Resilient Bird”

Crimson Thunder – “Intense and Powerful Force”

Whispering Ghost – “Silent and Haunting Presence”

Jade Dragon – “Elegant and Powerful Mythical Creature”

Thunderstorm – “Roaring and Electrifying Technique”

Scarlet Moon – “Bold and Brilliant Celestial Body”

Iron Phoenix – “Unyielding and Resurgent Warrior”

Silver Fang – “Sharp and Graceful Weapon”

Winter’s Wrath – “Cold and Relentless Fury”

Shadowstrike – “Stealthy and Precise Attack”

Crimson Lotus – “Fiery and Beautiful Flower”

Swiftwind – “Swift and Agile Movement”

Azure Tiger – “Majestic and Fierce Beast”

Stormrider – “Rider of the Furious Tempest”

Jade Serpent – “Serpentine and Enigmatic Creature”

Frostfire – “Combination of Ice and Flame”

Thunderclap – “Deafening and Powerful Impact”

Ironheart – “Indomitable and Determined Soul”

Midnight Rose – “Enchanting and Mysterious Flower”

Shadowblade – “Lethal and Shrouded Weapon”

Stormdancer – “Graceful and Harmonious Movement”

Obsidian Fury – “Dark and Furious Anger”

Crimson Wyvern – “Red and Fearsome Dragon”

Silvermoon – “Silver and Illuminating Presence”

Winter’s Grace – “Cold and Elegant Technique”

Jade Tempest – “Green and Powerful Storm”

Thunderstone – “Solid and Resilient Element”

Iron Lotus – “Strong and Beautiful Flower”

Famous Wuxia Names

Zhang Sanfeng – “Legendary Martial Arts Master”

Wong Fei-hung – “Iconic Martial Artist and Physician”

Yang Guo – “Hero of “The Return of the Condor Heroes””

Xiao Feng – “Protagonist of “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber””

Huang Yaoshi – “Prominent Character in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Lin Chaoying – “Skilled Female Martial Artist”

Dugu Qiubai – “Enigmatic Swordsman in “Swordsman””

Linghu Chong – “Protagonist of “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Guo Jing – “Hero of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Ren Woxing – “Notorious Villain in “Swordsman””

Hu Fei – “Main Character of “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Yang Kang – “Complex Character in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Li Mochou – “Formidable Antagonist in “The Return of the Condor Heroes””

Guo Xiang – “Important Character in “The Return of the Condor Heroes””

Yideng – “Wise and Revered Master in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Zhang Wuji – “Protagonist of “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber””

Gongsun Zhi – “Antagonist in “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Zhou Botong – “Quirky Hermit in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Zhuo Bufan – “Fierce and Skilled Fighter in “Swordsman””

Yin Li – “Prominent Female Character in “The Return of the Condor Heroes””

Ji Xiaofu – “Romantic Figure in “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Wang Chongyang – “Legendary Taoist in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Ding Chunqiu – “Formidable and Ruthless Antagonist”

Mu Nianci – “Important Female Character in “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Cheng Ying – “Skilled Female Martial Artist”

Zhu Ziliu – “Prominent Character in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Zhao Min – “Complex and Enigmatic Character in “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber””

Ouyang Feng – “Notorious and Cunning Villain”

Lu Wushuang – “Significant Female Character in “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer””

Mei Chaofeng – “Intimidating Antagonist in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes””

Wuxia Names

How To Choose A Good Wuxia Name

In the world of wuxia literature, a good name for your characters holds immense significance. It sets the stage for their journey and leaves a lasting impression on readers. A well-chosen wuxia name can capture the essence of your character, evoking their personality, martial prowess, and the spirit of the genre. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good wuxia name, understanding its importance, and uncovering the key elements that make a name truly memorable.

Understanding the Wuxia Genre

Before diving into the realm of wuxia names, it’s essential to grasp the essence of the genre itself. Wuxia, originating from Chinese culture, is a literary and cinematic genre that revolves around martial arts, chivalry, and honor. Its stories often feature skilled swordsmen, courageous heroes, and epic battles against oppressive forces. By familiarizing yourself with the key elements and themes of wuxia, you can better align your character’s name with the spirit of this captivating genre.

Characteristics of a Good Wuxia Name

A good wuxia name should be carefully crafted to reflect the personality of your character. Whether they are a noble warrior, a righteous vigilante, or a mysterious wanderer, the name should encapsulate their essence. Additionally, the name should evoke the spirit of martial arts, embodying the grace, strength, and skill that define the genre. Lastly, a good wuxia name should resonate with readers, leaving a lasting impact and making the character more memorable.

Researching Wuxia Names

To find inspiration for your wuxia names, embark on a journey of research. Delve into ancient legends, mythology, and folklore to uncover names that carry rich cultural and historical significance. Explore the vast array of martial arts techniques and styles, using their terminology to create unique and authentic names. Additionally, examine historical and cultural references, drawing from different dynasties, regions, and periods to add depth to your character’s name.

Finding Balance and Originality

While researching is crucial, it’s equally important to strike a balance between tradition and innovation. Avoid falling into the trap of using stereotypes and clichés that may undermine the originality of your wuxia name. Instead, infuse your personal creativity into the name, combining elements from different sources to craft something fresh and captivating. By blending tradition with innovation, you can create names that resonate with readers and stand out in a sea of characters.

Testing and Refining Your Wuxia Name

Once you’ve come up with a selection of potential wuxia names, it’s time to put them to the test. Consider how the name sounds when spoken aloud, ensuring its pronunciation is both pleasing and impactful. Additionally, evaluate the cultural relevance of the name to ensure it aligns with the setting and background of your character. Seek feedback from trusted sources, such as fellow writers or beta readers, to refine and improve your wuxia name until it shines with brilliance.

The Impact of a Well-Chosen Wuxia Name

A well-chosen wuxia name holds immense power in captivating readers and establishing a strong foundation for character development. It enhances reader engagement, drawing them into the story and fostering a connection with your protagonist. Furthermore, a memorable wuxia name can become a brand in itself, evoking images of the character’s strength and journey. By crafting characters with carefully chosen names, you can create timeless legends that transcend time and space.


In conclusion, we hope this article has been a valuable resource in your quest for the perfect wuxia name. Naming your characters is an essential aspect of storytelling, and the right name can evoke emotions, set the tone, and immerse readers in the world of martial arts and adventure. With our curated list of 700 wuxia names, you now have a vast selection of options to choose from, ensuring that your characters will be unique and memorable.

Remember, a great wuxia name goes beyond its sound and appearance; it embodies the essence of your character and resonates with their journey. Consider the qualities and traits you wish to convey, whether it’s courage, wisdom, or the pursuit of justice. Each name on our list has been carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the wuxia genre, drawing inspiration from its rich history and traditions.

So, go forth and explore the world of wuxia, armed with the perfect name for your heroes and heroines. Allow your characters to come alive on the pages, captivating readers with their martial prowess, honorable deeds, and captivating stories. With a well-chosen name, your wuxia tale will transcend the realms of imagination, leaving a lasting impression on all who venture into its pages. Happy naming and may your wuxia adventures be filled with excitement and triumph!


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