700 Zombie Names That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Zombie Names” where we bring you a collection of creative and spine-chilling names for your undead characters. As George A. Romero once said, “Zombies, man, they creep me out!” But fear not, for we have compiled a list of names that will send shivers down your spine and bring your zombie creations to life.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of character naming, I have delved into the realms of fantasy, horror, and the supernatural. From dragons to vampires, I have honed my skills in creating names that capture the essence of these mystical beings. Through extensive research and a passion for the macabre, I have curated a comprehensive list of zombie names that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

In this article, you can expect to find a unique name that perfectly suits your zombie character. Whether you’re writing a horror novel, designing a game, or simply looking for inspiration for your Halloween costume, we guarantee that our list will provide you with the perfect name. So, prepare to embark on a journey through the dark and twisted world of the undead, as we present you with 700 unforgettable zombie names that will make your creations truly unforgettable.

Zombie Names

Zombie Names

  • Acheron Blight
  • Malachi Ashwood
  • Zara Nightshade
  • Sylas Rotgrave
  • Elysium Crawl
  • Lazarus Doomfrost
  • Seraphine Vilewood
  • Morgrim Blackthorn
  • Aurelia Corpsewind
  • Nihilus Blightclaw
  • Lucinda Gravesoul
  • Victor Slaughter
  • Ophelia Morbidus
  • Magnus Netherbane
  • Isolde Cursedream
  • Thaddeus Rottenwood
  • Valeria Dreadborn
  • Zephyrus Bloodthorn
  • Morgana Decayheart
  • Caius Nightfall
  • Seraphima Gorestorm
  • Reginald Grimsbane
  • Genevieve Hellsong
  • Ignatius Rotsteel
  • Seraphine Dreadwraith
  • Atticus Bladefang
  • Arabella Necrosong
  • Phineas Ashenborne
  • Imelda Bonechill
  • Oswald Morbidbane
  • Ambrose Grimscar
  • Gwendolyn Corpsemourn
  • Roderick Deathwhisper
  • Lilith Bloodthorn
  • Celestia Hexshade
  • Lucian Grimshadow
  • Vivienne Dreadflame
  • Octavius Hellscorch
  • Seraphina Corpsewhisper
  • Mortimer Ashenclaw
  • Seraphine Shadowbane
  • Isidore Wraithclaw
  • Bellatrix Netherheart
  • Horatio Cinderscar
  • Rosalind Rotbane
  • Jareth Ashenfrost
  • Seraphima Doomclaw
  • Zara Nightfall
  • Sylas Vileshade
  • Elysium Grimsoul
  • Lazarus Dreadthorn
  • Morgana Netherblade
  • Malachi Corpsechill
  • Zephyrus Ashenwood
  • Lucinda Morbidbane
  • Ophelia Cursedthorn
  • Magnus Blightscar
  • Valeria Rotwhisper
  • Thaddeus Bloodfang
  • Isolde Deaththorn
  • Atticus Grimshade
  • Seraphine Hexsoul
  • Reginald Necrosong
  • Genevieve Ashencrawl
  • Ignatius Grimborne
  • Arabella Corpseflare
  • Roderick Hellshadow
  • Phineas Bladefrost
  • Lilith Dreadchill
  • Celestia Corpsebane
  • Vivienne Hexflame
  • Oswald Morbidsong
  • Gwendolyn Grimclaw
  • Ambrose Netherscar
  • Rosalind Ashenwhisper
  • Bellatrix Rotthorn
  • Jareth Cindershade
  • Horatio Netherbane
  • Mortimer Ashenshadow
  • Seraphina Doomthorn

20 Zombie Names With Meanings

Zombie Names

  1. Mortis Ravager: Unleashing death and destruction.
  2. Grim Hallow: A haunting embodiment of darkness.
  3. Vex Ignis: Fiery torment and eternal unrest.
  4. Sepulchral Reaper: The harvester of souls from tombs.
  5. Rottenbane the Merciless: Spreading decay with relentless brutality.
  6. Morbidus Sanguine: A bloodthirsty embodiment of morbidity.
  7. Desolatus Wraith: A forlorn and ethereal apparition.
  8. Lamentia Dreadclaw: Inspiring terror with sorrowful grip.
  9. Blightstorm the Devourer: Consuming all life in a deadly storm.
  10. Abyssal Tormentor: Dragging victims into the depths of despair.
  11. Nefarious Scourge: A wicked plague upon the living.
  12. Malum Infector: Infecting with malevolent intentions and rot.
  13. Cadaverous Shambler: A decaying creature, aimlessly wandering.
  14. Macabre Marauder: Pillaging the living with dark delight.
  15. Necrotic Lurker: Concealed in shadows, bringing death unseen.
  16. Cursed Venomfang: Dispensing cursed venom that spreads corruption.
  17. Mortalia the Abomination: An abhorrent creation defying nature.
  18. Vilehex the Ensnarer: Trapping victims in a web of vile magic.
  19. Rotgloom the Eater: Devouring flesh, leaving behind desolation.
  20. Moros Driftshadow: A brooding figure, heralding impending doom.

Zombie Character Names

Zombie Names

  • Mortus Bane – Deathly affliction.
  • Vex Mortis – Torment of death.
  • Nihil Dracus – Nothingness dragon.
  • Sepulcrum Rex – Tomb king.
  • Corvus Noctis – Raven of darkness.
  • Lethargos Malum – Lethargic evil.
  • Cadaveris Mors – Corpse’s demise.
  • Acherontis Umbra – Shadow of Acheron.
  • Macabrus Vitae – Macabre life.
  • Exanimus Lux – Lifeless light.
  • Tenebris Cineris – Darkness of ashes.
  • Putris Animus – Putrid soul.
  • Obscurus Sanguis – Dark blood.
  • Necrosis Mortalis – Mortal decay.
  • Rigor Caligo – Stiff darkness.
  • Thanatos Vorax – Voracious death.
  • Morbus Oculus – Disease of the eye.
  • Cadavus Ignis – Corpse of fire.
  • Spurius Animus – Unclean spirit.
  • Inanis Caro – Empty flesh.
  • Vorago Tenebris – Abyss of darkness.
  • Pustula Mortifera – Death-bearing pustule.
  • Eburneus Tumulus – Ivory mound.
  • Maledictus Rex – Cursed king.
  • Caducus Nocturnus – Nocturnal decay.
  • Insectus Mors – Insect death.
  • Tenebrosus Exuviae – Dark remnants.
  • Exuviae Mortifer – Death-bringing remains.
  • Marasmus Animus – Withered soul.
  • Carcassus Umbra – Shadow of the carcass.

Funny Zombie Names

  • Lurch McBite-a-Lot – Frequent nibbler.
  • Rotten Chuckles – Decomposing laughter.
  • Brain Muncher – Gray matter devourer.
  • Zombielicious – Delightfully undead.
  • Gory Grin – Bloodstained smile.
  • Stumblebum – Clumsy wanderer.
  • Noodle Noggin – Noodle-headed zombie.
  • Wacky Riser – Quirky undead riser.
  • Gooey Giggles – Sticky laughter.
  • Zom-Bae – Undead sweetheart.
  • Slurpinator – Expert slurper.
  • Cranium Cruncher – Skull crusher.
  • Shuffle Snacker – Shuffling snacker.
  • Zippity Zombie – Speedy undead.
  • Wobble Wraith – Unsteady apparition.
  • Grin Reaper – Smiling reaper.
  • Munchkin Mort – Little muncher.
  • Zany Zom – Crazy zombie.
  • Noggin Nibbler – Head-chewing creature.
  • Jolly Ghoul – Merry undead.
  • Slobber Face – Drippy visage.
  • Zombie Zapper – Undead annihilator.
  • Cackle Corpsie – Laughing corpse.
  • Bumble Biter – Clumsy biter.
  • Gigglesnort – Snorting giggler.
  • Snack Attack – Insatiable eater.
  • Noodle Nosh – Noodle muncher.
  • Gory Goofball – Bloodstained jester.
  • Wobble Walker – Unsteady ambler.
  • Chompzilla – Ferocious chomper.

Good Zombie Names

  • Valor Mortis – Courage of death.
  • Seraphic Devourer – Heavenly devourer.
  • Resilient Wretch – Tenacious abomination.
  • Solace Eater – Comfort-seeking feaster.
  • Vespera Adroit – Skilled evening walker.
  • Salvator Animae – Savior of souls.
  • Tenacious Necrosis – Persistent decay.
  • Elysian Revenant – Heavenly revenant.
  • Stellar Exanimate – Celestial lifeless one.
  • Redemption Carnage – Redeeming destroyer.
  • Luminous Cadaver – Radiant corpse.
  • Invictus Mortem – Unconquered death.
  • Revenant Virtus – Virtuous revenant.
  • Caelum Zephyrus – Sky breeze.
  • Valiant Devourer – Brave consumer.
  • Ethereal Marauder – Otherworldly plunderer.
  • Sanctus Calamitas – Holy calamity.
  • Incorruptus Caro – Incorruptible flesh.
  • Luminary Exuviae – Luminous remains.
  • Stalwart Zephyr – Steadfast wind.
  • Vindicator Cadaver – Avenging corpse.
  • Animus Fidelis – Faithful spirit.
  • Radiant Wretch – Glowing abomination.
  • Inexorabilis Caro – Relentless flesh.
  • Benevolent Revenant – Kind-hearted revenant.
  • Astral Mortalis – Celestial mortal.
  • Sanguine Seraph – Bloodstained angel.
  • Unyielding Zephyr – Indomitable breeze.
  • Serene Exanimate – Tranquil lifeless one.
  • Luminiferous Cadaver – Light-bearing corpse.

Zombie Names Male

  • Malachai Graves – Messenger of death.
  • Lazarus Blake – Resurrected one.
  • Lucian Moros – Bringer of doom.
  • Viktor Thorne – Victorious thorn.
  • Darius Vex – Troubled one.
  • Magnus Decay – Great decay.
  • Orion Cimmerian – Dark hunter.
  • Caius Reaper – Shadowy reaper.
  • Ezekiel Nox – God strengthens night.
  • Alistair Mortis – Defender of death.
  • Severus Crawl – Grim crawler.
  • Cassius Grim – Hollow of death.
  • Maximus Shade – Greatest shadow.
  • Reginald Rotwood – Royal decay.
  • Atticus Dread – Fearful one.
  • Phineas Draven – Oracle of darkness.
  • Valerian Skulls – Brave bones.
  • Isidore Macabre – Gift of the macabre.
  • Roderick Dusk – Famous ruler of twilight.
  • Ambrose Gravewalker – Immortal walker.
  • Percival Mortem – Piercing death.
  • Thaddeus Doom – Brave-hearted doomsayer.
  • Ignatius Grimshaw – Fire-born darkness.
  • Bartholomew Gravesend – Keeper of the grave.
  • Jareth Blackthorn – Ruler of black thorns.
  • Theophilus Nightshade – Lover of night’s shadow.
  • Mortimer Ghoulbane – Mortal foe of ghouls.
  • Horatio Bloodmoon – Keeper of the blood moon.
  • Oswald Rotgrave – Power of the grave.
  • Ignatius Vile – Hateful fire.

Zombie Names Female

Morgana Vespera – Enchantress of the evening.

Seraphina Cinders – Fiery angel.

Octavia Nocturna – Queen of the night.

Lilith Vex – Alluring troublemaker.

Evangeline Decay – Bringer of decay.

Rosalind Mortis – Gentle death.

Cassandra Shade – Prophetess of shadows.

Aurelia Moros – Golden doom.

Ophelia Grimm – Darkly enchanting.

Isabella Requiem – Beautiful requiem.

Arabella Rottenwood – Lovely decay.

Genevieve Sanguine – Woman of blood.

Seraphine Wraith – Ethereal apparition.

Vivienne Cimmerian – Lively nightfall.

Celestia Graves – Heavenly resting place.

Esmeralda Hallow – Emerald specter.

Valentina Nether – Strong-willed underworld dweller.

Imelda Ravenwood – Warrior of the raven.

Calliope Mortem – Beautiful death.

Seraphima Blackthorn – Heavenly black thorn.

Gwendolyn Morbida – Dark beauty.

Ophelia Tombstone – Beautiful marker of graves.

Rosaline Macabre – Rose of the macabre.

Lucinda Nightshade – Bringer of night’s shadow.

Seraphina Gloom – Angel of gloom.

Isolde Vile – Solitary hatred.

Genevieve Rotgrave – Lovely power of the grave.

Bellatrix Draven – Female reaper.

Arabella Wraith – Beautiful apparition.

Seraphine Sanguinolent – Bloodstained seraph.

Cool Zombie Names

Obsidian Malice – Dark and malevolent.

Azrael Revenant – Angel of death revenant.

Nyx Voidwalker – Night’s shadowy traveler.

Serpentine Morbidity – Serpent-like morbidity.

Vesper Cursed – Evening of curses.

Ashen Lament – Pale and mournful.

Cipher Mortis – Enigmatic death.

Zephyr Phantom – Phantom breeze.

Ravenous Nocturne – Voracious night.

Stygian Graves – Dark and infernal.

Nexus Exanimus – Connection of the lifeless.

Ebon Specter – Ebony apparition.

Cerberus Rotfang – Three-headed rotting fangs.

Ignis Shroud – Fiery shroud.

Erebus Dread – Darkness of dread.

Phantom Umbra – Shadowy phantom.

Sinister Cadaver – Sinister corpse.

Aetherius Decay – Celestial decay.

Lunaris Macabre – Moonlit macabre.

Crimson Stalker – Blood-red stalker.

Nebula Obscurus – Dark nebula.

Lycan Grimshaw – Werewolf of darkness.

Nether Infernus – Underworld inferno.

Vortex Mortalis – Mortal vortex.

Abyssal Lurker – Abyss-dwelling creature.

Typhoon Exuviae – Violent remains.

Venomous Moros – Poisonous doom.

Solstice Reaper – Bringer of the solstice.

Celestial Necrosis – Heavenly decay.

Zephyrus Zombius – Breezy zombie.

Famous Zombie Names

Rottenstein – Iconic decay.

Zombardo – Master of the undead.

Ghoulmington – Renowned flesh-eater.

Nekrokovsky – Legendary corpse whisperer.

Brainstein – Brilliant zombie mind.

Macabreville – The undead town.

Mortimer Dread – Famed harbinger of fear.

Vexilla – Notorious zombie queen.

Zedrick the Reanimated – Resurrected legend.

Rottingham – Infamous city of decay.

Gravemore – Sinister cemetery ruler.

Zombrosio – Undead maestro.

Cadaverton – Hauntingly famous.

Mortallica – Metal-loving zombie.

Blightfoot – Cursed wanderer.

Zombert Einstein – Undead genius.

Necroheart – Beloved undead icon.

The Grisly Twins – Terrifying duo.

Rottington Haze – Legendary undead fog.

Zombarino – Undead actor extraordinaire.

Deadspeare – Shakespearean zombie poet.

Nekromancer – Master of the undead arts.

Grimilda – Famed lady of darkness.

Lurch – Mad scientist turned zombie.

Zombraham Lincoln – Undead president.

Macabre Maven – Celebrated undead expert.

Rigor Mortis – Immortalized in stiffness.

Zombivaldi – Undead composer.

Gravemonger – Collector of souls.

Rotwell – Eternally known in decay.

Scary Zombie Names

Abaddon the Devourer – Destroyer of worlds.

Malevolus Rex – Malevolent king.

Dreadspawn – Spawn of terror.

Vilefang – Repugnant fangs.

Morbidus Carnage – Morbid slaughter.

Rancid Rotspawn – Putrid rotting creature.

Wretched Vengeance – Despicable avenger.

Sinistrous Gloom – Sinister darkness.

Sepulchral Crawler – Tomb-dwelling horror.

Blightbearer – Bringer of blight.

Tormentus Malorum – Tormentor of evil.

Gruesome Cadaver – Grisly corpse.

Morbidosity – Exuding morbidity.

Malediction Bane – Curse’s destroyer.

Desolatus Carnifex – Desolate executioner.

Vespera Noctis – Evening of darkness.

Cadaverous Abomination – Monstrous corpse.

Eviscerator – Expert disemboweler.

Nightshade Terror – Terrifying darkness.

Grimlash – Ferocious reaper.

Vortex of Malice – Whirlwind of wickedness.

Mortalis Tormentum – Mortal torment.

Maleficent Shrieker – Evil howler.

Necrotic Horror – Deathly terror.

Pandemonium – Chaos incarnate.

Nihilistic Doom – Annihilation of existence.

Vengeance Unleashed – Unbridled avenger.

Carrion Devourer – Feeder on rotting flesh.

Abyssal Tormentor – Tormentor from the abyss.

Putridus Malevolence – Putrid malevolence.

Zombie Names

How To Choose A Good Zombie Name

Choosing a good zombie name is an essential aspect of developing compelling undead characters. A well-crafted name sets the tone and atmosphere for your narrative, enabling you to effectively capture the essence of these eerie creatures. Whether you’re writing a horror novel, creating a game, or simply indulging in Halloween festivities, selecting the right name for your zombie is crucial. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing a good zombie name and provide you with valuable insights to create memorable and evocative undead personas.

Understanding the Zombie Genre

To choose a good zombie name, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the zombie genre. Zombies are typically depicted as reanimated corpses, often associated with themes of decay, death, and the supernatural. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of zombies, such as their slow, lumbering movements and insatiable hunger for human flesh. Delve into existing zombie lore, ranging from classic films to contemporary literature, to gain inspiration and insights into the genre’s tropes and conventions.

Establishing the Personality and Background

Each zombie should have a unique personality and background that adds depth to its character. Consider creating a backstory for your zombie, exploring how it became undead and what events led to its transformation. Determine the zombie’s characteristics and traits, such as its physical appearance, abilities, or limitations. Additionally, identify the purpose or role of the zombie in your narrative. Is it a mindless minion or a sentient creature seeking redemption? Understanding these aspects will help you choose a name that aligns with your zombie’s identity.

Utilizing Descriptive and Evocative Language

When selecting a zombie name, descriptive and evocative language plays a crucial role. Opt for adjectives and verbs that vividly describe your zombie’s appearance, behavior, or aura. Choose words that instill a sense of unease and dread in the reader or player. Consider incorporating sensory details to further immerse your audience in the world of the undead. By harnessing the power of language, you can create a name that elicits a strong emotional response and leaves a lasting impression.

Considering Cultural References and Symbolism

Drawing inspiration from mythology, folklore, and cultural beliefs can infuse your zombie name with depth and meaning. Research ancient legends or local folklore surrounding the undead to uncover unique names or symbols associated with them. Symbolism can add layers to your zombie’s character and enhance the thematic elements of your narrative. Consider how cultural references can provide a rich context for your zombie’s name, imbuing it with a sense of history and mystery.

Balancing Originality and Familiarity

Striking the right balance between originality and familiarity is crucial in choosing a good zombie name. While it’s tempting to rely on clichés and overused names, it’s essential to think outside the box. Avoid generic names like “Brain Eater” or “Zombie Bob” and aim for something that stands out. Blend familiar elements with unique twists to create names that are both recognizable and intriguing. By infusing originality into your zombie’s name, you can make it memorable and distinct.

Testing and Refining the Name

Once you have selected a name, it’s important to test its impact and resonance. Seek feedback from trusted sources, such as fellow writers, gamers, or enthusiasts of the zombie genre. Assess whether the name aligns with your intended tone and atmosphere. Consider the emotional response it evokes and whether it accurately reflects your zombie’s character. If necessary, make adjustments and iterations to refine the name until it achieves the desired effect.


In conclusion, we hope that our collection of “700 Zombie Names” has ignited your imagination and provided you with a wealth of options for your undead characters. Naming your zombies is an essential step in creating a captivating and immersive experience for your readers or players. By choosing a name that resonates with the horror and eeriness of the undead, you can enhance the atmosphere of your story or game.

Remember, each name on our list has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of the zombie genre. From gruesome monikers that reflect the decay and savagery of the undead to more subtle names that evoke a sense of mystery, you’ll find a wide range of options to suit your needs. Don’t settle for generic or forgettable names when you can choose from our extensive collection of unique and evocative options.

So, whether you’re writing a chilling novel, designing a spine-tingling game, or simply looking for the perfect name for your Halloween costume, our list of 700 zombie names is here to inspire and assist you. Embrace the darkness, let your creativity soar, and bring your undead creations to life with names that will haunt the minds of your audience. Choose a name that sends a shiver down the spine, and let your zombies leave a lasting impression. Happy naming!


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