700 Catchy Chatbot Names to Inspire You

Are you looking for a catchy chatbot name that will help your bot stand out from the crowd? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve listed 700 creative chatbot names that are sure to get your bot noticed.

As the saying goes, “A good name is worth more than gold.” And when it comes to chatbots, a catchy name is essential for success. A well-chosen name will help your bot attract users, build brand awareness, and boost engagement.

In my journey as a naming specialist, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the right chatbot name can enhance user engagement and create a strong brand identity. Your chatbot’s name is its first introduction to the world, and it can significantly impact how users perceive and interact with it. A well-chosen name can evoke emotions, set the right tone, and make your chatbot more approachable, thus building trust and loyalty with your audience.

In this article, we promise you an extensive list of chatbot names that will inspire and help you find the perfect match for your business or project. From witty and humorous options to sophisticated and cutting-edge choices, you’ll discover a wide variety of names that align with your chatbot’s unique personality and purpose. Let’s dive in and find that ideal name to make your chatbot stand out in the digital crowd.

Chatbot Names

Here are some of the best Chatbot names that you will ever find:

  • ChattyMcChatface
  • Bot-tastic
  • Conversatron
  • Chatzilla
  • BuzzBot
  • ChatCrafter
  • SparkyBot
  • Chatterbox
  • ChatLion
  • BotGenius
  • WittyWiz
  • ChatWhiz
  • RoboPal
  • ChatMuse
  • SmartyBot
  • BuzzyBuddy
  • ChatVoyager
  • BotMarvel
  • EngageBot
  • CharismaBot
  • BuzzWorthy
  • TalkMaster
  • ChatJester
  • BotAlchemist
  • QuickChat
  • ChitChatChamp
  • BotSorcerer
  • WhizWords
  • FriendlyBot
  • ChatVirtuoso
  • ChatMaverick
  • BotSparkle
  • CleverConvo
  • ChatLingo
  • BotMarvelous
  • CharmBot
  • WittyWordsmith
  • ChatTrooper
  • BotGuru
  • EnchantaBot
  • TalkativeTech
  • ChatVibe
  • BotLingo
  • WittyWizard
  • Buzz Blaster
  • Chat Revolution
  • Bot Champion
  • Robo Chatter
  • Brainy Bot
  • Clever Companion
  • Chat Dynamo
  • Buzzing Brain
  • Bot Genie
  • Witty Whiz
  • Charmer Bot
  • Chat Nova
  • Bot Wit
  • Sparkle Talk
  • Chitchat Charm
  • Bo Wordsmith
  • Chatty Bot
  • Buzz Bot
  • Witty Talk
  • Clever Mind
  • Chat Guru
  • Sparkle Spark
  • Quick Chit
  • Charisma Friend
  • Smart Think
  • Robo Genius
  • Engage Friend
  • Buzz Whisper
  • Talkative Buddy
  • Quick Brain
  • Chit Wit
  • Sparkle Soul
  • Bot Champ
  • Enchanta Friend
  • Talk Tech
  • Chat Sparkle
  • Witty Brain
  • Clever Soul
  • Sparkling Chat
  • Bot Genius
  • Buzz Wit
  • Friendly Mind
  • Quick Whisper
  • Charisma Brain
  • Spark Chit
  • Chat Champ
  • Buzzing Friend
  • Clever Whisper
  • Chit Tech
  • Talk Wit
  • Charmer Sparkle
  • Bot Guru
  • Quick Soul
  • Sparkle Chit
  • Witty Friend
  • Buzzing Mind
  • Clever Whisperer
  • Chat Guru
  • Charisma Chit
  • Talk Whisper
  • Buzz Soul
  • Witty Spark
  • Charmer Whisper
  • Clever Guru
  • Chatting Mind
  • Talkative Genius
  • Quick Wit
  • Sparkle Brain
  • Bot Talker
  • Buzzing Guru
  • Charisma Whisper
  • Witty Genius
  • Chit Chat
  • Spark Friend
  • Clever Tech
  • Talk Brain

Catchy Chatbot Names

You may be a marketing expert looking to name your chatbot. Or maybe a student trying to name his new project which is a bot. Do you work in a company who makes chatbot?

Well, whatever your reason, this list of catchy chatbot names is sure to be helpful. Take a look!

  • Surf Bot
  • The Botfather
  • Jemeikla
  • The Bell
  • Warrior
  • Blossom
  • Chatty Galore
  • Brilliant
  • Gossip Bot
  • Over
  • Wudeo
  • Royal Mentor
  • Cyber Lox
  • Robin
  • Lavendemise
  • Soul Pressure
  • The Bridesmaid
  • Hello There
  • Sliomn Saxophone
  • Mary
  • Goods
  • The Puffer
  • Molly
  • Siri
  • Clementine
  • Angelica
  • Level
  • King’s Knight
  • Bittercrescent
  • Incite
  • Systematic
  • Royal Chamberlain
  • The Goof
  • Charliebot
  • Roots
  • The Locator
  • Assistant
  • Center Bot
  • United
  • Winifred
  • Heavy Bot
  • Enc
  • Slieckali
  • Bot Driven
  • The Grinder
  • Elvis
  • Marvin
  • Peppy
  • Cupid Bot
  • Xokia
  • Viert
  • Weekend Bot
  • Pedro
  • Abby
  • Shaman
  • Moonlight
  • Sunshine
  • Nippy
  • Disk
  • High Secretary
  • Cleverbot
  • Alfred
  • Laura
  • Royal Vizier
  • Deep Bot
  • Maggie
  • Swift
  • Feminine Figaro

Creative Chatbot Names

Chatbot is a fastest growing marketing industry tool and if you want to earn some good money from you chatbot, you will need a creative chatbot name that is easy to understand and memorable. It’s a little tricky to come up with unique, creative, appealing names.

If you are currently working on some sort of project related to chatbot and you are stuck at naming your chatbot, you can surely get some help from this list.

  • Lassie
  • Icloln
  • Ada
  • Torque
  • The Twister
  • Agnes
  • The Slack Strap
  • Respond Bot
  • Pam
  • The Rocky
  • Tayto Talk
  • Funny Guy
  • Obama
  • Infinity Energy
  • Pink Lady
  • Volter Bot
  • Model Customer Bot
  • The Wonker
  • The Talon
  • Sunrise
  • Minister
  • Ardor
  • The Joker
  • Human Agents
  • Chief
  • The Drag
  • Limited Bot
  • Conversation
  • Primo
  • Smiles Bot
  • The Jawbreaker
  • Nuclear Power
  • Tiger
  • Alice
  • Maybelle
  • HR-Confidence-bot
  • Forrest
  • Galt
  • Ancestral Energy
  • Nation
  • My World Is Awesome
  • Mildew Ivy
  • Bot Specialist
  • Derrick
  • Darkside
  • Hi Bot
  • Fineline
  • Insight
  • Ghost
  • Archseer
  • Normal Bot
  • Tech Buddy
  • Amber
  • Apostle
  • Tulsign
  • Quake
  • Bargain
  • Arnold
  • Royal Paladin
  • Grace
  • Oliver
  • Sapphire Bot
  • Gateway Bot

Cool Chatbot Names

Time has gone when people used to send email to site owners to contact them. Nowadays you can use simple chatbot to get instant replies. A lot of big corporations are using chatbots to collect data and information from their users for different purposes.

If you hate generic names like me, you may be looking for some cool name ideas for your new bot, this section will help you. Below are some really cool and trendy chatbot name ideas for you to pick from. Enjoy!

  • Souls
  • Gabriella
  • The Four Eyes
  • Prime Minister
  • Kayla
  • Bingo
  • Alma Bot
  • Goo Bot
  • The Slipper
  • Alicia
  • Prime General
  • Fortitude
  • Phase Power
  • Demonic Power
  • Royal Templar
  • FamilyBot
  • Alana
  • Bonita
  • Boba Tutu
  • Bot Amigo
  • Theta
  • Jeeves
  • The Ram Head
  • Cartel
  • Ashokbot
  • Echobot
  • Elsa
  • Ease
  • Bot Shows
  • Buzzing Tulip
  • Abracadabra Bot
  • Bot Lady
  • Jasper
  • Bot Ranger
  • Sideline
  • Ai Chatbot
  • Bucks
  • Standard
  • Purity
  • Winning
  • Samantha
  • Bot Strategy
  • Twist
  • Janey
  • Explorer
  • Humanbot
  • Locator
  • Apiehai
  • Bell
  • Dee Dee
  • The Cube
  • Okay Sir
  • Bot Dollar
  • Cybernetic
  • Golly
  • Qelsa
  • Hiring Bot
  • Flower
  • Effective
  • Bot Intelligence
  • Solar Energy
  • Franky Automator
  • Creative Bot

Funny Chatbot Names

Customers don’t stay longer on pages. They don’t even want to waste their time on the chit chat of your Bot. That’s why you have to keep such a name for your bot that they will get attracted to it.

Making it a little funny will do wonders.

We have scoured the internet to create a list of funny bot names that should help jumpstart your imagination. Enjoy!

  • Yanna
  • Eve
  • Farmer Bot
  • Virtual Agent
  • The Big Buddy
  • Rollbot
  • Bot Update
  • Chatbot Agent
  • The Knuckle Knocker
  • Aether
  • Charter
  • Nicky
  • Bot Eclipse
  • Bonus
  • Tutorial Bot
  • Ubier
  • Human Conversation
  • Self-learning Bot
  • Ziockird
  • Echo
  • Redwood
  • Cleverbot Buddy
  • Eureka
  • Win Bot
  • Jeannie
  • Comet Bot
  • Nora
  • Blindweed
  • Keltu
  • Emperor
  • Patrol
  • George
  • Woe Cotton
  • Chucklebot
  • Ball
  • Sandbox
  • Awesome Bot
  • Eslans Bow
  • Floral
  • The Commander
  • Poetic
  • Eflilfa
  • Energy
  • The Stitcher
  • The Friendly One
  • Slash
  • Lionheart
  • Ceaft
  • Megbot
  • Genevieve
  • Fish
  • Rico
  • June
  • Odette Drizzle
  • Gemma
  • Adambot
  • Jennybot
  • Gaga
  • Advocate
  • Sassy
  • Karma
  • Bot Super
  • Nirvana Bot
  • Pierce
  • Titanic
  • Here 2 Help

Female Chatbot Names

Usually male were used to prefer in the chatbot industry, but lately use of female chatbot have become popular. This is because, people feel really comfortable while approaching female chatbots.

So, you should find a feminine name so that your chatbot is easily approachable and people can really feel secured and comfortable while calling for help. We have listed below plenty of interesting female chatbot name ideas to spark your creativity.

  • Reliance
  • The Tracker
  • Proton Bot
  • Geekbot
  • Tin Bot
  • Rockwell Bot
  • Amusing Bot
  • Blue Jaybot
  • Roger Bean
  • John
  • Wickie
  • Living
  • Gradient Bot
  • Glibia
  • Alpha
  • Moby
  • Weasel
  • Gram
  • Bot Insider
  • Gadget
  • Terdia
  • Hail Bot
  • Vbot
  • Rally
  • Morellis
  • The Dismounter
  • Glad Bot
  • The Slug
  • Betsy
  • Chatbotdavid
  • The Breaker
  • Gaip Bass
  • Summer
  • RightWay Bot
  • Daisy
  • Kialp Bow
  • Explore
  • Finds
  • Alpha Tango
  • Claptrap
  • Lime
  • Pepper
  • Management Bot
  • Bot Draw
  • Joy

Unique Chatbot Names

Chatbots have become a big deal within the last couple years. Those that use chatbots have many different types of unique chatbot names and features, and it is not just a random name or feature. Many chatbot names are based on a personality or feature of the chatbot, and you can see this in the names of some of the chatbots that we have mentioned.

In this list, we have enlisted some of the unique chatbot names that you will like:

  • Para
  • David
  • Delphyne
  • Giga Bot
  • Wolverine
  • Uxork Saxophone
  • Mutation
  • Obsidian Thimbleberry
  • Olga
  • Botie
  • Snowbird Bot
  • Torment
  • Egeask
  • Triangle Bot
  • Qops
  • Blaildei
  • Exarch
  • Monster
  • High Magister
  • Lord
  • Ovlalpa
  • Bravo
  • Vinether
  • First Secretary
  • Miriam
  • Giwu
  • Foreman
  • Gypsy
  • Ashley
  • Archwarrior
  • Uzeahie
  • Betty Bobo
  • Dragon
  • Marigold
  • Angelic Power
  • Dock
  • Chamber Bot
  • Resource
  • Prince
  • Bot
  • Beta
  • Goldstar
  • Rogue
  • Responder Bot
  • The Dual Wing
  • Mind Reader
  • Father
  • Quick Reply
  • Achievement
  • Petra
  • Route
  • Nadeesha
  • Detail Bot
  • Memory
  • The Monkey

HR Chatbot Names

If you are an HR Chatbot developer you can choose to build your own bot, or use an existing one (I believe they are all under the same category of “HR Chatbot”). I have included a few of my favorite HR Chatbot names, and they are the most popular among the industry:

  • Action
  • Palatine
  • Libby
  • Eye
  • The Tatertot
  • Digital Friend
  • Jennifer
  • Robo George
  • Focus
  • Exposed
  • Quick
  • Anna Bot
  • Shogun
  • Judy
  • Romeo
  • Stella
  • Aidan
  • Star Power
  • Tess
  • Crow
  • Demi
  • Sharon
  • Beast
  • Ai Power
  • Indigo
  • Shift
  • Nightingale
  • Access
  • Hercules
  • X-Talk
  • Consort
  • Jiellai
  • Messenger Chatbot
  • Bumper Bot
  • Shake
  • Useart
  • Becky
  • Freda
  • Marjory
  • Candy
  • Mira
  • Horizons Bot
  • Sophie
  • Barracuda
  • Robot
  • BlackHole Bot
  • Appalachian Bot
  • Jemima Bot
  • Carrie Bot
  • Zap
  • Templar
  • Black Widow Bot
  • Edge

Chatbot Name Generator

Chatbots are getting more popular and they’re expected to get even more popular in the near future. The ability to engage with chatbots is going to be a game-changer in the organization, retail, marketing, and customer service industries. Its capable of bringing traditional transactions and business interactions into a digital era where everyone has access to a vast amount of information.

Below are some names that are generated with a chatbot name generator:

  • Leaf
  • Jane
  • Mage
  • Cecseagle
  • Shot
  • Bot Quick
  • Mr
  • Councillor
  • Expressive Bot
  • Bonnie
  • Sacred Energy
  • Peggy
  • Bender
  • Shirley
  • Nella
  • Wither Bower
  • Botr
  • Michaela
  • Adana
  • Frasier
  • Cora
  • Brightstar
  • Cimni
  • Mindpower
  • Britney
  • Friendly HR Bot
  • High Paladin
  • Aida
  • Benny
  • Strategy Bot
  • Dimwit
  • Albus
  • Amy
  • Kate
  • Train
  • Roadrunner
  • Agleshphone
  • Master
  • Eclipse
  • Disciple
  • Bot Chase
  • Iris
  • Tough Bot
  • Sacred Power
  • Bot Experience
  • Taiha
  • Violin
  • Clals
  • Taylor
  • Island
  • Gloria

Chatbot Names

How To Choose A Good Name For Your Chatbot?

Finding a catchy name can prove to be tricky. If you are here looking for some guidance in selecting a catchy title for your chatbot then we’ve got you. By the end of this article, you will be familiar with all the basics of giving your chatbot a name.

What Is A Chatbot And Why Should You Name It?

A chatbot or chatterbot is artificial intelligence (AI) based software that is used to stimulate conversations via text or Text-to-Speech with humans over the internet.

At the very core, a chatbot is entirely different than a human agent. So, why is there a need for a name for a “virtual” assistant”? Listed below are some reasons to name your chatbot.

1. It Helps In Creating a Bond With Costumers

Providing names helps in establishing a bond and provides association. This is why people name their pets and not the animals they raise for food and shelter. The same goes for your chatbot. A name helps in creating a sense of familiarity and comfort for the client.

2. It Helps In Creating An Impression

What you name your chatbot says a lot about your business. Your customers will be associating the attributes of your company and products with the name of the chatbot. It is going to set the tone for their experience onward. So choose wisely!

How To Name Your Chatbot

Now that we have recounted some fair arguments for why naming your chatbot is necessary, we will be moving on to the next step; how you can assign your chatbot with a catchy name.

As complicated as it may seem, giving your chatbot a name is not a hard task. There are many chatbot name generators available on the internet but assigning one by yourself is going to give you more room to have it fit specifically into your company’s criteria and customer service.

Identify Your Chatbot’s role

Before giving your chatbot a name, you must know what role your chatbot is going to play. Is it going to be a conversation holder? Is it going to be answering the customer FAQs? Whatever the function may be, it needs to be evident before you give your chatbot a name.

Let’s suppose you own a bakery. You’ve got a few employees and your head is consistently at work. With all the workload it is going to be difficult for you to respond to all the customers, their queries and take their orders.

You are going to need help. That’s where your chatbot’s role comes into play. Your chatbot is going to be interacting with all your customers firsthand and you need to decide its role to assign it with a suitable name.

Let’s say your chatbot is a responder for your bakery that takes up orders. You can’t have a generic chatbot named “Bakery Responder” and put off the customer right from the beginning. “Sugar, “Coco” or even “Ellie” sounds a lot more appealing.

Give Your Chatbot A Personality

As mentioned above, the name of your chatbot is going to set the tone of the experience for your customer. Your bot can either be witty or professional and concise. All of this depends on the type of services your industry will be providing. Your chatbot’s name and its personality are going to be a direct reflection of your company.

For example, in banking, your customer would like to converse with a chatbot that is professional and keeps matters concise.

While in a baking or floral business your customers will need a chatbot that is easy-going, friendly, and cracks some jokes here and there. It all depends on the nature of your business and you have to give your chatbot a personality according to that.

Should The Name Be Gendered?

Should the name of your chatbot be gendered? If yes, then what will be going for?

When naming a chatbot, a female name has always proven to be a preferred option. Several studies conducted have shown that 36%-40% of the customers are more at ease with a female bot rather than a male. A kind, intellectual and soft-spoken bot is the first preference.

What Should It Be? A Robot Or A Human?

The last step in assigning a name to your chatbot is to decide whether it should have a human name or a robotic one. Human names often sound comfortable and easier to approach. In this way, the customer is going to be comfortable and at ease from the very start.

Take Apple’s “Siri” or Amazon’s “Alexa” as an example again. We are aware of their virtual nature yet the human name makes the experience all the more easy-going and pleasant.

Some common examples of human names are, “Kelly”, “Pam”, “Eve”, “Adam”, “Sugar” etc. One thing you need to keep in mind when assigning your bot with a human name is that your chatbot needs to right away make it evident to the customer that they are conversing with a chatbot rather than a real human. We don’t want to spook them, right?

Some companies prefer robotic names over human names. This helps in making it clear to the customer that they are talking to an AI bot.

If you want your customers to be aware of this fact then you can go for robotic-like names such as “Link”, “Cookie”, “Tech” etc. If you want to, you can get creative and opt for acronyms as well like J.A.R.V.I.S or F.R.I.D.A.Y, just like Tony Stark.

This concludes our list of some helpful tips and pieces of advice for naming a chatbot. We hope that this list will help you in the best way possible.

Robot Names

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