Craft Business Names: 799 Names For Craft Business

In this blog post, we have enlisted some of the best and most creative craft business names that you can use to get inspired.

When starting up a small business, the first thing you need to do is get a business name that is catchy, memorable and easy to spell. It should also be easy for your customers to remember, as well as for anyone who is reviewing your business online.

While people usually pick specific names according to the type of craft they do, some may want to pick a general name for their business. In both cases, you should try to find a creative and unique name that will attract more customers toward your business.

Let’s find some names for you that will help you name your startup.

Catchy Craft Business Names

A catchy name will surely help in growing your business with a rapid speed. Because, when you have a business name that is both catchy and attractive, more and more people will remember you name.

This will help you in bringing returning customers to your business. Here are some catchy craft business names that you will like:

  • Ace Hardware
  • Paint Craft of Brevard Inc
  • The Creative Crafter
  • Capricious Creations
  • Crazy Crow Trading Post
  • Craftworkz
  • Caladium Arts & Crafts Co-Op
  • Rose Quartz
  • Act of Crafts
  • Frosted Saddle
  • Zuma Design
  • Craft Mongers
  • Unskilled Attraction
  • Flying Designs
  • Active Like Agent
  • Cassava Art & Ink
  • Legato
  • Spaulding Craft/Florida Clmns
  • Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar
  • Undisputed Craft House
  • Treasure
  • Sea-Craft Waterfront Tiki
  • Motorworks Brewing
  • Custom Auto Craft
  • Collective
  • The Rustic Brush – Memorial
  • Dare To Diy
  • Craft Cruiser
  • Findlay Craft, P.C.
  • The Brass Tap
  • Ingenuity Works
  • DesignAgency
  • The Fine Aesthetic
  • Pinspiration San Antonio
  • Pinot’s Palette Brandon
  • Urban Art Quest
  • Bee Creative
  • April’s slime shop
  • Hop and Sting Brewing Company
  • Craft Haus Pottery Painting Studio
  • Difficult Nature Group
  • HelloFresh
  • Pinspiration North Orlando
  • True Professional
  • Indigo – Toronto Eaton Centre
  • Peticolas Brewing Company Taproom
  • Knack Group
  • Pinspiration Pensacola
  • The Rustic Brush – Sugar Land
  • Destin Vacation Boat Rentals
  • Canadian Naturalist

Funny Craft Business Names

If you’re in the business of crafting, you’re probably looking for a funny name to use as your business’ name. While there are plenty of resources online to help you come up with your perfect name, you can also utilize some of these ideas to help you come up with a funny business name.

With some fun, creative thinking, you can come up with a funny business name that will make you sound like a top-notch craftsman. Below are some funny craft business names to make you smile:

  • JoyBox Design
  • Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival
  • Brand Alliance
  • Byzantine Picture
  • Roman Tack
  • Garden Center at The Home Depot
  • CRAFT Beer Market Toronto
  • Ventura Spirits Company
  • SpaceX Rocket Assembly Site
  • Classical Method Works
  • Patriot Coffee Roasters
  • The Craft Table
  • Books-A-Million
  • Vape Craft Dallas
  • TwoCan Craft
  • Craft In America Center
  • Turn 2 Brewing Co Inc.
  • LeftBrain Creations
  • French Starts
  • Rorschach Brewing Co.
  • The Brew Bus – Tampa Bay
  • Southern Salvage Craft House
  • Claremont Craft Ales
  • Key West
  • True Craft Market & Catering
  • Gulfshore Life
  • iCandy Crafts
  • The Ancient Form
  • Terra Cotta Art and Craft
  • Mastermind Crafts
  • Vogue Handicrafts
  • The Difficult Talent
  • Inside Impressions
  • JDub’s Brewing Company
  • Drawings Direct
  • JOANN Fabric and Crafts
  • Independence Brewing Co.
  • The Scrap Shop
  • Magic Arthur
  • The Florida Brewery Beer Garden
  • The Mad Crafter
  • Black Lab Brewing
  • FruitCraft
  • The Pictorial Invention Works
  • Conceptual Museum Works
  • Technology
  • Craft 850
  • Advanced Auto Craft
  • Contemporary Method Group
  • SpaceX LC-39A
  • Design By Sevan
  • California State Fair
  • Michael’s Office
  • PubPass
  • Unique Treasure Boxes

Pun Craft Business Names

Business names are just like tattoos. You can either get them right or make a name for yourself, or you can end up with a blot on your resume and be forever known as “that logo guy”. The name of your business is something that people will remember for the rest of their lives. Be sure to get it right.

Here are some pun craft business names that you can use:

  • Hobby Repertoire
  • Wire Crafts
  • Palace Art & Office Supply
  • Honor for Arts
  • Musical Rhythmic
  • Virgonna
  • Art Supplies
  • Cedar Creek Brewhouse & Eatery
  • The Byzantine Technology
  • Art Fiesta
  • Amy’s Cards, Party & Gifts
  • Fancy Flair
  • Craft & Company Salon
  • The Classic Wiliness Group
  • Papa Hughie’s Seafood World
  • Friendly Crafts
  • Sequoia Brewing
  • Mad Duck Craft Brewing Northwest
  • DEEP Brewing Company
  • Sockdolager Brewing Co.
  • Michael
  • Resource Depot
  • Craft Kafe DownTown
  • Florida Avenue Brewing Co.
  • Manner Arts
  • Kitchen Craft
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Looka
  • Crafty Affair
  • Craft Brewing Shop
  • The Contemporary Section
  • Practical Angle
  • Creative Imagery
  • CraftWorx
  • Egyptian Technique
  • Classic Skill
  • Salesforce Tampa
  • Olive Pit
  • The Clay Room
  • Arch Art Supplies
  • Copper Craft
  • Rustic Craft Supply LLC
  • Let’s Get Craftin’
  • Crystal Dragon Arts & Crafts
  • Bone Art Place
  • Forefront
  • FusionMint Art Gallery
  • Anything Goes Crafts
  • Carlsbad Village Association
  • Bandit Brewery
  • Arts Gallery

Unique Craft Business Names

In the world of business, a craft business is one that only makes handmade items. A lot of craft stores sell mass-produced items, but they don’t have to. There are a number of advantages to keeping your business small, like the ability to customize your products and services to your customers’ needs, and the ability to control the appearance of your storefront.

That is, how the outside of your business looks, how it is laid out, and how it is decorated. Here are some unique business names you may want to consider.

  • The Rustic Brush – Katy
  • Craft n’ Creations
  • Gallery View
  • Scrapbook Craft Store
  • The Rules Works
  • CraftShack
  • DeSerres Toronto-Uptown
  • Big Hops Shaenfield
  • American Craft Kitchen & Taproom
  • The Art Box
  • Little Craft House
  • Thistle Creative Reuse
  • Midoco Art & Office Supplies
  • Gold Medal Crafting
  • Tandy Leather Fresno – 05
  • Century Substantive Works
  • Cadence Theatre Company
  • Tactical Ops Brewing (Mission Control)
  • Artisan Valley
  • The Verbal Articles Co
  • Pinspiration Panama City Beach
  • Capital Creative
  • Michaels Distribution Center
  • Crab Island Information Center
  • Hot Threads
  • Facial Art
  • Advance Art
  • Graphic Store
  • Jadeberry Art & Ink
  • Craft Contemporary
  • Spirit Works Distillery and Tasting Room
  • Hobbyist Heaven
  • The Artist Shop
  • Craft Los Angeles
  • Craft & Curd
  • Historic Downtown Sanford
  • The Craft Brand
  • The Craft Corner
  • EscambiaSoft – Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • TIAA Financial Services
  • Princess Craft RV
  • Generations Creations
  • Proof Brewing Company
  • Crate & Barrel
  • DeSerres Oakville
  • Tradeswomen, Inc.
  • Cranberry Hill Mercantile
  • Deep South Crafts
  • United States Postal Service
  • Art&Seek
  • Neighbor’s Kitchen & Yard

Creative Craft Business Names

Here we will provide you with two basic ideas of what makes a good craft business name. The first idea is a very traditional name – this name is easy to type, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

The second idea is a little more creative – this name is a little harder to type, but it is a little more creative and can have more words and a little more variety. Enlisted are some creative craft business names that you will like:

  • The Prior Prowess
  • Literary Technology Group
  • The Gathering Place
  • Dollar Store
  • Good Stone Art Gallery
  • Craft Ontario Shop & Gallery
  • Native Drawings
  • Classex Novelty
  • Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.
  • Allure Craft Center
  • Musical Species
  • Pop Craft Pops
  • Simply Chic Crafts
  • Irish Design House
  • Warrington College of Business
  • K & B Art Craft Cabinets
  • Cargo Craft Inc
  • Bling Bling On Queen
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Print & Gift – PRINT | COPY | GIFTS
  • Blick Art Materials
  • Crock A Doodle Etobicoke
  • Paper Bunny
  • Good Work
  • Full Speed Ahead Craft Beer House
  • Michael’s job
  • UrbanFill
  • WingBerry
  • Better Craft
  • Kraft Foods Warehouse
  • Blessed Manner
  • Buttons and Bows
  • Denny’s
  • Texas Art Asylum
  • Golden Valley Ace Hardware
  • Snowflakes Winter Shop
  • MetaCade Art Store
  • Craft Homes – Laureate Park in Lake Nona
  • Shopify
  • Art Craft Trading
  • Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park
  • Texas Ale Project
  • Destin Chamber of Commerce
  • Lavender Heart
  • Start with Art
  • Big City Crafters
  • Tampa Premium Outlets
  • Stone Brewing Distribution
  • Your Tampa Markets
  • The Art of Artists
  • Small Art Gallery
  • General Leather Craft Manufacturing
  • Florida Academy of Baking
  • Vibrant Pictures
  • Dayne’s Craft Barbecue
  • Pictorial Type
  • Charm of Delight
  • Face paints
  • Zeddle Arts
  • Canvas Art Store
  • Black Diary
  • Mascot Brewery
  • Shefine Art Store
  • CRAFT on 14
  • Three Crafty Ladies, LLC
  • Bay-Made
  • Method International
  • Loom Craft Home Design Center LLC
  • Certified Crafty
  • Goodwill Sebring Superstore
  • Creative Minds
  • Liberty Village Home Hardware

How To Name Your Craft Business


Why a Catchy Name is Important?

Opening a craft business of your own is a display of your creative flair in itself. While a creative mindset and a new flare are required to establish a crafts business, these two alone don’t guarantee the success of a craft business.

A good and catchy name plays a huge part in cementing a business and inviting customers. Sadly, without a noticeable business name, your craft business won’t attract much crowd even if your work is remarkable.

This is due to the reason of a name being the very first encounter of a business. A name lets on about what the business has to offer and what new decorum it has brought to the market.

Oftentimes new entrepreneurs find it hard to settle on an appropriate name for their craft business. This hurdle is faced by every soon-to-be entrepreneur and there is no denying it is extremely frustrating.

When you are preoccupied with all the management workload it becomes all the more difficult. This step requires the same creative thinking needed for running a craft business, and also some help.

How To Name Your Craft Business

How To Choose A Name For Your Craft Business (1)

To help you in coming up with a catchy and good enough name for your craft business, we’ve structured a series of helpful brainstorming tips and some don’ts you should avoid. So, without any further ado let’s begin!

Keep The Name According to The Niche of Your Business

Review your business plans, the fresh ideas, and the niche of your business. What are you specifically going to focus on more? Will the crafts be more related to knitting? Or are aiming to focus more on paper crafts, DIYs, and Recycling stuff?

You need to be clear about what you are aiming for and what new do you want to bring to the market. What area of crafting are you going to focus on can simply incorporate into the title of your business.

If the main focus of your craft business is recycling and paper crafts then you can keep names like “Recycle Den”, “Poppy Paper Designs” and if the main focus of your business is on knitting or threading then names like “knitting craft house” or “crafts unthreaded” fit right into the criteria.

Keep It Unique

While simple names feel like the safe option, in this time of growing industry and competition it is far from safe. A monotone and generic name will prove to have adverse effects on the marketing and growth of your crafts business.

A name like “Paper Arts and Crafts” does not have any appeal to it, does it? A unique-sounding name guarantees more customers and great marketing. A name that grabs the attention of onlookers and people on social media will compel them to check out your craft business. Catchy and trendy names are also easy to remember as they stay with the customers so get creative with them, this is your specialty!

Is The Name Easy to Pronounce and Remember?

One crucial fact that should always be considered is to make sure if the name that you’ve decided on is easy to pronounce and remember or not. Every business requires a memorable and simple name but it’s all the more important in a crafting business.

This line of business asks for a trendy and simple name rather than an exotic one to give off a welcoming aura. Instead of going for names that are hard to pronounce and spell decide on simple names. Unique names do not stand for difficult ones.

If the name of your craft business is difficult to it will lose its viva voce. Think of it, people who have visited your craft shop liked your work and they want to share it with others. But how will they share it if they can’t remember or pronounce the name?


Brainstorm for words and adjectives that you affiliate with your craft business. Jot down these words onto a list and mark the words you deem best suitable along the way. You can use these words in the following way once you are done with your list. Brainstorm for words and adjectives that you affiliate with your craft business. Jot down these words onto a list and mark the words you deem best suitable along the way. You can use these words in the following way once you are done with your list.

  • Combine Adjectives: From the list of keywords that you’ve compiled, you can combine words that you like. Combine all sorts of adjectives that come to your mind when you think of your crafting business and combine them with words from the list to see if they go together and fit the idea of your craft business. This is a very fun brainstorming technique that helps in coming up with equally fun, clever, and catchy names and phrases.
  • Puns: The world of arts and crafts is about having fun! From the list of words that you have written down, you can also create puns. This technique is catchy and outs your out-of-the-box thinking at the test.
  • Alliterations: I am sure you are familiar with alliterations. Alliterative words are two or more words that begin with the same sound. Brands and businesses that use alliterations names have shown to be more popular among the general population due to this factor. Alliterative titles are surprisingly easy to remember and also sound fun. “Heavenly Handmade”, “Sew Center” and “Bows n Buttons” are a few examples of alliterative words that are catchy and memorable.

Keep In Mind the Competitors and Demographics

While a unique touch of your own is much needed in this line of business and that’s how your business will stand out, it is also necessary to keep in mind what the demographic of today demands.

Carry out thorough research on what are the demographics today and what they look for in newly established businesses. These demands should be kept in mind when naming your craft business.

Other than research on the demographics do research on your contenders as well. It is important to look out for any similarities in the title. Better to be careful beforehand than to land in trouble later on.

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