399 Cool Gospel Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

When you hear the word gospel, what does it mean to you? Does it make you feel happy and joyful, or maybe it makes you feel sad or even down?

The definition of the gospel can vary from person to person, but at its root, the gospel is about spreading the good news about Jesus Christ to other people.

When you choose a gospel group name, consider what message you want your group to share, and then use that as inspiration for your group’s name. Here are a few examples of gospel group names, which may inspire you to create your own.

Catchy Gospel Group Names

Look for a common theme between your group and a famous gospel singer or artist. Look for a song title or lyric that could inspire your group. This type of inspiration will lead to a catchy, memorable group name.

Search Google for your group’s name and a famous gospel singer or artist. You might find that your group’s name has already been associated with the artist. If so, you can incorporate the name of your favorite gospel group into your group name.

You can also choose to incorporate lyrics from a famous gospel song. If you’re not sure which song to choose, just brainstorm for lyrics from a gospel song and see which one you think is the most inspirational. Choose lyrics from songs that sound similar to each other.

  • Threatening Grizzlies
  • Flaming Bengals
  • Voodoo Wolverines
  • Delta Captains
  • Wicked Governors
  • Ultimate Bulldogs
  • Prairie Bullets
  • Fanatical Eagles
  • Swift Cyclones
  • Flying Hornets
  • Horrible Pilots
  • Red Trailblazers
  • Great Colts
  • Orange Wombats
  • Awkward Frogs
  • Festive Bulldogs
  • Voodoo Flyers
  • Demon Boys
  • Weak Battlers
  • Mad Reds

Top 10 Rare Gospel Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Spiritual Listening

When you hear the name “Spiritual Listening”, the first thing that comes to your mind is the group of people who listen to the preaching of the Lord. They use this name because they want to use this as a platform to spread the message of the Gospel.

This name will help you connect with your readers and followers. These people love to read spiritual books and preach the word of God. They want to share their spiritual experiences with others.

Using this name for your group name can help you to have more followers.

Spiritual Listening

2.     Loud Love

This name will make sure that you have a name that will give a lot of happiness and fun to your group. People will remember your name and name your group as they are very happy with this name.

It will help you in creating a name for your group that will be remembered for years to come. You can go ahead and opt for this name for your group.

Loud Love

3.      All for Jesus

It is an amazing name for those people who want to spread the message of Jesus Christ across the globe. The name helps you to get ready to face any situation.

You don’t have to be worried about anything since all for Jesus gospel groups are dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Thus, you should use this name for your group’s name.

All for Jesus

4.      Refuge For Our Souls

You may have seen many names for your groups, but these three names are going to make your life a lot easier. These names are just perfect for your Gospel group or ministry group.

These names have got so many meanings attached to them that they can’t be left aside in our discussion. Let us have a look at some of the amazing names for your gospel group.

Refuge For Our Souls

5.     Following the Savior

People who are religious and have faith in Jesus Christ should choose this name for their group. It will make them work harder so that they can bring others to the same way of thinking.

They must try to spread the gospel and show the right path to their fellow human beings. The Savior Gospel group name is very popular among the Christian groups because it can make them come close to each other in many ways.

Thus, they can meet, talk, pray and share their faith. The Savior Gospel name also helps in getting connected with the people from other countries.

Following the Savior

6.     Truth-Seekers

This name will make you a truth-seeker. This is because when we say Name Here, it refers to our group. When you choose this name, you are giving your group a name that means something to you.

Also, it is very easy to remember and you can use it at any point in time as you want. This is why it is considered the best gospel group name.


7.     Power in Prayer

If you are looking for the name that will make you and your team stand out from others then here is the perfect name. “Power in Prayer Gospel” is the perfect name for your group.

It has got a great impact on your team members as it is not the usual thing in the church, but the group has always been known to hold meetings in prayer.

The group will have to take steps to make sure that it continues with its prayer sessions and that they are not afraid to ask God for anything.

Power in Prayer

8.     Christ is Our Comfort

When you are a part of Christ our comfort gospel group, you would get a great opportunity to feel the warmth of love and trust. The name will help you to be closer to the lord and thus you can feel comfortable around others.

Moreover, if you are working hard to reach your goals, then you should use this name for your group. It will definitely motivate your team members and encourage them to work harder for your goals.

Christ is Our Comfort

9.     Christ’s Crowd

If you have decided to form a group then there should be a name for the group that represents the nature of the group. The group name should have an impact on the listeners and it should inspire them to know what the purpose of the group is.

If you are looking for a group name for Christ’s Crowd Gospel, then you need to consider these names carefully.

Christ’s Crowd

10.    Circle of Trust

If you are looking for a name that is best to use for your Gospel group name, then you have come to the right place. This name is perfect to be used as your Gospel group name.

Also, this name is best to be used if you are looking for a name that is going to help you to work for the betterment of your group members. It is also best to be used by the people who are looking to form a group with good faith.

Circle of Trust

Cool Gospel Group Names

The lyrics of gospel songs are filled with powerful and encouraging messages. They’re also a great source of inspiration for your group name. If you’re part of a Christian group, you might want to incorporate a scripture verse into your group name.

Otherwise, think about a few gospel-based words that could serve as the basis for a group name. Find inspiration in popular gospel music artists. There are a lot of inspiring gospel groups out there.

Look up synonyms for a popular gospel group’s name. If you see a similar group that’s been around for a while, use the group name to inspire your own group.

  • Flaming Jays
  • Wet Aces
  • Fanatical Janes
  • Flaming Trojans
  • Polar Magicians
  • Threatening Senators
  • Running Hobos
  • Sugar Rockets
  • Punctual Captains
  • Punctual Outlaws
  • Lady Cubs
  • Purple Trolls
  • Glistening Devils
  • Punctual Gorillas
  • White Pointers
  • Odd Grizzlies
  • Wicked Bluejays
  • Wonderful Warriors
  • Supreme Peacocks
  • Festive Vikings

Creative Gospel Group Names

Create a group name for your gospel group that’s both inspirational and unique. Inspirational group names should include a positive, uplifting word or phrase. If you’re in a small church, a popular group name that fits this criterion might be “The Praise Team.”

The group might have more than one person, so you might also choose a name that includes all members. For example, “The Praise Team” could include “The Praise Team,” “The Praise Team Members,” and “The Praise Team Leaders.”

Group names that include a word related to the Christian faith, like “The Word Church,” “The Fellowship of God’s People,” or “God’s Army” are popular. You can also pick a group name that describes your specific purpose.

  • Black Pioneers
  • Glistening Tigers
  • Silver Cowgirls
  • Unaccountable Highlanders
  • Red Buffaloes
  • Ultimate Seawolves
  • Festive Bulldogs
  • Punctual Owls
  • Seemly Short Raiders
  • Flying Maroons
  • Fanatical Cougars
  • Big Patriots
  • Deranged Peacocks
  • Graceful Paladins
  • Unaccountable Penguins
  • White Raptors
  • Cajun Colts
  • Great Princes
  • Hideous Demons
  • Glistening Princesses

Unique Gospel Group Names

You can choose a group name that fits into your theme. If you’re focused on faith-based issues, consider naming your group after a scripture. For example, if you’re a Christian, you might decide to call your group “Followers of Jesus.”

If your group is all about a particular hobby or interest, you might choose a specific name to identify the topic.

For example, if you’re a guitar player, you could choose to be called “Guitar Lovers.” Or, if you love photography, you could become the “Lifers” or “Photographers.”

  • Sugar Explorers
  • Orange Women
  • Defective Rainbows
  • Sugar Dragons
  • Screaming Seagulls
  • Seemly Short Sunbirds
  • Grotesque Commodores
  • Polar Outlaws
  • Voodoo Hobos
  • Somber Mavericks
  • Lady Racers
  • Swift Sunbirds
  • Horrible Colonels
  • Screaming Johnnies
  • Awkward Comets
  • Mad Cavaliers
  • Wicked Lightning
  • Flying Governors
  • Grotesque Cardinals
  • Weak Volunteers

Cute Gospel Group Names

Group names inspired by your favorite gospel music songs are fun and inspiring. The best way to choose a catchy group name is to choose a song that matches your personality and that you would enjoy listening to.

If you love the song “Jesus Children of America” by R. Kelly, you can create a group name with that song’s title, such as Jesus Children of America.

  • Winter Outlaws
  • Threatening Braves
  • Ultimate Vikings
  • Mighty Suns
  • Remarkable Friars
  • Old Vikings
  • Festive Trolls
  • Thundering Jaguars
  • Thundering Bears
  • Lady Heels
  • Horrible Gentlemen
  • Fighting Gladiators
  • Deranged Gophers
  • Solemn Warriors
  • Mean Cats
  • Great Privateers
  • Great Raiders
  • Awkward Commodores
  • Marvelous Magicians
  • Marvelous Jets

Gospel Group Names

How to Decide Your Gospel Group Name?

Gospel groups are groups of people who meet regularly to sing and share their faith.

Gospel group names need to be easy to remember yet suitably Christian, making them appropriate to the group as well as your audience. Here are some suggestions:

Try using the same name as a Christian organization or ministry. You could even ask the organization or ministry for permission to use their name. If your group is more secular, try naming your group after a well-known Christian rock band.

You can choose a name that is similar to the name of a popular Christian song, album, or band. If there’s a popular Christian song that relates to your group’s music preferences, you can choose a name based on that song.

Pick a name that’s a play on words. You can pick a name that’s both cute and clever if you’re aiming for a younger audience. Try using a play on words to create a unique name for your group.

For example, a group called the “Mermaids” might have a playful, musical name, while the “Sirens” could have a dark name that references the siren’s deadly song.

Use terms related to your group. You could choose a name that reflects the type of music you sing, like “The Singing Prophets” or “The Rock Stars.” You could also choose a name that focuses on the Christian values your group shares, such as “The Bible Club.

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