Gym Names: 700 Cool and Catchy Names For Gym

Are you struggling to come up with a name for your gym or fitness business? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 700 gym names ideas and suggestions that are sure to inspire and motivate you. Whether you’re opening a small home gym or a large fitness center, we’ve got you covered. As the famous quote goes, “A fit body is a healthy body, and a healthy body is a happy body.”

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve helped numerous businesses come up with the perfect name. I understand the importance of a strong and memorable name, especially in the highly competitive fitness industry. Your gym’s name is not only a reflection of your brand but also an important marketing tool that can attract new customers and keep them coming back.

In this article, we promise to provide you with a range of gym name ideas that will suit your business’s personality, target audience, and goals. We have categorized the names into different themes such as motivational, location-based, and creative.

We have also included tips and guidelines for choosing a gym name that aligns with your brand values and stands out in a crowded market. So, get ready to find the perfect gym name that will make your business stand out and thrive!

Cool Gym Names

  1. Everybody’s Gym
  2. Fitness Playground
  3. Fitness First
  4. Pure Muscle + Fitness
  5. KX Private Members’ Club
  6. Be Athletic City Gym
  7. Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness
  8. MY GYM Small Group Training
  9. Element Fitness
  10. Institute of Human Performance
  11. YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg – Downtown Branch
  12. Sweat440 – Fidi
  13. Boulders Climbing
  14. Cañada Family Gym
  15. BODY BY BRANDO Bondi Junction
  16. Fitness First Pitt St Platinum
  17. Cordis Fitness
  18. Sully’s Boxing Gym
  19. Accelerate Strength
  20. Canada Games Aquatic Centre
  21. Fitness World
  22. Lord of The Rig – Darlinghurst
  23. 9 Degrees Parramatta
  24. SportsArt
  25. GYMVMT Fitness Club – Trans Canada Centre
  26. Balmain Fitness
  27. Conker Fitness
  28. Onelife Fitness Commerce
  29. American Gym Trader
  30. Fitness First Kings Cross Platinum
  31. Tanning and Toning OKC Mademoiselle
  32. Frontline Academy Canada
  33. American Fork Fitness Center
  34. Esporta Fitness
  35. VT1 Martial Arts Academy
  36. JAG Gym
  37. Maximum Potential Calisthenics
  38. Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness
  39. William Lutsky Family YMCA
  40. Vertical Limit Fitness
  41. The Edge Fitness Clubs
  42. Crossfit 2010
  43. Calisthenics Park (Outdoor Fitness – Fitness Trails Series 4)
  44. Level 4 Health Club
  45. Genetics Fitness
  46. The Shop Gym
  47. LA PALESTRA, Center for Preventative Medicine (CPM)
  48. Newtown Gym
  49. Virgin Active Margaret Street
  50. Rogue Fitness
  51. Gravity Climbing Gym – Hamilton
  52. United States Performance Center
  53. Vicious Cycle
  54. American Top Team Deerfield
  55. Home Gym Equipment Sydney
  56. Gold’s Gym Venice
  57. Best Fitness Albany
  58. Trigger Fitness
  59. Hiscoes Gym
  60. Play Outdoors Canada
  61. NorCal Elite Gymnastics
  62. International Health Racquet
  63. RE:UNION Training
  64. We Sell Gyms LLC
  65. Gym America
  66. GoodLife Fitness Calgary Mount Royal Village
  67. projectROCK
  69. Bondi Gym
  70. The J – Chesterfield Gym & Fitness Center
  71. Texas Family Fitness
  72. Stone Summit Climbing Atlanta
  73. Victoria Park Pool
  74. Apple Fitness Store Ltd
  75. Jetts Haymarket 24/7
  76. CrossFit Sydney
  77. Pro Gym
  78. MAFA Martial Arts Fitness Academy
  79. Krav Maga Defence Institute
  81. Padworx Gym Parramatta
  82. The Epic
  83. Titan Fitness
  84. Jetts Seven Hills

Gym Name Ideas: 60 Unique and Creative Options

Here is a list of 60 unique and creative gym name ideas that will help you stand out in the competitive fitness industry:

  • Muscle Matrix
  • FlexFit
  • Iron Haven
  • Sweat Society
  • The Muscle Studio
  • Fit Haven
  • Ironworks Gym
  • The Body Shop
  • Peak Performance
  • Muscle Mechanics
  • Pumped Up Fitness
  • Tone & Trim
  • Body Blitz
  • FitLab
  • Strength & Stamina
  • Fitness Frenzy
  • Muscle Mansion
  • The Fit Spot
  • Body Builders
  • Flex Appeal
  • Sweat Studio
  • Fitness Foundry
  • The Muscle Movement
  • Fit Factory
  • Ironclad Fitness
  • Muscle Motivation
  • Tone Up Gym
  • Muscle Makers
  • Get Fit Gym
  • Iron Athlete
  • The Body Box
  • Fit Force
  • Muscle Mania
  • Sweat Society
  • The Flex Room
  • Body Balance
  • Fit Flames
  • Muscle Mechanics
  • Powerhouse Gym
  • The Muscle Motive
  • Fit & Fierce
  • Iron Grip Gym
  • The Body Boutique
  • Muscle Memory Gym
  • Strength Studio
  • Fit Fusion
  • Body Breakers
  • Flex Factory
  • Sweat and Stride
  • Muscle Movement
  • The Fit Firm
  • Iron Roots Gym
  • Body Boosters
  • Fit Life Gym
  • Muscle Milestones
  • Tone Temple
  • Fitness Fusion
  • Muscle Mastery
  • The Body Brigade
  • Fit and Fabulous Gym

Funny Gym Names

  1. Joyesfitness Personal Training
  2. Crunch Fitness – Greenwood Village
  3. Urban Jungle Adventure In Sydney, Austral
  4. NEWTON YMCA – Greater Wichita YMCA
  5. NYF GYM
  6. Outdoor gym with pull ups bar
  7. CrossFit RJ
  8. YMCA Gym
  9. Recharge Sport
  10. Black Label Martial Arts
  11. UFC GYM Honolulu
  12. Dwell Gym
  13. Fitness First Market St Platinum
  14. CrossFit Springfield
  15. Grant’s MMA and Boxing Gym
  16. YMCA
  17. USA Stars
  18. UFC GYM Mississauga
  19. Martial Arts America
  20. ASI Gymnastics – Allen
  21. Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers Sydney
  22. Muay Thai Temple
  23. World Gym Northern Beaches
  24. Gold’s Gym Quail Springs
  25. Gold’s Gym West Broadway
  26. Bondi Boxing Club
  27. EōS Fitness
  28. PureGym London Tower Hill
  29. Virgin Active Pitt Street
  30. The Mat Yoga Studio Dallas
  31. Jetts Fitness Neutral Bay
  32. Bravo’s Fitness Canada
  33. SRG Thai Boxing Gym
  34. BFT Town Hall
  35. USA Gym INC
  36. American Family Fitness Swift Creek
  37. Yoga Public
  38. Fitness Gym Vancouver
  39. Kennedy Fitness
  40. Team Real USA
  41. Club Fitness
  42. Chalk Gyms
  43. Upper Limits Rock Climbing Gym – Maryland Heights
  44. Muay Thai Academy of America
  45. Crunch Fitness Bankstown
  46. American Top Team Tampa
  47. F45 Training Aurora Canada
  48. Q Fitness
  49. Fitbeat
  50. Genesis Health + Fitness Parramatta
  51. The Ledge Climbing Centre
  52. Base Gym
  53. Jungle Gyms Canada
  54. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym St Peters
  55. Monster Gym
  56. Olympic Fitness
  57. Crunch Fitness – Mason
  58. TrainAway
  59. Snap Fitness Saskatoon
  60. Canada Health Dept
  61. Highlow Fitness North Sydney
  62. GoodLife Fitness Winnipeg Kenaston
  63. Gympass US
  64. Genesis Health Clubs – St Joseph
  65. Gimnasio American Fitness Center
  66. CrossFit Bartlesville
  67. Lenoir City Fitness
  68. Pure Fitness Tysons Corner
  69. American Gymnastics Training Center
  70. Complex Fitness Santee
  71. Gymnastics USA
  72. OCR Academy – Obstacle course training
  73. The Bunker Gym
  74. Ultimate Fitness Centre
  75. Zadi Training Surry Hills
  76. Altitude Gym
  77. Third Space Tower Bridge
  78. Gympass
  79. Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center
  80. 4d Active
  81. 9Round
  82. Fitness Experience
  83. Americas Fitness Center Winsted
  84. E. Department
  85. Ozark Iron Gym
  86. Crunch Fitness – Carmel Valley
  87. American Family Fitness
  88. F45 Training Wynyard
  89. USA Fitness Mega Center/Outdoor Gym

Home Gym Names

  1. XL Fitness
  2. Prime Fitness USA
  3. Los Campeones Gym
  4. Texas Barbell Club
  5. World Gym
  6. Onelife Fitness – Lexington
  7. Functionally Fit CrossFit
  8. NTA Taekwondo
  9. American Bodyworks 24/7 Fitness Center
  10. 8 LIMBS – muaythai/boxing/functional training
  11. High Altitude Martial Arts
  12. Anytime Fitness Summerside
  13. All Sorts Fitness & Wellbeing Centre
  14. CrossFit Pryor Creek
  15. East Bank Club
  16. Squat Racks Canada
  17. Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre
  18. Bloc Shop Hochelaga
  19. GoodLife Fitness Alliston Market Village
  20. Odyssey Health Club & Spa
  21. The Engine Room
  22. F45 Training Circular Quay
  23. CKO Kickboxing Toronto
  24. Health Tech Canada
  25. Bigtime Boxing and Fitness
  26. BFit by Bob’s
  27. Turf Athletic Club
  28. Healthworks Back Bay
  30. Repsol Sport Centre
  31. Genesis Health Clubs – Olathe Ridgeview
  32. TMPL – Hell’s Kitchen
  33. Next Gen Ryde
  34. Gym+Coffee
  35. Iron Energy Fitness Centre
  36. Saskatoon Field House
  37. Body Boutique
  38. JONO Athletics
  39. Snap Fitness Leduc
  40. American Barbell Clubs
  41. Qmax Westfield Sydney
  42. High Point Climbing Gym
  43. Golden’s Gym
  44. Fitness For 10
  45. USA Fitness/Outdoor Gym
  46. Ramsay Health and Fitness
  47. Barry’s Bootcamp Kings Cross
  48. The Jones Center
  49. Kiefer USA
  50. Gym
  51. American Fitness Center-Nashua
  52. F45 Training Sydney CBD
  53. She Health Club
  54. America’s Best Karate
  55. Momentum Ninja Training Centre
  56. New York Sports Clubs
  57. World Class Fitness
  58. Canada Games Centre
  59. Forza Combat Sports
  60. Queens Park Outdoor Gym
  61. The Summit
  62. Revo Fitness
  63. REVL Training Potts Point
  64. Atomic Athlete
  65. Iron Works Gym
  66. Fitness First North Sydney Elizabeth Plaza
  67. UFC GYM Corona
  68. Fitness First Bond St Platinum
  69. Genesis Health Clubs – Midtown Tulsa
  70. Gym 707
  71. CrossFit Owasso
  72. LOCKEROOM Club
  73. Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain
  74. Fit1 Rosebay
  75. American Top Team Welcome Mat
  76. Plus Fitness 24/7 North Sydney
  77. Sunny Gym
  78. cutfitness
  79. Movement Boulder
  80. UFC GYM Reston
  81. The Athletic Buddha
  82. The Gym In The North
  83. Walk A Mile America Foundation
  84. Soul Mosman
  85. American Muay Thai & American Boxing Academy
  87. Sydney Fitness
  88. Fit4Less

Garage Gym Names

  1. Lady of America Fitness Center
  2. Brickhouse Gym
  3. GoodLife Fitness Grimsby Industrial and South Service
  4. BOB’s Fitness Complex
  5. Spearpoint Fitness
  6. Equinox East 44th Street
  7. Human Design Personal Training Studio
  8. Fitnesshealthgym Co.
  9. Solid Rock Basketball
  10. American Fitness 24/7
  11. Grip It Climbing
  12. Best Gymnastics
  13. Plus Fitness 24/7 Darlinghurst
  14. The Body Factory
  15. Snap Fitness
  16. American Killer Bees HQ
  17. Anytime Fitness Millwoods
  18. In-Shape Health Clubs
  19. Pure Fitness Canada Eglinton
  20. 24 Fitness
  21. North York YMCA
  22. American Top Team Atlanta
  23. Ford Center
  24. CrossFit New England
  25. Crunch Fitness – Aurora CO
  26. Fitness Playground Surry Hills
  27. Castlereagh Fitness Sydney
  28. Workout with Yvonne
  29. YouFit Gyms
  30. Crunch Fitness – Pacific Beach
  31. Americas Fitness Center
  32. The Cliffs at LIC
  33. Pure Athletics Crossfit
  34. Jetts Coburg
  35. Best Fitness Schenectady
  36. Anytime Fitness Haymarket
  37. Planet Fitness
  38. City Strength HQ
  40. USA Youth Fitness Center
  41. Stepz Fitness Thornleigh
  42. Bondi Boxing Gym
  43. Kinetic Climbing & Fitness
  44. CanadaFit
  45. AGOGA
  46. ASI Gymnastics – Lakewood
  47. NAIT Gymnasium
  48. C3 Training Alexandria
  49. Sydney TACFIT
  50. World Gym Plus 15
  51. Camperdown Fitness
  52. CrossFit Greenbrier
  53. Snap Fitness Norwood Young America
  54. Vive Fitness 24/7 Gerrard Toronto
  55. KGV Recreation Centre
  56. UFC GYM Wetherill Park
  57. Equinox Flatiron
  58. Gleason’s Gym
  59. Plus Fitness 24/7 Market Street (Sydney CBD)
  60. Cats Gymnastics
  61. Progressive Performance
  62. Fitness First George Street Platinum
  63. 620 Crossfit
  64. Evolve Health and Fitness
  65. America’s Fitness Center
  66. Val’s Sun & Shape
  67. Young Tigers of America
  68. Canadian Strength Institute
  69. American Fitness Center
  70. Top Sydney Gyms
  71. SoulCycle River Oaks
  73. Chalk Up: CrossFit Alexandria Sydney
  74. ACU Active, North Sydney
  75. Genesis Health Clubs – Cass
  76. YMCA of the Blue Water Area
  77. Fuel Training Club King West
  78. Genesis Health Clubs – Power & Light
  79. Elite Gym USA
  80. The Little Gym of La Canada
  81. Glofox
  82. Lovato’s School Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA
  83. the BLOC climbing+fitness+yoga
  84. Coastal Climbing Gym
  85. Blocs
  86. Canada Games Centre Whitehorse
  87. United Gym
  88. UFC GYM Signature

Female Gym Names

  1. Fortis Fitness
  2. City Gym
  3. Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness
  4. GoodLife Fitness Barrie Commerce Park
  5. today’s woman FITNESS studio
  6. Anytime Fitness Surry Hills
  7. Third Space Soho
  8. Las Colinas Country Club
  9. One55
  10. Genesis Health Clubs – South Tulsa
  11. Gold’s Gym
  12. Virgin Active
  13. Legacy Jiu Jitsu
  14. REVMMA—Revolution MMA Gym & Fitness Inc
  15. United Boxing Club Inc
  16. Boxing Gym Nevada
  17. Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
  18. LIFT Gym
  19. Hola Sydney Fitness Group
  20. BodyMindLife Surry Hills
  21. American Bodyworks
  22. Club 100 Training Center
  23. The Meadows Community Recreation Centre
  24. Plus Fitness 24/7 Artarmon
  25. Technogym USA Inc
  26. Genesis Health Clubs – Overland Park
  27. American Top Team Connecticut BJJ
  28. The Fitness Mindset
  29. Le Gym Concordia
  30. No Limits Fitness
  31. Oklahoma Martial Arts America
  32. GoodLife Fitness Saskatoon The Centre
  33. Eight LIMBS
  34. Cook + Phillip Park Pool
  35. National Karate
  36. World Gym International
  37. YMCA of Medicine Hat
  38. Pyrmont Community Centre
  39. TNT Fitness – Saint Charles
  40. One America Tower Fitness Center
  41. Barry’s Bootcamp Martin Place
  42. Prince Alfred Park Outdoor Fitness Zone
  43. Sydney Strength Camperdown
  44. F45 Training Kings Ridge
  45. Sweat Central
  46. Genesis Health Clubs – Woodland Hills
  47. Healthworks Coolidge Corner
  48. Orangetheory Fitness
  49. IGNITE Health and Fitness
  50. Ariapilates
  51. Alphalete Gym
  52. Doling Family Center
  53. GoodLife Fitness London Argyle Mall
  54. goodlife fitness
  55. The Bay Fitness Club
  56. OBF Gyms
  57. Fitness
  58. HUF Boxing Gym
  59. Performance Training Centre
  60. Ring 83 Boxing Club
  61. myBrazilian Jiu Jitsu Team
  62. Mid-America Martial Arts (MAMA)
  63. APEX Training Centre
  64. All American MMA and BJJ
  65. Xtreme Couture
  66. The Boulders Climbing Gym
  67. Igor MMA Sydney
  68. West Coast Iron
  70. American Muscle Corps
  71. EGYM | North America
  72. The Gym Group Telford
  73. Fit Collective
  74. PCYC North Sydney
  75. Elixr Health Clubs – Bligh St
  76. Premier Health And Fitness Centre
  77. Anytime Fitness Newtown
  78. Institute of Human Performance
  79. F45 Training Rosebery

Creative Gym Names

  1. Mike Miles Muay Thai & Kickboxing Ltd
  2. American Iron Barbell Club
  3. GoodLife Fitness Burlington Centre
  4. Powerhouse Gym
  5. Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre
  6. World Boxing Gym
  7. Crunch
  8. Corporate Fitness Centre
  9. Snap Fitness Moose Jaw
  10. Training Grounds
  11. Speakeasy Fitness – Sylmar
  12. Vive Fitness 24/7 Dupont Toronto
  13. The Stiletto Gym
  14. Olympic Gym Sydney
  15. Rushcutters Bay Park Outdoor Gym
  16. Observatory Hill Outdoor Gym
  17. Crunch Fitness – Eastlake
  18. Kroc Center Memphis
  19. Finest Fitness
  20. Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique
  21. American Top Team Weston
  22. Vive Fitness 24/7 Lakeshore Etobicoke
  23. Unlimited Strength of America
  24. Macarthur Fitness Equipment | Gym Equipment Sydney
  25. Fit Studios
  26. Mega Fitness Gym 24hr
  27. Boxfit Sydney Boxing
  28. VASA Fitness
  29. SOMA Collection
  30. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym
  31. Lange’s MMA
  32. West Loop Athletic Club
  33. Climb Fit
  34. Iron Grip Gym
  35. Norths FITNESS
  36. Open Sparring – Muay Thai Sydney
  37. LA Fitness
  38. Curves North America
  39. Gym Climber
  40. Fitness Depot
  41. Elle Fitness and Social
  42. Nelson Fitness Center (Gym 6)
  43. Affordable Fitness
  44. Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Gym
  45. Equinox 53rd Street
  46. Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute
  47. Fernwood Fitness
  48. Pixies gym
  49. Peloton
  50. Fitness First Darlinghurst Platinum
  51. Creature Fitness Bondi Junction
  52. PickUp USA Fitness
  53. BLAST Midtown
  54. The Gym
  55. Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre
  56. Gym 115
  57. Snap Fitness Woodland Park
  58. CrossFit Active
  59. The Gym Group Plymouth
  60. World Gym Brooklyn
  61. F45 Training Haymarket
  62. Powerhouse Gym Saddle Brook
  64. Crunch Fitness – Chestnut
  65. 901 FIT
  66. Trination Fitness Waterloo
  67. US Fitness Products
  68. Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada
  69. Fitness First Park St Platinum
  70. Gracie Sydney Jiu-Jitsu
  71. King Beats Fitness
  72. Fortis MMA
  73. American Raw Fitness
  74. Jetts St Leonards
  75. Anytime Fitness
  76. Sydney Park Outdoor Gym
  77. Equinox West Georgia Street
  78. Anytime Fitness Allendale
  79. Onelife Fitness – Martinsburg
  80. Ninth Wave Fitness
  81. Movement Sunnyvale (formerly Planet Granite Sunnyvale)
  82. 12RND Fitness North Sydney
  83. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym Villawood
  84. America’s Training Camp
  85. World Gyms
  86. Gym Solutions

CrossFit Gym Names

  1. Gym Source – Warehouse
  2. Crunch Fitness – University Square
  3. World Gym Castlereagh
  4. Sydney Olympic Park Tennis World
  5. Childrens Fitness Ctr-Canada
  6. CrossFit Branson
  7. Ramsay Health & Fitness
  8. Paddo Performance
  9. Jetts Kogarah
  10. Cliffside Climbing Gym
  11. F45 Training Crows Nest
  12. Mawson Health & Fitness
  13. Fresh Fitness
  14. Blue House Fitness
  15. F45 Training AND Beach Fit Gym Bondi Beach
  16. American Elite MMA
  17. Blink Fitness
  18. American Health and Fitness – Moulton
  20. Genesis Health Clubs – Broken Arrow
  21. CrossFit Matters
  22. One Academy
  23. World Gym Prospect
  24. Natural Bodyz Fitness 24/7 Kempsville
  25. Club de nutrición America
  26. opTIMum power
  27. Fitness Inc.
  28. UFC GYM Sunnyvale
  29. ARC – Activity & Recreation Center
  30. Pure Fitness Canada York Street
  31. Crunch Fitness – Buford
  32. No Quarter Boxing and Functional Fitness
  33. HM Fitness Gym
  34. Bolder Climbing Community
  35. YMCA Saskatoon
  36. Xanadu Health Club Inc
  37. PureGym London Bermondsey
  38. PCYC City of Sydney
  39. Xperience Fitness Roseville
  40. Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre
  41. American Top Team Portland
  42. Bonavista Exercise Room
  43. Integração USA – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  44. UTS RMSH
  45. SpeedFit
  46. The Hive Bouldering Gym
  47. ION Training
  48. Boxing Sydney
  49. Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness Downtown
  50. The Facility For Personal Training
  51. Velocity Fitness Group
  52. Gold’s Gym Langley
  53. UREC University Recreation- HPER BLDG.
  54. Crossfit Skiatook
  56. USA GYM
  57. Plus Fitness The Ponds
  58. Virgin Active Moore Park
  59. Powerhouse Fitness Gym Center

Badass Gym Names

  1. GoodLife Fitness North York Madison Centre
  2. Smart Health Club
  3. The Core Climbing Gym
  4. Motion Fitness Lawson Heights
  5. Vive Fitness 24/7 Bathurst Toronto
  6. Power Cheer & Tumble
  7. Aesthetic Den Fitness
  8. LG Fitness
  9. Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Downtown St. Louis
  10. Fuzion Fitness Brampton
  11. Actual Fitness
  12. TMPL – Astor Place
  13. Rushcutters Health
  14. Hard Knox Gym
  15. GoodLife Fitness
  16. MacDonald Island Park
  17. Hustle Boxing
  18. Crunch Fitness Parramatta
  19. The Treadmill Factory
  20. The Monkey Vault
  21. JOHN REED Fitness
  22. GoodLife Fitness
  23. Unity Jiu Jitsu School
  24. Summit Climbing, Yoga and Fitness
  25. Robert Lee YMCA
  26. MARR Strength
  27. Bodypunch Boxing Gym
  28. Jetts Ashfield
  29. 9 Degrees Lane Cove
  30. Jetts Fitness North Sydney
  31. Coogee Diggers Club and Gym
  32. Crunch Fitness
  33. Anytime Fitness
  34. Rapture Fitness
  35. Crunch Fitness
  36. GoodLife Fitness Calgary Stephen Avenue
  37. BlocHaus Bouldering Sydney
  38. Fitness Zone
  39. Snap Fitness Edmonton-South
  40. New USA FITNESS of Carver, Inc.
  41. Olympia Gym & Personal Training Center
  42. Life Time
  43. Strong Fit and Effective
  44. Flow Athletic
  45. Genesis Health Clubs
  46. The Glute Station Bondi Junction
  47. Fitness First North Sydney Walker St
  48. Childrens Fitness Centres Of Canada
  49. The L.A.B. Gym
  50. Upper Limits Climbing Gym
  51. Zenergy Health Club and Spa
  52. Don Wheaton Family YMCA
  53. UN1T
  54. YMCA of Regina
  55. Anytime Fitness West Omaha
  56. Fitness Playground Newtown
  57. Unity Gym
  58. Fitness First The Zone Platinum
  59. MTK Sydney
  60. Waverley Park Outdoor Gym
  61. The Sporting Club at The Bellevue
  62. Contours

Gym Name Generator

  1. Crunch Fitness – Ridgeland
  2. AMP Hardcore Gym
  3. Equinox Bay Street
  4. Equinox Gramercy
  5. Quads Gym
  6. Moxham Fitness Centre Limited
  7. The Jayhawk Club
  8. Traverse Fitness
  9. Midwest Gymnastics Center
  10. Madtown Fitness: 24 Hour Gym
  11. Gym
  12. Drive495
  13. Plus Fitness 24/7 Bondi Junction
  14. The Fort USA
  15. Cycology Club
  16. CrossFit Bondi
  17. Broadway Gym
  18. Crunch Fitness Chatswood
  19. Health Fitness USA
  20. Training House Gym
  21. Equinox Yorkville
  22. F45 Training Sydney CBD Aurora
  23. Box ‘N Burn Santa monica Boxing Fitness gym
  24. Elevation Place
  25. Jamie Platz Family YMCA
  26. American Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  27. Soultrain
  28. Platinum Fitness
  29. Iron Gym & Fitness
  30. American Top Team East Orlando
  31. TMPL training
  32. Suncor Community Leisure Centre
  33. Mid American Fitness
  34. Centennial Health Club
  35. North Bondi Outdoor Gym
  36. Paramount Recreation Club
  37. UFC GYM Clearwater
  38. Fitness Clubs Of Canada
  39. Virgin Active Bligh Street
  40. Trination Fitness CBD
  41. Sydney Olympic Park Outdoor Gym
  42. Mid America Acro & Tumbling
  43. Premier Combat Center
  44. The Kin Studio
  45. Fitness First Randwick Platinum
  46. F45 Training Martin Place
  47. Be Athletic
  48. M. Fitness Gym
  49. 24 Hour Fitness
  50. Crunch Fitness – Howe Ave.

Gym Names

7 Easy Steps to Come Up With a Unique Name for Your Gym

With the growing fitness industry, there is no shortage of competition in the market. The new contenders might find it hard to compete with already established fitness centers. There might be one or two gyms in your area or nearby and you want your fitness center to stand out. Many factors come into play in making a gym stand out. From a unique take to proper planning and concrete business plans, it all counts but one factor that many people ignore is the importance of a unique and strong gym name. Your gym’s name is going to be the first introduction to your gym. Your customers are going to encounter it before they even visit your gym so it’s going to be the first impression. First impressions are very important in setting the right expectations and perceptions. A name tells the onlookers and customers about the decorum of your gym and what kind of fitness plans you have to offer.

The name of your gym will play a very crucial role in cementing its position in the business. It might sound like a simple gig but trust me, it’s no walk in the park. Finding the right name for your gym is crucial to attract people and let them know that what you are offering is different and the best in its way.

How To Name Your Gym

Looking for a killer and unique name for your gym and got no luck? Then worry not because we’ve got you. Listed below are some tips and hacks to help you determine a fitting name for your gym.

What Is Your Forte?

The basis of establishing any business is having a clear image of your goals and aims. Review your business plans thoroughly and be clear of what you want to bring to the market. What is a particular area that you will be focusing on? Factors like these can also incorporate into your title. Is it a gym that focuses on manual workouts? Or a gym that focuses on manual workouts along with equipment workouts? Is it a fitness center that focuses more on dance workouts? Or Tai-Chi, Taekwondo or Krav Maga?

Review all these potential points and decide on what will be the niche of your gym. Once you’ve decided on this, you can include these names in the title of your gym name. “Tai-Chi Club”, and “Zumba Studio” are fitting for a specific forte.

The Name Should Be Creative

Catchy and creative names do half of the work in attracting people. A name plays a huge part in establishing a business and ensures that people will remember your gym. Forgettable and bland names won’t do you any good, settle on a striking name. There are several ways to come up with a catchy name for your gym.

You can list down adjectives that you associate with the idea of your gym. Make a list of these words and combine two words that you think will go together. For example, if you’re aiming at opening a gym specifically for ladies, “Miss” and “Fit” when paired up together have a good ring to them. Get experimental with the adjectives and come up with catchy names.

Try Alliterations

Alliterative names are creative and easy to remember. Alliteration is a sound device where two or more words start with the same sound. “Fit Factory” and “Athletic Arena” are good examples of alliterative names.

Is The Name Simple And Easy To Pronounce?

Keep in mind your name should be easy to pronounce and spell while staying catchy. Difficult to pronounce names are easily forgettable. You want people visiting your gym referencing it to other people as well. How will they do it if they cannot remember the name? Keep the name simple and short, most preferably to two syllables.

The Name Should Be Motivating

Fitness requires a whole lot of motivation and energy. Opt for a name for your gym that motivates the visitors and customers. For this purpose, you can use words that show the result they can achieve from your gym. Words like “fit”, “ripped” and “athletic” are fitting for this. If not in the name, you can include these words in the slogan of your gym to motivate them.

Be Well Informed Of Your Competitors

After you’ve passed the initial process of shortlisting possible names for your gym, check-in with the contenders to see if they have a name that is similar to yours in any sense. This caution is necessary because carelessness in this matter can land you in a legal scuffle later on. All the hustle and bustle of the court is tiring and nobody wants to experience it. So, remember to check your competitors before finalizing the name.

Examine The Availability Of The Name

This step is the one you should never ignore. Check if your name is web-friendly or not and if there is a domain name available for it. “.com” domain name is more preferable and convenient in comparison to other domain names. This one small but necessary step should not be ignored especially in this age of internet progression.

Secondly, check if the gym name is appropriate to use across all social media forums. Potential customers will be engaging with your gym online first to review your fitness plans and to check reviews so social media presence and management should not be ignored. Keep in mind the web availability of your gym name.

Test The Names

It is important to take opinions from friends and family. Share the names with them and see if they can pronounce them and remember them easily. You need to consider it with your employees especially. They will be working with you and you need to take them into concern.

The Takeaway

A name for any business plays an essential role in establishing it whether it’s a gym, boutique, salon, or any other business. This factor should not be taken lightly as it can make or break the business. To attract the target audience choose wisely. Good luck!


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