502 Catchy Hot Dog Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Hot dogs are America’s favorite food. They’re quick to prepare, easy to eat and offer tons of variety. That’s why we’ve put together a list of hot dog business names to help you get started.

These hot dog business names range from creative to hilarious to unusual. You’ll be surprised at how much fun these business names are!

With the number of hot dog restaurants and vendors increasing every year, there’s never been a better time to start a hot dog restaurant business.

Catchy Hot Dog Business Names

Hot dog stands and carts are a fast food staple in every city. So if you think about it, having a hot dog cart is actually a pretty good business idea.

However, just because there is a lot of competition doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

To help you find a unique business name for your hot dog cart, check out this list of catchy hot dog business names to choose from.

  • Lulu’s Hot Dogs
  • Thunderbird Dogs
  • Wegatino Hot Dog
  • Dogs In Buns
  • Everything Hot Dogs
  • Downtown Links
  • Grab The Dog
  • Rock -N- Dogs
  • Ooh Diggy
  • Sandy Wave
  • Hot Dog Station
  • The Corner Stall
  • Worden Hall
  • Doghouse
  • Sausage Fest
  • The Handsome Hot Dog
  • Off The Leash
  • Blazin’ Grill
  • Delish Dogs
  • Franks To-Go
  • Lone Star Hot Dog Bar
  • Eatie Mate Hot Dog
  • J Dawgs
  • Skyway Doghouse
  • Tomato Belle
  • Rain City Hot Dogs
  • Happy Clap Hot Dog
  • Rock and Brews
  • Dawg House
  • Owl Cafe
  • The Frankfurter Express
  • Hot & Doggin’ It
  • Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Winner Wiener
  • Grilled Dogs
  • Off The Leash
  • Whoozberry
  • We Let The Dogs Out
  • Spicy Hotted
  • Lucky Boy Restaurant
  • City Famous Franks
  • The Burger Stand
  • Doggolicious
  • Blue Ribbon Hot Dogs
  • Frankly The Best
  • Urban Counter
  • Doggonit Hot Dog
  • Law Dawgs Hotdog Station
  • Red hot Ranch
  • The Library Bar & Grill
  • Cheers
  • America’s Dog
  • Quick liquid Hot Dog
  • Dogs On The Run
  • Grill Caliente
  • Classic Franks
  • Like Home Hot Dogs
  • The House of Sausages
  • Groove Frank
  • Spiceberry Hot Dog
  • Happy Hot Links
  • Make Your Own Dogs
  • Festive Warm
  • South Dakota Sausage Company
  • Dog Ovation
  • Patriots Hot Dog LLC
  • Hardcore Dogs
  • Franks Anywhere
  • Franklicious
  • Dogma Grill
  • Hot Dog Daddy
  • Franks a Lot
  • Curated Condiments
  • Franks and More
  • Fresh Flakes
  • White Fab Hot Dog
  • Mo’s Hot Dogs
  • The Wild Dog
  • Devil Dawgs
  • Duff’s Dogz

Top 10 Catchy Hot Dog Business Names

Here are the top 10 Catchy Hot Dog Business Names that you will like a lot.

1.    Wegatino Hot Dog

If you have a business, and you want to attract more customers, then the best thing that you can do is to give an unforgettable name.

Wegatino Hot Dog

2.    Spicy Hotted

The name that you give to your business should be something that will capture the attention of the customers. To get more customers, then you must think about the name that you give to your business.

Spicy Hotted

3.      Lone Star Hot Dog Bar

You should use this business name if you are planning to sell hot dogs from the truck. This is the only thing that you have to do because you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Lone Star Hot Dog Bar

4.      Spiceberry Hot Dog

This business name is very popular for a great number of reasons. First, it has a very easy pronunciation. Second, it sounds delicious and appealing.

Spiceberry Hot Dog

5.    Fuster Cluck

This is a popular business name which will be used by many people every day. When people use this name, they will immediately recognize it as a hot dog company.Fuster Cluck

6.     Crealla

This name is perfect to get a great business with a positive reputation. This name will work as a brand name and it will be very easy for customers to remember.


7.      Buns On The Run

If you have a hot dog business and want to attract more customers, you need to choose a catchy name that would attract them and encourage them to buy from you.

Buns On The Run

8.      Funky food

There are many different options to choose from when creating a new business name. It’s important to understand that customers will expect you to provide a good product and service at an affordable price.

Funky food

9.      Grilled Chicken

This business name is a good choice for you because you will have a lot of opportunities with this name. If you are a food lover then this name is a good fit for you.

Grilled Chicken

10.    BBQ

Your business name should be catchy so that people remember it even after a few weeks. You should have a unique and memorable name that people remember and never forget.


Cool Hot Dog Business Names

  • Urban Wings
  • Yum Circles
  • Big Daddy’s Hot Dogs
  • Doggo Buns
  • Flavorful Brats
  • Casper’s Hot Dogs
  • Fab Funky
  • Small Chops Cuisines
  • All-Day Bangers
  • Smoked Hot Doggies
  • TooYumm
  • Buns on the Run
  • The Barley Room
  • Penny Dogs
  • Dog Nabbit
  • Happy Dog Hot Dogs
  • New Mexican Grill
  • Condiment Castle
  • Wiener County
  • Rib Crib BBQ
  • Burger Boy
  • Barking Dogs
  • Smith berry Hot Dog
  • Heritage Hot Dog
  • Clark Street Dog
  • Red Chimney Bar-B-Q
  • Dog House Drive In
  • All Day Dogs
  • Hot Dog Eatery
  • Spicy Hotted
  • Yummy Brats
  • Big Apple Eats
  • The Savage Wiener
  • Famous Vinnies Hot Dogs
  • Topped Dogz
  • Cycle Dogs
  • Weiner Wagon
  • North Corner
  • Cowgirl
  • The Greasy Grill
  • Jumbo’s
  • Mad Jacks
  • Dream Grill
  • Bombtastic Wieners
  • Hotdog Grill and Brewery
  • Doggy Style Hot Dogs
  • Dogga Dog
  • Shake Shack
  • Relish Hot Dogs
  • Hot doggy
  • Rustic on the Green
  • Hot Doggies
  • Mikes Hot Dogs
  • Dad’s Hot Dogs
  • The Dog House
  • Uncle Frank
  • Wiener Street
  • Coney Favorites
  • Peppers Grill & Bar
  • Sweet Dogs
  • Dad’s Diner
  • Caveman Burgers
  • Juicy Links
  • Seasons Rotisserie
  • Serious Eats
  • The Grill Barn
  • Tumble Dog
  • Hot Shot Hot Dog
  • Yum Dogs
  • Sausage Yes!
  • Portillo’s Hot Dogs
  • Uncle Franks
  • Lazy Lizard Grill
  • Mo’s Hot Dogs
  • Hot Dog Stand
  • Fatso’s Last Stand
  • Tasty Links
  • The Frankfurter Culture
  • Dream Grill Hot Dog
  • Penny Franks

Creative Hot Dog Business Names

  • Dirty Dog
  • Ranch House
  • White Coast Hot Dog
  • pridopex Hot Dog
  • The Hot Dog People
  • Dogbeatz
  • Sonora Dogs
  • The Frank Stop
  • Dawgolicious
  • Brats On A Stick
  • Street Rush Hot Dog
  • Ranchers Grill
  • Holidaze Restaurant & Lounge
  • Manhattan Dogs
  • Rip Crib BBQ
  • TNT Hot Dogs
  • Brass Union
  • The Acre
  • Hot “G” Dog
  • Coney Wonderland
  • J’s Corner Hot Dogs
  • Groove Frank Hot Dog
  • Sunset Grill
  • The Hot Diggity
  • Crunch Crest
  • County Line Barbecue
  • The Slaw Dogs
  • Smokey Dogs
  • Fabu Frank
  • Sparky’s
  • Village Grill
  • Top Dog
  • Johnny O’s Hot Dogs
  • King Weenie Hot Dogs
  • Snippy Yum
  • Hot Dog University
  • Caveman Burgers
  • Frankfurter Madness
  • The Pecan Grill and Bewery
  • Sausages Etc.
  • Chubby Wieners
  • Round The Block Dogs
  • Top It Up
  • Street Rush
  • Pacific Grill
  • Ribs Hickory Pit
  • Dog Ovation
  • Yum Circles
  • Char’s Hot Dogs
  • Church Street Grill
  • Dawg House
  • Spell Bite Hot Dog
  • Dogs on Wheels
  • Devil Dogs Gourmet
  • The Fried Onion
  • Award Weiners
  • Flame Kissed
  • Dawg crest
  • Express Grill
  • Aeron Hot Dog
  • Dog Twirl
  • Hot Dawgs
  • Doggonit
  • Lincoln County Grill
  • The Diggin
  • Yogi Dog
  • The Backyard Link Grill
  • Dog House Grill
  • Yappy Dogs
  • Japadog
  • Wind Dancer Bar & Grill
  • Hot Dog Hut
  • Saturdays
  • Hound Dog Hot Dog Shop
  • Vicious Dogs
  • Mystevva Hot Dog
  • Sausage Connection
  • Pre-Game Eats
  • The Original Dogs
  • Dependable Dogs

Unique Hot Dog Business Names

  • Delish Dogs
  • Pigs In Buns
  • Hot Off The Grill
  • Good ol’ Frank
  • Grilled Dawgs
  • Foot Long Favorites
  • AffordaBites
  • Grill Caliente
  • WellJade Hot Dog
  • Jeff hubba Hot Dog
  • Coneys To-go
  • La Moon Restaurant
  • Chicago’s Original
  • Award Weiners
  • Dawg Clap
  • Downtown Dogs
  • Street Dogs
  • Grill Vrill
  • Plenty Fresh
  • Fierce Dogs
  • The Grillin
  • Dogs Gone Wild
  • Dog Tales
  • Bourbon Grill
  • Hot Dogs On The Go
  • Delicious Dogs
  • In Between the Bun
  • Devil Dawgs
  • Lone Star Hot Dog Bar
  • Franks That Make Sense
  • Haute Dogs
  • Heyn
  • Dat Dog
  • Monster Dogs
  • Nyc Hot Dogs
  • Dog in the Park
  • Topo Dog
  • C’Mon Dog
  • To The Dogs
  • Heyn Hot Dog
  • Sonora Dogs
  • Delish Franks
  • Bourbon Grill
  • Hot Dog Heaven
  • Legends Bar and Grill
  • Lucky Shoe Bar and Grille
  • The Sportsman Grill
  • Dirt Dog
  • Hot Dog Haus
  • The Hot Dog Station
  • Mojo Crepes
  • Fancy Franks
  • J’s Corner Hot Dogs
  • Desert Denn
  • El Perrito Caliente
  • Beyond Zup
  • Wolfy’s
  • The Sausage Place
  • Crunch Dogs
  • Crunchy Rolls
  • Quick Bites
  • Hometown Hamburgers
  • Urban Counter
  • Dan’s Hot Dogs
  • Rock and Brews
  • The Hot Dog Castle
  • Cheap Dogs
  • Wrapped Dogs
  • Taxi Dogs
  • Franks and Beers
  • Bangers Unlimited
  • Twin Grill
  • 66 Diner
  • Yo Doggin
  • Grill King
  • Brown Bear’s Hot Dogs
  • Link-ville
  • Frankie’s
  • Spruce City
  • Dogs on Buns

Cute Hot Dog Business Names

  • Can’t Stop Smokin’
  • Groove Frank
  • Dazzling Dogs
  • Paradise Franks
  • The Wild Dog
  • Deli Dogs
  • Spring Taste Hot Dog
  • Dogmatic
  • Sausagetopia
  • Gold Coast Dogs
  • Wieners on Wheels
  • Pub Dogs
  • Frank Cave
  • Discount Dogs
  • Yappy Dogs
  • Hop Dog
  • Franks For Francs
  • Urban Move Hot Dog
  • Hot Links
  • Fat Sat’s Bar and Grill
  • Brat Attack
  • The Hotdogger
  • Growler’s Dog Haus
  • Dogon Berry
  • The Grill On
  • Shotgun Willies
  • Enviro Taste
  • Fresh Flakes
  • Fiery Dogs
  • Franks a Lot
  • Dancing Dangy
  • Mod Dog
  • The Sausage Guy
  • Quarters BBQ
  • The Nation’s Favorite
  • Wiener Works
  • Uncle Frank
  • Junkyard Dogs
  • Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Tried And True Hot Dogs
  • Hometown Dogs
  • Beer Dogs
  • For The Dogs
  • Harvest Moon
  • Wonder Grill
  • Dog in the Park
  • Beer Dogs
  • Happy Dog Hot Dogs
  • Mustard and Relish
  • Meaty Tubes
  • Yo Doggin
  • Terra Bella Hot Dog
  • Big Shot Dogs
  • Bob-O’s Hot Dogs
  • Franks For Francs
  • The Burger Stand
  • Hot Dog Corner
  • Long Coneys
  • The Chicago Dog
  • American Dreams
  • Fresh Ville Hot Dog
  • Ballpark Hot Dogs
  • Patio Restaurant
  • Supreme Franks
  • Whats Up Dog Express
  • Good Vibes Hot Dogs
  • Happy Hot Dogs
  • Tumble Dog
  • Hungry Kidz
  • Legends Bar and Grill
  • Rain City Hot Dogs
  • Burger Boy
  • The Grillin
  • Buns on the Run
  • Dressed Up Hot Dog
  • Dreamy Dogs
  • Dig In Hot Dogs
  • The Frankfurter Master
  • Minnesota Hot Dog Co.
  • Twirl Doggin

Hot Dog Business Names

How to Decide Your Hot Dog Business Name?

When starting your own hot dog business, it is important to think about the name you will use. Several factors to consider include what your business will be selling, whether you are open to franchising, and what name will best represent your business.

Below are some tips for naming your hot dog business.

1. Consider the Type of Hot Dogs You Will Sell

There are three main types of hot dogs: frankfurters, bologna, and wiener. When deciding on a name for your business, choose one that best represents the type of hot dogs you will be selling.

For example, a frankfurter business could name their business Frankfurter’s, a bologna business could name their business Bologna’s, and a wiener business could name their business Wieners.

2. Choose a Nickname That Reflects the Type of Hot Dogs You Will Sell

If you are selling frankfurters, you might choose to name your business Frank’s Frankfurters. Also, if you are selling bologna, you might choose to name your business Bologna’s. If you are selling wiener dogs, you might choose to name your business Wiener.

3. Consider What Name Will Best Represent Your Business

When choosing a name for your hot dog business, think about what name will best represent your business. For example, if your business is selling frankfurters, you might choose to name your business Frank’s Franks.

If your business is selling bologna, you might choose to name your business Bologna’s. If your business is selling wiener dogs, you might choose to name your business Wiener’s Dogs.

4. Consider Using a Trade Name or a Company Name

If you are not interested in franchising, you may choose to use a trading name or a company name. A trade name is a name that is used by one business only.

For example, Frank’s Franks might use a trading name, while Wiener’s Dogs might use a company name. A company name is a name that is used by multiple businesses.

If you choose to use a logo and name, make sure the name and logo are compatible. For example, if you choose to use a logo of a frankfurter, your name might have to be Frank’s Franks. If you choose to use a logo of a wiener, your name might have to be Wiener’s Dogs.

6. Use a Name That is Appropriate for Your Location

When choosing a name for your hot dog business, make sure it is appropriate for your location. For example, a business located in a rural area might name its business Country Dogs, while a business located in a city might name its business City Dogs.

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