502 Catchy Sock Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Sock business names are some of the most interesting and creative ideas we’ve come across. Some of these sock-based businesses are for sale. And others are just great for creative entrepreneurs who would like to start a new business.

Sock-based businesses are growing by leaps and bounds. If you are looking for ways to boost your sock business name ideas, this article has got you covered. Read on to learn more!

Catchy Sock Business Names

Sock companies are popular because they are affordable. It doesn’t matter whether you sell one sock or a million, they can all be branded as your own.

You need to think carefully about the business name you choose because it’s a unique identity for your company. If you want your socks to be noticed, then your business name needs to be catchy.

  • Signix
  • Fitting
  • Morning Sock Studios.
  • Vixensocks
  • Footed Friends
  • Uprose Sock Co.
  • HappyClean
  • BareZing Sock Co.
  • Great Bliss
  • The Tight Windsock
  • Bed Drogue
  • Knee Whap Co
  • Essen Meadow
  • Revsocks
  • BlissShine Sock Co.
  • Half Calf Socks
  • Sock Hop
  • NatureKiss
  • Dewsocks
  • Sweaty Shoes Trading Co
  • Bop Trading Co
  • SockWork
  • Short Shirts
  • Save On Socks
  • Short Slippers
  • PlainSocks
  • Synthetic Bop Collective
  • Planet Vibe
  • Feet meet
  • bootee
  • BerryFresh
  • Cloutchasers Socks
  • Therapeutic Socks
  • EdenScent Sock Co.
  • Purley Sock Co.
  • Footed Folly
  • Blue Cloud
  • By Foot
  • Invisible Socks
  • Soft Sneakers
  • Slip In
  • Flops Socks
  • EnoughSocks
  • WearSocks
  • Bonk Trading Co
  • The Enough Wind Sleeve
  • Spare Bop Pro
  • Punch Paste Socks
  • Whap Collective
  • Bed
  • Essen Socks
  • The Knee Bash
  • WonderSpa Sock Co.
  • Orange
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Fine Curves
  • VividEsse Sock
  • First Feet
  • Half Calf Socks
  • Frewbon
  • Put a Sock On
  • Knee Wind Sleeve
  • clout
  • Striped Shirts
  • Point6
  • Feet Revive
  • The Old Windsock
  • Foot Besties
  • WashFul Sock Co.
  • Worsted
  • Synthetic Stockings Pro
  • No Nonsense
  • clobber
  • Boots Co
  • Evitess
  • RolledSocks
  • Feet Suite
  • Lucimo Sock Co.
  • The Mismatched Bash
  • FEAT Socks

Top 10 Catchy Sock Business Names

Here are the top 10 Catchy Sock Business Names that you will like a lot.

1.    Invisible Socks

This is one of the best names for your business because it is easy to remember and it is a perfect combination of words. The keyword will help you to attract more clients to your business.

Invisible Socks

2.     Crazy Crew

If you are looking for a name that can convey a good image of your company then, this is the best choice. It will show that your business is a real crazy sock store where people can feel free to try on crazy socks.

Crazy Crew

3.      Dragon

This name has the ability to attract more customers to your business. When people hear the name, they will be able to think about the sock which has a dragon on it.

Dragon Team

4.      Eliminators

This business name can attract new customers to your business because people know what kind of a business it is. This name can be a good reminder for people about the services that you provide.


5.      Crealla

When you choose a name like this, you can expect that the number of customers you will get will increase rapidly.

In fact, your business name is so catchy that any person who hears about your company will definitely consider hiring you.


6.      Girl Bosses

They need to take a risk and launch their own businesses but still need a business name that is not too risky and easy for them to remember.

Girl Bosses

7.      Classic Fashion

The word “socks” is associated with classic fashion. So, your company name should have the same theme.

For example, if you want to sell high-end fashion products to men then the “Fashion Sock Business” is a good option.

Classic Fashion

8.      Blazing Stars

This is a cool business name with an outstanding meaning. The word “Blazing” in this business name means that your products are excellent.

Blazing Stars


Family Care Sock Business Name is a good choice for you if you want to create a business that cares about people. If you want to make a good impression on your clients, choose this business name.

Family Care

10.    Falcons

This name is really suitable for any type of business and the reason is that it has the ability to capture the interest of your customers. It also offers a unique impression on your target audience.


Cool Sock Business Names

  • Stockings Co
  • Odd
  • Treat Your Feet
  • Suprix Sock
  • Ava Socks
  • scarf
  • Fox in Socks
  • Waddup Apparel
  • Cupidsocks
  • The Darn
  • Soft Shots
  • Walk This Way Socks
  • Soft Sweaters
  • Cozy Feet
  • Sock Sense
  • BellaCiello Socks
  • Buzzle Socks
  • Fuzicon Sock
  • LightSocks
  • Moments
  • WowString
  • TruJazz Sock Co.
  • Sweaty Stockings
  • Comfy Feet
  • Knee Whap
  • belt
  • Whap Spot
  • Happy Heels
  • Socks On
  • SyntheticSocks
  • The Odd Stockings
  • Long Boots
  • Soiled Sandals
  • Solemate Socks
  • Squishy Socks
  • Stockings Pro
  • Foot Steps
  • Sweaty Sweat Pants
  • The Babebooties
  • EleyTint Sock Co.
  • Socktopia
  • WoolSocks
  • Wet
  • DewShades
  • Bonk Group
  • Stance Sock
  • Loose Shoes Pro
  • Mesmer Sock Co.
  • The Darn Shoes
  • Nirvana Socks
  • Bright Lights Socks
  • Color Pop Socks
  • The Light
  • Soft Stockings
  • comedy
  • Random Socks
  • Soiled Stockings
  • Play Day
  • The Toed
  • Sock Solutions
  • SmithLoft Sock
  • Sweat Slippers
  • PlayDay Sock Co.
  • Feet Street
  • Stockings Place
  • The Green
  • Bash Place
  • Satisfeet
  • The Orange Boots
  • The Coarse
  • Tight
  • Sockhopps
  • Creative Socks
  • Unmatched Bop Collective
  • UnwashedSocks
  • Tipped Up Socks
  • hose
  • Whap Co
  • Ozone Socks
  • Sparkle Smirk

Creative Sock Business Names

  • The Enough
  • New Socks
  • Sock Universe
  • Friendly Feet
  • Etenex Sock Co.
  • Shoes Pro
  • Love Mist
  • Best Foot
  • Joss Sock
  • Damp Stockings Spot
  • Brown
  • Flipp Knit
  • Comfort Sense
  • Spare Bash Place
  • UrbanFeet Sock Co.
  • FeetWave
  • The Blue Wind Sleeve
  • The Riding Sock Co.
  • The Cheap
  • Athletic Socks
  • Wind Sleeve Pro
  • Dobby’s Socks
  • Boots Place
  • JoyJoss Sock Co.
  • The Sweaty Bash
  • Vivid Esse
  • Sock It To Me
  • Dailysock
  • FeetMotion Sock Co.
  • Seraphic Sock Co.
  • The Orange
  • Sockshop
  • Top Drawer Socks
  • Sweaty Shoes
  • Ignizz Sock
  • Collateral Socks
  • Sock Panda
  • Socks Around the Clock
  • Stockings Spot
  • Foot Support
  • The Nice Bonk
  • Trion Sock
  • Favorite Feet
  • Smelly Shirts
  • Nature Nest Sock Co.
  • Feet Up
  • Old Bash Collective
  • LovenEarth
  • Top Notch Toes
  • Mops Socks
  • Arrobell Sock Co.
  • TinySocks
  • On Your Toes
  • The Soiled Shoes
  • anklet
  • So Socksy
  • Sparoma
  • AnkleSocks
  • Trufeet
  • Rain Socks
  • blow
  • Damp Wind Sleeve Co
  • Sock Clock
  • Escential Sock Co.
  • Sock family
  • Gray
  • support hose
  • Purple Stockings Pro
  • RouzRuddy Sock Co.
  • SpareSocks
  • Rolled Boots Pro
  • The Brown Bop
  • Sock Drawer
  • Thermal Shoes Trading Co
  • Drops Socks
  • The Thin
  • Nice Bop Place
  • Chipped Socks
  • Bootights
  • Smack Sockets

Unique Sock Business Names

  • Bobby’S Socks
  • Sock Lock
  • Panda Pals
  • The Pink
  • Sock Dreams
  • Tops Socks
  • Blyss Sock Co.
  • Bash Trading Co
  • The Dark
  • bop
  • TornSocks
  • Solemate Socks
  • Sensational Socks
  • Aerona Sock
  • WhiteAce Sock
  • The Comfort Zone
  • Bright
  • Old Shoes Pro
  • Bop Spot
  • Bonk Spot
  • FrontFeet Sock
  • BlueSocks
  • Thick Drogue Spot
  • Dapper Classics
  • Unmatched Wind Sleeve Pro
  • The Knitted
  • ThreeSpring
  • The Foot God
  • Famously Sock Co.
  • The Thin Drogue
  • White Boots Group
  • Loose
  • Fabsocks
  • Locoss
  • bobby socks
  • Square Foot
  • BodyThrive
  • Foot Joy
  • Blue Stockings
  • Warm
  • Big Foot
  • Smash It Socks
  • Blue Shoes
  • Whap Pro
  • Foot Savers
  • Strideline Socks
  • SmellySocks
  • Foot By Foot
  • OrangeSocks
  • SweatySocks
  • Bluestar Socks
  • The Bed Bop
  • Find Your feet
  • Light Boots Spot
  • Smelly Sneakers
  • CoastaBay
  • Public Appeal Socks
  • Socks Rocks
  • Sweat
  • Reblox Sock
  • SlashCurve Sock
  • Green
  • Nice Windsock
  • Ops Socks
  • Socked
  • Dew Shades
  • BlueBliss Sock Co.
  • Well Heeled
  • BedSocks
  • Stockings Collective
  • The Wool
  • Toed
  • The Nice Boots
  • Out of Print
  • LooseSocks
  • Windsock Group
  • Warm Feet Socks
  • Short Sneakers
  • Golden Toe Socks
  • Bubbly Sock Co.

Cute Sock Business Names

  • Soiled Sweaters
  • The Red Boots
  • stocking
  • The Ankle
  • Heavy Shoes
  • Gold Toe Brands
  • Swiftwick
  • Tiny Shoes
  • Enough Drogue
  • The Sweat Boots
  • Soiled Shirts
  • Forelast
  • Sweat Sneakers
  • clothes
  • OldSocks
  • Synthetic Sweat Pants
  • Black Socks
  • Shoes Place
  • Save Our Soles
  • Cheap
  • PinkSocks
  • Fancy
  • The Fresh
  • Spare Windsock Co
  • Vitalsox
  • Feet Motion
  • Old Bonk Place
  • London Sock Co.
  • JasmineZing
  • Stay Adorn
  • Sockwave
  • UrFeel
  • BrightLife
  • The Old
  • The Knit
  • Coarse Boots
  • The Soft Bop
  • Old Bonk Group
  • FittingSocks
  • Purple Drogue
  • EverFoot Sock
  • Socks Box
  • Crock of Socks
  • Sock Club
  • Woolly
  • Kiss My Socks
  • Synthetic Sweaters
  • The Smelly
  • Purepairs
  • FineMaid Sock Co.
  • The Grey
  • Yenten Sock
  • Wheel House Designs
  • DiveGrid Sock
  • Thin Bonk Group
  • RedSocks
  • Rock Your Socks
  • Slip-In Socks
  • Paradise Socks
  • The Brown
  • Stops Socks
  • MuchNoon Sock Co.
  • Tiny
  • Spare Shots
  • hosiery
  • The Warm Windsock
  • Wear Drogue
  • BodyBubblez
  • Sporty Socks
  • Chops Socks
  • Solely Socks
  • Sweet Socks
  • The Heavy Stockings
  • Sweat Shoes
  • Feetparadise
  • RockSoft
  • Mixty May
  • Foot Prints
  • StripedSocks
  • Coarse

Sock Business Names

How to Decide Your Sock Business Name?

One of the most important decisions you will make in starting your own sock business is choosing the right name. When you open your own sock business, you want a name that will represent your product, your company, and your customers.

Here are some tips on how to name your sock business:

1. Think about what your business is all about. What makes your socks different? What makes them better than the competition? When you come up with your business name, make sure it reflects what you do and who you are as a company.

2. Choose a name that is easy to remember. When potential customers hear your name, they will want to remember it and come back to purchase your products. Something that is easy to say and spell is a good name for your sock business.

3. Try to find a name that is related to your product. For example, if you sell socks with an animal print design, you might choose a name like “Wild Things Socks.” This name is related to your product and is easy for customers to remember.

4. Choose a name that is relevant to your geographic location. For example, if you are located in a city, you might choose a name that reflects that, like “City Socks.”

5. Consider trademarking your name. This will help protect your name and brand from being used by other companies.

When choosing a name for your sock business, make sure to think about what makes your product special and what will make your customers happy. With a good name and a well-executed marketing strategy, your sock business can be a success.

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