502 Catchy Spray Tan Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re a spray tan professional or an owner of a tanning salon or spa, then you know how important it is to have a catchy and unique business name.

The same goes for you if you want to start a spray tan business. But how do you come up with a name for your spray tan business that is both creative and memorable?

While we won’t promise you that our list of spray tan business names will be the ultimate solution for this problem, we’re pretty confident that it’ll at least get you started. Just browse through our list and see what you think.

Catchy Spray Tan Company Names

Do you have a spray tan business? If so, then you need to think about how to make your business name more catchy.

We know that this is a difficult task, but there are plenty of ways you can go about this, such as name after your product, using a wordplay pun, or creating a phrase that is simple but catchy.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your business name catchy. The key is to think outside the box and really put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

  • Modern Tan Spa
  • California Tan & Wellness
  • Stand up Tanning Salon
  • Crazy Tan
  • Dream Tan Salon
  • Tropics Tanning
  • A Perfect Tan
  • Four Seasons Tanning Salon
  • Miami Beach Tanning Salon
  • Vice Versa Tanning
  • Star Hair Stylists Toronto
  • Image Sun Tanning Center
  • Tanimals
  • The Sun Room
  • Nails Tanning Beauty
  • Solaris Tanning
  • Quick Tan
  • Tanned Beauty
  • Balloon Stomper
  • Custom Airbrush
  • Sun Kissed Tanning
  • Kissed Studio
  • Pro Great Cuts Salon and Spa
  • Club Sun Tanning Salon
  • Suntan Suzy
  • Nails Salon At Florida Mall
  • Unlimited Tan
  • Shear Sailing Hair Salon & Tanning
  • Ferraro Salon
  • The Soleil Spa
  • The Sinless Tan
  • Tan in The Wild
  • Mojave Tan
  • Manna Skin Care
  • Solara Tanning
  • To Glow Mobile Tanning
  • Tantasia Salon
  • Tan Factory and Spa
  • Five Star Tan
  • Big Momma’s Tanning Salon
  • Soleil tanning
  • Glow Tan & Wax
  • SunTouch Tanning Spa
  • A Touch of Gold Tanning Salon
  • Aspen Tan
  • Bene’s Career Academy
  • Bronze Sunkist
  • Smooth Summer Tan
  • The Beauty Bar
  • Aventura Spray Tan
  • Sun’s Up Tanning Salon
  • Gold Tan & Sunset Spa
  • Faces by Micah
  • Celebrity Skin
  • Beach Bum Tanz
  • The Tan Kitty Spray Tanning
  • The Airbrush Girl
  • UBU Airbrush Tanning Salon
  • Tancun Tanning
  • Relax Tanning Inc
  • Platinum Salon And Tanning
  • Sun Spray Tanning & Boutique
  • Fabutan
  • Planet Beach Tanning
  • Ultraviolet Tan & Spa
  • Reflection Sun
  • Bronzed Glo Mobile Airbrush Tanning
  • All Tan
  • Jupiter’s Tropics
  • Sol Us Tanning Orange Park
  • Tiki Tanning
  • The Tanning Shop
  • Tanning Point 2
  • Freestanding Sun
  • Urban Tan Tanning Gallery
  • Lux Tanning Spa
  • Beach Darling Sunless
  • Westside Hair Studio
  • 33 Tanning Spa
  • Toasted Tanning Salon

Top 10 Catchy Spray Tan Company Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Natural Body

You can start your own natural body spray tan company with this name. Your products will be popular among all the people and will also have a huge demand.

The reason is because of its benefits. All the customers are looking forward to receiving the benefits of using your product. So, this is one of the best businesses for you to start.

Natural Body

2.     Body Art

You can start a body art spray tan company with a name like this one. This business name is appropriate for you because it will make your company more interesting and popular among others.

Also, this is because it is a simple and easy name to remember. It is also easy to type and spell.

Body Art

3.      Frank Body

This business name is suitable for a tanning salon, a spray tan company, or a spray tan products company.

Your potential clients will always come back for more because the name sounds classy, elegant, and sophisticated. On the other hand, this name is very easy to remember, especially for someone who lives in Los Angeles.

Frank Body

4.      Ink On Skin

The name “ink on skin spray tan company names” is catchy and appealing. You can use it as a brand name or as a domain name. This is a great idea for you if you want your website to be on top of search engines.

Because the website will rank high and many customers will visit your site. Moreover, this name is very short and easy to remember.

Ink On Skin

5.      Body Magic

When naming your new business, you should never forget about the target group of your business. This will help you choose a good name for your business.

For example, if you want to start a body magic spray tan company, then make sure you choose names that fit this type of service.

Body Magic

6.     Skin Paradise

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. The name sounds good and attractive. The name is also easy to remember.

You have an opportunity to reach more people with this name. People will be impressed by your company name.

Skin Paradise

7.      Skin Renewal

You are already familiar with the fact that people use spray tans for tanning their skin. This name gives you the opportunity to be one of them and you can help them enjoy a healthy glowing tan.

The name itself is unique because no one else is offering such services and therefore you will be the only competitor.

Skin Renewal

8.      Skinny Dip

If you want to develop your business and make it more prominent, then this business name is for you. It helps you to establish a good reputation.

People will see your company name on the road and they will remember that you have great products and services.

Skinny Dip

9.     Be the Light

This is a very good business name. You can use this name for a variety of businesses but I believe that it can be very useful for the spray tanning industry.

People who need this service are looking for a place where they can get a spray tan without damaging their skin. This is what you offer to them.

Be the Light

10.    Lighted Souls

Your business name is really attractive and eye-catching. It is something which will bring many customers to your door. And, if you don’t want to lose your potential clients, then you should keep using the name Lighted Souls Spray Tan Company.

This name is very simple, but at the same time, it describes perfectly the purpose of your business.

Lighted Souls

Cool Spray Tan Company Names

Do you know a good business name for your spray tan company? Whether you specialize in full body spray tanning or just airbrush tans, you’ll need a catchy, memorable business name to set your brand apart from the competition.

Don’t be afraid to take a stab at your own ideas for a catchy name. Try these spray tan company name ideas below and see what sticks.

  • Tanz Spa, LLC
  • Sun Bar Tanning Salon
  • Tans Tropical
  • Body Rays Tanning Salon
  • LoLo Luxury Spray Tans
  • Tan At The Drop
  • You Glow Spray Tan
  • Beauty Alliance Store
  • Emporium Tanning & Salon, LLC
  • Back From the Beach Spray Tan
  • Aztec Tanning & Eyelash Extentions
  • Zoom Tanning Salon
  • Easy Tan Salon
  • The Tan Essentials
  • Sun Tan Miami
  • Body Heat Tanning
  • She Flirts
  • Modern Me Boutique & Tanning
  • NuCreation Hair & Tanning
  • Mistified Spray Tans
  • Better Custom Airbrush Tanning
  • Tan It All
  • Keep Having Fun Spray Tan
  • Tanfiguration
  • SUNvibes Tanning Studio
  • Florida Girl Tanning Company
  • Aloha Tanning
  • Foxbar & Co.
  • Oasis Sun
  • Sandy Beach Tanning Studio
  • Spoiled collections
  • Sol Us Tanning Fleming Island
  • A Spray of Sun
  • Image Tan
  • Beverly Hills Tanning
  • Hidden Beauty
  • Beautifully Bronzed Tanning and Wellness
  • Tropical Rayz Sun Spa
  • Malibu Tan
  • Francesca Salon & Spa
  • Tropical Tanning Salon
  • The Bronzing Palace Tanning Salon
  • Bella Tan
  • Totally Polished
  • Executive Tans
  • Chicago Tanning Company
  • Tropical Obsession Tanning Salon & Spa
  • Club Tan Tanning Salon
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Airbrush Spray Tanning
  • B-Tan Tanning Salon Davie
  • Bronzed Boss
  • Bronzed By Bloom
  • Chauffeur’s Tanning
  • Tropical Zone Exotic Tanning
  • Extreme Tan
  • Glowing Spray Tan
  • Baja Heat Tanning Salon
  • Luxury Tan & Spa
  • Tesoro Beauty
  • Kings Lake Hair Design
  • At The Beach
  • Startruck Tans
  • Glowing Gold Tanning Spa
  • At Home Mobile Spray Tan
  • Method Tans
  • Energy Spa Salon & Tanning
  • Caribbean Colour Tanning Salon
  • Spray of Sunshine
  • Golden Glow Beauty & Tanning
  • Sleek Beauty Studio
  • Dolce Tan
  • Beauty You
  • Sol Us Tanning Island
  • For Love or Money Spray Tanning
  • Neverwinter Spray Tanning
  • Baked Buns
  • Casa del Sol Tanning, INC
  • Evropa Laser & Waxing Studio
  • DarkMagic

Creative Spray Tan Company Names

Are you looking to set up a spray tan company? There are many benefits to opening a spray tan company. But, before you open your doors, you must come up with a good name.

We’ve compiled a list of names that are unique, catchy, and just plain cool. Hopefully, one of them will inspire you to think of a name that you really love.

  • Heatwaves Tanning
  • Solar Reflections Tanning
  • Miami Tan
  • The Tanning Boutique
  • Tans Down Under
  • Brazilian Silhouette Spa
  • Boca Tanning Club
  • After Glow Tanning
  • Tropical Moment Tanning Salon
  • Highlands Hot Spot
  • Savana Tan
  • Paradise Tan
  • The Tanning Lady Salon
  • The Hot Spot Tanning Salon
  • Mystic Tan
  • Sydney Shine Day
  • Millionaire Brides Club
  • Tanquility Tanning & Hair
  • Amazing Tans Inc
  • Tan Quest
  • Safari Tan & Beauty Salon
  • Daylight Tan
  • Southern Sun Tanning Salon
  • Luxe Beauty & Glow Bar
  • Sun Kissed Beauties
  • Zoom Tan
  • Absolute Tan
  • Airbrush Spray Tan
  • Cost Cutters
  • Made In the Shade Tans & Spa
  • Sole Mio Tanning Studio
  • The Beauty Chambers
  • Tanfastics Tanning Salon
  • Go n’ Glow Salon
  • Rayz Tanning Salon, Clearwater
  • Tail’s Tanning Salon
  • The Glow Zone
  • Elite Beauty Salon
  • Glo Sun Spa
  • Classic Tan
  • Beach Street Tanning & Boutique
  • Sun Essentials Tanning
  • Desired Glow
  • Creation Hair
  • Tanning Depot The
  • The Perfect Tanning
  • Bronze Express
  • Tan Central
  • Tropical Touch Tanning Boutique
  • Mystiq Tanning Spa
  • Rayz Tanning Salon
  • Beautyglow tanning studio
  • The Organic Glow
  • Galactic Tan & Universal Gifts
  • exotic kisses tanning
  • Tan Linez & Cutz
  • Anytime Tan
  • Shades of Darkness Tanning Salon
  • Mayfair Tanning & Waxing
  • Sunset Tan
  • Sola Salon Studios
  • Fiji Tan Sun Spa
  • Tan Fever Inc
  • Flash Tan Palatine
  • The Bronze Effect Tanning Salon
  • Golden Nails & Tanning
  • Mandalay Mist Bronzing Spa
  • Bronzed Beauty Tanning
  • Brown’s B&m Tanning
  • Classic Tan Etobicoke
  • The Yellow Shoe Tanning Salon
  • Endless Summer Tanning & Spa
  • Tanlicious Tan and Laser Clinic
  • Sunset Tan California
  • Airbrushed Tan Babes
  • Fingers and Toes Studio
  • Goldensun Tan
  • Glo Tanning
  • Mobile Spray Tanning
  • Tip to Tip Tanning

Unique Spray Tan Company Names

If you’re looking for a unique spray tan business name, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of companies offering different services and products, and some of them even offer mobile spray tans. This means you can provide your services anywhere at any time.

You may need to do some research on how to build your business so you know what kind of product you should be offering. There are many different types of spray tan products you can choose from, including foam rollers, foam rollers, and mists.

  • Lady Jay’s Tanning Salon and Boutique
  • Le’s Luxury Nail Spa & Tanning
  • Electric Beach tanning salon
  • Built to Bronze
  • Red Star Tan
  • Platinum Tanning
  • Aacardi
  • The Tan Bar
  • Beauty N the Bronze
  • Miami Spray Tans
  • Sunless Kiss
  • Beloved Spray Tan
  • Midnight Sun Oakville
  • Tanique Airbrush Tanning
  • The Tan Cabana
  • Catalyst Salon
  • Moonlite Hair & Tan
  • Tantrum Sunless Tanning
  • Perfect Tanning Club
  • Blow Dry Bar
  • Salon Toronto
  • Planet Tan
  • Sunrise Winds
  • Urban Tanning
  • Endless Summer Tan
  • Lashes & Lipstick, Toronto
  • Tan West California
  • Tan in the City
  • Notable Tan
  • Beauty Mark
  • Hot Spot Tanning
  • Golden Mobile Spray Tanning
  • The Village Salons
  • International Hair
  • Aqua Living Factory Outlets
  • Mistified Spray Tanning
  • Montero’s Tanning
  • Soleil Tanning and Spa
  • You Glow Girl
  • Miami Glow Tanning
  • Capital Tan
  • Soul Care
  • Cabana Del Sol Tanning Salon
  • The Studio Hair & Tan
  • Flawless Tans
  • Saul’s Beauty Shop
  • iGLOW Tan & Spa
  • Max Tan
  • Bella Spray Tanning
  • Sunsational Tanz
  • South Hills Tan
  • Liberty Laser Clinic
  • Forbidden Tan
  • A Tanning Authority
  • Glow Perfection Mobile Airbrush Tan
  • Polished Airbrush Tanning
  • Hypnotic Sun Tanning
  • Beauty Refinery
  • Vive Luxe Tanning
  • Eye Candy Tanning
  • Evening Sun Tanning Spa
  • Sunny Hues Boutique & Salon
  • Sunny Girl Spray Tan
  • Tan USA Clermont
  • Colorful Tan
  • Next Level Tanning Salon
  • Bronz Aholic Tanning Salon
  • Cherry Body Tanning
  • Tanaholics
  • happy glow lucky tan
  • Tan Treat
  • Golden Goddess Spray Tan & Spa
  • Studio Within
  • Otown Tan
  • Golden Tanning Studio
  • Purity Salon
  • Electric Sun Tanning Salons
  • Bee Happy Tanning Spa
  • Puerto Vallarta tanning salon
  • Balloons on Mars

Cute Spray Tan Company Names

Cute spray tan company names are very easy to remember, but they also reflect the fact that tanning is all about having fun, and that’s what you should focus on.

It’s important to use the right tone and language when describing your company. If your business name sounds too formal, or too commercial, you might run the risk of missing out on potential customers.

The best way to make sure you get the right tone is to think like your target market. If you’re targeting families, you don’t want to come across as overly commercial and boring.

  • All Dolled Up Bar
  • Palm Beach Tan
  • Tanlines of Navarre Beach
  • Tanning at the Beach by Selene
  • Golden Beach Tan
  • Beautiful Tan
  • Bodyrayz
  • House of Tans
  • Uptown Tanning
  • Sunshine Central
  • Salon One Inc
  • Urban Sun Tanning Gallery
  • Extreme Tan Naples
  • Nail Care & Tanning Centre
  • Sugarmoon Salon
  • The Glow Up
  • Raydiance Sun & Med Spa
  • Bear Bunz Tanning
  • Maiden California Tan
  • Babyspot Tanning
  • Blush Toronto
  • Faux Glow To Go
  • Tan Time
  • Numero Uno Hair Styling
  • Extreme Tanning Salon
  • Radford
  • Premier SPA Salon
  • Glo Tique
  • Schulz Beauty & Body
  • Beautiful, Bronze Babes
  • Color Me Cocoa
  • In The Mist Tanning
  • Ferraro Hair & Body Care
  • Natural Glow Mobile Spray Tanning
  • Exotic Tan
  • Warm Glow Tanning
  • AUT1ME Wellness center
  • Surreal Tan
  • Babe’s Tanning
  • Divine Awe Tanning
  • Tanning Hut
  • Salon Lofts
  • Sun Escape
  • Air Brush Tanning
  • Rays Tanning Salon, Clearwater
  • Sunburst Tan
  • Solace Tanning Studios
  • Planet Fitness
  • Tanporium
  • Twin City Tan
  • The Body Temple
  • Hot Spot Tanning Sarasota
  • The Sugar Society
  • Paradise Tanning Salon,LLC
  • Good To Glow Custom Airbrush Tanning
  • Sand Dollar Sun
  • De Berardinis Salon & Spa
  • Blush Beauty Bar and Esthetics
  • Luxe Tanning + Swimwear
  • Rebel+Beauty
  • South Beach Tanning Company
  • Florida Airbrush Tanning
  • French Nails & Tan
  • Bronze Touch
  • Blast Mobile Tanning
  • Blush Bronze
  • Sun Hut
  • La Vie En Tan
  • Body Bronze
  • Sunbed Tanning Company
  • Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning
  • Glossy Glo Tanning
  • SunKissed Tanning & Spa
  • Blondes & Blowouts
  • Afterglow Tanning
  • Sunless Rae
  • Cabana Tanning & Beauty Bar
  • Cactus Tanning
  • Emporium Tanning & Salon
  • Sprayed Skin

Spray Tan Company Names

How to Decide Your Spray Tan Company Name?

When you’re looking to get a tan, there are plenty of options out there. But which one is right for you? Well, if you’re looking for a quality tan, you’ll want to consider using a spray tan.

But before you can start booking your spray tan appointments, you’ll need to choose the right company. Here are some tips on how to choose the right spray tan company for you:

1. Look at their reviews.

The best way to judge the quality of a spray tan is to look at reviews. Make sure to read both positive and negative ones to get a complete picture of what people think about the company.

2. Research the types of tans they offer.

Not all spray tan companies offer the same types of tans. Make sure to find one that offers tans that match your needs and preferences.

3. Ask about their prices.

Prices can vary a lot from company to company, so it’s important to ask about them before booking an appointment. Make sure to compare prices to find the best deal.

4. Check out their location.

Some spray tan companies offer appointments at their location, while others offer appointments online. Make sure to check out the location before making your appointment.

5. Visit their website.

Finally, be sure to check out the company’s website. This is where you’ll be able to see all of the details about their services, including their prices and types of tans they offer.

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